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We Carry all tools. From High End Professional to Homeowner Tool Kits, and everything in-between. Cordless Drills are a Favorite, Woodworking, Industrial, Oil Field, Lawn & Garden,  we have the tools for all applications!
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P35-383614-1MetaboNATURAL WAREMetabo NATURAL WARE siding nailer Metabo siding nailer, used condition, no other accesories, tested, works$49.95
P35-383565-1Milwaukee6509-31Milwaukee 6509-31 SAWZALL inside a red milwaukee hard case, corde sawzall, tested works well$64.95
P35-383553-1Milwaukee6232-20Milwaukee 6232-20 BAND SAW Red and grey deep cut band saw$189.95
P35-383545-3MaddoxFUEL LINEMaddox FUEL LINE Fuel Line Tool Fuel line disconnect by maddox in black case$19.95
P35-383545-2MatcoBFR158LFMMatco BFR158LFM Matco Ratchet Silver flex head rubber handl ematco$59.95
P35-383545-1Dremel7300Dremel 7300 DREMEL Inside a plastic tub w charger and bits$9.95
P35-383510-1WERNERMT-22WERNER MT-22 LADDER All in one ladder used condition$79.95
P35-383490-2RidgidWD06700Ridgid WD06700 vaccum Orange shop vac, tested$29.95
P35-383480-1RigidR86034Rigid R86034 impact drill ONE BATT NO CHARGEROrange impact drill w/ abttery no charger$49.95
P35-383471-3Milwaukee48-59-1812Milwaukee 48-59-1812 battery Two milwakkee batterys and one charger in og box$199.95
P35-383463-1Craftsman580.752870Craftsman 580.752870 pressure Pressure red w/ hose gun and tips 2700 psi missing filter$149.95
P35-383449-1Milwaukee2724-20/ 2825-20Milwaukee 2724-20/ 2825-20 WEEDBLOWER Weedeater and leaf blower set has one xc8.0 battery one charger good condition like new tested works$249.95
P35-383440-2DewaltDWFP12233Dewalt DWFP12233 nail gun Dewalt nail gun, yellow, nb4$34.954
P35-383440-1DewaltDWFP55126Dewalt DWFP55126 AIR COMPRESSOR 6g aircompressor, nb4, dewalt yellow$99.95
P35-383401-2RyobiYG125CSRyobi YG125CS STAPLE GUN Ryobi staper grey and light green tested$24.95
P35-383401-1HuskeyHDN2300Huskey HDN2300 NAILER Huskey red and black nailer tested$9.95
P35-383397-1EgoBA2242TEgo BA2242T WEEDEATER Ego 16” cordless string trimmer with battery and charger inside og box good condition$199.95
P35-383349-1RidgidR8701Ridgid R8701 drill ONE BATT NO CHARGER Gray and orange ridgid drill w/battery tested in good condition$44.95
P35-383347-2DewaltDCD708Dewalt DCD708 cordless drill 1 Batt NO CHARGER Black and yellow dewalt cordless drill, has one battery, tested works well$59.95
P35-383347-101Dewalt Drill Bit Set inYellow and clear case$14.95
P35-383347-1DewaltNVMNDewalt Drill Bit Set in Case Compelte$14.95
P35-383318-1Scan GaugeNVMNScan Gauge NVMN obd reader Scan gauge black with cord is clear$69.95
P35-383277-1Snap OnEE2C332ASnap On EESC332A 20.4 diagnostic scanner In carrying case, has all leads, is wifi compatible, good condition, tested$999.95
P35-383267-1NONENVMNNONE NVMN mutitool Inside a black case, blue and silver multitool$7.95
P35-383232-3CORNWELLT55H CR-VCORNWELL T55H CR-V TORX BIT SET 10 diff size drill bits$49.95
P35-383232-2Mac ToolsSHKML9RBRTMac Tools SHKML9RBRT L Keys, set of sae and matric$99.95
P35-383221-1EarthquakeEQ01AEarthquake EQ01A air impact wrench Red industrial air impact, used condition, untested as we do not have attatchment to test$99.95
P35-383205-1DeWaltdws535bDeWalt Worm Drive dws535b CIRCULAR SAW Black and yellow saw corded good condition tested$119.95
P35-383192-2Roto ZipSS355Roto Zip SS355 rotozip Rotozip, black, tested$24.95
P35-383192-1DewaltDWE305Dewalt DWE305 RECIPRICATING Saw Dewalt recipricating saw, corded, tested$49.95
P35-383141-1Milwaukee2457-20Milwaukee 2457-20 RACHET Black and red milwaukee 3/8 ratchet, no charger$89.95
P35-383111-1MAKITA6823ZMAKITA 6823Z SCREW GUN In black case makita simpson quik drive pro300s makita 6823z drywall screw gun decking system$99.95
P35-383106-1Dremel4300Dremel 4300 DREMEL In og dremel case dremel power cord has accessories extensions bits etc$79.95
P35-383033-1Rotozipscs01Rotozip scs01 ROTARY TOOL Inisde a grey hard case, corded rotary tool, tested works well$24.95
P35-383027-1ColemanPM0401Coleman PM0401 GENERATOR Coleman generator, grey and black$159.95
P35-383022-2Banks64143Banks 64143 STAPLE GUN Black and red staple gun in og box$19.95
P35-383022-1Porter CablePIN138Porter Cable PIN138 STAPLE GUN Black and grey sportable cable in og box$24.95
P35-383020-1Porter CableBN200CPorter Cable BN200C nail gun inisde black porter cable case,$29.95
P35-383010-2RidgidR2851VNRidgid R2851VN oscilator Ridgid oscilating tool, corded$29.95
P35-383010-1RidgidR8116Ridgid R8116 DRILL Ridgid drill, has battery and charger,$59.95
P35-383002-1CORNWELLCEL63401CORNWELL CEL63401 work light Cornwell fluorescent work light, has accesories, tested, works,$99.95
P35-382985-1BluepointMICB1ABluepoint MICB1A MICROMETER In blue case, bluepoint micrometer, good condition$29.95
P35-382980-1RidgidR4030Ridgid R4030 RIDGID Ridgid tile saw with orange water pan tested$149.95
P35-382961-1PoulanPR5020Poulan PR5020 chainsaw Black and orange chainsaw used condition tested works$79.95
P35-382934-2NONENONENONE NONE Ratchet Strap Set of 2 STRAP Yellow tow straps ratchet tie downs$29.95
P35-382934-1NONENONENONE NONE JUMPER CABLES Black and red jumper cables nb4$19.95
P35-382913-1DeWaltDW292DeWalt DW292 IMPACT WRENCH In black hard case dewalt hard impact wrench corded used condition tested works$79.95
P35-382889-1Dremel4300Dremel 4300 Dremel Tool In black case with some attachments$39.95
P35-382851-101DEWALT Charger AND Battery one batt one charger$49.95
P35-382851-1DeWaltDCR006DeWalt DCR006 work speaker NO BATTERY OR CHARGER SPEAKER ONLY$59.95
P35-382820-4Craftsman315-10620Craftsman 315-10620 Sheet Sander Vintage craftsman sheet sander$4.95
P35-382820-3BENCHTOP053534-111BENCHTOP 053534-111 Corded Drill Blue drill 3/8” prety rusted$9.95
P35-382820-202Red No Make Brad Nailer Pneumatic no label Red$6.95
P35-382820-20168021 Brad nailer Central Harbor Fregiht Grey and Red$8.95
P35-382820-2Central Pneumatic68021Central Pneumatic 68021 stapler Ered and Grey$8.95
P35-382820-101RED Bottle Jack 6 TON NO HANDLE SIX TON!$19.95
P35-382797-4Hiltex1-1/2″Hiltex 1-1/2” hammer drill Nb4 inside a blue case, corded hammer drill, tested works well$59.95
P35-382797-3JellasROHSJellas ROHS belt sander Nb4 corded belt sander, tested works well, inside og brown box$19.95
P35-382745-1SkilsawF012771100Skilsaw F012771100 SKILLSAW Red and black corfded skilsaw, tested works well$74.95
P35-382736-2AndersenNVMAndersen aluminum hitch Grey tow hitch w/ pin 8500 lbs$89.95
P35-382725-1MAKITAXPH14XG26MAKITA XPH14,XG26 IMPACT SET In makita bag, makita impactset nb4 drill and grinder$139.95
P35-382693-2Hyper ToughHT21-401-002-04Hyper Tough HT21-401-002-04 weed eater Red electric weed eater$19.95
P35-382664-2CraftmansNVMCraftmans NVM SOCKET SET Crraftmasn socket socket set red$49.95
P35-382657-2DeWaltNVMNDeWalt NVMN WRENCH SET Dewalt 8 pc wrench set, good condition, sizes 10mm-17mm$39.95
P35-382657-1Klein ToolsNVMNKlein Tools NVMN conduit bender Yellow klein tools conduit bender, good condition$24.95
P35-382652-4Davidson582-07Davidson 582-07 LADDER Davidson 8ft ladder, green and yellow$34.95
P35-382652-1KobaltLK20175Kobalt LK20175 kobalt air compressor Tall blue kobalt air compressor, tested$174.95
P35-382578-1NocoGB40Noco GB40 jump starter/ battery charger Jump starter battery charger w/ attachments$69.95
P35-382519-1Porter CablePC15TCSPorter Cable PC15TCS CIRCULAR SAW Grey circular saw electric$39.95
P35-382497-2MILWAUKEENONEMILWAUKEE TOOL ONLY impact drill Red impact drill milwaukee none$39.9
P35-382497-1MILWAUKEE2625-20MILWAUKEE 2625-20 hackzall Red hackzal no battery TOOL ONLY$44.95
P35-382495-4MILWAUKEE2795-20MILWAUKEE 2795-20 light Light w 1 battery works$59.95
P35-382495-2MILWAUKEE2621-20MILWAUKEE 2621-20 Battery but NO CHARGER Red sawzall one battery no charger$99.95
P35-382495-1MILWAUKEE2656-20MILWAUKEE 2656-20 drill set Impact drill set milwaukee 2 batteries 2 charger wear and tear onone$129.95
P35-382479-2SlimeNVMNSlime NVMN slime pump Bought here black slime inflator has cord$15.95
P35-382467-1RyobiP2006Ryobi P2006 weed eater Ryobi weed eater used condition no battery no charger tested with our battery$19.95
P35-382461-4Shop Vac87754-14Shop Vac 87754-14 Shop Vac Small black and red shop vac w hose little guy$19.95
P35-382439-1Snap OnMG325Snap On MG325 air impact Snap on black and red air impact with boot cover nb4$119.95
P35-382431-3RyobiCS1301Ryobi CS1301 Miter SAW Ryobi older table saw corded works tested$49.95
P35-382340-2MILWAUKEE2890-20MILWAUKEE 2890-20 radio Milwaukee work radio ONLY$99.95
P35-382332-1Dremel3000Dremel 3000 DREMEL Dremel 3000, gray$29.95
P35-382309-1AllosunEM830Allosun EM830 multimeter Allosun multimeter, yellow with leads$7.95
P35-382261-1RolotapeRT312Rolotape RT312 measuring wheel Yellow and silver measuring wheel$24.95
P35-382257-2Dremel4000Dremel 4000 DREMEL Black and grey dremel has flexible shaft corded tested works used condition$34.95
P35-382257-1Hyper ToughAQ20052GHyper Tough AQ20052G sander Hyper tough sander corded black used condition bottom is scuffed$9.95
P35-382254-1Craftmans917389020Craftmans 917389020 LAWN MOWER Red craftsman lawn mower no bag tested$119.95
P35-382239-1Black And DeckerCDC1800NICAD Black And Decker CDC1800 drill Orange and black cordless drill has 2 batteries and one charger, tested works well$4.95
P35-382160-1Matcoetwc250fkbgMatco etwc250fkbg TORQUE WRENCH Green and black handle torque wrench, tested works, used condition$224.95
P35-382153-2CraftsmanCMPFN16SBCraftsman CMPFN16SB nailer Red craftsman nail gun, tested, works, good condition$29.95
P35-382153-1Central Pneumatic53176Central Pneumatic 53176 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Silver central pneumatic air impact, tested, works, used condition$9.95
P35-382088-1SKIL5280SKIL 5280 circ saw Red circ saw skilsaw 15 amps tip has been replace but works in good condition$39.95
P35-382084-4MILWAUKEE1680-20MILWAUKEE 1680-20 angle drill Black and red angle drill, tested, corded, used condition$139.95
P35-382084-2DewaltD25263Dewalt D25263 hammer drill Black and yellow corded hammer drill,missing handle, tested works well$79.95
P35-382084-1RigidR3001Rigid R3001 RECIPRICATING S Black and orange recip saw, corded, tested works well, used condition$29.95
P35-382041-5Chicaco Electric95020Chicaco Electric 95020 SANDER Sheet snader blue and grey no bag$9.95
P35-382037-6Ingersoll231XPIngersoll 231XP air imapct drill Silver 1/2 air impact drill$14.95
P35-382037-5Chicago PneumaticCPC734Chicago Pneumatic CPC734 air impact drill Silver 1/2 impact air drill$14.95
P35-382037-3RyobiRS2418Ryobi RS2418 SANDER Blue sander ryobi$9.95
P35-382037-1MILWAUKEE2606-20MILWAUKEE 2606-20 drill Red drill cordless no battery or charher (tool only)$24.95
P35-382021-1Briggs & Stratton030677Briggs & Stratton 030677 GENERATOR In box never used, has been sitting for a year, never opened 5500$599.95
P35-381999-1Drill Master61311Drill Master 61311 SANDER In og box, black corded sander, tested works well, used condition$9.95
P35-381953-5DeWaltDCB201DeWalt DCB201 battery Dewalt 20v max lithium ion battery$29.95
P35-381953-1DeWaltDCD998DeWalt DCD998 drill Dewalt cordless Hammer drill, One Battery and Charger$99.95
P35-381884-1Snap OnCTPP861Snap On CTPP861 POLISHER Snap on polisher cordless with battery and charger works tested$259.95
P35-381836-1BolensBL110Bolens BL110 weed eater Peach colored older weed eater works tested$49.95
P35-381800-1Ames64623Ames 64623 inspection camera Black/orange inspection camera, ok condition, no other accesories$29.95
P35-381786-1InnovaNVMInnova NVM camera Red camera for car$49.95
P35-381766-1Husky1004 999 363Husky 1004 999 363 mechanic tool set In black and red case 105 husky socket set$99.95
P35-381650-1MAKITADT03MAKITA DT03 impact drill Small 12v drill impact w/ one battry and charger$39.95
P35-381631-5Power ProbePP319BFPower Probe 3 PP319BF circuit tester in black hard Case$89.95
P35-381631-401Cornwell 8PC SAE Ratcheting Speed Wrench set$159.95
P35-381631-4CORNWELLNVM CORNWELL Metric 12pt Ratcheting Speed Wrench Combo Set$229.95
P35-381631-3Snap OnBK3000-GMSnap On Inspectin Camera BK3000-GM scope Snap on electric scope camera, in black soft case$169.95
P35-381538-1Hyper ToughAQ80023GHyper Tough AQ80023G RECIPRICATING S Black and red recip saw, has one battery and one charger, tested works well$24.95
P35-381537-1Lincoln ElectricLE31MPLincoln Electric LE31MP WELDER Lincoln welder, red, has leads, tested$599.95
P35-381513-2Warrior63976Warrior 63976 sander Small black and orange sander tested works$9.95
P35-381494-1ToroRECYCLERToro RECYCLER lawnmower Toro 22” blade self propelled lawnmower, has bag, tested, works good$229.95
P35-381466-1Lincoln ElectricAC 225Lincoln Electric AC 225 WELDER Arc welder RED$199.95
P35-381463-1ToroGTS 600Toro GTS 600 LAWN MOWER Toro lawn mower has bag tested works used condition$249.95
P35-381414-1Milwaukee2764-20Milwaukee 2764-20 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Red and black milwaukee impact wrench, 3/4, has one battery, tested works well, used condition$349.95
P35-381397-1Milwaukee2415-20Milwaukee 2415-20 angle drill In og box, like new, tool only milwaukee angle drill$79.95
P35-381322-3RidgidR8701Ridgid R8701 drill Cordless drill, orange and black in blue napa bag with battery and charger$69.95
P35-381318-2Bosch0601194639Bosch 0601194639 hammer drill Drill in in green case$49.95
P35-381281-1Milwaukee6509-31Milwaukee 6509-31 SAWZALL Red an black corded milwaukee sawzall, tested works well, has one blade, corded, used conditino$49.95
P35-381227-1BoschHDS181ABosch HDS181A drill Bosch core 18 hammer drill blue with battery and charger$59.95
P35-381162-2DeWaltDCS354DeWalt DCS354 oscillating tool Cordless yellow oscillating tool in yellow bag$69.95
P35-381161-13m6899T3m 6899T masks 3m vapor/gas mask, with new filter$49.95
P35-381154-1RyobiRY253SSRyobi RY253SS WEEDEATER Ryobi gas powered weed eater, missing guard, tested, works$64.95
P35-381113-1DeWaltDW618DeWalt DW618 Plunge Router In yellow and black bag great condition$179.95
P35-381101-5Snap OnCTRS761Auctoin Snap On CTRS761 RECIPRICATING S Cordless sawzall w/ battery and charger$149.95
P35-381101-4Milwaukee2522-20Milwaukee 2522-20 cut off tool Cordless red cut off tool w/ battery no charger$89.95
P35-381101-3Milwaukee2703-20Milwaukee 2703-20 drill Red hammer drill red no ncharger w/ battery$59.95
P35-381101-1Milwaukee2457-20Milwaukee 2457-20 RACHET Red milwaukee ratchet NO CHARGER 1 Batt$89.95
P35-381088-5RyobiP601VNRyobi P601VN ROUTER Green ryobi cordless router (tool only )$39.95
P35-381088-2DeWaltDCS374DeWalt DCS374 bandsaw Yellow cordless bandsaws (tool only) NO BLADE$174.95
P35-381064-3Snap On137ACFSnap On 137ACF pliers Red snap on slip joint pliers, good condition$59.95
P35-381064-2Snap OnTSLF72Snap On TSLF72 flex head ratchet , 1/4 curved flex head ratchet$99.95
P35-381064-1Snap OnFHLF80ASnap On FHLF80A flex head ratchet Black/red handle, used condition, 3/8 ratchet$99.95
P35-381038-1DeWaltDWST17510DeWalt DWST17510 work radio dewalt work radiotakes battery and power corded used condition$169.95
P35-381008-1RyobiRYI2200Ryobi RYI2200 GENERATOR Green generator gas powered, 1800 watts on wheels$449.95
P35-380952-1MAKITAXPH10/XDT11MAKITA XPH10/XDT11 tool set Makita tool set, has recip saw, hammer drill, impact driver, circular saw, two batteries, one charger, used condition$299.95
P35-380911-3SCHUMACHERSC1282SCHUMACHER SC1282 BATTERY CHRGR Car battery charger used condition tested works$22.95
P35-380867-4CORNWELLHRC4518CORNWELL HRC4518 Bearing Seperator Bearing seperator pusher and puller, in black case$69.95
P35-380867-1Snap OnSAESnap On SAE WRENCH SET On red tray 11pc sae snap on set$129.95
P35-380866-201Milwaukee Impact Driver w one 5.0 battery, NO CHARGER$79.95
P35-380866-2MILWAUKEE2801-20MILWAUKEE 2801-20 Cordless Drill 5.0 Battery NO CHARGER$74.95
P35-380866-1Snap Onct761aSnap On ct761a Cordless Tool Set Snap on pretty beat up, impact 3/8, one dtill and one light, two battery and charger$299.95
P35-380788-2TorinNONETorin NONE JACK-AUTOMOTIVE In og black case hyrdaulic welder bottle jack with all pieces in g$19.95
P35-380611-1Snap OnQT3R250Snap On torque QT3R250 ratchet Long snap o ratchet no case$149.95
P35-380606-1ToroPH-XT675Toro PH-XT675 LAWN MOWER 22” self propeled lawn mower w/ bag red good condition$249.95
P35-380582-2RyobiP2005Ryobi P2005 TRIMMER Ryobi cordless trimmer no battery tested with our battery ok condition$19.95
P35-380547-3Matco ToolsNVMNMatco Tools NVMN IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Maroon and black impact, tested works well, used condition$79.95
P35-380547-2MILWAUKEE48-59-2401MILWAUKEE 48-59-2401 BATTERY CHRGR Inside red and black milwaukee bag,all red milwaukee m12 battery charger, tested works well$19.95
P35-380516-5Powershot Pro9100Powershot Pro 9100 STAPLER Orange in black case electric stapler gun$9.95
P35-380511-2StanleyNVMStanley NVM mechanic tool set Socket set in black case$34.95
P35-380478-1Milwaukee2804-20Milwaukee 2804-20 hammer drill Milwaukee hammer drill with 18v battery and charger inside a hard case good condition$109.95
P35-380459-2Worlds GratestNONEWorlds Gratest NONE LADDER 6foot aluminum foldable ladder covered in paint and stucco$79.95
P35-380355-1RyobiCSD41Ryobi CSD41 drill In green ryobi bag, small ryobi drill has charger tested works$19.95
P35-380211-1BoschDDS181Bosch DDS181 drill Cordless drill three batteries and charger in blue case$99.95
P35-380208-202Dewlat Li Ion Battery yeloow$29.95
P35-380208-201Dewalt Battery li Ion$29.95
P35-380208-2DewaltDCB203Dewalt DCB203 Battery Loose single battery$29.95
P35-380169-1DeWaltDCH133DeWalt DCH133 brushless hammer Dewalt brushless hammer tool good condition tested$99.95
P35-380132-1RyobiCFS1503Ryobi CFS1503 SANDER Ryobi hand sander, in grey hard case. Tested. With bag$19.95
P35-380112-1Snap OnCT8850Snap On CT8850 IMPACT 1/2” impact one battery and charger tested$269.95
P35-380106-1HiltiTE 4-A22Hilti TE 4-A22 Cordless hammer Drill Sds painted green w one cpc hilti battery and charger really beat up works good$139.95
P35-380053-1RyobiP2900Ryobi P2900 TRIMMER All green and grey w/orange tip ryobi trimmer, has one battery and one charger, and other acce$49.95
P35-379997-1RIDGER8654RIDGE R8654 CIRCULAR SAW Ridgid circular saw with battery and charger$79.95
P35-379986-4RyobiS652DGRyobi S652DG hand sander Ryobi hand sander, in og bag. Tested$19.95
P35-379958-1Delta36-070Delta 36-070 MITER SAW-ELECT 10” power miter saw, tested works well, used condition$39.95
P35-379924-3BostitchSTC400Bostitch STC400 drill Yellow drill tool only$24.95
P35-379924-2RigidR860052Rigid R860052 drill Orange drill no battery no$29.95
P35-379891-1Snap OnCTR861HVSnap On CTR861HV bruhless ratchet All green and black brushless battery powered ratchet, has one battery sn:s214802243 and one charger, sn:sv213248200$299.95
P35-379842-1BoschRH328VCBosch RH328VC hammer drill Blue hammer drill elctric$89.95
P35-379764-4CrafstmanNVMNCrafstman NVMN laser Craftsman laser black$9.95
P35-379644-4Delta82NODelta 82NO SANDER 4”belt 6” disc sander, tested works, used condition$49.95
P35-379643-1Husky3332013Husky 3332013 AIR COMPRESSOR Husky 3332013 AIR COMPRESSOR Silver tall silent compressor 20 gallons 90 psi good condition tested$239.95
P35-379613-4Snap OnCTS761Snap On CTS761 Impact Drill One battery AND CHARGER$119.95
P35-379613-3Snap OnCT8810ASnap On CT8810A IMPACT WRENCH ONE BATTRY NO CHARGER batt sn:p154609703 charger sn:185101350$149.95
P35-379613-2Snap OnCTBTS861RSnap On CTBTS861R work speaker wONE BATT all red and black snap on speaker, has battery, tested works well$109.95
P35-379613-1Snap OnCT8850Snap On CT8850 IMPACT Cordless 1/2” One batt and charger$249.95
P35-379580-1Husqvarna435 X-TORQHusqvarna 435 X-TORQ CHAIN SAW Orange chainsaw good condition tested works$199.95
P35-379533-6Hyper ToughAQ20052GHyper Tough AQ20052G SANDER Hyper tough sander inside og box$9.95
P35-379520-3Black and DeckerQ400Black and Decker Q400 pro Quamtum pro saw green color$14.95
P35-379498-1Dremel4300Dremel 4300 DREMEL In black case, non cordless, has some bits, tested, works$29.95
P35-379477-1MAKITATM3010CMAKITA TM3010C multi tool In og hard case, makita corded multi tool, tested$49.95
P35-379457-2Pittsburgh60806Pittsburgh 60806 AC Gauges Harbor fregiht in black case ac gauges$24.95
P35-379383-2BlackmaxBTB300Blackmax BTB300 tube bender In og black box, blackmax tube bender. Like new condition$139.95
P35-379301-1MILLERMAXSTAR 200 903701MILLER MAXSTAR 200 903701 WELDER Blue miller maxstar 200 w leads pos and neg good condition$1499.95
P35-379154-1Snap Oneehd189090EEHD709004MASTER KIT Snap On eehd189090, EEHD709004 SCANNER Snap on scanner, in og black hard case. Has power cord, adaptors, and in good shape. Tested. Missing trailer conector$7499.95
P35-379058-1RigidMS 1050 1Rigid MS 1050 1 MITER SAW-ELECT Grey miter saw with red handles orange cord works tested$69.95
P35-378962-6WERNERNVMNWERNER NVMN LADDER All silver and blue tips extension ladder, used condition$89.95
P35-378872-2Snap On97ACFSnap On 97ACF Needle Nose Pliers Black snap on pliers neede nose$19.95
P35-378817-2CAMBELL/HAUSFELDIFN35650AVCAMBELL/HAUSFELD IFN35650AV nailgun works tested angle finish nailer$29.95
P35-378769-2HitachiWH18DGLHitachi WH18DGL impact driver Hitachi impact driver, used condition. . Tested. Has adaptor to fit dewalt battery.$9.95
P35-378727-2Snap OnCTB7172Snap On CTB7172 battery Snap on 14v battery, no charger, ok condition$29.95
P35-378656-1RyobiP2003VNMRyobi P2003VNM String Trimmer – Cordless Green an grey ryobi no batt no charger$39.95
P35-378632-1EchoPAS 225Echo PAS 225 weed eater Used condition, has shield, tested, works$129.95
P35-378599-1MILWAUKEE2730-20MILWAUKEE 2730-20 CIRCULAR SAW Milwaukee red and black circular saw tool only$99.95
P35-378445-1RigidR8643Rigid R8643 RECIPRICATING S Recip saw rigid nb4 no battery in ok condition$39.95
P35-378441-1TitaniumFLUX 125Titanium FLUX 125 WELDER Titanium flux 125 green and black with wand has wire$189.95
P35-378298-1EastwoodMIG135Eastwood MIG135 WELDER Black welder with cords nb4 no extra accesories$199.95
P35-378273-1EchoCS-590Echo CS-590 CHAIN SAW Orange echo chainsaw, nb4. Used condition$199.95
P35-378171-1RyobiTS1342Ryobi TS1342 compound miter saw Ryobi compound miter saw, tested. Used condition$49.95
P35-378087-4Porter CableNS150CPorter Cable NS150C nail gun Porter calbe nail gun$19.95
P35-377977-1MeggerM5260Megger digiphone+ 2 Cable Fault Pinpointer M6260 wire locater In red/grey case, like new. Megger wire locater. Tested$3999.95
P35-377972-2Innovate3795 LC-2Innovate 3795 LC-2 O2 Sensor Innovate o2 sensor, in og box two parts, has the o2 sensor and the control module$199.95
P35-377957-101Ridgid Radio Cordless Li Ion no batt tool only R84084 CA13191D011238$15.95
P35-377855-1MILLERNVMMILLER NVM welding helmet Miller welding helmet, used condition.$74.95
P35-377785-1Snap OnEEDM5250DSnap On EEDM5250D multimeter In og black bag.Snap on multi meter, used condition. Tested$74.95
P35-377776-1BLUE POINTNVMNBLUE POINT NVMN TOOL BOX Black blue point tool box with key, 4 slots in good condition$499.95
P35-377752-1Klein ToolsIP53Klein Tools IP53 multireader Orange klein multireader with cords turns on$29.95
P35-377706-4LaunchMILLENNIUM 60Launch MILLENNIUM 60 SCANNER Black scanner$49.95
P35-377698-4Goal ZeroYETI150Goal Zero YETI150 battery pack Portable power bank yeti grey with lime green color$149.95
P35-377694-3Pt PerformanceNVMPt Performance Multimeter Black scanner$7.95
P35-377688-2Craftsman315.101210Craftsman 315.101210 DRILL Corded drill 3/8 works tested$9.95
P35-377554-1ACE2007713ACE 2007713 tool set Ace hardware 44 piece homeowners tool set, has a hammer, some allen wrenches, level, etc$39.95
P35-377540-202Ridgid 18v bnattery like new Single Battery li ion$34.95
P35-377417-3SEAR/CRAFTSMAN315.101230SEAR/CRAFTSMAN 315.101230 MISC.TOOLS Drill corded from craftsman a$14.95
P35-377411-1DeWalt75-145DDeWalt 75-145D SOCKET SET Dewalt impact socket set black$39.95
P35-377264-1TwintierRB441TRebar Tier Twintier RB441T tie machine Twintier gun with battery but no charger$899.95
P35-377193-2StihlMS171Stihl MS171 chainsaw Orange 16” stihl chainsaw$199.95
P35-377158-1HuskyH4430H4240H4110H4610Husky H4430,H4240,H4110,H4610 IMPACT tool set In black plastic case pneumatic impact wrench ratchet hammer drill and grinder and accessories$69.95
P35-377073-1GoldstarDM-334Goldstar DM-334 multi meter Gold star yellow meter$49.95
P35-377064-2Lincoln ElectricS27978-18Lincoln Electric S27978-18 welding helmet Red and black welding helmet, good condition, no other accesories$89.95
P35-377019-2DeWaltDCB206DeWalt DCB206 battery Dewalt 20v xr battery$39.95
P35-377009-1PoulanP3314Poulan P3314 CHAIN SAW Green and black chainsaw works tested, the recoil works but super tough$59.95
P35-376944-2RidgidNVMNRidgid Pipe Threader Set w Handle etc. t Ridgid die set to a pipe threader in ridgid black case$399.95
P35-376944-1RIDGE700-29RIDGE 700-29 pipe threader Ridgid pipe threader 700 silver with red cord$599.95
P35-376896-4Slime40030Slime 40030 compressor Grey mini compressor with green hose car plug in not a lot of power but works ok$9.95
P35-376856-1Milwaukee2804-20Milwaukee 2804-20 drill Milwaukee fuel brushless drill, no battery, no charger$79.95
P35-376753-1Crafstman247.88787Crafstman 247.88787 snowblower Red craftsman snowblower, has 22′ blade, good condition, tested, works$299.95
P35-376752-2BradyBMP61Brady BMP61 printer Yellow and black, in hard black case. With power cord, labels, and other accessories. Untested.$349.95
P35-376738-1MILWAUKEE2503-202553-20MILWAUKEE 2503-20,2553-20 DRILL set Milwaukee drill set in og red and black case impact drills brushless with two batteries and one charger$159.95
P35-376731-101Ridgid Battery and Charger Combo$49.95
P35-376718-2RyobiRY3714Ryobi RY3714 CHAIN SAW W grey blade guard, green and grey$74.95
P35-376690-1BoschGLM165-40Bosch GLM165-40 measure In og fabric case bosch laser$34.95
P35-376665-2Skil7292Skil 7292 SANDER Red skil palm sander, , tested, works$19.95
P35-376616-1MILBURN2960-20MILBURN 2960-20 impact tool Milwaukee impact tool with batt xc5.0 and batt charger in good condition tested$299.95
P35-376561-3NVMNSNAP ONNVMN SNAP ON crows feet 6 misc crews feet some snap on mac$79.95
P35-376561-2Snap OnS70Snap On S70 socket wrench Snap on socket wrench$74.95
P35-376407-1Skill SawSHD77Skill Saw SHD77 SKILLSAW 7-1/4” worm drive saw$74.95
P35-376309-2WakaiNONEWakai STANT cooling tester Wakai cooling system tester in black hard case$29.95
P35-376089-3MILWAUKEE0824-20Auction MILWAUKEE 0824-20 drill Red older milwaukee drill$99.95
P35-376075-1HondaEG2800Honda EG2800 GENERATOR Honda eg2800 red and black tested$919.95
P35-376064-1Hampton Bayhps-c-pcHampton Bay hps-c-pc heater Verticle heater has umbrella domoe has hose attached to it works off porpane$74.95
P35-375922-1StihlFS45CStihl FS45C TRIMMER White and orange stihl hedge trimmer in good condition gas powered tested works fine$99.95
P35-375862-1HartHPSK11Hart HPSK11 pressure cleaner In og box like new hart pressureized washer$39.95
P35-375802-1RyobiS652DGRyobi S652DG Finish Sander No case green w bag good condition$19.95
P35-375800-1Hyper ToughHT-19-401-003-22Hyper Tough HT-19-401-003-22 Cordless Sprayer 1 gallon lik enew in orig box w charger and battery$49.95
P35-375676-1DeWaltDCD777DeWalt DCD777 dewalt Impact sawzall circular saw multi tool sander two batteries and charger$299.95
P35-375564-1BlucaveDSD-46FL-2-BLUBlucave DSD-46FL-2-BLU SCREWDRIVER/flashlight Blucave cordless screwdriver and flashlight combo has charger inside og bag$19.95
P35-375528-2RigidWD12701Rigid WD12701 shop vac Orange rigid shop vac good codnition$59.95
P35-375487-1Chicaco Electric67632Chicaco Electric 67632 rock tumbler In og box chicago electric rock tumbler has all accessories nb4$49.95
P35-375473-1LeathermanWINGMANLeatherman WINGMAN multitool Silver metal leatherman multitool$44.95
P35-375446-1Noco Genius4650Noco Genius 4650 BATTERY CHRGR Smaller grey and black with cords in a bag works tested in good cond$69.95
P35-375427-1Reese TowpowerNVMReese Towpower NVM Line pull 1 ton capacity motorized Winch 70336 . Has power cables, and controller. Tested$59.95
P35-375423-3Drill Master60614Drill Master 60614 drill Drill master reversible drill electric black$9.95
P35-375403-2MatcoBFR118MMatco BFR118M RACHET Soft grip handle tooth rachet, decent condition$89.95
P35-375384-2HiltiST18Hilti ST18 screw drill Screw drill corded red and black in good condition tested$44.95
P35-375375-1Mathey DearmanNONEMathey Dearman NONE beveler Mathey dearman pipe beveler 3-8 inches$599.95
P35-375359-5No MakeNVMNNo Make NVMN STILTS Drywall stilts with green foot straps, very worn$49.95
P35-375349-1BoschOBD 1300Bosch OBD 1300 Car Scanner Bosch obd 1&2 scanner, tested, not married.$99.95
P35-375220-1CraftmansPCB270TSPorter Cable PCB270TS 10” Contractors Table SawTABLE SAW Black w Fence Guards, Etc..$359.95
P35-375181-1DeWaltDW088DeWalt DW088 LEVEL In black hard case black and yellow dewalt level in decent condition tested wokrs fine$69.95
P35-375162-3Klein ToolsCL2000Klein Tools CL2000 CLAMP METER In black carrying case klein tools clamp meter everything included in good condition$49.95
P35-375152-2ESTWINGNVMNESTWING NVMN HAMMER Est wing hammer with blue handle$11.95
P35-374898-3Nibco PexSIFT TOUCHNibco Pex Soft Touch Crimpers PX02531$29.95
P35-374811-3PaslodeIM250AUCTION Paslode IM250 NAILER Pasolde nailer cordless inside a hard orange case with battery and charger$199.95
P35-374796-1Sala1100747AUXCTION Sala 1100747 Fall harness In black malco bag fall harness with sala slow fall lanyard yuellow and blue sala delta$99.95
P35-374788-2Matco ToolsMTPGHV17Matco Tools MTPGHV17 SPRAY GUN-AIR Silver and green spray gun no can$69.95
P35-374710-1Level 5 ToolsNONELevel 5 Tools NONE Drywall tapper Red bazooka taper by leel 5 good condition used$899.95
P35-374617-2Porter CableFn250sbPorter Cable Fn250sb pneumatic nail gun Porter cable nail gun new in plascit bag$69.95
P35-374591-4Battery Tender030-1011-WALBattery Tender 030-1011-WAL BATTERY CHRGR Small black battery charger w/ acc$44.95
P35-374409-2DeWaltDW089DeWalt DW089 LEVEL In og black case dewalt laser level in good condition battery operated$159.95
P35-374321-3Snowjoe320ESnowjoe 320E SNOW BLOWER Hand held corded snowjoe snowblower like new$59.95
P35-374309-4RigidR6791Rigid R6791 SCREW GUN Oranged collated screw gun electric$59.95
P35-374309-1MetaboBSL 1830CMetabo BSL 1830C battery 3.0 18v metabo battery$24.95
P35-374269-4ZipwallNVMNZipwall NVMN Zipwall Set of 4 zip wall poles inside zipwall carrying case$99.95
P35-374078-1RigidR8223500Rigid R8223500 multi tool Rigid multi tool, no charger, no battey, tool only, used conditiob$29.95
P35-374015-2Chicaco Electric62370Chicaco Electric 62370 RECIPRICATING S Red electric sawzall$11.95
P35-373826-2RidgidR350PNFRidgid R350PNF hand nailer Ridgid palm nailer. Good condition . Tested$29.95
P35-373809-2Dremel7760Dremel 7760 DREMEL Dremmel blue gray black has buffer tip works has charger has accessories$24.95
P35-373652-3BoschRH328VCBosch RH328VC rotary hammer In blue case, bosch rotary hammer, has various bits, used condition, tested, works$119.95
P35-373560-4RigidR84084Rigid R84084 radio Small black and orange work radio, in brown box, tested works well, no vbattery$24.95
P35-373356-1Innova3040CInnova 3040C obd2 reader Black with cord attached in good condition$59.95
P35-373342-2StihlHS 45-ZStihl HS 45-Z HEDGER TRIMER Gas powered, stihl hedgetrimmer. Tested$174.95
P35-373314-1Porter CablePCC607PCC647Porter Cable PCC607,PCC647 cordless drill set Porter cable tool set circular saw, impact, driver drill ,2 batteries and charger and reciprocating saw$149.95
P35-373184-1Mathey DearmanNONEMathey Dearman NONE pipe beveling Mathey 12” pipe beveling machine, has washer to smoothen tightening$699.95
P35-373166-3Chicago Electric61481Chicago Electric 61481 cut off saw Older larger cut off saw, red and silver with yellow button nb4$69.95
P35-373026-2Silver EagleSBS41SESilver Eagle SBS41SE SOCKET SET Silver eagle socket set in og grey plastic case complete$79.95
P35-372730-1Torque PowerPTT00002Torque Power PTT00002 ratchet Black adn blue torque power ratchet tested with charger$49.95
P35-372723-1Skil6277Skil 6277 speed drill Black and red corded speed drill, tested works well, used condition$19.95
P35-372716-1Klean ToolsVDV500-705TKlean Tools VDV500-705T tracer Black and yellow klein tools tracer decent condition does have some stripped wire but works fine$19.95
P35-372638-1BostitchRB46-1Bostitch RB46-1 aIR NAILER Roofing nailer, orange$69.95
P35-372556-5Snap OnRTD48Snap On RTD48 threading kit In og red plastic case complete set snap on 48 pieces$119.95
P35-372556-4Snap OnNVMNSnap On NVMN drill Snap on reversible 1/4” variable speed air drill$99.95
P35-372556-3Snap OnNVMNSnap On NVMN drill Snap on reversible 3/8” variable speed air drill wear and tear in otherwise good condition$89.95
P35-372556-2Ratchet MasterNVSNRatchet Master Quick Release Pliers Set ratchet masters In og black plastic pliers gently used 2 red tools and 2 black tools$99.95
P35-372215-4Pit CrewCAJ-120Pit Crew CAJ-120 air hammer Short barrel air hammer, tested works well,$2.95
P35-371991-1WERNERPS-48WERNER PS-48 SCAFFOLDING Blue scaffolding with platforms$109.95
P35-371943-1MILWAUKEE2729-20MILWAUKEE 2729-20 Portable Band Saw Red milwaukee no charger had on e5.0 xc battery$229.95
P35-371651-2MilwaukeeNVMNMilwaukee NVMN TAPEMEASURE Milwaukee tape measure 30ft$19.95
P35-371643-4HiltiWSR 1250-PEHilti WSR 1250-PE RECIPRICATING S Red sawzall electric$79.95
P35-371438-2DuralastDL-2DDuralast DL-2D battery maintainer Small battery maintainer w/ acc$24.95
P35-371256-1HondaFC600AHonda FC600A tiller Red tiller gas powered w/ honda motor 2020$699.95
P35-371216-4Klein ToolsVDV SCOUT PRO 3Klein Tools VDV SCOUT PRO 3 Tester Kit Nog packaging klein tools vdv scout pro 3 tester kit like new condition$59.95
P35-371179-2LeathermanBLASTLeatherman BLAST multitool In black holster, leatherman blast, black, good condition$24.95
P35-370824-3NVMNNVMNNVMN NVMN window grip Nb4 in black carrying case window grip holder$59.95
P35-370720-1MILLERNVSNMILLER NVSN welder helmet Black digital performance miller welder mask decent condition$69.95
P35-370337-1MatcoNVMNMatco NVMN bolts . In blue cord matco 19 piece bolts$79.95
P35-370264-1Dremel7760Dremel 7760 DREMEL Small cordless dremel no charger$29.95
P35-370177-1RigidR4123Rigid R4123 MITER SAW Silver and orange saw, bought here, corded, working condition, tested works well,$229.95
P35-369677-1NVMNNVMNNVMN NVMN hitch Hitch with multiple heads no pin but seams ot be atwist off$24.95
P35-369547-1JacksonSMZ87/W9-13Jackson SMZ87/W9-13 welding helmet Black jackson welding helmet new condition automatic$99.95
P35-369544-1RyobiCFS1503GRyobi CFS1503G SANDER Green and grey ryobi sander without back piece but tested works fine$12.95
P35-369019-1UeiDM 383Uei DM 383 multimeter Uei dm 383 digital multimeter inside a grey case has prongs$49.95
P35-368904-4CORNWELLCBP1765TCORNWELL CBP176ST SOCKET SET In blue case, bluepower socket and wrench stet, has various wrenches, has various sockets$699.95
P35-368884-2BoschPRODESSIONAL GLM 30Bosch PRODESSIONAL GLM 30 laser Blue and black mini laser, good working condition, tested$29.95
P35-368766-1LeathermanNVMNLeatherman NVMN multi tool Wingman leatherman silver multi tool$39.95
P35-368639-2Scherr-Tumico1-2″Scherr-Tumico 1-2” MICROMETER In grey case 1-2” blue and grey$39.95
P35-368639-1Scherr-Tumico0-1Scherr-Tumico 0-1 MICROMETER In wooden box 0-1” scgerr-tumico$29.95
P35-368375-101PK50A Putty Knife Blue Point$8.95
P35-368276-3BestwayP3116Bestway P3116 air pump Orange corded bestway inflatable house air blower tested works fine$69.95
P35-368029-1RidgidR860434Ridgid R860434 HEAT GUN Ridgin cordless heat gun no charger or battery just tool$59.95
P35-368020-5NONENONENONE NONE ADHESIVE GUN Black epoxi gun used to squeeze tubes has black rubber on it$39.95
P35-368018-2DewaltDW292Dewalt DW292 corded impact Dewalt 1/2” impact wrench, tested$89.95
P35-367907-2MatcoMCL1638DDMatco MCL1638DD drill driver In og fabric case has battery and 1 charger works well$169.95
P35-367754-1Power TorquePTT0003Power Torque PTT0003 impact wrench In black og carrying case black and blue power torque drill good condition with charger$19.95
P35-367684-1HitachiN***Hitachi N*** Framing Nailer Green used hitachi works good$74.95
P35-367469-4MILWAUKEE2462-20MILWAUKEE 2462-20 tool set Drill impact w/ one 12v battery and charger$89.95
P35-367283-1DeWaltDW45RNDeWalt DW45RN NAILER Older used nailer tested works$99.95
P35-367178-2EchoCS-310Echo CS-310 CHAIN SAW Orange with blade cover no case, works great 16” bar$159.95
P35-367021-1ToroNVMNToro NVMN weeeater Black and red toro weed wacker works fine$89.95
P35-366893-1CORNWELLNVMNCORNWELL NVMN driver set Nb4 in blue carrying case cornwell driver set$69.95
P35-366799-2BADGERWB20VBBADGER WB20VB yard set Blower and trimmer one battery no charger$24.95
P35-366777-1PerfectionNVMNPerfection NVMN flashlight tool kit All black with green decals perfection light$5.95
P35-366721-1MILWAUKEE905MILWAUKEE 905 IMPACT WRENCH Red corded the wires are exposed near the tool older 120 volts$69.95
P35-366356-1BLUE POINTBLPGSSC155BLUE POINT BLPGSSC155 SOCKET SET Large ratchet and socket set blue and grey complete good condition$349.95
P35-366270-1Snap OnCTC772ASnap On CTC772A charger Snap on charger tested works well with power cord no other accessories$64.95
P35-365964-2HondaEU2200IHonda EU2200I GENERATOR Red honda generator model-eu2200i tested works well rougher condition missing screw for handle and serial is worn mostly off$699.95
P35-365485-5D-CUTNVMND-CUT NVMN flooring cutter Flooring cutter, red and aluminum, on wheels, wall base$119.95
P35-365456-4Save PhaceZ87+Save Phace Z87+ welding helmet Welding helmet, auto darkening, white and black, form fitted skull shape$89.95
P35-365012-2RyobiRY3716Ryobi RY3716 CHAIN SAW Green and black 16” chainsaw ryobi, tested works well, gas powered$89.95
P35-364208-3BLUE POINTNONEBLUE POINT NONE MALLET Wood handle with rubber head mallet, blue point$19.95
P35-364208-2BLUE POINTBP24BBLUE POINT BP24B ball peen hammer Wood handle blue point ball peen hammer, used condition$24.95
P35-364027-2Metal ManMHG8Metal Man MHG8 welding helmet Black metal man helmet in good condition$39.95
P35-363895-6SupcoM500 MEGOHMMETERSupco M500 MEGOHMMETER megohmmeter/tools In black leather case, meter and leads inside,$59.95
P35-363726-1CraftmansCMMT99433Craftmans CMMT99433 WRENCH Craftsman 3/8 torque wrench like new good condition$59.95
P35-363169-1StingerCN100Stinger CN100 NAILER In black hard case nailer green and black tested works well$199.95
P35-363139-1Foley1055Foley 1055 BENCH GRINDER Black and red, foley belsaw sharp all, mounted, one grinding wheel, one missing$169.95
P35-362958-1YamahaEF2000ISV2Yamaha EF2000ISV2 GENERATOR Blue and black generator 2000 watts w/ cover missing$699.95
P35-362567-1NONENONE Ratchet Bar For butterfly valves, or ratchet straps on semi, chrome bar$49.95
P35-361973-4Matco6209255Matco 6209255 Extra Long Screwdriver set Torque set in originla box set of 5$119.95
P35-361955-1SANDSWOOD LEVELSANDS WOOD LEVEL LEVEL Wood level with brass edges, older$44.95
P35-361889-1StanleyNVMNStanley 42-347 LEVEL Wooden masonary level good used condition$59.95
P35-361306-1MAKITA6302MAKITA 6302 drill Old blue makita corded drill with tape all over cord$44.95
P35-360895-4BoschSG45MBosch SG45M SCREW GUN Blue and red screw gun, ok condition, tested$59.95
P35-359861-302Fiscars Pruners Ratchet Drive Tree pruner$34.95
P35-359697-1Ridgid2A/202Ridgid 2A/202 pipe cutter tool Red ridgid pipe cutter tool, 1/8, used condition,$49.95
P35-358250-1MILWAUKEE5262-21MILWAUKEE 5262-21 ROTARY TOOL Milwaukee hammer drill inside red hard case good condition$119.95
P35-357738-1ParkerNVMNParker AC PARKER BAR 100xkPa PSI CABLE HOSE AND LIQUID FILLED PRESSURE GAUGE pressure gauge Parker pressure gauge with hoses inside hard black case$174.95
P35-356553-2Tornado98772MWTornado SD3500 98772MW blower / Carpet Fan Black tornado blower$129.95
P35-356247-1NightStickXPR-5592GXNightStick XPR-5592GX work light Work light, black, in black hard case, led, nb4$299.95
P35-356209-2RyobiRY40404Ryobi RY40404 BLOWER Backpack green leaf blower cordless w/ charger and one 40v battery$174.95
P35-355711-1MILWAUKEENVMNMILWAUKEE NVMN SCREW GUN Red milwaukee screw gun$49.95
P35-353456-4Innova5410Innova 5410 OBD2 Reader In og box good condition$99.95
P35-350151-2Members MarkNVMMembers Mark NVM BIDS SET In blakc case bids set$19.95
P35-350151-1DeWaltDW160VDeWalt DW160V DRILL Right angle drill yellow$89.95
P35-347314-3DewaltDCBL720Dewalt DCBL720 blower Dewalt brushless blower with one battery and one double port charger$159.95
P35-341947-1Mac ToolsCI19212Mac Tools CI19212 impact wrench In red case, older mac tools impact, nicd battery with charger, working$99.95
P35-339856-2TrimmerPlusCB720TrimmerPlus CB720 blower attachment Red and black blower attachment, good condition$39.95
P35-334148-1John DeereNVMNJohn Deere NVMN snow plow Snow plow, yellow, for tractor$279.95
P35-333989-4DremelDREMEL 3000Dremel DREMEL 3000 DREMEL In grey tool case, dremel 3000, with flex shaft$29.95
B35-384802-1Warner2363335Warner 2363335 HEAT GUN Yellow corded wagner heat gun, tip is a bit used, tested, works$19.95
B35-384785-2Chicaco Electric61778Chicaco Electric 61778 drill bit sharpener In og box electric drill bit sharpener good consition$9.95
B35-384785-1Quinn58594Quinn 58594 TILE CUTTER In og box tile cutter good condition$24.95
B35-384782-1HartHFSD01Hart HFSD01 drill Hart tube drill has charger$14.95
B35-384750-2TROY BILTTB22XPTROY BILT TB22XP weed trimmer Troy built trimmer, with three attachments, blower, trimmer, and edger$119.95
B35-384750-1Craftsman11A-A2T2793Craftsman 11A-A2T2793 LAWN MOWER Craftsmen lawn mower, with bag, good condition$199.95
B35-384724-4HerculesHC91BHercules HC91B drill Black and gray hercules drill in used condition no baterry$7.95
B35-384724-3HerculesHC81BHercules HC81B impact driver Black and blue hercules compact impact driver no battery in used condition$7.95
B35-384724-2Dremel4000Dremel 4000 ROTARY TOOL Gray dremel 4000 rotary tool corded tested works in used condition$29.95
B35-384724-1Porter CablePCC761Porter Cable PCC761 angle grinder Black and gray porter cable grinder in used condition no battery$9.95
B35-384716-2Snap OnNVMNSnap On NVMN ratchet Mini snap on ratchet$69.95
B35-384716-1Snap OnNVMNSnap On NVMN ratchet Snap on baby ratchet$69.95
B35-384678-1RyobiP223Ryobi P223 hammer drill Cordless hammer drill in og box w/ one battery and charger$129.95
B35-384654-2Milwaukee2804-20Milwaukee 2804-20 drill Hammer drill w/ xc.40 battery no charger$59.95
B35-384654-1DewaltDCB203Dewalt DCB203 battery Yellow battery dewalt 20v 2ah$29.95
B35-384625-1RigidHD09180Rigid HD09180 shopvac Orange and grey orange vac cordless w/ acc in og box$79.95
B35-384577-1Noco BoostGB40Noco Boost GB40 Battery Jumper W car battery hook ups noco boost genius gb40$59.95
B35-384543-1DewaltDCB120Dewalt DCB120 BATTERY Small dewalt battery 12v$12.95
B35-384542-1Champion100161Champion 100161 GENERATOR Champion yellow and black genetrator 7500w$499.95
B35-384512-1Kraft TechCS185CFKraft Tech CS185CF CIRCULAR SAW Silver circ saw kraft tech$12.95
B35-384510-4023/8” Corded Black and Decker Small Black drill$3.95
B35-384510-401Corded old orange harbor freight sawzall$7.95
B35-384510-3MAKITA6404MAKITA 6404 corded drill Corded drill makita older a little rusted$9.95
B35-384487-101Johnson 1610-4800 LEVEL Johnson 1610-4800 LEVE$29.95
B35-384467-3MILWAUKEE6507MILWAUKEE 6507 SAWZALL Red and balck milwuakee corded sawzall in og red hard case$44.95
B35-384467-2Central PneumaticNVMNCentral Pneumatic NVMN air tank Yellow air tank w/hose in good condition$24.95
B35-384429-2RyobiA25RT02GRyobi A25RT02G Router Table and Router Complete ryobi with stand and router and fence$79.95
B35-384429-1Gear Wrench893823Gear Wrench 893823 SOCKET SET Gearwrench pass thorugh socket set like new in black case sae and metric$59.95
B35-384377-1Craftmans137.218250Craftmans 137.218250 TABLE SAW Grey craftsman table saw has guard tested has side fence shelf used condition$79.95
B35-384338-2DewaltDCB203Dewalt DCB203 20v battery in good condition$29.95
B35-384279-1Harbor FreightNVMN.Harbor Freight NVMN. air brush Red and silver harbor freight air brush in og box$14.95
B35-384259-1NONENONENONE NONE tie down straps Misc tie down straps with 4 metal tie down holders$29.95
B35-384209-3Bauer1782C-BBauer 1782C-B Cordless Impact 1/2” Cordless 1/2” impact one battery and charger harbor freight$89.95
B35-384200-2CentechOBD260794 Centech OBD2 SCANNER In black bag, diagnostics scanner internal battery also charger has both turns on ok$79.95
B35-384195-5Milwaukee6142-30Milwaukee 6142-30 Milwaukee angle grinder, tested,$69.95
B35-384192-1BellAIR GLIDEBell AIR GLIDE pump Black psi 120 air pump$9.95
B35-384134-4DeWaltDCD771DeWalt DCD771 drill Dewalt driver drill no battery and charger$29.95
B35-384134-3RidgidR840085Ridgid R840085 battery Ridgid battery orange and black 18v$29.95
B35-384134-2DeWaltDCB201DeWalt DCB201 battery Dewalt 20v max yellow and black$34.95
B35-384134-1DeWaltDCB201DeWalt DCB201 battery Dewalt 20v lithium battery yellow and black$34.95
B35-384099-101Ryobi P118 BATTERY CHRGR & ONE BATTERY$19.95
B35-384080-5MILWAUKEE6033-21MILWAUKEE 6033-21 Sheet Sander Missing dust bag milwaukee jitterbug sander$29.95
B35-384080-4BLUE POINTNONEBLUE POINT NONE Air Impact 1/2” pneumatic impact gun black and chrome no make$44.95
B35-384080-3Ingersoll RandNO MODELIngersoll Rand NO MODEL Pneumatic Impact 1/2 1/2” pneumatic air impact ok condition works$14.95
B35-384080-2Black and DeckerBDEJS300Black and Decker BDEJS300 JIGSAW Orange and black good condition$9.95
B35-384080-1RyobiP271Ryobi P271 Cordless Drill Ryobi cordless drill w 1 Batt NO CHARGER$24.95
B35-384079-2DewaltDCD796Dewalt DCD796 Cordless Drill Dewalt cordless drill TOOL ONLY$29.95
B35-384022-1Harbor FreightZJ4113Harbor Freight ZJ4113 DRILL PRESS Older black drill press$39.95
B35-383955-6Stanley8210502AStanley 8210502A Black and yellow portable work vacuum has hose all wheels$29.95
B35-383955-4RyobiP553Ryobi P553 miter saw Ryobi miter saw battery operated has one battery one charger tested works has extra pieces good condition$99.95
B35-383910-4Zarbe8574-CZarbe 8574-C eletric fence controller Zareba electric fence controller has wire inside a blue bag with giraffe$49.95
B35-383876-1RyobiP206Ryobi li ion battery, no charger$9.95
B35-383775-3RyobiP215VNRyobi P215VN drill Gray and green ryobi drill in good condition no battery$11.95
B35-383769-1Hyper Toughht22-401-03-05Hyper Tough ht22-401-03-05 weed eater Hyper tough weedeater with one battery and charger, tested$39.95
B35-383761-2Oem24661Oem 24661 IMPACT WRENCH Green and black oem impact wrench in og box$49.95
B35-383761-1DeWaltDWMT70776DeWalt DWMT70776 RACHET Yellow and black dewalt air ratchet in og box$29.95
B35-383673-4DeWaltdwe575DeWalt dwe575 CIRCULAR SAW Dewalt yellow corded circular saw$49.95
B35-383673-3Chicaco Electric62486Chicaco Electric 62486 stick welder Chicago electric black welder$119.95
B35-383673-1BostitchRN46-1Bostitch RN46-1 roof nailer Yellow bostitch roofing nailer$79.95
B35-383594-2Shop VacACM-250Shop Vac ,ACM-250 shop vac Mini shop vac, has tube, tested, black and red$19.95
B35-383555-1ColemanPULSE 1850 PM0401850Coleman PULSE 1850 PM0401850 GENERATOR Grey and black 1850 pulse missing its rubber feet but it works$169.95
B35-383528-1Range TechNVMNAUCTION Range Tech NVMN disabler Black range technology afm-dfm disabler$149.95
B35-383511-2KobaltKST 2040-06Kobalt KST 2040-06 weedeater Kobalt weedeater has one battery one charger good condition$79.95
B35-383511-1KobaltKM2041B-06Kobalt KM2041B-06 LAWN MOWER Kobalt black and blue lawn mower has one battery and charger good condition$129.95
B35-383293-2Drill Master3150240Drill Master 3150240 DRILL Electric black drill$9.95
B35-383196-5MAKITATM3010CMAKITA TM3010C Ocilating Tool Makita green ok condition$24.95
B35-383196-4Milwaukee2420-20Milwaukee 2420-20 Cordless Hackzall w one battery no charger 12 volt$44.95
B35-383166-3Haul Master61789Haul Master 61789 wire rope In og packaging 50ft wire rope 1/4” diameter$9.95
B35-383163-2MAKITAXDT18MAKITA XDT18 impact drill Black cordless impact NO CHARGER NO BATT TOOL ONLY$39.95
B35-383109-1HiltiHJP003Hilti HJP003 BATTERY CHRGR Red hilti battery charger$24.95
B35-383035-1TAIWANNONETAIWAN NONE SOCKET SET In red metal case 8pc socket set large 1” drive no ratchet just sockets sae$44.954
B35-382791-1Husqvarna128LDHusqvarna 128LD WEEDEATER Husqvarna orange and black weed eater with attachment tested$139.95
B35-382724-4NapaNVMNNapa NVMN paint gun No model, older style, used condition, no other accesories$19.95
B35-382724-3SHARPE71SHARPE 71 paint gun Used condition, sharpe model 71, no other accesories$24.95
B35-382724-2BINKSMODEL 7BINKS MODEL 7 paint gun has paint container$19.95
B35-382724-1TitanLX-80Titan LX-80 paint gun In og packaging, titan lx-80 paint gun, new condition$39.95
B35-382706-1KobaltKAL124B-03Kobalt KAL124B-03 area light Kobalt area light inside og box 24v max tool only$29.95
B35-382629-3Blue PointBLPPTSS3822Blue Point BLPPTSS3822 SOCKET SET In grey hard case 22 piece socket set good condition all pieces in box$129.95
B35-382628-3Central Machinary69033Central Machinary 69033 combination sander Combination sander okay condition$29.95
B35-382628-2WENS1Z-90JSWEN S1Z-90JS SANDER Wen spindle sander used condition corded$69.95
B35-382551-2Snap OnKRA2005Snap On KRA2005 toolbox Red small snap on tool box 5 drawers$599.95
B35-382551-1Snap OnKRA4107FPC/KRA4114FPCSnap On KRA4107FPC/KRA4114FPC toolbox Black double stacked snap on tool box 10 drawer$2999.95
B35-382423-1UtilitechFES50-F1Utilitech FES50-F1 utility fan Black utility tech industrial fan, good condition, tested, works, no other accesories$79.95
B35-382422-3Dayton3VU36ADayton 3VU36A HEATER Red work shop heater 220$69.95
B35-382422-2Dayton3VU36ADayton 3VU36A heater Red work shop heater 220$69.95
B35-382422-1Dayton3VU36ADayton 3VU36A HEATER Red work shop heater 220$69.95
B35-382278-3Harbor Freight46832Harbor Freight 46832 router bids In wood box router bids$11.95
B35-382208-204Snap On Wire Insertion Tool Set WINS1R$59.95
B35-382208-203Snap ON punch Set 10pc Cisel / Punch$89.95
B35-382208-202Snap Onj File Set 9Pc File Set 7 oprange two red$89.95
B35-382208-2Snap OnNVMSnap On Screwdriver Set 100 Year 6 Pc set$99.95
B35-382208-1Snap OnOEX18BSnap On OEX18B WRENCH SET Standard wrench set missing 1/2”$179.95
B35-382191-1Dewaltdwm120Dewalt dwm120 BAND SAW Yellow and black corded speed band saw, tested works well used condition$159.95
B35-382107-1HiltiTE500Hilti TE500 ROTARY TOOL In red plasctic case red rotary hammer corded beat up has handle and no drill bids and was tested$159.95
B35-381934-1Redlionrl12g05-2wtvRedlion rl12g05-2wtv WATERPUMP New in box deep well submersible water pump$229.95
B35-381784-1True TemperNVMTrue Temper NVM shovel Yellow and black snow shovel$9.95
B35-381741-1MILWAUKEE2712-20MILWAUKEE 2712-20 rotary hammer Red milwaukee, has one battery, charger, one drill bit, used condition, tested$199.95
B35-381686-1EchoHC-150Echo HC-150 HEDGER TRIMER Echo hedge trimmer, has a name and nuber edged into it, clean, has fuel in it$189.95
B35-381643-2Snow JoeSJ625ESnow Joe SJ625E snow blower Electric \b lue snow blower$89.95
B35-381641-1RyobiHP53LRyobi HP53L driver drill Ryobi screw driver drill with battery and charger$19.95
B35-381543-2RyobiD620HRyobi D620H hammer drill Hammer drill combo corded good condition$39.95
B35-381542-2RyobiP246Ryobi P246 power handle Green power handle rigid jobmax compatible no battery no charger$14.95
B35-381506-3Black and Decker7410Black and Decker 7410 sandedr Grey black and decker small sander used condition tested works$1.95
B35-381506-1DryairTEMPESTDryair TEMPEST fan Small blue floor drying fan used condition$69.95
B35-381490-3Skilsaw3540Skilsaw 3540 SKILLSAW Red used skilsaw tested works$39.95
B35-381439-2MAKITAXFD01MAKITA XFD01 drill set Black and white drill has on battery one charger tested works$49.95
B35-381271-1IdealCAT IIIIdeal CAT III METER In black case yellow voltage meter with cords$39.95
B35-381240-2Bosch0611304139Bosch 0611304139 JACKHAMMER On red dolly yellow and black jack hammer electric works tested used up for sure wear and tear on info$699.95
B35-381231-1Milwaukee6758-1Milwaukee 6758-1 SCREW GUN Dry wall screw gun used condition corded black and red tested$29.95
B35-381205-1ABB2600TABB 2600T PRESSURE TRANSMITTER White pressure transmitter$299.95
B35-380901-1GREENLEE757GREENLEE 757 cable cutter Green large cable cutter ok condition$99.95
B35-380769-2NONENVMNONE NVM hose Salmon color 100ft air hose$24.95
B35-380431-3DeWaltDCF801DCF701DeWalt DCF801, DCF701 drill set 1/4” impact driver and 3/8” drill driver one battery one charger good condition$149.95
B35-380335-3CrafstmanNVMNCrafstman NVMN tool set 63 piece socket and ratchet set, good condition$44.95
B35-380318-4Porter CableNS100BPorter Cable NS100B NAILER Crown stapler grey$19.95
B35-380318-2BostitchRN46-1Bostitch RN46-1 NAILER Coil roofing nailer yellow `$69.95
B35-380318-1DewaltDW45RNDewalt DW45RN NAILER Coil roofing nailer yellow$69.95
B35-380293-2HomeliteNVMNHomelite NVMN WEEDEATER All red and black weedeater, tested works well$49.95
B35-380230-5Rodac606Rodac 606 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Red rodac has black cover tested$14.95
B35-380230-2Snap OnAWMCG1600BSnap On AWMCG1600B hex t keys Snap on 8pc hex keys with blue handles$59.95
B35-380186-2ToughbuiltTB-H2-LL-30-L2Toughbuilt TB-H2-LL-30-L2 laser All black and yellowcross line laser levelw/mount, tested works$24.95
B35-379754-1DewaltDWE7480Dewalt DWE7480 TABLE SAW Dewalt table saw, good condition. With rail. Tested$359.95
B35-379736-1DeWaltDW272DeWalt DW272 drill Dewalt corded drill, has attachment that makes it a nail gun, tested, works$49.95
B35-379539-1Milwaukee48-59-2401Milwaukee 48-59-2401 Battery Charger 12 volt milwaukee charger$24.95
B35-379389-1BoschGDX18VBosch GDX18V drill Bosch blue with red drill with no battery or charger$69.95
B35-379345-2Central Pneumatic68019Central Pneumatic 68019 air stapler Central harbor freight staple gun$9.95
B35-379315-2Dremel200 SERIESDremel 200 SERIES DREMEL All black dremel tool w/tips and extras in og box, tested works well$19.95
B35-379182-4Gorilla4 IN 1Gorilla 4 IN 1 ladder safety hinge In black case, good conditon$9.95
B35-379151-1Dbi Sala3400924Dbi Sala 3400924 retracting lifeline, Dbi sala lifeline, good condition, blue, retracts properly$499.95
B35-379101-1Snap OnEECT201BLSnap On EECT201BL circuit tester Black smaller snap on circuit tester no cap no belt clip$24.95
B35-379010-1Thermal DynamicCUTTERMASTER81Thermal Dynamic CUTTERMASTER81 plasma cutter On cart with wheels black plasma cutter with hose in excellent condition unable to test 400watts crazy plug cant test manager approved$1499.95
B35-378695-1Milwaukee3462-20Milwaukee 3452-20 hex driver Milwaukee hex driver with one extra bateery and charger$69.95
B35-378694-1Mac ToolsAD540Mac Tools AD540 reversible drill New in box reverible drill, new$49.95
B35-378607-3RyobiD41Ryobi D41 drill Blue corded drill, tested works well, wired$14.95
B35-378450-2B-airVP-25B-air VP-25 blower Blue air blower, good condition, tested, works$69.95
B35-378403-2MILWAUKEE2407-20MILWAUKEE 2407-20 Cordless Drill No batt no charger milwaukee 3/8” tool only\$39.95
B35-378403-1MILWAUKEE2426-20MILWAUKEE 2426-20 Oscilating Multi Tool No batt or charger tool only, milwaukee 12volt$44.95
B35-378288-2Ingersoll RandNONEIngersoll Rand NONE air hammer Silver air hammer super greasy tested wear and tear on serial and model info$59.95
B35-378177-6WERNERNVMWERNER NVM LADDER Werner 6′ ladder$29.95
B35-378177-3WERNERNVMWERNER NVM LADDER 20+’ ladder$69.95
B35-377822-5NONENONECar jumper cables$9.95
B35-377705-3Blue PointAT2050Blue Point AT2050 air hammer Blue point air hammer silver with blue handle$59.95
B35-377638-2Pittsburgh20PC JUMBOPittsburgh 20PC JUMBO Large Ratchet Set In black case ratchet w sockets large harbor freight$59.95
B35-377453-3HartHFSD01VNHart HFSD01VN Cordless Screwdriver White w power cord screwdriver hart$19.95
B35-377296-6Snap OnFAR7200Snap On FAR7200 Air Ratchet Black and silver 3/8 good condtion snap on$59.95
B35-377296-5BLUE POINTAT700FBLUE POINT AT700F Air Ratchet Blue point air ratchet, blue and silver good conditoin$54.95
B35-377296-2Blue BlowerAT3000Blue Point AT3000 Air Drill Blue and silver blue point 3/8” air drill$59.95
B35-377296-1BLUE POINTAT370BLUE POINT AT370 IMPACT WRENCH-AIR Blue and silver blue point 3/8 drive w blue cover$79.95
B35-377265-4Drem Tool7350Drem Tool 7350 DREMEL Black and blue dremel$22.95
B35-377265-1Cen-techNVMNCen-tech NVMN scanner Cen tech blue with red scanner tool$39.95
B35-377146-1BluepointNVMNBluepoint NVMN air wrench Bluepoint air wrench$79.95
B35-377062-4Delta36-075Delta 36-075 MITER SAW-ELECT Delta 10” compound miter saw. Tested$39.95
B35-377062-1CAMPBELL HAUSFEldCHN10401CAMPBELL HAUSFEld CHN10401 NAILER In og box, ch 1 1/4” nailer/stapler. Like new$24.95
B35-376916-1RyobiBE-321Ryobi BE-321 Ryobi Belt Sander No paper blue older ryobi belt sander prety heavy duty$49.95
B35-376909-2ZurnNONEZurn NONE clamps Yellow handle clamps 3/8-”$24.95
B35-376909-1ZurnNVMNZurn NVMN crimp tool Blue handle crimp tool$24.95
B35-376860-5Milwaukee48-11-1828Milwaukee 48-11-1828 battery Red milwaukee battery in ok condition kinda warm when brought in not sure if it will work manager approved$39.95
B35-376860-1MilwaukeeV 1828 CMilwaukee V 1828 C charger Milwaukee charger battery older models$19.95
B35-376805-2WELLERBArcher B Torch Vintage Micro Torch$39.95
B35-376708-102M18 li ion authentic milwaukee battery$34.95
B35-376540-2Trojan66BTrojan 66B Stock tank Heater Blue kinda rusty shiner w regulator propane tank heater$299.95
B35-376182-1Klein ToolsCL800Klein Tools CL800 clamp meter Blakc and orange clamp meter cl800$49.95
B35-376152-1MILWAUKEE6232-20MILWAUKEE 6232-20 BAND SAW Milwaukee deep cut band saw. Decent condition. Tested$199.95
B35-376095-1Chicago Electric62420Chicago Electric 62420 kick saw Decent condition black adn red chicago electric kick saw tested works fine corded$29.95
B35-376013-201Matco Charger MCB112 – Single Battery Charger Like new$29.95
B35-376013-1Snap OnCTBTSP861RSnap On CTBTSP861R radio Snap on radio portable, wireless and bluetooth with no charger$119.95
B35-375937-2RyobiWS7211Ryobi WS7211 TABLE SAW Ryobi blue older corded works tested$34.95
B35-375856-2MILWAUKEE2601-20MILWAUKEE 2601-20 Cordless Drill One Battery NO CHARGER B28BD113105154 Hammer$59.95
B35-375632-1BoschGDS18V-740NBosch GDS18V-740N drill Like in in og box bosch impact half inch in great condtion$219.95
B35-375569-1BLUE POINTetb1580bBLUE POINT etb1580b angle polisher Blue point like new angle polisher. With accessories. Tested$109.95
B35-375369-2Milwaukee2103Milwaukee 2103 Light Red and black milwaukee headlamp, works well.$14.95
B35-375213-2PUMAAT4030PUMA AT4030 drill Air drill black and yellow puma$7.95
B35-375180-1Green FuelAD20002GGreen Fuel AD20002G power inverter Green fuel 500w power inverter$39.95
B35-374983-3Hk PorterNVMHk Porter NVM BOLT CUTTERS Bolt cutters No 1 Pivort$24.95
B35-374775-2CORNWELLCBS-723SCORNWELL CBS-723S SOCKET SET Small standard socekt set in blue case$69.95
B35-374642-1Klein ToolsNVMNBORESCOPE FOR ANDROID Klein Tools NVMN camera Klein tools camera that hooks up to phone$24.95
B35-373769-1MILWAUKEE2853-20MILWAUKEE 2853-20 DRILL BIT SET Milwaukee impact driver black and red, hackzall , drill bit set, 3 batteries, charger$219.95
B35-373684-1MAKITAJR3000VMAKITA JR3000V RECIPRICATING S Makita corded recip saw, ok condition, no other acccesories, tested, works$39.95
B35-373388-1EskimoHC40Q10Eskimo HC40Q10 Ice Auger Red and black eskimo ice auger hc40, tested, works. Slightly dirty.$299.95
B35-373011-2Chicago Electric61219Chicago Electric 61219 Oscillating tool Black and blue chicago electric decent condition tested works fine$9.95
B35-372522-1RidgidR847730Ridgid R84730 cut out . Ridgid cut out orange and grey no charger or battery$39.95
B35-371759-1WEN7″ SANDERWEN 7” SANDER Buffer Blue no pad rotary buffer$14.95
B35-371622-3StihlMS291Stihl MS291 CHAIN SAW Gas powered stihl chainsaw. Used condition. Tested.$349.95
B35-371441-1Titan500Titan 500 paint sprayer Primer release hose clogged, but works. Tested$449.95
B35-371151-2Little JoeNONELittle Joe NONE TAPE MEASURE Oil gauge tape measure has weight and handle attached$24.95
B35-371151-1Little JoeNONELittle Joe NONE tape measur Oil gauge tape measure has weight and handle attached$24.95
B35-370633-4WELLER140/100WELLER 140/100 SOLDERING gun In og box weller black and red soldering gun with everything$24.95
B35-369995-3RyobiRY08420ARyobi RY08420A leaf blower Backpack leaf blower green gas backpack blower$149.95
B35-369496-3DremelPC10Dremel PC10 buffer Dermel small buffer grey with accessories$19.95
B35-369064-1Wagner959 POWRE ROLLERWagner 959 POWRE ROLLER paint Roller Electric power roller in og box works good$24.95
B35-368918-1DeWaltDCB207DeWalt DCB207 BATTERY CHRGR w One battery$49.95
B35-368269-2Snap OnCTB8185GSnap On CTB8185G impact Red and black, w battery. Good working condition, no charger$249.95
B35-368269-1Snap OnCT8850HVSnap On CT8850HV IMPACT Green and black,cordless impact drill, working condition w/red battery charger and battery.$479.95
B35-368050-2Porter CablePC75TRSPorter Cable PC75TRS RECIPRICATING Saw Black w/red and grey, corded. Good working condition, bought here$44.95
B35-367743-2BosalN/BSL/20991/0117099 1723 Bosal Catalytic Converter Direct Fit P/N:099 1723 Bosal N/BSL/20991/0117 Catalytic converter New never used for mazda in og box$349.95
B35-367743-1WalkerCALCAT82620Walker CALCAT 82620 UNIVERSAL NEW Catalytic Converter In og box new older never used$699.95
B35-366988-3Black and Decker7550Black and Decker 7550 JIGSAW Older black jigsaw missing bag black and decker black$5.95
B35-366942-3Black And DeckerLHT321Black And Decker LHT321 HEDGER TRIMER Orange hedge trimmer no battery no charger$19.95
B35-366454-3StihlNVMNStihl F110 EDGER edger Works fine white and orange stihl edge trimmer works fine$99.95
B35-364015-3Porter-Cable737Porter-Cable 737 Recip Saw In metal silver case, tiger saw reciprocating saw$44.95
B35-363794-2SchlageFLA 605Schlage FLA 605 door handle One door handle in og box,$19.95
B35-363793-5RescueSTGRescue STG insect trap Green in og box insect trap$9.95
B35-363386-1NONENVMKlein Cable Tracker Yellow w Tips VDV Scout pro 2$39.95
B35-362610-3JacksonBS1542Jackson BS1542 helmet Welder, not auto black w erson cam stickers car sticker etc$29.95
B35-360940-3MSAV FITMSA V FIT Fall harness Grey and silver and green and black great condition msa$199.95
B35-360155-2AmesCM1000AAmes CM1000A METER Clamp meter orange new codnition w/ acc in black softc ase$49.95
B35-359776-508Air Drill 3/8” Pneumatic Rodac, Silver 214 SN 2467$19.954
B35-359776-2RyobiEM0001Ryobi EM0001 Laser level In blue case with attachments laser ryobi blue$39.95
B35-359758-2HusqvarnaPG280Husqvarna PG280 Concrete grinder Large orange and aluminum 220$1499.95
B35-359758-1HusqvarnaPG450Husqvarna PG450 Concrete Grinder Large 220 concrete grinder$3749.95
B35-359098-2StihlFSA56Stihl FSA56 Electric Trimmer No battery no charger TOOL ONLY$49.95
B35-357465-1ExtechEX830Extech EX830 Multimeter / Clam Meter Orange and green works good clamp meter with leads$99.95
B35-353547-1BLUE POINTNVMBLUE POINT NVM sockets BLUE POINT Female Torx Sockets, Set of 2 E7 E8$24.95
B35-339538-2MILWAUKEE6520-21MILWAUKEE 6520-21 SAWZALL In yellow dewalt bag, red/black milwaukee sawzall, corded$69.95
B35-279615-2BLUE POINTNVMNBLUE POINT NVMN mini grinder Silver$39.95

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