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We Carry all tools. From High End Professional to Homeowner Tool Kits, and everything in-between. Cordless Drills are a Favorite, Woodworking, Industrial, Oil Field, Lawn & Garden,  we have the tools for all applications!
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P35-397964-2“,Milwaukee,NATURAL WEAR,”Milwaukee NATURAL WEAR impact Black and red impact , tested , in good condition ,little dirty , with battery”,$4995
P35-397964-101“,,,”milwaukee charger”,$3495
P35-397964-1“,Milwaukee,48-59-1812,”Milwaukee 50 battery”,$4495
P35-397930-2“,PROTO,6020AB,”PROTO 6020AB RACHET 3/4 rachet ok condition no case”,$29995
P35-397905-1“,Ridgid,R2851VN,”Ridgid R2851VN Multi Tool Oscilating In orange and black bag oscilating multi tool changable job max head”,$3995
P35-397900-401“,,,” TF72 RATCHET Chrome Snap on Ratchet”,$9995
P35-397900-4“,Snap-On,FKF80A, TF72,”Snap-On FKF80A,Ratchet Chrome”,$9995
P35-397900-3“,CORNWELL,CRW12MSSA,”CORNWELL CRW12MSSA ratchet set Cornwell 12 pcMetric stubby ratcheting combo wrench set in blue caddy”,$14995
P35-397900-2“,AST,NVM,”AST NVM line disconnet set Ast 10 piece line disconnet set in blue case complete”,$4995
P35-397900-1“,Mac,TPQ56, TPQ1Z, TPQ34,”Mac TPQ56, TPQ1Z, TPQ34 snap ring pliers Lot of 3 mac snap ring pliers, reversible”,$4995
P35-397892-1“,Craftsman,NVMN,”Craftsman Rattcheting Wrench Set WRENCH In black soft case, set of 10 wrenches”,$2495
P35-397887-1“,Dewalt,DCB112,”Dewalt DCB112 Battery and Charger Dewlat 12 volt battery and charger, 12 volt li ion battery and charger”,$3995
P35-397875-1“,Porter Cable,735,”Porter Cable 735 RECIPRICATING Saw Porter cable recip saw, in black hard case, tested, rough condition”,$1495
P35-397859-102“,,,”Ryobi Charger Single Green Battery Charger”,$1495
P35-397859-101“,,,”Ryobi Cordless Inflator one small battery no charger P737”,$1995
P35-397859-1“,Ryobi,PCL206,”Ryobi PCL206 drill One Large Battery No Charger Very beat up battery”,$1495
P35-397800-101“,,,”Milwaukee 4AH Battery Single 4 AMP HOUR BATTERY”,$3995
P35-397797-2“,Johnson,NVM,”Johnson NVM LEVEL Johnson four foot level”,$995
P35-397797-1“,MILWAUKEE,6519-30,”MILWAUKEE 6519-30 SAWZALL Milwaukee sawzall red and grey in red case, ok condition”,$3995
P35-397780-2“,West Ward,IXJZ2,”West Ward RUSTY PIPE WRENCH 36” aluminum pipe wrench”,$1995
P35-397780-1“,NONE,NVM,”booms Set of orange booms”,$3995
P35-397774-1“,SCHUMACHER,SJ1332,”SCHUMACHER SJ1332 power station Shcumacher portable power station in box with jumper cables”,$8495
P35-397753-1“,MILWAUKEE,2767-20,”MILWAUKEE 2767-20 impact drill 1/2” impact drill w/ battery and charger”,$29995
P35-397733-1“,Hilti,SL6-A22,”Hilti SL6-A22 led light Red and black led light no battery or charger , in good condition”,$8995
P35-397727-1“,Rigid,R4222,”Rigid R4222 MITER SAW-ELECT 12” compound miter saw , in good condition , tested”,$24995
P35-397722-4“,Hyper Tough,8704,”Hyper Tough 8704 battery pack Hyper tough single battery pack for hyper tough drill”,$995
P35-397722-2“,Central Pneumatic,NVM,”Central Pneumatic air stapler Central pneumatic air stapler medium sized silver red and black”,$995
P35-397713-4“,MILWAUKEE,5IN22-701-1,”MILWAUKEE Charger For M18 Red Great condition single charger”,$2495
P35-397713-202“,,,”Milwaukee 30 HO High Output Battery M18 Nice”,$4495
P35-397713-201“,,,”Milwaukee 5AH Battery Black and red”,$4495
P35-397713-103“,,,”Milwaukee 50 AH Battery m18″,$4495
P35-397713-101“,,,”5 Amp Hour Milwaukee battery M18”,$4495
P35-397673-2“,Ryobi,CSB135L,”Ryobi CSB135L CIRCULAR SAW Ryobi circ saw with laser, used condition”,$3495
P35-397673-1“,Craftmans,32017562,”Craftmans 32017562 right angle driver Grey angle driver, in black bag, has one battery, and charger”,$4995
P35-397658-1“,Stihl,MS310,”Stihl MS310 CHAIN SAW Orange with black chainsaw , in good condition ,”,$27495
P35-397656-1“,NONE,NVMN,”NONE NVMN step hitch White step for hitch mount lil dirty but works”,$1995
P35-397617-1“,Bostitch,EHF1838K,”Bostitch EHF1838K Pneumatic Nailer In black case for hardwood floors 18 gauge”,$7495
P35-397567-1“,Honeywell,HPF820BMWMV1,”Honeywell HPF820BMWMV1 fan Honeywell turboforce power+ fan in box”,$1495
P35-397561-1“,Mac Tools,SSMXH16RBRT,”Mac Tools SSMXH16RBRT driver set Mac tools stubby hex driver set complete with holder”,$14995
P35-397553-1“,No Make,NVMN,”No Make NVMN poles Concrete red poles with float boat , float boat has been grinded”,$9995
P35-397544-2“,Poter Cable,FN250SB,”Poter Cable FN250SB brad nailer Porter cable pneumatic air brad nailer”,$1995
P35-397525-1“,MILLER,DIGITAL ELITE,”MILLER DIGITAL ELITE welding mask Camo miller digital elite clean no wear marks sn taken from digital componet”,$11995
P35-397522-2“,Crenova,MS8233D,”Crenova MS8233D multimeter Digital multimeter orange and black inside black case”,$1495
P35-397513-1“,Kushlan,KPRO350MP,”Kushlan KPRO350MP cement mixer In og box cement electric mixer new condition in og box”,$19995
P35-397486-1“,WERNER,NONE,”WERNER NONE LADDER Werner adjustable folding ladder aluminum”,$8995
P35-397474-1“,Milwaukee,6390-20,”Milwaukee 6390-20 SAW Tilt lok saw, inside red hard case, corded”,$7995
P35-397467-1“,MAKITA,5477NB,”MAKITA 5477NB CIRCULAR SAW Makita blue circular saw ok condition tested works great”,$8995
P35-397463-2“,Ryobi,OP40602,”Ryobi OP40602 battery and charger Ryobi battery and charger 40v lithium hp battery with charger”,$7495
P35-397463-1“,Ryobi,BE319,”Ryobi BE319 belt sander Ryobi corded belt sander no belt, has dust bag”,$2995
P35-397459-2“,Homelite,UT41113,”Homelite UT41113 WEEDEATER Black and red weed eater in good condition , tested , with guard”,$1995
P35-397452-1“,Lincoln,YA4606,” YA4606 welding helmet Snap-on branded lincoln welding helmet with snap-on out dimmer screen”,$11995
P35-397450-2“,NONE,NVM,”NONE NVM compact sandblaster None potable sandblaster red small capacity with foot pedal and all hook-ups missing hinge pin”,$12995
P35-397436-2“,Black And Decker,HT18,”Black And Decker HT18 EDGER Black and orange in good condition , tested”,$995
P35-397436-1“,Dyna Glo,PRO,”Dyna Glo PRO HEATER Black with orange heater in used condition , inside interior has damage on it”,$5995
P35-397421-1“,Spray Tech,1620,”Spray Tech 1620 paint sprayer Old paint sprayer apex series 2 , in good condition , with orange hose , and black hose attachments”,$18995
P35-397418-2“,Chicaco Electric,69067,”Chicaco Electric 69067 SAWZALL Red and black , in good condition , tested”,$995
P35-397418-1“,Ridgid,R3205,”Ridgid R3205 CIRCULAR SAW Grey with orange saw , in good condition , tested”,$3995
P35-397396-1“,Vivax Metrotech,VX205-2,”Vivax Metrotech VX205-2 locator Inside a black case vivax lock 2 locator with red and black leads”,$189995
P35-397382-1“,Ryobi,P214,”Ryobi P214 drill Green ryobi drill used condition 1 Batt NO CHARGER”,$1995
P35-397354-1“,Spray Tech,0523101,”Spray Tech 0523101 paint sprayer Paint sprayer with gun and extra tips”,$19995
P35-397340-1“,Black And Decker,LD120,”Black And Decker LD120 Cordless Drill In big black case li ion w charger and a bunch of other tools”,$6995
P35-397300-3“,MILWAUKEE,2853-20,”MILWAUKEE 2853-20 SAWZALL IMPACT Red n blk milwaukee w one batt no charger wrapped w other tools”,$6995
P35-397300-2“,MILWAUKEE,2606-20,”MILWAUKEE 2719-20 SAWZALL Milwaukee red n blk drill w one batt no charger”,$7495
P35-397300-1“,MILWAUKEE,2606-20,”MILWAUKEE 2606-20 DRILL Red n blk milwaukee w one batt and charger”,$13995
P35-397274-3“,Dremel,395,”Dremel 395 DREMEL Older dremel with bits”,$995
P35-397259-4“,Black And Decker,NVM,”Black And Decker NVM tool set Black and decker drill bit and driver set, new in case with spade bits”,$1995
P35-397246-1“,Maxis,3000X,”Maxis 3000X electrical cable puller Electrical cable puller red on dolley with bag of attachments”,$199995
P35-397172-3“,Hart,**02,”Hart **02 impact drill White and blue impact drill w/ battery and charger”,$1995
P35-397166-1“,MAKITA,LXFD01,”MAKITA LXFD01 drill Black and white drill sw/ 18v battery one batt no charger”,$2995
P35-397158-3“,Dewalt,DCF787,”Dewalt DCF787 impact Black and yellow impact , used condition , little dirty , has one battery , no charger tested”,$5995
P35-397108-2“,MILWAUKEE,2829-20,”MILWAUKEE 2829-20 BAND SAW Milwauk band saw with battery no charger”,$18995
P35-397091-1“,Craftmans,CMCS300,”Craftmans CMCS300 SAWZALLTOOL ONLY”,$3495
P35-397087-2“,Black and Decker,MS1000,”Black and Decker MS1000 SANDER Orange sander, black and decker, with filter”,$995
P35-397079-2“,DeWalt,DW257,”DeWalt DW257 drywall screwdriver Black and red screwdriver ,in used condition , tested”,$3495
P35-397079-1“,Hitachi,DS10DFL,”Hitachi DS10DFL tool set Black and green drill and impact with 2 batteries and one charger , tested , in okay condition”,$4995
P35-397032-3“,PORTER CABLE,PCC560,”PORTER CABLE PCC560 cordless tools set Porter cable cordless tool set with jigsaw, circular saw, sawzall, drill and impact”,$17995
P35-397023-1“,MAKITA,NVMN,”MAKITA NVMN CIRCULAR SAW Blue green circular saw , nb4 , in good condition”,$6995
P35-397004-3“,Ryobi,PSBDD01CN,”Ryobi PSBDD01CN drill 1 Batt no Charger”,$1995
P35-397004-2“,Hyper Tough,AQ76012G,”Hyper Tough AQ76012G drill driver Hyper tough red drill w batt batt was dead didnt test”,$995
P35-397001-2“,DeWalt,DCD708,”DeWalt DCD708 drill Inside og bag dewalt drill with charger and battery”,$8495
P35-397001-1“,DeWalt,DCB201,”DeWalt DCB201 battery Small Dewalt 20v battery”,$2995
P35-396953-1“,MILWAUKEE,2606-20,”MILWAUKEE 2606-20 drill Tool only red and black drill in good condition , no battery or charger”,$3495
P35-396946-1“,VICTOR,519472,”VICTOR 519472 TORCH HEAD Golden torch head used dark at torch head victor”,$2995
P35-396936-1“,Royalmax,AB-125,”Royalmax AB-125 AIRBRUSH Airbrush kit china make”,$995
P35-396934-1“,Olsen,64408,”Olsen 64408 torch set In black olsen box acetylene torch set”,$9995
P35-396928-2“,Milwaukee,2607-20,”Milwaukee 2607-20 hammer drillw 50 battery and charger Milwaukee hammer drill red with battery and charger with bag”,$12995
P35-396909-1“,Dewalt,DCF601,”Dewalt DCF601 impact drill Yellow dewalt 12v impact drill w/ two batteries and charger”,$7495
P35-396908-2“,Dewalt,DCB112,”Dewalt DCB112 CHRGR Dewalt DCB112 BATTERY Charger”,$2495
P35-396872-1“,Champion,DUAL FUEL,”Champion DUAL FUEL GENERATOR Black and yellow genarator , tested in good condition champion 3400-watt dual fuel portable inverter generator with electric start”,$39995
P35-396856-2“,Ridgid,R86711,”Ridgid R86711 ROTARY TOOL Ridgid rotarty hammer with battery and charger”,$14995
P35-396851-2“,CORNWELL,CAT-820R,”CORNWELL CAT-820R Angle grinder Cornwell small pneumatic angle grinder dark blue in decent shape”,$4995
P35-396812-2“,MAKITA,JR3050T,”MAKITA JR3050T SAWZALL Greeen black bought here nb4 makita”,$3495
P35-396812-1“,Milwaukee,9T331,”Milwaukee 9T331 BAND SAW Milwaukee band saw borded nb4 works”,$12995
P35-396795-3“,Everbilt,UTA02510,”Everbilt UTA02510 pump In og box utility pump like new hasnt been able to use it just yet”,$3995
P35-396795-1“,Misc Tools,MISC,”Misc Tools MISC hand saw Yellow hand saw nb4”,$1195
P35-396768-1“,Fire Power,WH26FC,”Fire Power WH26FC torch kit Carry along torch kit clean red carring case”,$19995
P35-396728-2“,MAKITA,BO4556,”MAKITA BO4556 SANDER Makita sander corded works tested no bag”,$2995
P35-396728-1“,MAKITA,B04556,”MAKITA B04556 SANDER Makita sander corded no bag works tested”,$2995
P35-396721-1“,Noco Boost,GB10,”Noco Boost GB10 jumper starter Noco boost 12v boost jump starter inside a black case has cable ,charger is not orignal”,$6995
P35-396682-1“,NVMN,NVM,” ball hitch Three sided ball hitch, no pin”,$3495
P35-396674-1“,Stihl,BR-350-Z,”Stihl BR-350-Z backpack blower Orange and white backpack blower, used condition, tested”,$28995
P35-396631-1“,Ryobi,WS7221CN,”Ryobi WS7221CN tile saw Ryobi tile saw with guard”,$5995
P35-396626-1“,Stihl,BGA57,”Stihl BGA57 cORDLESS LEAF BLOWER With charger and battery , kinda beat up, screws in side works good”,$12995
P35-396620-1“,Ryobi,PCL500,”Ryobi PCL500 CIRCULAR SAW Ryobi one circular saw with battery no charger”,$3995
P35-396590-2“,Bauer,1906C-B,”Bauer 1906C-B charger Bauer brand battery rapid plus charger”,$995
P35-396566-1“,Titan,440,”Titan 440 paint sprayer Red with blue hose , used condition , tested ,”,$49995
P35-396561-1“,Echo,DCS2500T,”Echo DCS2500T CHAIN SAW Echo dcs2500t tested w one batt one charger”,$25995
P35-396541-1“,Mac,XR1,”Mac XR1 ratchet Mac tool tools, mini ratchet”,$5995
P35-396514-1“,Design Innovative Funtional,001C4T,”Design Innovative Funtional 001C4T compressor In og box, small air compressor with accessories plugs into car”,$1495
P35-396511-3“,MILWAUKEE,XDT14,”Makita XDT14 imopact drill In makita bag makita impact drill l2 batteries and one charger”,$9995
P35-396479-1“,Be Power Equipment,R2000ISPB/BE2000,”Be Power Equipment R2000ISPB/BE2000 GENERATOR Blue generator corded and gas works tested 2000 max watts”,$34995
P35-396455-3“,Bosch,GBA18V80,”Bosch GBA18V80 battery and charger Bosch battery and charger larger battery”,$3495
P35-396455-2“,Dewalt,NONE,”Dewalt NONE battery Dewalt battery painted”,$3495
P35-396455-1“,Craftsman,CMCF800,”Craftsman CMCF800 impact drill Red craftsm impact, battery and charger”,$4495
P35-396392-1“,Ancel,FX6000,”Ancel FX6000 car reader In black og case ancel on front w cord in bag not tested no power supply for tester”,$7995
P35-396391-2“,Hyper Tough,HT100,”Hyper Tough HT100 odb scanner Hyper tough odb code reader black and red”,$995
P35-396388-1“,CRESCENT,NVMN,”CRESCENT NVMN SOCKET SET In grey hard case, 14pc socket set”,$7995
P35-396378-1“,Greenworks,82ST15,”Greenworks 82ST15 WEEDEATER Green and black weed eater w/ charger and battery”,$19995
P35-396345-1“,Central Pneumatic,9 GALLON,”Central Pneumatic 9 GALLON AIR COMPRESSOR Black gas powered air compressor, 9 gallon, tested”,$44995
P35-396314-1“,MILWAUKEE,1675-1,”MILWAUKEE 1675-1 hole hog Milwaukee hole hog, red and grey, has chuck key”,$7995
P35-396142-3“,Rhino Ramps,12K,”Rhino Ramps 12K CAR RAMPS Black plastic car ramps set of two”,$2995
P35-396142-1“,Pittsburgh,64545,”Pittsburgh 64545 Automotive Jack 15 ton silver jack harbor freight”,$4995
P35-396138-1“,Dewalt,DXAEPI140,”Dewalt DXAEPI140 inverter In dewalt box but it is used, inverter connects to car good condition”,$1995
P35-396131-1“,Craftmans,358794743,”Craftmans 358794743 leaf blower Red and black gas powered blower”,$3995
P35-396056-105“,,,”Milwaukee Cordeless hammer Dril 2607-20 TOOL ONLY No Batt No Charger F25ED211201000”,$4995
P35-396027-1“,Porter Cable,PCC650,”Porter Cable PCC650 tool set Circular saw and jigsaw w/ one battery and charger”,$5995
P35-395904-5“,Millwaukee,2891-20,”Millwaukee 2891-20 jobsite radio Red black jobsite radio”,$5995
P35-395904-4“,Ridgid,CD100,”Ridgid CD100 gas detector Noxtious gas dectector in og bag in black bag”,$6995
P35-395904-3“,Feildpeice,jl3mn,”Feildpeice jl3mn monometer In blue ffeild pc bag mesures pressure inside large fp bag very nice”,$13995
P35-395825-3“,Viair,PN 91025,”Viair PN 91025 compressor kit Black compressor kit with accessories 25 gallon customer was gunna use it for tires but its actually used for lowering and raising vehicles”,$24995
P35-395825-1“,Bauer,NONE,”Bauer NONE LEVEL In bag, laser level bauer takes batteries”,$2995
P35-395739-1“,Jackery,EXPLORER 160,”Jackery EXPLORER 160 portaable power station Jackery portablr power station charcoal and orange complete with charger and case 167watt”,$13995
P35-395714-4“,Hypertherm,POWERMAX 65,”Hypertherm POWERMAX 65 plasma cutter Grey and red plasma cutter has upgraded tip 220”,$279995
P35-395714-3“,MILWAUKEE,2840-20,”MILWAUKEE 2840-20 compressor MILWAUKEE 2840-20 compressor Red and black compressor No Battery Or charger Tool Only”,$24995
P35-395714-1“,WARN,XD9000I,”WARN XD9000I WINCH 9000 pound winch with mount and controller”,$74995
P35-395713-1“,Bauer,64194,”Bauer 64194 BAND SAW Corded band saw in black case, red good condition”,$8995
P35-395704-2“,DeWalt,D21002,”DeWalt D21002 drill Corded dewalt drill works tested”,$2995
P35-395665-2“,Craftsman,BP510,”Craftsman BP510 blower Red and black backpack blower, okay condition, tested”,$13995
P35-395665-1“,Bauer,1632E-B,”Bauer 1632E-B demo hammer In og black hard case has two bits, tesed”,$19995
P35-395641-2“,Everstart,SL097,”Everstart SL097 battery jumper Yellow jumper, nb4, has leads”,$2995
P35-395587-1“,Pittsburgh,63730,”Pittsburgh 63730 caliper In black case caliper”,$795
P35-395582-2“,Tape Tech,BAZOOKA,”Tape Tech BAZOOKA tape bazooka Gold and stainless tape bazooka, okay condition”,$69995
P35-395563-3“,MILWAUKEE,6517-20,”MILWAUKEE 6517-20 SAWZALL In red case sawsall+”,$4995
P35-395563-2“,Ryobi,P271,”Ryobi P271 DRILL BIT SET Tool only drill no batt no charg”,$1295
P35-395562-6“,Duo Fast,DF-27,”Duo Fast DF-27 rammset powder acctuated tool Blue n black in bluue case”,$4995
P35-395562-4“,Dewalt,DW682,”Dewalt DW682 biscut joiner In black case dewalt”,$7995
P35-395562-3“,,557,”porter cable 557 biscut jioner Black case”,$7995
P35-395562-2“,Porter Cable,333,”Porter Cable 333 SANDER Porter cable sander in black case”,$2995
P35-395557-1“,MILLER,29,”MILLER 29 WELDING EQUMiller blue welding helmet #29 nb4″,$6995
P35-395528-1“,Skilsaw,HD77M,”Skilsaw HD77M SAW Red skilsaw, tested, okay condition”,$9995
P35-395439-1“,Predator,Z803082,”Predator Z803082 GENERATOR Red predator generator 2000w, tested,”,$39995
P35-395373-1“,Irwin,1801108,”Irwin 1801108 level Extended level 76′-17””,$21995
P35-395238-1“,Worx,WG896,”Worx WG896 EDGER Worx orange edger, tested, used condition'”,$2995
P35-395072-3“,Ryobi,CLUTCH DRIVER,”Ryobi CLUTCH DRIVER driver drill In og box ryobiclutch driver”,$1495
P35-394955-1“,Chicago Electric,92860,”Chicago Electric 92860 ELECTRIC WINCH In og box new condition winch elctric”,$7995
P35-394875-2“,Honda,EG4000GL,”Honda EG4000GL genarator Red and black honda gen”,$89995
P35-394776-2“,Jackson,14782,”Jackson 14782 radius maker Jackson radius marker inside og box”,$2995
P35-394776-1“,Lincoln Electric,NVMN,”Lincoln Electric NVMN welder Helmet Lincoln electric black helmet model /sn worn off”,$7995
P35-394746-3“,BLUE POINT,RC980,”BLUE POINT RC980 PISTON RING CM In og box piston ring pliers , in good conditon ,”,$4995
P35-394746-1“,Dewalt,DW304P,”Dewalt DW304P SAWZALL In black soft case , dewalt sawzall , in used condition , has extra blades, tested”,$4995
P35-394740-3“,Snap On,ACHW6ANV,”Snap Onadhw6a WRENCH Silver and red wrench , in good condition ,$49.95
P35-394739-1“,WERNER,M2-816,”WERNER M2-816 LADDER Decent wear on foldabled ladder 8 or 16 ft”,$59
P35-394729-2“,Innova,3170RS,”Innova 3170RS code reader In black soft case, obd2 diagnostic code reader whole kit”,$12995
P35-394698-2“,Mac Tools,NVMN,”Mac Tools NVMN die grinder Silver die air pneumatic grinder”,$3995
P35-394698-1“,BLUE POINT,AT118,”BLUE POINT AT118 angle grinder Air pneumatic angle grinder”,$3995
P35-394589-1“,Ryobi,ryi2322vnm,”Ryobi ryi2322vnm GENERATOR Ryobi generator gas works tested scraped up 1800 watts on wheels”,$39995
P35-394569-1“,Jackson,XV01880728,”Jackson XV01880728 WELDING EQUJackson nitro dark blue welding helmet good condition”,$7995
P35-394561-3“,Ideal,37-001,”Ideal 37-001 Backpack tool bag Black and blue backpack , in good condition”,$9995
P35-394561-1“,Skil,DL529001,”Skil DL529001 Tool set In black and blue ideal bag , one impact , 2 drills , one light, one saw , one charger and 2 batterys”,$8995
P35-394557-2“,Matco Tools,MQC50,”Matco Tools MQC50 Drill bill set In og burgandy hard case , in good condition , complete set”,$14995
P35-394514-2“,Snap On,HBBD32,”Snap On HBBD32 hammer Orange snap on dead blow hammer, good condition”,$7995
P35-394470-2“,Earthquake,62891,”Earthquake 62891 air impact wrench In og box , in good condition , 1/2” inch ]”,$2995
P35-394470-1“,Schwmacher,S12,”Schwmacher S12 power converter In og box , power converter in good condition , like new has cables”,$2495
P35-394412-2“,Dewalt,D21008,”Dewalt D21008 drill Yellow and black dewalt drill corded in used condition a little dirty tested works”,$1995
P35-394337-2“,Ryobi,P320,”Ryobi P320 nailer Green ryobi cordless nailer w/ battery”,$5995
P35-394337-1“,Ryobi,P209,”Ryobi P209 drill Ryobi drill no acc (tool only)”,$995
P35-394294-1“,Oregon,NVMN,”Oregon Chain Saw Shapener chain grinder Like no has few pieces with it, corded tested”,$1995
P35-394128-1“,Echo,PB580T,”Echo PB580T backpack blower Orange and black backpack mower”,$21995
P35-394102-2“,Warrior,63976,”Warrior 63976 SANDER Black with orange , used condition , tested”,$795
P35-394102-1“,Warrior,63976,”Warrior 63976 SANDER Black with a little bit of orange , tested, used condition”,$795
P35-393855-1“,Mac Tools,NVMN,”Mac Tools NVMN BREAKERBAR breakerbar , in okay condition, heavy duty”,$7495
P35-393720-1“,Prolite,NVM,”Prolite NVM TIMING LIGHT Timing light in og package”,$1495
P35-393633-1“,Snap On,NVMN,”Snap On NVMN CREAPER Red and black snap on , in good condition”,$7495
P35-393503-2“,Ryobi,RS241,”Ryobi RS241 SANDER Small blue corded sander no bag tested works”,$695
P35-393466-1“,DeWalt,DW321,”DeWalt DW321 JIGSAW Corded jigsaw tested works okay condition”,$4995
P35-393401-1“,Craftsman,917388961,”Craftsman 917388961 LAWN MOWER No bag red craftsman 65hp”,$13995
P35-393390-2“,Element,SOAKER PRO,”Element SOAKER PRO hose Soaker pro wrapped up neat”,$995
P35-393381-1“,Lincoln,210MP,”Lincoln 210MP welder Red linc power mig welder inverterwithcords and 2 10 adapter nb4 not tested still wrapped from last time”,$139995
P35-393351-6“,Accuset,A250FN,”Accuset A250FN nailer In og box accuset black case tested”,$2495
P35-393351-3“,Craftmans,75INCHCIRC,”Craftmans 75INCHCIRC CIRCULAR SAW Craftsman circ saw red”,$1995
P35-393339-2“,Stihl,FS56RC,”Stihl FS56RC weed eater Newer stihl weed eater”,$12995
P35-393279-2“,MAKITA,5477NB,”MAKITA 5477NB SAW Makita corded saw Worm Drive”,$10995
P35-392802-1“,Ilco,MINI-MITE 008B,”Ilco MINI-MITE 008B keymaker Key machine smaller has blank key with it power cord not tested craigslist sale only”,$19995
P35-392584-1“,Hyper Tough,HY26CSTVNM,”Hyper Tough HY26CSTVNM WEEDEATER Hyper tough weedeater black with red handle”,$5495
P35-392563-5“,MILWAUKEE,6519-22,”MILWAUKEE 6519-22 SAWZALL Miluakee sawzall tested works”,$4995
P35-392163-2“,Rigid,HD06001,”Rigid HD06001 vacuum In og box, wet dry shop vac has hose tested okay condition”,$6995
P35-391842-2“,Dewalt,DCS577,”Dewalt DCS577 CIRCULAR SAW Yellow dewalt circular saw tool only”,$11995
P35-391614-2“,Matco,MESBT17,”Matco MESBT17 RATCHETING KIT full set in good condition like new”,$15995
P35-391584-2“,GREENLEE,200EP-G,”GREENLEE 200EP-G toner Grey toner in black soft case”,$4995
P35-391584-1“,Fluke,PRO3000 PROBE,”Fluke PRO3000 PROBE toner Blue toner in case w/ acc”,$5995
P35-391520-1“,Dremel,ULTRA-SAW,”Dremel ULTRA-SAW SAW In bluw soft bag, ultra-saw 20v has one battery one charger tested works has few saw blades in bag”,$6995
P35-391495-1“,Rigid,R40312,”Rigid R40312 wet tile saw Orange rigid wet tile saw no stand”,$19995
P35-391424-1“,Dremel,4300,”Dremel 4300 Dremel Tool Black case dremel good condtioin”,$4995
P35-391407-1“,Stihl,TS420,”Stihl TS420 demosaw Orange white demo saw stihl works tessted used condiition work dust caked on serial info typed as shown”,$49995
P35-391348-4“,Dewalt,DCB230,”Dewalt DCB230 dewalt battery 20v yellow and black dewalt battery”,$3995
P35-390995-4“,Wagner,0529119,”Wagner 0529119 PAINT SPRAYER Black and yello paint sprayer in black case”,$2995
P35-390774-1“,Dewalt,DWD460,”Dewalt DWD460 drill Joist drill, yellow and black, good condition, tested”,$19995
P35-390674-3“,Klein Tools,VDV500-705T,VDV500-705P,”Klein Tools VDV500-705T,VDV500-705P tone and prober with oen”,$1995
P35-390570-6“,MILWAUKEE,2486-22,”MILWAUKEE 2486-22 Cordless Die Grinder In og bag kit two battereis and charger die grinder like new”,$19995
P35-390570-5“,MILWAUKEE,2960-22,”MILWAUKEE 2960-22 Cordless Impact Kit Cordless 3/8” impact two 50 battereis and charger excellent condition”,$32995
P35-390570-4“,Snap On,RADKITPLUSA,”Snap On RADKITPLUSA Radiator Vacuum test kit Black case w adapters and hoses snap on”,$9995
P35-390570-3“,Power Probe,PP3EZGRNAS,”Power Probe PP3EZGRNAS Power Probe Power probe 3 in black case”,$8995
P35-390570-2“,CORNWELL,HRC4673,”CORNWELL HRC4673 Socket Set Oxygen sensor wrench set in black case cornwell”,$6995
P35-390542-2“,Stihl,MS290,”Stihl MS290 CHAIN SAW Orange 16” chainsaw used condition”,$29995
P35-390542-1“,Stihl,MS310,”Stihl MS310 CHAIN SAW Orange 18” chainsaw used condition”,$29995
P35-390503-1“,WEN,943,”WEN 943 SANDER Blue sander polisher”,$2495
P35-390497-2“,BLUE POINT,BT27,”BLUE POINT BT27 spring compressor In og pckaging single spring brake tool”,$2995
P35-390141-5“,Dremel,4000,”Dremel 4000 ROTARY TOOL In grey case dremel”,$3995
P35-390125-5“,Lenox,BIG DADDY HOLE SAW KIT,”Lenox BIG DADDY HOLE SAW KIT hole saw In white case”,$6995
P35-390086-3“,Hyper Tough,AQ15026G,”Hyper Tough AQ15026G ANGLE GRINDER In og box angel grinder”,$1195
P35-390047-2“,Ryobi,PCL500,”Ryobi PCL500 CIRCULAR SAW Cordless circular saw w/ battery no charger”,$3495
P35-390016-3“,Centech,67979,”Centech 67979 inspection camera In og black case, red inspection camera takes double a batts”,$2495
P35-390016-2“,Matco Mac,NONE,”Matco Mac NONE metal plate Matco magnetic plate looks like a stool”,$5995
P35-389761-1“,Dewalt,DCD460,”Dewalt DCD460 JOIST DRILL Cordless joist drill (tool only)”,$19995
P35-389755-3“,Noco Boost,SPORT GB20,”Noco Boost SPORT GB20 Jump Starter Li ion noco boost gb20 no usb has battery hok ups”,$5995
P35-389654-4“,Porter Cable,BN200C,”Porter Cable BN200C Brad Nailer In black case brad nailer bn200c”,$2995
P35-389586-1“,Stihl,311Y,”Stihl 311Y CHAIN SAW Orange and white stihl 029 super chainsaw use condition dirty tested works”,$29995
P35-389456-1“,Kobalt,K6RS-06A,”Kobalt K6RS-06A RECIPRICATING S Black and blue cordrd recip sa, tested works”,$2995
P35-389140-1“,Rigid,R30*1,”Rigid R30*1 roto tool Rigid roto too in rigid bag”,$3995
P35-389051-3“,PAASCHE,H95832,”PAASCHE H95832 PAINT Airbrush sprayer Mini paint sprayer”,$1995
P35-389051-2“,Thermo,M63215,”Thermo M63215 paint mixer Vibrating paint mixer, corded, white”,$6995
P35-388922-1“,Hexago,HI-HEAT-GAS-125K,”Hexago HI-HEAT-GAS-125K HEATER Hexago yellow and black heater with hose for propane good condition”,$9995
P35-388764-1“,Dewalt,DCGG571,”Dewalt DCGG571 GREASE GUN In black hard case, cordless grease gun, has one battery, charger, used condition dirty with grease”,$16995
P35-388555-1“,BLUE POINT,MB120,”BLUE POINT MB120 WELDER Blue point gas and electric welder, older style, tested”,$24995
P35-388496-1“,Snap On,KRA2422POT,”Snap On KRA2422POT toolbox Large metal black toolbox with key little scrapes on it otherwise good condition”,$299995
P35-388428-6“,Milwaukee,1675-1,”Milwaukee 1675-1 hole hawg Electric red hole hawg w/ handle”,$17495
P35-388290-1“,Dremel,4300,”Dremel 4300 ROTARY TOOL In black case used dremel 4300 w attchments etc”,$8995
P35-387872-2“,Ryobi,P235AVN,”Ryobi P235AVN impact drill In red bag ryobi impact w/one battery, no charger”,$2495
P35-387715-2“,Warrior,63976,”Warrior 63976 SANDER Older style warrior palm sander, corded, tested, works, in bag with item 1”,$795
P35-387651-1“,MAKITA,TM3000C,”MAKITA TM3000C oscillating tool In makita bag, corded osc tool has small case with accessories”,$8995
P35-387463-3“,DeWalt,DWHT36925,”DeWalt DWHT36925 tape measure 25′”,$1995
P35-387455-3“,Fluke,VOLT ALERT,”Fluke VOLT ALERT CUrrent Tester Fluke pen current tester”,$995
P35-387454-1“,Ariens,921013,”Ariens 921013 SNOW BLOWER Orange snow blower 30” 306cc good condition”,$49995
P35-387360-5“,Klein Tools,1221C-K9,”Klein Tools 1221C-K9 voltage tester Yellow and black klein tools voltage tester in good condition works”,$995
P35-387360-4“,Milwaukee,48-59-2401,”m12 20 Milwaukee battery Great Condition”,$1995
P35-387085-1“,Fluke,PRO3000PROBE,”Fluke PRO3000PROBE Cable Tracer In black case with all aprts pro3000 probe”,$3995
P35-386215-1“,DeWalt,DCR028,”DeWalt DCR028 radio Dewalt radio, tested, has power cord, no battery”,$12995
P35-386116-1“,Ideal,61-405,”Ideal 61-405 multimeter Ideal in black softcase, meter, tested”,$2495
P35-385665-1“,Black and Decker,BBC2CB,”Black and Decker BBC2CB battery booster Black and decker battery booster round like new condition”,$1995
P35-385469-1“,Huskey,NONE,”Huskey NONE sledge hammer Black sledge hammer husky”,$1995
P35-385323-1“,DeWalt,D25481,”DeWalt D25481 rotary hammer In black case, corded rotary hammer, has handle, tested, works”,$19995
P35-385238-1“,Dewalt,DWS716,”Dewalt DWS716 compound miter saw Yellowgreat condition”,$24995
P35-385205-1“,Milwaukee,6236,”Milwaukee 6236 BAND SAW Milwaukee band saw with stand corded”,$24995
P35-384880-4“,Rigid,R7122,”Rigid R7122 1/2” Drill Rigid mud mixer, corded, like new, tested, work”,$6995
P35-384760-1“,Honda,EU1000IA2,”Honda EU1000IA2 GENERATOR Honda ue 1000 generator plus inverter red and black like new”,$54995
P35-384706-2“,Xgrid,XGS4,”Xgrid XGS4 solar panel Portable solar panel used”,$1995
P35-384706-1“,Ever Start,BM1E,”Ever Start BM1E BATTERY CHRGR In og box ever start battery charger and maintainer”,$1295
P35-384161-1“,Gorilla,GLWP-47,”Gorilla GLWP-47 gorrila work step 4ft step, silver, has alot of drywall on it,$29.95
P35-383931-3“,Ramset,COBRA,”Ramset COBRA acuted fastener In orange box, good condition, no other accesories”,$79
P35-383810-2“,MAKITA,TD090D,”MAKITA TD090D impact drill White cordless impact drill w/ battery no charger”,$3995
P35-383810-1“,MAKITA,DF030D,”MAKITA DF030D impact drill White cordless impact drill w/ charger and battery in silver hard case 108 v”,$4995
P35-383353-3“,SCHUMACHER,SJ1289,”SCHUMACHER SJ1289 Jump Starter Black shcumacher large battery jup starter”,$5995
P35-383318-1“,Scan Gauge,NVMN,”Scan Gauge NVMN obd reader Scan gauge black with cord is clear”,$6995
P35-382985-1“,Bluepoint,MICB1A,”Bluepoint MICB1A MICROMETER In blue case, bluepoint micrometer, good condition”,$2995
P35-382851-1“,DeWalt,DCR006,”DeWalt DCR006 work speaker NO BATTERY OR CHARGER SPEAKER ONLY”,$5995
P35-382467-1“,Ryobi,P2006,”Ryobi P2006 weed eater Ryobi weed eater used condition no battery no charger tested with our battery”,$1995
P35-382332-1“,Dremel,3000,”Dremel 3000 DREMEL Dremel 3000, gray”,$2995
P35-382187-216“,,,”Sliding Miter Saw Kobald blue 12” Model 0358936 SN 141530″,$14995
P35-382187-215“,,,”Propane Work heater Torpedo Contractor Series”,$5995
P35-382187-212“,,,”texture Gun Electic Yellow Wagner Power tex one tip”,$2995
P35-382187-207“,,,”Oscilating Tool Harbor Freight Multi Tool 62866 SN 374641815”,$995
P35-382187-204“,,,”Ryobi Recip Saw Green and Grey Heavy Duty Big Guy RJ1861v SN Cs18451dk49719”,$3495
P35-382041-5“,Chicaco Electric,95020,”Chicaco Electric 95020 SANDER Sheet snader blue and grey no bag”,$995
P35-381999-1“,Drill Master,61311,”Drill Master 61311 SANDER In og box, black corded sander, tested works well, used condition”,$995
P35-381088-2“,DeWalt,DCS374,”DeWalt DCS374 bandsaw Yellow cordless bandsaws (tool only) NO BLADE”,$17495
P35-380053-1“,Ryobi,P2900,”Ryobi P2900 TRIMMER All green and grey w/orange tip ryobi trimmer, has one battery and one charger, and other acce”,$4995
P35-379643-1“,Husky,3332013,”Husky 3332013 AIR COMPRESSOR Husky 3332013 AIR COMPRESSOR Silver tall silent compressor 20 gallons 90 psi good condition tested”,$23995
P35-379533-6“,Hyper Tough,AQ20052G,”Hyper Tough AQ20052G SANDER Hyper tough sander inside og box”,$995
P35-379498-1“,Dremel,4300,”Dremel 4300 DREMEL In black case, non cordless, has some bits, tested, works”,$2995
P35-379301-1“,MILLER,MAXSTAR 200 903701,”MILLER MAXSTAR 200 903701 WELDER Blue miller maxstar 200 w leads pos and neg good condition”,$149995
P35-377752-1“,Klein Tools,IP53,”Klein Tools IP53 multireader Orange klein multireader with cords turns on”,$2995
P35-376944-2“,Ridgid,NVMN,”Ridgid Pipe Threader Set w Handle etct Ridgid die set to a pipe threader in ridgid black case”,$39995
P35-376944-1“,RIDGE,700-29,”RIDGE 700-29 pipe threader Ridgid pipe threader 700 silver with red cord”,$59995
P35-376690-1“,Bosch,GLM165-40,”Bosch GLM165-40 measure In og fabric case bosch laser”,$3495
P35-375800-1“,Hyper Tough,HT-19-401-003-22,”Hyper Tough HT-19-401-003-22 Cordless Sprayer 1 gallon lik enew in orig box w charger and battery”,$4995
P35-375564-1“,Blucave,DSD-46FL-2-BLU,”Blucave DSD-46FL-2-BLU SCREWDRIVER/flashlight Blucave cordless screwdriver and flashlight combo has charger inside og bag”,$1995
P35-375520-2“,PDP,NVMN,”PDP NVMN double bass drum pedal Pdp double bass drum pedal, good condition”,$8995
P35-375384-2“,Hilti,ST18,”Hilti ST18 screw drill Screw drill corded red and black in good condition tested”,$4495
P35-375349-1“,Bosch,OBD 1300,”Bosch OBD 1300 Car Scanner Bosch obd 1&2 scanner, tested, not married,$99.95
P35-374015-2“,Chicaco Electric,62370,”Chicaco Electric 62370 RECIPRICATING S Red electric sawzall”,$11
P35-372716-1“,Klean Tools,VDV500-705T,”Klean Tools VDV500-705T tracer Black and yellow klein tools tracer decent condition does have some stripped wire but works fine”,$1995
P35-371991-1“,WERNER,PS-48,”WERNER PS-48 SCAFFOLDING Blue scaffolding with platforms”,$10995
P35-371643-4“,Hilti,WSR 1250-PE,”Hilti WSR 1250-PE RECIPRICATING S Red sawzall electric”,$7995
P35-371216-4“,Klein Tools,VDV SCOUT PRO 3,”Klein Tools VDV SCOUT PRO 3 Tester Kit Nog packaging klein tools vdv scout pro 3 tester kit like new condition”,$5995
P35-370264-1“,Dremel,7760,”Dremel 7760 DREMEL Small cordless dremel no charger”,$2995
P35-370177-1“,Rigid,R4123,”Rigid R4123 MITER SAW Silver and orange saw, bought here, corded, working condition, tested works well,”,$22995
P35-369544-1“,Ryobi,CFS1503G,”Ryobi CFS1503G SANDER Green and grey ryobi sander without back piece but tested works fine”,$1295
P35-368375-101“,,,”PK50A Putty Knife Blue Point”,$895
P35-368276-3“,Bestway,P3116,”Bestway P3116 air pump Orange corded bestway inflatable house air blower tested works fine”,$6995
P35-368018-2“,Dewalt,DW292,”Dewalt DW292 corded impact Dewalt 1/2” impact wrench, tested”,$8995
P35-366799-2“,BADGER,WB20VB,”BADGER WB20VB yard set Blower and trimmer one battery no charger”,$2495
P35-366270-1“,Snap On,CTC772A,”Snap On CTC772A charger Snap on charger tested works well with power cord no other accessories”,$6495
P35-364208-3“,BLUE POINT,NONE,”BLUE POINT NONE MALLET Wood handle with rubber head mallet, blue point”,$1995
P35-364208-2“,BLUE POINT,BP24B,”BLUE POINT BP24B ball peen hammer Wood handle blue point ball peen hammer, used condition”,$2495
P35-363139-1“,Foley,1055,”Foley 1055 BENCH GRINDER Black and red, foley belsaw sharp all, mounted, one grinding wheel, one missing”,$16995
P35-361955-1“,SANDS,WOOD LEVEL,”SANDS WOOD LEVEL LEVEL Wood level with brass edges, older”,$4495
P35-356553-2“,Tornado,98772MW,”Tornado SD3500 98772MW blower / Carpet Fan Black tornado blower”,$12995
P35-355711-1“,MILWAUKEE,NVMN,”MILWAUKEE NVMN SCREW GUN Red milwaukee screw gun”,$4995
P35-350151-1“,DeWalt,DW160V,”DeWalt DW160V DRILL Right angle drill yellow”,$8995
P35-347314-3“,Dewalt,DCBL720,”Dewalt DCBL720 blower Dewalt brushless blower with one battery and one double port charger”,$15995
P35-333989-4“,Dremel,DREMEL 3000,”Dremel DREMEL 3000 DREMEL In grey tool case, dremel 3000, with flex shaft”,$2995
B35-399322-1“,CORNWELL,HRC6784,”CORNWELL HRC6784 sockets Cornwell euro/ gm oil socket kit in original box”,$2995
B35-399291-5“,Power Drive,PD100D,”Power Drive PD100D power drive Black and yellow power drive in good condtion”,$895
B35-399291-1“,Porter Cable,740,”Porter Cable 740 SAWZALL In og gray hard case , silver and black , tested older sawzall in good condtion”,$2995
B35-399265-2“,Ridgid,R2911,”Ridgid R2911 ROUTER In rigid bag base router corded in excellent cindition”,$7995
B35-399265-1“,Ryobi,p25013vnm,”Ryobi p25013vnm mini chainsaw Ryobi mini chain saw bat op no battery in excellent condition”,$5995
B35-399261-2“,Mac Tools,TLS788,”Mac Tools TLS788 torque extension In grey hard case, 10 piece torque limiting extension set”,$8995
B35-399261-1“,Mac Tools,SXVMTSL8B,”Mac Tools SXVMTSL8B metric driver In red hard case, 8 piece long metric triple square driver set”,$8995
B35-399191-2“,Stp,NVMN,”Stp NVMN SOCKET SET Stp 23pc small socket set in plastic case”,$795
B35-399187-1“,Longacre,5743645,”Longacre 5743645 tire Pyrometer thermo tool Long acre in og black box tested upon arrival”,$21995
B35-399168-1“,Dewalt,DCH172,”Dewalt DCH172 rotary hammer Dewalt 5/8” rotary hammer brushless 20v in good condition tool only”,$8995
B35-399162-3“,Snap On,MG325,”Snap On MG325 impact gun Red snap on air impact gun has rubber case”,$11995
B35-399162-2“,Snap On,PT250A,”Snap On PT250A cut off tool Black snap on cut off air tool”,$7495
B35-399162-1“,Snap On,PTR72,”Snap On PTR72 ratchet Red snap on air ratchet”,$8995
B35-399136-1“,MSA,10172967,”MSA 10172967 Fall harness Black and red msa fall harness ok condition used”,$4995
B35-399123-1“,Hart,HPID01,”Hart HPID01 impact Cordless white hart impact, one battery, no charger”,$1495
B35-399095-1“,Milwaukee,2853-20,”Milwaukee 2853-20 impact driver Milwaukee impact driver m18 fuel in used condition rool only no battery or charger”,$4495
B35-399061-2“,Snap On,PH3050B,”AUCTION Snap On PH3050B air hammer Snap on red and black air hammer clean overall minor wear and tear”,$19995
B35-399061-1“,Snap On,NVMN,”Snap On NVMN ratchet Battery op snap on ratchet decent wear and tear no charger”,$14995
B35-399022-1“,Husky,THD950L,”Husky THD950L Tile Saw Red and black with tray and plug missing the pump”,$5995
B35-398758-2“,MILWAUKEE,48-59-2401,”MILWAUKEE 48-59-2401 charger Milwaukee 12v battery charger”,$1495
B35-398758-1“,MILWAUKEE,2426-20,”MILWAUKEE 2426-20 multi tool (tool only) black and red multi tool”,$4995
B35-398706-2“,CAMPBELL HAUSFEld,NB0050,”CAMPBELL HAUSFEld NB0050 Nail Gun In black hard case blue nail gun in good condition like new”,$3995
B35-398695-1“,DeWalt,DCF787,”DeWalt DCF787 impact driver Dewalt impat driver with battery used up wear and tear works tested”,$4995
B35-398679-2“,Inventek,V21384,”Inventek V21384 laser In black hard case, level laser has parts”,$1995
B35-398679-1“,WEN,72010,”WEN 72010 HEAT GUN In black hard case, heat gun has parts”,$1995
B35-398566-1“,Yellow Jacket,R-410A,”Yellow Jacket R-410A refrigeration mainfold Yellow jacket ritchie test and charging manifold complete for refrigeration”,$2995
B35-398559-2“,Milwaukee,6230,”Milwaukee 6230 BAND SAW Wide width band saw, red, tested”,$17995
B35-398559-1“,Kobalt,NATURAL WEAR,”Kobalt NATURAL WEAR impact 1/2 impact has 2 batteries NO CHARGER”,$11995
B35-398503-1“,Dewalt,DW511,”Dewalt DW511 drill Dewalt corded drill in ok condition rusty chuck”,$2995
B35-398496-4“,Rotozip,SS355,”Rotozip SS355 spiral saw Black rotozip saw w pad inside”,$1995
B35-398496-301“,,,”Small Dealt battery Good Conditoin”,$1995
B35-398496-3“,Dewalt,N115970,”Dewalt N115970 battery Dewalt 20v battery tested works”,$1995
B35-398474-1“,Ryobi,GCV 200,”Ryobi GCV 200 pressure washer Green honda motor pressure washer no tips”,$15995
B35-398440-1“,Bauer,1918e-b,”Bauer 1918e-b POLISHER Corded bauer red polisher”,$4995
B35-398425-1“,Dyna Glo,CKLRF60-HCX,”Dyna Glo CKLRF60-HCX HEATER Dyna -glo pro gas heater black no gas”,$3995
B35-398280-1“,Kobalt,0622,”Kobalt 0622 CIRCULAR SAW Kobalt circ saw w 1 batt 1 charger tested”,$4995
B35-398275-4“,Milwaukee,2729-20,”Milwaukee 2729-20 CORDLESS BAND SAW I big red case w extra bladeTOOL ONLY”,$14995
B35-398275-3“,Ridgid,R4030,”Ridgid R4030 Tile Saw No stand ridgid tile saw w pump and tray”,$9995
B35-398275-2“,Rigid,WD19560,”Rigid WD19560 Shop Vac Large meal ridgid shop vac w hose”,$5995
B35-398275-1“,Crafstman,113236501,”Crafstman 113236501 SCROLL SAW Older grey craftsman scroll saw heavy metal”,$3995
B35-398273-5“,Steelmax,S14,”Steelmax S14 Metal Chop Saw Blue heavy metal chop saw w blad3e 14””,$23995
B35-398273-4“,ACE,60701070,”ACE 60701070 Metal Chop Saw 14” metal chop saw by ace w blade”,$7995
B35-398273-3“,Dewalt,DWS713,”Dewalt DWS713 MITER SAW-ELECT Yello w10” dewalt good condition no bag”,$10995
B35-398273-2“,Cable Bullet,YYQ-300 16T,”Cable Bullet YYQ-300 16T Hydraulic Crimper In black case cable bullet”,$4995
B35-398235-1“,Banks,63993,”Banks 63993 coil nailer Red and black in new box w receipt on pos tested”,$5995
B35-398214-5“,DeWalt,DW716,”DeWalt DW716 MITER SAW-ELECT Yellow and black miter saw on stand good condition”,$34995
B35-398214-4“,Stihl,BG56C,”Stihl BG56C leaf blower Orange and grey gas powered leaf blower tested works”,$14995
B35-398214-1“,UWS,TB-72GULLWINGS,”UWS TB-72GULLWINGS TOOL BOX Over truck bed tool box has pink paint on bottom okay condition no key”,$7995
B35-398199-3“,Ryobi,CSB135L,”Ryobi CSB135L CIRCULAR SAW Green electric circular saw”,$3495
B35-398199-2“,Ryobi,P704,”Ryobi P704 FLASHLIGHT Small green flashlight (tool only)”,$995
B35-398196-2“,Rigid,NVM,”Rigid 18” pipe wrench great condition”,$2995
B35-398196-1“,DeWalt,DCL050,”DeWalt DCL050 worklight Dewalt 20v worklight with battery no charger”,$4995
B35-398193-1“,Metabo,G12SR4,”Metabo G12SR4 angle grinder Green and black angle grinder ingreen hard case new condition w/ 4 disk blades”,$4995
B35-397973-4“,Crafstman,Cmcf800,”Crafstman Cmcf800 cordlessdrill Craftsman cordless drill, no charger , no battery in ok condition”,$995
B35-397973-1“,Crafstman,CMEE145,”Crafstman CMEE145 SANDER Craftsman random orbital sander red with pad in great condition”,$4495
B35-397897-1“,Fill-rite,FR1210C,”Fill-rite FR1210C transfer pump In og box, fill rite 12 vold dc transfer pump used looks complete 15gpm”,$19995
B35-397896-6“,MILWAUKEE,5262-21,”MILWAUKEE 5262-21 rotary hammer Milwa rotary hammer corded older”,$8995
B35-397896-3“,DeWalt,DW987,”DeWalt DW987 die grinder Corded die grinder dewalt used up”,$3995
B35-397895-1“,DeWalt,DW6182,”DeWalt DW6182 ROUTER Dewalt router corded no bag works tested”,$11995
B35-397890-1“,Hilti,PD10,”Hilti PD10 laser distance meter Inside og soft case hilti pd 10 laser distance measure meter”,$4995
B35-397871-1“,Blue Point,E-1020,”Blue Point E-1020 scew extractor set In og box,screw extractor set blue point”,$6995
B35-397866-1“,Ridgid,R1020,”Ridgid R1020 Grinder Large grinder w cement attachemnt, cord is chewed up a bit but tpaed coveres it”,$7995
B35-397777-2“,Ridgid,R87547B\,”Ridgid R87547B\ multi material saw Ridgid Good conditin tool only”,$5995
B35-397777-1“,Kobalt,GSY-NS7,”Kobalt GSY-NS7 pnuematic flooring nailer In og case kobalt florring nailler”,$7495
B35-397622-101“,,,”3/8” Air Impact MPF990381 Red and Black Mac Tools SN 201901-BK 000665P”,$13995
B35-397622-1“,Mac Tools,MPF990501,”Mac Tools MPF990501 1/2” IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Red mac tools”,$14995
B35-397517-1“,Rigid,R86115,”Rigid R86115 drill Hammer drill w/ battery 18v No charger”,$4495
B35-397404-4“,Milwaukee,2864-20,”Milwaukee 2864-20 impact drill Milw cordless impact drill with large xc50 battery and charger works tested wear and tear”,$27995
B35-397404-3“,MAKITA,NONE,”MAKITA NONE DRILL BIT SET Milwa cordless drill wear and tear no battery no charger”,$1995
B35-397348-1“,Dewalt,DWE4702,”Dewalt DWE4702 Angle Grinder Yellow grinder with spacer but no nut in orig box no guard no handle”,$2995
B35-397324-2“,Fein,FMM250Q,”Fein FMM250Q oscillator Orange oscillator tool used condition, older”,$3995
B35-397324-1“,Bosch,ROTO-HAMMER,”Bosch 11250vsr hammer drill In blue og box, bosch hammer drill with some bits”,$7995
B35-397297-2“,No Make,NVMN,”No Make NVMN JUMPER CABLES Black and orange jumper cables”,$1495
B35-397270-3“,Hyper Tough,AQ20044G,”Hyper Tough AQ20044G SANDER Pad sander tested no bag”,$795
B35-397270-2“,Avanti,AAV-AB-02,”Avanti AAV-AB-02 air brush Avanti air brush in og box w all parts”,$14995
B35-397270-1“,MILWAUKEE,2000-D,”MILWAUKEE 2000-D heat gun Milwaukee older heat gun”,$995
B35-397267-1“,Husqvarna,450 RANCHER,”Husqvarna 450 RANCHER CHAIN SAW Orange husqvarna 450 rancher w plade guard started up graet not yours written on all parts”,$29995
B35-397228-1“,Lincoln Electric,K3063-1,”Lincoln Electric K3063-1 welding helmet Lincoln red fierce auto darkening 7-13 variable shade welding helmet k3063-1”,$8995
B35-397113-2“,Matco,MT2779,”Matco MT2779 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR 1/2” red and black impact, air tool”,$11995
B35-397104-230“,,,”Blue Power 13 Pc Metric 3/8” Drive Socket set on blue tray”,$7995
B35-397104-229“,,,”Blue Power Deep Socket Set on Blue Tray 13pc meteric”,$7995
B35-397104-227“,,,”Snap on Green handle Screwdriver Set 9pc”,$8995
B35-397104-224“,,,”Whistler Scope Inspection Scope blue WIC-1229G 61408302”,$3495
B35-397104-223“,,,”cornwell ir-c9000 1/2” Impact Pneumatic sp22b070095″,$11995
B35-397104-220“,,,”Precision Torque Wrench in Black case Dial Style 1/2” c3fr250f”,$8995
B35-397104-218“,,,”Cornwell Ratcheting Metric 14pc Wrench Set Blue Holder”,$17995
B35-397104-209“,,,”CSD87XLSS – 7 Piece Extra Long Star Screwdriver Set, Blue”,$9995
B35-397104-206“,,,”CBS9TWNPSR – 9 Piece 1/2” Drive Extra Thin Nut Protector Power Socket Set”,$7995
B35-397104-205“,,,”LT-1460 Torq Sticks in Red Case LTI Tools”,$3995
B35-397104-204“,,,”CTGBE15ST – 15 Piece 3/8” Drive Bolt Extractor Set Blue Case”,$7995
B35-397104-203“,,,”Mac Tools 13pc External Star Socket Set SMXVE13B in Red Case”,$9995
B35-397104-1“,CORNWELL,54″,”Cornwell PRO SERIES 54” 9-Drawer Double Bank Cabinet Green digital key is 7574 enter, cornwell good condtion”,$259995
B35-397054-2“,LLBean,FR-200,”LLBean FR-200 radio LLBean yellow portable radio eton”,$1495
B35-396969-2“,Roto Zip,SCS01LE,”Roto Zip SCS01LE Spiral Saw In black hard case rotozip saw”,$2495
B35-396952-3“,Silver Eagle,SB59SE,”Silver Eagle SB59SE SOCKET SET Silver eagle socket set in case missing clips, the ratchet is kobalt not silver eagle rest is silver eagle”,$12995
B35-396880-1“,Portland,63255,”Portland 63255 pressure washer w gun hose and manual green portland”,$5995
B35-396770-1“,Kobalt,KRC 30-06,”Kobalt KRC 30-06 BATTERY CHRGR Large kobalt 80v charger cust said used for lawnmower battery but does not have battery”,$1995
B35-396634-1“,Craftsman,CMXCESM162,”Craftsman CMXCESM162 charger Craftsman red jump starter w cords attached tested”,$3995
B35-396460-2“,CircleCord,50 AMP,”CircleCord 50 AMP RV Extension Cord For 50amp generator never used circle cord”,$8995
B35-396299-1“,Northstar,157153A 55GPM,”Northstar 157153A 55GPM Bleach Pump North star used works good 55 gpm”,$15995
B35-396250-1“,Bonaire,NVM,”Bonaire NVM inflator High and low pressure inflator kit, has battery and charger and car plug in”,$2495
B35-396185-3“,Snap On,T936,”Snap On T936 ratchet Snapon ratchet 1/4 inT936″,$7495
B35-396128-3“,Black And Decker,DR200,”Black And Decker DR200 drill Electric black and decker drill”,$995
B35-396013-1“,Graco,262800,”Graco 262800 paint sprayer Graco magnum x5, tested, used condition”,$13995
B35-395992-3“,Bosch,PR20EVS,”Bosch PR20EVS Palm Router Blue bosch palm or trim router”,$5995
B35-395870-5“,MAKITA,BO5041,”MAKITA BO5041 SANDER Teal sander ok condition”,$2995
B35-395870-4“,Bosch,0601372539,”Bosch 0601372539 SANDER Teal bosch sander w / bag”,$2495
B35-395870-3“,Black and Decker,RO600,”Black and Decker RO600 SANDER Teal sander w/ bag”,$995
B35-395870-1“,Black And Decker,BDEMS600,”Black And Decker BDEMS600 SANDER Black and orange sander electric”,$995
B35-395810-3“,Champion,100740,”Champion 100740 parallel kit In og box , in good condition with cables”,$5995
B35-395810-2“,Champion,100478,”Champion 100478 GENERATOR In og box black ggenerator in good condition tested has accesories”,$31995
B35-395807-1“,Black And Decker,BR400,”Black And Decker BR400 sander Electric belt sander orange in og box”,$2495
B35-395679-1“,Ryobi,P246,”Ryobi P246 Ocilating Tool With one Batery no charger”,$3995
B35-395569-5“,All-pro,SPC-40,”All-pro SPC-40 heater Small propane heater light orange”,$6995
B35-395476-2“,Ryobi,AZ064829158,”Ryobi AZ064829158 drill press Ryobi drillpress tested”,$5995
B35-395403-2“,Pittsburgh,S5494,”Pittsburgh S5494 box socket set In og red meal case pittsburg”,$7995
B35-395351-1“,Century,ANSIZ871,”Century ANSIZ871 welding mask Century all black w 2 extra front sheilds automatic”,$3995
B35-395234-2“,Roto Zip,NVMN,”Roto Zip NVMN ROTARY TOOL Inside a grey case rotorzip has extra accessories sn and model has natural ware”,$2995
B35-395234-1“,MILWAUKEE,6527,”MILWAUKEE 6527 SAWZALL Older style milwaukee sawzall inside metal red case”,$3995
B35-395183-1“,Partner,K950,”Partner K950 demo saw Orange and black demo saw, tested, has spraypaint on it, a little rusted”,$39995
B35-395173-1“,Be Power Equipment,BE275,”Be Power Equipment BE275 pressure washer Pressure washer has hose tested works honda generater older hose got stuck on it”,$21995
B35-395123-1“,Duralast,51-30,”Duralast 51-30 torch wrench Batteried torch wrench blue”,$4495
B35-395081-302“,,,”Dewalt corded Sheet Sander with Bag DW412 64795 kinda beat up”,$1995
B35-395066-1“,Titan,0529008,”Titan 0529008 paint sprayer Paint sprayer, in og grey box, not tested”,$7995
B35-394920-1“,Blue Point,BPRF938,”Blue Point BPRF938 ratchet 3/8 In blue point ratchet”,$4995
B35-394914-3“,Blue Point,AT157R,”Blue Point AT157R CUT OFF TOOL Blue cut off tool air”,$5995
B35-394913-5“,Snap On,MG325,”Snap On MG325 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Red small 3/8” impacrt air”,$11995
B35-394913-4“,Snap On,PT850,”Snap On PT850 AIR IMPACT Red snap on 1/2” air impact good shape”,$15995
B35-394913-2“,Ingersoll Rand,327,”Ingersoll Rand 327 tire buffer1 Small air tire buffer1”,$7995
B35-394867-2“,Zalfal,PH1,”Zalfal PH1 allen wrench Zefal allen wrench bike tools”,$995
B35-394851-4“,MAKITA,BO5030,”MAKITA BO5030 SANDER Makit sander bought here a while a go”,$2495
B35-394851-2“,Black and Decker,QS900,”Black and Decker QS900 SANDER Black and decker corded sander has collector or filter”,$1495
B35-394811-2“,DeWalt,DWMT70776,”DeWalt DWMT70776 RACHET AIR Yellow dewalt dwmt70776 tested”,$4995
B35-394735-6“,Ego,56V,”Ego 56V TRIMMER Egp grey and greem trimmer with battery no charger”,$11995
B35-394735-3“,Bosch,11316RVS,”Bosch 11316RVS hammer drill Inside a hard blue case bosch hammer drill”,$29995
B35-394735-2“,Bosch,11236VS,”Bosch 11236VS hammer drill Inside a blue hard case with bits bosch hammer drill”,$14995
B35-394559-1“,MAKITA,hm1304b,”MAKITA hm1304b demo hammer Blue and grey demo hammer, tested, really rusted”,$29995
B35-394521-1“,Matco,SE214,”Matco SE214 riveter air Matco silver eagle se214 in og box red and silver”,$19995
B35-394053-4“,Powershot Pro,9100,”Powershot Pro 9100 STAPLEr Electric stapler orange and black tested”,$1195
B35-394008-2“,Skilsaw,5250,”Skilsaw 5250 CIRCULAR SAW Old black and silver circ saw tested works”,$995
B35-393895-1“,Tack Life,GST01,”Tack Life GST01 SNOW BLOWER Orange electric snowblower light use good condition tested works”,$5995
B35-393774-4“,Snap On,HSSD32,”Snap On HSSD32 Dead Blow hammer Snap on dead blow red hammer”,$7995
B35-393754-5“,Matco Tools,TLS788,”Matco Tools TLS788 tool extensions Matco tools 10pc extension set”,$11995
B35-393754-4“,AST,203,”AST 203 stud puller set In og blue case, 7pc puller set, used condition”,$5995
B35-393752-1“,Ridgid,R6791,”Ridgid R6791 drywall screw gun Bought here corded gray and orange ridgid screw gun in good condition tested works”,$5995
B35-393658-1“,Licoln Electric,LE Z87,”Licoln Electric LE Z87 welder helmet Black welder helmet in good condition, couple scuffs on the top”,$4995
B35-393619-4“,Hdx,H600P,”Hdx H600P light Work halogen light orange”,$795
B35-393552-4“,Milwaukee,6230,”Milwaukee 6230 corded band saw In red milwuakee case tested”,$12995
B35-393517-1“,NONE,NVMN,”NONE NVMN concrete vibrator Tested alot of concrete on out side marked denver concrete cibrator”,$8995
B35-393168-4“,GREENLEE,7506SS,”GREENLEE 7506SS DRIVER SET In green case, stainlessknock out punch and hydraulic driver set 767ss”,$59995
B35-393168-3“,GREENLEE,7506SS,”GREENLEE 7506SS DRIVER SET In green case, stainless knock out punch and hydraulic driver set 767ss”,$54995
B35-393168-1“,GREENLEE,7804SB,”GREENLEE 7804SB DRIVER SET In green case, slugbusterknock out punch and hydraulic driver set”,$47495
B35-393167-6“,GREENLEE,7506,”GREENLEE 7506 DRIVER SET In green case, stainless knock out punch and hydraulic driver set 767ss”,$44495
B35-393167-5“,GREENLEE,7506,”GREENLEE 7506 driver set In green case, stainless knock out punch and hydraulic driver set 767ss”,$51995
B35-393167-3“,GREENLEE,7706SB,”GREENLEE 7706SB driver set In green case, slugbuster knock out punch and hydraulic driver set”,$44995
B35-393157-2“,MILWAUKEE,48-59-2401,”MILWAUKEE 48-59-2401 charger Single m12 battery charger good condition”,$1995
B35-393058-1“,BLUE POINT,actuvlite8,”BLUE POINT actuvlite8 uv light Black uv light w 12v”,$3995
B35-392901-1“,Milwaukee,6236,”Milwaukee 6236 Deep BAND SAW In case band saw tested”,$9995
B35-392633-2“,Thermal Dynamic,35C,”Thermal Dynamic 35C Plasma Cutter Thermaldynamics dragon plasma cutter oncart”,$69995
B35-392614-2“,MILWAUKEE,48-11-2401,”MILWAUKEE 48-11-2401 battery Single 12v battery good condition”,$1995
B35-392445-2“,MAG Lite,NVMN,”MAG Lite NVMN FLASHLIGHT Black mag lite flash light in good condition works”,$995
B35-392228-6“,Mac Tools,UTILITY,”Mac Tools UTILITY Utiltility Knife Combo In red and black case mac tools utility knife”,$1995
B35-392080-503“,,,”ball trailer hitch”,$1995
B35-392080-502“,,,”ball trailer hitch”,$1995
B35-392077-1“,Milwaukee,1675-1,”Milwaukee 1675-1 1/2” Drill Milwaukee hole hawg older beat up works”,$7495
B35-392076-3“,Stihl,TS360AVS,”Stihl TS360AVS Demo Saw White and orange demo saw 12” older”,$39995
B35-392074-4“,Dremel,F013300000,”Dremel F013300000 DREMEL Inside a hard grey case dremel with accessories”,$3495
B35-391921-1“,Black And Decker,7152 TYPE 2,”Black And Decker 7152 TYPE 2 drilldriver Black and decker corded drill tested”,$795
B35-391804-401“,,,”Dewalt li Ion Battery 5AH yellow and Black”,$3995
B35-391794-3“,DeWalt,WORN OFF,”DeWalt LED LIGHT DCL044”,$1495
B35-391794-102“,,,”Dewalt Dual Battery Charger Jobsite3 DCB102”,$3995
B35-391794-1“,DeWalt,DCS371,”DeWalt DCS371 Cordless Band TOOL ONLY”,$9995
B35-391791-602“,,,”Dewalt 5AH Battery Li Ion 20 Volt batt”,$3995
B35-391791-601“,,,”Dewlat charger Single DCB115 Battery c harger”,$1995
B35-391791-6“,DeWalt,WORTN OFF,”DeWalt Single 5AH Battery Black and Yellow”,$3995
B35-391791-502“,,,”Milwaukee battery Single 5AH Battery”,$4495
B35-391791-501“,,,”Milwaukee Battery 5 Amp hours Red Great condish”,$4495
B35-391791-5“,MILWAUKEE,2806-20,”Auciton MILWAUKEE 2806-20 Hammer Drill W Handle TOOL ONLU”,$7495
B35-391791-402“,,,”Dewalt 5AH Battery Single Yellow and Black battery”,$3995
B35-391791-401“,,,”Dewalt 5 AH Battery 20 Volt Single batt”,$3995
B35-391791-4“,DeWalt,DCS371,”Auction DeWalt DCS371 Cordless Band Saw Band saw TOOL ONLY”,$7995
B35-391778-6“,DeWalt,DCF887,”DeWalt Sinlge Battery Charger for dealt grat condition”,$2495
B35-391777-302“,,,”Dewalt Single Battry 5AH Big battery”,$3995
B35-391777-102“,,,”Dewalt batttery 50 AH Big Battery Single Battery”,$3995
B35-391776-4“,DeWalt,DCS371,”DeWalt DCS371 Cordless band Saw TOOL ONLY”,$9995
B35-391776-202“,,,”XC50 Milwaukee battery Great Condition”,$4495
B35-391762-4“,Milwaukee,NATURAL WEAR,”Milwaukee NATURAL WEAR SAWZALL In red hard case og , tested , dirty”,$3995
B35-391654-2“,Dewalt,DWE315,”Dewalt DWE315 Multi Tool Oscilating multi tool dewalt one bit on it”,$4995
B35-391549-1“,Unimat,DB200,”Unimat DB200 Mini Lathe Mini machinist lathe db200 w tons of acessories and manual etc, switch sticks a bit have to jiggle it,$899.95
B35-391508-6“,Paslode,3175/44RC,”Paslode 3175/44RC NAILER Coil roofing nailer”,$59
B35-391282-302“,,,”Cornwell prybar Impact steel cornwell”,$24954
B35-391239-4“,Craftmans,NONE,”Craftmans NONE FLASHLIGHT Red and black craftman flash light in good condition”,$795
B35-391166-5“,Poter Cable,PXRA2676,”Poter Cable PXRA2676 SANDER Grey and black porter cable sander”,$3995
B35-390836-2“,Mr Heater,MH170FABT,”Mr Heater MH170FABT HEATER Black gas powered heater in ok shape”,$5995
B35-390836-1“,DeWalt,NONE,”DeWalt NONE heater Dewalt heater with power cord and 1500 btu gas hose in ok shape just a little bit older”,$7995
B35-390614-1“,Toro,POWER SHOVEL,”Toro POWER SHOVEL snow shovel Electric red power shovel”,$1995
B35-390202-3“,Rockler,FORSTNER,”Rockler FORSTNER bits In blue hard case, 16 piece precision bit sets”,$9995
B35-390026-1“,Rigid,R844,”Rigid R844 RECIPRICATING S Orange and black recip saw, has one battery and one charger, tested works well”,$6995
B35-389997-3“,Auto Trac,0232610,”Auto Trac 0232610 chains In og case auto trac self tightening chains”,$1995
B35-389493-2“,KLEIN,IP40,”KLEIN IP40 voltameter Yellow voltameter works turns on”,$995
B35-389414-3“,Hart,NONE,”Hart NONE light Headlamp like new conditioj”,$995
B35-389014-2“,CORNWELL,MCL53451,”CORNWELL MCL53451 leak locator In black case rechargeable leak locator”,$5995
B35-389013-3“,Central Tools,6410,”Central Tools 6410 range indicator In blue case long range indicator”,$1995
B35-388812-1“,Pittsburgh,92924,”Pittsburgh 92924 brake bleeder In og box, brake fluid bleeder”,$995
B35-387855-1“,Ridgid,K-45,”Ridgid K-45 drain snake Drain cleaner, orange and gray, tested”,$21995
B35-387799-1“,Husky,NVM,”Husky NVM socket set Black socket se in black case missing 4 sockets 260 pc”,$8995
B35-386910-1“,MILWAUKEE,49-22-4031,”MILWAUKEE 49-22-4031 hole saw kit In red case, milwaukee hole dozer kit like new bought for a job never used”,$4495
B35-386200-3“,Jackson,KC Z87 W11,”Jackson KC Z87 W11 Auto Darkening lens Smaller one jackson 11 kc z87 w11”,$8995
B35-385878-1“,CORNWELL,MIG140,”CORNWELL MIG140 WELDER e blue welder”,$34995
B35-385661-3“,Innova,3320,”Innova 3320 meter Small red testing meter”,$1995
B35-384928-1“,Wagner,0530127,”Wagner 0530127 paint roller In og box, powered paint roller has power cord manuals like new never used has all parts that show on the box”,$4995
B35-384134-3“,Ridgid,R840085,”Ridgid R840085 battery Ridgid battery orange and black 18v”,$2995
B35-384080-4“,BLUE POINT,NONE,”BLUE POINT NONE Air Impact 1/2” pneumatic impact gun black and chrome no make”,$4495
B35-383910-4“,Zarbe,8574-C,”Zarbe 8574-C eletric fence controller Zareba electric fence controller has wire inside a blue bag with giraffe”,$4995
B35-382628-2“,WEN,S1Z-90JS,”WEN S1Z-90JS SANDER Wen spindle sander used condition corded”,$6995
B35-382423-1“,Utilitech,FES50-F1,”Utilitech FES50-F1 utility fan Black utility tech industrial fan, good condition, tested, works, no other accesories”,$7995
B35-381506-3“,Black and Decker,7410,”Black and Decker 7410 sandedr Grey black and decker small sander used condition tested works”,$195
B35-381506-1“,Dryair,TEMPEST,”Dryair TEMPEST fan Small blue floor drying fan used condition”,$6995
B35-381271-1“,Ideal,CAT III,”Ideal CAT III METER In black case yellow voltage meter with cords”,$3995
B35-379754-1“,Dewalt,DWE7480,”Dewalt DWE7480 TABLE SAW Dewalt table saw, good conditionWith railTested”,$35995
B35-379539-1“,Milwaukee,48-59-2401,”Milwaukee 48-59-2401 Battery Charger 12 volt milwaukee charger”,$2495
B35-379010-1“,Thermal Dynamic,CUTTERMASTER81,”Thermal Dynamic CUTTERMASTER81 plasma cutter On cart with wheels black plasma cutter with hose in excellent condition unable to test 400watts crazy plug cant test manager approved”,$149995
B35-377146-1“,Bluepoint,NVMN,”Bluepoint NVMN air wrench Bluepoint air wrench”,$7995
B35-376916-1“,Ryobi,BE-321,”Ryobi BE-321 Ryobi Belt Sander No paper blue older ryobi belt sander prety heavy duty”,$4995
B35-376860-1“,Milwaukee,V 1828 C,”Milwaukee V 1828 C charger Milwaukee charger battery older models”,$1995
B35-376152-1“,MILWAUKEE,6232-20,”MILWAUKEE 6232-20 BAND SAW Milwaukee deep cut band sawDecent conditionTested”,$19995
B35-376095-1“,Chicago Electric,62420,”Chicago Electric 62420 kick saw Decent condition black adn red chicago electric kick saw tested works fine corded”,$2995
B35-373769-1“,MILWAUKEE,2853-20,”MILWAUKEE 2853-20 DRILL BIT SET Milwaukee impact driver black and red, hackzall , drill bit set, 3 batteries, charger”,$21995
B35-369496-3“,Dremel,PC10,”Dremel PC10 buffer Dermel small buffer grey with accessories”,$1995
B35-369064-1“,Wagner,959 POWRE ROLLER,”Wagner 959 POWRE ROLLER paint Roller Electric power roller in og box works good”,$2495
B35-368050-2“,Porter Cable,PC75TRS,”Porter Cable PC75TRS RECIPRICATING Saw Black w/red and grey, cordedGood working condition, bought here”,$4495
B35-367743-1“,Walker,CALCAT82620,”Walker CALCAT 82620 UNIVERSAL NEW Catalytic Converter In og box new older never used”,$69995
B35-363794-2“,Schlage,FLA 605,”Schlage FLA 605 door handle One door handle in og box,”,$1995
B35-363386-1“,NONE,NVM,”Klein Cable Tracker Yellow w Tips VDV Scout pro 2”,$3995
B35-359776-508“,,,”Air Drill 3/8” Pneumatic Rodac, Silver 214 SN 2467″,$19954
B35-359758-2“,Husqvarna,PG280,”Husqvarna PG280 Concrete grinder Large orange and aluminum 220”,$149995
B35-359758-1“,Husqvarna,PG450,”Husqvarna PG450 Concrete Grinder Large 220 concrete grinder”,$374995
B35-359098-2“,Stihl,FSA56,”Stihl FSA56 Electric Trimmer No battery no charger TOOL ONLY”,$4995

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