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We Carry All Instruments! Tons of Guitars! Mixers, Guitar Amps, Speakers, Power Amplifiers, Subwoofers, Guitar Heads & Cabinets, Powered Speakers, Cymbals, Drum Kits, Strings, Cables, Speaker Wire… We have all the accessories you need for Guitar; Acoustic and Electric. Even Banjo, Ukulele, Bajo Sexto / Quinto, Bass and Mandolin! Anything Music Related, we will have it!

Product Image Guitar Amplifier

P35-397847-1GORILLAGB-70GORILLA GB-70 amplifier Black bass amplifier ok condition$79.95
P35-397784-1Martin000-13EMartin 000-13E GUITAR Martin road series guitar spruce in soft case in excellent condition$1099.95
P35-397695-1AlesisSTRIKE AMP 12Alesis STRIKE AMP 12 amp Portable speaker amp has power cord, good condition$229.95
P35-397690-1Roth Shop301CRoth Shop 301C VIOLIN Older 74 violin, 4/4 size, in tan case, with bow, rough condition, lots of scratches$49.95
P35-397664-1UrbanPLAYERUrban PLAYER acoustic guitar Urban black and yellow sunburst guitar with pick up and reddish black pick guard$79.95
P35-397539-1YamahaFG700SYamaha FG700S GUITAR Light brown acoustic guitar ,in good condition , has all strings , and has desgins on the front (heart , arrow )$189.95
P35-397413-2PresonusAUDIOBOX USB 96Presonus AUDIOBOX USB 96 usb interface Presonus audiobox usb 96 2 channel audio interface blue black and silver$39.95
P35-397180-4ANTONIUSvn-150ANTONIUS vn-150 VIOLIN Small violin in case with bow$129.95
P35-396887-1Palatinovn-450Palatino vn-450 violin Brown in black case violin w bow and rosin missing one stings$89.95
P35-396815-1HohnerBRAVO IIIHohner BRAVO III ACCORDION In backpack carrying case, piano accordiin whtie and black excellent condtion$999.95
P35-396680-2CrateBX100Crate BX100 BASS AMP amplifier Crate 15” amp, has power cord, tested$199.95
P35-396603-1FenderCD-60 DREADFender CD-60 DREAD Acoustic Guitar NO CASE Fender CD-60 DREAD Acoustic Guitar Good Condition$149.95
P35-396339-1NoneNVMNone NVM VIOLIN No brand violin in hard black case, has bow and tuner$74.95
P35-396189-1SamsonC01Samson C01 MICROPHONE Grey microphone condensor no stand just mike$29.95
P35-396184-1PeaveyEXCORT 3000Peavey EXCORT 3000 Portable PA System All connect together with a bunch of cords indlude dmixer and power and speakers and has special bluetooth adapter$349.95
P35-396121-2JUPITERJTB700JUPITER JTB700 TROMBONE Jupiter gold trombone inside a black case$229.95
P35-396121-1IbanezRX 20Ibanez RX 20 GUITAR Ibanez rx series blue and white with brown neck$139.95
P35-395968-1NoneNVMN MANDOLIN In black case orange sunburst effect 8 string$79.95
P35-395698-1Taylor210CE-GTaylor 210CE-G GUITAR In brown case, light brown acoustic guitar with red strap no cracks the scratches good condition$799.95
P35-395689-4PioneerDDJ-SXPioneer DDJ-SX MIXER Mixer 4 channels in hard case$529.95
P35-395689-1YamahaS115H IIYamaha S115H II SPEAKER (P.A.) Two yamaha speakers pair black good condition$299.95
P35-395635-2Main StreetMA241CMain Street MA241C Acoustic guitar Main street acoustig guitar ok condition no case$89.95
P35-395635-1EpiphoneJUNIOREpiphone JUNIOR Electric Guitar Tobacco sunburst wpiphone junior w leather strap ok condition$119.95
P35-395572-1HohnerCOMPADREHohner COMPADRE ACCORDION Red hohner compadre button style accordion, no case$799.95
P35-395563-4KUSTOMKPM4100KUSTOM KPM4100 MIXER Kustom mixer head 4 channel$99.95
P35-395530-1NoneNONENone NONE Monitor Stands Triangle base monitor stands adjustable$24.95
P35-395511-1JUPITERJS700JUPITER JS700 SAXOPHONE Saxaphone jupiter black white case w reeds n mouthpc$349.95
P35-395364-1IbanezGIO SOUNDGEARIbanez GIO SOUNDGEAR bass Black 5string bass strings good shape$199.95
P35-395271-1GibsonMAESTROGibson MAESTRO GUITAR Blue maestro guitar inside a first act green case$119.95
P35-395113-1PeavyPV215SINGLE SPEAKER Peavy PV215 SPEAKER (P.A.) Pa speaker tested loud$189.95
P35-394738-2DEANEABCDEAN EABC bass In brown case, dean bass brown acoustic electric bass 4 string nb4$219.95
P35-394738-1AmpegRB-108Ampeg RB-108 amplifyer Bass amp larger ampeg nb4 power cord with it$149.95
P35-394547-1Keystation Mini32MK3Keystation Mini32 MK3 KEYBOARD Small black keyboard , in good condition , tested$39.95
P35-394311-2JohnsonREPTONE15Johnson REPTONE15 amp Small black guitar amp tested work sokay condition$39.95
P35-394301-1Giannini2Giannini 2 acoustic guitar Grown acoustic guitar in black hard case$139.95
P35-394255-1PioneerDDJ-200Pioneer DDJ-200 dj controller In oj box pioneer smart dj controller has cords in good shape$139.95
P35-394236-1Greg BennettJZT-20Greg Bennett JZT-20 Lasalle GUITAR In black hard case , orange burst guitar in good condition, has humidifer$399.95
P35-394230-1Sonor3001Sonor 3001 Drum Set Sonor 3001 22” bass and two mounted toms no floor tom has one cheap snare and no bass pedal, w spurs$139.95
P35-393880-2RodeNVMNRode NVMN MICROPHONE, black with gray puff ball , in good condition , iphone microphone$19.95
P35-393817-1BEHRINGEREUROPOWER PMP2000BEHRINGER EUROPOWER PMP2000 mixer 2000w mixer in og box, europpower pmp2000 tested$399.95
P35-393567-2PeaveyVYPYR 15Peavey VYPYR 15 amp Black peavey guitar amp good condition$139.95
P35-393567-1TremontiPRS TREMONTI SETremonti PRS TREMONTI SE GUITAR In black hard case, black electric guitar bought here good condition$549.95
P35-393298-1SQUIER093-0300-021SQUIER 093-0300-021 GUITAR Squire dark brown and light brown inside a black soft case$119.95
P35-393055-2Genz-benzENCLOSUREGenz-benzgenz benz shenandoah acoustic 100 Amplifier$279.95
P35-393055-1Genz-benzENCLOUSERGenz-benz ENCLOUSER EXT12 Genz-benz enclosure$179.95
P35-392667-1BlueSNOWBALLBlue SNOWBALL MICROPHONE Orange sphere blue snowball microphone in good condition no other acces$19.95
P35-392653-1HerculesGUITARHercules GUITAR gUITAR sTAND Hercules single guitar stand black and yellow$29.95
P35-392652-1Line 6SPIDER 4Line 6 SPIDER 4 Guitar Amp Line 6 spider 4 30 watt$119.95
P35-392557-1ROCKTRONRAMPAGE RT80ROCKTRON RAMPAGE RT80 amplifier Guitar amp, used, torn on the front, with power cord,$74.95
P35-392530-2Audio ControlLC21Audio Control LC21 output converter Black audio control out put converter has wires that connected to kicker amp no remote$44.95
P35-392389-1BlueNONEBlue NONE MICROPHONE Silver and black mic on mini stand works tested$24.95
P35-392338-3ProformanceNVMNProformance NVMN CYMBAL Proformance 18” china cymbal$24.95
P35-392338-1SABIANNVMNSABIAN NVMN CYMBAL Pair sabian 14”/36cm hi-hats$79.95
P35-392235-1BreedloveDISCOVERY S CONCERT CE HBBreedlove DISCOVERY S CONCERT CE HB GUITAR Breedlove african mahogany electric guitar like new$349.95
P35-392168-2EpiphoneSPECIALEpiphone SPECIAL GUITAR Blue epiphone electric guitar in black gig bag in good condition$149.95
P35-392168-1ElectarELECTAR 10Electar ELECTAR 10 amplifier Black electar guitar amp in good condition$19.95
P35-391943-6RockvilleRCM03Rockville RCM03 MICROPHONE$39.95
P35-391943-2FocusriteITRAKSOLOFocusrite ITRAKSOLO interface Silver interface for computer has cord and xlr cord focusrite itrack solo$59.95
P35-391476-3S101NVMNS101 NVMN GUITAR Black and white s101 good condition nb4$129.95
P35-391476-2FRONTMAN10GFRONTMAN 10G amplifier Black and white frontman amp with cord nb4$49.95
P35-391438-1IbanezNONEIbanez NONE GUITAR In black gig bag, red ibanez soundgear SN Worn$99.95
P35-390886-1MarshallMG30CFXMarshall MG30CFX Amplifier Black carbon fiber guitar amp, mg30cfx$179.95
P35-390832-3PresonusAUDIOBOX USB 96Presonus AUDIOBOX USB 96 interface Black and silver interface$49.95
P35-390832-2M-audioM-TRACK DUOM-audio M-TRACK DUO interface Grey interface, in og box, no accessories$49.95
P35-390746-4Soundweb9088IISoundweb 9088II Black and green music processor, has power cord$99.95
P35-390746-3AltoRSA 27Alto RSA 27 Black and silver music processor, has power cord, tested comes on, used condition$59.95
P35-390746-2ArcRXR ELITEArt RXR ELITE Black music processor, does not have power cord, could not test$59.95
P35-390746-1DigitechMSP4Digitech MSP4 MUSIC PROCESSOR Silver music processor, connected comes on, used condition$44.95
P35-390702-1BlueSNOWBALLBlue SNOWBALL MICROPHONE Silver snowball microphone with cord$24.95
P35-390615-1IbanezAEG58L-VVHLEFT HANDED Ibanez AEG58L-VVH GUITAR Sunburst ibanez acoustic guitar no case$249.95
P35-390373-2ZOOM505ZOOM 505 PEDAL Black guitar pedal, zoom 505$49.95
P35-390209-1IbanezSDGRIbanez SDGR SR300FM bass guitar Brown and black bass guitar, used condition, has 4 strings$249.95
P35-390205-2BlueTHE SNOWBALLBlue THE SNOWBALL MICROPHONE Black bluemicrophone has usb port in god condition$14.95
P35-390071-1BlueCOMPASSBlue COMPASS boom arm$49.95
P35-389797-1EpiphoneSPECIALEpiphone SPECIAL Electric Guitar Red wood electric guitar in black gig bag$169.95
P35-389773-1NovationLAUNCHKEY 37Novation LAUNCHKEY 37 keyboard controller Keyboard controller in og box$119.95
P35-389680-303AMERICAN DJ FAB4 LIGHT$44.95
P35-389640-1Bare KnuckleBOOT CAMPBare Knuckle BOOT CAMP Guitar Pickup In orig box never installed boot camp bare knuckles$59.95
P35-389573-2SILVERTONENVMNSILVERTONE NVMN GUITARsilvertone guitar in good condition has shoulder strap$219.95
P35-389265-2BEHRINGERUV1BEHRINGER UV1 interface Red and black ultravoice interface has power cord$149.95
P35-389237-2NoneNVMNone NVM pickup In small. Bag pick up textmex good codnition$29.95
P35-389237-1GotohBS-TC1S-NIGotoh BS-TC1S-NI bridge In og packaging for electric guitar$39.95
P35-389145-1SILVERTONE600/AVSSILVERTONE 600/AVS GUITAR Acustic guitar bought here, brown, good condition$199.95
P35-389050-1HohnerCORONA IIHohner CORONA II ACCORDION Black hohner button accordion all buttons work in good condition has skull on it$799.95
P35-388938-1Tc ElectronicsBH250Tc Electronics BH250 BASS AMP Small red and black tc electronics bh250$249.95
P35-388822-1FocusriteSVARLETT 2I2Focusrite SVARLETT 2I2 interface Red focusrite audio interface, has cable$59.95
P35-388589-2BlueA00136Blue A00136 Yeti nano premium NO STAND MICROPHONE Dark grey w/silver top microphone, no cords or stand$39.95
P35-387734-1ProreckMX10Proreck MX10 MIXER COMBO In og box mixer, pa speaker, mic, cords, stands$239.95
P35-387710-1SILVERTONE1423SILVERTONE 1423 GUITAR Jupiter red silvertone eletric guitar in good condition$349.95
P35-387281-1Klaus Mueller105Klaus Mueller 105 VIOLIN In black case small violin so cute missing bridge missing strings anno 2018$59.95
P35-387145-1BlueYETIBlue YETI MICROPHONE Blue and black yeti usb microphone has cord that plugs in the computer in og box in good condition$69.95
P35-387124-2FenderMUSTANG IIIFender MUSTANG III amp black has power cord good condition$269.95
P35-387124-1SQUIERTELECASTER CUSTOMSQUIER TELECASTER CUSTOM GUITAR black with brown arm good condition$399.95
P35-387090-1SABIAN14″SABIAN 14” Hi H at Set Sabian 14” hi hats good conditoin$89.95
P35-387074-1Ibanezrg6003fmIbanez rg6003fm Electric Guitar Dark greenish grey matte finish ibanez some dings ok condition$329.95
P35-386828-1CecilioCVN-320LCecilio CVN-320L VIOLIN Left and right handed violin inblakcase w/ bow$89.95
P35-386631-1BEHRINGERCRAVEBEHRINGER CRAVE Behringer crave analog semi-modular synthesizer with 32-step sequencer, orange and black has power cord, tested comes on$189.95
P35-386139-1RogueRR100PLRBRogue RR100PLRB GUITAR Red/black rogue rocketeer electric guitar,$69.95
P35-385224-1FenderMALIBUFender MALIBU GUITAR In black hard case, acoustic guitar good condition no dings, all strings,$299.95
P35-385063-1BlueYETIBlue YETI MICROPHONE Blue yeti mic, has power cord, good condition,$59.95
P35-384629-1CrescentNVMNCrescent NVMN violin In black case, has bow, missing one string, good condition$59.95
P35-384534-2PresonusAUDIOBOX USB 96Presonus AUDIOBOX USB 96 audio box Blue and black audio box with power cord$49.95
P35-384384-3Komplete KontrolS61Komplete Kontrol S61 KEYBOARD Keyboard in og box, has power cord$299.95
P35-382873-2VOXTG2-TRFZVOX TG2-TRFZ peddle Tone garger orange guitar peddle nb4$89.95
P35-380941-2RAVENRG100HRAVEN RG100H Amp Head Rg100h amp head works good$149.95
P35-380868-1SchecterSTILETTO EXTREME 4Schecter STILETTO EXTREME 4 Bass Guitar Maple burst great condition no case, schecter stiletto extreme 4$449.95
P35-380840-1NovationLAUNCHPAD MK2Novation LAUNCHPAD MK2 Beat Controller Launchpad for ableton orange w orange usb 1.0 cable works, controller$74.95
P35-380734-1DeccaNVMDecca NVM GUITAR Decca acoustic sunburst color in black case$109.95
P35-380322-2BossVE-1Boss VE-1 vocal effects Blue boss ve-1 vocal echo with power cord$149.95
P35-380275-3BlueA00122Blue A00122 Snowball MICROPHONE White microphone, has usb,$24.95
P35-378998-1IbanezNVMN1995 Ibanez SR800BK Japan made GUITAR Ibanez sdgr bass guitar black with red string inside a silvertone soft case$399.95
P35-378566-2MarshallMGA12AMarshall MGA12A CABINET Marshall cabinet$219.95
P35-378407-1PrsTREMONTIPrs TREMONTI SE Elec GUITAR In maroon carrying case guitar$499.95
P35-378149-1MOOGEP-3MOOG EP-3 PEDAL Black moog guitar pedal, no cords, no other accesories$29.95
P35-378115-1RougeNVMNRouge NVMN DRUM ACCESSORIES Black and silver drum set with snare drum footpaddle ,$89.95
P35-377765-1Novation61SL MKIINovation 61SL MKII KEYBOARD Piano keyboard novation in soft grey case with power plug$349.95
P35-377612-1ZildjianZBTZildjian ZBT 18” Cracked Edges Stillsounds alrightCYMBAL Zildjian zbt crash ride 18/ 45cm cymbal$39.95
P35-377233-1SamsonS63Samson S63 mixer Samson s63 mixer in grey carpeted box w/ cord$199.95
P35-376548-1GuildSF-11/STGuild SF-11/ST Guitar Like new still in og box guild starfire ii Guitar$699.95
P35-376190-1No MakeNONENo Make NONE Guitar Trainer Black plastic cord trainer no make button trainer$24.95
P35-375657-1Line 6FLEXTONEII HDLine 6 FLEXTONEII HD Guitar Amp Head Black head line 6 flextone ii hd$199.95
P35-375593-1Native InstrumentsTRAKTOR KONTROL S8 HWNative Instruments TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 HW DJ Controller In black and silver hard case w power cord native instruments, account status unknown, says not rgistered, kontrol s8$649.95
P35-375520-1CasioLK- 92TVCasio LK- 92TV keyboard piano Casio keyboard, has power cord, ok condition, tested, works good, no other accesoriesw$99.95
P35-375297-1CrateGX-65Crate GX-65 guitar amp Crate guitar amp. Tested. Ok condition$119.95
P35-374493-1Audio TechnicaAT2020Audio Technica AT2020 MICROPHONE , studio mic, is kinda bent on inside$49.95
P35-374204-3StantonSTR8-100Stanton STR8-100 turntable Silver in decent condition stanton turtable tested works fine$129.95
P35-373899-3CL5G3SB-NAKRK Classic 5 CL5G3SB-NA studio monitor Grey with power cord and xlr in good conditon$79.95
P35-373610-1STELLAH940 NATURALSTELLA H940 NATURAL GUITAR Acoustic light brown with white trim, has scrapes on brown wood and white paint, has large split under the strings (baseboard attached) manager, with white 1971 stella$229.95
P35-373309-1ARTPROJECT SERIESART PROJECT SERIES preamplifier Smaller wblack preamplifier usb dual pre wear and tear on all nfo on thae top$39.95
P35-372940-1FenderSQUIERFender SQUIER electric guitar Pink with white face plate in good condition , fender squier mini in black carrying case$139.95
P35-371392-4AdcSS-215 SOUND SHAPERAdc SS-215 SOUND SHAPER EQUALIZER sound shaper eq w powr$69.95
P35-371165-3LPE3ALP E3A snare cajon Red lp snare cajon, good condition,$84.95
P35-368513-301Shure X2U Mic XLR to USB Adapter$64.95
P35-367823-1LexiconLEXALPHAVLexicon LEXALPHAV recorder Llexicon music purple and silver multi channel recorder$39.95
P35-367262-1IbanezRG350MDXBeat up, Needs a little love. Ibanez RG350mdx, ibanez electric guitar, rough condition, missing battery pack$174.95
P35-366190-1IbanezRG2EX1Ibanez RG2EX1 GUITAR Black electric ibanez rg series guitar, good condition, 2 black pickups,$289.95
P35-365840-1DakinOPUS GOES TO RIODakin Vintage Opus the Penguin Plush Stuffed Toy Goes to Del Rio w/Tag/Flyer 1980s$14.95
P35-364918-1SonyECM-MS908CSony ECM-MS908C MICROPHONE Sony mic good condition goldish tone$29.95
P35-363470-2FenderSTRATFender STRAT guitar Black and crème guitar with missing back panel$199.95
P35-363217-1Takamine & Co.F-340Takamine & Co. F-340 guitar Acoustic guitar in black hard case with kapo, made in japan.$479.95
P35-361232-3MarshallPEDL-00009Marshall PEDL-00009 guitar pedal Black guitar pedal with cord$24.95
P35-347495-1NeewerNW-100Neewer NW-100 phantom power box Phantom power box, w power supply$14.95
N35-338591Fat BoyGBD-02Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag GBD-02$24.95
N35-338590FenderCI-TW10Fender Vintage Voltage Tweed Guitar Cable 10 Foot Braided CI-TW10$17.95
N35-338588Fat BoyA021IBY/BKAcoustic Bridge Pins Set of 6 Black A021IVY / Black$7.95
N35-338587Diamond HeadDU106Diamond Head Uke, Baby Blue DU-106$39.95
N35-338586Diamond HeadDU-131DU-131 Diamond head USA FLAG Soprano Ukulele Satin Finish$44.95
N35-338585Diamond HeadDU100Diamond Head ukulele Soprano Black DU100$39.95
N35-338584Main StreetMA241Main Street MA241 natural Full Size Acoustic Guitar$129.95
N35-338583Main StreetMA241TRDMA241TRD 41” Mainstreet Guitar Transparent Red$129.95
N35-338582KONAK391K391 Natural Acoustic Guitar kona 39”$99.95
N35-338580KONAK391-HSBK391-HSB kona HuneyBurst Acoustic 39” Guitar$99.95
N35-338579KONAK391-HSBKona K391N Natural Guitar 39” Acoustic$99.95
N35-338578KONAK101Kona K101 Acoustic with EQ Guitar$149.95
N35-338577KONAK101Kona K101 Dreadnaught Acoustic with EQ$149.95
N35-338576Main StreetAG1AG1 main Street Acoustic Dreadnaught Guitar Full Size$89.95
N35-338575Main StreetAG1AG1 Acoustic Main Street Full Size Guitar$89.95
N35-338574Main SteetAG1AG41 Main Street Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar$89.95
N35-338573KONAKC1KC1 Kona Classical Guitar natural Spruce Top$119.95
N35-336206Nipon AmericaACG391039” Classical Guitar Nippon America ACG3910$69.95
N35-334192ERNIE BALL9600EB 9600 Axis Capo Various Colors 9600.$11.95
N35-334191ERNIE BALL4112EB4112 Flextune Tuner Ernie Ball 4112 Clip On Tuner$14.95
N35-334190ERNIE BALL6417EB Flex Cable 1/4” Guitar Cable 20Ft Various Colors 6417,18,19,20,21$19.95
N35-334189ERNIE BALL2070EB 2070 Acoustic Bass Strings 45-95$19.99
N35-334188ERNIE BALL9604EB 9604 Pegwinder Plus, Fits All Tuners$11.95
N35-334187ERNIE BALL2150EB 2150 Acoustic Extra Slinky$6.99
N35-332363AudioboxMD565-BLACKMD565-Black Dog Shaped Bluetooth Speaker Sunglasses$29.95
N35-332245KONAK41TSBKona 41” K41TSB Tobacco Sunburst Acoustic Guitar$139.95
N35-332244KONAK391-HSBKona K391-HSB honey Sunburst 39” Acoustic Guitar$99.95
N35-332239Diamond HeadDU-131Diamond Head USA Flag Ukulele Soprano DU131$42.95
N35-332237Diamond HeadDU118Violet Diamond Head uke – Soprano Ukulele DU118$39.95
N35-332235Diamond HeadDU105Diamond Head Green Soprano Uke DU105$39.95
N35-332232Diamond HeadDU106Diamond Head DU106 Baby Blue Soprano ukulele$39.95
N35-332231Diamond HeadDU-133Diamond Head Ukulele Hawaii Scene Satin DU-133$44.95
N35-332228Fat BoyFBP12-TINFBP12-TIN Fat Boy 12pc Pic Pac Assorted Thickness$5.95
N35-332227RazorKXA3KXA3 Razor Gig bag for Acoustic Guitar Dreadnought$34.95
N35-332226RazorKXW1KXE1 RAZOR Gig Bag for Electric Guitar$34.95
N35-332225On StageOSGBB4550On Stage BASS GUITAR GIG BAG Padded OSGBB4550$34.95
N35-332224On StageOSGBA4550On Stage Acoustic Gig Bag Padded OSGBA4550$34.95
N35-332223ZildjianZ5BWZildjian Drum Sticks Z5BW 5B Wood Tip$11.95
N35-332222Vic FirthN5ANVic Firth N5AN 5A Nylon Tip Drum Stick USA HICKORY$7.95
N35-332221Vic FirthN7ANVic Firth Nylon Tip 7A N7AN USA Hickory$7.95
N35-332220Vic FirthN7AVic Firth N7A Drum Sticks Wood Tip 7a NOVA Hisckory USA$7.95
N35-332219Vic FirthN5AVic Firth Drumsticks Hickory 5A Wood Tip N5A$7.95
N35-332218Pig HogPHM20Pig Hog Pro tour Grade Mic Cable 20′ XLR to XLR PHM20$24.95
N35-332217Pig HogPHM20ZPigHog 20ft XLR to 1/4 Pro Mic Cable PHM20Z$17.95
N35-332215Fat BoyFB-118Fat Boy GA-118 1/4” 18 Foot Rubber Guitar Cable$19.95
N35-332214KyserKG6#Kyser Quick Change Capo Various Colors KG6#$21.95
N35-332213PerfektionPM616Patch Cable Pack 12” Six Patch Cables PM616$9.95
N35-332212ZEBRAZYFC34Zebra mini Derby Light DJ Light ZYFC34$44.95
N35-332211Musicians GearKBX1Keyboard Stand KbX1 Single Braced X Style keyboard Stand$25.95
N35-328836Diamond HeadDU102DU102 Diamond Head Sporano Ukulele RED$39.95
N35-328834Diamond HeadDU110PINK Diamond Head Sporano Ukulale DU110$39.95
N35-328832Diamond HeadDU108DU108 Diamond Head Sporano Ukulale Purple$39.95
N35-328830Diamond HeadDU107Diamond Head Sporano Ukulale DU107 BLUE$39.95
N35-328828Pig HogPX-14BANBanana Plut to 1/4” Adapter Pig Hog PX-14BAN$12.95
N35-328827StruktureSC10TWStrukture 10” Braided Cable Vintage Tweed SC10TW$12.95
N35-323891Fat BoyFB-ML2-25FB-ML2-25 CBI Balanced XLR 25 Foot Cable$27.95
N35-318936KONAK2SLPTKona K2 Spalted Maple Acoustic Guitar K2SPLT$239.95
N35-318934ZEBRAX214-2525′ Speakon to 1/4” Cable Zebra$27.95
N35-317017Anton BretonVNS-139A Breton Violin Strings 4/4 Full Size Standard VNS-139$9.95
N35-317016MartinM400Martin Mandolin Strings Bronze 80/20 Standard M400$7.95
N35-316966CHINANONE4in1 Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter / Receiver Wireless Audio USB 3.5mm Aux Adapter$24.95
N35-315103SHUREC25JShure Mic XLR Cable 25′ Hi Flex C25J$22.95
N35-315102Fat BoyFB-ML2-50Fat Boy 50′ XLR Mic Cable Balanced CBI USA FB-ML2-50$26.95
N35-313999Fat BoyJ-B17Speed Capo Guitar Rolling Adjustable Capo J-B17$11.95
N35-313998GP PercussionGPDSROCKNGP Percussion Rocking Drumsticks Nylon Tip Oak GPDSROCKN$5.95
N35-313997GP PercussionGPDS5BGP Percussion Size 5B Drumstick GPDS5B Wood Tip$5.95
N35-313996GP PercussionGPDS7AGP Percussion Size 7A Wood Tip Drum Stick GPDS7A$5.95
N35-313993KONAG640Guitar Stand G640 Tubular Guitar Stand$15.95
N35-311635CHINAMale XLR to 1/4” Female Stereo$4.95
N35-311481VentionBACBH3.5mm to Double 1/4” Mono Stereo Y-Splitter Cable 6.5 Foot$14.95
N35-309222Fat BoyA021IVY-S6 Pack IVORY Bridge Pegs / Pins Fat boy$4.95
N35-308479Main StreetMA241TSBMain Street MA241TSB Tobacco Sunburst Guitar Acoustic 41”$124.95
N35-308462ZildjianZ5BWZildjian Drum Sticks 5B Wood Tip Z5BW$11.95
N35-308458Snark50CSNARK 50C Medium Guitar Pick Pack .50mm 12pc$4.95
N35-308457Snark70CSNARK 70C Medium Guitar Pick Pack .7MM 12pc$4.95
N35-308456Snark100CSNARK 100C Heavy 1.0MM Guitar Pick Pack 12pc$4.95
N35-305790Fort BryanRG**Fort Bryan Guitar Strap Various Colors Nylon$4.95
N35-305789SnarkST8Snark Supertight All Instrument Tuner Clip On ST8 Black$19.95
N35-305786CaschaHH2007Harmonica in Key of C – Cascha Blues Harp NEW$9.95
N35-304788CHINAMale Speakon to Female 1/4 Adapter Black and Blue$11.95
N35-304439DX-QuantumA9Quantum 3.5mm Splitter Jack$2.49
N35-304434ZildjianZP1418Zildjian Planet Z Launch 3 PRO Cymbal Pack 14-18 NEW$159.95
N35-302127Fat BoyFBT3NThumb Pics, Celluloid 3 Pack Fat Boy$5.95
N35-301251ERNIE BALL9220EB Finger Picks Pack of 3 Metal Finger Picks$4.95
N35-301250ERNIE BALL2838EB 2838 – 6 String Bass Strings Slinky$32.99
N35-301249ERNIE BALL2824EB 2824 – 5 String Super Slinky Bass Strings$24.95
N35-301248ERNIE BALL9187EB 9187 – Ernie Ball Pick Buddy, No Adhesive Pick Holder$7.95
N35-301247ERNIE BALL2623EB 2623 – 7 String Super Slinky Electric Guitar 9-52$8.99
N35-301246ERNIE BALL2621EB 2621 – 7 String Slinky Electric Guitar 10-56$8.99
N35-299870NADYAXEHEADNady Systems AXEHEAD Headphone Guitar Amp$34.95
N35-296650VitoosGuitar Headphone Amp, Vitoos, NEW, Rechargable$29.95
N35-296607CHINARCA Spliter Y Cable Female to Left Right Male$2.95
N35-296323GPATB005Tamborine GP ATB005 Single Ring$11.95
N35-293040Pig HogPCH20SGRPig Hog Braided Guitar Cable Sea Foam Green 20′ Right Angle 1/4”$24.95
N35-292943ZEBRAX352-25Zebra Speakon Cable 25′ Speakon to Speakon$27.95
N35-292925SnarkSA2Snark 9 Volt Pedal Daisy Chain SA2 (Connects Pedals)$8.49
N35-291920Silvertone Electric$0.0000
N35-290434CHINARCA Female to RCA Female, Coupler$2.95
N35-290433CHINA3.5mm to 1/4” Stereo, Plastic or Gold Plate Adapter$2.95
N35-290432NONE3.5 COUPLER3.5mm Coupler. Plastic Female to Female 3.5mm$2.95
N35-290417DunlopDUN-428P.88Dunlop Pic Pack Med Hvy .88 12 Pack$4.95
N35-290415NONEMale XLR to Male 1/4” STEREO Adapter$4.95
N35-290202ARIA111-MTCSAria Vintage 100 Cherry Sunburst Acoustic NEW 111-MTSC Guitar$239.95
N35-290088Fender0990515058Fender Original Series Guitar Cable 15ft Surf Green$27.95
N35-290087Fender0990520003Fender original Series Guitar Cable 18.6ft Coated Blue/Red$29.95
N35-290086Fender990542000Fender Musician Series Black Ear Plugs 22db 990542000$9.95
N35-290085NONE2340AAccordion Strap Leather, Universal Strap 2340A$34.95
N35-290025PylePMHM2PYLE PMHM2 Headset Mic, Over Ear Hands Free Mic OMNI -Directional$19.95
N35-290020PylePDMIC78Pyle Dynamic Mic W Cord PDMIC78$19.95
N35-289133NaCHINAUniversal Guitar Pedal Power Plug 9V Center Negative 300mA$9.95
N35-289114Fat BoyFBP12Fat Boy Assorted Pick Pack .46-.81MM 12 Pack$3.95
N35-289112ERNIE BALL4279EB Wonder Wipes 6 Multi Pack Guitar Care Pack 4279$2.99
N35-289111ERNIE BALL4222EB 4222 Guitar Polish With Cloth$7.95
N35-289110ERNIE BALL2326EB 2326 Ukulele Strings Concert/Soprano Nylon Ball end Uke Strings black$5.99
N35-289109ERNIE BALL9193Ernie Ball Picks -Heavy 1.0mm – Purple 12pk 9193$5.99
N35-289108ERNIE BALL9190Ernie Ball Pics -Medium .73MM- Orange 12pk 9190$4.95
N35-289107ERNIE BALL9181EB Picks- Light .48mm – Blue Everlast 12Pk 9181$4.95
N35-289106ERNIE BALL4119EB Pegwinder Assorted Colors Manual 4119$3.95
N35-283357DunlopDUN-428P1.0Dunlop Pic Pack Heavy 1.0 – 12 Pack$4.95
N35-283356DunlopDUN-428P.73Dunlop Pic Pack MEDIUM .73 – 12 Pack$4.95
N35-283355DunlopDUN-428P.50Dunlop Pic Pack LIGHT .50 – 12 Pack$4.95
N35-283343KONAK391L-HSBKona K391L-HSB LEFT HANDED Acoustic 39” Honeyburst$99.95
N35-282554CHINANONEFemale RCA to 1/4” Male Adapter Gold Plated$2.95
N35-264126ZEBRAN122CLZebra Studio-Z 20 Foot Tweed Guitar Cable 1/4” N122CL$15.95
N35-256854DonnerPOWER SUPPLYDonner Guitar Effect Pedal 10 Way Power Supply For Guitar Effects Pedals 9V 12V 18V DC$49.95
N35-256075ERNIE BALL6058EB 25ft Braided Guitar Cable, Straight to Right-Angle, Tangle Resistant Assorted Colors – 6058,6060,6062,6063,6064,6068,6069,6070$32.95
N35-248956AquilaAQ-7UUkulele Strings Concert Uke Aquila AQ-7U$6.95
N35-243526CHINA48VPhantom Power Supply 48V$19.95
N35-241097CHINANONEBanana Plug Ends for Speakers Set left and Right$1.49
N35-239604NO MAKEBDMA6Mic Holder Expandable Mic Clip$3.95
N35-239269KorgWDT-1Korg Wall Tuner with Send Unit, WDT-1 KORG$199.95
N35-238422ERNIE BALL2723EB 2723 Cobalt Super Slinky Electric Strings 2723$9.95
N35-238421ERNIE BALL2721EB 2721 Cobalt Regular Slinky Electric Strings 2721$9.95
N35-238420ERNIE BALL2720EB 2720 Cobalt Power Slinky Electric Strings 2720$9.95
N35-237706CHINA1/4” Female to 3.5mm Male Adapter Gold Plated Plastic Outer STEREO$2.95
N35-237705CHINAMetal 1/4” Female Coupler Metal$3.95
N35-237704CHINAMale XLR to Male 1/4” MONO$4.95
N35-237703CHINAFemale XLR to Female XLR Coupler / Adapter$4.95
N35-237702CHINAFemale XLR to 1/4” Male STEREO Adapter$4.95
N35-237701CHINA1/41/4” Male to Male Coupler$2.95
N35-234578Korg201509-AB1 201600-R00Right-On Strap Lock Guitar Strap Lock$5.99
N35-231459DEAN MARKLEYDM3010Acoustic Guitar Pickup Promag Plus Single Coil Dean Markley DM3010$44.95
N35-230247Dean MarkleyDM2096Dean Sarkley Bajo Sexto Strings SX# 2096 Doce Cuerdas$19.95
N35-230246Dean MarkleyDM2095Dean Markley Bajo Quinto Strings QN# 2095 Diaz Cuerdas$18.95
N35-227304No Make202-##23” Acoustic Guitar, toy Guitar various Colors$19.95
N35-227303Fat BoyG101Fat Boy 10 ft Straight Guitar Cord$4.95
N35-226994ERNIE BALL2144EB 2144 Power Slinky Acoustic Phosphor Bronze$6.99
N35-226993ERNIE BALL2241EB 2241 RPS Hybrid Slinky 2241$5.99
N35-226992ERNIE BALL3125EB 3125 Coated Extra Slinky$11.99
N35-217414ERNIE BALL2836EB 2836 Bass 5-String Slinky$24.99
N35-214721Quick TuneGP1Guitar Professor, Tuner Chord Finder Pitch Pipe$19.95
N35-210893ZEBRADM38Zebra Dynamic Microphone DM38$19.95
N35-206324GPGPDS5ADrum Sticks Oak Wood Tip Size 5A$5.95
N35-205839ERNIE BALL2548EB 2548 Coated Phosphor Bronze LIGHT$12.99
N35-205838ERNIE BALL2546EB 2546 Coated Phosphor Bronze Med Light$12.99
N35-205837ERNIE BALL2544EB 2544 Coated Phosphor Bronze MEDIUM$12.99
N35-205836ERNIE BALL3123EB 3123 Coated Super Slinky 3123$11.99
N35-205835ERNIE BALL3121EB 3121 Coated Slinky Regular$11.99
N35-205834ERNIE BALL2012EB 2012 Earthwood 12 String Medium$9.99
N35-205833ERNIE BALL2010EB 2010 Earthwound 12 String Light$9.99
N35-199913NO MAKEFemale XLR to 1/4” Female Adapter Stereo$4.95
N35-199911NO MAKEFemale 1/4” to Female 1/4” Adapter / Coupler PLASTIC$2.95
N35-199910NO MAKEMale XLR to Male XLR Adapter/Coupler$4.95
N35-197107ERNIE BALL2409EB 2409 Ernesto Pallo Nylon ball End Classical Guitar Strings 2409$7.99
N35-197106ERNIE BALL2403EB 2403 Nylon Ernesto Palla Nylon Clear and Silver Classical Guitar Strings 2403$6.99
N35-197101ERNIE BALL4118EB Power Peg Winder 4118$19.95
N35-195995MirageMUS020Mirage Folding Music Stand w Case$9.95
N35-192496CHINAMS2Mic Stand Singer Weighted Base$29.95
N35-192495DunlopDUN-5010SIDunlop Mic Stand Pic Holder$4.95
N35-192494Fat BoyFB-ML2-10CBI USA Ballanced XLR Cable 10 Foot FB-ML2-10$13.95
N35-185981ERNIE BALL2923EB 2923 M-Steel Super Slinky Electric$12.99
N35-185980ERNIE BALL2922EB 2922 M-Steel Hybrid Steel Electric$12.99
N35-185979ERNIE BALL2921EB 2921 M-Steel Regular Slinky$12.99
N35-185978ERNIE BALL2920EB 2920 M-Steel Power Slinky Electric$12.99
N35-185977ERNIE BALL2915EB 2915 M-Steel Skinny top Heavy Bottom$12.99
N35-185976ERNIE BALL2148EB 2148 Acoustic Super Slinky$6.99
N35-185975ERNIE BALL2146EB 2146 Acoustic Regular Slinky$6.99
N35-174576ERNIE BALL40344035EB Guitar Strap Assorted Colors, 4034,4035-color assrt$4.95
N35-174575ERNIE BALL2006EB 2006 Acoustic Erthwd Extra Light, 2006$6.99
N35-174574ERNIE BALL2833EB Bass Hybrid 2833$19.99
N35-174573ERNIE BALL2831EB Bass Power 2831$19.99
N35-173471Planet WavesPW-CP-07Planet Waves NS Capo lite PW-CP-07$12.95
N35-173468AliceA007D-AAlice Alloy Acoustic Guitar Capo, A007D-A$12.95
N35-156833ERNIE BALL7021 TABEB TAB Book, 7021$6.5
N35-156832ERNIE BALL7010EB Chords – Easy, 7010$8.95
N35-156831ERNIE BALL7002 PHASE TWOEB Play Guitar Phase TWO, 7002$8.95
N35-156830ERNIE BALL7001 PHASE ONEEB Play Guitar Phase ONE, 7001 Method$8.95
N35-156826ERNIE BALL2004EB Acoustic ERTHWD LIGHT, 2004$6.99
N35-156825ERNIE BALL2003EB 2003 Acoustic ERTHWD Med’m-Light, 2003$6.99
N35-156824ERNIE BALL2002EB 2002 Acoustic ERTHWD Med’m 2002$6.99
N35-156823ERNIE BALL2834EB Bass Super Slinky, 2834, 2834$19.99
N35-156822ERNIE BALL2832EB 2832 BASS Regular Slinky 2832$19.99
N35-156821ERNIE BALL2223EB 2223 Super Slinky, nickel, 2223$6.99
N35-156820ERNIE BALL2222EB 2222 Hybrid Slinky, Nickel$6.99
N35-156819ERNIE BALL2221EB 2221 Regular Slinky, Nickel, 2221$6.99
N35-152550Fat BoyA021BK-SSINGLE Acoustic Bridge pins/pegs, Black$1.95
N35-152549Fat BoyA021IVY-SSINGLE Acoustic Bridge Pegs/Pins Ivory$1.95
N35-150487Fat BoyFB-SC145050′ Speaker Cable Neutrik Fat boy$39.95
N35-141895Fat BoyCI39020Cloth 20ft Tweed Cable 1/4” Fatboy$17.95
N35-141893ERNIE BALL2225EB 2225 Extra Slinky 2225 Blue$6.99
N35-141890ERNIE BALL2220EB 2220 Nickel Power Slinky$6.99
N35-128128Fat BoyFB-CB2-Z716-1Fat boy pro Female 1/4 to male Banana$14.95
N35-111346NO MAKEMHL33 Pin Female XLR to 1/4” Male Adapter MONO$4.95
B35-399374-2RockvilleRMP-XLRRockville RMP-XLR MICROPHONE Xlr dynamic mic n og box w cord unused$14.95
B35-399332-2TzumiON AIRTzumi ON AIR EQUALIZER Black small sound box , in good condition$24.95
B35-399332-1AkaiMPK MINIAkai MPK MINI keyboard White and black mini keyboard in good condition$39.95
B35-399299-2Akai ProfessionalMPK MINIAkai Professional MPK MINI KEYBOARD White and black has cord tested works okay condition$39.95
B35-399258-2ShureSM58Shure SM58 MICROPHONE Shure mic w mic cord$39.95
B35-399214-1BlueSNOWBALLBlue SNOWBALL microphone White rnd microphone w/ usb cord$24.95
B35-399179-1Lp AspireLPA1332-DWSLp Aspire LPA1332-DWS Cajon box drum Burgandy red box drum$119.95
B35-399178-1AlesisDM7XAlesis DM7X electric durm set Alesis nito mesh kit 8 pc drum set$279.95
B35-399172-1Meinl14″HIGHHATMeinl 14”HIGH HATSET HCS highhat cymbols Meinl 14” highhat$84.95
B35-399108-1PioneerDDJ-200Pioneer DDJ-200 DJ Controller Black w usb 1.0 pioneer ddj-200 works$99.95
B35-398925-2CasioNVMCasio NVM keyboard stand Casio keyboard stand in og box in good shape$24.95
B35-398925-1CasioLK-100Casio LK-100 KEYBOARD Casio lk-100 keyboard in og box tested all keys and working well clean in box$89.95
B35-398908-2Hyperx2301Hyperx 2301 MICROPHONE Black hyper x mic has cord and aux good condition$49.95
B35-398871-1PyramidPA600XPyramid PA600X DJ Amp Rack mount style amplifier 2 channel works good pa600x$89.95
B35-398663-1BEHRINGEREUROLIVE VS1520BEHRINGER EUROLIVE VS1520 SPEAKER (P.A.) Single behringer pa speaker works good tweeter and sub sound good$49.95
B35-398502-1YamahaF335Yamaha F335 GUITAR In black hard case , black guitar in good condition , clean$179.95
B35-398413-1E.F. DurandCR-1700 BE.F. Durand CR-1700 B baritone horn In black case horn good condition$179.95
B35-398270-1YamahaPSR-E333Yamaha PSR-E333 keyborad Yamaha psr-e333 black with charger tested$109.95
B35-398259-1KorgTRITON EXTREME 61Korg TRITON EXTREME 61 synthesizer / Workstation Kork in black cas w pedal and power cord works$799.95
B35-398066-1GloryNVMNGlory NVMN FLUTE Pink flute in black case blue inside w silver trim$19.95
B35-397878-3AvermediaAM310Avermedia AM310 Condensor Mic USB With little stand and usb cord condensor mic usb$34.95
B35-397870-1Blue888-000322Blue 888-000322 MICROPHONE Microphone has dent on top, scuffs on sides$49.95
B35-397853-1RolandFANTOM X6Roland FANTOM X6 KEYBOARD Grey large keyboard synthenizer has power cord tested works okay condition$719.95
B35-397799-2M-audioKEYSTATIONMINI32M-audio KEYSTATIONMINI32 KEYBOARD In og box, mini keyboard with cord good codntion$39.95
B35-397799-1SamsonG-TRACK PROSamson G-TRACK PRO MICROPHONE In og box, grack pro microphone has a cord included$34.95
B35-397755-1WashburnD-29S-12Washburn D-29S-12 ACOUSTIC GUITAR Washburn d-29s-12 12 string maple guitar with dar brown neck$259.95
B35-397433-3IbanezIBZ10BIbanez IBZ10B guitar amp Ibanez small black amp with puple capo and power cord$49.95
B35-397433-2Rhythm ArtNVMNRhythm Art NVMN STAND Rhythm high hat stand with peddle$29.95
B35-397233-3ConnDIRECTORConn DIRECTOR TRUMPET In black case trumpet$74.95
B35-397233-2SILVERTONENVMwood SILVERTONE NVM CLARINET Black clarinet in brown case$59.95
B35-397201-1NoneNONENone NONE Bagpipes Set No make in black case blue and green tartan w some reeds$299.95
B35-397123-5FenderSQUIERFender SQUIER GUITAR Purple with white eletric guitar , has chip paint on the top left$89.95
B35-397123-2First ActME431First Act ME431 GUITAR Black electric guitar , dirty , missing string$49.95
B35-396958-1YamahaFX335CYamaha FX335C Acoustic Guitar Acoustic electric guitar yamaha cutaway$229.95
B35-396920-1Ibanez Sound GearGSR205SMIbanez Sound Gear 1p-02 bass guitar Honey burst electric bass guitar good condition$249.95
B35-396834-1Fenderchampion 30 dspFender champion 30 dsp guitar amp Fender champion 30 dsp guitar amp$79.95
B35-396828-1SQUIER (BY FENDER)NVMSQUIER (BY FENDER) NVM bass guitar Black 5 string bass guitar$239.95
B35-396776-1RaneONERane ONE turn table mixer Rane serato one nb4 many times tested no loose nobs all cords in og box all black$899.95
B35-396744-1KorgMS-20 MINIKorg MS-20 MINI monophonic Black in good condition monophonic synthesizer , nb4 , tested , has power cord, extra cables and booklets$359.95
B35-396627-1YamahaF335Yamaha F335 GUITAR In og brown box, yamaha f335 acoustic guitar perfect condition$149.95
B35-396527-1Lucerolc-100ce/NLucero lc-100ce/N GUITAR In black bag, brown acoustic electric strings ok great condition$119.95
B35-396483-4StagelineNVMNStageline NVMN guitar stand Orange and black stageline stand$9.95
B35-396483-3SQUIERSTRATSQUIER STRAT GUITAR Squire strat blue and white with blue strap$119.95
B35-396384-1JUPITERjfl-507JUPITER jfl-507 FLUTE Jupiter flute in black case red felt inside$49.95
B35-396119-1Lunagyp e spalt gcPROJECT GUITAR NEEDS REPAIR Luna gyp e spalt gc GUITAR 6 string guitar in blue soft case couple scratches otherwise ok condition$69.95
B35-395733-1DigitechRP90V-01Digitech RP90V-01 Guitar pedal w power cord and euro adapter good condition digitech$49.95
B35-395696-2RAVENRG20RAVEN RG20 Guitar Amp Black raven 12” amp combo works good$89.95
B35-395696-101Black Coffin Case electric guitar bag$29.95
B35-395696-1JacksonNONEPROJECT GUITAR Jackson NONE Electric Guitar Black, bottom bridge lifted, top nut is cracked pickupw work, needs work$59.95
B35-395695-1AlvarezNVMNAlvarez eab6 GUITAR Dark purple color 6 string bass guitar , in good condition , no case$339.95
B35-395561-401Small Black Guitar Tuner$9.95
B35-395561-4IbanezGSA60Ibanez GSA60 GUITAR Ibenez Electic Black Guitar No case$139.95
B35-395561-3DigitechRP100Digitech RP100 guitar pedal Guitar pedal no poqwer crds$59.95
B35-395532-2AkaiMPD32Akai MPD32 Drum Pad electronic Beat machine controller akai w usb and power$59.95
B35-395393-4BlueA00122Blue A00122 MICROPHONE Blue mic with small stand good condition$24.95
B35-395393-3AKGK52AKG K52 HEAD PHONES Corded headphones good condition$29.95
B35-395393-1TonorNVMNTonor NVMN MICROPHONE single black mic$14.95
B35-395232-1Ibanezalt30-pibIbanez alt30-pib guitar Lavender sunburstacoustic electric guitar neck is seperated and action is high$249.95
B35-395219-1Pioneer DjDDJ-REV1Pioneer Dj DDJ-REV1 dj board in good condition dj serato , has power cord , tested$174.95
B35-395191-2Yamaha225SYamaha 225S FLUTE In black case yamaha studnet flut ein good condish$99.95
B35-395106-2PhonicS710Phonic S710 speaker Black speakers pair of phonic speakers trapazoid$79.95
B35-394982-1SterlingJP50Sterling JP50 GUITAR Black jp50 sterling guitar$239.95
B35-394972-1SplNONESpl NONE drumset All black 5 pc. Drum set$274.95
B35-394842-1BundyTROMBONEBundy TROMBONE TROMBONE In og black case trombone used up bundy has mouth piece$89.95
B35-394658-1BossME-80Boss ME-80 guitar pedal In og box, boss guitar pedal works tested$199.95
B35-394500-1CasioWK-200Casio WK-200 Keyboard Bought here , light grey keyboard tested , in good condition$129.95
B35-394404-1FenderSQUIER STRATOCASTERFender SQUIER STRATOCASTER GUITAR In black gig bag red squier stratocaster has whammy bar in bag not attached$199.95
B35-393865-4BossBLUES DRIVER BD-2Boss BLUES DRIVER BD-2 PEDAL Blue guitar driver pedal good condition$69.95
B35-393670-1Komplete AudioKOMPLETE AUDIO 6Komplete Audio 6 digital recording Gray and black NO CABLES$79.95
B35-393650-104grey and black small dog guitar case$19.95
B35-393650-102all black guitar case small dog$19.95
B35-393650-101grey guitar case colorado case company$19.95
B35-393612-1IbanezGA5TCE-AMIbanez GA5TCE-AM GUITAR Brown classical acoustic-electric guitar$199.95
B35-393442-2Guitar ProfessorQWIK TUNEGuitar Professor QWIK TUNE TUNER Small grey guitar tuner$9.95
B35-393241-1TOCAPLAYERS SERIESTOCA PLAYERS SERIES Congas 8” and 10” , no stand, good conditoin$299.95
B35-392903-1PAUL REED SMITHCUSTOM SEPAUL REED SMITH CUSTOM SE GUITAR In gig bag prs custom se black 6 strings excellent condition made in indonesia$699.95
B35-392355-3Elecrto-harmomixGLOVEElecrto-harmomix GLOVE PEDAL Guitar pedal in og box, has stickers and sharpie on it$59.95
B35-392355-1Giannini6Giannini 6 GUITAR Acoustic guitar, no case, rough shape, bridge is lifting up$69.95
B35-392319-3BlueA00122Blue A00122 MICROPHONE Black snowball condenser microphone has charger$19.95
B35-392172-2WashburnD10SCEWashburn D10SCE GUITAR Washburn acoustic in black case$249.95
B35-392164-1PeaveyTKO-115SPeavey TKO-115S BASS Keyboard AMP Tko older peavey large sounds good$149.95
B35-391628-2BlueNVMBlue Snowball w Filter MICROPHONE Blue rnnd black microphone$29.95
B35-391610-1HifonicsNVMNHifonics NVMN Subwoofer In good condition , black , tested$159.95
B35-391358-2YamahaYAS-21Yamaha YAS-21 SAXOPHONE Sax inside black soft case, good condition, two mouth pieces$319.95
B35-391338-1FenderBULLET STRATFender BULLET STRAT GUITAR Electric guitar, black and brown burst, no case$119.95
B35-391264-3PresonusAUDIO BOX USBPresonus AUDIO BOX USB interface Blue interface w/ usb cord$39.95
B35-391264-2M-audioNOVA BLACKM-audio NOVA BLACK MICROPHONE Black microphone w. Cord$39.95
B35-391264-1M-audioFAST TRACKM-audio FAST TRACK interface Small black interface no cords$29.95
B35-391008-1BlueA00132Blue A00132 MICROPHONE Black microphone has cord in excellent shape$49.95
B35-390541-1SABIANNONESABIAN NONE CYMBAL B8 high hat 14”/36 cm cymbal good condition$79.95
B35-390488-1StrobelML80Strobel ML80 VIOLIN In black case, strobel violin, year 2012, has bow, good condition, no other accesories$119.95
B35-390390-4WashburnSI-61Washburn SI-61 GUITAR Washburn wi-64 maltic brown with black$229.95
B35-390367-1LudwigPAISTELudwig PAISTE CYMBAL 18” cymbla, used condition$69.95
B35-389809-2Ashdown DesignNVMNAshdown Design NVMN cabinet speaker Ashdown cabinet speaker, tested, works, has peavey jack cover$99.95
B35-389714-1BEHRINGERBX3000TBEHRINGER BX3000T BASS HEAD Black carpeted, bass amp works good,$179.95
B35-389098-1IbanezRG220BIbanez RG220B GUITAR In black hard case, silver ibanez guitar, good condition, has back pannel and screws in case$329.95
B35-389052-3Crest AudioCFA-CA4-ABCrest Audio CFA-CA4-AB Amplifier Dj amp ca4 crest audio, fan loos eon back works fine$249.95
B35-388996-1TICAVP400TIC AVP400 Amplifier In og box never used home theater style$349.95
B35-387713-3TalentMCQ05Talent MCQ05 xlr cord 5foot xlr cord new bought but didnt use$9.95
B35-387521-1CrateKX-100Crate KX-100 keybaord Amp Large older styled keyboard amp, tested works no missing knobs okay condition$159.95
B35-387169-2LtdF-155DXLtd F-155DX bass Purple ltd bass in good condition tested works$399.95
B35-386398-3BlueSNOWBALLBlue SNOWBALL MICROPHONE Black blue snowball mic has power cord and stand$24.95
B35-386315-5BlueSNOWBALLBlue SNOWBALL MICROPHONE Blue rnd microphone$24.95
B35-386212-1JBLPRX415MJBL PRX415M pa speaker Large black pa speaker non powered good condition no cords$479.95
B35-386060-1Electro-Harmonix720Electro-Harmonix 720 looper Small white music looper for guitar turns on has power cord good condition$139.95
B35-385951-2BlueA00122Blue A00122 MICROPHONE Whiteround mic on stand with black cover has wind screen as well as cord$29.95
B35-385945-2BlueA00098Blue A00098 MICROPHONE Black yeti nano mic, has small scratch, overall good condition$54.95
B35-385870-2Nickel WoundNVMNNickel Wound Bass Strings$14.95
B35-384919-1Peavey2022-16 RQPeavey 2022-16 RQ MIXER Gray 16 chanel peavey mixer in good condition tested works$229.95
B35-383394-1The Lewis100 1/2The Lewis 100 1/2 VIOLIN In black carrying case violin has scratches around border no missing strings, has stick$79.95
B35-382932-1QscMODEL 1200Qsc MODEL 1200 amplifyer Music amp rectangular thick older tested sounds great$89.95
B35-382442-2PeaveyMK- III XPPeavey MK- III XP guitar amp Black guitar amp, some buttons missing, tested works well$139.95
B35-382442-1IbanezSOUN GEAR GIO GSR 200Ibanez SOUN GEAR GIO GSR 200 bass guitar Inside a black gig bag, red guitar, tested works well, has some wear and tear$174.95
B35-382366-2Greg BennettRL-5Greg Bennett Royal 5 RL-5 GUITAR Rl5 guitar, sunburst, good condition$359.95
B35-379675-1RackmaxBIAMPRackmax BIAMP MIXER Rackmax mixer, has power cord, used condition, no other accesories$149.95
B35-379609-2CrateCR-1Crate CR-1 amplifer Vintage crate amplifer wood frame$119.95
B35-379355-1CrateCRATE CR-212Crate CRATE CR-212 GUITAR AMP Older crate guitar amp used condition, tested works.$149.95
B35-377463-2PresonusT10Presonus T10 studio subwoofer Presonus temblor t10 subwoofer, good condition. Tested. With power cord$299.95
B35-377463-1PresonusS6Presonus S6 studio monitor A pair(x2) of presonus s6 studio monitor speakers. Tested. Good condition. With power cords$649.95
B35-377363-40130′ AUX Cable grey Braided RUAEODA$12.95
B35-377180-3SkbFOOTNOTESkb FOOTNOTE pedal board No power cord, big black pedal board by skb$89.95
B35-377180-1MelodySLIDEMelody SLIDE slide guitar In brown case, vintage melody set up for slide, good condition,$169.95
B35-376877-2MILLER&KREISELMX-105MILLER&KREISEL MX-105 HOUSE SUB Mx-105 subwoofer m&k sub, tested TWO WOOFERS!$399.95
B35-376828-1FenderMEXICO2019 Fender MEXICO Precision Bass Special Edition Creme bass guitar All white made in mexico w/maple wood bass guitar special edition, tested works well, great condition$699.95
B35-376715-4AardvarkAARK 24Aardvark AARK 24 recording interface All black w/red letters, no cords, could not test$9.95
B35-375846-1PeaveyVIP-3 VYPYRPeavey VIP-3 VYPYR amplifier Peavey vip-3 vypyr black amp with power cord, missing knob tested$299.95
B35-374968-2BEHRINGERUT300BEHRINGER UT300 Guitar Pedal Brown ut300 ultra tremolo brown guitar pedal$24.95
B35-374250-1GibsonSG3 1972Gibson SG3 1972 Electric Guitar In orig case, 1972 cherry sunburst gibson sgiii, sg3 good condition$2599.95
B35-374069-1EpiphoneSPECIAL IIEpiphone SPECIAL II LE GUITAR Epiphone black electric guitar les paul in black case$159.95
B35-370302-2PresonusATOMPresonus ATOM MIDI CONTROLLER In og box, presonus atom pad controller, has cord, good condition,$99.95
B35-369812-1PeaveyIMPULSE200Peavey IMPULSE200 Powered Speaker Single impulse 200p peavey w power cord works good purchased here$249.95
B35-365635-1PhantomNVMNPhantom NVMN power supplier In og box phantom power 48v$19.95
B35-362456-5Audio TechnicaAT2020 USBAudio Technica AT2020 USB Microphone In og box, at2020 usb, w case and cord good conditoin$79.95
B35-362433-4SQUIER (BY FENDER)SQUIRE MINISQUIER (BY FENDER) SQUIRE MINI GUITAR In road runner soft bag, pink squire mini, good condition tested works$149.95
B35-360888-1BEHRINGERFS114BEHRINGER FS114 PEDAL Behringer foot pedal for amps gold with black$29.95
B35-359589-6MarshallCHANNEL BLENDMarshall CHANNEL BLEND Marshall Pedal Black marhsal chanel and blend pedal good conditon$29.95
B35-359455-3MarshallNONEMarshall NONE Marshall Footswitch Vintag working three way marshall switch, chorus od and clean drive$29.95
B35-355203-6BossFV-50Boss FV-50 guitar pedal Guitar pedal, black and light blue/green, volume pedal$44.95
B35-338898-1AcousticA20Acoustic A20 Amp Brown with good condition, all knobs,$139.95

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