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We have a full showcase of modern, in style jewelry in silver and gold. All refurbished to be like new! We also carry estate and vintage jewelry! Huge diamond bridal selection! Watches as well! The advantage of pre-owned is that you get a much larger style assortment; not to mention a much better price! 

We always have a good selection of Coins as well, Gold and Silver!

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Product Image Mens Watches

P35-357433-1Michael KorsMK-5550watch Black stainless michael kors watch, great condition, minimal damage$69.95
P35-357397-6G-shockGD-350WRIST WATCH Grey wrist watch good condition$44.95
P35-357272-4RING 2.6g Silver ring with small mq purple stones$9.95
P35-357272-3NECKLACE 18.1g Silver figaro necklace with diamond cut links$29.95
P35-357272-2bracelet 12.2g Bracelet with small diamonds$39.95
P35-357259-1SwissKARAMICA DIAMONDSSwiss Legend Karamica Diamond Ladies Watch – White ceramic$179.95
P35-357180-114kt RING 3.6g White gold ring with .60pt center stone halo setting, surrounding stones$849.95
P35-357166-4EARRINGS 4.3g 3 rows of clear stones set into the silver$9.95
P35-357166-3RING 7.7g Large amber set into the ring, 925$11.95
P35-357157-1Sentry Nixon Crackle Dial white w Black g Nixon black watch with white face$59.95
P35-357120-2RING Heart Wedding Set Diamonds 4.5g Set with heart in center with bagets and small round chip diamonds$39.95
P35-357120-1RING 3.4g Silver ring with illusion cluster of small diamonds$29.95
P35-357072-1Gold Tone Nixon Minimal Time Teller watch$49.95
P35-357069-1RING 1.9g Silver ring with green gem$11.95
P35-357017-1Bulova98B104BULOVA MARINE STAR 98b104 Gold and black, some scratches on the face$129.95
P35-356981-110kt RING 5.3g Gold mens gold with circle designs$189.95
P35-356950-2RING 4.4g Silver ring with large square multicolored stone,$11.95
P35-356950-1RING 1.9g Silver ring with small pearl and surrounded by cz$11.95
P35-356913-1Wenger Swiss MilitaryLIMITED MALBOROSterling Native Watch Ends, Has Wegner Watch, Picto ends Signed w Large C$99.95
P35-356862-110kt RING 3.6g White gold ring with over lapping setting , small accents and trillion cut smal blue stone nb4$169.95
P35-356853-3RING 3.6g 7 clear stones along the ring with s shaped design between them$11.95
P35-356853-2RING 3.4g Large clear stone surrounded by two smaller clear stones on either side of it$11.95
P35-356726-1Bulova98C109Bulova 98C109 Gold Tone w Crystals All over watch Yellow gold colored rectanglular watch with cz stones thorughout$139.95
P35-356658-3RING 3.5g Ladies ring w/ clear stone in center$11.95
P35-356658-2RING 3.1g Ladies ring w/ oval light green stone$11.95
P35-356642-3EARRINGS 2g Silver earrings with blue and white stones$9.95
P35-356642-2EARRINGS 2.1g Round silver earrings with diamond chips in center,$11.95
P35-356642-1NECKLACE and pendant 2.7g Silver necklace with two turtle pendants,$11.95
P35-356613-110kt RING 4.3g Wedding set w/ rnd 20 pt in center and 2pt diamonds$299.95
P35-356526-114kt RING 2.3g Yellow gold with garnet and diamond chips,$109.95
P35-356464-1WATCH 149.5g Black invicta watch,model 21488$59.95
P35-356457-114kt RING 10.3g Ring, 1-80pt round, w halo, has double accents on both sides$1999.95
P35-356351-1Silver Ring 1.7g Celtic knot w red mq$9.95
P35-356331-1Bulova96C12696C126 Bulova w Crystals, Black Dial$139.95
P35-356301-1Cuff Bracelet 56.2g Sterling stamped dl DAWN LUCAS shadowbox native$299.95
P35-356284-114kt RING 1.1g White gold w oval blue saph and two small diamodns on sides$59.95
P35-356274-614kt NECKLACE 2.9g necklace, with cross pendant$139.95
P35-356274-514kt NECKLACE 1.6g Baby rosary necklace$79.95
P35-356274-414kt NECKLACE 1.8g Thin rosary necklace$89.95
P35-356270-114kt RING 3.9g Ring, solataire, 1-55pt round,$899.95
P35-356256-292kt NECKLACE 22.7g 925 22.7g rope necklace$39.95
P35-356256-192kt RING 13.9g 925, 13.4g harley davidson ring$34.95
P35-356253-110kt ring 5g Gold ring with roman soliders in the center$179.95
P35-356190-1BulovaC9601236Bulova Men’s 98B251 Swarovski Crystal Stainless Steel Watch$119.95
P35-356178-1NECKLACE 38.6g Silver necklace figaro$64.95
P35-356098-1NECKLACE 31.8g Figaro, diamond cut necklace$49.95
P35-356087-1G ShockM900DAmens watch Gray and silver watch in good condition casio g-shock$59.95
P35-356060-114kt RING 10.5g Wedding set not soldered, yellow 1-40pt sq and a square halo around it accents on sides$899.95
P35-356055-2DieselDZ-7324Men’s Diesel Fleet 3 Time Zone Big Chronograph Watch DZ7324$119.95
P35-356013-2RING Silver ring with 4 diamonds in the middle in good condition$34.95
P35-356013-110kt ring 1.7g Gold ring with Mystic Topaz stone in the middle in good condition$74.95
P35-356006-114kt RING 13g Ring, mens, riverbed, large cluster, 7-15pt rounds$999.95
P35-355909-1SILVER BAR 10g 10 oz troy 999 bar 2015 year of the goat in protective plastic$299.95
P35-355831-2engagment ring Two haves, one gold one black, gold half with cross on each side that fits into the black half$9.95
P35-355818-414kt RING 3.6g Yellow w green stone and some diamonds on sides$169.95
P35-355818-214kt NECKLACE 2.6g Dragon fly neckalce on box link chain 4-15pt mq diamonds$419.95
P35-355818-114kt Chain – Wheat 3.7g Dark yellow wheat chain$169.95
P35-355802-210kt NECKLACE 1.7g Thin tres oros necklace$64.95
P35-355770-110kt NECKLACE 1.2g Thin white gold necklace with heart pendant$49.95
P35-355766-1G ShockGA-200BWwatch Black g shock with silver face good condition$79.95
P35-355588-310kt NECKLACE 1.1g Necklace tres oros$49.95
P35-355499-114kt PENDANT 7.2g Heavy st jude pendant two tone$319.95
P35-355452-1RING 2.8g Ladies ring w/ oval clear stone$11.95
P35-355451-214kt BRACLET 0.7g Small thin gold necklace$44.95
P35-355443-114kt RING 7.8g Wedding set rose and yellow gold rndf 50 pt in center w/ 48 1 pt rnd dia$1099.95
P35-355326-1NECKLACE 35g Silver necklace, rope, mens,$59.95
P35-355292-114kt RING 5.8g Band two tone w/ two rnd 5 pt$349.95
P35-355286-114kt RING 2.9g Ladies ring white gold with 11 sq 3pt diamonds channel set in band$259.95
P35-355237-6bolo tie Bolo tie, silver, Turq Signes LS$29.95
P35-355237-5bolo tie Bolo tie, not silver flowrey design$3.95
P35-355237-2NECKLACE 11.3g Thin figaro necklace, long$19.95
P35-355236-4RING 2.2g Silver ring w 3 blue stones that are pale blue, middle is larger than the others$11.95
P35-355236-3RING 4.3g Ring, tear shaped yellow stone$11.95
P35-355236-2RING 2.2g Ring, w light blue oval stone$11.95
P35-355236-1BRACLET 6.2g Bracelet, w cuban links$12.95
P35-355082-3NECKLACE 3.3g Sliver necklace with infinity symbol with clear stones$14.95
P35-355035-4RING 3g Silver ring with pink stone and clear stones$11.95
P35-355035-110kt RING 1.1g White gold thin ring with row of small diamonds$59.95
P35-354990-114kt RING 2.8g .24ct center stone with igi cert halo setting with surrounding small diamonds, pretty$479.95
P35-354959-114kt RING 2.9g White gold cluster ring illussion 1-5pt and many smaller$239.95
P35-354909-114kt RING 5.9g Ring, wg, mens band, 7-5pt rounds$359.95
P35-354890-3MK Ladies Stainless Watch MK5779 Light scratches on Crystal s mk watch good conditionwith clear stones$39.95
P35-354890-2BRACLET 30.8g bracelet with purple stones$39.95
P35-354855-1RING 3g Silver ring with small dimaonds interwoven brand$29.95
P35-354854-114kt WEDDING SET 4.4g Two pc set, solitarie and wrap 1-45pt princess cut diamond, wrap has small on sides$849.95
P35-354820-614kt NECKLACE 1.3g Two small hearts on gold chain$69.95
P35-354730-3RING 2.9g P4 Platinaire solitaire ring 15pt diamond in the center$89.95
P35-354730-2RING 3.3g 14k WG Ring ring with Small diamonds$259.95
P35-354730-1RING 4.1g Silver wedding set with small diamonds$79.95
P35-354711-114kt EARRINGS 2.7g White gold earring with blue stones$129.95
P35-354697-1FossilFS4682FS4682 Fossill; Black Very nice Black fossil watch with gold on the face$44.95
P35-354680-114kt RING 6.3g 14k gold ring with light pink stone Flower s on side$319.95
P35-354570-310kt RING 3g Ladies rose gold wedding set w/ small rnd diamond$219.95
P35-354382-114kt NECKLACE 4g Gold necklace with moon pendent$179.95
P35-354381-1Silver RING 2.2g Good conditon , with accents and 4 diamonds in the middle$34.95
P35-354297-4RING 12.36g Mens skull and crossbones ring good condition and small accents on the skull and bones$49.95
P35-354297-2NECKLACE 33.5g Silver necklace with eagle and mortorcycle pendent ”Live to ride”$59.95
P35-354138-1CasioDW-6900watch Black gshock watch with red lettering, Original , decent condition,$39.95
P35-354131-114kt NECKLACE 4.4g Gold chain w cross. Cross is wood like w opal on it$219.95
P35-354027-114kt RING 2.5g Ladies ring w/ wave w. Diamonds$219.95
P35-353993-114kt RING 8.8g 14k white gold ring with diamonds, square face SHR$799.95
P35-353708-114kt RING 2.5g White gold ring with green stone in the center$129.95
P35-353595-214kt RING 4.4g Mens band, 9 3pt diamonds, in white gold band$369.95
P35-353334-1SILVER NECKLACE 14.3g SILVER NECKLACE 14.3g Silver necklace, beaded, purchased here$24.95
P35-353269-1LonginesL3.702.4L37024966Longines Conquest Quartz Chrono 41mm Mens Watch Blue Dial in OG Box Excellent ConditoinL37024966$749.95
P35-353178-110kt RING 3.7g Mens white gold ring with small row of diamonds on band,$199.95
P35-353068-1watch Greywatch nice face no scratches to face but some to band.$59.95
P35-352994-1David Yurman 925 + 14Kt 40mm Cable Hoop Earrings, 14.9g Pair Large$549.95
P35-352981-3RING 1.5g Silver ring with small green stone, bought here$8.95
P35-352923-1NixonMORE IS MORENixon time Teller Acetate, Plastic Band more is More$44.95
P35-352903-1Silver Ring 7.9g Silver irng w lots of diamonds purchased here$99.95
P35-352871-110kt RING 2.3g Ring, pink heart shaped stone$89.95
P35-352544-210kt RING 2.3g Gold ring w/ 5 oval blue stones MOM on sides w Diamod Chip$89.95
P35-352315-298D103 Bulova Marine Star Stianless Black Dial Stainless steel with black face bulova, small diamonds in face, some scratching to the outside rim of the watch$99.95
P35-352269-4silver ring 3.4g Silver ring, three clear stones ovals$11.95
P35-352204-110kt RING 1.3g Yellow gold ring green stone in center with small diamonds$49.95
P35-351779-3RING 3.5g 14k Gold ring with orange pearc hasepd stone CZs on sides$159.95
P35-351779-2RING 3.2g 14kt Ladies gold ring with large brown stone.$149.95
P35-351779-1RING 3.3g 14k tLadies gold ring with 10 purple and small diamonds$159.95
P35-351751-1silver ring 13.6g Silver ring with authentic vail golden bear$249.95
P35-351634-1RING 4.8g Ladies engagment ring sivler w/ 20 pt rnd dia baggets and chip small diamonds$99.95
P35-351626-1Movado01.1.34.6183wMovado Bold Leather Strap atch Watch, black face,m w gold disc at 12, leather band$149.95
P35-351620-103EBAY sterling pearl Carolyn pollack necklace Pink Three strand peal$59.95
P35-351620-102Ebay 58.5g BARSE Sterling Turquoise Heart On DESERT ROSE TRADING Turq neckalce$79.95
P35-351620-101EBAY 65.8g sterling turqouise necklace Running Bear Single Strand RB$99.95
P35-351563-314kt RING 4.5g Ring, square garnet CZ in side$209.95
P35-351563-214kt RING 4.7g Ring, round garnet$219.95
P35-351563-114kt RING 5.6g Ring, large purple tear shaped$259.95
P35-351561-414kt RING 3.7g Ring, purple rectangle w purples on sides$169.95
P35-351464-2Swiss legends Diamonds Automatic, Gold Tone w Blue Dial in Red swiss legend box automatic has diamond hour markers$119.95
P35-351464-110kt RING 8.3g 10k mends ring with 5 black sq diamonds$439.95
P35-351277-114kt RING 6.9g Mens wedding band wide$319.95
P35-351216-1NECKLACE 12.4g .925 necklace with key pendant Open Hearts w Diamonds$44.95
P35-350902-114kt wedding set 4.8g Ladies wedding set, in two kay jewlers boxes/ neil lane set, very pretty. Diamonds along band. Morganite$799.95
P35-350900-114kt BAND 7.7g White gold thick white gold band$359.95
P35-350859-314kt ring 3.6g Gold ring with oranges stones and clear stone$164.95
P35-350859-214kt RING 3.2g Gold ring with light green stones$149.95
P35-350859-114kt RING 4.4g Gold ring with purple and light pink stones and tiny diamond$199.95
P35-350424-114kt RING 4.3g 14kt white gold ring with red stones$199.95
P35-350403-1Silver Roung Star wars elizabeth 2nd star wars rogue one silver 1 oz in black case$69.95
P35-350201-210kt ring 1.7g Ladies white gold ring with 3 blue stones makes circle$69.95
P35-350201-110kt RING 1.9g White gold ring with blue heart on it$69.95
P35-349857-110kt NECKLACE 2.3g 10k chain with square knot pendant lots of diamonds 5pt in center$229.95
P35-349828-2SILVER BRACLET 11.4g Silver bracelet, rose plated w many 2pts in clusters$19.95
P35-349749-110kt GOLD RING 8.4g White and yellow gld ring with large citrene and diamonds on side, very nice$329.95
P35-349325-3RING 3.2g Swirl ring w small diamonds$19.95
P35-349160-114kt ring 2.8g White gold ring with blue stone on middle. 3 diamonds along sides of ring$159.95
P35-349109-110kt ring 1.6g 10k ring with 3 red stones, WG$59.95
P35-349037-1Watch G-shock watch dark blue with black trimming is on did a func. Test$59.95
P35-348597-1RING 22.5g F.Monte sterling silver ring with two feathers and a blue stone in center$129.95
P35-347772-6necklace pendant and ring set BBJ HSN 28.5g necklace pendant and ring set 28.5g Matching ring and pendant set, with red looking stone, pretty$49.95
P35-346869-110kt RING 3.1g Purple stone 3 sq w diamonds in between$119.95
P35-346499-110kt RING 5.4g Purple stones, small dimonds$239.95
P35-346300-218kt RING 3.6g Blue saphire mq w 4 diamodns on each side yellow gold$269.95
P35-346281-210kt RING 2.6g Bigger red MQ’s w Diamonds in between stone ring 10k 2.6g$119.95
P35-346235-110kt RING 4.3g Pearl ring in yellow gold w 1-7pt diamond$169.95
P35-345196-1Michael KorsMK8482WRIST WATCH Michael kors black mens watch good codnition works well$89.95
P35-345150-110kt RING 2.9g White gold ring w/ sqr pink stones$109.95
P35-344003-214kt RING 2.7g Ring with oval clearish blue stone in center and diamonds surrounding stone good condition$159.95
P35-343455-114kt RING 2.7g White gold ring w/ kinda rnd light purple stone diamonds on side$129.95
P35-343013-1BRACLET 180.8g AM Signed, w Beat and Tourquoise possibly Alfred Martinez?$599.95
P35-342315-210kt RING 1.9g 1.9g 10k gold ring with green stone and sm diamonds$79.95
P35-341084-1MovadoSE PILOTMovado 0606759 Pilot SE Black Dial Stainless$549.95
P35-340755-114kt RING 5.3g 5.3g 14k 27small round diamonds 10 green stones marquis shape a little bigger okay condition$399.95
P35-340648-114kt RING 3.4g Ring with a pearl on the top and a flower swirl on the sides$149.95
P35-340541-110kt RING 2.6g 10k white gold ring with light blue stones, in feather pattern$99.95
P35-340198-1LOOSE DIAMOND IGI# S6646800107 SITARA .33 H, I1, Round$239.95
P35-339931-2NixonLOCALS ONLYBlack Nixon in OG Box Nice Locals oNly the Patrol$74.95
P35-338193-114kt ring 2.6g 14k white gold. 3 green stones in middle. Pretty.$129.95
P35-338042-198B223 Bulova Marine Star WRIST WATCH All black bulova wrist watch, 3 little dials, all of them work, good condition$99.95
P35-337803-510kt RING 3.5g Ring with a purple stone in the middle and diamonds on side$139.95
P35-337801-5FestinaREGISTERED MODEL COLLECTION F16488Festina Chronograph F16488 Stainless w Black dial red accents, nice conditoin$74.95
P35-337011-2NECKLACE 5.5g 925 necklace, chain with cirlce pendant and two round czs and 6 small czs in flower shape$10.95
P35-334471-2Nixon42-20 CHRONONixon ChronoWRIST WATCH Sivler watch heavy small w/ white face$99.95
P35-331744-1Charm Bracelet 34.5g In og box, pandora charm bracelet 5 charms and two stoppers on authentic ale bracelet$99.95
P35-331619-1Native RL 76g Sterling Cuff w Purple$259.95
P35-331220-1Zuni belt 236g Sterling and coral by paul jones red coral needlepoint missing one on leather belt, 236g is total weight with leather$1499.95
P35-329918-1Invicta4106watch Watch red and black bezel, decent condition, automatic$59.95
P35-328338-3Redshift 7SW-RS1001-JWRIST WATCH Yellow band chrome face$19.95
P35-326564-112.1 Long Wheat Chain Nice Sterling Silver$17.95
P35-326132-1watch Tissot 1853, TOUCH 2 black vinyl straps, in good condition, ttouch,$299.95
P35-324004-1MovadoSAPPHIRE SYNERGYMOVADO Sapphire Synergy Black Dial Black Rubber Men’s Watch 606780$419.95
P35-323255-114kt RING 2.6g Garnet ring with leaves$119.95
P35-322857-1Bulova96B7596b75watch Silver mens bulova watch, scratches on face$49.95
P35-319929-1 girard-perregaux gyromatic 39 jewels, runs, one complications$399.95
P35-308114-114kt PEARL NECKLACE 3.1g Na hoku pearl necklace golden pearl aka butterscotch pearl, midas necklace na hoku pendant$199.95
P35-292286-1Radomens watch Brown leather strap rado yellow watch$299.95
P35-279606-1Bulovawatch Stainless steel bulova$89.95
P35-275030-1GucciNO MAKEwatch Watch, w black leather straps, pretty old, gold face, little messed up$99.95
P35-274683-1BulovaSPACEVIEW M6 ACCUTRONWRIST WATCH Clear dial, accutron bulova spaceview, don’t know if it works, stretch band$399.95
P35-274277-1MidoPOWERWINDwatch Mido powerwind watch$199.95
P35-265489-1SeikoSEIKOMATICVintage Watch Seikomatic with stretch band, old works fine some moderate wear$199.95
P35-254989-1Hamiltonwatch Gold colored watch, older, Hamilton Electric Vintage$499.95
N35-294812Bulova98P157Ladies 98P157 Bulova Blue Dial Two Tone Watch, Like New$89.95
N35-294521Bulova96A16996A169 Blue Dial Square Mens Bulova Classic, Like New Works Great$89.95
N35-294520Bulova96B149Mens Bulova 96B149 Black Dial Like New Very Nice conditoin Dress Watch$84.95
N35-294519Bulova97A127Bulova Gold Tone Super Slim 97A127 Round Mens Watch$109.95
N35-294517Bulova98B267Mens Bulova Precisionist 98B267, Brown Leather Strap Two Tone, Super Nice Condition$139.95
N35-294516Bulova96L152Ladies Bulova Watch Silver / White Dial Stainless, Nice Condition 96L152$59.95
N35-294515Bulova96G46Bulova Square Dial Black 96G46 Light Scratches on Glass oTherwise Great condition$59.95
N35-294472Bulova98D125Mens Bulova Two Tone 98D125 White Dial Very Very light scratches on bracelet$89.95
N35-294471Bulova96N100Ladies Bulova 96N100 White Dial Stainless, Great Condition Very Nice$89.95
N35-294069Bulova96D122Bulova 96D122 Grey Dial Watch, Good Ocnditoin Bulova$79.95
N35-293797250g (250.8) Sterling Silver Wholeslae Ring Lot, Exact Lot$379.95
N35-293796250g Sterling Silver Ring Lot, Wholesale, 251.3g$379.95
N35-293795Wholesale Sterling Silver Ring Lot 250g (252.6g) Exact Lot$379.95
N35-293714Bent Knudsen BENT K DENMARK STERLING Bracelt Bangle 38.9grams$219.95
N35-29246414Kt WG Ring 4.2g 1-50pt Round, Prongs have stones set in em$899.95
N35-292460Omega Semaster Deville Gold Fill Leather Band engraved on back$499.95
N35-292459Tiffany N Co Flower Vase Small Sterling Silver 82.4g 23636$219.95
N35-292450Mens Braided Tres Oros Wedding Band Stuller 14Kt 11.3Grams$519.95
N35-29244914K Gold Lot From MMI 134.0Grams$5999.95
N35-29215362.9g 25 Stelring Charms$79.95
N35-29215225 Sterling Charms 59.8g$79.95
N35-29215170.5g Charms Lot 25 Charms sterling$82.95
N35-292150Sterling Charms 25 Charms 65.7$79.95
N35-292149Native Sterling SIGNED LOT 236.9g SIGNED STERLING$559.95
N35-292148Native Sterling SIGNED LOT. 203.0 All signed$499.95
N35-292147Native Style Sterling Wholesale Lot UNSIGNED 348.5g$649.95
N35-292146Sterling Big Bead Lot. 242.2 Grams Large Beads and Sterling.$179.95
N35-292145340.5Grams Wholesale Gold Palted Silver, like new.$499.95
N35-291736James Avery Charm Bracelet with Texas Charm, Both AVERY, 7.7grams$99.95
N35-291735”Hot Diamonds” Sterling Ring 4 small diaonds on band 4.4g HDIA/U$39.95
N35-291685James Avery Hearts and Flowers Bracelet 3.0g$89.95
N35-291682Art Deco Knoll & Pregizer 935 Sterling Silver Paste Crystal Clip Pin Brooch 7.4g KP$149.95
N35-291639Bulova98C121Bulova 98C121 Black Dial Blue Accents Some Scratches on Band, OK Condition$89.95
N35-291637Citizen0510-S095239Citizen Chronograph Stainless Bracelet Black Dial, Nice,$99.95
N35-29155998B177Bulova Marine Star 98B177 Stainless Black Bezel Blue and Black Dial, Excellent Condition Super nice$129.95
N35-291509Bulova98C121Bulova 98c121 Black W Black Dial Blue accents Some wear on bracelet and light scratch on glass$79.95
N35-291417Bulova96B220Bulova 96B220 Blue Dial, Stainless Watch, Great Conditon Nice$119.95
N35-291331Bulova98C121Bulova 98C121 Black Ion Plated Wtch Chronograph Very nice, Scratch at top$119.95
N35-291317Sterling Ring celtic knot w hexagon turq 3.6$11.95
N35-291314Sterling Ring MENS Scroll like cross in center 7.8$19.95
N35-291313Sterling Ring leaf mad eof CZ 4.9$12.95
N35-291312Sterling Ring Horse head 2.6$9.95
N35-291310Sterling Ring Nugget ring w litle cz inlaid, 2.6$11.95
N35-291309Sterling Ring large CZ w smaller ones on sides 4.4g$13.95
N35-291308Sterling Ring line of 4 CZ 1.9$11.95
N35-291304Sterling Ring Light Purple sq 2.3$11.95
N35-291302Sterling Ring Two Black inlaid stones 4.0$11.95
N35-291299Sterling Ring Gold plated Silver w CZ solitaire 3.2$11.95
N35-291298Sterling Ring Lines of small diamonds 3.6$19.95
N35-291292Sterling Ring Rainbow Turtle 8.8$11.95
N35-291291Sterling Ring Green Sqaure in heavy band 4.5$11.95
N35-291290Sterling Ring large Blue oval 4.1$12.95
N35-291289Sterling Ring Roudn CZ Raised Flower seting 2.8$10.95
N35-291288Sterling Ring w Diamond Criss Cross 3.1$19.95
N35-291287Sterling Ring Band W Lines around it 4.4$19.95
N35-291285Sterling Ring Light purple mq 3.6$11.95
N35-291284Sterling Ring Three round smooth Black stones 3.3g$11.95
N35-291283Sterling Ring small green oval 1.6$9.95
N35-291282Sterling Ring Small infinity diamonds 1.5$19.95
N35-291281Sterling Ring Green stone and Tigers eye inlay 4.7$11.95
N35-291280Sterling Ring orange stone intricate around it 2.4$11.95
N35-291279Sterling Ring METALSMITHS Bnd Mens Designer 8.9$39.95
N35-291278Sterling Ring 7 Black ovals in cluster 3.4$11.95
N35-291273Sterling Ring Rainbow CZ 6.1$12.95
N35-291271Sterling Ring Filagree scroll rign dome top 11.0$13.95
N35-291266Sterling Ring Unconnected w Little diamond clusters at end 5.1$29.95
N35-291264Sterling Ring Pink w Halo 2.4$17.95
N35-291262Sterling Ring 3 Green SQ sotnes 3.2$11.95
N35-291261Sterling Ring 9 small round emeralds on board ,3.5$11.95
N35-291260Sterling Ring Blue green oval stone 2.9$11.95
N35-291258Sterling Ring Purple sq in Chain link holder 5.6$11.95
N35-291253Sterling Ring Mens w 5 Diamond Chips 8.8$24.95
N35-291252Sterling Ring small green heart stone 2.1$10.95
N35-291245Sterling Ring Pyrite Crystals Very Cool 4.0$14.95
N35-291243Sterling Ring orange stone w CZ halo around it 3.3$11.95
N35-291235Sterling Ring White Pearl w Halo 5.5$14.95
N35-291232Sterling Ring Oval Silver Grey Stone 6.6g$12.95
N35-291231Sterling Ring four round CZ at slight angles, 4.1$11.95
N35-291230Sterling Ring Mens Celtic Knot Spinner 11.0$34.95
N35-291229Sterling Ring Small diamond chip clsuter like a solitaire 2.2$12.95
N35-291227Sterling Ring Flapping Mariposa 8.2$13.95
N35-291225Sterling Ring light Blue oval w halo 4.2$13.95
N35-291222Sterling Ring Mens Concave Band Plain 9.8$29.95
N35-291220Sterling Ring Wide w Channel set pink and clear CZ 6.5$15.95
N35-291216Sterling Ring Mens Panther Head angry ring intricate 15.0$39.95
N35-291214Sterling Ring Mens Giant Tiger Head Very Intricate 18.8$44.95
N35-291212Sterling Ring Unconnected Black and White Bar 10.7g$13.95
N35-291211Sterling Ring Mens Celtic Knot Spinner 9.0$29.95
N35-291210Sterling Ring Celtic Knot w little black stone in center 2.7$10.95
N35-291209Sterling Ring Cluster or Pionk stones diamond shape 3.3g$13.95
N35-291208Sterling Ring Large Square Diamond Cluster 4.1$29.95
N35-291200Sterling Ring Wave w little purple in 14kt GOLD Setting$19.95
N35-291197Sterling Ring Smooth Purple sotne w Black sotne halo 5.8$12.95
N35-291194Sterling Ring white rectangle MOP 5.7g$10.95
N35-291189Sterling Ring Rows of Colored stones, Red Purple Green Blue yellow 6.1g$12.95
N35-291188Sterling Ring Light Purple large oval 4.5$13.95
N35-291184Sterling Ring Mens Skull and Mary Giatn 27.4$49.95
N35-291183Sterling Ring GIANT purple Oval 12.2$24.95
N35-291181Sterling Ring Huge Yellow and Clear Stone Ring 9.8$24.95
N35-291179Sterling Ring Three Red Ovals 3.2$11.95
N35-291177Sterling Ring Mens 3 Rows of Goldstone 11.5g$34.95
N35-291171Sterling Ring Mens W Skulls, Hear No Evil … 23.6$44.95
N35-290870OmegaSEAMASTER PROFESSIONAL1993 Omega Seamaster Professional ”Pre-Bond” Black Dial, Stainless Bracelet 396.1061$829.95
N35-290327Native Sterling Ring w 6 Turq Unsigned Nice 3.1g$24.95
N35-290324Ring Glenn Paquin Laguna Zuni LAG-ZUNI GP 7.0$59.95
N35-290323D S Signed Cuff, w Round Turq, 16.9$89.95
N35-290322Sterling Gilbert Begay Cuff Bracelet 13.9g$74.95
N35-290321Native Sterling Turq Ring Signed A-Y Feather and Vines, Very Nice 10.8g$49.95
N35-29018810KT WG Cross Pendnat On Neckalce w 4 Diamonds 1.8$99.95
N35-29018310kt WG 1.2G Diamond Heart Necklace$79.95
N35-290181Necklace Double Heart 14Kt 1.7 WG Smaller Heart has Diamonds$119.95
N35-29017910Kt Necklace w Purse Pendant Blue stones 10Kt 4.0$159.95
N35-290178Ladies 14Kt WG popcorn Necklace 3.5g Nice No Pendant$159.95
N35-29017710Kt WG Necklace Turq Black Inlay and Diamond, 4.7g$199.95
N35-290176Gold Earings Two Tone 14Kt Gold S White and Yellow 1.0$49.95
N35-29017510Kt Rose Gold Diamond Heart Necklace 2.3g$99.95
N35-290167Army Sweetheart pednatn, Red Stone 10kt 7.7g Balfour$339.95
N35-289906ISU Cyclones 1997 Championship Ring Red Stone 10Kt 25.9g Cooper$949.95
N35-2899051994 SDIC Cougars UGA Championship Westbrook Train 10Kt 37.5g 10kt$1299.95
N35-2899041995 SDUC Championship Ring Stainless Gold Plated USF Purple Stone Panthers Hansen$199.95
N35-289779Bulova96B87Bulova Marine Star 96B87 Light Scratches, Stainless Works Good$79.95
N35-28934315.9g Carolyn Pollack Relios Sterling Silver Heart Pendant$34.95
N35-289338luxenter pendant 11.7g black stone neckalce$49.95
N35-2893367.4g Silpada Red Stone Sterling Filigree Pendant S1300 & Earrings W1298,$49.95
N35-28933516.4 Silpada P0382 Earrings Brass Hoops 16.4$39.95
N35-289333VTG 7.7g John Hart IONA silver Pin Sword Scottish$49.95
N35-28933210.2g Silpada Sterling Silver Bracelet B0822 Binaro Bar Hinge Link$44.95
N35-289331Sterling Keyring Dog Tag European GM 20.1$29.95
N35-2893304.4g Stelring Gold Mike Smith Ring 4.4g$49.95
N35-28932912.2g Elk Head Amethyst Pink Signed MG European 12.2$59.95
N35-28932837.8 Silpada VIRTUOSITY Cross Sterling Silver Necklace N0557$79.95
N35-289327Denmark J 830 U8 Labradorite Cufflinks 8.9g$59.95
N35-28932611.2g BELLE ETOILE STERLING EARRINGS Rubber$89.95
N35-28932420.4 SILPADA Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl Crystal Bead Necklace N1602$34.95
N35-28931826.5g Squid Bracelet, AWESOME!! Handmade$79.95
N35-289315HDIAVD Sterling Pendant w Diamond 8.7$99.95
N35-289312Dobbs Sterling & 18kt Gold Bracelet 9.0g$99.95
N35-289309FOLLI FOLLIE Knot Mesh Neckalce 25.5g$69.95
N35-2893083.9g Pearch Sterling Earrings, .3.9$19.95
N35-289307Vtg 6.4g Crest Craft US Army Sweetheart Gold plated Silver$39.95
N35-289303Ring Sterling Faceted Lapis Signed 9.7$19.95
N35-28929912.0 Silpada 3 Bar Ring Ring R1618$34.95
N35-289297Authentic Disney Tinkerbel neckalce 4.0$14.95
N35-28929659.1 Joseph Esposito ESPO Onyx & Amber Snap Necklace$99.95
N35-28929520.2g Robert Lee Morris Modernist Sterling Silver Sand Dollar Pendant RLM Studio$39.95
N35-28929413.6 Silpada Sterling Silver Round Omega Snake Chain Necklace with Lapis beads 13.6$59.95
N35-2892892.4g Vtg Blackinton Army Navy Medical Caduceus Anchor Sterling Silver Lapel PIN$14.95
N35-28928733.7g ROBERT LEE MORRIS NECKLACE Round Modern link RLM 33.7$69.95
N35-289285Jane Iris Sterling Silver ”Womb Moon” Pendant 4.3g$19.95
N35-289283SILPADA Sterling Silver VICTORIAN Earrings Oval Bead Ball W0009-S 9.4g$29.95
N35-289280Sterling CHAM Chamila 10.7 Nekclace adjustable e Dangle$49.95
N35-289277John Hardy 32.4 Classic Necklace Pusher Clasp Sterling Wheat Bali$299.95
N35-289276ZINA Necklace & Pendant 21.2g Square Scroll Sterling$59.95
N35-289274US Navy Locketag Vintage Engraved 20.5g Sterling$59.95
N35-289014Silpada Uptown CZ CZ Fleur De Lis Sterling Silver Pendant – S0979 6.6g$39.95
N35-288866202.5Grams Mixed NEW Sterling Assortment NOS$179.95
N35-288865220.1Gams Mixed NEW sterling Assorment NOS$179.95
N35-286973Bulova 98B177 Stainless Watch, Black Dial, Good Condition 15119039$59.95
N35-286750Silver Necklace Tons of Hoops in one flat links, 48.2$69.95
N35-286715Silver Necklace Long Jump Ring, No clasp Nice 20.0$29.95
N35-286710Silver Necklace Vintage What Tube 37.3$49.95
N35-286152Sterling Silpada Long Earrings 10.1g$29.95
N35-286151Sterling Ring Lage CZ Elle 7.2$19.95
N35-286149Thomas Sabo Charm Club Bracelet one Martini Charm 10.4g$44.95
N35-286148Israel Shablool Didae Sterling Ring 3 leaves 7.0$39.95
N35-286146Mens Silpada 12.1g Ring Copper Brass, TH signed, Citrene?$44.95
N35-286144125.3g 980 Sterling Mexico Labradorite Heavy necklace Bracelet Combo$199.95
N35-286137Sterling ESTY Grossman for BINKS Wire Cuff Bracelet 45.7g$249.95
N35-286135Michael Hill Sterling Cuff 10kt Infinity Heart w Diamonds 31.4g$129.95
N35-285674Silver Ring large Blue CZ w CZ halo 2.6$11.95
N35-285628Silver Ring 3 light pink stones 3.0$10.95
N35-285627Silver Ring large Faceted hematite oval 8.5$13.95
N35-285624Silver Ring Face w Skull on one side 15.9$34.95
N35-285621Silver Ring Mens Skull W Key in mouth, 22.5$39.95
N35-285617Silver Ring skeletons Wrasteling around 11.1$39.95
N35-285614Silver Ring purple pearl in double bump band, 8.4$12.95
N35-285607Silver Ring Cluster of Skulls 10.9$34.95
N35-285604Silver Ring Skull w Goggles on head fighter pilot? 16.8$34.95
N35-285584Silver Ring Cobra Mens Ring Nice 11.7$34.95
N35-285583Silver Ring Giant Mens Feur De Li Cross w Serpens 25.5$44.95
N35-285567Silver Ring like a mountain peak, 5.6$9.95
N35-285561Silver Ring Large oval white sotne rope on sides 6.3$11.95
N35-285557Silver Ring Mens Sugar Skull Ring Large 16.7$39.95
N35-285546Silver Ring Cable Band w Yellow Square stone 7.1g$12.95
N35-285411NOS Braceltes Sterling 257.1Grams net$249.95
N35-285409Silver Ring NOS Lot Wholesale 155.1Grams Net$174.95
N35-28438314K WG Ring w Purple stone and Small Diamond Very Nice 5.5g$299.95
N35-284305Silver Bracelet Round Silver Tribl pendant 6.2$11.95
N35-284298Silver Bracelet Hearts w CZ inside 11.3$19.95
N35-284265Silver Bracelet Lots of Small round green stne 35.1$49.95
N35-284262Silver Necklace Sailboat 3.0$9.95
N35-284260Silver Necklace faceted bar design 4.2$11.95
N35-284259Silver Necklace and 10kt Gold Butterfly 3.0$24.95
N35-284253Silver Necklace Double Circle of Diamonds w Haning diamonds 7.0$29.95
N35-284252Silver Necklace Two CZ on two tone bar pendant 5.0$11.95
N35-284249Silver Necklace 3.8g infinity diamond$14.95
N35-284248Silver Necklace Peals and Braided Neckalce 12.0$17.95
N35-284236Silver Necklace puffed heart pendnt 5.0$11.95
N35-284234Silver Necklace CZ hoop and Pearl 4.4$12.95
N35-284233Silver Necklace Little Skull and Ring.. 3.2g$11.95
N35-284220Silver Necklace beaded w Double pearl 4.0$11.95
N35-284219Silver Necklace gold tone braided wreath 2.4$10.95
N35-284215Silver Necklace w Gold Tones Donuts on it 5.3$11.95
N35-284214Silver Necklace Hering bone w Large inlaid Blue opal 29.4$49.95
N35-284205Silver Necklace Box w Mystic Topaz pendant 5.6$11.95
N35-284204Silver Necklace Twist Chain w Moonstones MQs in large pendant 7.4$12.95
N35-284203Silver Necklace Box w Feather pendant turq, 3.1$11.95
N35-284202Silver Necklace Black Rhodium Plated Dnagley CZ Cross neckalce Cool 17.1$29.95
N35-284201Silver Necklace Classic Open heart double heart 5.7$14.95
N35-284200Silver Necklace Long Box w Journey like Infinity knot w CZ 7.7$12.95
N35-284199Silver Necklace Red MQ w CZ all around, 5.5$12.95
N35-284198Silver Necklace CZ Dog Tag and Crown pednatn 5.6$11.95
N35-284197Silver Necklace Teardrop Pendant, 8.3g$11.95
N35-284196Silver Necklace Rope w MOP Cross Heavy 16.1$24.95
N35-284162Jerusalem Cross 935 A.H.K. Vintage 64.9$129.95
N35-284160Michael Dawkins Pearl Bracelet 57.3 stelring$119.95
N35-284155DAC Deborah Armstrong Pearl Necklace 83.7G$179.95
N35-283136Mens Sterling Ring Cobra Ring 11.5$29.95
N35-283134Mens Sterling Ring intricate Sugar skull 18.9$34.95
N35-283129Mens Sterling Ring Two Skulls, laughing, 13.9$34.95
N35-283125Mens Sterling Ring Cobra Ring, 12.7$29.95
N35-283116Mens Sterling Ring tribal Skull, 17.2$39.95
N35-283112Mens Sterling Ring Skull with Spiked Head, 14.6$39.95
N35-283111Mens Sterling Ring large intricate Skull Sugar 16.6$39.95
N35-283102Mens Sterling Ring Pirate Skull w Key in its mouth 23.5$39.95
N35-282513Sterling Bracelet Mariner Anklet 5.3$11.95
N35-282512Sterling Bracelet squared hollow tube links, 6.8$13.95
N35-282502Sterling Bracelet Figgaro ID Bracele t med 9.7$24.95
N35-282500Sterling Bracelet adjustable ID Bar Box link 2.9$12.95
N35-282499Sterling Bracelet Rope, kinda shorter, 8.0$11.95
N35-282496Sterling Bracelet longer thin cuban 10.1$21.95
N35-282494Sterling Bracelet nice heavy Cuban 29.9$49.95
N35-282489Sterling Bracelet raided Tube w Gold Hoop and Gold ends, 11.3$49.95
N35-282487Sterling Bracelet medium Figgaro 9.7$19.95
N35-282485Sterling Bracelet Smaller Figgaro 6.1$9.95
N35-282481Sterling Bracelet vintage large bezyntine bracelet 21.9$32.95
N35-282479Silver Necklace beaded neckalce 19.8$29.95
N35-282474Silver Necklace thin long short round links alternating 4.7$11.95
N35-282455Silver Necklace circle burst links, 7.4$16.95
N35-282453Silver Necklace elongated beads, 9.7$17.95
N35-282445Silver Necklace super long tight thin cuban 30.3$44.95
N35-282444Silver Necklace ladies Key and Heart lock toggle, 48.2$74.95
N35-282437Silver Necklace ladies rope curb link, 17.3$24.95
N35-282431Silver Necklace shorter hollow popcorn 7.0$14.95
N35-282414Silver Necklace small thin Box link long 6.9$11.95
N35-282406Silver Necklace small beads, 15.9$24.95
N35-282398Silver Necklace Graduated Round Beaded laides 22.0$39.95
N35-282396Silver Necklace Graduated Rope 30.7$44.95
N35-28179210kt WG Ring Double Pearl 2.9$104.95
N35-28179010kt YG Ring Blue MQ Saphire and Diamonds up and down the sides, 2.3g$139.95
N35-28178910kt YG Ring green oval w Green sides in Band 2.5$89.95
N35-28178810kt YG Ring Large light blue sq w Tri sides, 2.8$99.95
N35-28178610kt YG Ring Green oval w CZ Tri Sides, 1.8$64.95
N35-28178510kt YG Ring Green oval w small diamond 1.9$69.95
N35-28178410kt YG Ring large purple oval and small diamonds on side, 4.3$159.95
N35-28178310kt YG Ring Sq Red Stone 1.7$64.95
N35-28178210kt YG Ring Double Pearl Ring 2.3$94.95
N35-28178010kt YG Ring pearl w Small diamond and some leaves 3.8$139.95
N35-28177810kt YG Ring 3 purple MQ and small diamonds 1.4g$59.95
N35-28177710kt YG Ring Pealr w Cmall diamond 1.8$69.95
N35-28177510kt YG Ring Green Peridot and Diamond ring 2.4g$109.95
N35-28166914KT YG Ring purple oval w one diamond 2.36$104.95
N35-28166714KT YG Ring Light Lbue stone w Diamond Halo 2.7G$159.95
N35-28166414KT YG Ring Peach Colored round stone w Diamond Burst flower around it 1.9g$94.95
N35-28166314KT YG Ring Blue Saph oval w diamonds on sides, 1.9g$94.95
N35-28166214KT YG Ring Purple Stone Flower w 8pt diam in center 2.5$139.95
N35-28166114KT Whtie Gold w 3 Pink Sotnes, Small clusters of diamodns between each 2.7$139.95
N35-28166014KT YG Ring Blue MQ alternanting with small diamonds 2.2$109.95
N35-28165814KT YG Ring Pink Teardrop with Diamonds Going under it, 3.2$189.95
N35-28165514KT WG Ring 3 Square Pinkish Red stones 5.5$249.95
N35-28165414KT White Gold Two Trillion Green sotnes with 3 Diamonds in between Heavy 6.8g$349.95
N35-28165314KT YG Ring large Blue teardrop w Diamond next to it 3.8$179.95
N35-28165214KT YG Ring Small, Red MQ w Diamonds around it 2.1g$129.95
N35-28164710Kt YG Ring row of 5 Tanz, 1.9$69.95
N35-28164610kt YG Ring Small w Lue stone and two sdiamonds 1.6$64.95
N35-28164510kt Yellow Gold with light blue heart sonte little clear on sides not diamond 1.7$59.95
N35-28164114kt YG Green stones around a smooth pink stone like a flower 2.8g$129.95
N35-28163910kt WG Tanzanite and Two Small 8pt diamonds on the side, 3.0$149.95
N35-28163710kt WG Tanzanite 3 stone and small diam 1.6$64.95
N35-28163210kt WG Ring B lue stone and two 5pt SQ Diamonds Nice 3.2$139.95
N35-281631ight Blue 10kt White Gold Stone is top faceted w Small diamodns on sid 2.0g$79.95
N35-28163010Kt YG oval Tanz Ring w 6 small diamonds 2.1g$84.95
N35-28162910Kt YG MQ Tanz w Chips ring 1.7$64.95
N35-28162810Kt YG Light Blue MQ w Diamonds underneath it in a row 3.2$139.95
N35-28162710Kt YG Tanz MW w Chips 1.4$54.95
N35-28162610kt WG Light Blue stones like flower with diamonds 2.8$119.95
N35-28162510Kt YG dSmall round pink Star Saph, 2.0$69.95
N35-28162310Kt YG Red Pear stone with gold over top 2.5$89.95
N35-28162110Kt YG Hearts with Blue stones in each one 2.7$99.95
N35-28162010Kt Rose Gold Ring w Oval Redish Pink very prety stone 2.3$84.95
N35-28161810Kt YG 5 lines of Saphjires in rows, 4.5$159.95
N35-28161510Kt YG Light Blue oval stone w diamonds 1.5g$59.95
N35-28161410KT WG Ring Blue star Saphire Round 1.9g$69.95
N35-28161310Kt YG Ring Purple stone small diamodns on side, 1.6g$59.95
N35-28161210Kt YG Ring w Blue stone and Halo of diamonds around it 1.7g$74.95
N35-28161110Kt YG Ring Purple Sq Center w small diamonds on side, 2.5g$89.95
N35-28156210kt YG Ring MQ Emeralds and Small Diamonds make a flower 2.1g$89.95
N35-28156110kt YG Ring Oval light blue stone w 6 diamonds on sides, 1.5$69.95
N35-28155910kt YG Ring Double Band Rubies and Diamonds, 3.0$109.95
N35-28155810kt Y Ring 5 Rubies w Diamonds on side, says MOM on side, 3.0$109.95
N35-281555YG Ring 5 Oval Emeralds, Small diamonds on side, 10kt 2.7g$99.95
N35-281421Douglas Etsitty Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet 49.6g$149.95
N35-280465Silver Ring CZ w Step sides w czs in steps 2.5$11.95
N35-280462Silver Ring purple teardrop stoen 2.0$10.95
N35-280421Silver Ring Oval Bezel set CZ 4.6g$10.95
N35-280386Silver Ring amber oval step sides, 4.5$10.95
N35-280347Silver Ring huge pink oval bezel set 8.8$14.95
N35-280345Silver Ring large purple oval 7.5g$12.95
N35-27811426.5g BGE Footprints Heart Necklace Bradford$79.95
N35-27811323.0g TF NAVAJO CUFF BRACELET INLAY STONES925+ 1/20 12 G$159.95
N35-27811131.4g Silpada Stretch Bracelet Sterling w CZ$79.95
N35-278102DWECK Diamonds, Sterling Neckalce, Wood Heart w Diamond, 13.1g Gold plated Stephen Dweck$299.95
N35-278100Peter Lam, 18kt and Sterling w Diamond Necklace 13.0g$499.95
N35-277263Silver Bracelet Huge Hevy Wide Bracelet, 99.0$149.95
N35-277208Silver Necklace Bars and Balls 16.0$24.95
N35-277187Silver Necklace Rounded Box Link Nice, 26.4$37.95
N35-27507814kt YG Blue oval ring w small diamonds on side, 3.3$149.95
N35-27498810k WG Ring, Purple heart with little diamonds, nice 1.9g$79.95
N35-27460614kt Large Triangle Citrene, Row of Diamonds and 2 Garnets on side, heavy yellow gold 5.5$299.95
N35-27460110kt Yellow Purple Tear w 3 small diamonds, 2.6g$109.95
N35-27459514kt Yellow Green SQ w 6 small diamonds on side$189.95
N35-27458614kt Yellow Gold Emeral oval w many on sides, 3.9$184.95
N35-27458514k Yellow Row of Blue MQ set at angle, Green rows on both sides, nice 5.1$229.95
N35-27458110kt Tanzanite Cluster w two small diamonds 3.1$119.95
N35-27457610kt White Gold 3 Blue stones with Diamond Halow around them 3.3g$159.95
N35-27456210kt Ring Yellow w 10 Triangle Tanzanites, 2.6$89.95
N35-27455610k YG Ring, Purple/Pink Triangle w Flower of Triangles around it 4.4g$159.95
N35-27355862.5g Acleoni Super Long Necklace 30”$129.95
N35-27355761.9g Acleoni Necklace w Gemstones 30” Sterling, Aqua, Garnet, Amethyst, Citrine$139.95
N35-27355532.8g 9” Acleoni Bracelet Long Double Links Toggle$59.95
N35-27355426.2g Double Link Acleoni Bracelet 8” Adjustable Toggle$49.95
N35-27355315.9g Acleoni Single Link Bracelet Sterling 8” Toggle$31.95
N35-27355248.5g Sterling Acleoni Necklace Mother of Pearl and Onyx 18”$119.95
N35-272724Silver Ring large green oval 5.9 native unsigned$19.95
N35-272722Silver Ring Textured band large round cz 7.7$14.95
N35-272693Silver Ring line of Green stones 2.4$10.95
N35-272681Silver Ring light blue sq w two clear Sq on sides, 2.4$11.95
N35-272651Silver Ring little tiny wing ring 0.8g$4.95
N35-272515Silver Ring pink diagonal lines inlay 5.8$9.95
N35-272457Little Pearl Silver Ring 2.8$9.95
N35-272429Silver Ring Pink oval 3.2$9.95
N35-272419Silver Ring Panel of rectangel MOP 4.9$11.95
N35-272355Silver Ring small Bezel set RD CZ, 2.3$9.95
N35-269723MCD Ring Spade Biker? 17.3g$49.95
N35-269714sterling Folli follie necklace Clovers 20.6$74.95
N35-267644Silver Ring 3 orange stones, 2.5$10.95
N35-267546Silver Ring oragne stone cluster BGE 4.4$14.95
N35-267544Silver Ring basketweave dome, 5.7$9.95
N35-267530Silver Ring Blue and Celar small diamonds 3.63$12.95
N35-267473Silver Ring Green MQ on rope band, 2.4$10.95
N35-266406Silver Bracelet round links 12.6$14.95
N35-266350Silver Necklace Beads, long 10.6$14.95
N35-266345Silver Necklace short squared wheat neckalce, 21.0$29.95
N35-266284Silver Necklace O’s Connected, gucci look 29.4$39.95
N35-261942Silver Ring Clear slight yellow stone, 2.2g$10.95
N35-254154Silver Ring large milky stone 4.5g$11.95
N35-247175Silver Pendant pink inlaid flowers 7.7$14.95
N35-234930Silver Ring inlaid MOP s’s, 4.1$9.95
N35-217016Sterling Money Clip with Knife in it, 33.5$49.95
N35-217015Sterling Money Clip with Knife in it, 33.5$49.95
B35-358298-2NECKLACE 4.9g Silver necklace with key pendant with pink heart in the center$24.95
B35-358298-114kt NECKLACE 2.2g White gold necklace with small heart shape pendant with red stone$119.95
B35-358242-114kt RING 9.2g Horsehoe w Head, Diamonds and Ruby$529.95
B35-358211-1necklace and earring set 4.8g Silver necklace and earring set, in long white box, pink trillion stones, purchased here$34.95
B35-358176-2Silver Neckalce w Heart PENDANT 5.9g Center says I love you in aAll Languages, if you look into it.$14.95
B35-358124-1Citizen1032-S022754HSBWRIST WATCH W/ black and gold face, good condition,$9.95
B35-358050-114kt Wedding Ring 4.4g Wg 3 stone ring 1-60pt and 2-20pts, great condition$899.95
B35-358049-1RING 2.5g Tungston ring with pink ‘camo’$14.95
B35-357940-3EARRINGS 4.1g .925 earrings with blue stones and small diamonds$14.95
B35-357940-2NECKLACE 2.8g .925 necklace tested with opal stone$24.95
B35-357940-1RING 4.5g .925 ring with a little 10k gold accents with a big opal stone and 2 small opals tested$29.95
B35-357931-514kt GOLD RING 5g Gld ring with aqua stone$259.95
B35-357931-414kt GOLD RING 4.7g Gold ring w Trillion Diamond held on top and bottom$299.95
B35-357931-310kt mens ring 6.4g Gold White Gold Mens Plain Band$229.95
B35-357910-214kt RING 7.3g 14kt RING 7.3g Ring, wedding set w CERT, 1-71pt, square, igi 30453728, h, i1, w band on top and bottom that has channel set stones on top and bottom$1299.95
B35-357905-114kt RING 3.9g Wedding ring wg, .95ctw 1-35pt emerald and 2 15pt emeralds and sq on sides, 3 stone ring very pretty$899.95
B35-357885-3RING 19.6g Handmade green turquise ring native style 1974 PLH$44.95
B35-357885-20kt Silver Pin 8.7g Sandcast roadrunner pin w green eye$19.95
B35-357883-1CccpCP-7048CCCP 7048 WRIST WATCH In og red box, green face, stainless steel, good condition$99.95
B35-357807-22005 1/10th Eagle MS70 Slabbed$259.95
B35-357807-10110 Tory Ounce Bar USA Liberty$299.95
B35-357782-3Sottomarino ItaliaSM-70008CSottomarion Ceramic Watch Ladies, Great Condition$89.95
B35-357782-2RING 13.9g Mens black tungsten ring band$24.95
B35-357782-114kt RING 10.1g Womens wedding ring set ilusion cutt 20pt w/ 17sqr 1-2 spt white gold w/ paper work$999.95
B35-357764-214kt EARRINGS 3g Yellow gold tri hoop earrings w/ small diamonds in earrings, pretty$159.95
B35-357726-114kt WEDDING SET 7.3g Wg wedding set 1-31pt sq cid4047b455097 si2, h’$849.95
B35-357712-5RING 1.5g Silver ring with gold and diamonds$39.95
B35-357640-210kt PENDANT 1g Smll heel pendant$39.95
B35-357640-114kt RING 3.1g Ring w/ two touching hearts$189.95
B35-357606-118kt WEDDING SET 6.6g 18k 1-60pt Sq Diamond and Channel set Squares in Band, Soldered$1099.95
B35-357462-110kt RING 2.3g Rose gold illusion ring with choc diamonds$149.95
B35-357382-110kt RING 1.9g Three diamonds set into the middle$239.95
B35-357370-114kt RING 7g Mens red stone faceted on top nice scrollwork on sides, thin band$339.95
B35-357368-310kt RING 6.8g Tiffany & Co ring in blue bag, 1997$119.95
B35-357358-1Rolex162001999 Rolex Date Just Watch Aftermarket Pink Dial 36mm 16200$4499.95
B35-357321-114kt Levian Ring 3.9g Levian w 90pt diamond, in white gold halo setting$1999.95
B35-357188-114kt RING 3.6g Yellow gold rign with blue stone, Romania Color Last$169.95
B35-357161-114kt RING 3.7g Levian w/ chocolate and white diamonds w/ raspberry color stone in center$539.95
B35-357088-3RING 4.3g Black men tatanium ring w Carbon Fiber$9.95
B35-357085-1EARRINGS 0.7g Silver earrings with 10pt diamonds$39.95
B35-356876-1Necklace 5.4g Cross sterling with diamonds champagne and clear diamonds$59.95
B35-356875-214kt RING 4.6g Set soldered wg 1-65pt sq diamond 4-10pts on sides WG$999.95
B35-356875-118kt Wedding Ring w CERT 4.2g White gold masterpiece collection w 1-40pt gia si2, h, 2116440784$999.95
B35-356828-214kt RING 10.4g Ring, mens, w 1852 $1 gold coin, 8.7g 14k, 1.7g 22k, has diamond halo around ring of 3pt stones$899.95
B35-356828-114kt RING 4.3g Ring, 1-75pt round, 2-35pt rounds on each side, 6-8pt round accents, three on each side,$1999.95
B35-356753-1DieselDZ-4360DZ-4360 Diesel Only the Brave watch Watch, gold face bezel and band, some wear on band, large face$79.95
B35-356738-1RING 3.3g Silver ring with cluster czs rows$11.95
B35-356673-1RING 5g Wedding set clear srnd stone in center$19.95
B35-356661-3RING 7.7g Back the blue law enforcment ring. STEEL$9.95
B35-356661-2stainless RING 7.9g Band two tone, thin lines of gold color$9.95
B35-356661-1rings 5.5g Stainless steel ring with checker design in center, Carbon Fiber w blue$9.95
B35-356459-414kt NECKLACE 4g Necklace, very thin box chain, tres oros, three sets of over of overlapping journey,$249.95
B35-356439-2RING 4g Large central stone surrounded by smaller stones$12.95
B35-356439-1NECKLACE 3.5g Large stone surrounded by smaller stones, on a small chain$12.95
B35-356433-210kt RING 1.9g Blue triangle w little diamonds$74.95
B35-356432-510kt RING 3.7g White gold pink heart and small diamonds$149.95
B35-356432-3Vintake Mikimoto Pearl Ring w Box Mint Condition 14kt RING 2.9g In og box mikimoto pearl ring$299.95
B35-356432-210kt RING 1.4g Red sqare w little diamonds on each side$59.95
B35-356431-2RING Tungsten ring black with little diamond$39.95
B35-356417-114kt RING 5.2g Ring, 1-75pt suare w 2-30pt square, all have halos and ring has accents on both sides$1799.95
B35-356344-4RING 2.1g Silver with with clear cz stone in center, was sized with piece of metal inside ring$9.95
B35-356344-1RING 3.2g Silver ring with opal like stones$9.95
B35-356275-210kt RING 3.3g Ring, purple stone rectangular, w purple stones and small accents on side$139.95
B35-356200-114kt RING 2.4g Gold ring with pearl in the center and 8 diamond chips$119.95
B35-356187-3NECKLACE 4.1g 925 necklace with oval pendant, has engraved passage$12.95
B35-356187-2NECKLACE 18.4g 925 necklace with blue stones$29.95
B35-356152-114kt RING 11.2g Ring, modern, 1-100pt round red diamond, w 10 accents that are sized from 2 to 5pts, channel set in a diagonal line adjacent to main stone$3499.95
B35-356059-114kt RING 6g Ring, ”ever us” inscribed inside, two tone, 2-40pt rounds side by side, lace over and under, 8 accents on side (4 on each)$1299.95
B35-355979-1TissotT049410Amens watch Tissot pr 100 black mens watch little wear but good conditon,$149.95
B35-355836-110kt RING 2.4g Ring, wg, w small blue marquise & Diamonds$119.95
B35-355805-2RING Black tungsten ring$19.95
B35-355794-210kt RING 2g White gold ring, 2.0 grams, 10k, 1-5at, 2-3 pt$119.95
B35-355715-114kt RING 3.9g 1-50pt mq diamond white gold w accents on side, swirl over top$899.95
B35-355630-410kt RING 2.7g Black hills gold ring$99.95
B35-355630-310kt RING 3.2g Pink stone wg ring square pink stones$129.95
B35-355485-20114kt Band with 17 -3pt Diamonds in it in a row White Gold 1.7$179.95
B35-355485-2WG Vera Wang Love 1-35pt Diamond w Halo, Saph on sides 4.6g$699.95
B35-355475-5RING 3.2g Native blue red and white ring, silver Unsigned$29.95
B35-355475-3Native Concho LO Signed bracelet 14.1g Sterling$79.95
B35-355475-2NECKLACE Blue Lapis Danglers 11.6g Necklace with blue stones$29.95
B35-355456-110kt NECKLACE 4g Rope necklace, shorter medium size$149.95
B35-355384-114kt RING 2.6g Ring, wg, band, small channel set diamonds sq$199.95
B35-355336-214kt Figgaro Thin NECKLACE 2.7g Gold chain$129.95
B35-355073-310kt PENDANT 2.6g Neckalce w Ribbon Pendant w Diamonds 3pt on one side rose gold$179.95
B35-355005-310kt EARRINGS 4.6g 10k earrings with purple stones$169.95
B35-354905-114kt RING 6.6g Ladies wedding set 1 40pt sqr w/ 10 small sqr diamonds and band w/ 9 rnd small diamonds$799.95
B35-354861-2CoachNVMNwatch Coach poppy watch with stainless band$29.95
B35-354728-1EARRINGS 8.1g Square silver earrings with czs$11.95
B35-354725-2CallawayCY1906GSWatch Callaway orange bezel insert analog and digital watch , silicon band, good conditoin$69.95
B35-354704-2NECKLACE 4.2g .925 necklace with infinity like pendant with on gold bar like 10k tested$39.95
B35-354627-1MovadoLUNO SPORT 84-E7-1850Watch Stainless luno sport movado very nice, black dial stainless$299.95
B35-354606-114kt RING 5.4g 75 pt cushion cut diamond in denter w/ halo setting and small rnd diamonds white gold shane and co$1999.95
B35-354564-314kt RING 4.3g White gold curing knot halo aroudn a 35pt diamond$599.95
B35-354564-214kt RING 3.6g Ballarena ring vintage single cuts n side and 1-40pt in center$859.95
B35-354362-110kt RING 3.5g Ring, bright green oval$129.95
B35-354352-1Cuff Links Gold fill revolver cuff links, mop handles, likely swank$19.95
B35-354344-314kt RING 4g White gold ring with 3 diamonds in the center$399.95
B35-354117-4EARRINGS 7.2g Earrings, ”wolves” (alledgedly, could be coyotes, but jury is out on that one), howling at the moon. Also, they are inexplicably wearing bandanas$12.95
B35-354021-2RING 3.5g Purple heart in center w. Bhg$29.95
B35-353922-314kt PENDANT 3.5g Heart & Diamond pendant Kabana$179.95
B35-353902-2RING 19g Mens tungsten band, has small row of diamonds in Silver$99.95
B35-353665-114kt RING 5.5g Levian 70pt chocolate diamond with double halo rose gold$2199.95
B35-353636-110kt RING 1.8g Yellow gold mens band thin$69.95
B35-353323-3TsovetSMT-FW44 Tsovet SMT-FW44 Watch In Black Case Excellent Condition$219.95
B35-353323-214kt RING 1.3g White gold band w cross hatches on it$59.95
B35-353236-110kt RING 5.6g Rose gold ring with white gold braid, spinner ring, mens band$199.95
B35-353154-1BRACLET 49g .925 Gilbert Begay Sterling Natice Cuff$119.95
B35-353141-1Tag HeuerCAT2011CAT2011 Tag heuer, Chronogrpah White Dial Link, No Box Very Good conditoin$999.95
B35-352092-214kt NECKLACE 1.8g Small thin figaro necklace$89.95
B35-351264-210kt ring 3.2g Gold ladies ring with mystic topaz heart and small diamonds.$119.95
B35-351264-1RING 1.6g Silver ring with pink Pear shaped stone on it.$10.95
B35-351085-2RING 1.6g Silver ring with love on it cz heart$9.95
B35-351013-5RING 2.5g Ladies ring w sqr green stone$10.95
B35-351012-2NECKLACE 3.7g Ladies silver necklace w. Sqr pendnat w/ small chip diamonds$19.95
B35-350971-2SILVER NECKLACE 5.4g Silver owl w diamonds kays on box chain$29.95
B35-350971-1EARRINGS 3.6g Jane symore open heart earrings sterling silver with moving diamond on each$39.95
B35-350777-2RING 2.5g Silver ring with heart in the center has diamonds$29.95
B35-350777-1NECKLACE 3.3g Silve necklace has 3 hearts and diamonds$44.95
B35-350645-3necklace Diamond and Gold PENDANT 2.5g .925 pendant with mom inside the heart$39.95
B35-350387-2ring 8g Silver ring . Flower with pearl in middle. Diamonds on Pedal edges$29.95
B35-350277-110kt RING 2.4g 5 green stones$89.95
B35-350198-3Ted BakerNVMNTed Baker Fashionably Late Mens wrist watch in og case good condition brown leather band white face gold color accents$24.95
B35-349599-110kt RING 2.2g Yg opal ring and a small diamond in the side$84.95
B35-348707-114kt RING 4.3g 14k ring with purple stone center and diamonds around the center stone very pretty$249.95
B35-347868-214kt RING 3.1g Yellow gold with red marquise center stone with 6 diamonds on each side, bought from here$189.95
B35-347103-2NixonSHOOT TO THRILLwatch Black nixon watch in good condition$49.95
B35-346713-214kt RING 3g Gold ring with red stone and diamond$149.95
B35-346113-3NECKLACE 61.4g Signed Native american silver necklace with silver pendant geen stone in pendant good condition$249.95
B35-346076-110kt RING 4g Ring, w white stone and black and whie accents$159.95
B35-345704-310kt RING 2.6g Ring, w rose colored rose and leaves$99.95
B35-345704-210kt RING 2.4g Ring, w rose gold rose and leaves$89.95
B35-345377-114kt RING 1.9g White gold ring with pink stone$89.95
B35-344899-214kt RING 1.6g Ring, w light blue oval and small diamodn on side$74.95
B35-344898-510kt RING 1.1g Ring, w pink sone$44.95
B35-344573-210kt RING 2.6g Ring, wg, w large pearl and chips$99.95
B35-343716-114kt RING 3.1g Gold ring with 2 pink stones and 2 diamonds on the side$169.95
B35-342370-110kt RING 3.6g 10k white gold, white pearl, tiny diamonds on either side$189.95
B35-340816-1HamiltonHamilton Masterpiece Gold 14k Watch Running$399.95
B35-340426-1BRACLET 36g Oval light blue braceletTons of light blue ovals$49.95
B35-339473-3RING 13.8g Ring, black square stone, fleur de lis top design$34.95
B35-339168-2Citizen8D0265WRIST WATCH Citizen eco-drive all black leather band some cracking in band otherwsise okay condition$44.95
B35-338630-1David yurmandelaunay18kt RING 9.9g David Yurman Delaunay faceted 750 18k + 925 sterling band$599.95
B35-337222-410kt RING 3.2g Green emerald cluster yellow gold$114.95
B35-336797-2NECKLACE 7.4g Necklace with a heart pendant says coach$19.95
B35-336436-1NECKLACE 29.7g Uwe Moltke Denmark Sterling blue lapis stone$269.95
B35-333939-1G Shock3232Casio Original g shock black face with rubber band bit worn on the band$34.95
B35-319113-1Bulova96T6196T61 Bulova Ladies Round Links lots of Bling$69.95
B35-257916-4KelbertNVMNwatch Watch, w white fave and silver bezel, dsark green cloth band$69.95
B35-257916-3TimexNVMNwatch Watch, timez, silver plate w gold bezel and band$79.95
B35-257916-2LemeyNVMNwatch Watch w silver face, bezel and band$159.95
B35-257916-1CrotonNVSNwatch Vintage watch, wilver face w silver bezel and bands, black background behind numbners$99.95

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