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We Carry all tools. From High End Professional to Homeowner Tool Kits, and everything in-between. Cordless Drills are a Favorite, Woodworking, Industrial, Oil Field, Lawn & Garden,  we have the tools for all applications!
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P35-374738-1Oregon511AXOregon 511AX Chainsaw Sharpener Oregon with 3 extra blades$379.95
P35-374710-1Level 5 ToolsNONELevel 5 Tools NONE Drywall tapper Red bazooka taper by leel 5 good condition used$899.95
P35-374637-1Husqvarna128LDHusqvarna 128LD weed eater Husqvarna weed eater, gas powered, tested, works good, no other accesories$99.95
P35-374631-1Craftsman125Craftsman 125 toolbox Black and red like new condition 125 piece craftsman tool box with sockets and ratchet set$99.95
P35-374621-1DeWaltD25223DeWalt D25223 HAMMER Dewalt hammer drill yellow and black sn is worn$89.95
P35-374617-2Porter CableFn250sbPorter Cable Fn250sb pneumatic nail gun Porter cable nail gun new in plascit bag$69.95
P35-374617-1Porter CablePIN138Porter Cable PIN138 pin nailer Porter cable pin nailer new in plastic bag$34.95
P35-374605-2NONENVMNNONE NVMN jack stands Set of four car jack stands, ok condiiton$19.95
P35-374605-1DeWaltDCF815DeWalt DCF815 drill In yellow dewalt bag, has charger, has two batteries, ok condition$69.95
P35-374592-1KobaltKXHD 124B-03Kobalt KXHD 124B-03 tool set In rolling tool box,kobalt drill, circular saw, sawzall, flashlight, impact drill, 3 batteries, one charger, all tested, works$219.95
P35-374591-4Battery Tender030-1011-WALBattery Tender 030-1011-WAL BATTERY CHRGR Small black battery charger w/ acc$44.95
P35-374591-3DewaltDCF787Dewalt DCF787 imapact drill Yellow impact drill b ruslessh no charger w/ battery$54.95
P35-374576-2Black JackNVMNBlack Jack NVMN jack Black and yellow car jack$24.95
P35-374540-1RigidR2501Rigid R2501 SANDER Black and orange rigid corded sander with bag, tested, works well.$29.95
P35-374409-2DeWaltDW089DeWalt DW089 LEVEL In og black case dewalt laser level in good condition battery operated$159.95
P35-374400-2MilwaukeeNONEMilwaukee NONE DOLLY Foldable milwuakee dolly scraped up a bit$19.95
P35-374395-1WERNERMT-13WERNER MT-13 LADDER 14ft multi position ladder$89.95
P35-374385-3Wagner0500144Wagner 0500144 paint sprayer Paint sprayer in black case$19.95
P35-374382-1Bauer1642E-BBauer 1642E-B Hammer Drill Harbor freight sds hammer drill red and black$49.95
P35-374381-1Innova3120Innova 3120 diagnostic tool Innova 3120 diagnostic 2in 1 kit in og box like new$149.95
P35-374342-3Toy QuestMANLEY 10Toy Quest MANLEY 10 inflate pump Orange, electric blower. Tested.$34.95
P35-374339-1CraftsmanCMCF800Craftsman CMCF800 drill Craftman drill red and black with battery and charger$39.95
P35-374338-2CraftsmanCMCB204Craftsman CMCB204 battery Craftman 20v battery red and black$24.95
P35-374338-1CrafstmanCMCR001Crafstman CMCR001 work radio Craftman job site radio no battery or power cord red and black bluetooth$34.95
P35-374333-201Cornwell Blue Power Ratcheting Metric Wrench Set$119.95
P35-374333-2NONENVMNBlue Power CBPI1LM Impact Socket Set socket set Cornwell$49.95
P35-374331-1Halo57720Halo 57720 jumpstar In black carrying sack halo bolt jump starter in good condition$44.95
P35-374330-1Milwaukee2540-20Milwaukee 2540-20 NAILER Milwaukee nail gun, no battery, no charger, tool only, new condition$129.95
P35-374321-3Snowjoe320ESnowjoe 320E SNOW BLOWER Hand held corded snowjoe snowblower like new$59.95
P35-374309-4RigidR6791Rigid R6791 SCREW GUN Oranged collated screw gun electric$59.95
P35-374309-3HitachiC10FSHCHitachi C10FSHC MITER SAW-ELECT Green compound miter sliding saw 12” w/ laser$229.95
P35-374309-2MetaboBSL 36B18Metabo BSL 36B18 battery Metabo 36v battery$34.95
P35-374309-1MetaboBSL 1830CMetabo BSL 1830C battery 3.0 18v metabo battery$24.95
P35-374308-6RigidR860052Rigid R860052 drill Orange cordless drill (tool only)$19.95
P35-374308-5CraftsmanCMCW221TY1Craftsman CMCW221TY1 SANDER Red cordless sander no battery (tool only)$14.95
P35-374308-4RyobiPBLMT50Ryobi PBLMT50 oscilating tool Green cordless multi tool (tool only)$24.95
P35-374308-3RyobiPSBRS01Ryobi PSBRS01 hackzall Cordless hackzall (tool only) green$29.95
P35-374308-1RyobiP320Ryobi P320 NAILER Finish nailer green cordless w/ battery no charger$89.95
P35-374288-1Husky41214Husky 41214 AIR COMPRESSOR Husky 130 psi electric air compressor, has one hose connected and an extra wrapped around, tested, works$69.95
P35-374287-1Toro20378Toro 20378 LAWN MOWER Red, toro lawn mower, with bag. Tested$239.95
P35-374269-4ZipwallNVMNZipwall NVMN Zipwall Set of 4 zip wall poles inside zipwall carrying case$99.95
P35-374269-2DeWaltDCD708DeWalt DCD708 Drill Driver Dewalt black and yellow cordless drill driver with battery and charger. Good condition.$74.95
P35-374269-1Milwaukee5262-21Milwaukee 5262-21 ROTARY TOOL In hard carry case, milwaukee, corded black and red rotary hammer$99.95
P35-374246-5Cold ShotNVMCold Shot NVM pipe freeze kit In og box, cold shot pipe freeze kit. Like new$349.95
P35-374246-3MvpNVMMvp NVM JACK-AUTOMOTIVE 2 1/4 ton jack. Used condition$19.95
P35-374246-2Central Pneumatic61718Central Pneumatic 61718 air Impact 1/2” Central pneumatic air drill.$11.95
P35-374244-2RyobiRY25AXBRyobi RY25AXB leaf blower Ryobi 2 cycle leaf blower, gas powered, tested, works$89.95
P35-374244-1RigidNVMNRigid NVMN PIPE WRENCH 36inch aluminum rigid pipe wrench, good condition$49.95
P35-374224-2NVMN65570NVMN 65570 RECIPRICATING S Red recip saw corded detached the blade wear and tear on manufacture$11.95
P35-374224-1BostitchSB-1842BNBostitch SB-1842BN NAILER In og case brad nalier super black and yellow has brad nailers$21.95
P35-374207-1GracoULTIMATE MX II 695Graco ULTIMATE MX II 695 paint sprayer Blue sprayer airless with hose used condition started right out on wheels$1799.95
P35-374164-2MAKITAXMT03MAKITA XMT03 ocilating tool Green makita multi tool muti tool no (tool only)$39.95
P35-374164-1MAKITAXPH12MAKITA XPH12 tool set Makita drill set two batteries w.Charger green$109.95
P35-374078-1RigidR8223500Rigid R8223500 multi tool Rigid multi tool, no charger, no battey, tool only, used conditiob$29.95
P35-374056-2Fluke62 MAXFluke 62 MAX fluke Fluke 62 max yellow$29.95
P35-374056-1MILWAUKEE6142-31MILWAUKEE 6142-31 GRINDER Milwaukee grinder corded$49.95
P35-373998-1DewaltDCF885Dewalt DCF885 Impact Black and yellow dewalt drill with battery and charger tested woirks fine in decent condition$44.95
P35-373937-3Drill MasterNONEDrill Master NONE ROUTER Silver and black corded router with bits in clear box,$19.95
P35-373937-2Black And DeckerBD5100Black And Decker BD5100 SANDER Green orbiot sander missing dust bag corded$19.95
P35-373937-1Hyper Flex2218Hyper Flex 2218 SANDER Hyper tough sander corded works$7.95
P35-373913-4Pittsburgh61585Pittsburgh 61585 CALIPERS In red bag, pittsburg 10” caliper in good condition in its case wear and tear$9.95
P35-373830-2CRICKNONECRICK NONE LEVEL Wooden 4ft level crick nb4$99.95
P35-373830-1CRICKNONECRICK NONE level Wooden 4ft level crick nb4 great condiiton$99.95
P35-373826-2RidgidR350PNFRidgid R350PNF hand nailer Ridgid palm nailer. Good condition . Tested$44.95
P35-373809-2Dremel7760Dremel 7760 DREMEL Dremmel blue gray black has buffer tip works has charger has accessories$24.95
P35-373809-1WELLERWLBRK12WELLER WLBRK12 SOLDERING IRON Black red soldering iron looks like dremmel has plastic protector takes usb c charger works tested$19.95
P35-373751-2MILWAUKEE2626-20MILWAUKEE 2626-20 multi tool Milwaukee multi tool with no battery or charger$69.95
P35-373676-1DeWaltDCB203DeWalt DCB203 drill battery 20vmax xr lithium ion dewalt battery.$24.95
P35-373652-3BoschRH328VCBosch RH328VC rotary hammer In blue case, bosch rotary hammer, has various bits, used condition, tested, works$119.95
P35-373591-4NONENVMNNONE NVMN JACK-AUTOMOTIVE Red jack in ok condition$11.95
P35-373584-3MILWAUKEE2792-20MILWAUKEE 2792-20 radio Red milwuakee radio tool battery and corded$129.95
P35-373583-2MILWAUKEE2890-20MILWAUKEE 2890-20 radio Red and black radio tool corded in good condition$89.95
P35-373560-5RigidR8651Rigid R8651 CIRCULAR SAW Black and orange cordless circular saw, has battery, tested works well, inside a brown box$59.95
P35-373560-4RigidR84084Rigid R84084 radio Small black and orange work radio, in brown box, tested works well, no vbattery$24.95
P35-373560-3RigidR8611503Rigid R8611503 hammer drill Black and orange hammer drill, has battery, tested works well, inside brown carboard box$49.95
P35-373560-2Rigid86034Rigid 86034 impact driver Black and orange impact driver, no battery, tested works well,$29.95
P35-373560-1RigidR86008Rigid R86008 drill Inside a brown carboard box, black and orange hand drill, tested works well,has battery$39.95
P35-373556-1RyobiP501RyobiSingle Li Ion Battery$14.95
P35-373550-2MILWAUKEE2420-20MILWAUKEE 2420-20 hackzall Small cordless hackzall w/ charger one battery$89.95
P35-373516-2NvsnNONENvsn NONE Air Hose Grey cold weather air hose$19.95
P35-373449-1MILWAUKEE2520-20MILWAUKEE 2520-20 hackzall Milwaukee hackzall red and black$69.95
P35-373447-101Matco 13pc Deep Impact Sockets SAE on rail$99.95
P35-373439-4DeWaltDCB107DeWalt DCB107 Battery Dewalt 2 ah 20 volt battery good condition$24.95
P35-373433-1Diehard200.71225Diehard 200.71225 BATTERY CHRGR Diehard battery charger/jumper. Tested. Dirty$49.95
P35-373391-1DeWaltDCD996DeWalt DCD996 drill Hammer cordless drill w/ battery$74.95
P35-373384-2Husqvarna455 RANCHERHusqvarna 455 RANCHER chainsaw In good condition orange and black rancher chainsaw gas powered tested works fine$339.95
P35-373369-1WorkproW125051AWorkpro W125051A Angle Grinder Black green and gray cordless angle grinder with battery$29.95
P35-373356-1Innova3040CInnova 3040C obd2 reader Black with cord attached in good condition$59.95
P35-373344-3GracoMAGNUM XSGraco MAGNUM XS paint sprayer Graco magnum xs paint sprayer, tested, has hose, ok condition’$149.95
P35-373342-2StihlHS 45-ZStihl HS 45-Z HEDGER TRIMER Gas powered, stihl hedgetrimmer. Tested$174.95
P35-373328-1Speedway9100MSpeedglas 9100M WELDING EQU. In black red bag welding p a r with adflow (resperator kit) in good condition has an extra battery works$599.95
P35-373322-5Milwaukee48-22-342048-22-3506Milwaukee 48-22-3420,48-22-3506 torque lock Milwaukee torque lock 2 of them$34.95
P35-373244-1Porter Cable150PSIPorter Cable 150PSI Compressor Red pancake porter cable compressor$84.95
P35-373209-1Warrior2101Warrior 2101 DRILL Black and orange warrior lithium drill with flashlight and battery charger$14.95
P35-373206-1TitanPT8900PLUSTitan PT8900PLUS paint sprayer Larger titan powertwin 8900 plus paint sprayer, has honda motor, good condition, tested, works, no other accesories gas powered$2799.95
P35-373184-1Mathey DearmanNONEMathey Dearman NONE pipe beveling Mathey 12” pipe beveling machine, has washer to smoothen tightening$699.95
P35-373166-3Chicago Electric61481Chicago Electric 61481 cut off saw Older larger cut off saw, red and silver with yellow button nb4$69.95
P35-373166-2CRICKNVMNCRICK NVMN LEVEL In red bucket, wooden and silver great condition$34.95
P35-373164-1MILWAUKEE3522-20MILWAUKEE 3522-20 leveler In red carrying hard case milwaukee lazer leveler like new everything included$239.95
P35-373149-6Milwaukee2454-20Milwaukee 2454-20 Milwaukee One battery no cahrger 3/8” impact m12 good conditoin$109.95
P35-373112-1StihlFSE60Stihl FSE60 weed wacker Stihl weed wacker tested fse 60$59.95
P35-373101-1DeWaltDCD706DeWalt DCD706 DRILL set Dewalt brushless drill with extra battery, charger and its og bag$129.95
P35-373097-1Lincoln Electric11938Lincoln Electric 11938 tig welder Licoln electric black and red welder decent condition tested works fine with accersories$359.95
P35-373067-1General Pipe CleanersSUPER VEEGeneral Pipe Cleaners SUPER VEE pipe cleaner Orange and silver corded and snake pipe cleaner, tested works well,$129.95
P35-373054-2DewaltDWFP55126Dewalt DWFP55126 AIR COMPRESSOR Yellow and black dewalt pancake compressor$79.95
P35-373026-2Silver EagleSBS41SESilver Eagle SBS41SE SOCKET SET Silver eagle socket set in og grey plastic case complete$79.95
P35-373025-4Pittsburgh62638Pittsburgh 62638 compression kit In og box has cardboard still pittshurgh mising 3 nozzles$19.95
P35-373025-2RidgidP343VNRidgid P343VN multitool Green multitool works no battery but tested$19.95
P35-373025-1CraftsmanNONECraftsman NONE misc tools In og metal case, Impact$9.95
P35-373023-1GracoMAGNUM X5Graco MAGNUM X5 Paint Sprayer magnum graco blue w hose and gun works great$149.95
P35-372991-2Klein ToolsMM300Klein Tools MM300 tester All orange Multimeter tester, used condition, tested, has red and black wires$19.95
P35-372976-1RyobiP235AVNRyobi P235AVN DRILL BIT SET Ryobi drill set has circular saw, impact and cordless drill, ricipacating, light 3 batteries and charger$139.95
P35-372937-1DewaltDCPW550Dewalt DCPW550 pressure washer Ordless yellow power washer gun in net bag w/ hose and tips4 tip$119.95
P35-372922-3DewaltDCF887Dewalt DCF887 impact drill Black and yellow dewalt impact drill, brushless with one battery and charger, inside black and red husky tool bag$69.95
P35-372913-1MAKITAXFD10MAKITA XFD10 drill set Makita drill set in green bag w/ two battery and charger new condition$169.95
P35-372862-1RIDGER86035RIDGE R86035 impact drill Ridgid impact drill with charger and battery orange and black$89.95
P35-372788-4RigidR8652Rigid R8652 CIRCULAR SAW Black and oragne circular saw, no battery, no charger, tested works well$44.95
P35-372788-3RigidR8642Rigid R8642 RECIPRICATING Saw Black and orange, recipricatoing saw, no battery no charger, tesetd , missing guard$39.95
P35-372788-1RigidR86035Rigid R86035 t Black and orange impact drill, w/1 battery, no charger, tested works$49.95
P35-372730-1Torque PowerPTT00002Torque Power PTT00002 ratchet Black adn blue torque power ratchet tested with charger$49.95
P35-372723-1Skil6277Skil 6277 speed drill Black and red corded speed drill, tested works well, used condition$19.95
P35-372716-3Craftsman315Craftsman 315 stud finder Black with paint splatter craftsman stud finder tested works fine$4.95
P35-372716-1Klean ToolsVDV500-705TKlean Tools VDV500-705T tracer Black and yellow klein tools tracer decent condition does have some stripped wire but works fine$19.95
P35-372693-2Dremel7P37Dremel 7P37 DREMEL Grey and dark grey dremel lite no charger$24.95
P35-372693-1Dremel908Dremel 908 DREMEL Electric grey and black dremel good condition$29.95
P35-372658-1RamsetHAMMER SHOTRamset HAMMER SHOT single shot tool Black and orange caliber single shot tool, good condition$14.95
P35-372638-1BostitchRB46-1Bostitch RB46-1 aIR NAILER Roofing nailer, orange$69.95
P35-372607-1MILWAUKEE2110-20MILWAUKEE 2110-20 FLASHLIGHT All black and red milwaukee flashligt, kind of beat up, has charger, tested works$24.95
P35-372550-2Huskyhsk064hdHusky hsk064hd inverter Red and black inverty black handle smaller works tested 400 watts$24.95
P35-372468-1MILWAUKEE28520-202801-20MILWAUKEE 28520-20,2801-20 impact set In red bag, impact brushless and impact drill has battery and charger there is wear and tear for serial$139.95
P35-372337-3No MakeNVMNRatcheting tie down straps Yellow disel straps and 1 orange one$19.95
P35-372337-1Central Pneumatic67450Central Pneumatic 67450 NAILER Roofing nailer central pneumatic black and blue$39.95
P35-372336-2WERNERD716-2WERNER D716-2 LADDER Red tipped 16′ werner ladder$49.95
P35-372336-1WERNERD1216-2WERNER D1216-2 LADDER Green tipped 16′ werner ladder$79.95
P35-372331-1Truck ClubNVMNTruck Club NVMN lock All red and some black and silver key lock for truck, kind of ripped on rubber$24.95
P35-372255-4DeWaltD25263DeWalt D25263 hammer drill In black case, dewalt hammer drill, not cordless, used condition$74.95
P35-372238-1Lincoln11205 HANDY MIGLincoln 11205 HANDY MIG Wire Feed Welder Older red wire feed mig no wire in it, gas or flux core works good$229.95
P35-372237-1MaxxairNONEMaxxair NONE Coil Siding nailer Very beat up older maxx$59.95
P35-372215-5CAMBELL/HAUSFELDTL0501CAMBELL/HAUSFELD TL0501 ratchet Air blue ratchet, good tested works well$29.95
P35-372215-4Pit CrewCAJ-120Pit Crew CAJ-120 air hammer Short barrel air hammer, tested works well,$12.95
P35-372215-3CAMBELL/HAUSFELDTL1402CAMBELL/HAUSFELD TL1402 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Blue w/silver, tested works well,inside a black tool bag$39.95
P35-372151-1DeWaltDCF815DeWalt DCF815 DRILLSET Black and yellow dewalt drill set$89.95
P35-372142-1RyobiRY120350Ryobi RY120350 pressure washer Cordless pressure washer green w/ battery and acc in orange tub$69.95
P35-372120-1Toro20339Toro 20339 LAWN MOWER Toro lawnmower, has 24” blade, has motor, has brakes, has bag, tested, works$239.95
P35-372082-2Skil1605Skil 1605 joiner Dark grey w/black handle plate joiner, tested works$19.95
P35-371991-1WERNERPS-48WERNER PS-48 SCAFFOLDING Blue scaffolding with platforms$109.95
P35-371955-3Banks63993Banks 63993 nail gun Black and red roofing nailer gun$59.95
P35-371943-2MILWAUKEE**04-20MILWAUKEE **04-20 cordless Drill Hammer drill one battery no charger$89.95
P35-371943-1MILWAUKEE2729-20MILWAUKEE 2729-20 Portable Band Saw Red milwaukee no charger had on e5.0 xc battery$229.95
P35-371924-2RyobiP215Ryobi P215 tool set Drill circular saw muilti tool cahrger battery in green ryobi bag$99.95
P35-371912-1Home LiteUT33650BHome Lite UT33650B WEED EATER Red and black smaller works tested gas$69.95
P35-371895-5Power Probe3Power Probe 3 Power Probe Power probe 3 w leads, no case$99.95
P35-371895-4Snap OnFLLF80Snap On FLLF80 Ratchet Snap on 3/8” flex head long ratchet al metal$99.95
P35-371895-3Snap OnSL80ASnap On SL80A Ratchet Snap on metal, 1/2” 15” all metal$89.95
P35-371895-1Snap OnMETRICSnap On METRIC SOCKET SET In black tray 13pc metric 1/2” drive 6 side socket set metric$89.95
P35-371862-2DeWaltDCS354DeWalt DCS354 multi tool Cordless oscillating multi tool, ok condition, tested work well,$54.95
P35-371844-1NONENVMNONE NVM LADDER Yellow flexible rescue rope ladder$29.95
P35-371790-1Predator57063Predator 57063 GENERATOR Red harbor freight 1400 inverter good conditon$199.95
P35-371741-2DewaltDW849Dewalt DW849 buffer Dewalt buffer, used condition, tested, works$84.95
P35-371738-1HitachiNV 45AB2Hitachi NV 45AB2 nail gun Hitachi nail gun, tested, works, used condition$69.95
P35-371734-3PiercePRC-15Pierce PRC-15 nailer Finish orange nailer$44.95
P35-371701-1Porter CablePCC601Porter Cable PCC601 tool set In red porter cable bag,one drill, one sawzall, one circular saw, two batteries, one charger,$149.95
P35-371660-1Craftsman183.17252Craftsman 183.17252 ROTARY TOOL In black plastic og case, like new conditon has all accessories included turns on$29.95
P35-371655-201Dewalt 20volt battery Li ion$24.95
P35-371655-2Dewalt20VDewalt 20V dewalt batteries Dewalt 20V dewalt batteries li ion dewalt 20v max single batt$24.95
P35-371651-2MilwaukeeNVMNMilwaukee NVMN TAPEMEASURE Milwaukee tape measure 30ft$19.95
P35-371643-4HiltiWSR 1250-PEHilti WSR 1250-PE RECIPRICATING S Red sawzall electric$79.95
P35-371643-2FlukeIR THERMOMETERFluke IR THERMOMETER fluke Yellow cordless fluke thermomter$29.95
P35-371625-1GracoULTIMIX695Graco ULTIMATE MX 695 paint sprayer Blue paint sprayer. . Has hose, and sprayer.$1799.95
P35-371575-3Earthquake43CC VIPEREarthquake 43CC VIPER Auger Post hole auger one blade earthquake 43cc$179.95
P35-371575-2HOBARTHANDLER100HOBART HANDLER100 WELDER Hobart handler 100 w leads auto feed mig$249.95
P35-371575-1LincolnNONELincoln NONE Welding Helmet Black lincoln auto darkening$89.95
P35-371513-3Crafstman351.181710Crafstman 351.181710 NAILER In red hard case stapler nailer$19.95
P35-371476-1MetaboNR 90ADMetabo NR 90AD nailer Green framing nialer good conidtion$139.95
P35-371473-1RyobiRY120350VNMRyobi RY120350VNM Power Washer Green and black ryobi cordless power washer with battery and hose with built in tips, tested.$59.95
P35-371377-1Milwaukee7200-20Milwaukee 7200-20 air nail gun Like new, milwaukee round head framing nailer. Tested$149.95
P35-371345-4Milwaukee2438-20Milwaukee 2438-20 SANDER Sander in red milwaukee case w/ charger battery and pads$139.95
P35-371345-3Milwaukee2407-20Milwaukee 2407-20 drill set Impact and drill no charger w/ two 12v batteries in red bag$89.95
P35-371343-1Central Pneumatic62631Central Pneumatic 62631 Roofing nailer Harbor freight red and silver coil roofing nailer works good$49.95
P35-371332-1SCHUMACHERSA900SCHUMACHER SA900 BATTERY CHRGR Black and red schumacher jump starter works fine$59.95
P35-371312-1Battery TenderPOWER PLUS 75HBattery Tender POWER PLUS 75H battery charger Black and green battery charger electric wifi$79.95
P35-371295-1CraftsmanCMES612Craftsman CMES612 JIGSAW Red and black corded has blade works tested$39.95
P35-371270-1RidgidAM25600Ridgid AM25600 Blower Fan Black and orange ridgid air mover$79.95
P35-371256-1HondaFC600AHonda FC600A tiller Red tiller gas powered w/ honda motor 2020$699.95
P35-371240-1EchoPB-2620Echo PB-2620 leaf blower Echo leaf blower orange and black tested$119.95
P35-371216-4Klein ToolsVDV SCOUT PRO 3Klein Tools VDV SCOUT PRO 3 Tester Kit Nog packaging klein tools vdv scout pro 3 tester kit like new condition$59.95
P35-371216-3Contractor EngineeredCET103Contractor Engineered CET103 Chalk Line Nog packaging contractor engineered releasable chalk line like new condition$19.95
P35-371214-1MetaboNR 90AE (S1)Metabo NR 90AE (S1) NAILER Light green framing nailer good condition$129.95
P35-371203-1RyobiRY34426Ryobi RY34426 weedwacker Green grey and black gas tested in good condition$59.95
P35-371179-2LeathermanBLASTLeatherman BLAST multitool In black holster, leatherman blast, black, good condition$29.95
P35-371170-1Pacific Hydrostar69488Pacific Hydrostar 69488 Pressure Washer Black and blue pressure washer with built in tip$39.95
P35-371144-2Ready LiftNONEReady Lift suspensions 66-1030 In og black andgrey box suspensions for 2003-up dodge ram 2”strut extension$89.95
P35-371069-1Snap-OnTORCH300Snap-On TORCH300 butane gas torch Red small butane torch snap on$84.95
P35-371013-2TruecraftNVMTruecraft NVM WRENCH SET Truecraft wrench set, in white cloth, 10 wrenches$14.95
P35-371013-1Black And Decker2214Black And Decker 2214 cord impact driver Black and decker impact driver. Tested. Rough condition$44.95
P35-370875-1Jupiter63427Jupiter 63427 power inverter Silver jupiter power inverter.3k watt peak power tested$49.95
P35-370840-1MurrayM2500Murray M2500 WEEDEATER Red murray weed eater, has string, gas powered, tested, works, used condition$59.95
P35-370824-4DremelMS20Dremel MS20 dremel saw In grey og carrying case dremel saw wors fine$59.95
P35-370824-3NVMNNVMNNVMN NVMN window grip Nb4 in black carrying case window grip holder$59.95
P35-370824-2HitachiNT65M2Hitachi NT65M2 brod nailer Nb4 blue and black hitachi broad nailer$39.95
P35-370817-1Hyper ToughAQ75034GHyper Tough AQ75034G drill Red cordless drill with battery and cahrger in black cfraftsman bag$24.95
P35-370796-1Craftsman917.376061Craftsman 917.376061 LAWN MOWER Red and black with bag tested everything works fine , craftsman lawn mower$219.95
P35-370751-1Wagner0282180Wagner 0282180 Paint Eater Nog black and yellow wagner paint eater$29.95
P35-370720-1MILLERNVSNMILLER NVSN welder helmet Black digital performance miller welder mask decent condition$69.95
P35-370716-1Rigid48Rigid 48 WRENCH 48inch rigid pipe wrench, used condition,$39.95
P35-370685-2KregRIP-CUTKreg RIP-CUT saw guide Circular saw edge guide new bought here$59.95
P35-370685-1RyobiP360VNRyobi P360VN stapler-cordless Green nailer stapler cordless in original box$99.95
P35-370606-2Peerless0196555Peerless 0196555 tractions cables In baby blue case set of 2 tire traction cables$29.95
P35-370582-2SencoSN325Senco SN325 NAILER Framing nailer grey pretty rough condition$34.95
P35-370493-201No make pintel hook Hitch black good condition$39.95
P35-370489-1DewaltDC011Dewalt DC011 NICAD BATTERY RADIO OLD STYLE dewalt site radio Black and yellow decent condition dewalt site radio works fine$49.95
P35-370436-1Snap OnF836Snap On F836 Ratchet 3/8” snap on ratcher black handle good condition$79.95
P35-370421-3KETTK-200KETT K-200 Metal Shears Corded metal shears gery and silver kett$34.95
P35-370414-1Craftmans917.377151Craftmans 917.377151 LAWN MOWER Green 22′ lawnmower with black bag good condition$159.95
P35-370405-1Chicaco Electric1-1/8’VARIABLESPEEDSDSChicaco Electric 1-1/8’VARIABLESPEEDSDS rotary hammer Chicago electric rotary hammer, in black hard case. Tested. Ok condition$69.95
P35-370397-2HitachiNVMNHitachi NVMN DRILL All black and green drill, w/1 battery and one charger, good working condition, tested$24.95
P35-370397-1NONE9005BNONE 9005B disc grinder Blue w/black handle corded buffer, disc grinder, working condition, tested$59.95
P35-370382-1Snap OnSHL80ASnap On SHL80A RACHET Snap on shl80a 1/2 ” dual driver$139.95
P35-370337-1MatcoNVMNMatco NVMN bolts . In blue cord matco 19 piece bolts$79.95
P35-370331-1VulcanNVMVulcan NVM welder helmet Vulcan arcsafe welder helmet. Tested. Ok condition$49.95
P35-370287-4Klein Tools27400Klein Tools 27400 roll off Wire roll off attached to tool belt, this one is used for concrete rebar older condition$39.95
P35-370264-2HuskyH4150Husky H4150 air ratchet Black air ratchet 1/4$14.95
P35-370264-1Dremel7760Dremel 7760 DREMEL Small cordless dremel no charger$29.95
P35-370169-1HondaEB2800IAGHonda EB2800IAG GENERATOR In og box, new never used nb4$999.95
P35-370097-2Dremel121Dremel 121 dremel tool In og grey carrying box blue and grey dremmel tool with all the attachments in good condition$29.95
P35-370087-5RubiTR-600-SRubi TR-600-S TILE CUTTER Tr-600-s ceramic tile cutter in red hard case w parts$39.95
P35-370087-1MAKITAXRJ04MAKITA XRJ04 Cordless Recip Saw No charger, one battery makita recip saw cordless$49.95
P35-370004-2BLUE POINTNVMNBLUE POINT NVMN WRENCH SET Blue point 5 piece wrench set, all metric, on silver wire$84.95
P35-369952-5RyobiP197Ryobi P197 ROTARY TOOL Ryobi rotary tool, no battery, no other accessories$29.95
P35-369910-1HomeliteLT26CSL3VNMHomelite LT26CSL3VNM WEEDEATER Red, homelite gas powered weedeater. Tested. Ok condition$69.95
P35-369892-2McCullochPM610McCulloch PM610 CHAIN SAW Yellow vintage chainsaw 20”$99.95
P35-369885-2Milwaukee2626-20Milwaukee 2626-20 multi tool Milwaukee multi tool red and black with m18v battery$89.95
P35-369833-4NONENVMBall Hitch For Truck Black$19.95
P35-369822-1NONENVMNONE NVM air hose 50”, red, air hose. Like new$19.95
P35-369820-1EchoHC-2020Echo HC-2020 SAW Black and orange echo trimmer tested works fine$229.95
P35-369816-1Craftsman09P7020244F1Craftsman 09P7020244F1 LAWN MOWER Red craftsman, tested. No bag$89.95
P35-369739-1Hyper ToughNVMNHyper Tough NVMN ROTARY TOOL In black case, hyper tough rotary tool, has some bits, has a green box of other attatchments$24.95
P35-369684-1InficonVORTEX XTRACT-RInficon VORTEX XTRACT-R Refrigerant Recovery Machine Grey works good xtract r inficon grey kinda dirty$299.95
P35-369677-1NVMNNVMNNVMN NVMN hitch Hitch with multiple heads no pin but seams ot be atwist off$24.95
P35-369676-2DeWaltDW255DeWalt Screw Gun DW255 dewalt drill Black and yellowe corded dewalt drill tested works$59.95
P35-369599-3AerosmithST1850C4Aerosmith ST1850C4 NAILER Grey nailer finish nailer$39.95
P35-369586-2StihlFS56RCStihl FS56RC weedeater White and orange stihl weedeater good condition, tested$149.95
P35-369586-1StihlBG56-ZStihl BG55 leafblower Orange and white stihl leaf blower, decent condition, tested$129.95
P35-369547-1JacksonSMZ87/W9-13Jackson SMZ87/W9-13 welding helmet Black jackson welding helmet new condition automatic$99.95
P35-369544-1RyobiCFS1503GRyobi CFS1503G SANDER Green and grey ryobi sander without back piece but tested works fine$12.95
P35-369540-2Craftsman315-CR2600Craftsman 315-CR2600 TRIMMER Craftman hedge trimmer black no battery or charger$19.95
P35-369511-1Viper Flex24424Viper Flex 24424 air hose Viper flex retractable hose reel orange and black inside og box$49.95
P35-369488-5BostitchBTFP12233Bostitch BTFP12233 SANDER In black case, bostitch nail gun, tested, works$74.95
P35-369460-3FlukeMSIP-REMFluke 101 MSIP-REM multimeter Elctricity testergood working condition, has wires$24.95
P35-369408-1EarthwiseGS70015Earthwise GS70015 Wood Chipper Green and black earthwise wood chipper good condition$119.95
P35-369407-501black wheel dolly haul master 67511$29.95
P35-369407-3HitachiNV45**Hitachi NV45** NAILER Silver hitachi coil nailer missing part its inside tool box$89.95
P35-369400-5GoodyearRP7438Goodyear RP7438 Air Ratchet Blue and black like new goodyear 3/8”$19.95
P35-369388-1RigidNVMRigid 141 hog head threader Orange rigid hog head threader 2 1/4 & 4”$539.95
P35-369387-1PartnerK950Partner K950 SAW Large yellow and black concrete saw tested works great a few scrapes on the handle otherwise great condition$599.95
P35-369384-1Red MaxBCZ230TSRed Max BCZ230TS Gas Trimmer Red and grey, redmax ok condition straight shaft w bumper on bottom$99.95
P35-369316-1BostitchRN46-1Bostitch RN46-1 nail gun Bostitch black and orange nailer decent condition tested$79.95
P35-369239-4HuskyNVMHusky NVM razor knife Black, husky razor knife, with extra razors$9.95
P35-369165-1Yard MachinesY25BTYard Machines Y25BT blower Yard machine red leaf blower with weed eater nb4 good condition$79.95
P35-369164-1Yard Machines11A-4339G129Yard Machines 11A-4339G129 LAWN MOWER Yard machines black mower with bag good condition$89.95
P35-369111-1MacNONEMac NONE Pliers Set 3pc orange mac pliers set$74.95
P35-369072-1Cub Cadet1C288K40230Cub Cadet RT45 (18”) 208cc Counter Rotating Rear Tine Tiller$449.95
P35-369061-2Black MaxBM125CSACBlack Max BM125CSAC WEEDEATER Black max weedeater good condition$74.95
P35-369019-1UeiDM 383Uei DM 383 multimeter Uei dm 383 digital multimeter inside a grey case has prongs$49.95
P35-368955-2DeWaltDF83PLDeWalt DF83PL dewalt siding gun Black and yellow like new siding gun good condition$159.95
P35-368946-1Wright ToolsCLICK MASTERWright Tools CLICK MASTER TORQUE WRENCH Large torque wrench in black plastic case$199.95
P35-368922-5DeWaltN117516DeWalt N117516 battery . Dewalt 20v battery black and yellow$34.95
P35-368884-2BoschPRODESSIONAL GLM 30Bosch PRODESSIONAL GLM 30 laser Blue and black mini laser, good working condition, tested$29.95
P35-368851-1RyobiRY38BPRyobi RY38BP leafblower Ryobi gas powered leaf blower tested works fine s$189.95
P35-368812-3MILWAUKEE1107-1MILWAUKEE 1107-1 milwaukee drill In red og box like new milwaukee 90 degree drill tested works fine$159.95
P35-368770-1Skil SawSPT44ASkil Saw SPT44A RECIPRICATING Saw Non cordless skill saw reciprocating skillsaw, tested, works, good condition$74.95
P35-368768-3DewaltDWFP1838Dewalt DWFP1838 STAPLE GUN In black case, dewalt staple gun, tested, works, used condition$49.95
P35-368747-1RyobiRY40503Ryobi RY40503 SAW Green and black ryobi 1 large battery no charger unable to test no charger in good condition bought here has lije brown paints splatterred everywhere battery says dead but has enough charge to test a little$119.95
P35-368658-1WorxNVMWorx NVM WEEDEATER Black and orange worx weed eater. Tested$19.95
P35-368651-1RyobiRY3716Ryobi RY3716 CHAIN SAW Green ryobi chainsaw new condition in grey hard case$119.95
P35-368639-3Keuffel And Essser795-8Keuffel And Essser 795-8 Compas set In black case missing a tool compass graphing kit keuffell$19.95
P35-368639-2Scherr-Tumico1-2″Scherr-Tumico 1-2” MICROMETER In grey case 1-2” blue and grey$39.95
P35-368639-1Scherr-Tumico0-1Scherr-Tumico 0-1 MICROMETER In wooden box 0-1” scgerr-tumico$29.95
P35-368594-1Moto Tool395Moto Tool 395 DREMEL Black good working corded,variable speeds,ball bearings 5000-30,000 rpm$19.95
P35-368568-2Dremel7760Dremel 7760 DREMEL Dremel with small box of bits, has charger$29.95
P35-368492-3Craftsman11A-B2AQ793Craftsman 11A-B2AQ793 LAWN MOWER Craftsman lawnmower, good condition, tested, works$229.95
P35-368421-2Snap OnSL936Snap On SL936 rachet 1/2 racthet all chrome$74.95
P35-368418-4Snap OnCT9075Snap On CT9075 impact drill Red impact drill cordless (tool only ) in box$399.95
P35-368406-2EmpireNVMNEmpire NVMN LEVEL White and blue 24inch construction level, good condition$29.95
P35-368406-1EmpireNVMNEmpire NVMN LEVEL White and blue 48inch empire construction level, good condition$44.95
P35-368392-1PoulanBVM210VSPoulan BVM210VS leaf blower Yellow and black with extension gas powered works in good condtion$99.95
P35-368375-102BSGDMR6 Bu Point Ratcheting Screwdriver new$44.95
P35-368375-101PK50A Putty Knife Blue Point$8.95
P35-368276-3BestwayP3116Bestway P3116 air pump Orange corded bestway inflatable house air blower tested works fine$69.95
P35-368264-1MAKITANONEMAKITA ea4300f CHAIN SAW Red and black chainsaw, with guard no case, sn and model worn but works$199.95
P35-368231-1Cen-tech61838Cen-tech 61838 DIGITAL VIDEO Inside a black hard case cen-tech red and black with charger$39.95
P35-368137-2RigidHD06001Rigid HD06001 vaccume Shop vac orange and grey smaller and round in good condition tested$44.95
P35-368137-1RigidHD06001Rigid HD06001 vaccume Round shop vac orange and grey with hose in good condition works tested$44.95
P35-368080-3WEN943WEN 943 buffer Big black buffer electric$39.95
P35-368080-1Wilton17202Wilton 17202 BENCH GRINDER 8′ bench grinder 7.7 amp electric$249.95
P35-368062-4NONENVMNNONE NVMN tow hitch 5000 lb tow hitch, has all accessories$24.95
P35-368029-1RidgidR860434Ridgid R860434 HEAT GUN Ridgin cordless heat gun no charger or battery just tool$59.95
P35-368020-5NONENONENONE NONE ADHESIVE GUN Black epoxi gun used to squeeze tubes has black rubber on it$39.95
P35-368018-2DewaltDW292Dewalt DW292 corded impact Dewalt 1/2” impact wrench, tested$89.95
P35-367965-1Snap OnF80Snap On F80 ratchet 3/8 metal in good condition$79.95
P35-367960-1Milwaukee2407-20Milwaukee 2407-20 drill Black and red milwaukee drill with 2 batteries$89.95
P35-367907-2MatcoMCL1638DDMatco MCL1638DD drill driver In og fabric case has battery and 1 charger works well$169.95
P35-367907-1MatcoMCL2012BIWMatco MCL2012BIW IMPACT WRENCH In og plastic case a little scraped 1 battery and one charger works tested$359.95
P35-367801-1Snap OnSHL80ASnap On SHL80A WRENCH Ratchet wrench great condition black and red handle$119.95
P35-367797-104Dewalt DCD777 Brushless Drill No Batt Tool only$74.95
P35-367754-1Power TorquePTT0003Power Torque PTT0003 impact wrench In black og carrying case black and blue power torque drill good condition with charger$19.95
P35-367741-1Mac ToolsEM720AMac Tools EM720A multimeter Red w black case turned on wires included$99.95
P35-367735-1ToroRECYCLER 22Toro RECYCLER 22 LAWN MOWER Black and red toro recycler 22. Tested, working condition, gas powered. Has bag$259.95
P35-367718-1DEVILBISSSTARTING LINEDEVILBISS STARTING LINE Spray Gun Kit Two silver and blue starting line paint guns good condiiotni in black case$119.95
P35-367640-5Dremel2050Dremel 2050 STYLO PLUS dreamel Small grey dremel with bits$19.95
P35-367613-3KLEINNVMNKLEIN NVMN spud tool Used condition spud tool,$34.95
P35-367581-2MILWAUKEE2606-20MILWAUKEE 2606-20 drill Milwaukee cordless drill, no battery, no charger, tested with other items battery, works$39.95
P35-367564-3MILWAUKEE2462-20MILWAUKEE 2462-20 drill Set Milwaukee drill set has driver drill and impact 2 batteries and charger inside og bag has bits in the bag$129.95
P35-367469-602Milwaukee Hackzall 12Volt one Battery 2420-2$89.95
P35-367469-5MILWAUKEE2553-20MILWAUKEE 2553-20 impact Impact drill w/ battery red no charger$89.95
P35-367469-4MILWAUKEE2462-20MILWAUKEE 2462-20 tool set Drill impact w/ one 12v battery and charger$89.95
P35-367349-2MILWAUKEE2607-20MILWAUKEE 2607-20 DRILL Hammer drill red cordless w/ one battery no charger$89.95
P35-367340-1Master LockS806Lot of 5 Master Lock S806 locks Lock out 5 master locks 6ft wire used condition$59.95
P35-367283-1DeWaltDW45RNDeWalt DW45RN NAILER Older used nailer tested works$99.95
P35-367261-1RyobiRY08510Ryobi RY08510 blower Older ryobi blower with bag grey and white$74.95
P35-367245-2Hyper ToughH2500Hyper Tough H2500 WEEDEATER Hyper tough weeder eater gas red and black$49.95
P35-367180-2Dremel6800 TRIODremel 6800 TRIO Spiral Saw In grey case dremel, 6800 trio$39.95
P35-367178-2EchoCS-310Echo CS-310 CHAIN SAW Orange with blade cover no case, works great 16” bar$159.95
P35-367021-1ToroNVMNToro NVMN weeeater Black and red toro weed wacker works fine$89.95
P35-366991-2Interchange BrandsS7116ALInterchange Brands S7116AL STAPLE GUN Older staple gun no safety tested works well$24.95
P35-366991-1HiltiCF-DS 1Hilti CF-DS 1 sealing gun Red and black insulating sealant has foam in it$29.95
P35-366828-2RyobiRY3716 Ryobi RY3716 SAW In og plastic grey case works tested great condition$89.95
P35-366799-2BADGERWB20VBBADGER WB20VB yard set Blower and trimmer one battery no charger$24.95
P35-366799-1PowersmartPS76101APowersmart PS76101A blower Red blower w/ battery and charger$24.95
P35-366777-2Black And DeckerBR400Black And Decker BR400 sander Orange and black black and decker dander corded works fine$19.95
P35-366777-1PerfectionNVMNPerfection NVMN flashlight tool kit All black with green decals perfection light$5.95
P35-366721-1MILWAUKEE905MILWAUKEE 905 IMPACT WRENCH Red corded the wires are exposed near the tool older 120 volts$69.95
P35-366694-3GeniusG1100Genius G1100 battery charger In og black cardboard case, battery charger grey smaller cords in great condition$44.95
P35-366694-2CRESCENTCTK170CMP2CRESCENT CTK170CMP2 SOCKET SET In og dark grey plastic 179 piece mechanic tool drill bits sockets wrenches etc$79.95
P35-366694-1Craftsman/evolvNVMNCraftsman/evolv NVMN driver set In og grey hard plastic case. Sockets and drill bits allen wrenches pliers tape measure and driver$49.95
P35-366677-1StihlFS45CStihl FS45C WEED EATER Curved shaft white weed eater$89.95
P35-366430-4DewaltCF885Dewalt CF885 Cordless Impact Yellow and black impact one batt and charger$49.95
P35-366397-2MetaboW 24-230MVTMetabo W 24-230MVT concrete grinder Green and orange large concrete grinder, corded, with handle, orange blade, no guard$149.95
P35-366308-3MilwaukeeG29LDCBCMilwaukee G29LDCBC battery M18 red lithium battery xc 5.0$49.95
P35-366308-2Milwaukee48-59-1812Milwaukee 48-59-1812 charger Milwaukee charger tested works well$34.95
P35-366308-1DeWaltDCF887DCS367DeWalt DCF887, DCS367 tool set Nb4 dewalt set with recip saw, drill, impact drill, oscillating tool with 2 2ah batteries, one 5ah battery tested all work well$299.95
P35-366278-1Black and Decker7662Black and Decker 7662 JIGSAW Jigsaw, black, no blade$9.95
P35-366270-1Snap OnCTC772ASnap On CTC772A charger Snap on charger tested works well with power cord no other accessories$64.95
P35-366207-106Snap on Torx Socket Set 12Pc Socket Set$99.95
P35-366207-105Snap on 12pc Chrome Metric 3/8 Drive Socket Set$79.95
P35-366207-1Snap OnVARIOUSSnap On VARIOUS VARIOUS TOOLS Snap On VARIOUS VARIOUS TOOLS Snap On Ratchet, Black and Red Handle 3/8” FH936$79.95
P35-366194-1HusqvarnaLC 221RHHusqvarna LC 221RH LAWN MOWER Orange with bag works tested gently used$239.95
P35-366169-1Toro20378Toro 20378 LAWN MOWER Toro red and black with bag good condition$239.95
P35-366061-1DeWaltDW304DeWalt DW304 RECIPRICATING S Recip saw, in black hard case, yellow and black, overall good condition$49.95
P35-366009-1EchoPAS-225Echo PAS-225 WEEDEATER gas powered orange weedeater tested works well$89.95
P35-365964-2HondaEU2200IHonda EU2200I GENERATOR Red honda generator model-eu2200i tested works well rougher condition missing screw for handle and serial is worn mostly off$699.95
P35-365858-1LeathermanNVMNLeatherman NVMN MULTITOOL Silver leatherman wave multi tool, good condition$44.95
P35-365735-2BuyersNVMNBuyers NVMN hitch Buyers trailer hitch gross wieght 4000 lbs and vertical load is 400lb$39.95
P35-365587-1BLUE POINTKRBC10TBBLUE POINT KRBC10TB TOOL BOX Tall red has the key light scratches on the top shelves and accessories on shelf on the bottom has wheels like new condition no tools inside$459.95
P35-365502-2Milwaukee6236Milwaukee 6236 BAND SAW Portable band saw, red and grey, w green paint on it$149.95
P35-365485-5D-CUTNVMND-CUT NVMN flooring cutter Flooring cutter, red and aluminum, on wheels, wall base$119.95
P35-365456-4Save PhaceZ87+Save Phace Z87+ welding helmet Welding helmet, auto darkening, white and black, form fitted skull shape$89.95
P35-365139-3NVMNNVMN thermometer Red laser light thermometer w/ black handle$9.95
P35-364865-2Snap OnHBFE24Snap On HBFE24 MALLET Red snap on mallet 24oz/650g$54.95
P35-364813-3Snap On10 PIECESnap On 10 PIECE SOCKET SET 10 piece socket set, in red tray, sae$79.95
P35-364695-3Hitachi10FCE2Hitachi 10FCE2 miter saw Green and tan miter saw with bag$99.95
P35-364225-1Seekonk8-ASeekonk 8-A TORQUE WRENCH Silver and green seekonk plumbers torque wrench$39.95
P35-364214-2NVMNNVMN TOOL BELT Black amp tool belt w/ misc tools inside,$34.95
P35-364208-5Snap OnBHM9ASnap On BHM9A VARIOUS TOOLS Ball and hex set, snap on in box, blue color, metric$24.95
P35-364208-3BLUE POINTNONEBLUE POINT NONE MALLET Wood handle with rubber head mallet, blue point$19.95
P35-364208-2BLUE POINTBP24BBLUE POINT BP24B ball peen hammer Wood handle blue point ball peen hammer, used condition$24.95
P35-364208-1Snap OnQD2R1000ASnap On QD2R1000Af TORQsUE WRENCH In black hard case, like new snap on torque wrench,548$129.95
P35-364149-2Snap OnPTS1000 Snap On PTS1000 RECIPRICATING S Black and silver snap-on recipricating air saw$149.95
P35-364027-2Metal ManMHG8Metal Man MHG8 welding helmet Black metal man helmet in good condition$39.95
P35-363895-6SupcoM500 MEGOHMMETERSupco M500 MEGOHMMETER megohmmeter/tools In black leather case, meter and leads inside,$59.95
P35-363859-1EchoCS-590Echo CS-590 SAW Orange with hard ortange chain cover, works tested like new condition$339.95
P35-363726-1CraftmansCMMT99433Craftmans CMMT99433 WRENCH Craftsman 3/8 torque wrench like new good condition$59.95
P35-363689-1Snap OnSHL80ASnap On SHL80A RACHET Snap-on red and black 1/2 inch drive rachet good condition$129.95
P35-363534-1RigidR3031Rigid R3031 SAWZALL On og rigid bag, black and orange zip up, black and orange rigid sawzall w/ 4 blades$69.95
P35-363447-2Craftsman90SMCraftsman 90SM Recip Saw In og box excellent condition$44.95
P35-363370-2Southwire31011FSouthwire 31011F thermometer Brown and black infrared thermometer, 750 degrees,$19.95
P35-363270-1RidgidR3101Ridgid R3101 JIGSAW Soft black case balck and orange rigid jigsaw corded with carrying case , good conditon$39.95
P35-363169-1StingerCN100Stinger CN100 NAILER In black hard case nailer green and black tested works well$199.95
P35-363145-1PNEUMATICNVMNPNEUMATIC NVMN nail gun Silver and black pneumatic tacker$49.954
P35-363139-1Foley1055Foley 1055 BENCH GRINDER Black and red, foley belsaw sharp all, mounted, one grinding wheel, one missing$169.95
P35-362958-1YamahaEF2000ISV2Yamaha EF2000ISV2 GENERATOR Blue and black generator 2000 watts w/ cover missing$699.95
P35-362875-1RotozipROTO SAWRotozip ROTO SAW rotosaw In big green bag, wrapped in electrical tape to use as a holster so cord doesn’t get in the way$29.95
P35-362840-1HondaEU2000IHonda EU2000I GENERATOR Red small honda generator 2000 watts has a lot of wear super cracked on top$599.95
P35-362567-1NONENONE Ratchet Bar For butterfly valves, or ratchet straps on semi, chrome bar$49.95
P35-362276-2Milwaukee2504-20Milwaukee 2504-20 HAMMER drill Milwaukee hammer drill red and black no charger$89.95
P35-362276-1MilwaukeeNVMNMilwaukee NVMN impact drill Milwaukee impact drill no charger 1 sm battery$89.95
P35-362261-1Snap OnQD3R250ASnap On QD3R250A TORQUE WRENCH Snap on 1/2 torque wrench inside a black hard case$219.95
P35-361979-4MatcoNVMMatco NVM drill Air drill silve and black$44.95
P35-361977-1Matco ToolsHSV7KMatco Tools HSV7K hole saw kit In black small case 7 pc hole saw kit$49.95
P35-361973-4Matco6209255Matco 6209255 Extra Long Screwdriver set Torque set in originla box set of 5$119.95
P35-361970-5DewaltDC545Dewalt DC545 CAULKING GUN Dewaly yellow older caulking gun w/ charger and battery$79.95
P35-361955-1SANDSWOOD LEVELSANDS WOOD LEVEL LEVEL Wood level with brass edges, older$44.95
P35-361945-2Rf IndustriesRFA-4005-020Rf Industries RFA-4005-020 ratchet crimper Bklue handle ratchet crimper$59.95
P35-361889-1StanleyNVMNStanley 42-347 LEVEL Wooden masonary level good used condition$59.95
P35-361744-1RyobiRY40406Ryobi RY40406 leaf blower w one 40 Volt Battery and Charger Green and black cordless leaf blower, with battery and charger, tested works$119.95
P35-361477-4Milwaukee2445-20Milwaukee 2445-20 JIGSAW Cordless red jigsaw no battery no charger tool only$69.95
P35-361353-2MAKITAGV5*0MAKITA GV510 buffer Smaller green makita electric buffer$59.95
P35-361306-1MAKITA6302MAKITA 6302 drill Old blue makita corded drill with tape all over cord$44.95
P35-361288-2Dremel4000Dremel 4000 DREMEL Dremel wired works well$39.95
P35-360895-4BoschSG45MBosch SG45M SCREW GUN Blue and red screw gun, ok condition, tested$59.95
P35-360835-1MAKITAJR3050TMAKITA JR3050T RECIPRICATING S In green hard case, corded reciprocating saw, light usage,$59.95
P35-359861-302Fiscars Pruners Ratchet Drive Tree pruner$34.95
P35-359697-1Ridgid2A/202Ridgid 2A/202 pipe cutter tool Red ridgid pipe cutter tool, 1/8, used condition,$49.95
P35-359233-3RyobiJM80Ryobi JM80 buiscuit joiner Buiscuit joiner blue and silver great condition$39.95
P35-359049-2No MakeNVMNNo Make NVMN TOOL BELT Tool belt, nylon, black,$19.95
P35-358278-6GerberNVMNGerber NVMN knife Gerber black pocket watch, rough condition$4.95
P35-358262-5MILWAUKEE2626-20MILWAUKEE 2626-20 multitool Milwaukee multitool with no accessories$119.95
P35-358262-4MILWAUKEE2720-20MILWAUKEE 2720-20 SAWZALL Milwaukee sawzall, no accessories$119.95
P35-358250-1MILWAUKEE5262-21MILWAUKEE 5262-21 ROTARY TOOL Milwaukee hammer drill inside red hard case good condition$119.95
P35-357978-1Bauer1678E-BBauer 1678E-B BAND SAW In black case, red and black band saw harbor freight good conditoni$89.95
P35-357738-1ParkerNVMNParker AC PARKER BAR 100xkPa PSI CABLE HOSE AND LIQUID FILLED PRESSURE GAUGE pressure gauge Parker pressure gauge with hoses inside hard black case$174.95
P35-357614-2MILWAUKEE2656-20MILWAUKEE 2656-20 impact Milwaukee 1/4”TOOL ONLY$59.95
P35-357455-1Snap OnFX24ASnap On FX24A extension bar Snap on 3/8” extension 18” good condition$34.95
P35-356806-1No MakeNVMNHot of Fall protection Equipment hooks and Harnesses$49.95
P35-356553-2Tornado98772MWTornado SD3500 98772MW blower / Carpet Fan Black tornado blower$129.95
P35-356247-1NightStickXPR-5592GXNightStick XPR-5592GX work light Work light, black, in black hard case, led, nb4$299.95
P35-356209-2RyobiRY40404Ryobi RY40404 BLOWER Backpack green leaf blower cordless w/ charger and one 40v battery$174.95
P35-356155-1KobaltKHB350-06Kobalt KHB350-06 blower Cordless leaf blower w/ two battery and charger$149.95
P35-355856-1HitachiNV 45AB2Hitachi NV 45AB2 roofing nailer Roofing nailer, light blue and black, normal wear$99.95
P35-355711-1MILWAUKEENVMNMILWAUKEE NVMN SCREW GUN Red milwaukee screw gun$49.95
P35-355323-2Dremel911Dremel GO 911 SCREWDRIVER Black and grey battery powred screwdriver tested$24.95
P35-354152-1Husqvarna128LDHusqvarna 128LD weed whacker Orange and grey weed whacker, gas, used good condition with shield and handle$129.95
P35-353825-3DremelGO F013G00001Dremel GO F013G00001 electric screwdriver Blue and grey dremel electric screwdriver with charger, has drill bit$24.95
P35-353776-201MSA 10076124 Shock Absorbing Lanyard Fall Protection NEW in bag$39.95
P35-353534-3MatcoMST3402Matco MST3402 ring pliers Black ring pliars$14.95
P35-353456-4Innova5410Innova 5410 OBD2 Reader In og box good condition$99.95
P35-353456-2KobaltSGY-AIR101Kobalt SGY-AIR101 Pneumatic Ratchet Blue and black kobalt brand 3/8”$34.95
P35-353414-1Snap OnNVMNMatco Long 24” BX34KA socket extention 3/8 socket extention$44.95
P35-353098-1MILLERDIGITAL ELITEMILLER DIGITAL ELITE WELDING EQU. Miller digital elite welding helmet black has flames on it nb4$199.95
P35-353013-2Craftsman11 PIECE WRENCH SETCraftsman 11 PIECE WRENCH SET WRENCH SET In black reusable bag, black 11 piece wrench set, good condition, nb4$24.954
P35-352875-2Porter CableNS100APorter Cable NS100A staple nailer Like new satple nailer, has staples, in black hard case$24.95
P35-351601-302Snap on Ratchet F80 Silver 3/8”$74.95
P35-351601-301Snap On 3/8 Extension Set 4pc Set$74.95
P35-351595-6Chicago ElectricNONEChicago Electric NONE worklight Orange work light, corded wand type light$7.95
P35-351572-1Gearwrench85065Gearwrench 85065 TORQUE WRENCH Very large torque wrench, 3/4” drive, no case, good condition$239.95
P35-350340-302Letaher Welding Jacket$19.95
P35-350328-2Black and DeckerPW1600Black and Decker PW1600 pressure washer Electrci pressure ornage and black smal leak on hose$49.95
P35-350151-2Members MarkNVMMembers Mark NVM BIDS SET In blakc case bids set$19.95
P35-350151-1DeWaltDW160VDeWalt DW160V DRILL Right angle drill yellow$89.95
P35-350082-1NONENONEHeavy Duty JUMPER CABLES Jumper cables with metal clamps, good condition, nb4$29.95
P35-349127-1N/ANVMNN/A NVMN manifold gauge Two harbor frieght manifold gauges$39.95
P35-349042-1KLEIN3/4″KLEIN 3/4” pipe bender Pipe bender, orange handle, aluminum head$34.95
P35-347314-3DewaltDCBL720Dewalt DCBL720 blower Dewalt brushless blower with one battery and one double port charger$159.95
P35-347269-1GreenworksCSF403Greenworks CSF403 CHAIN SAW Green and black battery powered chainsaw, with 2 batteries, and charger, nb4$139.95
P35-346684-2RidgidR2601Ridgid R2601 SANDER Sander in soft orange case rigid orbital sander with bag$34.95
P35-345562-1Walworth48″Walworth 48” PIPE WRENCH Pipe wrench, vintage, 48”, nb4$19.95
P35-344980-4Porter CablePT1201Porter Cable PT1201 reversible drill Reversible drill, air, working condition$29.95
P35-344891-1MAKITAEA4300FMAKITA EA4300F CHAIN SAW Orange and black, nb4. Has black cover. Tested$149.95
P35-344709-5SpectrumNVMNSpectrum NVMN paint gun Paint gun, hvlp, black and red, w hopper, good condition$74.95
P35-343252-1Predator384575-10ME110012456Predator 384575-10ME110012456 GENERATOR Predator generator running watts 5500/ 6500 peak watts black and red has tires and pulling handle$219.95
P35-342755-2NONENVMNSP AIR SP-7770 Swivel head 1/4” Air Ratchet No Stickers$69.95
P35-341947-1Mac ToolsCI19212Mac Tools CI19212 impact wrench In red case, older mac tools impact, nicd battery with charger, working$99.95
P35-339856-2TrimmerPlusCB720TrimmerPlus CB720 blower attachment Red and black blower attachment, good condition$39.95
P35-339856-1TrimmerPlusAH721TrimmerPlus AH721 edger attachment Silver and red hedge trimmer attachment, good condition like new$39.95
P35-334148-1John DeereNVMNJohn Deere NVMN snow plow Snow plow, yellow, for tractor$279.95
P35-333989-4DremelDREMEL 3000Dremel DREMEL 3000 DREMEL In grey tool case, dremel 3000, with flex shaft$29.95
B35-375825-1LOUISVILLEULTIMATE LADDERLOUISVILLE ULTIMATE LADDER LADDER Folding w shape ladder the ultimate by lousiville folds up$49.95
B35-375758-2Snap OnHBBD24Snap On HBBD24 ball peen hammer Red and black pen hammer$69.95
B35-375758-1Snap On61CFSnap On 61CF pliars Red pliars$29.95
B35-375747-2Milwaukee48-59-2401Milwaukee 48-59-2401 BATTERY CHRGR Red m12 charger$24.95
B35-375747-1Milwaukee48-11-1828Milwaukee 48-11-1828 BATTERY CHRGR Redmilwaukee 18v battery$49.95
B35-375725-2Type SH4 9003Type S H4 9003 fog lights Inside og box like new led fog lights$9.95
B35-375632-1BoschGDS18V-740NBosch GDS18V-740N drill Like in in og box bosch impact half inch in great condtion$219.95
B35-375575-2Black And DeckerEM1500Black And Decker EM1500 LAWN MOWER Orange lawn mower electric has bag but more like a case works tested$79.95
B35-375569-1BLUE POINTetb1580bBLUE POINT etb1580b angle polisher Blue point like new angle polisher. With accessories. Tested$109.95
B35-375539-2Black And DeckerGH900Black And Decker GH900 WEEDEATER Black and orange black n decker corded weed eater, tested, works well.$14.95
B35-375493-3Porter CablePCC670Porter Cable PCC670 RECIPRICATING S Porter cable no charger or battery black and grey$14.95
B35-375493-2Porter CablePCC641Porter Cable PCC641 drill Porter cable drill no charger or battery black and grey$14.95
B35-375486-5Porter CablePCC650Porter Cable PCC650 JIGSAW (tool only) grey jig saw$19.95
B35-375486-4Porter CablePCC601Porter Cable PCC601 drill Grey (tool only) porter cable drill$14.95
B35-375486-3DewaltDCD780Dewalt DCD780 DRILL Yellow drill w/ abttery NO CHARGER$39.95
B35-375486-2DewaltDCF885Dewalt DCF885 impact drill Yellow dewalt w/ battery impact drill$49.95
B35-375369-2Milwaukee2103Milwaukee 2103 Light Red and black milwaukee headlamp, works well.$14.95
B35-375369-1Hyper ToughAQ76018GHyper Tough AQ76018G Drill Driver Black and red cordless hyper tough drill driver.$9.95
B35-375311-2BostitchSB-1850BNBostitch SB-1850BN nail gun Bostitch yellow and black nail gun$19.95
B35-375311-1BostitchSB-1664FNBostitch SB-1664FN nail gun Bostitch yellow and black nail gun$29.95
B35-375293-1Auto Sock645Auto Sock 645 auto socks New in package auto socks model 6456$79.95
B35-375254-1Porter CablePCC670Porter Cable PCC670 tool Set Porter cable grey and black tool set with driver drill and impact rescipacating saw$89.95
B35-375214-2Hyper ToughNVMNHyper Tough NVMN tool kit Hyper tough 118 piece kit in black hard case$24.95
B35-375213-2PUMAAT4030PUMA AT4030 drill Air drill black and yellow puma$7.95
B35-375180-2Snap OnCTLED8850Snap On CTLED8850 work light Snap on work light with no battery$44.95
B35-375156-1No MakeNVMNNo Make NVMN Car Carrier Black car carrier good condition has pin$49.95
B35-375114-1Snap OnFHFD80ASnap On FHFD80A Ratchet Orange fine teeth flex head 3/8 ratchet$169.95
B35-375109-5AntraAH6000Antra AH6000 helmet Welders helmet automatic tested works$44.95
B35-374983-3Hk PorterNVMHk Porter NVM BOLT CUTTERS Bolt cutters No 1 Pivort$24.95
B35-374983-1Porter CablePCC761Porter Cable PCC761 tool set Porter cable drill, and other porter cable tools. In green bag. Tested.$59.95
B35-374925-4Skill SawID574401Skill Saw ID574401 DRILL Skill drill$19.95
B35-374925-3MILWAUKEE2801-20MILWAUKEE 2801-20 DRILL Milwaukeee drill$49.95
B35-374914-5Black and DeckerNVMNBlack and Decker NVMN SANDER Black and orange sander$7.95
B35-374914-4Black and Decker7604Black and Decker 7604 nrouter Black and orange router$11.95
B35-374914-3Chicaco ElectricNVMNChicaco Electric NVMN HEAT GUN Orange amd grey heat gun$8.95
B35-374896-1HusqvarnaYTH2042Husqvarna YTH2042 LAWN MOWER Riding lawn mover w/ black pulling cart$799.95
B35-374775-2CORNWELLCBS-723SCORNWELL CBS-723S SOCKET SET Small standard socekt set in blue case$69.95
B35-374775-1CORNWELLCBP116STCORNWELL CBP116ST SOCKET SET In blue hard case socket set$279.95
B35-374739-2Drill Master90219Drill Master 90219 Buffer palm polisher In orig box good conditon$9.95
B35-374689-1RamsetMASTERSHOTRamset MASTERSHOT Poweder Fastening Gun Black and orange ramset mastershot$69.95
B35-374642-2Ames64170Ames 64170 camera Ames camera orange and black$69.95
B35-374642-1Klein ToolsNVMNBORESCOPE FOR ANDROID Klein Tools NVMN camera Klein tools camera that hooks up to phone$24.95
B35-374624-1GracoXR7Graco XR7 paint sprayer Large, magnum paint sprayer. Tested. Has hose, and sprayer.$239.95
B35-374596-1DeWaltDCD991DeWalt DCD991 drill Dewalt cordless driver drill with battery and charger$79.95
B35-374572-6DewaltDCF885Dewalt DCF885 impact driver Dewalt impact driver, with battery. Tested$49.95
B35-374559-3Hilti450-ZSHilti 450-ZS grinder e, red w/black cord amgle grinder, tested works$34.95
B35-374559-2Stanley6014C PROTOStanley 6014C PROTO TORQUE WRENCH Bought here 1/2” torque, inside red hard case$49.95
B35-374559-1RockwellRK5132KRockwell RK5132K oscillating multitool Green and black oscillating multi tool, tested works well,inside a green and black rockwell bag,has attachments inside bag$29.95
B35-374474-2CDI20-150 ftCDI 20-150 ft TORQUE WRENCH Nog cdi torque wrench 20-150 ft$49.95
B35-374455-1Stillen1035010KT2Stillen 1035010KT2 body kit 4 pc body kit for 2003-2008 nissan 350z front spliter (stillen series 2 ) has 1 wing and 1 front spliter$499.95
B35-374430-3Chicaco Electric62302Chicaco Electric 62302 Oscillating Multi toolTested. In og box$11.95
B35-374430-2Chicaco Electric63113Chicaco Electric 63113 Oscillating Tool grinder tested.$9.95
B35-374405-1RyobiBS903Ryobi BS903 BAND SAW Ryobi amp band saw miter blade included works tested$79.95
B35-374370-5DeWaltDCN692DeWalt DCN692 NAILER Yellow dewalt cordless nailer framing w/ one battery and charger$259.95
B35-374341-1Husky564464Husky 564464 WRENCH Husky torque wrench 1/2in in black case$39.95
B35-374257-1Snap OnTH737Snap On TH737 RACHET Snap on ratchet,$74.95
B35-374210-3Black and DeckerJS660Black and Decker JS660 JIGSAW Black and red, black and decker corded jigsaw$19.95
B35-374195-6SHUMACHERSC1301SHUMACHER SC1301 BATTERY CHRGR Shumacher battery charger, tested works well.$29.95
B35-374195-2Ever StartK05Ever Start K05 Jump Starter Everstart jump started inside$39.95
B35-374133-6Mack9300Mack 9300 JACK-AUTOMOTIVE Small silver car jack with bar$14.95
B35-374125-1John DeerePT20986John Deere PT20986 ratchet John deere socket wrench$19.95
B35-374096-1DeWaltDCD710DCF815DeWalt DCD710, DCF815 12v drill set Dewalt drill set with 2 batteries and one charger works tested$99.95
B35-374045-1LUFKIN21152LUFKIN 21152 gear drive Lufkin gear drive red and black$14.95
B35-374017-3BoschGPL2Bosch GPL2 LEVEL Bosch laser leveler. In black bag with other levelers$39.95
B35-373927-1CHICAGOCP35550-120AB45CHICAGO CP35550-120AB45 Angle Grinder Pneumatic Pneumatic chicago angle grinder w handle no nut works fine$129.95
B35-373769-1MILWAUKEE2853-20MILWAUKEE 2853-20 DRILL BIT SET Milwaukee impact driver black and red, hackzall , drill bit set, 3 batteries, charger$219.95
B35-373752-6JonesredBB2250Jonesred BB2250 Backpack Leaf Blower Red and black jonesred leafblower great condition$219.95
B35-373712-1MAKITAXT269MMAKITA XT269M makita drill set. In blue og box makita drill set with 2 batteries and charger good condition$159.95
B35-373684-1MAKITAJR3000VMAKITA JR3000V RECIPRICATING S Makita corded recip saw, ok condition, no other acccesories, tested, works$39.95
B35-373578-1MILWAUKEE2646-20MILWAUKEE 2646-20 GREASE GUN Milwaukee grease gun, has battery, ok condition$159.95
B35-373565-3Super RooferCN445R3Super Roofer CN445R3 nail gun Super roofer nail gun, used condition, tested, works$49.95
B35-373565-2BostitchRN46-1Bostitch RN46-1 nail gun Bostitch nail gun, tested, works, used condition$79.95
B35-373565-1BostitchRN46-1Bostitch RN46-1 nail gun Bostitch nail gun, tested, works, used condition, no other accesories$79.95
B35-373543-1DeWaltDCR018DeWalt DCR018 radio Black and yellow dewalt am/fm radio no black bracket but tested works well$59.95
B35-373388-1EskimoHC40Q10Eskimo HC40Q10 Ice Auger Red and black eskimo ice auger hc40, tested, works. Slightly dirty.$299.95
B35-373332-5McNVMAC NVM gages Gages w/ hook$29.95
B35-373332-4NONENVMNONE NVM hose Small red hose$9.95
B35-373332-2Innova5160RSInnova 5160RS SCANNER Blue car scanner w/ cord$149.95
B35-373332-1ZurichZR13Zurich ZR13 SCANNER Black car sanner w/ cord$54.95
B35-373220-1RyobiRY14122Ryobi RY14122 pressure washer Ryobi 1700 psi electric power washer, has hose, tested, works, no other accessories$99.95
B35-373011-2Chicago Electric61219Chicago Electric 61219 Oscillating tool Black and blue chicago electric decent condition tested works fine$9.95
B35-372958-1EXPERT GARDENERNVMNEXPERT GARDENER NVMN feeder All green and black cart feeder for grass$9.95
B35-372944-1Dremel708-01Dremel 708-01 DREMEL kit Inside a clear case has different accessories for dremel$19.95
B35-372731-1RyobiRY3714Ryobi RY3714 CHAIN SAW Ryobi gas powered chainsaw, has cover on blade, tested, works, used condition$89.95
B35-372647-1Chicago PneumaticCP734HChicago Pneumatic CP734H Impact Air Wrench Metal, 1/2” chicago kinda beat up$19.95
B35-372582-1RIDGENVMNRIDGE NVMN shop vac Blower vac 5.0 orange and black with some tape on hose.$39.95
B35-372576-5KLEINIR5KLEIN IR5 IR Thermometer Orange klein infrared thermometer$14.95
B35-372522-1RidgidR847730Ridgid R84730 cut out . Ridgid cut out orange and grey no charger or battery$39.95
B35-372520-5Milwaukee2458-20Milwaukee 2458-20 hammer Milwaukee palm nailer red and black$79.95
B35-372520-3RidgidR840094Ridgid R840094 charger dual battery charger for ridgit d li ion$49.95
B35-372520-2RidgidR8652Ridgid R8652 CIRCULAR SAW Ridgid circular saw orange and black no charger or battery$49.95
B35-372518-3Milwaukee2471-20Milwaukee 2471-20 tube cutter Milwaukee tub cutter red and black no charger or battery$89.95
B35-372518-1ExofitNVMNExofit Fall harness Blue and Black$49.95
B35-372382-1StihlT5420Stihl Ts-420 concrete saw Concrete saw orange and white black, larger saw gas, chokes great no weird noises tested outside$739.95
B35-372368-2RyobiDS1200Ryobi DS1200 sander Green and grey robi sander good condition$14.95
B35-372367-1NONENONENONE NONE tow hitch Larger super heavy and wear and tear 12000 lbs has the pin$49.95
B35-372325-1Dremel3000Dremel 3000 DREMEL Small grey dremel$24.95
B35-372306-2RyobiD47CRyobi D47C DRILLryobi drill tested works fine$19.95
B35-372022-2Skil Corporation161Skil Corporation 161 Corded Drill Silver vintage skil corded drill in soft black carrying case$4.95
B35-372011-1HartNVMNHart NVMN Stud Finder Nog hart stud finder$7.95
B35-371988-4LOUISVILLE20FTLOUISVILLE 20FT LADDER Silver louisville 20 ft ladder good condition$89.95
B35-371988-1SencoM1Senco M1 NAILER Senco nailer green nailer tested works fine decent condition$59.95
B35-371909-3BostitchF21PL2Bostitch F21PL2 nail gun Yellow bostitch nail gun, nb4, used condition, tested, works$89.95
B35-371763-1Toro127-2265Toro 127-2265 leaf blower Toro leaf blower with bag and other attachments$49.95
B35-371759-1WEN7″ SANDERWEN 7” SANDER Buffer Blue no pad rotary buffer$14.95
B35-371667-5Ozark TrailSTAINLESSOzark Trail STAINLESS multitool Silver and black multitool inside a black belt case,good condition$6.95
B35-371667-4GerberMULTIPLIERGerber MULTIPLIER multitool All dark grey multitool good condition$19.95
B35-371622-3StihlMS291Stihl MS291 CHAIN SAW Gas powered stihl chainsaw. Used condition. Tested.$349.95
B35-371606-1Red DevilNVMRed Devil NVM FERTILIZER Green handbush fertilizer spreder$3.95
B35-371562-1RobinECO25GRobin ECO25G leaf blower Red, robin$39.95
B35-371554-3LUFKINCONTROL SERIESLUFKIN CONTROL SERIES TAPEMEASURE Red and black lufkin tape measure, 35 ft, good condition$9.95
B35-371537-1Craftsman358.745350Craftsman 358.745350 Weed Whacker Black and red craftsman plug in weed whacker$14.95
B35-371441-1Titan500Titan 500 paint sprayer Primer release hose clogged, but works. Tested$449.95
B35-371428-1Earthquake31635Earthquake 31635 Tiller Red and black w pole 2 cycle works good$139.95
B35-371197-1Crafstman917.389020Crafstman 917.389020 lawmower Craftman lawnmower red with white bag$189.95
B35-371151-2Little JoeNONELittle Joe NONE TAPE MEASURE Oil gauge tape measure has weight and handle attached$24.95
B35-371151-1Little JoeNONELittle Joe NONE tape measur Oil gauge tape measure has weight and handle attached$24.95
B35-371088-3Dremel285Dremel 285 ROTARY TOOL Dremel rotary tool tested, works, used condition$9.95
B35-370943-1LeathermanWAVELeatherman WAVE multitool Leatherman silver name sanded down$44.95
B35-370932-1HondaTB130Honda TB130 LAWN MOWER Black and red lawnmower, working condition, tested has bag, 21” cuttingwidth$199.95
B35-370917-1HondaHRR2166VKAHonda HRR2166VKA LAWN MOWER Decent condition some wear no bag tested works fine$169.95
B35-370633-4WELLER140/100WELLER 140/100 SOLDERING gun In og box weller black and red soldering gun with everything$24.95
B35-370480-2KobaltKMC 124B-03Kobalt KMC 124B-03 Cordless Circular Saw Black and blue kobalt multipurpose saw with battery, no charger.$89.95
B35-370371-5DremelMM50Dremel MM50 DREMEL Dremel multi-max mm50. Tested. In og black bag$54.95
B35-370311-1Caterpillar213-9285Caterpillar 213-9285 Valve Recessor Nog black valve recession tool kit for g3400 engines, like new condition.$499.95
B35-370245-6Crafstman358-0870Crafstman 358-0870 CHAIN SAW Black and red craftsman chainsaw, tested, works$74.95
B35-370181-2Snap OnPAKLD140Snap On PAKLD140 impact extension In og snap on packaging impact extensions 4 piece$89.95
B35-370181-1Snap OnPAKLD070Snap On PAKLD070 SOCKET SET Snap on in og packaging complete set of 14$129.95
B35-370118-1Ridgid141Ridgid 141 pipe Threader Ridgid 141 pipe threader 2-1/2” red$499.95
B35-370075-2Hercules56845Hercules 56845 hammer drill In og teal box says hercules, like new condition has manuel handle and drill bits$269.95
B35-370000-6JonseredNONEJonsered NONE CHAIN SAW Small red gas chainsaw, kill switch replaced works jonesrede$89.95
B35-370000-1Black and DeckerHT400Black and Decker HT400 Hedge Trimmer Green large leectric black decker hedge trimmer$9.95
B35-369999-1HitachiNVMNHitachi NVMN nail gun Bluish metalic nail gun, working condition, tested$59.95
B35-369997-6BoschGLL 3-15Bosch GLL 3-15 Laser level In blue case bosh two color laser level$39.95
B35-369995-3RyobiRY08420ARyobi RY08420A leaf blower Backpack leaf blower green gas backpack blower$149.95
B35-369906-3Cen-tech42396Cen-tech 42396 multimeter Black older used up a little turns on has cords$14.95
B35-369496-3DremelPC10Dremel PC10 buffer Dermel small buffer grey with accessories$19.95
B35-369441-1Craftsman917-388510Craftsman 917-388510 Lawnmower Grey older craftsman w bag, runs good red and grey$129.95
B35-369432-2PittsburghNVMNPittsburgh NVMN BOLT CUTTERS Red and black like new condition 24”$4.95
B35-369244-2TROY BILTTB110TROY BILT TB110 LAWN MOWER Red lawn mover 21” no bag$149.95
B35-369244-1Hyper ToughHT10401-001-01Hyper Tough HT10401-001-01 LAWN MOWER 20” lawn mower no bag red$69.95
B35-369153-2CORNWELLCBS-DBC7SCORNWELL CBS-DBC7S DRILL BIT SET Cornwell drill bits in og blue box, with gold painted front.$39.95
B35-369064-1Wagner959 POWRE ROLLERWagner 959 POWRE ROLLER paint Roller Electric power roller in og box works good$24.95
B35-368970-1SuhaNVMNSuha NVMN harness Black and red suha fall protector harness some wear otherwise good condition$34.95
B35-368918-1DeWaltDCB207DeWalt DCB207 BATTERY CHRGR w One battery$49.95
B35-368848-2FabcoDIAMOND BLADEFabco DIAMOND BLADE diamond blades 4 like new with stickers still on it$129.95
B35-368702-1MTD12A-A13K729MTD 12A-A13K729 LAWN MOWER Mtd lawn mower red with black bag tested$119.95
B35-368671-4High GearHG PI 300High Gear HG PI 300 inverter Smaller with cords in good condition works tested$29.95
B35-368269-2Snap OnCTB8185GSnap On CTB8185G impact Red and black, w battery. Good working condition, no charger$249.95
B35-368269-1Snap OnCT8850HVSnap On CT8850HV IMPACT Green and black,cordless impact drill, working condition w/red battery charger and battery.$479.95
B35-368050-2Porter CablePC75TRSPorter Cable PC75TRS RECIPRICATING Saw Black w/red and grey, corded. Good working condition, bought here$44.95
B35-367978-1StihlTS420Stihl TS420 CUTOFF SAW Stihl ts420 14inch concrete saw, gas powered, tested, works, took a bit to go full gear but works$739.95
B35-367880-2Milwaukee2426-20Milwaukee 2426-20 multi tool Black and red , milwaukee multi tool. Tested. No charger, and battery.$59.95
B35-367880-1Milwaukee2426-20Milwaukee 2426-20 multi tool Red and black, milwaukee multi tool. Tested. No charger or battery$59.95
B35-367755-1Artic Kingwwk06cr01nArtic King wwk06cr01n a/c unit All white artic king ac unit tested works fine no side window panels$99.95
B35-367743-2BosalN/BSL/20991/0117099 1723 Bosal Catalytic Converter Direct Fit P/N:099 1723 Bosal N/BSL/20991/0117 Catalytic converter New never used for mazda in og box$349.95
B35-367743-1WalkerCALCAT82620Walker CALCAT 82620 UNIVERSAL NEW Catalytic Converter In og box new older never used$699.95
B35-367692-4102” to 3:” Hitch adapter black no make$7.95
B35-367405-1Dbi Sala3500214Dbi Sala 3500214 DBI Sala 3500214 Nano-Lok edge Quick Connect Self Retracting Cable Lifelinetie off 8ft orange and blue leg tie off used condition$89.95
B35-367302-1GREENLEENVMGREENLEE NVM knock out tool 6 pc knock out tool$49.95
B35-367200-1Craftmans315.101110Craftmans 315.101110 drill Black drill 1/2′$14.95
B35-366988-3Black and Decker7550Black and Decker 7550 JIGSAW Older black jigsaw missing bag black and decker black$5.95
B35-366942-3Black And DeckerLHT321Black And Decker LHT321 HEDGER TRIMER Orange hedge trimmer no battery no charger$19.95
B35-366480-1HondaHRX 217Honda HRX 217 LAWN MOWER Grey honda w bag, self propelled works fine sn is broken off from sun but there is another serial number under th bag$274.95
B35-366454-4Hars CavanaNVSNHusquvarna HEDGE TRIMMER Grey and orange trimmer good condition works fine$99.95
B35-366454-3StihlNVMNStihl F110 EDGER edger Works fine white and orange stihl edge trimmer works fine$99.95
B35-365930-1TrimmerPlusLE720TrimmerPlus LE720 TRIMMER ATTACHMENT Universal trimmer attachment ryobi craftsman troy good condition$29.95
B35-365918-2Stanley851392Stanley 851392 nailer Stanley bostich nail gun in black carrying case black and yellow$29.95
B35-365877-1KobaltKHB 350-06Kobalt KHB 350-06 Cordless Blower Bluekobalt w two large battereis and a charger$119.95
B35-365867-206Mac tool s5 pc Small Pliers Set Dykes needle nose cutters etc$69.95
B35-365867-203matco infrared thermometer Grey MT16$44.95
B35-365867-201Matco Ratcheting Hose Clamp Pliers$49.95
B35-365025-3BLUE POINTAT350BLUE POINT AT350 RACHET Air silver includes adaptor works$29.95
B35-364775-3Gw3887Gw 3887 gear wrench In black carrying case gw gear wrenches$149.95
B35-364226-1Reliable EquipmentREL-BGReliable Equipment REL-BG hand crimper Big hand crimper, wood handle, yellow spraypaint, black rubber$59.95
B35-364151-2CraftmansCD-6 GSCRCraftmans CD-6 GSCR MICROMETER Craftsman micrometer inside og craftsman box along with caliper looks good$19.95
B35-364055-2Snap OnTIF9575Snap On TIF9575 AC Gauge Set Snap on gauges good condition ac gauges$69.95
B35-364055-1JBFAST VAC DV-127JB FAST VAC DV-127 Vacuum Pump Older silver fast vac ac pump$69.95
B35-364015-3Porter-Cable737Porter-Cable 737 Recip Saw In metal silver case, tiger saw reciprocating saw$44.95
B35-364011-2JonneswayNVMNJonnesway NVMN RACHET Chrome green and orange jonnesway 1/2” ratchet$12.95
B35-364011-1Titan12091Titan 12091 RACHET Titan finger ratchet still on packaging, red titan 12091$5.95
B35-363896-2RyobiRY253SSRyobi RY253SS weed wacker Green ryobi weed wacker works fine$89.95
B35-363881-2HitachiG13SCHitachi G13SC angle grinder hitachi angle grinder electric w/ like black stone blade$89.95
B35-363881-1RigidR10202Rigid R10202 angle grinder no nut Big orange rigid angle grinder electrci no blade$59.95
B35-363794-3Prime0719Prime 0719 timer Green outdoor timer in og box$14.95
B35-363794-2SchlageFLA 605Schlage FLA 605 door handle One door handle in og box,$19.95
B35-363793-5RescueSTGRescue STG insect trap Green in og box insect trap$9.95
B35-363386-102Harbor Freight Cable Tracker 94181 w Receiver and Sender$14.95
B35-363386-1NONENVMKlein Cable Tracker Yellow w Tips VDV Scout pro 2$39.95
B35-363378-2Silver EagleNVMNSilver Eagle SRCE182PA WRENCH SET In og grey hard case, missing 2 wrenches,$84.95
B35-362610-3JacksonBS1542Jackson BS1542 helmet Welder, not auto black w erson cam stickers car sticker etc$29.95
B35-362243-1OEM Tools24664OEM Tools 24664 ROTARY TOOL Oem tools rotarty tool black and green electric$14.95
B35-361302-1LeathermanWAVELeatherman WAVE mult tool Leatheman wave multi tool good condition$44.95
B35-360940-5MSAV FITMSA V FIT Fall Harness Grey green silver great condition$199.95
B35-360940-3MSAV FITMSA V FIT Fall harness Grey and silver and green and black great condition msa$199.95
B35-360255-1BoschPR20EVSBosch PR20EVS ROUTER Bosch palm router colt 1.0hp inside a hard blue case$69.95
B35-360155-2AmesCM1000AAmes CM1000A METER Clamp meter orange new codnition w/ acc in black softc ase$49.95
B35-359776-508Air Drill 3/8” Pneumatic Rodac, Silver 214 SN 2467$19.954
B35-359776-2RyobiEM0001Ryobi EM0001 Laser level In blue case with attachments laser ryobi blue$39.95
B35-359758-2HusqvarnaPG280Husqvarna PG280 Concrete grinder Large orange and aluminum 220$1499.95
B35-359758-1HusqvarnaPG450Husqvarna PG450 Concrete Grinder Large 220 concrete grinder$3749.95
B35-359651-1WagnerHT1000Wagner HT1000 HEAT GUN Yellow heat gun in box good new codnition$24.95
B35-359135-2MAKITALR21670RT0701C Makita compact Router, blue and black, good condtition$59.95
B35-359098-2StihlFSA56Stihl FSA56 Electric Trimmer No battery no charger TOOL ONLY$49.95
B35-358357-1BruntonF-HEAT-VITALBrunton F-HEAT-VITAL heated vest Under jacket warmer for work$49.95
B35-357465-1ExtechEX830Extech EX830 Multimeter / Clam Meter Orange and green works good clamp meter with leads$99.95
B35-356502-101Porter cable PCC700 Light new Tool only$29.95
B35-355381-1LUFKINNVMNLUFKIN NVMN TAPEMEASURE Lufkin tape measure with brass weight black handle$39.95
B35-355074-4SHARPE775SHARPE 775 SPRAY GUN-AIR Sharpe spray gun silver$24.95
B35-355074-3SHARPE75SHARPE 75 SPRAY GUN-AIR Sharpe spray gun silver$29.95
B35-354712-1Toro20016Toro 20016 LAWN MOWER Red lawn mower , tested$189.95
B35-353547-101Blue Point 3/8 Breaker bar and Two Extensions$59.95
B35-353547-1BLUE POINTNVMBLUE POINT NVM sockets BLUE POINT Female Torx Sockets, Set of 2 E7 E8$24.95
B35-353501-4Snap OnNVMNSnap On 1/2” Allen Sockets sockets 6pc snap sae sockets$119.95
B35-352427-1LUFKINNVMNLUFKIN NVMN plumb bob Plumb bob, tape on frame, w brass plumb$44.95
B35-352132-1Black And DeckerBDEMS600Black And Decker BDEMS600 SANDER Orange black and decker hand sander, tested, works, used condtition$12.95
B35-350890-3Central Pneumatic94802Central Pneumatic 94802 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Silver/black, 1/2” drive, 100 psi, works, older central pneumatic$19.95
B35-349235-4RyobiP21081Ryobi P21081 leaf blower Green and grey with battery and charger, tested and working. Like new condition.$89.95
B35-346176-1Max FanEL006E2S02Max Fan EL006E2S02 fan Black corded fan for growing/ventillation$29.95
B35-339538-2MILWAUKEE6520-21MILWAUKEE 6520-21 SAWZALL In yellow dewalt bag, red/black milwaukee sawzall, corded$69.95
B35-307274-2MILLERMAXSTAR 150SMILLER MAXSTAR 150S WELDER In red tub blue with leads and a unch of rod etc$899.95
B35-279615-2BLUE POINTNVMNBLUE POINT NVMN mini grinder Silver$39.95

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