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We have a full showcase of modern, in style jewelry in silver and gold. All refurbished to be like new! We also carry estate and vintage jewelry! Huge diamond bridal selection! Watches as well! The advantage of pre-owned is that you get a much larger style assortment; not to mention a much better price! 

We always have a good selection of Coins as well, Gold and Silver!

Product Image Silver Bracelets
Product Image Mens Watches

P35-401148-114kt RING 1.8g White gold ring w diamond in band$149.95
P35-401122-110kt RING 2.6g 10k ring with red mq stone in center$119.95
P35-401090-105Small Silver Round Cross Pendant Jesus 1.6$5.95
P35-401090-104Small Jesus Head Pendnat Sterling Silver 2.5g$9.95
P35-401090-103Sterling Silver Jesus Pendnat w CZ Halo 7.2$19.95
P35-401090-102Sterling Silver ID Bracelet Figgaro Chain Blank ID 7.6g$19.95
P35-401090-101Silver Figgaro Chain Sterling 8.7g$19.95
P35-401090-1SilverHeavy Figgaro Chain Long Med 37.4$74.95
P35-401064-114kt RING 2.7g Goldring with 7 maqruise diamonds 2.7 14kt$319.95
P35-401048-1GOLD Austria 100 corana 1915 coin .9802 AGW$2199.95
P35-400928-114kt NECKLACE 20.3g 14kt Hollow cuban diamond cut long chain$1099.95
P35-400897-102Silver Cuban Diamond Cut Chain 39.2g Great Condition$89.95
P35-400897-10138.6g Sterling Figgaro Chain medium heavy$79.95
P35-400897-1Long Thin Silver Figgaro Chain nice conition 12.0$24.95
P35-400839-114kt NECKLACE 20.7g 14k cut figg style mens necklace$1049.95
P35-400803-110kt NECKLACE 114.1g Heavy rope necklace$4599.95
P35-400797-3NECKLACE 18.8g Silver small cubn men’s necklace$39.95
P35-400797-2Invicta30806WRIST WATCH Invicta men’s diver series wristwatch in good condition in og box$49.95
P35-400797-1CasioGA-2100GA-2100 Mod Watch G Shock Casio g-shock white men’s wrist watch in og box$89.95
P35-400772-101Silver Rounds Roll of 20 Buffalo$649.95
P35-400772-1Silver Rounds Looks Like Eagles Roll of 20$649.95
P35-400771-1RING 4.5g Silver mens ring with 17 diamond chips$39.95
P35-400769-5RING 1.7g Silver ring small with flower$9.95
P35-400769-4RING 1.2g Small silver ring with opal$11.95
P35-400769-3SILVER NECKLACE 3.4g Silver necklace small figgaro$9.95
P35-400769-114kt PENDANT 0.7g Gold Virgin Mary pendant$44.95
P35-400634-3RING 15.3g Leaf silver ring native stle$39.95
P35-400634-2RING 20.4g Silver mens ring with Card Diamonds spades clubs$39.95
P35-400634-1RING 9.8g Ring silver skull ring mens$34.95
P35-400607-1RING 2.7g Mother and daughter ring two hearts$12.95
P35-400606-1EARRINGS 3.2g Silver earrings w/ clear cz$9.95
P35-400549-1STERLING NECKLACE 129.8g Mens cuban lecklace w cz clear stones$269.95
P35-400533-110kt Elephant Pendant He is just so Cute! 1.0$49.95
P35-400474-4Invicta39496watch Black invicta watch has black rubber bands and stones all around$29.95
P35-400345-2NECKLACE 2.6g Black stones in double heart pendant on thin chain$14.95
P35-400345-1necklace pendant 2.4g Clear stones on double heart pendant on thin chain$14.95
P35-400344-6NECKLACE 3.2g Triangle cut pink pendatn w clear stones on box chain silver$15.95
P35-400344-5NECKLACE 4.1g Key necklace silver neck and pendant clear stones on pendant$19.95
P35-400344-4RING 3.1g Tripple heart ring in silver w chips on side$16.95
P35-400344-2RING 3g Heart stone red stone clear stones$14.95
P35-400344-110kt RING 2.9g 10k white gold ring pink heart stone side red and pink stones$124.95
P35-400305-2coin holder 3.7g silver coin holder for a necklace$9.95
P35-400305-1NECKLACE 31.1g silver rounded box link necklace$69.95
P35-400276-2RING 7.5g Silver ring with purple stone in center with bhg leaves on sides$24.95
P35-400161-310kt NECKLACE 5.4g gold necklace flat cuban thin lnk$229.95
P35-400161-210kt RING 2.8g Rose gold band with 7 10pt diamonds$359.95
P35-400161-110kt RING 3.6g 10kt ring 3.7g 10k rose gold with 40 pt diamond center of smaller diamond chips 03.7gms rose gold 10k nb4$699.95
P35-400067-2necklace/earring set 106.9g Squash blossom Turq, unsigned.$799.95
P35-399978-1RING 2.9g Silver ring with round czs$14.95
P35-399947-1Tiffany & CO65.3g TIFFANY & CO. Heart Lock & Key Chain Necklace Silver 925 Gold 750$299.95
P35-399908-1BulovaC8691433WRIST WATCH 96B221 BULOVA Stainless wrist watch w/ clear stones in og box$119.95
P35-399791-114kt NECKLACE 13.9g Gucci link necklace$739.95
P35-399763-3NECKLACE 1.7g Tear drop cz stone silver thin silver$12.95
P35-399761-214kt NECKLACE 2.4g Small thin necklace w heart pendant$119.95
P35-399761-114kt RING 1.9g Bee ring bee w CZ honey comb design$99.95
P35-399710-1Omega326. Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronograph In Wooden Box, 326. Co-Axial Chronometer Chronograph 40mm, Extra Links Included.$3999.95
P35-399705-1NECKLACE 37.6g Men’s figaro style chain necklace$79.95
P35-399695-114kt RING 4.3g 14k wg vera wang wedding ring 1-35pt round diamodn no cert w square halo and small saphire on side$749.95
P35-399627-1NECKLACE 6.9g Mariner silver necklace$14.95
P35-399616-1NECKLACE 35.1g Fig style silver neck lace tested$69.95
P35-399605-10110Kt Yellow Crusafix Pendnat two tone 5.4g$229.95
P35-399605-110kt NECKLACE 16.1 20” rope style chain$679.95
P35-399538-2GOLD BAR 2g 2g gold bar Texas Gold Reserve$139.95
P35-399513-1BRACLET 29.8g Silver wide cuban link bracelet$59.95
P35-399403-110kt NECKLACE 1g Figaro flat thin small light necklace$44.95
P35-399370-1Gucci3600MGucci 3600M Watch Mens black dial gucci watch stainless$199.95
P35-399331-114kt RING 16.9g Chatham Emerald Clusters in a big 1970’s ring$999.95
P35-399312-3Star Wars Silver Coin In black case rouge one silver 1 oz coin$129.95
P35-399305-4native Belt Est~ 540g Steling conchos w turq, singed w engraver hmn gt sterling$749.95
P35-399305-114kt PENDANT 20.6g Oil well with moon in top round pendnat$1199.95
P35-399297-114kt NECKLACE 20.4g 14k gold necklace square link 20.4g$1099.95
P35-399288-114kt NECKLACE 6.4g 6.4g 14k rope necklace,Long$329.95
P35-399262-214kt NECKLACE 16.3g Rosary in good condition$899.95
P35-399244-114kt RING 3.8g Thin band ring with small diamond chips$229.95
P35-399161-114kt NECKLACE 6g Thin rope necklace$319.95
P35-399142-114kt NECKLACE 32.1g Cuban link mens necklace Romani Hollow w CZs on Slasp$1659.95
P35-399127-114kt RING 8.2g Twisted ring with 35pt trillion diamond$649.95
P35-399110-114kt NECKLACE 7.3g Rope chain in good condition Long$379.95
P35-398856-102Canada 1986 Coin 1/10th oz gold$269.95
P35-398856-1011988 1/10th Canada Gold Coin$269.95
P35-398856-11982 Canada 1/10th OZ pure gold coin$269.95
P35-398703-314kt RING 5.3g Womens ring with orange color coral in the center oval shape, in good condition$269.95
P35-398680-114kt RING 2.6g Golden Bear Vail Ring Authentic$299.95
P35-398603-110kt RING 3.4 – 4 diamond cluster wedding band$219.95
P35-398333-110kt NECKLACE 12.2g Gold cuban necklace with clear stones on the clasp$499.95
P35-398100-114kt NECKLACE 7.9g Gold necklace rope style clean no damages tested$399.95
P35-398091-314kt RING 4.3g Yellow gold ring with saphire$229.95
P35-398091-210kt RING 3.3g White gold ring with yellow gold and saphire$149.95
P35-397935-1TIFFANY & Co. Sentimental heart Extra Mini 18K YG 1.8G Necklace Diamond$799.95
P35-397850-110kt RING 2g White gold ring with cluster of 1pt dia$99.95
P35-397817-114kt RING 13g 2.76ct Blue Green Hue Emerald Antique ring with gold jacket, white gold ring with emerald and diamonds on side$4999.95
P35-397816-214kt RING 5.4g 1-100 pt rd diamond in white gold wide band diamonds on side$2199.95
P35-397816-114kt RING 14g Mens wedding ring lashbrook whtie gold with small diamonds$749.95
P35-397811-110kt RING 4.2g 10k gold ring, with cluster of diamonds$249.95
P35-397807-2NECKLACE 10.4g Silver box chain necklace with oval pendant and saint on it$19.95
P35-397731-110kt NECKLACE 11.7g Figaro chain link necklace$499.95
P35-397618-110kt NECKLACE 2.1g 10k necklace with small diamonds on pendant$159.95
P35-397532-1NECKLACE 7.6g Small chain link necklace with heart shaped locket , in good condition$19.95
P35-397500-110kt RING 2.7g Opals in cnter to be flower in 10k gold$119.95
P35-397325-1NixonTHE IDOLwatch Nixon black watch, used, light scratchesbow down$39.95
P35-397295-114kt RING 13.7g Yellow gold mens band with 6 10pt sq channel set$999.95
P35-397222-1BRACLET 172.1g Silver thick huge cuban link braclet$349.95
P35-397208-1NECKLACE 185g Cuban thick heavy silver necklace$389.95
P35-397190-114kt PENDANT 2.1g Cross pendant$109.95
P35-397131-114kt RING 3.6g White gold ring w 20pt center diamonds tested nice$439.95
P35-397125-114kt RING 6.3g 1.05ct Cu Diamond GSI CERT Si2, I #17023401201$1999.95
P35-396774-3White Gold Necklace w Diamond Heart pendant 2.5 10kt$149.95
P35-396525-110kt RING 1.6g Gold ring with small diamond cluster$89.95
P35-396452-4Cross neckace 3.5g Silver cross w diamond chips and little gold jane seymore open heart s in center$29.95
P35-396269-2RING 1.3g Silver ring with mother of pearl$7.95
P35-396204-1FendiFENDIMANIAFendi Watch Mens 40mm Fendimania blue dial$429.95
P35-395856-110kt RING 1.8g Purple heart gold ring 10k$79.95
P35-395852-210kt RING 1.7g Line of diamonds whit gold$99.95
P35-395578-110kt PENDANT 0.7g Small gold budda pendant$34.95
P35-395418-102Necklace red and Turq beads w Sterling pendant indian Chief Head$59.95
P35-395418-1Neckalce w Triangle Silver Pendant w Turq red and brown beads$49.95
P35-395346-114kt RING 6.9g 5 chips on top mens band frushed finish$449.95
P35-395004-414kt wedding ring 7.7g Ladies ring w/ rnd 30 pt diamond in center$899.95
P35-394980-114kt RING 1.8g Red heart ring w 2 clear stones$99.95
P35-394937-1Tag Heuerwm1113Tag Heuer Professional 200 WM1113 Blue Dial 38mm$429.95
P35-394886-20414kt YG Small round Saint Pendant 0.9g$49.95
P35-394886-214kt Ring W Hearts cut out 1.0g$49.95
P35-394886-105Neckalce 10kt Yelllow Gold Tight Cuban 1.9$79.95
P35-394886-110k Twisted Hoop Earrings, 1.7$69.95
P35-394837-114kt NECKLACE 4.4g Thin gold Box Fish necklace 14k$224.95
P35-394820-114kt NECKLACE 6.2g Figarro necklace tres oros$339.95
P35-394808-114kt NECKLACE 5.3g 14k Mariner Chain very nice$269.95
P35-394705-1NECKLACE14K 4.1g White gold cross pendant w/ necklace$219.95
P35-394678-414kt RING 1.9g White gold ring with hearts , Diamonds in side$119.95
P35-394545-114kt RING 4.4g Diamonds aroudn a blue sapphire in yellow gold$329.95
P35-394484-110kt RING 3g Womens promise ring , with cluster of diamonds$149.95
P35-394450-110kt RING 1.7g White gold ring , with 3 purple square stones , in good condition$89.95
P35-394317-214kt baby ring 1.1g Small crown shaped ring gold 14k w CZ$69.95
P35-394317-114kt baby ring 1.1g Small crown shaped gold ring 14k w CZ’s$69.95
P35-394262-1Seiko7009-3334 Rwatch Steel seiko 5 Automatic White Dial Day Dte$79.95
P35-394039-1Luminox03000300-1gbq H-3 LX luminox mens watch in black box in good condition$199.95
P35-393876-1CitizenNAVI HAWKCitizen JY8030-83E Promaster Navihawk A-T Eco-Drive Stainless Mens Watch$249.95
P35-393802-114kt NECKLACE 3g White gold Pear Diamond Journey dangly$1299.95
P35-393656-1RING 1.5g Silver twisted ring with a butterfly$9.95
P35-393570-114kt RING 1.6g Gold ring twist pattern with diamond chips SHV$109.95
P35-393550-1NECKLACE 82.6g Silver beaded with red and turq has cross on it$59.95
P35-393486-114kt bracelet 25.3g 14kt braclet 25.3g heavy mens bezyntine bracelet, 25.3 025.3gms 14k gold bought here gave 70%$1299.95
P35-393382-1Rolex770802002 Ladies Rolex Oyster Perpetual Black Dial Watch – 77080$3799.95
P35-393354-614kt NECKLACE 22g Gold cuban necklace flat w laser cuts$1149.95
P35-393009-310kt EARRINGS 2.5g Rosegold 10k butterflies w WG backers$129.95
P35-392920-114kt ring 3.7g Whitegold 14k center is cluster of diamonds$274.95
P35-392863-314kt RING 3.1g 14kt ring with green stone$159.95
P35-392559-110kt RING 2.3g 10k ring with small diamond chips around band$169.95
P35-392485-110kt Ring 2g Rose gold heart shaped ring , with cluster of diamonds$129.95
P35-392483-114kt RING 2.7g White gold ring with two squares of diamonds$229.95
P35-392200-114kt RING 6.2g Ring with 45pt diamond in the center and swirl design$799.95
P35-392191-1RelicZR15863watch Leather band relic clean no scratches works$29.95
P35-391964-1FF M0101/Ssun glasses Fendi w case nonpolarized$69.95
P35-391932-314kt RING 5.7g St judas ring$299.95
P35-391695-501Small juda pendant 14k 1.3g$79.95
P35-391695-301Small Round gold Tres Oros Virgin Mary pendant 0.7g 14k$39.95
P35-391695-310kt pendants 0.8g 0.8g Small 10k oval pendant virgin mary$34.95
P35-391556-110kt BRACLET 1g Rope hollow rope bracelet good condition$44.95
P35-391547-101Yellow Gold Thin Rope Necklace Solid 14kt 4.0 Grms$219.95
P35-391540-110kt RING 2.7 g White gold ring with small diamond chips$149.95
P35-391483-110kt RING 1.5g GoldRing w BHG Leaves and Rose$64.95
P35-391427-1ArmitronVX9Jwatch Armitron watch in og box black box silver band max 20$39.95
P35-391340-314kt RING 2.3g White gold ring with pearl tahitian$119.95
P35-391156-1silver coin 2012 1oz Eagle in Silver Keychain Holder$59.95
P35-391066-114kt NECKLACE 7.3g Necklace fig long$379.95
P35-390857-114kt RING 4.4g White gold la virgen guadalupe ring$239.95
P35-390848-314kt RING 4.4g Heart ring with diamonds init baggets$329.95
P35-390848-114kt RING 14.2g Large oval opal in nugget style ring$1749.95
P35-390741-114kt RING 2g Blue saphire w flower leaves on one side w little diamodns$99.95
P35-390723-110kt PENDANT 0.6g Cross pendant$29.95
P35-390605-114kt RING 4.7g Gold ring with purple stone and tiny diamonds bought here$249.95
P35-390236-1Citizen5510-H15041 Ywatch Stainless w/dark grey face watch, minor scratches, Elegance$39.95
P35-390058-1RING 1.7g Womens silver ring with hearts on it$11.95
P35-389591-310kt BRACLET 1.8g Rose love bracelet Diamodn Chips$99.95
P35-389591-210kt NECKLACE 1.8g Rose love necklace Diamond Chips$99.95
P35-389469-214kt RING 9.7g 14k ring with triangle shaped alexandrite$649.95
P35-389188-114kt NECKLACE 8.6g 14k thin rope chain$449.95
P35-389065-114kt RING 2.1g White gold ring with pik stone$119.95
P35-389054-2Casiogma-s130vcwatch Purple gshock, Smaller ladies condition$49.95
P35-388848-214kt RING 2.1g White gold ring with light blue stone in the center diamond sides$119.95
P35-388839-1NixonNVMNwatch Gold nixo watch in good condition$29.95
P35-388482-1Bulova96B17596B175 Bulova Precisionist Chrono watch In og black case, bulova precisionist mens$219.95
P35-388452-214kt RING 11.1g Ring w/large purple squared stone in center$579.95
P35-387939-310kt RING 3.5g Gold ring with three elephants on it$139.95
P35-387939-210kt RING 2.5g Gold two tone gold ring with virgin mary on it$109.95
P35-387801-110kt RING 1.1g Thin small ring w/ heart in center$49.95
P35-387748-110kt NECKLACE 1.2g 10k necklace with turtle pendant$79.95
P35-387611-1HONORA Collection Barrel Ringed Pearl Earring bracelt neckalce SETpearl set Two pearl necklaces and a pair of pearl earrings in og boxes$99.95
P35-386958-114kt RING 4.2g Gold ring w/ pearl in center$219.95
P35-386850-114kt RING 8.7g Wg ring w/black diamond chips going around, ”neil lane” engraved inside$499.95
P35-386679-110kt RING 7.3g Mens gold 10k ring with 5-20pt diamonds in the center and 6-5pt diamonds on the side$899.95
P35-386254-210kt PENDANT 1.4g 10k virgin mary pendant has mini stones around$59.95
P35-385860-110kt RING 1.5g Gold ring with row of diamonds$99.95
P35-385811-110kt ring 3.4g 10k womens ring has green stone in center of smaller diam on sides bought here$139.95
P35-385125-314kt RING 3.8g Gold band w/ small rnd dia and blue spharies$229.95
P35-384906-2Movado16.739.147watch In og case,like new movado watch black with blakck leather band has tags nb4$299.95
P35-384866-1SwatchIRONY AG2008Stainless swatch irony ag2008 , rubber band stainless case$69.95
P35-384803-110kt RING 3.1g Blue stone rose gold w little diamonds$199.95
P35-384307-310kt Neckalce 3.2g Swirly white gold Cluster with diamonds$229.95
P35-383962-114kt GOLD BAND 1.2g White gold band, has little diamonds$149.95
P35-382830-1Silver Round Set 5 OZ .999 John Deere Tractors in Frams$399.95
P35-382828-410kt NECKLACE 1.9g Gold necklace Childs Tres oros$79.95
P35-382743-114kt RING 2.2g diamond cluster ring$249.95
P35-382515-11.10ct Si2 H Tolkowsky GSI 8506400204T$4199.95
P35-382311-110kt NECKLACE 1.5 Rose Gold Box Chain$64.95
P35-381447-110kt ring set 4.2g Ring set one diamond has 1 10pt diamond and another 5 small diamonds onthe sides, other ring has 2 small diamonds on each side$219.95
P35-381358-110kt RING 2.9g Inside a black box ring w/Garnet and 2 lines of very small diamonds on each side of saphire stone$119.95
P35-380816-114kt WG RING 2.6g Ring has 4 15pt clear diamonds$299.95
P35-380408-110kt RING 1.8g Gold ring with green stone in center$74.95
P35-379831-1Na HokuA9819Na Hoku Koa Wood Chrono Brown Dial Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch A9819 5040D$399.95
P35-379038-1NECKLACE 12.1g Silver figarro link necklace,$24.95
P35-377886-2NikonPRIMITIVENIXON nixon rolse gold primitive skateboaring edition$49.95
P35-376231-214kt RING 3.6g Gold ring with green stone and diamonds$179.95
P35-376185-114kt RING 2.9g Ladies ring w/ 1-20pt w/ 2 15pt$249.95
P35-373808-1NECKLACE 9.5g Silver cubin link necklace$29.95
P35-372459-1VictorinoxOFFICERS CLASSIC 241370Watch Victorinox swiss army officers classic automatic watch crystal has small knicks on edges, very scratched stainless steel works good$279.95
P35-371375-2RING 6.2g Silver men ring with diamond chips$39.95
P35-371054-1BreitlingB13050.1Breitling Chronomat B13050.1 & B61172 Pilots 2nd Chronometer Link, Two Tone In Orig Box$3499.95
P35-370891-114kt RING 9g Mens heavy gold ring w/ 8 5 pt diamonds at a angle$499.95
P35-370172-114kt RING 2g Small gold band with flower design all around$99.95
P35-369905-110kt RING 2.3g Ladies small gold ring w/ 3 diamond flowers in the center$119.95
P35-367544-114kt RING 4.1g Women’s ring w,12 diamonds on side of blue stone in center$299.95
P35-366313-214kt bracelet 3.4g Kids 14kt bracelet with little virgin mary$179.95
P35-366017-4SkagenSKT1103SMARTWATCH Skagen pt hybrid smart watch, black with gold rim and blue inside, some stains on band.$39.95
P35-363964-614kt Rope Necklace 62.2g Heavy rope necklace yellwo gold$3399.95
P35-362945-1watch Nixon men’s anthem reign supreme analog display silver chrome watch 43mm rare , good condition$89.95
P35-358410-1watch 30g Rose gold nixon watch, happy medium edition$39.95
P35-322857-1Bulova96B7596b75watch Silver mens bulova watch, scratches on face$49.95
P35-319929-1 girard-perregaux gyromatic 39 jewels, runs, one complications$399.95
P35-292286-1Radomens watch Brown leather strap rado yellow watch$299.95
P35-279606-1Bulovawatch Stainless steel bulova$89.95
P35-275030-1GucciNO MAKEwatch Watch, w black leather straps, pretty old, gold face, little messed up$99.95
P35-274683-1BulovaSPACEVIEW M6 ACCUTRONWRIST WATCH Clear dial, accutron bulova spaceview, don’t know if it works, stretch band$399.95
P35-274277-1MidoPOWERWINDwatch Mido powerwind watch$199.95
P35-265489-1SeikoSEIKOMATICVintage Watch Seikomatic with stretch band, old works fine some moderate wear$199.95
P35-254989-1Hamiltonwatch Gold colored watch, older, Hamilton Electric Vintage$499.95
N35-347187silver square link braclet 10.6g$19.95
N35-347186silver figgaro chain 3.0g$9.95
N35-347185silver anklet 3.5g$9.95
N35-347184silver square link chain 5.3g$11.95
N35-347183silver figgaro chain 5.4g$11.95
N35-347182silver braclet 5.6g$11.95
N35-347181silver truckers necklace 18.9g$39.95
N35-347180silver trucker link braclet 4.8g$9.95
N35-347179silver small mariner chain 2.4g$9.95
N35-347178silver link chain 8.6g$19.95
N35-347177silver cuban braclet 19.6g$39.95
N35-347176silver mariners braclet 5.4g$11.95
N35-347175silver loose chain with blue stone 6.1g$14.95
N35-347174silver figgaro chain 4.1g$9.95
N35-347173silver square link chain 3.9g$9.95
N35-347172silver figgaro chain 7.2g$14.95
N35-347171silver figgaro braclet 7.7g$14.95
N35-347170silver figgaro id braclet 51.5g$99.95
N35-347169silver figgaro chain 13.3g$29.95
N35-347168silver figgaro anklet 9.6g$19.95
N35-347166silver rope braclet 3.6g$9.95
N35-347165silver figgaro braclet 6.4g$12.95
N35-347164silver rope braclet 9.0g$19.95
N35-347163silver figgaro braclet 15.5g$29.95
N35-347162silver rope braclet 9.3g$19.95
N35-347161silver square link chain 11.8g$24.95
N35-347160silver cuban id braclet 38.4g$79.95
N35-347159silver thin link braclet 3.4g$9.95
N35-347158silver cuban braclet 5.8g$11.95
N35-347157silver mariner braclet 7.3g$14.95
N35-347156silver chain braclet 8g$17.95
N35-347155silver small cuban braclet 1.5g$7.95
N35-347154silver snakeskin braclet 20.1g$39.95
N35-347153silver figgaro braclet 9.8g$19.95
N35-347152silver rope necklace 20.1g$39.95
N35-347151silver braclet with fedex packages 10.8g$21.95
N35-347150silver cuban braclet 5.7g$11.95
N35-347149silver figgaro id braclet 22.4$44.95
N35-347148silver hotdog chain 2.7g$9.95
N35-347147silver mariner braclet 2.3g$9.95
N35-347145silver with figgaro chain 5.7g$11.95
N35-347144silver necklace with ups packages 24.9g$49.95
N35-347143silver rope chain 6.2g$14.95
N35-347142silver rope braclet 5.2g$9.95
N35-347141silver rope chain 6.2g$14.95
N35-347139silver wheat braclet 8.1g$19.95
N35-347138silver mariner link chain 8.5g$19.95
N35-347137silver square link chain 8.4g$19.95
N35-347136silver figgaro braclet 9.5g$19.95
N35-347135silver mariner braclet 4.1g$9.95
N35-347134silver figgaro chain 6.6g$13.95
N35-347133silver german braclet 11.4g$24.95
N35-347132silver collored link chain 34.4g$69.95
N35-347131silver mariners link 7.9g$19.95
N35-347130silver rope chain 6.8g$14.95
N35-347129silver tush bead chain 7.7g$14.95
N35-347128silver figgaro chain 5.7g$11.95
N35-347127silver figgaro chain 5.7g$11.95
N35-347126silver figgaro chain 6.6g$14.95
N35-347125silver rope necklace 7.1g$14.95
N35-347124silver cuban link 10.1g$19.95
N35-347123silver figgaro chain 12.6g$24.95
N35-347122silver figgaro chain 9.3g$19.95
N35-347121silver rope chain 14.1g$29.95
N35-347120silver rope chain 4.8g$9.95
N35-347119silver truckers chain 6.0g$13.95
N35-347118silver figgaro chain 3.1g$9.95
N35-347117silver rope chain 13.9g$29.95
N35-347116silver figgaro braclet 19.6g$39.95
N35-347115silver mariners link 10.3g$19.95
N35-347114silver cuban braclet 5.3g$9.95
N35-347113silver rope chain 15.8g$29.95
N35-347112silver alien link 9.3g$19.95
N35-347111silver rope chain 9.5g$19.95
N35-347110silver cuban chain 16.6g$34.95
N35-347104silver snakeskin link chain 9.6g$19.95
N35-347102silver cuban small braclet 3.6g$9.95
N35-347100silver square link chain 4.4g$9.95
N35-347098silver mariner link necklace 11.3g$24.95
N35-347096silver infinity necklace 9.0g$19.95
N35-347094silver cuff link necklace 28.5$59.95
N35-347091silver rosary 13.6g$34.95
N35-347087silver square link necklace 3.9g$9.95
N35-347085silver small cuban braclet 2.9g$9.95
N35-347082silver rope nacklace 12.3g$24.95
N35-347081silver small bead necklace 5.6g$11.95
N35-347078silver rope chain 5.1g$9.95
N35-347075silver small chain 6.3g$14.95
N35-347074silver rope necklace 35.3g$69.95
N35-347072silver figarro id braclet 15.3g$29.95
N35-347069silver wheat braclet 11.8g$24.95
N35-347067silver tushy bead braclet 8.4g$19.95
N35-347066silver small popcorn necklace 10.7g$22.95
N35-347065silver loose link necklace 39.6g$79.95
N35-347064silver braclet popcorn 7.0g$14.95
N35-347063Silver ring mens plain band 4.0g$13.95
N35-347062Silver ring with red stone 3.0g$10.95
N35-347061Silver ring with pink stones 6.7g$13.95
N35-347060Silver ring native with black stone 1.2g$10.95
N35-347059Silver ring with red stone 1.8g$10.95
N35-347058Silver ring heart 4.3g$12.95
N35-347057Silver ring native brown stone 3.7g$13.95
N35-347056Silver ring with plain band 2.1g$10.95
N35-347055Silver ring with black stone 2.7g$10.95
N35-347054Silver ring with interchangable stone 10.1g$24.95
N35-347053Silver ring with square cz 6.5g$14.95
N35-347045Silver ring with mop 2.8g$10.95
N35-347044Silver ring with single cz 2.1g$11.95
N35-347043Silver ring with 5 blue tears native 3.1g$13.95
N35-347042Silver ring with blue stone 2.4g$11.95
N35-347041Silver ring plain band 4.6g$14.95
N35-347038Silver ring with red and black stone 6.5g$13.95
N35-347037Silver ring native with turquoise 3.2g$14.95
N35-347036Silver ring with small red stones 0.9g$7.95
N35-347035Silver ring native with blue stone 1.4g$11.95
N35-347034Silver ring holding hands 2.1g$9.95
N35-347033Silver ring crown ring 3g$10.95
N35-347032Silver ring gold plated belt buckle 5.7g$13.95
N35-347031Silver ring with dutch bros stone 6.6g$17.95
N35-347030Silver ring cz band 2.3g$10.95
N35-347029Silver ring tear drops, missing couple stones 2.3g$9.95
N35-347028Silver ring custom ordinate 3.9g$11.95
N35-347027Silver ring mens spinner 4.3g$19.95
N35-347026Silver ring with raw green stone 13.5g$29.95
N35-347025Silver ring native with green stone 1.1g$9.95
N35-347024Silver ring small plain band 3.3g$9.95
N35-347023Silver ring with cz’s around band 2.9g$10.95
N35-347022Silver ring native black onyx 2.3g$11.95
N35-347021Silver ring mens black onyx 8.4g$29.95
N35-347020Silver ring double tigers eyes 4.6g$13.95
N35-347019Silver ring with large clear stone 7.9g$15.95
N35-347018Silver ring mens serpent guarding egg 8.4g$29.95
N35-347017Silver ring blue and yellow ordinate 7.5g$19.95
N35-347016Mens Silver ring with black square 10.6g$29.95
N35-347015Silver ring rocket ship with green stone 9.0g$19.95
N35-347014Silver ring wih large purple stone 8.1g$16.95
N35-347013Silver ring with turquoise and yellow stone 14.9g$29.95
N35-347012Silver ring with black and green stone 17.1g$29.95
N35-346971Silver Ring three light blue stones 3.7$14.95
N35-346970Silver Ring mq cz bezel set 5.7$14.95
N35-346967Silver Ring lots of small blue stones 3.8$13.95
N35-346966Silver Ring MQ CZ w line over it 3.0$13.95
N35-346965Silver Ring ribbon Cross 2.7$12.95
N35-346964Silver Ring square blue soliatire 5.2$13.95
N35-346963Silver Ring Dome of CZ on Chain Ring 5.5$14.95
N35-346962Silver Ring large pear CZ 2.7$13.95
N35-346961Silver Ring lacy s links 4.4$12.95
N35-346960Silver Ring dark blue oval 2.3$12.95
N35-346959Silver Ring Green Heart in Celtic Knot 2.6$11.95
N35-346958Silver Ring Purple oval stone large 5.5$17.95
N35-346957Solitaire CZ Silver Ring 3.2$13.95
N35-346956Silver Ring Wide band w Small round purple stone 3.4$12.95
N35-346955Silver Ring Round CZ Held at side 2.5$12.95
N35-346954Silver Ring Unconnected arow 1.1$7.95
N35-346953Silver Ring small ring w mushroom on it 2.7$9.95
N35-346952Silver Ring small w opal turtle$11.95
N35-346951Silver Ring Small ring w Single CZ in center 1.8$11.95
N35-346950Silver Ring two smooth red stones 7.4$14.95
N35-346949Silver Ring large mes w Celtic Cross 19.6$44.95
N35-346947Silver Ring band w dots onit like a golf ball 5.1$14.95
N35-346946Silver Ring Frog w Geen stones Sweet 5.4g$14.95
N35-346945Silver Ring Giant Blue rose carved 12.1$24.95
N35-346944Silver Ring Celtic Braid Claddah 4.0$11.95
N35-3466931909-D Indian $5 Gold Coin Cleaned$799.95
N35-3466921880-P $10 Gold Liberty US Gold Coin$1299.95
N35-3466911908 – St Gaudens Double Eagle No Moto $0 Gold$2349.95
N35-3466901900-P Liberty Head $20 Gold Coin US$2349.95
N35-34668914K YG Rope Neckalce Solid Lng Heavy 29.2g$1499.95
N35-345972Silver Ring with big red stone 6.9g$16.95
N35-345970Silver Ring mens band 6.0g$29.95
N35-345969Silver Ring with very large blue stone 8.3g$19.95
N35-345963Silver Ring mens creepy spider 5.2g$29.95
N35-345950Silver Ring native with blue stone 2.3g$14.95
N35-345948Silver Ring with lapis 5.8g$19.95
N35-345938Silver Ring crown with pink stones 2.5g$11.95
N35-345937Silver Ring with heart crown 2.0g$10.95
N35-345936Silver Ring with grim reaper 6.9g$17.95
N35-345935Silver Ring with moon sword and saint 5.3g$17.95
N35-345934Silver Ring with silver flower 2.9g$11.95
N35-34572550 Pesos Centenario 1947 Gold Coin$2849.95
N35-3455951900-S Liberty Head $20 Gold Coin US Double eagle$2349.95
N35-3453181906-S Liberty Head Gold Coin $20 US$2449.95
N35-3453171903-S Liberty Head $20 Gold Coin$2399.95
N35-345009Silver ring native with coral 2.1g$14.95
N35-345002Silver ring with big red stone 20.1g$39.95
N35-344995Silver ring native with coral 1.2g$9.95
N35-344986Silver ring tiara style with cz’s 3.3g$12.95
N35-344985Silver ring blowing tree 2.1g$10.95
N35-344981Silver ring native with turquoise round stone 7.6g$21.95
N35-344973Silver ring with blue lapis stone 12.8g$24.95
N35-344972Silver ring with square cz 2.2g$11.95
N35-344967ring master ctr ring, latter day saints ring 2.2g$14.95
N35-344966Silver ring with blue marble stone 9.6g$19.95
N35-344960Silver ring with turquoise stones 4.7g$19.95
N35-344952Silver ring native with turquoise 4.0g$19.95
N35-344951Silver ring with crowd cut stone 5.1g$15.95
N35-344944Silver ring with bundle of sticks 7.9g$15.95
N35-344936Silver ring with square blue stone 2.5g$9.95
N35-344935Silver ring native turquoise ring 5.1g$24.95
N35-344932Silver ring mens with peace sign 4.5g$19.95
N35-344931Silver ring plain womens band 1.8g$9.95
N35-344930Silver ring with big moonstone 6.3g$16.95
N35-344926Silver ring with red stone 6.4g$17.95
N35-344925Silver ring native with rectangle turquoise 9.7g$24.95
N35-344923Silver ring with spining symbols 7.3g$16.95
N35-344922Silver ring with templar cross 9.2g$19.95
N35-344921Silver ring with mothers heart multi stone 2.0g$12.95
N35-344769Light thin Figgaro Silver Chain 4.7$9.95
N35-344527Bulova98B282Bulova Marine Star Stainless Chronograph 98B282$149.95
N35-344028Dos Pesos Mexico 2 Peso Gold Coin .0482 AGW$129.95
N35-3440272.5 Pesos .0603 AGW 1945 Gold Coin 90%$159.95
N35-343672Giatn Silpada Resale Lot 297.7grams$599.95
N35-343667Bracelet Ta Begay Cuff Navajo Sterling Silver 12K GF Storyteller Native 17.3$99.95
N35-343665Shark Tooth Earrings 15.9 Sterling$39.95
N35-343663Amazonite Silver Ring David Andersen norway 16.9$74.95
N35-343662Judith Ripka Sterling & Gold Plate CZ Fleur De Lis Necklace 59.2g$199.95
N35-343661James Avery Bracelelt W Circle Arrow Clasp 10.1$99.95
N35-343660dovregubben Pin N.M. 830S Silver Brooch 23.4$79.95
N35-343658James Avery Singles Lot Mismatched 22.5$179.95
N35-343657Sterling Ippolita Bangle Bracelet w CZ 8.1g$149.95
N35-343656John Hardy Stelring Butterfly Bangle Bracelet 21.8$299.95
N35-343655Sandcast sterling Squash Blossom Sytle Neckalce 58.2 Handmade$379.95
N35-343652K415085 Asian Woman No Back Unsigned 12.0 Henryk Winograd HW999 Repouse Silver Cameo$79.95
N35-343651Henryk Winograd HW999 Repouse Silver Cameo AISAN WOMAN 31.2$189.95
N35-343650Henryk Winograd HW999 Repouse Silver Cameo 27.5 woman$174.95
N35-343649Henryk Winograd HW999 Repouse Silver Cameo Woman w Thistle 28.9$174.95
N35-343648Henryk Winograd HW999 Repouse Silver Cameo 3 red 26.4$179.95
N35-343644Sterling Elle 30.8g Necklace lots of hoops$89.95
N35-343643950 MB taxco sterling necklaceFlowers 46.2$149.95
N35-343642DRS Sterling Lizard Earrings 3.8g$59.95
N35-343637Vintge C&C Mens Ring Squared w X Design 9.8$29.95
N35-343636Vintge C&C Mens Sq Ring w Wheat or Foxtail Pattern 8.3g$29.95
N35-343634C&C Vintage Square mens Ring Hammered 7.5g$29.95
N35-343632DAVID ANDERSEN 925 SILVER ENAMEL PANSY FLOWER Norway Ring 8.0g$139.95
N35-343630 10.9g HG Hagit Gorali Israel sterling Silver 925 Blue Glass RING$59.95
N35-343629Kelly Herd Sterling Ring Belt Buckle 8.6g$19.95
N35-343627Wraparound Ring David Andersen Norway Sterling Silver Enamel Brown sz 7 14.2$59.95
N35-343626Sterling Choaker w Turq 38.5g Signed Picto on back$119.95
N35-343624Strling Watch Cuff 53.1g CNP Signed Turq with mechanical Watch Running held by wire.$149.95
N35-342611Silver ring wavy cz band 1.1g$11.95
N35-342597Silver ring native with small turquoise 2.0g$24.95
N35-342579Silver ring with large black mirror stone 7.8g$17.95
N35-342575Silver ring vintage with multicolor stone 2.6g$19.95
N35-341789Silver ring with elongated turquoise 5.9g$19.95
N35-341776Silver ring mens band 7.4g$27.95
N35-341763Silver ring native with cheetah print 8.7g$19.95
N35-341761Silver ring with 3 cz’s 5.7g$14.95
N35-3415842 OZ Silver Bullet .308 Size .999 Silver$79.95
N35-3415831 OZ Silver Bullet .45 Size .999 Silver Bullet$39.95
N35-341582Silver Bullet Set 7pc, 44.25 OZ Total Complete Set, 999 Silver Set$1799.95
N35-341315Thin Semi hollow 14kt Chain Cuban 4.0$219.95
N35-34131314kt Yellow Figgrao Chain Diamond Cut long 10.1g$549.95
N35-341279Huge 10kt Yellow Gold Chain 170.7 grams 24”$6999.95
N35-341193Sterling Black 21.0g figgaro ID Bracelet$39.95
N35-341192Sterling Necklace cuban chain 25.6$49.95
N35-341191Sterling Necklace heavy mens figgaro 62.5$119.95
N35-341184Sterling Necklace Shorter Rope Chain 21.1$39.95
N35-341183Sterling Necklace Big Hevy Wheat Chain 77.1$139.95
N35-341182Sterling Necklace Short Mariner chain 10.0g$19.95
N35-341178Sterling Heavy ID Bracelet Hidden Clasp 80.4g$159.95
N35-341175Sterling Necklace Medium Figgaro 22.8$49.95
N35-341172Sterling Necklace Beaded Necklace 56.8$109.95
N35-341171Giant Beaded Bezyting style Sterling Necklace 162.7$259.95
N35-341170Sterling Necklace Short Roudned Bezyntine 26.6$49.95
N35-341168Short rounded figgaro 7.6 Sterling Necklace$19.95
N35-341166Nice figgaro Sterling Necklace 8.3$19.95
N35-341158Sterling Necklace tight wheat chain 4.3$9.95
N35-341157Sterling Necklace Super long flat burst necklace 18.6$39.95
N35-341154Sterling Necklace medium figgaro chain 8.4$19.95
N35-341145Sterling Necklace flat links 4.5$14.95
N35-341138Sterling Dot Necklace Long 7.4$14.95
N35-341133Sterling Flat Wheat Bracelet two strnads 66.5$119.95
N35-34105610kt Yellow Gold Solid Flat Cuban 22.2grams 20”$949.95
N35-34063010k White Gold Cuban Bracelet, Heavy Gold Bracelet 27.5$1149.95
N35-34062910kt White Gold Heavy Cuban Chain, Tight Links 83.1g$3399.95
N35-340627Heavy Yellow Gold Cuban Chain Tight Links 43.7g$2259.95
N35-340502Small Eagle Pendant 14kt Yellow Gold 0.7g$39.95
N35-340501Eagle Pendnat 14k YG Cut out laser cut 1.4$74.95
N35-340497Gold Chain Long Solid Rope 14k Yellow 43.0grams$2249.95
N35-340197Rope Chain, Semi Hollow 5.6g$239.95
N35-340194Texas Pendant 2.5g 14kt w Diamonds$199.95
N35-34001510kt Cuban Chain Semi Hollow 59.4grams$2449.95
N35-340012G.Ginkin? Cant Read Native Signed Cuff 44.9$199.95
N35-340009RCC Rich Curley Navaho Ring Red Coral 5.9g$59.95
N35-340008MP Signed Cow Skull 8.9g Turq Sterling Ring$79.95
N35-340007Arnold Yazzie Y Mutli tone inlay pendant 8.5g$89.95
N35-340003Gabby Jurado Sterlign Ring Feather and Turq 5.6$59.95
N35-340002Cuff w White stone signed JH 18.8$39.95
N35-339999Small Native Cuff w White stone like tiara 8.4$29.95
N35-339998Silvermine MFG Stering Cuff w Gold Squigles and Glass Stone 50.4$99.95
N35-339997Unsigned Large Green Malachite Native Cuff 59.4$179.95
N35-339996Purple Stone Ring Native Square 16.8$39.95
N35-339994G Arrow 41.7g Sterling Turq Cuff Bracelet$199.95
N35-339992DR, YTH Signed Turq Ring 19.7 Sterling$79.95
N35-339991Sterling Cuff Shadow Box 33.3 Sterling$79.95
N35-339990Handmade Unsigned native Cuff w 5 Turq 44.5$199.95
N35-339989Cuff W Baby and dolls 27.5$69.95
N35-339988CR Signed Turq inlay Cuff Bracelet 47.9$599.95
N35-339981DJL Signed Tuq Cuff 77.3g sterling$399.95
N35-339980SO Signed Cuff Turq, 34.8$149.95
N35-339979Mike Platero Sterling Cuff Black Onyx 34.9$119.95
N35-339977Tom Hawk Sterling Cuff 36.4g$179.95
N35-339976204.3g PTG Phillip Guerro Signed Amethyst and Turq Bracelet Cuff$799.95
N35-339975Gabby Jurado Spiny Oyster Shell with Green Turq Sides 110.7g$529.95
N35-339610Mexico Dos Peso Gold Coin .0482 AGW$139.95
N35-339609Cinco Peso Gold Mexico Coin .012 AGW$299.95
N35-339484Silver necklace fishhook chain 66.8g$139.95
N35-339483Silver necklace popcorn chain 14g$39.95
N35-339482Silver necklace mini oval ufo link chain 83.9g$179.95
N35-339481Silver necklace oval ufo link chain 124.9$249.95
N35-339480Silver necklace fire twist link chain 99g$199.95
N35-339477Silver necklace split link chain 284.9g$549.95
N35-339475Silver necklace with mini skulls 18.5g$49.95
N35-339474Silver necklace flame link chain 183.4g$379.95
N35-339472Silver necklace lantern light link chain 47.3g$99.95
N35-339245silver native bead necklace 76.3g$149.95
N35-339243silver square pendant 12.3g$29.95
N35-339233silver native pendant 29.6g$79.95
N35-339232silver aztec pendant 14.3g$34.95
N35-339223silver medallion with copper and brass 40.2g$99.95
N35-339222silver braclet native with turquoise 52.3g$149.95
N35-339217Silver ring with yellow and brown inlay 5.4g$18.95
N35-339206Silver ring set with diamonds 4.9g$54.95
N35-339200Silver ring geometric with purple stone 3.8g$17.95
N35-338873David Yurman Vintage 18k + Sterling Link Neckalce, Large Long 88.9g$899.95
N35-338750Silver Ring opal and silver moon 2.3g$27.95
N35-338737Silver Ring with cz butterfly 2.8g$15.95
N35-338688Silver Ring with small diamond cluster 2.9g$29.95
N35-338678Silver Ring with square clear stone 8.6g$19.95
N35-338662Rado9019LRado Jubilee Ladies Tungsten and Blue Ceramic Watch 9019L$259.95
N35-338024silver necklace with green square 2.6g$14.95
N35-338018silver necklace with green stone 3.6g$16.95
N35-338006silver necklace with cz heart 3.8g$15.95
N35-338004silver necklace mom and baby 4.0g$16.95
N35-337972silver necklace with small cz cross 3.6g$14.95
N35-337965silver necklace with saint pendant 8.3g$24.95
N35-337958silver necklace with single pearl 2.1g$11.95
N35-337955silver necklace with tinkerbell 1.8g$19.95
N35-337952silver necklace with large pink stone 19.4g$39.95
N35-337945silver necklace with large black glass stone 24.7g$44.95
N35-337944silver necklace with circle pendant 7.2g$15.95
N35-337941silver necklace embroidered design, green stone, 10.3g$22.95
N35-337210Nice Long thin Fuggao 9.2g 14 kt$499.95
N35-337207Thin Shorter Figgao Yellow Chain 4.1g$219.95
N35-337205Neckalce Flat Mariner Diamond Cut star burst 17.8g$899.95
N35-337111Silver Ring judas ring 2.8g$15.95
N35-337086Silver Ring with 7 intertwined bands 11.7g$24.95
N35-337053Silver Ring with black amber stone 4.5g$15.95
N35-337044Silver Ring with 3 intertwined bands 2.2g$12.95
N35-336772Silver Ring turq pear stone 4.7$14.95
N35-336768Silver Ring Purple face on Opending Box 13.6$29.95
N35-336759Silver Ring mens nugget ring 5.6$29.95
N35-336758Silver Ring CZ Heart 2.6$12.95
N35-3355912023 Bear Canda 9999 Pure Gold 1/10th OZ$269.95
N35-3355902018 Five Canda 9999 Pure Gold 1/10th OZ$269.95
N35-3355891982 Five Canda 9999 Pure Gold 1/10th OZ$269.95
N35-3355881988 Five Canda 9999 Pure Gold 1/10th OZ$269.95
N35-3355841999 Five Canda 9999 Pure Gold 1/10th OZ$269.95
N35-3355781999 Five Canda 9999 Pure Gold 1/10th OZ$269.95
N35-3355751990 Five Canda 9999 Pure Gold 1/10th OZ$269.95
N35-335046Silver Ring thin plain band 1.6$9.95
N35-335034Silver Ring mens pruple oval inset 15.3$39.95
N35-335023Silver Ring Twist w CZ on one line 2.2$12.95
N35-335019Silver Ring Pink Coral w Leaves holding it on 6.9$14.95
N35-334735Silver Necklace heart with purple stone 1.9g$15.95
N35-334734Silver Necklace heart with purple stone 2.0g$15.95
N35-334728Silver Necklace crown with purple stone 2.6g$14.95
N35-334489Silver Ring band with small cz’s 1.7g$9.95
N35-334458Silver Ring infinity with cz’s 3.5g$13.95
N35-332952Silver Ring square band ring 6.0$12.95
N35-331844Silver Necklace cuban chian 17.4$39.95
N35-331816Silver Necklace Smaller Figgaro 16.6$34.95
N35-330555Silver Ring w Two rings on it 5.4$14.95
N35-330553Silver Mens Ring Giatn Tribal Flams 32.6$69.95
N35-330552Silver Mens Ring V Twin Motor 50.7$119.95
N35-330550Silver Mens Ring Skull and Crossbones w Helmet on 19.8$49.95
N35-330548Silver Mens Ring Bird Claw Band 8.8g$29.95
N35-330539Silver Mens Ring Cross w Worms or Fingers 26.5$49.95
N35-330532Silver Dog Tag Pendant w Skull On it Sterling 70.3$139.95
N35-330531Silver Mens Ring band w Alien Skulls around it 13.4$34.95
N35-330530Silver Mens Ring Huge Skull on Ring 32.8$64.95
N35-330523Silver Mens Ring Tribal design geometric 14.3$34.95
N35-330520Silver Mens Ring Tribal Designs on Band 17.7$39.95
N35-330516Silver Mens Ring Skull Held by Dragon Claws 24.2$54.95
N35-33029010KT Gold Ring Simple Oval Tanz, 2.1$84.95
N35-33028910KT Gold Ring Row of RAINBOW Bags 3.4$139.95
N35-33028710KT Gold Ring Blue Green Trillion stone 4.6$184.95
N35-33028610KT Gold Ring Oval Green w Green stones flower design 3.2$129.95
N35-33028410KT Gold Ring lines of Pink Blue gren stones 5.2$209.95
N35-33028210KT Gold Ring Purple diamond shaped stone 2.5$99.95
N35-33028110KT Gold Ring Black MQ w Little diamonds 2.4$99.95
N35-33027810KT Gold Ring Lines or Purple and litght blue stones 2.4g$94.95
N35-329724Gold Chian Gucci Puff Necklace 14Kt Nice Long 37.6g$1899.95
N35-329532ITC Kokopelli Sandcast Sterling Pendant Signed 9.8$99.95
N35-329527Judith Ripka 8.7g Ring$69.95
N35-329522Karen Mcklintock 43.4g Necklace Designer$99.95
N35-329519D.Chavez w Yellowhorse Native Stelring Pendant 28.8g$199.95
N35-329499Shadow Inlay Cuff Bracelet Frog Signed Mark 17.9$89.95
N35-329498sterling tahe bracelet bangle 35.3$119.95
N35-329497Randy R.H. Boyd Pendnat Cross w Turq, 34.8$199.95
N35-328756Blank ID Bracelet Gold 10kt Figgaro 4.1$169.95
N35-32844114Kt YG Rope Chain Strange Clasp 10.0g 14kt$499.95
N35-328440LONG Rope Chain 22.6 14Kt Rope$1129.95
N35-32843459.0g 14kt YG Figgao Chian 59.0g$2949.95
N35-327998Sterling Necklace CZ Cross Bracelet 4.4$14.95
N35-327985Sterling 3.6 Beaded Bracelet w cross$14.95
N35-327977Sterling Necklace green tone cross 2.5$13.95
N35-327968Sterling Necklace Dragonfly 3.4$13.95
N35-327446Silver Tight Cuban Bracelet 5.7$14.95
N35-327441Silver Cuban Bracelet diamond cut 9.7$19.95
N35-327429Silver Necklace Cuban Bracelet 8.6$19.95
N35-327255Silver Ring dainty ring w cz in heart shape 0.9$9.95
N35-327228Silver Ring Goldstone inlay mens 7.0g$24.95
N35-327195Silver Ring Heavy Cross Hatch Band 10.0$24.95
N35-326143Pendant Aztec 18.9 Pin and pendant$34.95
N35-326098Sterling Light Green stones in pendant 32.6$49.95
N35-326063Sterling cuff w Rotating marbels pink 26.9$44.95
N35-326055Sterling Rosary Gold plated Silver 7.1$19.95
N35-326051Sterling necklace 10.5g w Line of SQ Dangle pendants$24.95
N35-326047Sterling Pendant Some Winged Greek fighting somoene 7.5$14.95
N35-3249875 Light Blue MQ in YG Ring 10Kt 2.4g$94.95
N35-32498610kt YG Ring Rows of Red Ruby stnoes3.9$159.95
N35-32498014KT YG Ring Row of 5 Blue stones 1.9$94.95
N35-324976Small Blue MQ w Diamond Halo in YG 10kt 2.7$119.95
N35-32497510kt YG Ring Blue round stone 6 small diamonds, 2.6$109.95
N35-324971Two Pearls w Leaves Yellow godl Romany 10kt Rng 3.8$149.95
N35-32496510kt YG Pruple MQ 2.2$89.95
N35-32495910kt Ring Bright Pink Round CZ 4.3g Chips on side,$179.95
N35-32495014Kt YG Large Blue oval w Chips around it ring 5.5$274.95
N35-324934val Blue Stone in Yellow Gold Solitaire 14k 3.2g$159.95
N35-324933YG Ring 10kt Two MQ Opals 3.2g$129.95
N35-32492910Kt YG Ring Cluster of blue oval stones 2.6$109.95
N35-32492610K YG Ring Line of small red stoones 1.6$69.95
N35-32492410kt YG Ring Giant Orange Stone w Elephants on side 6.2$249.95
N35-324923Gold Ring 10kt Round Dark Purple/Blue Stone green halo 5.6$219.95
N35-32307110k White Gold Ring w Light Green Oval Stone 3.3g$134.95
N35-322464Silver Ring Small Blue lapis 2.3$9.95
N35-322429Silver Ring CZ eternity SQ MQ 2.6$12.95
N35-32229310kt YG Ring Sq Purple held at ends, 2.7$109.95
N35-3222833 Light Purple stones 14k YG small dimaonds on side, 2.2$119.95
N35-322278Small Green stone in Weave Flower Yellow Gold 14k 3.0$149.95
N35-32227614Kt YG Ring w Pearl and CZ 2.1g$104.95
N35-321612Silver Necklace Cross helt at each end 1.6$11.95
N35-321602Silver Necklace Small thin Cross 2.7$11.95
N35-320763Silver Ring mens triangular ring 10.8$29.95
N35-320148Silver Ring Trianglular MOP inlaid 10.4$17.95
N35-31978310K YG Ring 3 blue stones 2.3 sides tear shaped$94.95
N35-31977110K YG Ring Halo of Small Red Ruby around Diamon 3.6$149.95
N35-31977010K YG Ring Light Blue trillion 3.0$119.95
N35-31976510K YG Ring Baby Ring w BHG Leaves 1.4$54.95
N35-31976210K YG Ring Light Blue MQ W Diamonds on side 3.8$149.95
N35-319363Silver Ring Mens Square Band, 11.9g$29.95
N35-317360SILPADA Divided Cuff Ring R3554 Sterling Sterling & Brass 7.9$49.95
N35-317358Sterling B Couture Hive Necklace 9.5g$39.95
N35-317353Sterling Pendnat Signed LTB Green TURQ, Native 10.2$49.95
N35-317340SILPADA R3059 Sterling Silver CZ TIARA Ring 9.9g$69.95
N35-317333karen mcclintock Necklae Pinecones, etc. 87.8$149.95
N35-317329Large Cuff Bracelet Sterling Nepal PTC 84.2 Pink Quartz$199.95
N35-317322ANTON MICHELSEN Cuff Bracelet AM RCPLD Denmark Modernist 48.4g$199.95
N35-317037Rand Refinery 1 OZ Gold Bar 999$2199.95
N35-3153801 OZ Gold Bar Valcambi AB184473$2199.95
N35-3151111 OZ Credit Suisse Gold Bar 999.9 NO CC a129554$2299.95
N35-3151101 OZ Credit Suisse Gold Bar 999.9 NO CC A129550$2299.95
N35-3151091 OZ Credit Suisse Gold Bar 999.9 NO CC 876243$2299.95
N35-31398210K Gold Ring Row of 6 light blue MQ Stones 2.3$94.95
N35-310434Thin 14k YG Ring w Two small diamonds 1.1$59.95
N35-307628sterling gabriel co s103005 Blue Eye Ring 3.6$79.95
N35-307623Sterling Silver Demi Parure, Bracelet 13.6$49.95
N35-307598Ladies Native Watch Running Bear Sterlingw Black Stones$39.95
N35-30651114k YG Ring w Pink oval sone 2.9$149.95
N35-304933SunshineSunshine Jewelry Polishing Cloth 1pc$7.95
N35-302859EBAY AUCTION Antique Sterling Pressed Pin / Brooch War scene? 11.4$99.95
N35-300410Wholesale Silver Resale lot 545.1g$599.95
N35-300408Silver Wholesale Lot, Shine & Sell Exact Lot 538.3G$599.95
N35-29734014kt YG Ring w Yellw Stone and 4 small diamonds 67 samped inside, 4.6g$249.95
N35-297333Rose Gold Claddah Gren Stone 14k 2.3$114.95
N35-292460Omega Semaster Deville Gold Fill Leather Band engraved on back$499.95
N35-291417Bulova96B220Bulova 96B220 Blue Dial, Stainless Watch, Great Conditon Nice$119.95
N35-289338luxenter pendant 11.7g black stone neckalce$49.95
B35-402302-114kt RING 4g Virgen mary ring gold$199.95
B35-402284-201Silver Ring inlaid Blue opal like stones 3.4$13.95
B35-402284-2Silver Ring w Clear MQ CZ 2.5g$14.95
B35-402284-1Mens Tungsten Ring Black tungsten ring$19.95
B35-402282-114kt BRACLET 42.3g Heavy mens figgaro bracelet$2199.95
B35-402257-1Chad Bottle Cap Silver Coin- Usa flag – S500F NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO 6472843-004$79.95
B35-402247-3BRACLET 15.1g Silver braclet with purple stones on it$29.95
B35-402247-2RING 4.1g Silver ring with a row of 4 clear stones$12.95
B35-402247-1ring 3.2g Silver 3 heart ring w ddiamond chips$15.95
B35-402205-410kt PENDANT 0.8g Virgen mary circular pendent$44.95
B35-402205-310kt PENDANT 0.8g Small oval gold mary pendent$39.95
B35-402205-210kt PENDANT 0.9g Small round mary pendent 10k$44.95
B35-402205-1None10kt PENDANT 1.1g Gold 10k virgan mary flower shaped$44.95
B35-402190-214kt RING 7.5g Ladies wedding ring set w/ 40 pt diamond in center$799.95
B35-402185-110kt EARRINGS 7g 10k gold hoop earrings with bhg leaves$239.95
B35-402178-1RING 7.9g Silver mens ring with black stone and Godl Duck BHG$89.95
B35-402132-1PENDANT Elephant shaped bone pendant$19.95
B35-402126-514kt BRACLET 2.1g Box link bracelet$109.95
B35-402091-110kt bracelet 4.9g Id bracelet with cuban link small for children marked 14kt$249.95
B35-402045-110kt RING 2.1g Black hills gold womens ring with leaves on the front$89.95
B35-402007-510kt ring 3.4g Purple center rectangle stone gold ring tested 10k$139.95
B35-402007-310kt RING 2.8g 10 white gold ring w faintly pink stone center$119.95
B35-402007-210kt RING 4.8g 10 white gold ring w pearl center stone Blue side stones$199.95
B35-401990-1silver Coins Lot of 20 indian head silver bullion$649.95
B35-401940-214kt NECKLACE 3.7g Thin rope chain necklace$199.95
B35-401865-210kt RING 9.9g 10k white gold ring with 16 diamond cluster$599.95
B35-401865-1Tiffany & COTiffany & Co Diamond Mesh Somerset Bracelet 26.8g Sterling$849.95
B35-401833-114kt NECKLACE 5g Womens necklace with blue stone pendantSmall Diamonds$299.95
B35-401807-118kt RING 3.7g Gold 3.7 18k ring with 2-15pt champa diamonds in the center$379.95
B35-401770-514kt Chain &18kt PENDANT 3.0g White gold cross pendant with diamond, 18k$299.95
B35-401770-314kt NECKLACE 3.1g Gold necklace with saphire and diamonds$199.95
B35-401770-214kt Neckalce 2.6g White gold pendant with 10pt, 15pt and 20pt diamond$209.95
B35-401770-114kt RING 3.5g Gold ring with Tanzanite stone and diamonds$249.95
B35-401767-114kt errings 1.3g 14k erring hoop style big$69.95
B35-401763-2ring 4.7g Silver wedding set with cluster of small diamond chips in Sq illusion unsoldered$49.95
B35-401721-114kt NECKLACE 4g 14k gold figgaro necklcae short$209.95
B35-401710-110kt RING 2.8g Gold ring with blue stone,$129.95
B35-401694-314kt Nugget Bracelet 12.3g Thin hevy nugget bar link bracelet$649.95
B35-401669-114kt NECKLACE 8g Gold Figgaro Diamond Cut link necklace , in good condition$419.95
B35-401589-218kt RING 7g Large red 4.64ct ruby in 18k yellow gold$899.95
B35-401589-1BreitlingE56059Breitling Titanium Aerospace E56059 UTC Dual Time$1399.95
B35-401580-2Us MintNONEGold Certificate 1922 $10 gold certificate, in case ok condition$219.95
B35-401580-1Us MintBLACK EAGLEBlack eagle Silver Certificate In case decent condition black eagle 1899 $1 silver cert$239.95
B35-401510-110kt RING 2g Ladies ring in 10k gold red stone center clear stones on sides$84.95
B35-401485-514kt RING 19.2g 14k mens gold ring with 4- 30p diamonds in line$1599.95
B35-401485-401Crusfix Pendant Two Tone Diamond Cut 4.0 10kt$169.95
B35-401485-410kt NECKLACE2.0gram Hollow rope chain 10kt yellow 2.0$89.95
B35-401485-310kt NECKLACE 4.5g 10k gold rope chain hollow$179.95
B35-401485-214kt RING 4.6g 14k womens gold ring with 35pt diamond center with 6 smaller diamond chips on side$499.95
B35-401467-114kt NECKLACE 6.9g Rope gold chain in good condition$349.95
B35-401456-114kt RING 2.6g Solitaire 45pt diamond in white gold ring$499.95
B35-401349-202White Gold Ring Mystic Topaz and Small diamonds 1.7g$79.95
B35-401349-20110kt Emerald MQ 2.7g w diamond chips yellow gold$119.95
B35-401349-210kt RING 2.1g 14kt YG Emerald w Diamonds on side 2.1g$119.95
B35-401307-114kt EARRINGS 1.1g 2-40pt solitaire diamonds in yellow gold screw backs$699.95
B35-401288-2Filippo LoretiNVMNfilippo loreti Two Tone Blue Dial Chronograph$79.95
B35-401288-1CandolaCD-1017Cadola Vertical Button Chronograph CD-117 Brown cadola good bezel no scratches on brown band silver hardware$99.95
B35-401255-2RING 3.6g Horseshoe ring w blue stone$13.95
B35-401185-114kt RING 3.1g Engagment ring 1-15pt w halo$299.95
B35-401164-1Swiss ArmyDIVEMASTER500watch Ornage faced swiss army dive master 500 43mm 50 bar stainless steel mens quartz watch$199.95
B35-401096-30310k Yellow Gold Dark Blue Sapprie and diamond chips 2.4g$139.95
B35-401096-30210K Yellow Gold w Red MQ and diamond halo 3.3$179.95
B35-401096-30110K White Gold w Small Pealr and diamonds 1.8$79.95
B35-401096-102Pink Stone Ring in Yellow Gold 14k pink oval 2.7g$134.95
B35-401096-10114K White Gold Ring w Chanel set Diamonds and Yellow accents 4.3g$259.95
B35-401091-1Disney 14kt wedding ring 4.2g 14k wedding band with 35 pt. Oval diamond disney ring$699.95
B35-401037-114kt RING 6.6g Mens ring w 25pt diamond in white gold older ring$499.95
B35-400996-3Shaq CZ Panther Head 21.0 Sterling Silver Replaced Clasp$49.95
B35-400992-1RING 9.5g Silver ring mens with black and eagle bhg$49.95
B35-400915-114kt RING 2g Womens ring with 2 small stones and heart shape \$99.95
B35-400854-210kt RING 2.4g 10k ring with pink pear in center with two small diamond chips on sides$109.95
B35-400854-114kt NECKLACE 3g 14k necklace with blue square stone pendant$159.95
B35-400713-1OmegaSEAMASTEROmega Seamaster Aqua Terra 41mm 2018 Pyeongchang Paralympic Games Watch With Box$4199.95
B35-400681-2RING 5.3g Silver with lg cz in the center$14.95
B35-400665-10720 Swiss Francs Gold Rooster .1867 AGW$449.95
B35-400665-10520 Swiss Francs Gold Rooster .1867 AGW$449.95
B35-400665-10420 Swiss Francs Gold Rooster .1867 AGW$449.95
B35-400665-10320 Swiss Francs Gold Rooster .1867 AGW$449.95
B35-400665-10220 Swiss Francs Gold Rooster .1867 AGW$449.95
B35-400665-10120 Swiss Francs Gold Rooster .1867 AGW$449.95
B35-400665-120 Swiss Francs Gold Rooster .1867 AGW$449.95
B35-400648-1NCG Mexico 8 Reales Imperial Crown Left Pillar UNC Details Excavation Recovery 2054698-171$2199.95
B35-400553-114kt RING 4.1g Yellow 1-35pt sq held at sides channel set sq diamodns$449.95
B35-400491-1RING 2.7g Silver wedding double band w cz stone chips$14.95
B35-400458-114kt RING 9.9g Ladies wedding set 95pt square w/ diamond band$1799.95
B35-400376-210kt RING 7.4g 1-35pt marquise in shadowbox setting yellow godl$599.95
B35-400376-114kt RING 11.2g Purple star on mens yellow gold ring$629.95
B35-400314-114kt RING 3.3g 14 gold ring, with diamond cluster$239.95
B35-400312-3RING 7.8g Large ring w clear stones all the way around$19.95
B35-400312-1ear rings 2.2g Stud style ear rings tested diamonds$9.95
B35-400220-1lkt RING 8.9g Tiffany platinum, engraved inside,$799.95
B35-400153-11/4 OZ Canada 2021 Gold Coin 9999 Maple Leaf$519.95
B35-400076-1Festina0668WRIST WATCH Mens festina chrono watch$49.95
B35-400047-210kt Neckalce w 3 Diamond Pendant 1.4g White Gold$159.95
B35-399943-114kt Earring Neckalce Set 5.5g White gold earring and neckalce set teardrops in white gold$399.95
B35-399942-1RING 6.8g Mix of platinum and palidium, 6.8g, .85ct diamond$999.95
B35-399915-1Invicta34954WRIST WATCH Invicta wonder woman wrist watch with gold and blue band, bright orange face$79.95
B35-399812-214kt RING 3.3g Ladies engagement ring w/ rnd 40 pt diamond and two rnd 15 pt$599.95
B35-399773-114kt RING 2.9g 14k gold ring w light blue stone$159.95
B35-399736-214kt NECKLACE 2.8g White gold w lock pendnt little diamonds$159.95
B35-399730-414kt EARRINGS 5g Large thin hoop earrings$249.95
B35-399658-318kt BRACLET 20.2g 18k white gold by di modolo with little diamonds on circle clasp$1499.95
B35-399658-114kt RING 9.1g Mens ring 1-45pt diamond in yellow gold nice diamond$799.95
B35-399474-114kt RING 3.7g 3 stone ring plat 1-49pt center 2-25pts engraved cert leo$599.95
B35-399387-114kt RING 5.4g 1.35ct cushion in white gold w halos$3499.95
B35-399382-214kt NECKLACE 7.9g Figgaro Diamond Cut link necklace in good condition$399.95
B35-399378-2IwcIW458312IWC Ladies 36mm DaVinci IW458312 Blue Stainless$3499.95
B35-399362-414kt RING 3.9g White gold 4-20pts and some smaller ones on side$399.95
B35-399340-210kt NECKLACE 10g Gold rope necklace$399.95
B35-399222-2NECKLACE 4.4g Silver necklace w pinecone pendant$14.95
B35-399177-214kt PENDANT 4.7g White gold pendant 1-50pt pear and 2 smaller white gold$999.95
B35-399070-2RING 2.2g Silver criss cross ring 2.2g$12.95
B35-399025-318kt RING 13.1g Pink saphire and diamond w flowers on white gold, sonia b bittle$1399.95
B35-399025-214kt RING 2.4g Emerald and diamonds white gold$139.95
B35-398978-218kt RING 5.4g Large oval blue stone in yellow gold 18k$359.95
B35-398978-110kt RING 5g Bllue stones in cross hatch design$199.95
B35-398967-314kt RING 10.6g Gold ring with 5 10pt diamonds$699.95
B35-398884-214kt RING 2.3g 5 diamodns on a wht gold ring$239.95
B35-398884-1PLAkt BRACLET 11.6g Platinum and diamond bracelet Gold Clasp$599.95
B35-398859-214kt NECKLACE 8.3g Gold rope necklace$429.95
B35-398857-2NECKLACE 2g Small necklace with cross pendant$12.95
B35-398834-2PuredialNH35watch Silver band puredial tempostar nh35 sii 0$69.95
B35-398834-1InfraredNVMNwatch Infrared black leather band clean overall$49.95
B35-398782-214kt RING 3.8g White godl ring 1-15pt diamond with triple halo$349.95
B35-398782-114kt RING 5.7g 1-103 pt in white gold unsoldered setting Sq Diamonds$1699.95
B35-398635-214kt RING 6.2g Gold panther ring with Green Eyes and CZ all over it$319.95
B35-398635-110kt NECKLACE 30.8g Cuban link 10k necklace Short 15” Heavy$1299.95
B35-398456-314kt RING 3.7g White gold 1-30pt round w Halo$499.95
B35-398456-214kt RING 5.5g Cluster white gold ring small diamonds$479.95
B35-398456-114kt RING 6.6g Yellow gold ring 50pt marq with small baguettes on the side$799.95
B35-398383-318kt BRACLET 18.2g White gold 18k with 30-10pts + emeralds and saphires$2699.95
B35-398383-218kt BRACLET 23.8g Diamonds and sapphire in 18k white gold 60 5pt diamonds$3199.95
B35-398279-114kt EARRINGS 1g Post pin white gold earrings with 2-35pt earrings round$499.95
B35-398175-4CitizenWatch Stainless w pink pearl dial, eco drive$79.95
B35-398040-314kt Necklace & Earrings Set 5.5g Neckalce and earrings et three stone journeys each$529.95
B35-398040-114kt NECKLACE 7.7g Journey in white gold$499.95
B35-397988-114kt NECKLACE 2.2g 14k white gold necklace w # Sq Diamonds Pendnat$299.95
B35-397933-114kt RING 3.7g White gold 14k w 50pt princess square diamond in middle$799.95
B35-397904-118kt NECKLACE 97.1g Heavy cuban link mens necklace$6299.95
B35-397473-110kt RING 1.9g 10k gold ring 3 MQ light blue$84.95
B35-397470-110kt NECKLACE 7.5g Gold 10k Hollow Cuban Link$299.95
B35-397468-114kt Chain – Rope 17.3g Rope chain white gold$899.95
B35-397366-510kt Neckalce WG 3.1g Swirl pendnat with diamonds on half white gold$199.95
B35-397366-214kt Mens Ring 8.4g White gold w gold straps on side, 5 diamonds channel set$599.95
B35-397366-114kt Mens Ring 10.8g White gold 3-20pts in mens white gold ring$729.95
B35-397318-1RING 9.6g phillip zachary sterling J Abeyta Green Turq$99.95
B35-397294-114kt RING 3.8g Vera wang custom had blue center stone and bagets as well as chips on band we removed blue stoneto mount diamond$999.95
B35-397203-4neacklace with pendant 1.3g Sterling silver chain with cross pendant$9.95
B35-397094-124kt GOLD BAR 1 oz SN A249877 Credit Suisse$2199.95
B35-397069-410kt RING 8.2g Womens ring with cluster of colorful diamonds and stones$449.95
B35-397069-310kt RING 2.5g Womens ring with orange MQ shape stone$109.95
B35-397069-214kt RING 3.1g Womens rose gold rign with pink color stone$169.95
B35-397014-3Sterling Earrings Oyster Signed w SUN 9.0g$59.95
B35-397014-1BRACLET 27.3g Womens cuff bracelet$109.95
B35-396980-510kt RING 2.6g Gold ring with green stone MQ and smaller diamonds$159.95
B35-396980-210kt RING 11.4g Square mens ring 3 Diamonds on it$499.95
B35-396972-210kt RING 3.1g Womens gold ring with red stones in the center , in good condition$139.95
B35-396964-114kt Solitaire Earrings 1.2g 2-35pt diamondsin white gold with locking backs both engraved with egl certs$599.95
B35-396949-114kt errings 1.2g Pair earrings in good condition with 50pt diamonds$1299.95
B35-396809-1ElginNVM14kt POCKET WATCH 28.2g Gold elgins pocket watch w/ pink and pearl face$899.95
B35-396712-114kt RING 3.1g Effy Sz 7.5 opal ring with diamods rose gold effy$599.95
B35-396661-1 54.6g Carolyn Pollack Sterling Silver Turquoise 3 Strand Necklace$89.95
B35-396585-114kt RING 3.6g Gold ring with wheat pattern has 55 point center diamond$899.95
B35-396543-5PENDANT 2.8g Jesus the lordt pendant$9.95
B35-396543-1RING 1.3g Gp virgin mary ring Sterling$8.95
B35-396457-214kt RING 5.7g Smokey quartz$299.95
B35-396395-11.54 Pear Si1 H$3999.95
B35-396376-510kt ring 1g Rose gold 10k w bow on front nice$69.95
B35-396376-410kt RING 1.1g Rose gold ring w diamonds tested 17 stones total 10k$69.95
B35-396376-310kt RING 1.1g 10k yellow gold w red stonesx3 and 20 diamonds around band as well$69.95
B35-396332-314kt ring 2.5g Gold ring 14k w tricut purple stone in center w 3 .1 clear stones$149.95
B35-396107-414kt NECKLACE 1.1g White gold necklace with small diamond$89.95
B35-395967-1bracelet 34.1g Silver and red coral unstamped bracelet sand cast native style$149.95
B35-395964-1Invicta41883Invicta 41883 Chicago Bears Watch . 41883$119.95
B35-395842-214kt WEDDING SET 4.7g Unsolered set one 25pt round$399.95
B35-395720-101Silver Rope Bracelet with Gold Rope weaved inside, Precious Precious w Indian Clasp 18.0$79.95
B35-395619-310kt RING 2.2g Pink star saphire in white gold$89.95
B35-395619-210kt RING 1.1g Red mq stone yellow gold$49.95
B35-395554-214kt NECKLACE 13.4g Rope necklace heavy long$699.95
B35-395554-114kt NECKLACE 3g Thin cuban necklace clasp in good condition$169.95
B35-395483-1RING Mens black tugsten ring$19.95
B35-395433-114kt Mens Ring 10.7g 1-55pt diamond in it, yellow gold$1199.95
B35-395349-114kt RING 5.4g Wedding set, 35pt LAB GROWN DIAMOND, Natural diamonds around band$429.95
B35-395273-50124kt Gold bar One Gram APMEX Bar$89.95
B35-395273-524kt Gold bar One Gram APMEX Bar$89.95
B35-395273-4Valcambi2.5G24kt GOLD BAR 2.5g In ornge case 2.5gram valcambi suisse AA230781$199.95
B35-395273-2Apmex24kt GOLD BAR 10g Apmex in plastic case 10gram gold bar$719.95
B35-395273-1Pamp10GRAM24kt GOLD BAR 10g Pamp in case C637769$719.95
B35-395147-210kt RING 2g Yellow gold ring with yellow stone$79.95
B35-395040-214kt RING 2.7g Ring with square lt blue clear stones , in good condition$149.95
B35-395040-110kt ring 1.8g Ring with 2 blue MQ stones in the center in good condition$79.95
B35-394919-304Ring 14kt 6 blue MQ and small diamonds flower 2.6$149.95
B35-394919-303Blue Rectangle 14kt Yellow 3.1g$159.95
B35-394919-30214k YG Ring Red smooth stone 3 diamonds 3.6g$199.95
B35-394919-314kt Ring w Blue Oval stone 3.8$199.95
B35-394835-110kt PENDANT 0.4g Small tinkerbell pendant$19.95
B35-394391-210kt NECKLACE 9.3g Hollow cubanneckalce$399.95
B35-394113-4silver 1.9g Silver butterfly adjustable ring$14.95
B35-393891-124kt Gold 1/10th OZ 999 Prospector Round in plastic 24k .10 oz$229.95
B35-393870-118kt RING 2.9g Gucci Flora Demi Pave Sz 4.5 ring in purple case 18k$699.95
B35-393781-114kt Wedding Ring 7.5g 1-90 pt round g si1 gsi 12816700109, in whit gold halo setting natalie k designer ring$3399.95
B35-393676-2OmegaSEAMASTEROmega Seamaster Automatic 552$799.95
B35-393506-314kt NECKLACE 5.9g Chanel white gold bar necklace white$399.95
B35-393506-1RING 8.9g David yurman signet rose gld w champage diamonds Sz 10$1099.95
B35-393379-4Vintage Pin Non gold space capsule pin vintage$9.95
B35-393376-210kt RING 3.4g Ring yellow gold withclear greenish large square stone$139.95
B35-393376-110kt RING 5.4g White gold ring with purple stones$219.95
B35-393368-514kt BRACLET 1.8g 14k figarro bracelet$89.95
B35-393347-118kt Wedding Ring 5.5g CERT 1-80pt celebration cut diamond in white gold 18k W Cert Diamond 551961$1799.95
B35-393342-410kt RING 2.7g Blue sq stoneson yellow gold ring$109.95
B35-392947-114kt RING 4g 1-50pt disney cinderella white gold emerald cut diamond good condition$999.95
B35-392607-114kt RING 7.2g White gold 80pt wtih a line of diamods on side$1399.95
B35-392581-2RING 10.2g Silver ring with pearl in center$14.95
B35-392521-114kt RING 4.1g White gold band with 11 .07pt diamonds$399.95
B35-392436-510kt RING 1.8g White gold with 4 little diamonds$99.95
B35-392293-1NECKLACE 7.1g Rope Chain Silver silver chain$19.95
B35-392215-1Metalor1 OZ24kt GOLD BAR 1 oz metalor 182087$2199.95
B35-392010-110kt RING 2.1g 10k white gold ring with cluster of diamonds in circular shape$169.95
B35-391973-310kt RING 1.7g 3 round tanzanite iwth little diamodns on side$79.95
B35-391973-210kt RING 1.5g 3 purple mq stones light purple$69.95
B35-391631-101Yellow Gold Eagle Pendant 14kt 2.5g$129.95
B35-391542-110kt RING 2.5g 10k gold ring w/ pink stone$99.95
B35-391491-4Sz 11.5 Cable Inset 750 and 925 David Yurman ring$479.95
B35-391489-614kt NECKLACE 8.8g Beaded neckalce dots$439.95
B35-391489-514kt RING 6g Red stone ring$299.95
B35-391489-114kt NECKLACE 1.7g Box link chain$89.95
B35-391440-114kt RING 3.9g 14k gold band with 8 small diamond in center$289.95
B35-391382-1Gold coin 1908 rooster agw .1867 20 swiss francs$439.95
B35-391154-1NECKLACE Teeth necklace w/beeds$89.95
B35-390592-110kt BRACLET 11.6g Rainbow stones lgr leer gem limited$499.95
B35-390480-110kt RING 1.6g White gold ring w/ baby blue marquise stone$69.95
B35-390463-104Yellow Gold Ring Giant Amythyst round purple 6.8$339.95
B35-390463-10315 Anos Ring w Rose 2.7$134.95
B35-390366-114kt EARRINGS 0.7g 14k 25 pt diamond earrings$179.95
B35-390301-118kt RING 7.8g White gold ring 1-1.22ct Sq IGI 3241848U$3999.95
B35-390013-2CitizenLadies Watch Citizen gold plated bezel on stianaless$14.95
B35-389880-110kt GOLD RING 1.9g White gold and saphire ring$89.95
B35-389663-3RING10k 2.4g White gold ring with small round chips$159.95
B35-389281-113Roll of 20 Morgan Silver Dollars 1921$899.95
B35-389281-1121921 Roll Silver Morgan Dollars 20 per roll$899.95
B35-389281-106Roll of 1923 UNC Peace Dollars 20pc Silver$899.95
B35-389281-104Roll of 20 1922 Peace Dollars, Silver Uncirculated$899.95
B35-389281-1Roll of 20 1923 Peace Dollars$899.95
B35-388902-1PENDANT 7.9g Large pendant silver cross w/ jesus in center$14.95
B35-388659-414kt RING 2.7g Channel set diamonds in white gold ring$249.95
B35-388550-1Victorinox241522Victorinox 241522 Swiss Army Classic Victoria Womens Dress Brown Dial Date Watch$99.95
B35-388355-110kt RING 1.3g Yellow gold ring line of diamonds$89.95
B35-388331-210kt RING 1.1g Gold ring band$49.95
B35-388164-314kt RING 4.4g 14k gold ring w/ various of blue stones$219.95
B35-388124-1Tag HeuerCAF7010TAG Heuer Aquaracer Calibre S CAF7010$799.95
B35-388057-114kt RING 4.1g Bow w few diamond baggets$259.95
B35-387922-318kt PENDANT 2.4g Tiffany picasso floating heart$479.95
B35-387916-3Tiffany & Co neckalce Paloma picasso, loving heart tiffany & co$129.95
B35-387916-10110kt Green Pear Stone w Diamond Chips Yellow gold 2.0$84.95
B35-387912-1EARRINGS 11g Silver tiffany heart earribgs clips$349.95
B35-387751-1silver pin 30.7g Silver butterfly pin with colored stone inlays$199.95
B35-387408-3Fortuna Platinum Bar 20grams suisse C001988$749.95
B35-387408-1Lab Grown Diamond Loose 1.09 j vvs1 igi$499.95
B35-387275-314kt RING 2.1g Small diamond white gold squiggle ring$139.95
B35-386989-1Sq Diamond .83pt si2 f gsi 3033400103$2199.95
B35-386750-1GOLD BAR 1OZ Mint ID In plastic package 1 troy oz bar Has IR Chip$2199.95
B35-386002-1EARRINGS 18.7g HM Signed Silver post pin earrings with pear shape stone and hoop hanging from it super cute$99.95
B35-385997-414kt PENDANT 1.1g Small round pendant of san benito$59.95
B35-384908-214kt 1.0g James Avery Cross & Crown Lapel / Tie Pin$99.95
B35-384657-4Harry B Yazzie 78.5g Native cuff w watch and pink stones HBY$299.95
B35-384402-3RING 10k 2.9g White gold square blue stone w CZ HALO$119.95
B35-383813-5LonginesL5.158.0Longines Ladies Dulce Vita Stainless & Diamond WATCH$399.95
B35-383813-114kt RING 4.2g Gold ring w/ two pearls one black and one white$219.95
B35-383800-610kt RING 4.7g 10k gold ring w/large sq orange stone$229.95
B35-383800-414kt RING 2.1g 14k gold ring w/ 7 tiny diamonds V shape$139.95
B35-383800-210kt RING 1.7g 10k white gold ring w/ 5pt diamond sq in halo$149.95
B35-383529-4Snoopy Watch Vintage 1968 dsnoopy watch swiss made$39.95
B35-383302-118kt BRACLET 3g Figaro gold braclet$189.95
B35-382369-1G-shock5476Mudmaster GG-1000 Twin Sensor G Shock WRIST WATCH Gshock green mud resistent$199.95
B35-382206-310kt Ring w Rainbow Stones and Diamonds on Side 6.0$259.95
B35-381881-114kt RING 3.9g Gold ring Pealrs in a Pod$194.95
B35-381208-114kt RING 3.5g Gold ring with blue stone and clear diaomonds around marq shaoe$199.95
B35-381186-314kt RING 3g Gold ring with swirl pattern with diamonds$259.95
B35-380292-1SwatchIRONYSwatch Irony Chronograph All STAINLESS BLACK BEZEL watch w/black outline and silver face, scratched$74.95
B35-379830-1Bulovag893939watch Bulova in black leather band antique$99.95
B35-378898-1Cuff braclet 20.2g Native style unsigned w green turq cracked$44.95
B35-378691-1silver 100g 100 troy ounce silver bar, opm metals$3199.95
B35-377563-114kt RING 2.8g Blue square stone$139.95
B35-376947-1Silver Coins PCGS Flag Series State Quarters 86 Total$22.95
B35-376707-124kt GOLD BAR 31.1g Rand refinery no case rr633994$2199.95
B35-376522-2Vintage Watch Black and gold vintage bulova self winding$79.95
B35-376522-1OmegaBUMPERStainless Omega Bumper Automatic Chroonometer Silver Dial$599.95
B35-376476-310kt RING 1.6g Gold ring with light blue stone in center diamond halo$89.95
B35-376019-118kt Rings 11.4g John atencio 18kt yellow gold w oval pink tourmaline and row of diamonds$899.95
B35-375578-410kt RING 3g Black hills gold oval dome$119.95
B35-375215-514kt RING 3.2g Gold ring with 7 marquise stones red$159.95
B35-374666-1Tag HeuerWK-1110-1Tag Heuer Professional 200 Stainless with Black Dial Quartz WK1110-0$499.95
B35-372488-110kt RING 1.4g Gold ring with diamond and red stones$69.95
B35-372209-1Benrus700I SERIESBENRUS 3 STAR Self Winding 7035 Series Wrist Watch$89.95
B35-365101-2Seiko7t32-6b89WRIST WATCH Mens seiko with few scratches on glass working Sports 150 chronograph$69.95
B35-340816-1HamiltonHamilton Masterpiece Gold 14k Watch Running$399.95
B35-257916-4KelbertNVMNwatch Watch, w white fave and silver bezel, dsark green cloth band$69.95
B35-257916-3TimexNVMNwatch Watch, timez, silver plate w gold bezel and band$79.95
B35-257916-2LemeyNVMNwatch Watch w silver face, bezel and band$159.95
B35-257916-1CrotonNVSNwatch Vintage watch, wilver face w silver bezel and bands, black background behind numbners$99.95

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