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We Carry all tools. From High End Professional to Homeowner Tool Kits, and everything in-between. Cordless Drills are a Favorite, Woodworking, Industrial, Oil Field, Lawn & Garden,  we have the tools for all applications!
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P35-361372-1HitachiNVMNHitachi NVMN nailgun Large, silver, ggg dan and dg written on it with sharpie, nb4$119.95
P35-361353-2MAKITAGV5*0MAKITA GV510 buffer Smaller green makita electric buffer$59.95
P35-361346-2Chicago Electric63122Chicago Electric 63122 HELMET Weling helmet black w/ blue flames$29.95
P35-361346-1Chicago Electric98871Chicago Electric 98871 WELDER Blue welder w/ cord mig$79.95
P35-361338-2CraftmansCMCD700Craftmans CMCD700 drill set Drill and impact w/ one battery charger and tool bag$79.95
P35-361338-101Green Cold Weather Air Hose Nice Conditon$24.95
P35-361338-1Porter CableC2002Porter Cable C2002 AIR COMPRESSOR Red round 6 gallons 150psi$84.95
P35-361333-2Drill Master91222Drill Master 91222 drill Drill master electric black drill no handle$9.95
P35-361326-4Chicago Electric61884Chicago Electric 61884 SAW Red Recip Saw saw with no accessories$14.95
P35-361306-1MAKITA6302MAKITA 6302 drill Old blue makita corded drill with tape all over cord$44.95
P35-361295-1MacMR5KMac MR5K ratchet Small ratchet wrench, good condition$64.95
P35-361288-2Dremel4000Dremel 4000 DREMEL Dremel wired works well$39.95
P35-361266-5Porter CableC2002Porter Cable C2002 AIR COMPRESSOR Red small aircompressor no hose good condition 6 gallons 150 psi$84.95
P35-361266-4Lincoln ElectricNVMLincoln Electric NVM helmet Automatic welding helmet green and black looks like green flames$119.95
P35-361266-3CenturyFC-90Century FC-90 WELDER Red small mig welder$169.95
P35-361266-2Milwaukee2804-20Milwaukee 2804-20 drill set Drill w/ impact w/2 batteries and charger in red box hammer drill$219.95
P35-361255-2No MakeNMVNNo Make NMVN JUMPER CABLES Red jumper cables$19.95
P35-361255-1Milwaukee9R31Milwaukee 9R31 hammer drill Red hammer drill no charger, m18 xc5.0 battery. TOOL AND BAT ONLY$69.95
P35-361254-1FieldpieceHS36Fieldpiece HS36 fluke meter Yellow fluke meter with both leads and a clamp, tested$119.95
P35-361251-1Dyna-GloNVMNDyna-Glo NVMN heater Dyna glo delux propane heater grey with black handle it 30,000 to 60,000 , btu has hose$89.95
P35-361215-1MTD31AE640F205MTD 31AE640F205 SNOW BLOWER Green mtd 24” snow blower, with keys,$349.95
P35-361208-6Lincoln ElectricAXXXLincoln Electric AXXX WELDER Red, good condition,$179.95
P35-361167-1MILWAUKEE9B31MILWAUKEE 9B31 impact drill Red black, medium size, with battery, silver belt clip on side, battery has gold marker on it *stayyy highhhh$49.95
P35-361150-4DYNABRADE69025DYNABRADE 69025 sander polisher Grey black yellow padd showing on sander smaller$54.95
P35-361150-2DeWaltDCF787DeWalt DCF787 driver Smaller, with battery, blackk yellow$59.95
P35-361150-1DeWaltDWE402DeWalt DWE402 angle grinder Yellow medium size good condition$54.95
P35-361126-1DeWaltNVMNDeWalt NVMN tool bag backpack black and yellow, good condition$49.95
P35-361124-1Haul Master00631Haul Master 00631 chain hoist Chain hoist, orange, 2-ton$59.95
P35-361090-2Everstart70003MEverstart 70003M inverter Red black good condition, with cables 750w silver sharpie writing on it$29.95
P35-361081-101AUTHENTIC DEWALT 4AH Battery$74.95
P35-361081-1DeWaltN285483DeWalt N285483 6AH 20v$89.95
P35-361077-2Dremel7P37Dremel 7P37 DREMEL Dremel with no accessories, tested$19.95
P35-361071-1Ever StartPC1500EEver Start PC1500E inverter Silver w/ black stripe inverter 1500w$49.95
P35-361045-1Bosch0611304139Bosch 0611304139 jackhammer Yellow jackhammer on red stand with 4 bits, good condition. Tested.$999.95
P35-361043-1BostitchRN46-1Bostitch RN46-1 NAILER Yellow roofing coil nailer pretty used$89.95
P35-360976-1RigidR213BNFRigid R213BNF nailer Orange new brad nailer in orinal bag$64.95
P35-360963-2Graco695 ULTIMATE MX IIGraco 695 ULTIMATE MX II PAINT SPRAYER Blue paint sprayer w/ hose and gun pro contactor$1799.95
P35-360963-1Graco17N164Graco 17N164 paint sprayer Hand held paint sprayer w/ two batteries and charger airless in blue bag$279.95
P35-360943-1WILLIAMS33901WILLIAMS 33901 tool set 21pc socket set drive set in blue hard case$189.95
P35-360897-2JacksonNEX GENJackson NEX GEN welding helmet Black welding helmet, auto, tested, good condition$99.95
P35-360897-1JacksonW40 INSIGHTJackson W40 INSIGHT welding helmet White welding helmet with spade on it, has auto display, tested, works$99.95
P35-360895-4BoschSG45MBosch SG45M SCREW GUN Blue and red screw gun, ok condition, tested$59.95
P35-360861-1Fluke87VFluke 87V multimeter Yellow multimeter nb4 w/ attachments in grey leather case$259.95
P35-360835-1MAKITAJR3050TMAKITA JR3050T RECIPRICATING S In green hard case, corded reciprocating saw, light usage,$59.95
P35-360771-5Porter CablePCC691LPorter Cable PCC691L battery and charger Single 20v charger, w one 20v battery$19.95
P35-360771-4KobaltSGY-AIR110Kobalt SGY-AIR110 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Air impact wrench, silver and blue, 1/2” drive$29.95
P35-360771-3KobaltSGY-105Kobalt SGY-105 air sander Air sander, silver and blue, 6”$24.95
P35-360771-2KobaltSGY-AIR106Kobalt SGY-AIR106 air drill Air drill, silver and blue, w handle’$14.95
P35-360752-1CHICAGO63582CHICAGO 63582 Mig Wire Feed Welder Black harbor freight good conditoin w some wire$99.95
P35-360725-1DEVILBISSHVLPDEVILBISS STARTING LINE 2 Gun Set HVLP tool set Paint gun set tw/g uns and ta nk and c leaning supply in black case$139.95
P35-360667-1WorxWG505Worx WG505 blower Worx blower with black bag, good condition, works well$69.95
P35-360656-1Innova5210Innova 5210 car diagnostic Black in new condition car diagnostic$69.95
P35-360643-2MAKITA19.8MAKITA 19.8 gridner Makita blue grinder in ok condition, tested$39.95
P35-360643-1MAKITA1413MAKITA JV0600 JIGSAW Makita jigsaw in blue case, ok condition. Tested$59.95
P35-360607-2No MakeNVMNNo Make NVMN TOOL BELT Tool belt, older, black and brown leather, puches on both sides, smaller$19.95
P35-360607-1Wal-BoardNVMNWal-Board NVMN tool belt pouch Ppouch for tool belt, brown hard leather$19.95
P35-360488-1013m Tape Masker w Blade$14.95
P35-360316-1HuntsmanNVMHuntsman NVM helmet Welding helmet black$24.95
P35-360270-1Tekton10 PIECE JUMBOTekton SAE 19621 10 PIECE JUMBO WRENCH SET Wrench set, in red case that is rolled up, jumbo set, 10 piece$99.95
P35-360230-4CraftsmanCMCF810Craftsman CMCF810 Cordless Impact Red and black impact screwdriver one battery no charger$29.95
P35-360223-1Snap OnVERSUS EEMS325Snap On VERSUS EEMS325 16.2 w Scan Module, diagnostic scan tool Diagnostic scan tool, red and black, w touch screen, overall good condition$1499.95
P35-360172-101Dewalt DCD790 Dewat Drill w Battery NO CHARGER 668763$44.95
P35-360172-1DewaltDCD790CF885Dewalt CF885 CORDLESS IMPACT NO CHARGER ONE BATT$44.95
P35-360157-1Sears/Craftsman538.798212Sears/Craftsman 538.798212 TRIMMER Black, a bit worn but works well$39.95
P35-360118-1RadnorPRO 4000Radnor PRO 4000 gouging torch torch by itself used condition one corner of clamps is run down$59.95
P35-360110-3MILWAUKEE2711-20MILWAUKEE 2711-20 hole hawg Hole hawg, red and black, larger, w one battery, in red and black milwaukee bag$259.95
P35-360110-1MILWAUKEENATURAL WEARMILWAUKEE NATURAL WEAR RECIPRICATING S Recip saw, cordless, red and black, no battery, used condition, in red and black milwaukee bag$99.95
P35-360030-1HitachiNT 50AE2Hitachi NT 50AE2 NAILER Hitachi nailer, with no accessories, tested$44.95
P35-360009-1Black and DeckerLE750Black and Decker LE750 EDGER Black and decker edger orange and black works well$24.95
P35-359977-1JacksonZ87.1-2010Jackson Z87.1-2010 welding helmet Black welding helmet nb4$29.95
P35-359927-1Diamodback64683Diamodback 64683 TABLE SAW Diamondback table saw silver with orange handle tested$229.95
P35-359922-3PoulanPL3314Poulan PL3314 chainsaw Poulan chainsaw, ok condition, tested$99.95
P35-359904-1CampbellTL1001Campbell TL1001 AIR RATCHET Air ratchet,silver and black, 3/8” drive,$19.95
P35-359888-2SkilsawE490426Skilsaw E490426 skilsaw worm drive Older skilsaw worm drive, chorded, with damge to cable$84.95
P35-359863-1BoschGLL 30 SBosch GLL 30 S Laser Level In og box bosch laser never opened new$49.95
P35-359861-5RyobiS430Ryobi S430 Ryobi Blower Trimer style head w a blower attachemnt, 4 cycle green ryobi$99.95
P35-359861-302Fiscars Pruners Ratchet Drive Tree pruner$34.95
P35-359808-1RidgidR2401Ridgid R2401 ROUTER Ridgid router orange and black electric$59.95
P35-359804-1DeWaltNATURAL WEARDeWalt NATURAL WEAR Cut out tool Dewalt drill with 20v lithium battery$89.95
P35-359795-2Morse4192A62Morse 4192A62 hole saw kit Hole saw kit in grey hard case$79.95
P35-359760-4ZurichZR13Zurich ZR13 code reader Grey, w/ cords OBD Reader$99.95
P35-359760-2Cub CadetBC280Cub Cadet BC280 trimmer accessory Trimmer head attatchment, good condition$19.95
P35-359760-1Cub CadetBC280Cub Cadet BC280 TRIMMER Yellow and black, good condition,$89.95
P35-359752-1CORNWELLCTSPSF416KGCORNWELL CTSPSF416KG Toolbox Green cornwell toolbox pro sereis six drawer flip top cart w power$1199.95
P35-359720-1BoschRH540MBosch RH540M hammer dril Blue concrete hammer drill in its original hard case w/ 5 bits$269.95
P35-359697-2KnoppK60Knopp K60 voltage tester Small red tube shape voltage tester, older looking, used condition$39.95
P35-359697-1Ridgid2A/202Ridgid 2A/202 pipe cutter tool Red ridgid pipe cutter tool, 1/8, used condition,$49.95
P35-359673-2CDI751LDINSSCDI 751LDINSS torque meter Cdi torque meter, good condition, no accessories, in black hard case$89.95
P35-359673-1StihlMS460Stihl MS460 CHAIN SAW Stihl orange and crème chainsaw, dirty but runs well$499.95
P35-359530-1TrimmerPlusAH721TrimmerPlus AH721 trimmer attachment Grey, black and red trimmer attachment for craftsman, troybilt, or remington$44.95
P35-359525-3Lincoln1200 POWERLUBERLincoln 1200 POWERLUBER Electric Grease gun Blue case two batteries and chearger ni cad older style$39.95
P35-359497-1WorkforceTHD550Workforce THD550 TILE SAW Tile saw, grey, w tray and guide, smaller$59.95
P35-359458-1AnvilNVMNAnvil NVMN tool Set Anvil tool set with misc tools inside a black hard case$39.95
P35-359453-1PowermatePLA3706056Powermate PLA3706056 AIR COMPRESSOR Powermate red compressor 60 gallons$499.95
P35-359410-2MilwaukeeNVMNMilwaukee NVMN impact driver 3/8 milwakee impact driver with batterie very used condition natural wear of serial and model number$79.95
P35-359410-1MilwaukeeNATURAL WEARMilwaukee NATURAL WEAR impact driver Milwaukee, impact driver 12 volt used condition with batterie$39.95
P35-359390-2SKIL593SKIL 593 SANDER Older skil 2 1/2 belt sander black electric$9.95
P35-359388-1Snap OnFXK6Snap On FXK6 ball extension 3/8 drive- 6” knurled friction ball extension used condition$19.95
P35-359384-2SencoSCN40RSenco SCN40R coil nailer Senco coil nailer grey and black good condition$74.95
P35-359351-1Porter CablePCC601Porter Cable PCC601 drill Porter cable cordless drill driver with batterie and charger gray and black$49.95
P35-359346-1Dremel8220Dremel 8220 DREMEL Cordless dremel with one battery on charger tested works well inside og dremel hard cases$69.95
P35-359304-3DewaltDCD790Dewalt DCD790 Cordless Drill Dewalt xr cordless drill, one battery and charger good condition$84.95
P35-359301-1HOBARTSTICKMATE 205 ACHOBART STICKMATE 205 AC arc welder Grey and black hobart arc welder, with clamp and lead, screwed to board,$299.95
P35-359234-2SHINDAIWAEB344SHINDAIWA EB344 leaf blower Red and black leaf blower, gas powered, nb4, used condition$79.95
P35-359233-3RyobiJM80Ryobi JM80 buiscuit joiner Buiscuit joiner blue and silver great condition$39.95
P35-359222-1CraftsmanCMCF800Craftsman CMCF800 impact Red impact no charger w, one battery$34.95
P35-359220-1Badland61605Badland 61605 WINCH Harbor freight badland winch with power cord$139.95
P35-359155-3EX-CELLNVMEX-CELL NVM MISC.TOOLS Hose gun and tips for pressure washer$79.95
P35-359155-1HitachiD10VHHitachi D10VH drill Green drill electric$29.95
P35-359148-2Roto Zip5980Roto Zip 5980 spiral saw Black rotozipspiral saw no case$29.95
P35-359148-1HiltiTE22Hilti TE22 hammer drill Red hilti hammer drill spray painted with blue has a black handle inside a red case with drill bits$89.95
P35-359106-1StihlMS440Stihl MS440 CHAIN SAW Gas powered chainsaw tested painted black works well$599.95
P35-359097-1GeneralM330HGeneral M330H Two Man Auger No bit, large two man auger ok condition$899.95
P35-359074-3DEVILBISSAT10DEVILBISS AT10 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Silver impact with black nb4$12.95
P35-359061-104Ryobi Single Li Ion Standard Battery$9.95
P35-359055-1BostitchRN46-1Bostitch RN46-1 roofing nailer Black and yellow bostitch coil roofing nailer decent condition$109.95
P35-359049-2No MakeNVMNNo Make NVMN TOOL BELT Tool belt, nylon, black,$19.95
P35-359043-1Snap On388ACFSnap On 388ACF cutting pliers Red handle snap on cutting pliers, one pair, used condition$44.95
P35-358996-3StihlMS180Stihl MS180 CHAIN SAW Orange and white no case works good$219.95
P35-358973-2CenturyFC-90Century FC-90 WELDER Small suitcase welder, has lead and power, used condition,$169.95
P35-358942-3NONENONENONE NONE air hose Black air hose 200 psi max$19.95
P35-358916-1Lincoln ElectricPRO CORE 125Lincoln Electric PRO CORE 125 welder Red wire feed welder w/ cords$399.95
P35-358906-1WarnerNVMWarner NVM LADDER Tall ladder 6ft$29.95
P35-358842-1AutelMAXICHECK MX808Autel MAXICHECK MX808 diagnotic tool Diagnostic tool, in black hard case, nb4w dongles$399.95
P35-358826-1MILWAUKEE6230MILWAUKEE 6230 BAND SAW Band saw, red and grey, some wear, overall okay condition$169.95
P35-358825-1Camillus KnivesNIMBLE 2Camillus Knives NIMBLE 2 knife Knife and multi purpose flashlight like new condition in og wrap$14.95
P35-358767-1MILWAUKEE2432-20MILWAUKEE 2432-20 expansion tool Red expansion tool w/ three batteries one charger three bits$349.95
P35-358755-3RigidR3101Rigid R3101 JIGSAW Orange electric jig saw$34.95
P35-358747-1KobaltNVMNKobalt HUGE TOOL SET in TOOL BAG Tool bag, like new, has many tools, all kobalt$149.95
P35-358691-1Black MaxBLACK MAXBlack Max BLACK MAX WEEDEATER Black weedeater, no accessories, runs well$89.95
P35-358627-3RyobiP261Ryobi P261 impact drill Green ryobi drill, very rough, no battery$49.95
P35-358621-1Innova5300LATInnova 5300LAT obd scanner Blue and black scanner with cord, tested works, decent condition$84.95
P35-358602-2Wagner0282180Wagner 0282180 paint-eater Wagner paint eater in ok condition$19.95
P35-358601-4Nwsl69-4THE CHOPPER 2 Nwsl 69-4 mini woow and styrene cutter Mini wood and styrene length cutter in og box$29.95
P35-358502-1DeWaltDCD780DeWalt DCD780 drill Drill with one battery and one charger tested works well$59.95
P35-358456-1MilwaukeeSDS PLUS ROTARY HAMMERMilwaukee 2712-20 SDS PLUS ROTARY HAMMER rotary hammer Red and black rotary hammer with one battery and one charger tested works well$239.95
P35-358418-1Cenral Pneumatic61718Cenral Pneumatic 61718 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Imapct wrench, silver and black, newer,$19.95
P35-358384-1Chicago Electric62719Chicago Electric 62719 WELDER Black feed welder chicago electric ok condition$89.95
P35-358372-1RidgidR8641Ridgid R8641 RECIPRICATING S Recip saw, orange and black, 18v, no battery, no charger$44.95
P35-358350-2RigidNVMNRigid NVMN PIPE WRENCH 24”, orange-red$19.95
P35-358307-1VariousVARIOUS]Matco torque wrench t75fra, 15-75 lbs 3/8” drive,$69.95
P35-358278-6GerberNVMNGerber NVMN knife Gerber black pocket watch, rough condition$4.95
P35-358278-2SogNVMNSog NVMN knife Sog pocket knife, okay condition$14.95
P35-358275-4AnvilNVMNAnvil NVMN TILE CUTTER Tile cutter, black and green, nb4$19.95
P35-358275-3RyobiRJ1861VRyobi RJ1861V RECIPRICATING S Recip saw, green and greym nb4$44.95
P35-358275-1RIDGER3101RIDGE R3101 JIGSAW Jigsaw, in orange soft case, orange and black, no dust bag$44.95
P35-358264-2MacT150FRMac T150FR TORQUE WRENCH 3/8 inch mac torque wrench in grey plasstic hardcase$54.95
P35-358264-1MILWAUKEE2645-10MILWAUKEE 2645-20 JIGSAW Milwaukee jigsaw in red craftsman bag with m18 battery$119.95
P35-358262-5MILWAUKEE2626-20MILWAUKEE 2626-20 multitool Milwaukee multitool with no accessories$119.95
P35-358262-4MILWAUKEE2720-20MILWAUKEE 2720-20 SAWZALL Milwaukee sawzall, no accessories$119.95
P35-358262-3MILWAUKEE2731-20MILWAUKEE 2731-20 cordless circular saw Milwaukee cordlesss circular saw with no accessories$139.95
P35-358262-2MILWAUKEE2635-20MILWAUKEE 2635-20 shears Milwaukee cordless shears, no accessories$139.95
P35-358250-1MILWAUKEE5262-21MILWAUKEE 5262-21 ROTARY TOOL Milwaukee hammer drill inside red hard case good condition$119.95
P35-358249-6MILWAUKEEJOBSITE FANMILWAUKEE JOBSITE FAN FAN Red and black jobsite fan tested works well with 12v adapter$54.95
P35-358249-4MILWAUKEE2354-20MILWAUKEE 2354-20 LED LIGHT Red and black search light tested works well$69.95
P35-358228-3MILWAUKEECP9561MILWAUKEE CP9561 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Red chicago pneumatic red air wrench, older, ok condition$249.95
P35-358222-1Remington476Remington 476 power actuated tool Power actuated tool, orange, rusted$9.95
P35-358192-4Snap OnVARIOUSSnap On VARIOUS pliers set 3 piece pliers set, in grey plastic tray, wire clippers, needle nose pliers, slip joint pliers$69.95
P35-358192-3Snap OnFK 720Snap On FK 720 ratchet Ratchet, 3/8” drive, stubby$69.95
P35-358192-1Snap On10 PIECESnap On 10 PIECE SOCKET SET Socket set, shallow, 10 piece metric$89.95
P35-358148-101Hitch Adapter 1/1/2” to 3” Reciver adapter$19.95
P35-358120-1GracoTEXSPRAY RTX 1000Graco TEXSPRAY RTX 1000 texture sprayer Texture sprayer, daark grey w black hopper, w hose and black gun, serial has worn, nb4$799.95
P35-358115-1Hit Tools22-RC16B-3Hit Tools 22-RC16B-3 rebar bender Red and black large 90 degree rebar bender and cutter, good used condition$249.95
P35-357989-1StihlNVMNStihl NVMN WEEDEATER Orange weedeater tested works well gas operated$139.95
P35-357978-1Bauer1678E-BBauer 1678E-B BAND SAW In black case, red and black band saw harbor freight good conditoni$89.95
P35-357946-1RigidR1020Rigid R1020 grinder Orange rigid big grinder no handle tested works well$79.95
P35-357916-1Husky432 PIECEHusky 432 PIECE mechanics tool set Mechanics tool set, 432pv, in original pcakging, nb4$299.95
P35-357876-2Porter Cable557 PLATE JOINERPorter Cable 557 PLATE JOINER plate joiner Plate joiner in grey plastic case, no accessories, very old$99.95
P35-357787-2SHINDAIWAEB344SHINDAIWA EB344 blower Gas blower red nb4$139.95
P35-357776-1No MakeNVMNImpulse Heat Sealer / RF Welder rf welder Rf welder$49.95
P35-357738-1ParkerNVMNParker AC PARKER BAR 100xkPa PSI CABLE HOSE AND LIQUID FILLED PRESSURE GAUGE pressure gauge Parker pressure gauge with hoses inside hard black case$174.95
P35-357730-2DewaltDCD771Dewalt DCD771 drill Dewalt drill with battery in ok conditionNO CHARGER$44.95
P35-357701-1RyobiP542Ryobi P542 CHAIN SAW Chainsaw, green, cordless, 20v, w battery and charger$69.95
P35-357681-2Milwaukee2804-20Milwaukee 2804-20 Hammer drill w Handle Cordless drill, TOOL ONLY$79.95
P35-357641-1RyobiRY253SSRyobi RY253SS Missing Airbox Cover weed eater Ryobi weedeater with expand it head,$69.95
P35-357631-3DewaltDCD771Dewalt DCD771 drill Dewalt drill, no case, no accessories$39.95
P35-357614-2MILWAUKEE2656-20MILWAUKEE 2656-20 impact Milwaukee 1/4”TOOL ONLY$59.95
P35-357575-2DeWaltDWE6411DeWalt DWE6411 Finish Sander Yellow excelent conditon no bag dewalt$49.95
P35-357557-1HitachiNR 90AE(S)Hitachi NR 90AE(S) strip nailer Teal large hitatchi strip nailer, used condition,$119.95
P35-357547-2Power Zone1700LBPower Zone 1700LB 380047 motorcycle jack Motorcycle jack, red and black, no handle, good condition$89.95
P35-357498-1Fluke114 TRUE RMSFluke 114 TRUE RMS fluke Fluke volt meter$79.95
P35-357467-1HitachiDS 18DSALHitachi DS 18DSAL drill Drill, black and green, no battery or charger,$14.95
P35-357455-1Snap OnFX24ASnap On FX24A extension bar Snap on 3/8” extension 18” good condition$34.95
P35-357447-1RyobiRYHDG88VNMRyobi RYHDG88VNM timmer 17.5 hedge timmer attachement inside og box$49.95
P35-357445-1RyobiRY15526VNM OP40501Ryobi RY15526VNM OP40501 TRIMMER Ryobi trimmer black and light green with battery and charger$159.95
P35-357417-3Snap OnNVMNSnap OnShallow SAE Swivel head Impact Sockets set 5pc$99.95
P35-357417-1Blue PowerNVMNBlue Power Impact Socket Set, Cornewell 7-19MM CBPIPM$79.95
P35-357392-2MilwaukeeNVMNMilwaukee Bit Set NEW Shockewave$24.95
P35-357392-1Milwaukee2719-20Milwaukee 2719-20 hacksall Milwaukee hacksall, good condition, no battery$119.95
P35-357359-4Toro51436Toro 51436 blower Red toro electric blower, good condition$19.95
P35-357359-3Toro51347Toro 51347 TRIMMER Red toro electric trimmer, good condition, string trimmer$19.95
P35-357280-3DewaltDCS380Dewalt DCS380 Cordless Recip Saw Yellow like new no batt no charger$79.95
P35-357243-1MILWAUKEE49-22-4025MILWAUKEE 49-22-4025 hole saw Milwaukee hole saw set in og milwaukee hard case$49.95
P35-357206-1BLUE POINTWORNBLUE POINT BLPGSS1233 ratchet set , used condition$149.95
P35-357155-2Milwaukee2850-20Milwaukee 2850-20 impact wrench Red and black, in milwaukee bag,w/ one battery, good condition$99.95
P35-357138-2STARRETT1202STARRETT 1202 CALIPERS In red case starrett no 1202$74.95
P35-357138-1STARRETT196STARRETT 196 Dial indicator In maroon case starrett w all holders and such$79.95
P35-357135-1SHINDAIWAT230SHINDAIWA T230 TRIMMER Straight shaft red runs good missing cover on airbox but works well, nb4$79.95
P35-357097-1MetaboWR22SEMetabo WR22SE Impact Wrench Electric Corded in green case 3/4” like new w handle$399.95
P35-357060-3BoschOBD1000Bosch OBD1000 obd2 scanner Obd2 scanner, small, blue w black buttons$29.95
P35-357028-1KmKS-AUKm KS-AU material cutter Km electric material cutter, no accessories, very nice$879.95
P35-356878-1Craftsman9 13918Craftsman 9 13918 TORQUE WRENCH Digital, black and red, good condition$89.95
P35-356872-3CRESCENTDKB44XCRESCENT DKB44X bull bar Red and black bull bar, used condition$29.95
P35-356868-1TROY BILTTB685 ECTROY BILT TB685 EC timmer Troy built 4 cycle gas timmer red and black good condition nb4$119.95
P35-356860-1Olsen64408Olsen 64408 torch head kit Olsen torch head kit$89.95
P35-356811-1Matco ToolsSBUS4SPMatco Tools SBUS4SP sparkplug socket set Matco sparkplug socket set with one piece missing.$89.95
P35-356806-1No MakeNVMNHot of Fall protection Equipment hooks and Harnesses$49.95
P35-356801-1DewaltDCD985Dewalt DCD985 drill Dewalt drill with battery, no charger, rough condition$34.95
P35-356799-1MatcoCP60TXVMatco CP60TXV SOCKET SET Torx socket set black$89.95
P35-356767-3StihlFS40CStihl FS40C trimmer Trimmer, curved, orange and white, good condition, w guard$99.95
P35-356761-1DeWaltDWE305DeWalt DWE305 RECIPRICATING S Yellow and black, very good condition$74.95
P35-356713-1FieldpieceSRL8Fieldpiece SRL8 heated diode refridgerant leak detector Fieldpiece srl8 in case with car cahrger and 2 nozzles in og black hard case$199.95
P35-356668-2Reese SecureNVMNReese Secure NVMN RV stabilizers 8 aluminum rv stabilizers$49.95
P35-356662-1VICTORESS3-125-540VICTOR Contender 0384-2050 Set In green box gauges set two gauges and hose and torch like new good new condition$399.95
P35-356622-1DeWaltDCD780DeWalt DCD780 drill set Drill set, yellow and black, w two batteries and charger, 20v$129.95
P35-356598-1No MakeNVMNNo Make NVMN two hole pins Flange wizard brand two hole pins. Ok condition$39.95
P35-356553-2Tornado98772MWTornado SD3500 98772MW blower / Carpet Fan Black tornado blower$129.95
P35-356542-4Milwaukee2607-20Milwaukee 2607-20 driver drill In milwaukee bag, red and black drill with battery no charger, big battery, used condition$119.95
P35-356542-2MILWAUKEE2902-20MILWAUKEE 2902-20 power drill In milwaukee bag, red and black drill, no battery no charger, used condition$59.95
P35-356542-1Milwaukee2625-20Milwaukee 2625-20 SAWZALL Red and black hackzall, no battery, no charger, used condition$79.95
P35-356541-6DewaltDCL079Dewalt DCL079 job light Large yellow standing jobsite light, good condition, no battery$159.95
P35-356541-3MILWAUKEE2144-20MILWAUKEE 2144-20 lantern Red milwaukee lantern, no battery, used condition$89.95
P35-356466-2RyobiP514Ryobi P514 Sawzall Green ryobi skilsaw TOOL ONLY$29.95
P35-356423-1DewaltDW306Dewalt DW306 RECIPRICATING S Yellow and black, missing front guard, tested, nb4$54.95
P35-356380-1MK2001MK 2001 masonry saw Large mk masonry saw, used condition with two long blue extension cords, 220v plug, tested works$849.95
P35-356361-2DeWaltDWE305DeWalt DWE305 RECIPRICATING S Recip saw, yellow and black, good condition$59.95
P35-356361-1DeWaltDCD996DeWalt DCD996 drill Hammer drill, yellow and black, brushless, 20v, 2 batteries (4.0ah) and charger, good condition$179.95
P35-356357-1RyobiP234GRyobi P234G Impact Cordless In green and grey bag w one battery and charger$39.95
P35-356340-1DeWaltDCD796DeWalt DCD796 Cordless Drill Cordless hammer drill Tool only$84.95
P35-356300-1Dremel225Dremel 225 DREMEL Dremel 300 with extended attachment and no other accessories.$39.95
P35-356296-2Craftmans315.108220Craftmans 315.108220 CIRCULAR SAW Small grey circular saw older$19.95
P35-356247-1NightStickXPR-5592GXNightStick XPR-5592GX work light Work light, black, in black hard case, led, nb4$299.95
P35-356236-3No MakeNVMNLarge Heavy Duty Tie Downs Set of 3 tie downs 3 tie downs$49.95
P35-356209-2RyobiRY40404Ryobi RY40404 BLOWER Backpack green leaf blower cordless w/ charger and one 40v battery$174.95
P35-356209-1EchoCS-490Echo CS-490 CHAIN SAW 18′ orange change w/ plastic guard no case$259.95
P35-356194-3MatcoMT1840Matco MT1840 RACHET Stainless air ratchet, matco tools, used condition$59.95
P35-356194-2Snap OnMG31Snap On MG31 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Red and black snap on air impact, 1/4” some wear and use$89.95
P35-356155-1KobaltKHB350-06Kobalt KHB350-06 blower Cordless leaf blower w/ two battery and charger$149.95
P35-356146-1VICTOR100VICTOR 100 WELDING EQU. On green dolly, two tanks, one victor torch, hose, extra hose, extra gauge, welding goggles$279.95
P35-356116-1Drawtite2CJBDrawtite 2CJB trailer hitch Black, ok condition, serial number partially worn off$19.95
P35-356081-5Craftsman320.61352Craftsman 320.61352 autohammer Cream and black, in bag, w/ battery/ good condition$44.95
P35-356081-4Craftsman320.17562Craftsman 320.17562 angle impact Silver and black, good condition, in black bag, w/ battery and charger$44.95
P35-356069-1Fluke179 TRUE RMSFluke 179 TRUE RMS multimeter Multimeter, yellow and grey, w leads, good conditiion$169.95
P35-356064-1HitachiC10FCE2Hitachi C10FCE2 MITER SAW-ELECT Hitachi miter saw green has blade cover and dust bag good condition$89.95
P35-356061-3NONENVMNNONE NVMN lathe chisiles Various chisiles in blue wrap$44.95
P35-356058-3Snap OnEECT900Snap On EECT900 power probe Snap on multi probe red and black with conecter$259.95
P35-356034-2MILWAUKEE2720-20MILWAUKEE 2720-20 SAWZALL used sawzall, fuel brushless, with one small battery no charger$129.95
P35-356034-102Milwaukee Battery Authentic XC5.0 Milwaukee$59.95
P35-356034-101Milwaukee 2631-20 Cordless Circular Saw w One 4.0 Battery No Charger, Has Extra Blad e and Manual$129.95
P35-355919-1DeWaltDW304PDeWalt DW304P Corded Sawzall In black case like new used only once yellow w one blade$99.95
P35-355856-1HitachiNV 45AB2Hitachi NV 45AB2 roofing nailer Roofing nailer, light blue and black, normal wear$99.95
P35-355788-1Hitachinv45abHitachi nv45ab nail gun Worn steel nail gun, tape around handle$79.95
P35-355711-1MILWAUKEENVMNMILWAUKEE NVMN SCREW GUN Red milwaukee screw gun$49.95
P35-355694-1RyobiP271Ryobi P271 Cordless drill Ryobi drill light green with grey no battery$14.95
P35-355525-301Authentic Milwaukee 5.0AM M18 Battery$54.95
P35-355525-1Milwaukee2902-20Milwaukee 2902-20 drill Red Tool Only$69.95
P35-355520-2Snap OnAD8Snap On AD8 CRESCENT WRENCH Crescent wrench, 8”,$49.95
P35-355488-2Chicago Electric60495Chicago Electric Hammer 60495 drill Drill, electric, red and grey$19.95
P35-355361-1Innova3551Innova 3551a TIMING LIGHT Black , in really good condition$39.95
P35-355357-1CRICK24″CRICK 24” LEVEL 24” crick level good condition$69.95
P35-355323-2Dremel911Dremel GO 911 SCREWDRIVER Black and grey battery powred screwdriver tested$24.95
P35-355254-1RyobiRY3716Ryobi RY3716 CHAIN SAW Chain saw, in dark grey hard case, green and grey, nb4$89.95
P35-355146-3Chicago PneumaticCP7759Q-2Chicago Pneumatic CP7759Q-2 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Black and red impact wrench$69.95
P35-355146-2SteinelLR62240Steinel HL1502s LR62240 HEAT GUN Steinel heat gun blue black cord$49.95
P35-355097-1SkilF012333500Skil F012333500 SCROLL SAW Nb4, black and grey scroll saw, good condition$74.95
P35-355023-2Black and DeckerLST420Black and Decker LST420 TRIMMER Black and decker trimmer black and orange with battery and charger$29.95
P35-355017-1WeedeaterWE EL-15TNEWeedeater WE EL-15TNE weed eater Older green and black weed eater$11.95
P35-355016-1CORNWELLRB-FG-30MMCORNWELL RB-FG-30MM feeler gauge Small silver cornwell$9.95
P35-354731-1Black And DeckerHT22Black And Decker HT22 HEDGER TRIMER Black and decker hedge trimmer red and black tested works well$19.95
P35-354705-1RyobiP505Ryobi P505 tool set Tool set, in gren and black soft case, drill, light, c saw, recip saw, two batteries, and charger, nb4$109.95
P35-354661-1Snap OnEEMS323Snap On EEMS323 diagnostic scanner In large black hard case, snap on scanner with lab scopes. Has power cord and clamps, other accessories, version 15.4$1199.95
P35-354629-1MatcoNJ21200Matco NJ21200 fan Black matco air mover, corded good condition,$79.95
P35-354550-1DewaltDW304PDewalt DW304P Recip Saw In black case ywllow good condition$59.95
P35-354456-1BoschCS5Bosch CS5 CIRCULAR SAW circular saw electric Heavy Duty Bosch$74.95
P35-354393-1MatheyMSAMathey MSA Pipe Beveling Tool 2-4” MATHEY DEARMAN MSA SADDLE MACHINE$699.95
P35-354315-2DewaltDCS369Dewalt DCS369 RECIPRICATING S Dewalt compact reciprocating saw, no battery, no charger, tested, works$109.95
P35-354242-3GracoCONTRACTORGraco CONTRACTOR paint gun Chrome and painted paint sprayer gun, used but good condition$89.95
P35-354234-1Wacker NeusonIRFU 57/120/8MWacker Neuson IRFU 57/120/8M concrete vibrator 57mm concrete vibrator w 27′ good condtion 110$799.95
P35-354207-104Blue Point Long Hos Clamp Pliers Red handle HCP9$29.95
P35-354207-1Various87ACF47ACF911ACFHCP9Snap on Diagonal Pliers 87ACF$44.95
P35-354173-1HiltiTE55Hilti TE55 hammer drill In red hilti hard case, corded hammer drill, with a few bits inside, red and black used$269.95
P35-354152-1Husqvarna128LDHusqvarna 128LD weed whacker Orange and grey weed whacker, gas, used good condition with shield and handle$129.95
P35-354052-1Fluke902Fluke 902 CLAMP METER Yellow and black case w/ clamp meter w/ attachments$119.95
P35-353999-1Matco ToolsMT2816Matco Tools MT2816 air hammer Matco long barrel air hammer black and silver with red and black handle$129.95
P35-353927-3Cub Cadet183636 13AX11CH712Cub Cadet LT1045 Lawn Tractor 46” Deck Yellow cub cadet w key, good condition series 1000 183636 13AX11CH712$1099.95
P35-353879-1HitachiC 10FCE2Hitachi C 10FCE2 MITER SAW wired miter saw greena nd black handle with guard and saw dust bag tested works well$79.95
P35-353825-3DremelGO F013G00001Dremel GO F013G00001 electric screwdriver Blue and grey dremel electric screwdriver with charger, has drill bit$24.95
P35-353776-201MSA 10076124 Shock Absorbing Lanyard Fall Protection NEW in bag$39.95
P35-353776-2VariousVARIOUSMSA Harness, New 10072487 In bag Fall protecton$39.95
P35-353771-1DeWaltDCR018DeWalt DCR018 work Radio Dewalt black and yellow small work radio has tape on the powercord, no battery, tested works$79.95
P35-353673-1Milwaukee2420-202450-20Milwaukee 2420-20, 2450-20 Cordless Tool Kit 12 volt milwaukee two batteries , one battery mising bottom, has charger, sawzall and impact$129.95
P35-353658-1SkilsawHD77 HG-309584Skilsaw HD77 HG-309584 worm drive saw Corded grey worm drive saw, used condition, skilsaw, has blade attached$89.95
P35-353656-2Snap OnQD2R200Snap On QD2R200 TORQUE WRENCH Small torque wrenche, 3/8” drive 40-200 inch pounds$169.95
P35-353656-1Mac ToolsTWV250FAMac Tools TWV250FA TORQUE WRENCH Torque wrench, large 75-345, 1/2” drive$119.95
P35-353610-2BLUE POINTNVMBLUE POINT Pneumatic Die grinder Small air grinder w/ wire brush on it$49.95
P35-353600-2NONENONENONE NONE Concrete Float With two silver extnesion poles, no make$119.95
P35-353593-1BostitchN376472Bostitch N376472 AIR COMPRESSOR Pancake orange compressor black top 6 gal 150 psi purchased here good conditon$129.95
P35-353586-1Snap OnFAR7200Snap On FAR7200 air ratchet Snap on air ratchet steele and black colored used condition tested works well$89.95
P35-353570-3GREENLEE735BBGREENLEE 735BB knockout punch set Knockout punch set, in original packaging (green leather), good condition, vintage$44.95
P35-353534-3MatcoMST3402Matco MST3402 ring pliers Black ring pliars$14.95
P35-353495-3Snap OnIM5100Snap On IM5100 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Impact wrench, silver w orange cover, 1/2” drive$144.954
P35-353495-2Snap OnMG31Snap On MG31 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Impact wrench, red and black, 3/8” drive, serial has worn, looks natural$99.95
P35-353456-4Innova5410Innova 5410 OBD2 Reader In og box good condition$99.95
P35-353456-2KobaltSGY-AIR101Kobalt SGY-AIR101 Pneumatic Ratchet Blue and black kobalt brand 3/8”$34.95
P35-353446-2DewaltDW331Dewalt DW331 JIGSAW Dewalt corded jigsaw used condition in og dewalt case tested works well$69.95
P35-353414-1Snap OnNVMNMatco Long 24” BX34KA socket extention 3/8 socket extention$44.95
P35-353343-1Titan440ITitan 440I paint sprayer Titan 440 maroon paint sprayer primer hose has a leak, has nozzel ok condition$499.95
P35-353294-1Snap OnF80Snap On F80 RATCHET 3/8 rachet$89.95
P35-353110-2Snap OnIM31Snap On IM31 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Snap on 3/8 impact wrench silver$74.95
P35-353100-1Snap OnNVMNSnap On NVMN WRENCH 10pc snap on wrench set 10-19mm good condition$229.95
P35-353098-1MILLERDIGITAL ELITEMILLER DIGITAL ELITE WELDING EQU. Miller digital elite welding helmet black has flames on it nb4$199.95
P35-353013-2Craftsman11 PIECE WRENCH SETCraftsman 11 PIECE WRENCH SET WRENCH SET In black reusable bag, black 11 piece wrench set, good condition, nb4$24.954
P35-352949-1Snap OnMG725Snap On MG725 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Red and black 1/2 drive snap on impact wrench, used condition, paint is wearing off$129.95
P35-352924-102P208B Drill Ryobi No Batt no charger Tool only$14.95
P35-352888-1Snap OnIMXL111Snap On IMXL111 EXTENSION Impact Long$49.95
P35-352875-2Porter CableNS100APorter Cable NS100A staple nailer Like new satple nailer, has staples, in black hard case$24.95
P35-352875-1SkilHD77*Skil HD77* worm saw Worm saw, grey, used condition$79.95
P35-352810-1MatcoMT1**Matco MT1** IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Matco MT1** IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Impact wrench, red andblack, 1/2” drive, serial worn$59.95
P35-352800-1Snap OnNONESnap On NONE MISC.TOOLS Snap On 1/2” Ratchet S710$74.95
P35-352459-33mNVMN3m NVMN HAND MASKER Yellow handmasker, used condition, has one blade$14.95
P35-352172-2MILWAUKEE2407-20MILWAUKEE 2407-20 drill Red and black drill 12v w/ charger and one battery$59.95
P35-352128-1Fluke324Fluke 324 CLAMP METER Yellow in black case w/ wires nb4$99.95
P35-351844-2ChinaNVMNMatco 3/8 Extension, Set of 2$44.95
P35-351601-302Snap on Ratchet F80 Silver 3/8”$74.95
P35-351601-301Snap On 3/8 Extension Set 4pc Set$74.95
P35-351595-6Chicago ElectricNONEChicago Electric NONE worklight Orange work light, corded wand type light$7.95
P35-351572-1Gearwrench85065Gearwrench 85065 TORQUE WRENCH Very large torque wrench, 3/4” drive, no case, good condition$239.95
P35-351282-1Snap OnQD2R100Snap On QD2R100 TORQUE WRENCH In red snap on case, 3/8” 20-100ft/lb$149.95
P35-350978-2Central Pneumatic91002Central Pneumatic 91002 air dre greater Silver an dblack air tool$9.95
P35-350340-302Letaher Welding Jacket$19.95
P35-350328-2Black and DeckerPW1600Black and Decker PW1600 pressure washer Electrci pressure ornage and black smal leak on hose$49.95
P35-350151-2Members MarkNVMMembers Mark NVM BIDS SET In blakc case bids set$19.95
P35-350151-1DeWaltDW160VDeWalt DW160V DRILL Right angle drill yellow$89.95
P35-350082-1NONENONEHeavy Duty JUMPER CABLES Jumper cables with metal clamps, good condition, nb4$29.95
P35-349779-4StanleyNONEStanley NONE air mover Small yellow air mover, same as other on loan, corded tested, dusty$29.95
P35-349779-3StanleyNONEStanley NONE air mover Stanley yellow air mover, corded, used condition$29.95
P35-349127-1N/ANVMNN/A NVMN manifold gauge Two harbor frieght manifold gauges$39.95
P35-349042-1KLEIN3/4″KLEIN 3/4” pipe bender Pipe bender, orange handle, aluminum head$34.95
P35-349021-4BLUE POINTAT204BLUE POINT AT204 Pneumatic Ratchet Blue point small stubby 1/4” air ratchet$44.95
P35-348916-310xygenNVMNOxy Acety Torch 0xygen NVMN valve Welding Torce, overall good condition, knobs good$89.95
P35-348905-3Black And Decker27GHSBlack And Decker LP1000 electric saw Red and black saw, tested.$44.95
P35-348418-3PartsamX001RYICR7Partsam X001RYICR7, 1999-2016, f-250, f-350, f-450, f-550, LED Bar In brown cardboard box partsman led light bar 12”$29.95
P35-348308-1Milwaukee5370-01Milwaukee 5370-01 Hammer Drill 1/2” heavy duty two speed hammer drill, red$69.95
P35-348153-1Snap OnIMC500Snap On 1/2” IMC500 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Snap on impact wrench tested works good black and silver$129.95
P35-347957-1Ingersoll RandWS550 BIngersoll Rand WS550 B impact wrench Electric impact wrench, little older, 1/2” drive$59.95
P35-347698-2Snap OnNVMNSnap On FHLF80A RACHET Snap on black and green 3/8 flex head rachet good condition$119.95
P35-347583-2CORNWELLIRC9000ACORNWELL IRC9000A IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Blue and black impact wrench in og cardboard box good condition$99.95
P35-347314-3DewaltDCBL720Dewalt DCBL720 blower Dewalt brushless blower with one battery and one double port charger$159.95
P35-347269-1GreenworksCSF403Greenworks CSF403 CHAIN SAW Green and black battery powered chainsaw, with 2 batteries, and charger, nb4$139.95
P35-347094-4Duo FastBN-6432Duo Fast BN-6432 brad nailer Brad nailer, smaller, older golden color$19.95
P35-347062-3AnsiEN175Ansi EN175 Welding Helmet Shild, non auto darkening, jus thte shild black full face$19.95
P35-346834-1PartnerK950 ACTIVEPartner K950 ACTIVE demo saw Yellow and black demo saw, older, used condition, tested started$449.95
P35-346684-2RidgidR2601Ridgid R2601 SANDER Sander in soft orange case rigid orbital sander with bag$34.95
P35-346631-2RyobiCFS130GRyobi CFS130G sander In green bag, ok condition,$19.95
P35-346543-2Black And DeckerJS200Black And Decker JS200 JIGSAW Green and orange black and decker saw$9.95
P35-345562-1Walworth48″Walworth 48” PIPE WRENCH Pipe wrench, vintage, 48”, nb4$19.95
P35-345423-2Snap OnFM19Snap On FM19 socket 8 misc snap on sockets on black holder.$89.95
P35-345022-1Porter CablePC305TPPorter Cable PC305TP benchtop planer Benchtop planer, black, has lots of paint spots, otherwise good condition, dual blade$229.95
P35-344994-3Snap OnFAR72ASnap On FAR72A RATCHET AIR Snap on air ratchet, with a red head, decent condition, tested and works well$49.95
P35-344980-4Porter CablePT1201Porter Cable PT1201 reversible drill Reversible drill, air, working condition$29.95
P35-344878-1Gear Wrench85066Gear Wrench 85066 TORQUE WRENCH Gearwrench torwue wrench in hard case good condition black handle$59.95
P35-344709-5SpectrumNVMNSpectrum NVMN paint gun Paint gun, hvlp, black and red, w hopper, good condition$74.95
P35-344536-1RyobiP271Ryobi P271 drill Drill with a battery inok condition no charger lime green and black$24.95
P35-343405-1TROY BILTTB675ECTROY BILT TB675EC TRIMMER Troy built trimmer bought here okay condition red/black$89.95
P35-343252-1Predator384575-10ME110012456Predator 384575-10ME110012456 GENERATOR Predator generator running watts 5500/ 6500 peak watts black and red has tires and pulling handle$219.95
P35-343190-1HARRIS25-100CHARRIS 25-100C gauge Harris oxygen gauge, two meters, some scuffs but good condition$39.95
P35-342755-2NONENVMNSP AIR SP-7770 Swivel head 1/4” Air Ratchet No Stickers$69.95
P35-342755-1Snap Onct8810Snap On Ct8810 One battery One Charger 3/8” Cordless Impact$229.95
P35-341947-1Mac ToolsCI19212Mac Tools CI19212 impact wrench In red case, older mac tools impact, nicd battery with charger, working$99.95
P35-341841-3DeWaltDCD740DeWalt DCD740 angle drill/driver Yellow and black,TOOL ONLY$74.95
P35-340890-1Mac ToolsTL90Mac Tools TL90 timing analyzer Timing analyzer red with cords no case no paperwork$29.95
P35-340636-1DewaltDCD790Dewalt DCD790 brushless drill Yellow black brushless drill driver, 20v battery, no charger, good condition$89.95
P35-340472-1Snap OnNVMNSnap On NVMN SOCKET SET 10 piece, in grey plastic case$199.95
P35-339856-2TrimmerPlusCB720TrimmerPlus CB720 blower attachment Red and black blower attachment, good condition$39.95
P35-339856-1TrimmerPlusAH721TrimmerPlus AH721 edger attachment Silver and red hedge trimmer attachment, good condition like new$39.95
P35-339852-1Porter Cablepcb420saPorter Cable pcb420sa belt/bench sander Bench/belt sander, no dust bag, working condition$169.95
P35-339644-2Black and DeckerLE750Black and Decker LE750 EDGE TRIMMER Electric edge trimmer orange and black$14.95
P35-338871-1Silver EagleSRCSE182PASilver Eagle SRCSE182PA WRENCH SET 18pc standard wrench set in og grey hardcase, all pieces included and in good condition$149.95
P35-338192-1Snap OnFAR25ASnap On FAR25A air ratchet Air ratchet, 1/4” drive, silver and red$69.95
P35-337305-1MatcoMT1712-2″Matco MT1712-2” IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Matco impact wrench in og box like new condition 2” extended anvil included$139.95
P35-336763-1AiryNVMNAiry NVMN STAPLE GUN In orange case, works tested, air staple$39.95
P35-335973-1DremelMM45Dremel MM45 DREMEL Corded dremel in black bag, good condition, working$49.95
P35-334148-1John DeereNVMNJohn Deere NVMN snow plow Snow plow, yellow, for tractor$279.95
P35-333989-4DremelDREMEL 3000Dremel DREMEL 3000 DREMEL In grey tool case, dremel 3000, with flex shaft$29.95
P35-333965-301ridgid battery chargerr$19.95
P35-328779-1StihlMS180CStihl MS180C CHAIN SAW Orange and black chainsaw, used condition. Nb4, smaller in size$199.95
N35-298420Delta36-090Miter Saw, Older Grey Delta W Bag 10” hevy dury silver$49.95
N35-292661MAKITAXLC02Makita Vacuum, One Battery and Charger, has one Attachment Blue and Black$64.95
B35-362391-2Black And Decker7552Black And Decker 7552 JIGSAW Black and decker jigsaw electric$9.95
B35-362349-3Snap OnTHLF72Snap On THLF72 ratchet Green and black snap on ratchet$89.95
B35-362349-2Snap OnSRPC3090Snap On SRPC3090 Set of Two Retainer Ring Pliers pliers Green snap on pliers, good condition$69.95
B35-362299-1RyobiCH120LRyobi CH120L BATTERY CHRGR Battery charger, green and black, 12v class 2$9.95
B35-362283-1RyobiRYAC130Ryobi RYAC130 LAWN MOWER Ryobi mini lawn mower electric 11amp 13in with bag$74.95
B35-362243-1OEM Tools24664OEM Tools 24664 ROTARY TOOL Oem tools rotarty tool black and green electric$14.95
B35-362216-2NONENONENONE NONE ratchet Large 3/4” ratchet, china made, works$11.95
B35-362194-602Dewalt Bit Set in Yellow Case$19.95
B35-362194-601Dewalt Bit Set in Yellow Case$19.95
B35-362194-6DeWaltNVMDeWalt Drill bit set in Yellow case bits Dewalt bits$19.95
B35-362194-5EchoCS-310Echo CS-310 CHAIN SAW Orange chainsaw w/ cover good new condition$199.95
B35-362194-2DeWaltDCS388DeWalt DCS388 RECIPRICATING S Yellow and black sawzall w/ one flex volt battery and charger in bag$219.95
B35-362194-1DeWaltDCD709DeWalt DCD709 drill Yellow and black dewalt dril atomatic compact series w/ two batteries and charger$139.95
B35-362054-1Pedal CommanderPC65Pedal Commander PC65 Throttle Controller For chevrolet 2014 and up, pc65 like new in box$249.95
B35-361969-1LeisterHOT AIR TOOLLeister HOT AIR TOOLTriac ST heat welder In green case, corded heat tool/welder for pvc pipe, containment mats, etc$329.95
B35-361879-1Snap OnCT761Snap On CT761 Cordless Impact Wrench 3/8” impact w stickers falling off, prety rough, two batteries and charger$299.95
B35-361845-1RyobiDS11008Ryobi DS11008 SANDER Small sander blue green older ryobi$7.95
B35-361816-3DewaltDCF885Dewalt DCF885 drill Drill, yellow and black, 20v, w one battery, no charger$59.95
B35-361751-2WERNERD716-2WERNER D716-2 LADDER Aluminum, older model, feet are good condition, 200lbs$59.95
B35-361707-2No MakeNVMNNo Make NVMN welding helmet Black welding helmet, fair condition, s$11.95
B35-361662-1BostitchNVMNBostitch NVMN nailer Bostitch nailer black and yellow ok condition$99.95
B35-361532-1Ez-hangNVMNEz-hang NVMN door bracket 9 boxes of 77 brackets(hinges) for 11 doors each all brand new condition$47.95
B35-361504-1Ridgid36″ PIPE WRENCHRidgid 36” PIPE WRENCH PIPE WRENCH Orange pipe wrench 36”, chipped tooth$59.95
B35-361435-1DeWaltDCD771DeWalt DCD771 drill Yellow, 20 volts battery no charger$39.95
B35-361381-2MasterNVMNMaster NVMN steering wheel lock Master steering wheel lock has the key grey and black$19.95
B35-361347-1MILWAUKEE2606-20MILWAUKEE 2606-20 drill Red nad black drill tool only no battery no charger$74.95
B35-361302-1LeathermanWAVELeatherman WAVE mult tool Leatheman wave multi tool good condition$44.95
B35-361296-1Toro51978Toro 51978 weed eater Red and black weed eater, good condition$109.95
B35-361260-1SCHUMACHERSA883SCHUMACHER SA883 Li Ion Jump Starter Red no charger has jump start connector red and black$59.95
B35-361205-6Craftmans320.48253Craftmans 320.48253 lazer measuring tools Craftsman measuring tools in red case.Lazer levels$34.95
B35-361127-1Black And DeckerTR1700Black And Decker TR1700 HEDGER TRIMER Black and decker orange hedger trimmer$11.95
B35-361075-2Milwaukee2457-20Milwaukee 2457-20 Cordless Rachet 12 volt smaller 3/8” ratcher milwaukee no battery no charger$89.95
B35-361061-2Craftsman315-17461Craftsman 315-17461 ROUTER Older in og box w some clamps and miter fences$39.95
B35-361052-1PROTONVMPROTO NVM TOOL BOX Red older proto tool box 6 drawer 27” with key$69.95
B35-361047-1MAKITA5277NBMAKITA 5277NB Worm Drive SAW Makita circular saw corded good condition$99.95
B35-361027-2RyobiRB101GRyobi RB101G BUFFER/FLOOR Green buffer in original box new condition$24.95
B35-361027-1Drill Master40070Drill Master 40070 SANDER Small blue sander$7.95
B35-360941-1SalaNANO-LOK 8101277Sala NANO-LOK 8101277 Self Retracting Lanyard Dual sala nano lok gold and blue good condition$169.95
B35-360940-6MSAV EDGEMSA V EDGE Self Retracting Lanyard Dual silver and black great condition$169.95
B35-360940-5MSAV FITMSA V FIT Fall Harness Grey green silver great condition$199.95
B35-360940-3MSAV FITMSA V FIT Fall harness Grey and silver and green and black great condition msa$199.95
B35-360940-2MSAV-EDGE DUALMSA V-EDGE DUAL Self Retracing lanyard Dual lanyard, silver and black excellent condiotin$159.95
B35-360940-1MSAV-FITMSA V-FIT Fall harness Excellent condition green and grey$199.95
B35-360901-1RyobiP514Ryobi P514 RECIPRICATING S Green sawzall w/ charger no battery$39.95
B35-360790-1CraftmansCMMT44201Craftmans CMMT44201 BREAKERBAR Craftman breaker bar good condition$17.95
B35-360784-1Hk51-MU-30100EHk5 1-MU-30100E muffler Like new in og box muffler$39.95
B35-360639-3HuskyVARIOUSHusky VARIOUS TOOL BELT Tool belt, black, nylon, good condition$29.95
B35-360639-1DewaltDWE315Dewalt DWE315 oscillating tool Oscillating tool, yellow and black, corded, good condition$69.95
B35-360357-2Porter CablePCC601Porter Cable PCC601 driver drill l, with no battery$14.95
B35-360357-1Porter CablePCC641Porter Cable PCC641 impact wrench battery powered Grey and black porter cable impact drill with battery, no charger tested works$29.95
B35-360330-1Licoln Electric61849Licoln Electric 61849 WELDER Black welder flux welder ok codnition$89.95
B35-360260-3StihlTS 420Stihl TS 420 concrete saw Orange and gray gas powered saw tested works serial number covered by cement$739.95
B35-360255-1BoschPR20EVSBosch PR20EVS ROUTER Bosch palm router colt 1.0hp inside a hard blue case$69.95
B35-360155-2AmesCM1000AAmes CM1000A METER Clamp meter orange new codnition w/ acc in black softc ase$49.95
B35-360132-1MILWAUKEE2309-20MILWAUKEE 2309-20 CAMERA Red camera scope$69.95
B35-360020-2NONENVMNONE NVM trailer hitch Black trailer hitch$29.95
B35-359776-605makita Cordless Drill, One Big Batt no Charger White and Black Li ion lxdt04$39.95
B35-359776-602Makita Cordless Recip Saw one Batt No charger Model XRJ03 813474$89.95
B35-359776-6MAKITABSS611MAKITA BSS611 Cordless Tool Set Makita Cordless Circular Saw w One battery NO CHARGER BSS611 SN 0068662$89.95
B35-359776-514Central Right Angle Die Grinder no model 1/4”$8.95
B35-359776-513Central pneumatic 1/4” Right angle die grinder no model silver$8.95
B35-359776-512Husky Red and Silver Air hammer w Bit Model HDT103$12.95
B35-359776-511Husky Red and Silver 1/2” Impact Wrench Pneumatic DHT202 SNBN0905$29.95
B35-359776-509Husky 3/8” Air Ratchet Bblack and Silver item HDT101$19.95
B35-359776-508Air Drill 3/8” Pneumatic Rodac, Silver 214 SN 2467$19.954
B35-359776-5023/8 Pneumpatic Cratsman Rachter Black silver 875.199320 SN 12C004086$34.95
B35-359776-2RyobiEM0001Ryobi EM0001 Laser level In blue case with attachments laser ryobi blue$39.95
B35-359776-1HuskyNONEHusky NONE Air Paint Set In red case two guns great conditoin husky$59.95
B35-359775-1Porter CableC2002Porter Cable C2002 AIR COMPRESSOR Small red porter cable pancake compressor$79.95
B35-359758-2HusqvarnaPG280Husqvarna PG280 Concrete grinder Large orange and aluminum 220$1499.95
B35-359758-1HusqvarnaPG450Husqvarna PG450 Concrete Grinder Large 220 concrete grinder$3749.95
B35-359691-1Yard Machines11A-54MB0551602923Yard Machines 11A-54MB0551602923 LAWN MOWER Green lawnmower no bag 21′$89.95
B35-359651-2WagnerHT1000Wagner HT1000 HEAT GUN Black and yellow heat gun in box$24.95
B35-359651-1WagnerHT1000Wagner HT1000 HEAT GUN Yellow heat gun in box good new codnition$24.95
B35-359521-1MILWAUKEE2462-20MILWAUKEE 2462-20 impact driver Impact driver, 12v, no charger, red and black, good condition$59.95
B35-359412-2Air ProductsAC230LWAAir Products AC230LWA WELDER Welder, 220v, little older, teal blue, w leads, seems like good condition, not tested$239.95
B35-359412-1Lincoln ElectricKH977Lincoln Electric KH977 welding helmet kit Welding helmet kit, like new, in box,$89.95
B35-359382-6NONENONE Misc Body Tools In small metal tool box, older body work tools$39.95
B35-359381-3Portland62469Portland 62469 Leaf Blower / Vacuum Green w bag and attachments, harbor freight portland$34.95
B35-359381-1HondaEM600Honda EM600 GENERATOR Honda 600 silver vintage w owners manual$349.95
B35-359355-1CraftsmanGAS POWERED MOWERCraftsman GAS POWERED MOWER LAWN MOWER Black craftsman red and black mower with no bag, nb4$149.95
B35-359243-1Commercial ElectricMS8301ACommercial Electric MS8301A multimeter Green multimeter green$19.95
B35-359135-3Dremel8220Dremel 8220 DREMEL Dremel, cordless, in grey hard case, w one battery and charger$59.95
B35-359135-2MAKITALR21670RT0701C Makita compact Router, blue and black, good condtition$59.95
B35-359111-1Griots6″ RANDOM ORBITALGriots 6” RANDOM ORBITAL Paint Polisher Electric red 6” random orbital$99.95
B35-359098-2StihlFSA56Stihl FSA56 Electric Trimmer No battery no charger TOOL ONLY$49.95
B35-359098-1StihlFSA56Stihl FSA56 Electric Trimmer Stihl no battery no charger TOOL ONLY$49.95
B35-359082-3Reese Secure21175Reese Secure 21175 hitch Hitch with lock bar good used condition$24.954
B35-358978-1Black And DeckerCS1030LBlack And Decker CS1030L CIRCULAR SAW C saw, orange and black, w laser guide$19.95
B35-358357-1BruntonF-HEAT-VITALBrunton F-HEAT-VITAL heated vest Under jacket warmer for work$49.95
B35-358184-4Dayton4CA50Dayton 4CA50 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Impact wrench, air, grey, w spade handle, 1”,$169.95
B35-358135-2Ingersoll Rand1/2″Ingersoll Rand 1/2” IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Ingersol rand 1/2” impact older$34.95
B35-358010-201Hilti Heavy Duty Tool Bag$34.95
B35-357864-1Allen EngineeringNVMNAllen Engineering 12 Foot Screed / Bull Float Concrete leveler$229.95
B35-357786-1Milwaukee2572-20Milwaukee 2572-20 airsnake Cordless snake in origininal box w/ charger and one battery new condition$299.95
B35-357465-1ExtechEX830Extech EX830 Multimeter / Clam Meter Orange and green works good clamp meter with leads$99.95
B35-357440-2ESTWINGNVMNESTWING NVMN HAMMER Misc hammer$14.95
B35-357076-2MILWAUKEE0886-20MILWAUKEE 0886-20 FAN Red job site fan w/ cahrger$54.95
B35-356848-1CraftmansCMCF820Craftmans CMCF820 Cordless Impact drill w Charger & 1 Battery in craftsman bag$79.95
B35-356780-5Porter CablePCC601Porter Cable PCC601 tool set Cicular saw and drill w/ one charger and one battery$69.95
B35-356612-2MAKITADRILL BIT SETMAKITA DRILL BIT SET DRILL BIT SET In green makita hard case, drill bit set, all pieces there$19.95
B35-356537-1MILWAUKEE2721-20MILWAUKEE 2721-20 RECIPRICATING S Recip saw, red and black, 1$89.95
B35-356502-101Porter cable PCC700 Light new Tool only$29.95
B35-356449-4WorxWX572LWorx WX572L TABLE SAW Orange blade runner table saw, no guard$49.95
B35-355855-1Storm3T660Storm 3T660 Torque Wrench Large in red case, 3/4” drive huge torque wrench, 3t660$239.95
B35-355662-6Milwaukee2457-20Milwaukee 2457-20 RACHET 3/8” W one Batt small, red and black, serial no worn off, ok condition: some wear, tested$109.95
B35-355662-3Milwaukee2720-20Milwaukee 2720-20 RECIPRICATING S Red and black, ok condition: some wear, no blade, tested$109.95
B35-355475-6National Regulators2500.510National Regulators 2500.510 oxy/ace gauges and hose Green and red hoses for acetylene and oxygen with gauges attached, gauges are national$119.95
B35-355381-1LUFKINNVMNLUFKIN NVMN TAPEMEASURE Lufkin tape measure with brass weight black handle$39.95
B35-355108-1Central Pneumatic93566Central Pneumatic 93566 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Stainless and black impact wrench, bought here$19.95
B35-355104-1Milwaukee2420-20Milwaukee 2420-20 hand saw powered Black and red milwaukee hackzall, tool only no battery or charger$79.95
B35-355074-4SHARPE775SHARPE 775 SPRAY GUN-AIR Sharpe spray gun silver$24.95
B35-355074-3SHARPE75SHARPE 75 SPRAY GUN-AIR Sharpe spray gun silver$29.95
B35-354897-1ArmstrongR64836Armstrong R64836 ARM64-836 64-836 3200 torque multiplier Used torque multiplier in og case good condition$9999.5
B35-354712-1Toro20016Toro 20016 LAWN MOWER Red lawn mower , tested$189.95
B35-354584-2OTC3596EOTC 3596E oil reset tool Oil reset tool, in black suitcase, w dongles and leads$79.95
B35-354473-1BolensBL100Bolens BL100 TRIMMER Black with dark green, tested well , takes gas$59.95
B35-354463-1Snap-OnMG325Snap-On MG325 Impact driver Red and black impact driver 3/8” snap on mg325$129.95
B35-354461-1RyobiRY253SSRyobi RY253SS weed eater Green weed eater air filter box mssing rough condition$49.95
B35-354088-601Kurt Micrometer 0-1” Single Mic$19.95
B35-353547-101Blue Point 3/8 Breaker bar and Two Extensions$59.95
B35-353547-1BLUE POINTNVMBLUE POINT NVM sockets BLUE POINT Female Torx Sockets, Set of 2 E7 E8$24.95
B35-353501-4Snap OnNVMNSnap On 1/2” Allen Sockets sockets 6pc snap sae sockets$119.95
B35-353501-1Snap OnTM830Snap On TM830 ratchet Small snap on ratchet$59.95
B35-353478-3BLUE POINTANS1905ABLUE POINT ANS1905A Blue Point Socket Black large socket 3/4” drive blue point 2 9/16$19.95
B35-353476-5Snap OnL122 ETCSnap On L122 ETC Extension Set 4 pc 3/4” snap on extension set, two toggle and two extensions$189.95
B35-353476-4MacV24SFMac V24SF Mac breaker bar Like new 24” 1/2” breaker bar$69.95
B35-353476-3Snap OnSX80BSnap On SX80B Ratchet Large 1/2” flex head metal handle good condition$159.95
B35-353375-4Porter CablePCC601Porter Cable PCC601 power drill Grey and black porter cable driver drill with battery and charger, tested works, very used condition$39.95
B35-353375-1DremelMM30Dremel MM30 Multi Oscilating Tooll multi max mm30 corded, tested works,$39.95
B35-352427-1LUFKINNVMNLUFKIN NVMN plumb bob Plumb bob, tape on frame, w brass plumb$44.95
B35-352132-1Black And DeckerBDEMS600Black And Decker BDEMS600 SANDER Orange black and decker hand sander, tested, works, used condtition$12.95
B35-351943-4DewaltDWM120Dewalt DWM120 BAND SAW Yellow and silver handle broken a bit but all works fine$99.95
B35-350890-3Central Pneumatic94802Central Pneumatic 94802 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Silver/black, 1/2” drive, 100 psi, works, older central pneumatic$19.95
B35-349235-4RyobiP21081Ryobi P21081 leaf blower Green and grey with battery and charger, tested and working. Like new condition.$89.95
B35-349198-1AirCat5100-A-TAirCat 5100-A-T air hammer Red black air hammer, older, in good condition, tested and working, 3000 psi, 2-5/8”$54.95
B35-348570-4RyobiS652DRyobi S652D Finish Sander In blue case w bag but bag is torn works gine$19.95
B35-348324-2Fluke1587Fluke 1587 fluke Fluke 1587 yellow with manuel, accessories wires$599.95
B35-348067-3RidgidR86116Ridgid R86116 DRILL Black and orange drill rigid drill, no battery, no charger, brushless$19.95
B35-347512-1DeWaltDW290DeWalt DW290 impact wrench Yellow, tested works, used, scuffs$74.95
B35-346794-4GeneralNVMNGeneral NVMN MICROMETER Small silver micrometer 0 to 1 inch$9.95
B35-346544-3Klein Tools50473-3/4″Klein Tools 50473-3/4” pipe bender Yellow pipe bender 38”$24.95
B35-346176-1Max FanEL006E2S02Max Fan EL006E2S02 fan Black corded fan for growing/ventillation$29.95
B35-346170-1Ridgid3-SRidgid 3-S pipe cutter Orange pipe cutter, with handle, good condition 1” – 3”$129.95
B35-340340-2Snap OnMG31Snap On MG31 air wrench Red/black snap on air wrench$79.95
B35-339538-2MILWAUKEE6520-21MILWAUKEE 6520-21 SAWZALL In yellow dewalt bag, red/black milwaukee sawzall, corded$69.95
B35-336949-2WARNARCTIC CAT 5000SWARN ARCTIC CAT 5000S WINCH Synthetic winch, atv, 5000s, in orig box, uninstalled, very good condition$449.95
B35-332011-1MILWAUKEE6527MILWAUKEE 6527 RECIPRICATING S Recip saw, in red metal container, red and grey$69.95
B35-330822-1DewaltDWS780Dewalt DWS780 MITER SAW-ELECT 12” compound sliding miter saw, with mount for legs but legs missing. Has guard works good$329.95
B35-307274-2MILLERMAXSTAR 150SMILLER MAXSTAR 150S WELDER In red tub blue with leads and a unch of rod etc$899.95
B35-279615-2BLUE POINTNVMNBLUE POINT NVMN mini grinder Silver$39.95

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