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We Carry all tools. From High End Professional to Homeowner Tool Kits, and everything in-between. Cordless Drills are a Favorite, Woodworking, Industrial, Oil Field, Lawn & Garden,  we have the tools for all applications!
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P35-401147-103Ryobi 40v 6ah battery$59.95
P35-401147-102Ryobi 40v 6ah battery$59.95
P35-401147-101Ryobi 40v 6ah battery$59.95
P35-401100-2RigidCA-025Rigid CA-025 inspection camera Rigid micro ca-25 inspection camera in og box in perfect condition$39.95
P35-401062-2RyobiPCL445Ryobi PCL445 GRINDER Green and black grinder in good condition like new , tool only with guard and handle$44.95
P35-401062-1EchoSRM-225Echo SRM-225 WEEDEATER Orange and black , tested , little dirty ,in good condition$109.95
P35-401052-1HartHPID02HPCSO1VNHart HPID02,HPCSO1VN cordless set Hart circ saw and impact drill with large charger and 2 batteries$75.95
P35-401017-2Milwaukee2656-20Milwaukee 2656-20 IMPACT with battery no charger wear and tear on info$59.95
P35-401017-1Milwaukee2801-20Milwaukee 2801-20 DRILL DRIVER Milw drill driver wear and tear on info has battery works no charger$59.95
P35-400904-1DewaltDCH072Dewalt DCH072 rotary hammer Black and yellow rotary hammer w/ battery no cahrger$99.95
P35-400873-1Fluke322Fluke 322 CLAMP METER In black soft case , yellow and red in good condition$69.95
P35-400861-4DeWaltDCF840 DCD777DeWalt DCF840 DCD777 drill Set Dewalt drill set impact and driver drill with 2 batteries and charger$119.95
P35-400861-3DeWaltDCS380DeWalt DCS380 RECIPRICATING S Dewalt reciparicating saw yellow and black no charger 1 battery$59.95
P35-400796-4Dremel3000Dremel 3000 DREMAL Small dremmal corded with one bit$9.95
P35-400796-3Cental Pneumatic66103Cental Pneumatic 66103 SPARY GUN In og black and white box, sprayer$9.95
P35-400796-2Bauer1772C-BBauer 1772C-B TOOL SET Bauer red and black circ saw and jigsaw, 2 bat, one charger$59.95
P35-400795-6Warrior57808Warrior 57808 MULTITOOL Nb4, black multitool$9.95
P35-400795-5Craftsman3151174921Craftsman 3151174921 ROUTER Craftsman red and black router$29.95
P35-400795-3RyobiD45CRyobi D45C DRILL Blue and yellow ryobi drill$8.95
P35-400795-2Hyper ToughAQ00040GHyper Tough AQ00040G DRILL ‘ Hyper tough red and black drill$7.95
P35-400795-1SKIL6220SKIL 6220 DRILL Black and red skil drill$9.95
P35-400794-4Craftsman315.212110Craftsman 315.212110 MIETER SAW Red and black mieter saw with bag, nb4$59.95
P35-400794-3Craftsman183.172500Craftsman 183.172500 ROTORY DRILL Craftsman version of rotozip in black hard case$24.95
P35-400794-2Craftsman351181760Craftsman 351181760 NAILER In red hard case black pin nailer$29.95
P35-400794-1Drill Master63005Drill Master 63005 CIRCULAR SAW Drill master black circ saw, nb4$14.95
P35-400787-1DeWaltDCD780DeWalt DCD780 drill Yellow and black drill, nb4, has small battery, no charger$49.95
P35-400778-2Craftsman82363Craftsman 82363 CLAMP METER Craftman red and back clamp meter with red and black cords$29.95
P35-400778-1Fluke114 TRUEFluke 114 TRUE fluke 114 true rms fluke yellow and grey has cords$89.95
P35-400770-2AnvilNVMNAnvil NVMN TILE CUTTER In og box , tile cutter in good condition little dirty$17.95
P35-400763-3Snap CutFK 720Snap Cut FK 720 ratchet Snap-on chrome 3/8 drive stubby short 4 inch$69.95
P35-400763-2Snap-OnFHLFD80ASnap-On FHLFD80A ratchet Snap-on snap-on tools 3/8” drive green hard grip long flex head ratchet$129.95
P35-400763-1MirkaDEROS 650X CVMirka DEROS 650X CV SANDER Mirka deros 650x cv electric sander 150 mm 6 inch, central vacuum$400
P35-400755-3SHARPELC-32LB261USHARPE LC-32LB261U LED NON Smart TV 32” non smart w center stand, no remote has power cord$49.95
P35-400704-2DeWaltDCS369DeWalt DCS369 SAWZALL Recip saw cordless tool only dewalt$49.95
P35-400704-106Dewalt Charger Single Battery li ion 20v charger DCB112$19.95
P35-400704-1DeWaltVARIOUS DeWalt 8AH Battery large li ion battery$69.95
P35-400680-1Yard Machines31A-2M1A829Yard Machines 31A-2M1A829 SNOW BLOWER Yard machines 21” single-stage gas powered snow blower with 123cc powermore engine tested working in used condition$59.95
P35-400676-1Snap OnBRIAN DRAWERauction Snap On BRIAN DRAWER WRENCH Limited edition collection of snap on wrenchs inside a wood box$179.95
P35-400646-1Bosch12526Bosch 11255vsr hammer drill Bosch decent wear n tear in blue bosch case w bits inside$79.95
P35-400641-1RyobiP2003VNMRyobi P2003VNM weed eater Green and grey w charger and one battey$29.95
P35-400634-4Dremel707Dremel 707 DREMEL In og case dremel has battery and charger works$49.95
P35-400616-2CraftsmanTYPE 1Craftsman TYPE 1 leaf blower Craftsman electric corded leaf blower in good condition works tested$29.95
P35-400600-1MuellerD5Mueller D5 pipe drilling machine In blue box w a few pieces no way to test appears to not be missing anything$799.95
P35-400581-143kobalt air impact$9.95
P35-400581-142ir air hammer$19.95
P35-400581-141air ratchet$6.95
P35-400581-140pr air ratchet$6.95
P35-400581-138vevor rp9513 air impact with sockets$29.95
P35-400581-134milwaukee hole saw kit$39.95
P35-400581-129kobalt torque wrench in case$14.95
P35-400581-126snap on gts281 flank deep socket$29.95
P35-400581-125evercraft air drill$9.95
P35-400581-122mac bh40av 40oz ball pien hammer$49.95
P35-400581-121ridgid 24” pipe wrench$44.95
P35-400581-117gp 1211p pipe plug impact set$24.95
P35-400581-116snap on bt518 brake shoe tool$49.95
P35-400581-115cornwell ctgsest25 screw extractor set$79.95
P35-400581-111snap on psi guage$19.95
P35-400581-110mac leddrwlight-1pk drawer auto light$19.95
P35-400581-109mac leddrwlight-1pk drawer auto light$19.95
P35-400581-108cresent x6 ratchet set$19.95
P35-400581-106fenix uc35 flashlight, poor condition$19.95
P35-400581-105proto feeler guage set$19.95
P35-400581-104mac tools torx folding set tx7f$19.95
P35-400581-103milwaukee tape measure with autostop$19.95
P35-400581-102bose speaker 404600 with charger$79.95
P35-400581-101coleman grill with stand$79.95
P35-400581-1Milwaukee48-22-855748-22-8538 Milwaukee 48-22-8557,48-22-8538 ToolBox top and bottom box$999.95
P35-400572-1Snap OnKRA2007Snap On KRA2007 tool box Standing tool box missing key snap on red w all wheels working well$399.95
P35-400555-1EarthquakeEQ12XT-20VEarthquake EQ12XT-20V Cordless Impact Harbor freight one battery one charger, 1/2” earthquake$139.95
P35-400550-1Snap OnTF72Snap On TF72 ratchet Snap on ratchet no wear and tear some dirt good condition$89.95
P35-400548-3RyobiOP4026Ryobi OP4026 BATTERY Green and black ryobi battery 40v lithium ion$44.95
P35-400548-1Cental Pneumatic41712Cental Pneumatic 41712 air bubble Black cantral pnumatic decent wear and tear pain and dirt$14.95
P35-400545-2HuskyC331HHusky C331H Compressor 33 gallon black compressor$249.95
P35-400538-1FujiQ3Fuji Q3 AIR COMPRESSOR Black compressor q3 no hose cannot test ebay item$249.95
P35-400513-1RyobiP235AVNRyobi P235AVN Green and black drill in good condition , one battery and one charger$29.95
P35-400507-1Badland Winches12000 63770Badland Winches 12000 63770 WINCH 12000 zxr harbor freight with controller and extra wireless controller w module mounted to plate for hitch, works$229.95
P35-400506-1DeWaltDCD701DeWalt DCD701 drill 12v w charger and battery in og bag$79.95
P35-400502-3Cen-tech94181Cen-tech 94181 Line Locator In little soft case cen-tech cable tester$7.95
P35-400502-2KLEIN935DAGKLEIN 935DAG Angle meter Digital angle gauge$14.95
P35-400502-1Power Probe3Power Probe 3 inblack case w wires power probe 3$89.95
P35-400495-2HuskyZ01000801Husky Z01000801 TORQUE WRENCH in og hard case digital torque wrench in good condition$49.95
P35-400474-3Ozark TrailNONEOzark Trail baby axe Black with green rope in handle, has like wrench holes$9.95
P35-400471-1Pittsburgh96524Pittsburgh 96524 engine stablizer bar Red pittsburgh stablizer all parts included$49.95
P35-400436-1RyobiPBLID01Ryobi PBLID01 drill Ryobi impact drill driver one battery no charger$19.95
P35-400424-5SalaEXOFIT STRATAAUCTION Sala EXOFIT STRATA harness 3m dbi-sala exofit strata l full body harness fall protection$240
P35-400424-2HiltiTE500AVRHilti TE500AVR demo hammer Hilti te 500 avr demolition hammer red in used ccondition with ”baker” carving$219.95
P35-400424-1Wyco ToolW994Wyco Tool W994 concrete vibrator Wyco 994 electric flex shaft concrete vibrator motor tool$199.95
P35-400407-2ToroS-1200Toro S-1200 double insulated Red with black , electric double insulator$19.95
P35-400405-5PORTER CABLENVMNPORTER CABLE NVMN RATCHET Porter cable air ratchet$9.95
P35-400405-3RidgidNVMNRidgid NVMN PIPE WRENCH Ridgid silver pipe wrench 36” aluminum$49.95
P35-400405-2Snap OnET1550Snap On ET1550 IMPACT WRENCH Electric snap on 1/2” black impact$89.95
P35-400405-1JacksonKC14989Jackson KC14989 welder helmet Nex gen black weldind helmet$79.95
P35-400387-2WERNERNONEWERNER NONE LADDER Folding extension ladder 10 foot werner, 300lbs$74.95
P35-400325-1One Stop GardenNVMNOne Stop Garden NVMN shovel Has yellow handle in good condition$4.95
P35-400310-1Hyper Tough3329Hyper Tough 3329 RECIPRICATING S Nb4, red and black sawzall, good condition$12.95
P35-400309-1AppionG5 TWINAppion G5 TWIN coolant charger Yellow and black, turned on for a second, ok condition, no hoses$249.95
P35-400307-1StihlMS170Stihl MS170 chainsaw Orange stihl 16” chainsaw tested works okay condition$199.95
P35-400303-6STARRETTNVMNSTARRETT NVMN clamps In dewalt bag , in red box vintage clamps$41.95
P35-400303-5STARRETT154STARRETT 154 parallel block In dewalt bag , parallel blocks , in good condition$69.95
P35-400303-4STARRETT657STARRETT 657 magnet In dewalt bag , in red box good condition vintage magnet$54.95
P35-400303-3STARRETTNVMNSTARRETT NVMN measuring tool In dewalt bag , in red hard case vintage measuring tool ,$49.95
P35-400303-2STARRETTNVMNSTARRETT NVMN reading scale In dewalt bag , in og box in good condition , vintage reading scale$49.95
P35-400303-1STARRETT196AUCTION STARRETT 196 dial set In dewalt bag , a red lid on the box vintage set in good condition$75
P35-400302-1Badland56258Badland 56258 WINCH Badland zxr 2500 winch with remote and pin tested$44.95
P35-400294-1RidgidR4221Ridgid R4221 MITER SAW-ELECT Electric miter saw on stand for mobility orange and grey in color$299.95
P35-400264-1StihlMS271Stihl MS271 CHAIN SAW Stihl ms271 chain saw no blade tested starts fast works well farm boss$249.95
P35-400256-3RidgidOF50150TSRidgid OF50150TS compressor Orangeg and black compressor tested works well 5gal regulates$129.95
P35-400256-2Chicago ElectricNVMNChicago Electric NVMN miter saw Corded miter saw no bag tested works chicago electric$49.95
P35-400256-1Chicago Electric60508Chicago Electric 60508 tile saw older style chicago electric tile saw tested works$49.95
P35-400253-101Single Kobalt Impact No Batt no Charger Tool Only Blue impact$9.95
P35-400253-1HartHPDD50Kobalt Drill Set Impact, Drill Light Charger and 2 Batery$99.95
P35-400242-1Milwaukee2649-20Milwaukee 2649-20 SANDER Milwaukee sander w 2 batteries non brand bats and one charger$99.95
P35-400230-1Power StrokePS803188Power Stroke PS803188 Pressure Washer Blue and grey w wantd and tips works great 3100 psi$239.95
P35-400156-1CurtNVMNCurt NVMN hitch Black hitch curt with pin$14.95
P35-400091-1Shop FoxW1713Shop Fox W1713 SCROLL SAW White scroll saw$74.95
P35-400070-1RyobiRY3716Ryobi RY3716 CHAIN SAW Green and grey ryobi in heavy duty case$84.95
P35-400043-1Milwaukee2606-20Milwaukee 2606-20 TOOL ONLY Milwaukee drill driver 1/2”$44.95
P35-399988-1Hyper Tough3308.2Hyper Tough 3308.2 RECIPRICATING S Marron and black sawzall corded$11.95
P35-399982-2Central69033Central 69033 Belt Sander 1” harbor freight belt sander black and ornage w miter on grinder side$39.95
P35-399982-1Chicaco Electric93213Chicaco Electric 93213 Chain Saw Sharpener Orange harbor fright chain saw electric sharpener$14.95
P35-399970-2WarriorNVMWarrior NVM SAWZALL Orange and black sawzall, used condition$11.95
P35-399948-1Snap OnCTR761CSnap On CTR761C RATCHET Cordless 3/8” ratchet, with one battery, no charger$149.95
P35-399940-2Hyper ToughVH105 3502Hyper Tough VH105 3502 shop vac With hose, small 1g red and black vaccum$12.95
P35-399936-1CraftmansCMCST930Craftmans CMCST930 weed eater Craftsman weed eater with 2 batterys, and charger, no guard$59.95
P35-399928-1HiltiTE10Hilti TE10 rotary hammer In red case, hilti rotary hammer corded good condition works tested$79.95
P35-399913-1RigidR4021Rigid R4021 tile saw Rigid wet tile saw with og box in used condition, 7 inch with fence and blade guard$119.95
P35-399879-1Craftsman917.376781Craftsman 917.376781 lawnmower Black and red self propeled lawnmower with bag nb4$199.95
P35-399869-1Buckeye HydraulicsD6111ESHBuckeye Hydraulics D6111ESH hydraulic pump Hydraulic pump w/ honda motor$1199.95
P35-399867-1Power ProbePN3015-BLKPower Probe PN3015-BLK voltage tester` Probe voltage testerin black case$89.95
P35-399810-1Crafstman917388571Crafstman 917388571 LAWN MOWER Red and black lawn mower , with bag , in good condition , tested$174.95
P35-399752-1BLUE POINTBLPTHC87BLUE POINT BLPTHC87 tool set Torx and hex bit and socket set, moissing like 3 pieces, in grey tool kit$249.95
P35-399735-2DewaltDW840Dewalt DW840 grinder Yellow big dewalt grinder with guard and handle, tested$119.95
P35-399735-1Skilsaw5587Skilsaw 5587 SKILLSAW Red and silver circular saw, used condition, tested$19.95
P35-399733-2WERNER6′ A FRAMEWERNER 6′ A FRAME LADDER Fiberglass blue ladder 6 foot yellow top$39.95
P35-399733-1WERNERALUMINUM 24′WERNER ALUMINUM 24′ LADDER 24′ aluminum ladder good feet. Has rope$89.95
P35-399544-1Temcoth0034Temco th0034 lug crimper In black metal case , temco 4ga-750mcm hydraulic lug crimper tool$179.95
P35-399502-1DeWaltDCD777DeWalt DCD777 drill Yellow dewalt drill, with small battery, no charger$44.95
P35-399468-1Milwaukee48-22-7218Milwaukee 48-22-7218 Pipe wrench Milwaukee grey pipe wrench in excellent condition$39.95
P35-399457-1DeWaltDCE400DeWalt DCE400 Pex Expander With three heads and two bagtteries and one charger in black case$349.95
P35-399407-1Milwaukee2606-20Milwaukee 2606-20 drill driver With Battery And charger$69.95
P35-399359-1LeathermanRAPTORLeatherman RAPTOR multitool In black holster leatherman, raptor rescue emergency shears with strap cutter and glass breaker$89.95
P35-399323-105Milwaukee M18 Hackzall 2625-20 C41FD212003440$69.95
P35-399226-6FeinBLK3CSEFein BLK3CSE nibbler orange and black tested, in good condition$149.95
P35-399226-4DeWaltDCH133DeWalt DCH133 longdrill In red duffle bag yellow and black drill, dirty , in good condition , tested no battery , no charger$69.95
P35-399226-3DeWaltDCS380DeWalt DCS380 sawzall In red duffle bag , yellow and black , in good condition , little dirty , tested, no battery , no charger$34.95
P35-399226-1DeWaltDCS573DeWalt DCS573 CIRCULAR SAW yellow and black circular saw , in good condition , dirty , tested , no battery , no charger$99.95
P35-399170-4Matco ToolsSPK6Matco Tools SPK6 spark plug set In og hard case, 6 piece spark plug magnetic service kit$79.95
P35-399170-2Mac ToolsMD4000Mac Tools MD4000 disconnect set In og hard case, 16 piece disconnect set$44.95
P35-399170-1Mac ToolsAV9010Mac Tools AV9010 vacuum Mac tools air gun vacuum has all attachments$49.95
P35-399169-3Matco ToolsMT-1837SMatco Tools MT-1837S AIR TOOL Matco tools air ratchet$29.95
P35-399169-2Silver EagleSE333Silver Eagle SE333 AIR TOOL Silver eagle mini right angle die grinder$39.95
P35-399169-1Silver EagleSE233Silver Eagle SE233 AIR TOOL Silver eagle straight mini die grinder$29.95
P35-399094-1StihlFS55RStihl FS55R WEEDEATER Straight shaft white and orange weed eater ok condition$119.95
P35-399083-1StihlMS170Stihl MS170 CHAIN SAW No case has blade cover ms170 stihl$189.95
P35-399081-1Rodac606Rodac 606 air wrench Red and black w sleeve air wrench tested$24.95
P35-399050-3Central Pneumatic69724Central Pneumatic 69724 sand blaster red Red barrel style 69724$59.95
P35-399019-1Nitto KohkiUO-3500Nitto Kohki UO-3500 Mag Drill Bleu bag drill w speical clamp auto lubricating chuck, still holds strong$449.95
P35-398993-1RyobiP506P235AP236ARyobi P506, P235A, P236A ryobi set , ryobi set with multitool, circ saw, flashlight, 2 impacts, one drill, 2 batteriers, charger$149.95
P35-398992-3Dremel911Dremel 911 DREMEL Dremel grey no charger$19.95
P35-398992-2Dremel132Dremel 132 DREMEL Grey dremel lite$19.95
P35-398992-1DremelHSES-01Dremel HSES-01 DREMEL Electric screwdriver$19.95
P35-398854-6BilsteinBIL24-197779Bilstein BIL24-197779 Shocks Set of unused shocks made in germany$179.95
P35-398854-5Ideal74-003Ideal 74-003 Pipe Bender Silver 3/4” bender for conduit$9.95
P35-398854-4Hi LiftHL-484Hi Lift HL-484 Hi Lift jack Farm jack hi lift w jeep mounts on it$59.95
P35-398854-3AlltradeNONEAlltrade NONE Riveter In clear package, green alltrade$19.95
P35-398854-2Ingersoll Rand2145QIMAXAUCTION Ingersoll Rand 2145QIMAX Air Impact 3/4” ingersol rand impact 2145qimax 3/4$149.95
P35-398854-1ButterflyNONEButterfly NONE Small Keroscene Heater Red and white cooking heater portable$19.95
P35-398853-5VestilNONEVestil NONE Aluminum Ramp Aluminum hd ramp for woors wwheelchairs, etc$29.95
P35-398853-3Wilton4.5″Wilton 4.5” Vice on Hitch Hitch mounted blue vice no pin 4.5”$49.95
P35-398853-2Pittsburgh56736Pittsburgh 56736 Buttle Jack Red 20 ton bottle jack w handle harbor freight$39.95
P35-398840-2CAMPBELL HAUSFEldFP209001CAMPBELL HAUSFEld FP209001 compressor Campbell hausfield 2 gallon 100 max psi blue air compressor in good condition$29.95
P35-398795-1Easyweld20PEasyweld 20P WELDER Green Plasma Cutter Like New$399.95
P35-398789-3RyobiRY80940BRyobi RY80940B pressure washer Ryobi pressure washer w gun$159.95
P35-398789-2EgoST1500SFEgo ST1500SF weed eater Ego weed eater No Batt Tool only$49.95
P35-398789-1EgoST1500SFEgo ST1500SF weed eater Ego st1500sf no battery TOOL ONLY$49.95
P35-398783-5BoschGLM 40Bosch GLM 40 distance measurer Bosch in og case distance measurement tool$29.95
P35-398779-5DeWaltDCD777DeWalt DCD777 drill Dewalt drill battery operated$39.95
P35-398736-1DeWaltDCD708DeWalt DCD708 drill Brushless dewalt drill w/ battery no charger$59.95
P35-398661-1DewaltDWE357Dewalt DWE357 SAWZALL In black bag, dewalt sawzall corded tested works used condition$59.95
P35-398659-4DewaltDW682Dewalt DW682 Biscuit joiner Yellow dewalt joiner$79.95
P35-398659-3DewaltDWD110Dewalt DWD110 Dewalt Drill 3/8” dewalt corded drill good condish$39.95
P35-398656-6EgoLB5300Ego LB5300 Cordless Blower One battery & charger prety dirty blower w tip$99.95
P35-398656-402DewaltTOOL ONLY Cordlesss Drill DCD985 Hammer Drill$29.95
P35-398656-3SencoNONESenco NONE Pneumatic nailer Older grey senco$44.95
P35-398656-2DewaltDCN680Dewalt DCN680 Cordless 18 gauge 1 Batt No Charger$189.95
P35-398656-1MAKITAGA7021MAKITA GA7021 Grinder Large green and black grinder w dust cllector guard$119.95
P35-398638-2MatcoNVMMatco NVM impact drill Matco tools 1/2 inch pneumatic impact driver in used condition$149.95
P35-398638-1BluepointBMPL1000Bluepoint BMPL1000 PLIER SET Bluepoint bmpl 1000 ten piece plier set(small) in tray in good condition$69.95
P35-398620-2MilwaukeeNONEMilwaukee NONE tape measure Milwaukee tape measure 25 foot$19.95
P35-398620-1Husky37CX2Husky 37CX2 TOOL BELT Brown tool belt clip on$9.95
P35-398563-2DewaltDCS356Dewalt TOOL ONLY DCS356 multi tool Multi tool dewalt cordless no acc$59.95
P35-398562-3DewaltDCS578Dewalt TOOL ONLY DCS578 circluar saw cordless$119.95
P35-398551-3Craftsman41BDZ67C766Craftsman 41BDZ67C766 blower Craftsman blower tesed works well$69.95
P35-398551-2Troybilt41AR25BL791Troybilt 41AR25BL791 TRIMMER Weed eather red and black troy bilt$99.95
P35-398551-1TrimmerPlusLE720TrimmerPlus LE720 trimmer attachment Edging trimer head for weed eater$9.95
P35-398494-6BluepointBLPCWBluepoint BLPCW SAE wrench set Bluepoint SAE wrenche set complete in grey tray$129.95
P35-398494-5Blue PointBLPCWMBlue Point BLPCWM METRIC wrenches Bluepoint metric wrench set complete in grey tray$179.95
P35-398494-2BluepointBPAW12MSTBluepoint BPAW12MST WRENCH SET Bluepoint blue power metric wrench set in good condition in og wrap$159.95
P35-398494-1BluepointBPAW17STBluepoint BPAW17ST wrenches Cornwell blue power as wrench set complete in blue soft wrap case$274.95
P35-398492-1Speedglas9100Speedglas 9100 welding helmet Black with gray in used condition , dirty , missing protector$149.95
P35-398481-2Husqvarna455RANCHERHusqvarna 455RANCHER CHAIN SAW In black case 20” includes brand new chain works tested red plastic on kill swtitch broken$319.95
P35-398250-1RyobiRY40503Ryobi RY40503 Electric Chainsaw Green no battey or charger ryobi has blade guard$79.95
P35-398220-2Vulcan58201Vulcan 58201 welding helmet Vulcan auto dimming welding mask ar-safe black in ok condtition$49.95
P35-398215-1Amazon BasicNVMNAmazon Basic TOOL BOX 142 piece household tool kit like new good condition$19.95
P35-398207-2Lincoln Electric11205Lincoln Electric 11205 WELDER Lincoln electric handy mig red welder with all leads gas and mig$259.95
P35-398122-2DeWaltDCB107DeWalt DCB107 charger Dewalt battery charger 12v/20v lithium ion$24.95
P35-398122-1DeWaltDCB112DeWalt DCB112 charger Dewalt 12v/20v battery charger$24.95
P35-398120-2WoodsE4950Woods E4950 Glass handle Woods power grip glas shandle wpg in black case e4950 never$49.95
P35-398120-1WoodsG0725Woods G0725 Glass Handle Suction cup g0725 woods power grip$49.95
P35-398081-3RigidR3205VNRigid R3205VN CIRCULAR SAW Rigid circular saw orange and black in ok condition$39.95
P35-398081-1DewaltDWE4517Dewalt DWE4517 angle grinder Dewalt large angle grinder in ok condition$89.95
P35-398080-5BoschRH540MBosch RH540M drill hammer Bosch drill hammer in greasy condition$199.95
P35-398078-1Blade RunnerRk7323Blade Runner Rk7323 inverted jig saw Blade runner inverted jigsaw black and green in ok shape$29.95
P35-398039-1StabilaTECH 196Stabila TECH 196 electric leve , tested , in good condition$124.95
P35-398002-1DevibissAT30Devibiss AT30 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Older impact wrench inside a black case has accessories$39.95
P35-397930-2PROTO6020ABPROTO 6020AB RACHET 3/4 rachet ok condition no case$299.95
P35-397900-4Snap-OnFKF80ATF72Snap-On FKF80A,Ratchet Chrome$99.95
P35-397900-2ASTNVMAST NVM line disconnet set Ast 10 piece line disconnet set in blue case complete$49.95
P35-397900-1MacTPQ56TPQ1ZTPQ34Mac TPQ56, TPQ1Z, TPQ34 snap ring pliers Lot of 3 mac snap ring pliers, reversible$49.95
P35-397892-1CraftsmanNVMNCraftsman Rattcheting Wrench Set WRENCH In black soft case, set of 10 wrenches$24.95
P35-397875-1Porter Cable735Porter Cable 735 RECIPRICATING Saw Porter cable recip saw, in black hard case, tested, rough condition$14.95
P35-397808-1NONENVMLong Tow Chaiin, heavy duty chain$39.95
P35-397797-1MILWAUKEE6519-30MILWAUKEE 6519-30 SAWZALL Milwaukee sawzall red and grey in red case, ok condition$39.95
P35-397774-1SCHUMACHERSJ1332SCHUMACHER SJ1332 power station Shcumacher portable power station in box with jumper cables$84.95
P35-397673-2RyobiCSB135LRyobi CSB135L CIRCULAR SAW Ryobi circ saw with laser, used condition$34.95
P35-397673-1Craftmans320.17562Craftmans 320.17562 right angle driver Grey angle driver, in black bag, has one battery, and charger$49.95
P35-397656-1NONENVMNNONE NVMN step hitch White step for hitch mount lil dirty but works$19.95
P35-397617-1BostitchEHF1838KBostitch EHF1838K Pneumatic Nailer In black case for hardwood floors 18 gauge$74.95
P35-397599-1SHUMACHERSJ1332SHUMACHER SJ1332 BATTERY CHRGR Black battery charger , in good condition$59.95
P35-397567-1HoneywellHPF820BMWMV1Honeywell HPF820BMWMV1 fan Honeywell turboforce power+ fan in box$14.95
P35-397525-1MILLERDIGITAL ELITEMILLER DIGITAL ELITE welding mask Camo miller digital elite clean no wear marks sn taken from digital componet$119.95
P35-397522-2CrenovaMS8233DCrenova MS8233D multimeter Digital multimeter orange and black inside black case$14.95
P35-397522-1Maxi LinkML529Maxi Link ML529 code reader Maxilink obd 2 code reader inside a black case$59.95
P35-397474-1Milwaukee6390-20Milwaukee 6390-20 SAW Tilt lok saw, inside red hard case, corded$79.95
P35-397463-1RyobiBE319Ryobi BE319 belt sander Ryobi corded belt sander no belt, has dust bag$29.95
P35-397459-2HomeliteUT41113Homelite UT41113 WEEDEATER Black and red weed eater in good condition , tested , with guard$19.95
P35-397452-1LincolnYA4606 YA4606 welding helmet Snap-on branded lincoln welding helmet with snap-on out dimmer screen$119.95
P35-397436-2Black And DeckerHT18Black And Decker HT18 EDGER Black and orange in good condition , tested$9.95
P35-397421-1Spray Tech1620Spray Tech 1620 paint sprayer Old paint sprayer apex series 2 , in good condition , with orange hose , and black hose attachments$189.95
P35-397418-2Chicaco Electric69067Chicaco Electric 69067 SAWZALL Red and black , in good condition , tested$9.95
P35-397418-1RidgidR3205Ridgid R3205 CIRCULAR SAW Grey with orange saw , in good condition , tested$39.95
P35-397396-1Vivax MetrotechVX205-2Vivax Metrotech VX205-2 locator Inside a black case vivax lock 2 locator with red and black leads$1899.95
P35-397391-2Black And DeckerRS150Black And Decker RS150 Cut out Tool Orange with no guard guide, all orange b&d$9.95
P35-397391-1Central Machinary60238Central Machinary 60238 DRILL PRESS Harbor freight 5 speed bench drill press$69.95
P35-397340-1Black And DeckerLD120Black And Decker LD120 Cordless Drill In big black case li ion w charger and a bunch of other tools$69.95
P35-397300-2MILWAUKEE2606-20MILWAUKEE 2719-20 SAWZALL Milwaukee red n blk drill w one batt no charger$74.95
P35-397300-1MILWAUKEE2606-20MILWAUKEE 2606-20 DRILL Red n blk milwaukee w one batt and charger$139.95
P35-397259-4Black And DeckerNVMBlack And Decker NVM tool set Black and decker drill bit and driver set, new in case with spade bits$19.95
P35-397246-1Maxis3000XMaxis 3000X electrical cable puller Electrical cable puller red on dolley with bag of attachments$1999.95
P35-397087-2Black and DeckerMS1000Black and Decker MS1000 SANDER Orange sander, black and decker, with filter$9.95
P35-397023-1MAKITANVMNMAKITA NVMN CIRCULAR SAW Blue green circular saw , nb4 , in good condition$69.95
P35-396934-1Olsen64408Olsen 64408 torch set In black olsen box acetylene torch set$99.95
P35-396924-1Weed EaterTE400CXLWeed Eater TE400CXL weed eater Green old weed eater, nb4,$49.95
P35-396851-2CORNWELLCAT-820RCORNWELL CAT-820R Angle grinder Cornwell small pneumatic angle grinder dark blue in decent shape$49.95
P35-396779-1CraftsmanCMEPW2100Craftsman CMEPW2100 pressure washer Red and black w wheels w 3 tips and gun2100 psi$119.95
P35-396728-1MAKITAB04556MAKITA B04556 SANDER Makita sander corded no bag works tested$29.95
P35-396682-1NVMNNVM ball hitch Three sided ball hitch, no pin$34.95
P35-396631-1RyobiWS7221CNRyobi WS7221CN tile saw Ryobi tile saw with guard$59.95
P35-396541-1MacXR1Mac XR1 ratchet Mac tool tools, mini ratchet$59.95
P35-396479-1Be Power EquipmentR2000ISPB/BE2000Be Power Equipment R2000ISPB/BE2000 GENERATOR Blue generator corded and gas works tested 2000 max watts$349.95
P35-396455-3BoschGBA18V80Bosch GBA18V80 battery and charger Bosch battery and charger larger battery$34.95
P35-396392-1AncelFX6000Ancel FX6000 car reader In black og case ancel on front w cord in bag not tested no power supply for tester$79.95
P35-396378-1Greenworks82ST15Greenworks 82ST15 WEEDEATER Green and black weed eater w/ charger and battery$199.95
P35-396314-1MILWAUKEE1675-1MILWAUKEE 1675-1 hole hog Milwaukee hole hog, red and grey, has chuck key$79.95
P35-396138-1DewaltDXAEPI140Dewalt DXAEPI140 inverter In dewalt box but it is used, inverter connects to car good condition$19.95
P35-395904-5Millwaukee2891-20Millwaukee 2891-20 jobsite radio Red black jobsite radio$59.95
P35-395904-4RidgidCD100Ridgid CD100 gas detector Noxtious gas dectector in og bag in black bag$69.95
P35-395904-1FIELD PIECECAT85FIELD PIECE CAT85 cumbustion analyser Feild pc in og bag black and yellow cat85$1195.95
P35-395837-1KobaltKM211-06Kobalt KM211-06 LAWN MOWER Electric w Bag$79.95
P35-395714-4HyperthermPOWERMAX 65Hypertherm POWERMAX 65 plasma cutter Grey and red plasma cutter has upgraded tip 220$2799.95
P35-395713-1Bauer64194Bauer 64194 BAND SAW Corded band saw in black case, red good condition$89.95
P35-395665-1Bauer1632E-BBauer 1632E-B demo hammer In og black hard case has two bits, tesed$199.95
P35-395562-6Duo FastDF-27Duo Fast DF-27 rammset powder acctuated tool Blue n black in bluue case$49.95
P35-395562-4DewaltDW682Dewalt DW682 biscut joiner In black case dewalt$79.95
P35-395562-2Porter Cable333Porter Cable 333 SANDER Porter cable sander in black case$29.95
P35-395373-1Irwin1801108Irwin 1801108 level Extended level 76′-17”$219.95
P35-395260-1EchoGT-200REcho GT-200R TRIMMER Echo orange and white trimmer with edger attatchment$99.95
P35-394955-1Chicago Electric92860Chicago Electric 92860 ELECTRIC WINCH In og box new condition winch elctric$79.95
P35-394875-2HondaEG4000GLHonda EG4000GL genarator Red and black honda gen$899.95
P35-394776-1Lincoln ElectricNVMNLincoln Electric NVMN welder Helmet Lincoln electric black helmet model /sn worn off$79.95
P35-394746-3BLUE POINTRC980BLUE POINT RC980 PISTON RING CM In og box piston ring pliers , in good conditon ,$49.95
P35-394746-1DewaltDW304PDewalt DW304P SAWZALL In black soft case , dewalt sawzall , in used condition , has extra blades, tested$49.95
P35-394740-3Snap OnACHW6ANVSnap Onadhw6a WRENCH Silver and red wrench , in good condition .$49.95
P35-394698-1BLUE POINTAT118BLUE POINT AT118 angle grinder Air pneumatic angle grinder$39.95
P35-394589-1Ryobiryi2322vnmRyobi ryi2322vnm GENERATOR Ryobi generator gas works tested scraped up 1800 watts on wheels$399.95
P35-394569-1JacksonXV01880728Jackson XV01880728 WELDING EQU. Jackson nitro dark blue welding helmet good condition$79.95
P35-394557-2Matco ToolsMQC50Matco Tools MQC50 Drill bill set In og burgandy hard case , in good condition , complete set$149.95
P35-394427-4RyobiRY34421Ryobi RY34421 TRIMMER Ryobi trimmer w trimmer attachment, edger and tiller attachment$119.95
P35-394427-2MatcoMCL12SMatco MCL12S Cordless Drill In red soft case w charger$119.95
P35-394294-1OregonNVMNOregon Chain Saw Shapener chain grinder Like no has few pieces with it, corded tested$19.95
P35-394128-1EchoPB580TEcho PB580T backpack blower Orange and black backpack mower$219.95
P35-394102-2Warrior63976Warrior 63976 SANDER Black with orange , used condition , tested$7.95
P35-393855-1Mac ToolsNVMNMac Tools NVMN BREAKERBAR breakerbar , in okay condition, heavy duty$74.95
P35-393466-1DeWaltDW321DeWalt DW321 JIGSAW Corded jigsaw tested works okay condition$49.95
P35-393401-1Craftsman917.388961Craftsman 917.388961 LAWN MOWER No bag red craftsman 6.5hp$139.95
P35-393351-6AccusetA250FNAccuset A250FN nailer In og box accuset black case tested$24.95
P35-393351-3Craftmans7.5INCHCIRCCraftmans 7.5INCHCIRC CIRCULAR SAW Craftsman circ saw red$19.95
P35-393339-2StihlFS56RCStihl FS56RC weed eater Newer stihl weed eater$129.95
P35-393318-5Snap OnQC2FR75Snap On QC2FR75 TORQUE WRENCH In red case newer clicker torque 3/8”$129.95
P35-393279-2MAKITA5477NBMAKITA 5477NB SAW Makita corded saw Worm Drive$109.95
P35-392914-3RidgidCA-25Ridgid CA-25 inspection camera In og box tested$39.95
P35-392802-1IlcoMINI-MITE 008BIlco MINI-MITE 008B keymaker Key machine smaller has blank key with it power cord not tested craigslist sale only$199.95
P35-392563-5MILWAUKEE6519-22MILWAUKEE 6519-22 SAWZALL Miluakee sawzall tested works$49.95
P35-391842-2DewaltDCS577Dewalt DCS577 CIRCULAR SAW Yellow dewalt circular saw tool only$119.95
P35-391614-2MatcoMESBT17Matco MESBT17 RATCHETING KIT full set in good condition like new$159.95
P35-391584-2GREENLEE200EP-GGREENLEE 200EP-G toner Grey toner in black soft case$49.95
P35-391584-1FlukePRO3000 PROBEFluke PRO3000 PROBE toner Blue toner in case w/ acc$59.95
P35-391520-1DremelULTRA-SAWDremel ULTRA-SAW SAW In bluw soft bag, ultra-saw 20v has one battery one charger tested works has few saw blades in bag$69.95
P35-391495-1RigidR40312Rigid R40312 wet tile saw Orange rigid wet tile saw no stand$199.95
P35-390774-1DewaltDWD460Dewalt DWD460 drill Joist drill, yellow and black, good condition, tested$199.95
P35-390674-3Klein ToolsVDV500-705TVDV500-705PKlein Tools VDV500-705T,VDV500-705P tone and prober with oen$19.95
P35-390570-3Power ProbePP3EZGRNASPower Probe PP3EZGRNAS Power Probe Power probe 3 in black case$89.95
P35-390503-1WEN943WEN 943 SANDER Blue sander polisher$24.95
P35-390497-2BLUE POINTBT27BLUE POINT BT27 spring compressor In og pckaging single spring brake tool$29.95
P35-390141-5Dremel4000Dremel 4000 ROTARY TOOL In grey case dremel$39.95
P35-390086-3Hyper ToughAQ15026GHyper Tough AQ15026G ANGLE GRINDER In og box angel grinder$11.95
P35-389761-1DewaltDCD460Dewalt DCD460 JOIST DRILL Cordless joist drill (tool only)$199.95
P35-389143-2DewaltDWE357Dewalt DWE357 Sawzall In orig soft case w some bits compact$69.95
P35-389143-1DewaltDCD777Dewalt DCD777 Cordles Drill Yellow brushless w one batt and charger$74.95
P35-389140-1RigidR30*1Rigid R30*1 roto tool Rigid roto too in rigid bag$39.95
P35-389051-2ThermoM63215Thermo M63215 paint mixer Vibrating paint mixer, corded, white$69.95
P35-388764-1DewaltDCGG571Dewalt DCGG571 GREASE GUN In black hard case, cordless grease gun, has one battery, charger, used condition dirty with grease$169.95
P35-388555-1BLUE POINTMB120BLUE POINT MB120 WELDER Blue point gas and electric welder, older style, tested$249.95
P35-388496-1Snap OnKRA2422POTSnap On KRA2422POT toolbox Large metal black toolbox with key little scrapes on it otherwise good condition$2999.95
P35-388428-6Milwaukee1675-1Milwaukee 1675-1 hole hawg Electric red hole hawg w/ handle$174.95
P35-388290-1Dremel4300Dremel 4300 ROTARY TOOL In black case used dremel 4300 w attchments etc$89.95
P35-387715-2Warrior63976Warrior 63976 SANDER Older style warrior palm sander, corded, tested, works, in bag with item 1$7.95
P35-387651-1MAKITATM3000CMAKITA TM3000C oscillating tool In makita bag, corded osc tool has small case with accessories$89.95
P35-387085-1FlukePRO3000PROBEFluke PRO3000PROBE Cable Tracer In black case with all aprts pro3000 probe$39.95
P35-386215-1DeWaltDCR028DeWalt DCR028 radio Dewalt radio, tested, has power cord, no battery$129.95
P35-385238-1DewaltDWS716Dewalt DWS716 compound miter saw Yellowgreat condition$249.95
P35-384760-1HondaEU1000IA2Honda EU1000IA2 GENERATOR Honda ue 1000 generator plus inverter red and black like new$549.95
P35-382187-212texture Gun Electic Yellow Wagner Power tex one tip$29.95
P35-382187-207Oscilating Tool Harbor Freight Multi Tool 62866 SN 374641815$9.95
P35-382187-204Ryobi Recip Saw Green and Grey Heavy Duty Big Guy RJ1861v SN Cs18451dk49719$34.95
P35-381999-1Drill Master61311Drill Master 61311 SANDER In og box, black corded sander, tested works well, used condition$9.95
P35-381173-2RyobiEJ-100Ryobi EJ-100 Gas Reciproicating saw In og box gas pwoered vintage ej-100$139.95
P35-381173-1RyobiEH-1930Ryobi EH-1930 Gas Impact Drill In og box vintage ryobi impact drill gas eh-1930$139.95
P35-380053-1RyobiP2900Ryobi P2900 TRIMMER All green and grey w/orange tip ryobi trimmer, has one battery and one charger, and other acce$49.95
P35-379301-1MILLERMAXSTAR 200 903701MILLER MAXSTAR 200 903701 WELDER Blue miller maxstar 200 w leads pos and neg good condition$1499.95
P35-377752-1Klein ToolsIP53Klein Tools IP53 multireader Orange klein multireader with cords turns on$29.95
P35-375800-1Hyper ToughHT-19-401-003-22Hyper Tough HT-19-401-003-22 Cordless Sprayer 1 gallon lik enew in orig box w charger and battery$49.95
P35-375564-1BlucaveDSD-46FL-2-BLUBlucave DSD-46FL-2-BLU SCREWDRIVER/flashlight Blucave cordless screwdriver and flashlight combo has charger inside og bag$19.95
P35-375520-2PDPNVMNPDP NVMN double bass drum pedal Pdp double bass drum pedal, good condition$89.95
P35-375384-2HiltiST18Hilti ST18 screw drill Screw drill corded red and black in good condition tested$44.95
P35-375349-1BoschOBD 1300Bosch OBD 1300 Car Scanner Bosch obd 1&2 scanner, tested, not married.$99.95
P35-374078-1RigidR8223500Rigid R8223500 multi tool Rigid multi tool, no charger, no battey, tool only, used conditiob$14.95
P35-371216-4Klein ToolsVDV SCOUT PRO 3Klein Tools VDV SCOUT PRO 3 Tester Kit Nog packaging klein tools vdv scout pro 3 tester kit like new condition$59.95
P35-370177-1RigidR4123Rigid R4123 MITER SAW Silver and orange saw, bought here, corded, working condition, tested works well,$229.95
P35-368276-3BestwayP3116Bestway P3116 air pump Orange corded bestway inflatable house air blower tested works fine$69.95
P35-366799-2BADGERWB20VBBADGER WB20VB yard set Blower and trimmer one battery no charger$24.95
P35-363139-1Foley1055Foley 1055 BENCH GRINDER Black and red, foley belsaw sharp all, mounted, one grinding wheel, one missing$169.95
P35-361955-1SANDSWOOD LEVELSANDS WOOD LEVEL LEVEL Wood level with brass edges, older$44.95
P35-356553-2Tornado98772MWTornado SD3500 98772MW blower / Carpet Fan Black tornado blower$129.95
P35-355711-1MILWAUKEENVMNMILWAUKEE NVMN SCREW GUN Red milwaukee screw gun$49.95
P35-350151-1DeWaltDW160VDeWalt DW160V DRILL Right angle drill yellow$89.95
B35-402265-1PORTER CABLE125PORTER CABLE 125 PLANER In grey ish hard case , in good condition , grey with black sander , tested , no bag$74.95
B35-402264-1Millwaukee5INR22/71-2Millwaukee 5INR22/71-2 battery Milwaukee m18 red lithium battery xc6.0$69.95
B35-402246-2SchonstedtGA-92XTDSchonstedt GA-92XTD magentic locator Yellow and black schonstedt magentic line locators inside a yellow case$499.95
B35-402246-1SchonstedtGA-92XTDSchonstedt GA-92XTD magentic locator Schonstedt line magentic locators inside a yellow case$499.95
B35-402239-3Hyper ToughDL1137Hyper Tough DL1137 Hammer Drill Hyper tough hammer drill red corded good condition tested$14.95
B35-402186-1BridgestoneNONEEMERGENCY KIT Bridgestone air pump Air pump with jumper cables in red and black bridgestone$29.95
B35-402123-1RigidR2850 SERIES BRigid R2850 SERIES B multi tool Grey and orange rigid multi tool in orange case$34.84
B35-402095-1HusqvarnaBLI300AUCTION Husqvarna BLI300 BATTERY Husqvarna battery no charger grey bli300 for chainsaw$99.95
B35-402092-1TitaniumSTICK 225Titanium STICK 225 WELDER Stick welder greeen and black in color w all leads clean good condition overall$179.95
B35-402054-1DeWaltDW257DeWalt DW257 drywall gun Dewalt drywall screw gun corded good condition tested$44.95
B35-402032-1AppionG5TWINAppion G5TWIN condenser Yellow and black in color in og box tested$399.95
B35-401960-1Homeliteut33650bHomelite ut33650b WEEDEATER Red and black in color handle is loose w guard tested$59.95
B35-401957-1RyobiP209P208Ryobi P209, P208 drill set Ryobi drill set with driver drills with 1 battey and charger$59.95
B35-401854-1DeWaltDWE6401DSDeWalt DWE6401DS SANDER Dewalt speed disk sander corded, tested works used condition$29.95
B35-401851-1DeWaltDCST922DeWalt DCST922 weed eater Dewalt weed eater battery op with battery works tested in good condition$129.95
B35-401766-1Maddox58147Maddox 58147 FLARING KIT Black hard case maddox flaring tool kit$29.95
B35-401720-1Master Heat GunHG 501Master Heat Gun HG 501 HEAT GUN Orange corded older heat gun works tested$49.95
B35-401684-1MILWAUKEE6232-20MILWAUKEE 6232-20 corded band saw Red and black in og case tested w 2 blades in case$179.95
B35-401635-3PredatorPREDATOR 4000Predator PREDATOR 4000 GENERATOR Predator 4000 gas powered generator tested works oksy condition red$299.95
B35-401635-2BwBMHD30012Bw BMHD30012 hitch Larger ball tail hitch no pin$29.95
B35-401635-1Reese70052HW33Reese 70052HW33 hitch Small ball tail hitch no pin$19.95
B35-401631-2DewaltDCB201Dewalt DCB201 battery Dewalt battery 20v$19.95
B35-401617-2Can-fanS 600Can-fan S 600 fan White can fan, tested, bearings sound good, has mount$9.95
B35-401617-1Black and DeckerBDERO100Black and Decker BDERO100 SANDER In og box, corded palm sander$9.95
B35-401583-4JETJSM-403JET JSM-403 air impact 1/*2 air impact$14.95
B35-401583-3CORNWELLCAT2500BPCORNWELL CAT2500BP air ratchet 1/4 air ratchet blue$39.95
B35-401583-1Mac ToolsAR154Mac Tools AR154 air ratchet 3/8 air ratchet$39.95
B35-401581-1TruckvaultNVMTruckvault TRUCK TOOL BOX Truck vault black, with 2 drawers, has keys and extra pieces, good condition$799.95
B35-401465-1LawnMasterWR7025LawnMaster WR7025 electric tiller Lawnmaster 18” corded electric tiller 13.5 amp 6-steel blades foldable design, new in og box,$79.95
B35-401441-1BolensBL410Bolens BL410 tiller 2 cycle 2 cycle tiller dark green in color tested works 31cc$59.95
B35-401362-1Hyper ToughAQ20048GHyper Tough AQ20048G sander In og box, hyper tough sander, no bag, tested$9.95
B35-401358-3Snap OnT72Snap On T72 ratchet Mini 1/4” ratchet, good condition$79.95
B35-401289-1MILWAUKEE2606-20MILWAUKEE 2606-20 Cordless Drill TOOL ONLY$29.95
B35-401248-2BluepointPWC 6Bluepoint PWC 6 wire cutter Blue handle and black in good condition , like new$14.95
B35-401248-1Snap OnTORCH300Snap On TORCH300 torch Red and black torch$74.95
B35-401219-2Mag GripNVMNMag Grip NVMN tool belt Blue and black tool mag grip$19.95
B35-401103-5Reel CraftNVMReel Craft NVM air hose Red air hose and reel, good condition$59.95
B35-401097-4Rigid36′Rigid 36′ PIPE WRENCH 36” pipe wrench aluminum$49.95
B35-401082-201Husky Air Ratchet Pneumatic$9.95
B35-401082-2No MakeNVMNDAPC 3/8” Pneumatic Air Ratchet$9.95
B35-401082-1Bauer1775C-BBauer 1775C-B, bauer sawzall has two batteries one charger tested works used condition$49.95
B35-401081-3MILWAUKEE48-22-0225MMILWAUKEE 48-22-0225M TAPEMEASURE Milwaukee 25ft wide blade tape measure$24.95
B35-401079-3MILWAUKEE48-59-2401MILWAUKEE 48-59-2401 Battery Charger 12 volt milwaukee charger m12 only$9.95
B35-401079-2MILWAUKEE2553-20MILWAUKEE 2553-20 Cordless Impact 12 volt impact driver no battery no charger tool only$29.95
B35-401079-1CrafsmanCMCF800Crafsman CMCF800 Impact Driver – Cordless No charger battery and toool only craftsman$39.95
B35-401071-4Rol-lift4500Rol-lift 4500 pallet jack Orange rol lift, 4500$119.95
B35-401071-2VikingNVMViking NVM cut off Air cut off tool$9.95
B35-401071-1CiaCIA-379Cia CIA-379 flange tool Red and grey flange tool$9.95
B35-400952-1MILWAUKEE2804-20MILWAUKEE 2804-20 drill Milwaukee hammer drill has one battery no charger$79.95
B35-400922-1Noco BoostGB10Noco Boost GB10 JUMP STARTER Noco boost jump starter inside a black case with cables$74.95
B35-400914-1No MakeNVMNNo Make NVMN TOOL BAG Brown side tool carrying bag$9.95
B35-400834-1Cub Cadet41ADZ8C912Cub Cadet 41ADZ8C912 weedeater Cub cadet weedeater black and yellow$89.95
B35-400595-6Black and DeckerFIRESTORM TYPE 2Black and Decker FIRESTORM TYPE 2 sawzall Black and decker firestorm sawzall bright orange tested in used condition$9.95
B35-400595-5Chicago Electric57226Chicago Electric 57226 dremel tool Chicago electric dremel tool in used condition dark red tested$7.95
B35-400595-1DremelF013010001Dremel F013010001 DREMEL Dremel tool black corded$9.95
B35-400575-1Central Pneumatic94446Central Pneumatic 94446 floor nailer In grey hard case, floor nailer/ stapler has extra attachments$39.95
B35-400540-2No MakeNVMNNo Make NVMN EXTENSION CORD White extension cord$7.95
B35-400524-1LaskoNVMLasko NVM fan Standing white fan$19.95
B35-400481-3RidgidR8692Ridgid R8692 light Work light ridgid 18v orange and black bendy$14.95
B35-400479-1SkilsawHD77Skilsaw HD77 SKILSaw Electric skilsaw corded tested$74.95
B35-400448-1NorstarT200-AC/DCNorstar T200-AC/DC WELDER Blue tig welder with gound only, has power cords from 240 to 220 tested works$499.95
B35-400444-2Mac ToolsAW225Mac Tools AW225 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR 3/8 air impact drill poor condition$19.95
B35-400440-2SupcoMFD10Supco MFD10 ccapacitor tester Blue in black soft case works$29.95
B35-400348-2Chicaco Electric62370Chicaco Electric 62370 reciprocating saw Dark red and black non-cordless sawzall , in good condition , little dirty , tested$9.95
B35-400135-3Hastings8158Hastings 8158 shotgun stick Yellow shotgun stick, black and yellow, 5ft tall$149.95
B35-400135-2HomeliteUT41113Homelite UT41113 WEEDEATER Red corded homelite weedeater, tested, good condition$14.95
B35-400131-4Milwaukee2606-20Milwaukee 2606-20 Cordless Drill No battery no charger li ion milwaukee$39.95
B35-400131-2MAKITART0701CMAKITA RT0701C ROUTER Smaller trim router w base has green bit set wiht it makita$74.95
B35-400104-2MILWAUKEE48592401MILWAUKEE 48592401 12v m12 charger Red and black charger , in good condition$9.95
B35-400104-1RyobiP1109VNMRyobi P1109VNM LAWN MOWER Green and black lawn mower ,one battery , tested , in good condition$79.95
B35-400038-2Bosch1141VSRBosch 1141VSR Hammer Drill Older bosch hammer 1/2” chuck$29.95
B35-400030-1RyobiRYOBI 5PCRyobi RYOBI 5PC router bits Set of 5 ryobi router bits new in case$19.95
B35-399986-1FiskarsISOCORE PROFiskars ISOCORE PRO garden pick Fiskars 5lb garden pick iocore pro$19.95
B35-399973-1RyobiTS1551Ryobi TS1551 MITER SAW-ELECT Older blue ryobi miter saw 12” works has a ton of work dust in it but good stillo no bag$79.95
B35-399968-401Dingle Dewalt smaller battery 20 volt$19.95
B35-399950-6StanleyNVMStanley NVM SOCKET SET In black case stanley socket set$29.95
B35-399946-1Milwaukee1107-1Milwaukee 1107-1 angel drill Milwaukee angle drill 1/2” grey and red with accessories$139.95
B35-399918-1SolarPL2140Solar PL2140 battery charger Solar pro logix multi-phase batter charging system with built-in cables and power cord$34.95
B35-399632-1RidgidR40211Ridgid R40211 tile saw Ridgid tile saw, orange, has attachments and drain catch, good condition$99.95
B35-399596-13MLT HOT MELT3M LT HOT MELT Glue Gun Ltot melt glue aplicator orange works heats up$49.95
B35-399580-1Ryobi0P4026Ryobi 0P4026 battery Ryobi 40v battery, used condition$39.95
B35-399444-1Dayton13V411Dayton 13V411 safe dolleys Set of 2 dayton red machine movers high quality 4k lb. Limit in great condtion$499.95
B35-399439-5Craftsman316.79194Craftsman 316.79194 EDGER Black and red gas craftsman edger$59.95
B35-399439-4Hyper ToughHY26CSTVNMHyper Tough HY26CSTVNM weed eater Black hyper tough weedeater$49.95
B35-399421-2DewaltDW304PDewalt DW304P SAWZALL Dewalt sawsall tested corded$39.95
B35-399419-5DewaltDW705Dewalt DW705 miter saw Dewalt miter saw on ridgid stand$349.95
B35-399419-2DewaltD55141Dewalt D55141 compressor Dewalt compressor 2 gallon compressor$119.95
B35-399398-2Yard Machines11A-02BT729Yard Machines 11A-02BT729 LAWN MOWER Black and red lawn mower, no bag good condition tested works$79.95
B35-399322-1CORNWELLHRC6784CORNWELL HRC6784 sockets Cornwell euro/ gm oil socket kit in original box$29.95
B35-399291-1Porter Cable740Porter Cable 740 SAWZALL In og gray hard case , silver and black , tested older sawzall in good condtion$29.95
B35-399261-2Mac ToolsTLS788Mac Tools TLS788 torque extension In grey hard case, 10 piece torque limiting extension set$89.95
B35-399261-1Mac ToolsSXVMTSL8BMac Tools SXVMTSL8B metric driver In red hard case, 8 piece long metric triple square driver set$89.95
B35-399187-1Longacre5743645Longacre 5743645 tire Pyrometer thermo tool Long acre in og black box tested upon arrival$219.95
B35-399162-3Snap OnMG325Snap On MG325 impact gun Red snap on air impact gun has rubber case$119.95
B35-399162-2Snap OnPT250ASnap On PT250A cut off tool Black snap on cut off air tool$74.95
B35-399136-1MSA10172967MSA 10172967 Fall harness Black and red msa fall harness ok condition used$49.95
B35-399061-2Snap OnPH3050BAUCTION Snap On PH3050B air hammer Snap on red and black air hammer clean overall minor wear and tear$199.95
B35-399022-1HuskyTHD950LHusky THD950L Tile Saw Red and black with tray and plug missing the pump$59.95
B35-398758-2MILWAUKEE48-59-2401MILWAUKEE 48-59-2401 charger Milwaukee 12v battery charger$14.95
B35-398758-1MILWAUKEE2426-20MILWAUKEE 2426-20 multi tool (tool only) black and red multi tool$49.95
B35-398706-2CAMPBELL HAUSFEldNB0050CAMPBELL HAUSFEld NB0050 Nail Gun In black hard case blue nail gun in good condition like new$39.95
B35-398275-4Milwaukee2729-20Milwaukee 2729-20 CORDLESS BAND SAW I big red case w extra bladeTOOL ONLY$149.95
B35-398275-3RidgidR4030Ridgid R4030 Tile Saw No stand ridgid tile saw w pump and tray$99.95
B35-398275-1Crafstman113.236501Crafstman 113.236501 SCROLL SAW Older grey craftsman scroll saw heavy metal$39.95
B35-398273-5SteelmaxS14Steelmax S14 Metal Chop Saw Blue heavy metal chop saw w blad3e 14”$239.95
B35-398273-2Cable BulletYYQ-300 16TCable Bullet YYQ-300 16T Hydraulic Crimper In black case cable bullet$49.95
B35-398214-5DeWaltDW716DeWalt DW716 MITER SAW-ELECT Yellow and black miter saw on stand good condition$349.95
B35-397777-1KobaltGSY-NS7Kobalt GSY-NS7 pnuematic flooring nailer In og case kobalt florring nailler$74.95
B35-397622-1013/8” Air Impact MPF990381 Red and Black Mac Tools SN 201901-BK 000665P$139.95
B35-397622-1Mac ToolsMPF990501Mac Tools MPF990501 1/2” IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Red mac tools$149.95
B35-397324-2FeinFMM250QFein FMM250Q oscillator Orange oscillator tool used condition, older$39.95
B35-397324-1BoschROTO-HAMMERBosch 11250vsr hammer drill In blue og box, bosch hammer drill with some bits$79.95
B35-397292-1TapetechAUTOMATIC TAPERTapetech AUTOMATIC TAPER automatic taper Tape gun yellow tube dry wall taper$699.95
B35-397270-2AvantiAAV-AB-02Avanti AAV-AB-02 air brush Avanti air brush in og box w all parts$9.95
B35-397267-1Husqvarna450 RANCHERHusqvarna 450 RANCHER CHAIN SAW Orange husqvarna 450 rancher w plade guard started up graet not yours written on all parts$299.95
B35-397228-1Lincoln ElectricK3063-1Lincoln Electric K3063-1 welding helmet Lincoln red fierce auto darkening 7-13 variable shade welding helmet k3063-1$89.95
B35-397113-2MatcoMT2779Matco MT2779 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR 1/2” red and black impact, air tool$119.95
B35-397104-230Blue Power 13 Pc Metric 3/8” Drive Socket set on blue tray$79.95
B35-397104-229Blue Power Deep Socket Set on Blue Tray 13pc meteric$79.95
B35-397104-227Snap on Green handle Screwdriver Set 9pc$89.95
B35-397104-223cornwell ir-c9000 1/2” Impact Pneumatic sp22b070095$119.95
B35-397104-220Precision Torque Wrench in Black case Dial Style 1/2” c3fr250f$89.95
B35-397104-209CSD87XLSS – 7 Piece Extra Long Star Screwdriver Set, Blue$99.95
B35-397104-206CBS9TWNPSR – 9 Piece 1/2” Drive Extra Thin Nut Protector Power Socket Set$79.95
B35-397104-204CTGBE15ST – 15 Piece 3/8” Drive Bolt Extractor Set Blue Case$79.95
B35-397104-203Mac Tools 13pc External Star Socket Set SMXVE13B in Red Case$99.95
B35-397104-1CORNWELL54″Cornwell PRO SERIES 54” 9-Drawer Double Bank Cabinet Green digital key is 7574 enter, cornwell good condtion$2599.95
B35-397054-2L.L.BeanFR-200L.L.Bean FR-200 radio L.L. Bean yellow portable radio eton$14.95
B35-396952-3Silver EagleSB59SESilver Eagle SB59SE SOCKET SET Silver eagle socket set in case missing clips, the ratchet is kobalt not silver eagle rest is silver eagle$129.95
B35-396880-1Portland63255Portland 63255 pressure washer w gun hose and manual green portland$59.95
B35-396770-1KobaltKRC 30-06Kobalt KRC 30-06 BATTERY CHRGR Large kobalt 80v charger cust said used for lawnmower battery but does not have battery$19.95
B35-396634-1CraftsmanCMXCESM162Craftsman CMXCESM162 charger Craftsman red jump starter w cords attached tested$39.95
B35-396460-2CircleCord50 AMPCircleCord 50 AMP RV Extension Cord For 50amp generator never used circle cord$89.95
B35-396299-1Northstar157153A 5.5GPMNorthstar 157153A 5.5GPM Bleach Pump North star used works good 5.5 gpm$159.95
B35-396250-1BonaireNVMBonaire NVM inflator High and low pressure inflator kit, has battery and charger and car plug in$24.95
B35-396185-3Snap OnT936Snap On T936 ratchet Snapon ratchet 1/4 in. T936$74.95
B35-396128-3Black And DeckerDR200Black And Decker DR200 drill Electric black and decker drill$9.95
B35-395870-5MAKITABO5041MAKITA BO5041 SANDER Teal sander ok condition$29.95
B35-395870-4Bosch0601372539Bosch 0601372539 SANDER Teal bosch sander w / bag$24.95
B35-395870-1Black And DeckerBDEMS600Black And Decker BDEMS600 SANDER Black and orange sander electric$9.95
B35-395810-3Champion100740Champion 100740 parallel kit In og box , in good condition with cables$59.95
B35-395791-1Milwaukee2626-20Milwaukee 2626-20 multi-tool Red and black tool brand new no battery or charger tool only$74.95
B35-395569-5All-proSPC-40All-pro SPC-40 heater Small propane heater light orange$69.95
B35-395476-2RyobiAZ064829158Ryobi AZ064829158 drill press Ryobi drillpress tested$59.95
B35-395351-1CenturyANSIZ87.1Century ANSIZ87.1 welding mask Century all black w 2 extra front sheilds automatic$39.95
B35-395234-2Roto ZipNVMNRoto Zip NVMN ROTARY TOOL Inside a grey case rotorzip has extra accessories sn and model has natural ware$29.95
B35-395234-1MILWAUKEE6527MILWAUKEE 6527 SAWZALL Older style milwaukee sawzall inside metal red case$39.95
B35-395183-1PartnerK950Partner K950 demo saw Orange and black demo saw, tested, has spraypaint on it, a little rusted$399.95
B35-395173-1Be Power EquipmentBE275Be Power Equipment BE275 pressure washer Pressure washer has hose tested works honda generater older hose got stuck on it$219.95
B35-395123-1Duralast51-30Duralast 51-30 torch wrench Batteried torch wrench blue$44.95
B35-395066-1Titan0529008Titan 0529008 paint sprayer Paint sprayer, in og grey box, not tested$79.95
B35-394920-1Blue PointBPRF938Blue Point BPRF938 ratchet 3/8 In blue point ratchet$49.95
B35-394914-3Blue PointAT157RBlue Point AT157R CUT OFF TOOL Blue cut off tool air$59.95
B35-394913-5Snap OnMG325Snap On MG325 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Red small 3/8” impacrt air$119.95
B35-394913-2Ingersoll Rand327Ingersoll Rand 327 tire buffer1 Small air tire buffer1$79.95
B35-394851-4MAKITABO5030MAKITA BO5030 SANDER Makit sander bought here a while a go$24.95
B35-394811-2DeWaltDWMT70776DeWalt DWMT70776 RACHET AIR Yellow dewalt dwmt70776 tested$49.95
B35-394735-6Ego56VEgo 56V TRIMMER Egp grey and greem trimmer with battery no charger$119.95
B35-394735-3Bosch11316RVSBosch 11316RVS hammer drill Inside a hard blue case bosch hammer drill$299.95
B35-394521-1MatcoSE214Matco SE214 riveter air Matco silver eagle se214 in og box red and silver$199.95
B35-393895-1Tack LifeGST01Tack Life GST01 SNOW BLOWER Orange electric snowblower light use good condition tested works$59.95
B35-393774-4Snap OnHSSD32Snap On HSSD32 Dead Blow hammer Snap on dead blow red hammer$79.95
B35-393754-5Matco ToolsTLS788Matco Tools TLS788 tool extensions Matco tools 10pc extension set$119.95
B35-393754-4AST203AST 203 stud puller set In og blue case, 7pc puller set, used condition$59.95
B35-393752-1RidgidR6791Ridgid R6791 drywall screw gun Bought here corded gray and orange ridgid screw gun in good condition tested works$59.95
B35-393619-4HdxH600PHdx H600P light Work halogen light orange$7.95
B35-393168-3GREENLEE7506SSGREENLEE 7506SS DRIVER SET In green case, stainless knock out punch and hydraulic driver set 767ss$549.95
B35-393168-1GREENLEE7804SBGREENLEE 7804SB DRIVER SET In green case, slugbusterknock out punch and hydraulic driver set$474.95
B35-393167-6GREENLEE7506GREENLEE 7506 DRIVER SET In green case, stainless knock out punch and hydraulic driver set 767ss$444.95
B35-393167-5GREENLEE7506GREENLEE 7506 driver set In green case, stainless knock out punch and hydraulic driver set 767ss$519.95
B35-393167-3GREENLEE7706SBGREENLEE 7706SB driver set In green case, slugbuster knock out punch and hydraulic driver set$449.95
B35-393157-2MILWAUKEE48-59-2401MILWAUKEE 48-59-2401 charger Single m12 battery charger good condition$19.95
B35-393058-1BLUE POINTactuvlite8BLUE POINT actuvlite8 uv light Black uv light w 12v$39.95
B35-392633-2Thermal Dynamic35CThermal Dynamic 35C Plasma Cutter Thermaldynamics dragon plasma cutter oncart$699.95
B35-392228-6Mac ToolsUTILITYMac Tools UTILITY Utiltility Knife Combo In red and black case mac tools utility knife$19.95
B35-392080-503ball trailer hitch$19.95
B35-392080-502ball trailer hitch$19.95
B35-392077-1Milwaukee1675-1Milwaukee 1675-1 1/2” Drill Milwaukee hole hawg older beat up works$74.95
B35-391805-601Dewalt 5 AH Battery Black and Yellow XR$39.95
B35-391805-303Dewalt Single Charger DCB101 for li ion$19.95
B35-391805-201Milwaukee Battery Charger M18 and M12 in One$24.95
B35-391805-2MILWAUKEE2806-20MILWAUKEE 2806-20 cordless drill one keyTOOL ONLY$59.95
B35-391805-1DeWaltDCS371DeWalt DCS371 Cordless band saw Tool Only No Charger or Batt$99.95
B35-391776-202XC5.0 Milwaukee battery Great Condition$44.95
B35-391762-4MilwaukeeNATURAL WEARMilwaukee NATURAL WEAR SAWZALL In red hard case og , tested , dirty$39.95
B35-391549-1UnimatDB200Unimat DB200 Mini Lathe Mini machinist lathe db200 w tons of acessories and manual etc, switch sticks a bit have to jiggle it.$899.95
B35-391508-6Paslode3175/44RCPaslode 3175/44RC NAILER Coil roofing nailer$59.95
B35-391166-5Poter CablePXRA2676Poter Cable PXRA2676 SANDER Grey and black porter cable sander$39.95
B35-389997-3Auto Trac0232610Auto Trac 0232610 chains In og case auto trac self tightening chains$19.95
B35-389493-2KLEINIP40KLEIN IP40 voltameter Yellow voltameter works turns on$9.95
B35-389013-3Central Tools6410Central Tools 6410 range indicator In blue case long range indicator$19.95
B35-387799-1HuskyNVMHusky NVM socket set Black socket se in black case missing 4 sockets 260 pc$89.95
B35-386200-3JacksonKC Z87 W11Jackson KC Z87 W11 Auto Darkening lens Smaller one jackson 11 kc z87 w11$89.95
B35-384928-1Wagner0530127Wagner 0530127 paint roller In og box, powered paint roller has power cord manuals like new never used has all parts that show on the box$49.95
B35-383910-4Zarbe8574-CZarbe 8574-C eletric fence controller Zareba electric fence controller has wire inside a blue bag with giraffe$49.95
B35-382423-1UtilitechFES50-F1Utilitech FES50-F1 utility fan Black utility tech industrial fan, good condition, tested, works, no other accesories$79.95
B35-381506-3Black and Decker7410Black and Decker 7410 sandedr Grey black and decker small sander used condition tested works$1.95
B35-381506-1DryairTEMPESTDryair TEMPEST fan Small blue floor drying fan used condition$69.95
B35-379539-1Milwaukee48-59-2401Milwaukee 48-59-2401 Battery Charger 12 volt milwaukee charger$24.95
B35-379010-1Thermal DynamicCUTTERMASTER81Thermal Dynamic CUTTERMASTER81 plasma cutter On cart with wheels black plasma cutter with hose in excellent condition unable to test 400watts crazy plug cant test manager approved$1499.95
B35-377146-1BluepointNVMNBluepoint NVMN air wrench Bluepoint air wrench$79.95
B35-376916-1RyobiBE-321Ryobi BE-321 Ryobi Belt Sander No paper blue older ryobi belt sander prety heavy duty$49.95
B35-376095-1Chicago Electric62420Chicago Electric 62420 kick saw Decent condition black adn red chicago electric kick saw tested works fine corded$29.95
B35-369064-1Wagner959 POWRE ROLLERWagner 959 POWRE ROLLER paint Roller Electric power roller in og box works good$24.95
B35-363794-2SchlageFLA 605Schlage FLA 605 door handle One door handle in og box,$19.95
B35-363386-1NONENVMKlein Cable Tracker Yellow w Tips VDV Scout pro 2$39.95
B35-359776-508Air Drill 3/8” Pneumatic Rodac, Silver 214 SN 2467$19.954

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