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From small caliber to large, pistols and long guns – we have firearms.  Whether you’re looking for a.30-06 rifle, a 12 gauge shotgun, a .38 revolver, or anything in between, we probably have it.  We buy and sell guns of all kinds. We do FFL transfers and private party transfers as well!

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P35-400779-2Canyon Arms/lander ArmsLND 117Canyon Arms/lander Arms LND 117 shotgun-semi Black shot gun with 2 mags in good condition$249.95
P35-400779-1Del-ton Inc.DTI-15Del-ton Inc. DTI-15 rifle-semi Del-ton ar semi has green sticker on lower cleared no mags in good condition$699.95
P35-400670-1Smith & Wesson617-6Smith & Wesson 617-6 Revolver In green soft case 22 lr rubber grip 6” stainelss w black rubber grip$749.95
P35-400668-1SpringfieldXD-40 TACTICALSpringfield XD-40 TACTICAL Pistol – Semi In black soft case, two magazine$359.95
P35-400059-1Stevens320Stevens 320 pump-shotgun Black stevens pump shotgun$169.95
P35-400058-1Taurus Armas /taurusG3CTaurus Armas /taurus G3C pistol-semi Taurus g3c tactical green grip cleared$169.95
P35-400010-1Hecklar & Koch Made In GermanyUSPHecklar & Koch Made In Germany USP handgun In grey box, h&k 9mm has 2 mags has manuals great condition management offered$799.95
P35-399667-1Smith & WessonM&P 9 SHIELD M2.0Smith & Wesson M&P 9 SHIELD M2.0 pistol-semi Has kydex holster, has nightsights, 1 magazine performance center$349.95
P35-399666-1Walther Arms / ColtCOLT RAIL GUN 1911Walther Arms / Colt COLT RAIL GUN 1911 pistol-semi With cloth holster colt 1911 government model .22$339.95
P35-399575-2Mossberg835Mossberg 835 shotgun pump Pump action shotgunw pink engraving on it 12g clean overall$249.95
P35-399575-1Taurus Armas /taurusG2CTaurus Armas /taurus G2C pistol semi Sime auto taurus g2c w 2 mags in og box cleared$249.95
P35-399231-1Ria/derya ArmsCARINARia/derya Arms CARINA shotgun Black dhotgun, nb4, 12g, in og yellow and black box$199.95
P35-398994-1RugerAR-556Ruger AR-556 rifle-semi Black ruger ar with vortex scope-50 and vortex magnifyer-50 1 mag$749.95
P35-398110-1Rock Island Armory / Derya ArmsCARINA AGRock Island Armory / Derya Arms CARINA AG Shotgun Black home style pump shotgun rock island$179.95
P35-398025-1Smith & WessonSD9 VESmith & Wesson SD9 VE pistol In og blue box, has 2 mags, a small flashlight, and holdster$239.95
P35-397893-1TaurusG3Taurus G3 semi-pistol Black taurus g3 in black holster w/ one mag$229.95
P35-397323-2Smith & WessonM&P40 2.0Smith & Wesson M&P40 2.0 pistol Black pistol in black case, has backstraps and 3 mags$349.95
P35-397259-5Hi PointC9Hi Point C9 pistol Hi-point 9mm pistol black with magazine and case$139.95
P35-397003-1Jennings Firearms/ Bryco ArmsBRYCO 38Jennings Firearms/ Bryco Arms BRYCO 38 pistol Jennings, 380 pistol mini with clip$149.95
P35-396804-1Franklin ArmoryFAI-15Franklin Armory FAI-15 semi-rfile Black ar-15 1 mag$899.95
P35-396439-1Taurus605Taurus 605 revolver Black revolver taurus 357 mag$329.95
P35-396370-2Maverick88Maverick 88 Shotgun Black maverick 88 no case ok condition$199.95
P35-396275-1Remington770Remington 770 RIFLE-BOLT 770 30-06 Burris Scope$339.95
P35-396023-1RugerWRANGLERRuger WRANGLER revolver In black soft case, black handle grey body good condition$179.95
P35-395827-1Marlin60Marlin 60 RIFLE-semi Painted stock magazine tube, brown$129.95
P35-395746-1RugerEC9SRuger EC9S pistol In og box, has one magazine, orange safety clip lock with, no dents no scratches$279.95
P35-395712-1RugerMARK III TARGETRuger MARK III TARGET pistol Competition Target Model Ruger mark iii, wood grip, with black holster, has 5 mags, inside tan soft case$439.95
P35-395302-1Smith & WessonM&P SHIELDSmith & Wesson M&P SHIELD pistol M&p shield with one mag and has tru glow light and laser$339.95
P35-395231-1Smith & Wesson9SHIELDSmith & Wesson 9SHIELD pistol Smith&wesson springfield mp sheild 9 w 3 mags test round holster in og box$349.95
P35-394921-1BerettaPX4 STORMBeretta PX4 STORM PISTOL Berreta px4 storm .40 cal, has one mag, all black, no case$499.95
P35-394674-1Smith & Wesson642-2Smith & Wesson 642-2 pistol Grey body with black handle revolver$419.95
P35-394411-1Mossberg500AMossberg 500A shotgun wood stock, no front sight, used condition$249.95
P35-394228-1Glock19 GEN 5Glock 19 GEN 5 handgun In hard case, has xs night sights on top, has two magazines, with a mag loader$499.95
P35-393955-1Smith & WessonSD9 VESmith & Wesson SD9 VE pistol Black and silver sd9 ve, has one mag, nb4, no case or holster$259.95
P35-393881-1RugerEC9SRuger EC9S handgun In og box, ruger ec9s 9mm luger black with 1 mag and lock nb4$259.95
P35-392953-1SAVAGE110ESAVAGE 110E RIFLE-BOLT Green finish savage 30-06$299.95
P35-391948-1TaurusG3Taurus G3 pistol-semi Taurus g3 9×19 one mag brown lower$229.95
P35-391718-1Glock43XGlock 43X handgun In og black case, glock 43x 9*19 has streamlight 2 mags has lock and key like new never shot$619.95
P35-391583-1EscortSLUGGEREscort SLUGGER shotgun Black pump shotgun bought here$169.95
P35-391133-1Rock Island ArmoryVR60Rock Island Armory VR60 shotgun Rock island vr60 shotgun, has one mag$349.95
P35-390809-1SAVAGEAXISSAVAGE AXIS RIFLE-BOLT .223 w Cabellas Pine Ridge Scope Black savege rifle botl action in black soft case w/ scope$339.95
P35-390699-1MillenniumPT 111Millennium PT 111 pistol Nb4 taurus pistol, one mag, in hard holster, silver slide$209.95
P35-390136-1CanikTP9SFCanik TP9SF pistol-semi In black case, has one mag, good condition, no other accesories$319.95
P35-389718-1Hi PointJHPHi Point JHP pistol Hi point pistol, has one mag, black, nb4$199.95
P35-389716-1Bryco ArmsBRYCO 59Bryco Arms BRYCO 59 pistol Jennings pistol, nb4, black and stainless$179.95
P35-389504-1MossbergWHITETAIL LIGHTNINGMossberg WHITETAIL LIGHTNING RIFLE-BOLT Wood stock, 3006, in black hard case, good conditon, has 3×9 scope$499.95
P35-388395-2Mossberg500Mossberg 500 shotgun-pump, wood stock$289.95
P35-388082-1TaurusG2CTaurus G2C handgun Grey and balck 1 mag 40$199.95
P35-387584-1TaurusG2CTaurus G2C pistol-semi In og box, has two mags, has lock on, good condition$219.95
P35-387147-1Mossberg510Mossberg 510 shotgun Black no magazine youth 20 gauge pump$249.95
P35-385670-1Polymer80PF59Polymer80 PF59 pistol Polymer 80 tan, with two mags, in of hard case$459.95
P35-382992-1HatfieldPASHatfield PAS shotgun Hatfield 12g shotgun, pump, like new, 18” barrel, all black$179.95
P35-382963-1SpringfieldXDS-9Springfield XDS-9 HNDGN-SEMI Black springfiled in holster one mag 9mm$379.95
P35-382861-1Glock19 GEN 5Glock 19 GEN 5 handgun Glock 19 gen 5 all black, nb4, one magazine, in pink camo case$479.95
P35-382297-1DickinsonCK212Dickinson CK212 shotgun Dickinson semi auto shotgun, in black dickinson case, like new$169.95
P35-381221-1WeatherbyELEMENTWeatherby ELEMENT SHOTGUN Tungten coat in green case 12g 28” barrel semi$649.95
P35-380131-1Smith & WessonSD9 VESmith & Wesson SD9 VE pistol-semi In black holster, has two mags, no other accesories$259.95
P35-379800-1GlockGLOCK 48Glock GLOCK 48 pistol-semi In og hard case, Custom Melted Grip 9*19 semi glock 48 austria one mag$439.95
P35-379392-1Smith & WessonSW9VESmith & Wesson SW9VE Pistol – Semi In soft holster stainless, poly frame, one magazine$259.95
P35-379017-1SccyCPX-2Sccy CPX-2 Pistol – Semi Pink one magazine with some rust on it, sccy its in a grey sig case$219.95
P35-378518-1GlockGLOCK48Glock GLOCK48 HNDGN-SEMI Glock 9×19 in black hard case. With 1 magazine, good condition$449.95
P35-377439-1CitadelATA12Citadel ATA12 shotgun 12ga shotgun 20” barrell 3” chamber pump, like new just bought$229.95
P35-377393-2MossbergMAVERICK 88Mossberg MAVERICK 88 shot gun Mossberg 88 black shotgun 12 guage$229.95
P35-377356-1WinchesterM59Winchester M59 shotgun-semi Wood Stock 12gauge semi auto$439.95
P35-377161-1HeritageROUGH RIDERHeritage ROUGH RIDER REVOLVER Cherry wood handle in black holster nb4$129.95
P35-375022-1FNHFNP-45FNH FNP-45 semi-pistol Black .45 one magazine$729.95
P35-372929-1Rock Island ArmoryVR60Rock Island Armory VR60 shotgun Black tactical shotgun 12g no mag$259.95
P35-370554-1SccyCPX-2Sccy CPX-2 semi-pistol Tan 9mm w/ one mag in original box good condition$209.95
P35-370510-1TaurusPT111 G2 ATaurus PT111 G2 A semi-pistol Black taurus one mag 9mm$279.95
P35-366719-1RugerSECURITY-9Ruger SECURITY-9 pistol-semi black 9mlm 1 mag$319.95
P35-364694-1SAVAGESAVAGE 320SAVAGE SAVAGE 320 savage shotgun Black savage 320 12 gauge shotgun$249.95
N35-345440CZP10CCZ Pistol in black Case P10C Semi$0.01
N35-345439FNM4Rifle FN AR Semi 5.56 M4 Black$0.01
N35-301850RugerAMERICAN 9MMRuger American Pistol 9mm 4.2” Blk SS w Safety$519.95
N35-299662TsaCOMPACTTSA Compact 12Ga Shotgun Bullpup 20” NEW$699.95
N35-295724GforceGF2P1220GForce GFA GF2P 12ga 3″ Pump-Action Tactical Shotgun NEW GF2P1220$349.95
N35-295723GforceGF2P1220GForce GFA GF2P 12ga 3″ Pump-Action Tactical Shotgun NEW GF2P1220$349.95
N35-295722GforceGF2P1220GForce GFA GF2P 12ga 3″ Pump-Action Tactical Shotgun NEW GF2P1220$349.95
B35-402220-1TaurusG3CTaurus G3C Pistol Taurus g3c compact black pistol good condition with three mags$169.95
B35-402192-1Ria/derya ArmsTM22Ria/derya Arms TM22 RIFLE-semi One mag copper colored semi 22 tm22$189.95
B35-402134-1Mossberg930Mossberg 930 RIFLE-semi All black in color like new condtion cleared 3$559.95
B35-401917-1Rock Island Armory / Derya ArmsSAG26Rock Island Armory / Derya Arms SAG26 rifle-semi Shotgun rock island armory cleared w flag in chamber$249.95
B35-401815-1SAVAGEAXISSAVAGE AXIS RIFLE-BOLT black rifle in good condition , with bushnell scope 6.5 Creedmore$329.95
B35-401790-1Taurus Armas /taurusG3Taurus Armas /taurus G3 Pistol – Semi Taurus g3 9mm one magazine ok condition$169.95
B35-401786-1RugerLC CARBINERuger LC CARBINE Rifle – Semi Ruger lc carbine no sights one magazine 5.7×28 black foldign stock$599.95
B35-401719-1Howa/ Legacy SportsMODEL 1500Howa/ Legacy Sports MODEL 1500 RIFLE-BOLT Green stock in og box black gun metal w scope and scope box inside box cleared no mag$539.95
B35-401679-1SpringfieldXDS-45 4.0Springfield XDS-45 4.0 Pistol-Semi Springfield in black case two magazines stainless and black$439.95
B35-401459-1Smith & Wessonm&p15-22Smith & Wesson m&p15-22 rifle Black semi auto rifle 22lr, with two tan mags, good condition, no case$299.95
B35-400848-1Coast To Coast267HCoast To Coast 267H shotgun light brown stock$169.95
B35-400703-3SDS / RadikalNONESDS / Radikal NONE Shotgun Sds radical pump shotgun$179.95
B35-400394-1RugerM77 MKIIRuger M77 MKII stainless 30-06 20” boat paddle zytel skeleton stock w scope and strap$1499.95
B35-400324-1HatfieldSASHatfield SAS shotgun-semi Semi auto wood and black 12 ga$239.95
B35-400257-1Sig SauerP365Sig Sauer P365 pistol-semi 4 mags w p365 tac pac in og case and holster inside$449.95
B35-399782-1Glock19Glock 19 pistol In black hard case, glock 19 gen 5 with 2 mags, good condition$459.95
B35-399724-1BrowningBUCK MARKBrowning BUCK MARK pistol-semi Black semi auto 22lr in grey case w/ one mag$399.95
B35-398650-1Taurus Armas /taurusG2CTaurus Armas /taurus G2C pistol-semi Brown taurus semi auto no case, good condtion 1 mag$199.95
B35-398367-1Springfield ArmoryXD-9Springfield Armory XD-9 pistol In black hard case, springfield xd-9 4.0 mod 2, has two mags$299.95
B35-397312-1Stevens15-Apre nfa Stevens 15-A RIFLE-BOLT Wood stock 22, bolt, initials carved in stock$129.95
B35-397302-1WinchesterSUPER X PUMPWinchester SUPER X PUMP shotgun Winchester 20g shotgun pump shotgun cleared wood stock$299.95
B35-395545-1Taurus605Taurus 605 pistol-revolver In black plastic case taurus revolver .357 magnumn cleared$339.95
B35-395134-1Sig SauerSIG MPXSig Sauer SIG MPX Rifle, one magazine no other accessories$1799.95
B35-394942-1StevensMODEL 75AUCTION Stevens MODEL 75 RIFLE-PUMP Small older vintage rifle 22lr$299.95
B35-394335-4MossbergM500Mossberg M500 SHTGN-BOLT with 3 barrels in black hard case pump mossberg m500 shotgun in good condition$499.95
B35-394000-1BerettaA300 OUTLANDERBeretta A300 OUTLANDER shotgun beretta a300 outlander 12ga 4.2 3/4 or 3$499.95
B35-393404-2Radical FirearmsRF-15Radical Firearms RF-15 rifle Ar15 black, no mag,$599.95
B35-391493-4BrowningSA-22Browning SA-22 RIFLE Browning takedown 22lr, wood stock, has scope$949.95
B35-391493-2Smith & Wesson38 HAND EJECTORSmith & Wesson 38 HAND EJECTOR revolver Smith and wesson 38 hand ejector, 1930’s era$499.95
B35-390529-1Polymer80PFC9Polymer80 PFC9 Pistol – Semi In black case 3 mags polymere 80 black$429.95
B35-390206-1FN509FN 509 Tactical in FDE – Pistol 1 Mag, In brown soft case brown$749.95
B35-389471-1Mossberg500 ATPMossberg 500 ATP SHTGN-PUMP Mossberg 500 atp black with bushnell light folding handle inside a black case$549.95
B35-389317-1U.S. Revolver CoU.S.U.S. Revolver Co U.S. revolver 22cal old revolver,$199.95
B35-389215-1Maverick ArmsMODEL 88Maverick Arms MODEL 88 shotgun Black 12ga maverick arms model 88 has scrapes on the pump barrell not cleared$229.95
B35-387512-1SAVAGEAXISSAVAGE AXIS RIFLE-BOLT Bolt action (muddy girl) pink camo, 7mm-08, has weaver scope and one mag$379.95
B35-384747-1Springfield ArmoryXD-9Springfield Armory XD-9 pistol handgun Black xd-9 pistol handgun in black bag inside og case w/one clip in good condition$359.95
B35-384126-1H&KP2000SKH&K P2000SK handgun Black p2000sk with red holster 1 mag$499.95
B35-380021-1Glock23Glock 23 semi-pistol Black sm ei auto pistol 40 w/ two mags$499.95
B35-366055-4TaurusG3CTaurus G3C pistol Black with one mag pistol good used condition$329.95

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