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From small caliber to large, pistols and long guns – we have firearms.  Whether you’re looking for a.30-06 rifle, a 12 gauge shotgun, a .38 revolver, or anything in between, we probably have it.  We buy and sell guns of all kinds. We do FFL transfers and private party transfers as well!


P35-320230-1TristarVIPERTristar VIPER shotgun-bolt Silver reciever, 12ga, with camo strap, good condition$329.95
B35-323587-1SAVAGEMODEL 10SAVAGE MODEL 10 Rifle, bolt, w simmons 3-9×40 scope,270 SHORT MAG$449.95
P35-326183-1Remington870Remington 870 shotgun Black shotgun, pump action, 20 gage$369.95
B35-333595-1Savage ArmsB-MAGSavage Arms B-MAG RIFLE-BOLT In black case, with centre point scope on it b-mag 17 no magazine syn stock good condition$319.95
P35-333250-1Century ArmsC308 SPORTERCentury Arms C308 SPORTER rifle Rifle, black, semi, no accessories, no case,$699.95
P35-335694-1Winchester670AWinchester 670A RIFLE-BOLT Purchased here, brown bolt action rifle with engraved design on all sides, good condition$439.95
P35-337911-1STOEGERP300STOEGER P300 SHOTGUN Stoeger p3000, all black shotgun, great condition, extended barrel attachment$229.95
B35-342805-1WinchesterMODEL 70Winchester MODEL 70 RIFLE-BOLT Winchester model 70 300 win. Mag black good condition simmons scope with nylon strap no case$339.95
P35-341591-1Erma-WerkeKGP 68A.9Erma-Werke KGP 68A.9 HNDGN Small handgun, one magazine. In og box. Brown handle.$499.95
P35-343608-1SAVAGEMARK IISAVAGE MARK II RIFLE-BOLT Rifle, black, no magazine, bolt action, no other accessories$169.95
B35-345120-1Marlin59Marlin 59 RIFLE-BOLT 410 marlin 59, older, decent condition, lighter wood, black finish, inside brown soft case$99.95
P35-347072-1WeatherbyVANGUARDWeatherby VANGUARD RIFLE-BOLT Attached mag, syn stock, light scratches good conditoin no scpe no case$529.95
P35-350184-1BrowningX-BOLT HUNTERBrowning X-BOLT HUNTER RIFLE-BOLT In camo soft case, browning x-bolt rifle, wood stock, mag and strap. Good condition$699.95
P35-351368-1RemingtonGAMEMASTER 760In green soft case, brown wooden stock and pump, gunmetal barrel/body, has black bushnell scope attached and brown leather strap, stock has some scuffs, pump has carved lines, ”jnk” scratched in below scope mount, has small capacity magazine$399.95
B35-353200-1Marlin25MNMarlin 25MN RIFLE-BOLT Marlin brown .22 wmr rifle one mag, bolt action, good condition$249.95
P35-353103-1GlockGEN 19 GEN 5Glock GEN 19 GEN 5 HNDGN-SEMI In black plastic glock case, glock 19 gen 5 with two mags, good condition, 9mm$799.95
B35-353166-2ITHACA37ITHACA 37 Shotgun Excellent conditoin ithaca 37 featherweight nice engraved dog hunting scene wood 20ga$439.95
B35-353166-3Springfield84CSpringfield 84C RIFLE-BOLT Onemagazine light walnut simple bolt action o case$119.95
P35-353306-1Glock19XGlock 19X pistol Glock brown 9mm with one mag in og glock brown case good condition$899.95
P35-351585-1XLRELEMENT SAVAGE GEN 2XLR ELEMENT SAVAGE GEN 2 RIFLE-BOLT In green case 6mm br, savage axis guts in a xlr element chassis / receiver, gen 2 Chasis 6mm br, barrel is Mark Chanlynn, fluted 7:1 twist, one magazine$1799.95
B35-354283-3JIMENEZJ.A. NINEJIMENEZ J.A. NINE pistol-semi Orange and blue 9mm pistol w/ two mags$219.95
B35-355125-1TaurusG2CTaurus G2C Pisto-Semi Grey & Black 9mm One Mag$279.95
P35-354126-1Bear Creek ArsenalBCA15Bear Creek Arsenal BCA15 Rifle-Semi 6.5 grendel bear creek arsenal flip up sights two magazines no case$759.95
P35-355106-1Remington870 EXPRESS MAGNUMRemington 870 EXPRESS MAGNUM SHOTGUN Black 12g shotgun$459.95
B35-356634-3ColtPOLICE POSITIVEColt POLICE POSITIVE revolver Revolver, in brown leather case, 38spl, black handle, ridges on cylinder are worn so it doesn’t rotate well, otherwise good condition$399.95
P35-355589-1HI-POINTC9HI-POINT C9 Pistol-Semi Black hi point 9mm one magazine c9$219.95
B35-356752-1American TacticalOMNI HYBRIDAmerican Tactical OMNI HYBRID Pistol – Semi Ar pistol 1 magazine good condition 5.56 omni hybrid$649.95
P35-355746-1RugerP94DA0Ruger P94DA0 Pistol, black, w one magazine, Top Painted Black has some wear on it, no accessories$369.95
P35-354961-1Smith & WessonNVMNSmith & Wesson Safety Hammerless Model 3 .38 Lemon Squeezer New Departure$449.95
P35-356435-1INTERARMSMARK XINTERARMS MARK X RIFLE-BOLT .270, w simmons scope$479.95
P35-356435-2SAVAGE110SAVAGE 110 RIFLE-BOLT Wood w 4-12×40 Red Head Scope 30-06$479.95
P35-356467-1Glock43XGlock 43X HNDGN-SEMI 2 tone glock 42x in black hard case 2 mag with extra mag loader$579.95
P35-356606-1TaurusTX22Taurus TX22 pistol Pistol, black, no case, w one magazine, good condition, 22$329.95
P35-356635-1Beretta1951Beretta M1951 Italian Police Pistol-semi Blued beretta 1951, 9mm, one mag, used condition$379.95
P35-356856-1Hi PointCF380Hi Point CF380 pistol-semi Black 380acp w/ one mag$189.95
P35-352862-1Mossberg715TMossberg 715T rifle semi Rifel semi, ar style, w magazine, all black, w extendable stock$359.95
P35-352863-1Hi-PointJHPHi-Point JHP pistol Pistol, black, w trigger lock and one magazine, no case,$219.95
P35-352880-1Hi PointJCP 40 S&WHi Point JCP 40 S&W pistol Black pistol with one magazine, decent condition, heavy .40 s&w$219.95
P35-352861-1Stevens38Stevens 38 shotgun Rifle, bole, wood stock, .410, older, good condition$259.95
P35-357133-1TaurusPT111 G2ATaurus PT111 G2A Pistol-Semi Black semi w one magazine, good conditon double stack$259.95
B35-358088-2RugerRUGER CARBINE .44 MAGNUMRuger RUGER CARBINE .44 MAGNUM Rifle – Semi Ruger 44 mag carbine number engraved on top f256155, crack in stock at reciever, tube fed, hold 4 +1, blueing good condition$999.95
B35-358088-1BrowningLIGHT TWELVEBrowning LIGHT TWELVE shotgun Browning belgium light twelve, good coindition full choke barrel owner applied number f256156$829.95
B35-358109-1SccyCPX-2Sccy CPX-2 pistol-semi Robin Egg Blue w/ 2 mag, Great condition,$329.95
B35-358325-1WinchesterM 59Winchester M 59 shotgun Shotgun 12g brown and black Semi, Stock Broken at butt.$399.95
B35-358375-1Sig SauerP320Sig Sauer P320 pistol Pistol, in black hard case, w two magazines, good condition$749.95

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