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We Carry All Instruments! Tons of Guitars! Mixers, Guitar Amps, Speakers, Power Amplifiers, Subwoofers, Guitar Heads & Cabinets, Powered Speakers, Cymbals, Drum Kits, Strings, Cables, Speaker Wire… We have all the accessories you need for Guitar; Acoustic and Electric. Even Banjo, Ukulele, Bajo Sexto / Quinto, Bass and Mandolin! Anything Music Related, we will have it!

Product Image Guitar Amplifier

P35-374743-1Becker1000Becker 1000 VIOLIN NO BOW Becker violin in black case with no bow$49.95
P35-374684-2MtxTHUNDER5500Mtx THUNDER5500 speakers In grey carpeted box decent condition mtx audio 12 inch speakers decent condition some wear tested work fine$169.95
P35-374641-1IbanezGIOIbanez GIO GUITAR Gio ibanez black guitar with strap and black mesh case$99.95
P35-374598-1SQUIERBULLETSQUIER BULLET electric guitar Squier bullet electric guitar, sunset orange and black. In soft black case$149.95
P35-374561-2KickerCOMPRKicker COMPR speaker In black carpeted box in good condition kicker comp r 12 tested works$119.95
P35-374505-1BEHRINGERCX2310BEHRINGER CX2310 CROSSOVER Black and silver behringer 2/3 way crossover, tested.$99.95
P35-374493-1Audio TechnicaAT2020Audio Technica AT2020 MICROPHONE , studio mic, is kinda bent on inside$49.95
P35-374400-1Jl AudioXR650Jl Audio XR650 CROSSOVER Smaller 2way crossover jl audio$44.95
P35-374346-1Peavey1210T-S COLUMNPeavey 1210T-S COLUMN SPEAKER (P.A.) Peavey speaker, tested.$39.95
P35-374265-1YamahaFG-160Yamaha FG-160 guitar in black case yamaha accoustinc no strings$199.95
P35-374212-1HuhuNONEHuhu NONE KEYBOARD Black w power cord keyboard platic light$59.95
P35-374204-3StantonSTR8-100Stanton STR8-100 turntable Silver in decent condition stanton turtable tested works fine$129.95
P35-374204-2Technicssl-1950Technics sl-1950 turntable Grey in decent condiion technics turtable tested works fine 3$129.95
P35-374065-2Line 6SPIDERCLASSIC15Line 6 SPIDERCLASSIC15 guitar amp Line6 spider classic 15 guitar amp. Missing back wooden piece, . Tested$74.95
P35-374019-1MarshallMG 15DFX SERIESMarshall MG 15DFX SERIES amplifier Black med size guitar amp good condition$89.95
P35-373922-1PAUL REED SMITHSEPRS SE 24 Paul’s Guitar Trampas Green 324 No Case Like New$949.95
P35-373912-1SILVERTONE1303/U2SILVERTONE 1303/U2 GUITAR Black, silvertone electric guitar. Good condition. Has ”who” record on front.$229.95
P35-373899-3CL5G3SB-NAKRK Classic 5 CL5G3SB-NA studio monitor Grey with power cord and xlr in good conditon$79.95
P35-373831-1YamahaG-50AYamaha G-50A GUITAR In black gig bag brown acoustic yamaha 1961-1963 few bumps and scrapes otherwise good condition$199.95
P35-373657-1PeaveyPV-1.3KPeavey PV-1.3K POWER AMP Peavey pv-1.3k power amp. Good condition. Tested$299.95
P35-373626-1AlesisSA-16Alesis SR-16 DRUM MACHINE Alesis sa-16 drum machine. Good condition. In og box.$59.95
P35-373610-1STELLAH940 NATURALSTELLA H940 NATURAL GUITAR Acoustic light brown with white trim, has scrapes on brown wood and white paint, has large split under the strings (baseboard attached) manager, with white 1971 stella$229.95
P35-373491-1SamsonSP01Samson SP01 microphone stand Samson microphone stand in og box with its black stand$29.95
P35-373482-1VOXV9106VOX V9106 amplifier Forest green vox amplifier with uk decal in front with codr and guitar strap in good condition$149.95
P35-373421-1NUMARKMT3NUMARK MT3 USB Mixing Board Glack numark w usb power cord$74.95
P35-373341-4RaneML82SRane ML82S music processor Inisde a black w/silver outline music processorm all black$149.95
P35-373341-3ARTMX622ART MX622 music processor All black music processor,$59.95
P35-373341-2RaneGQ-30Rane GQ-30 music processpr All dark grey music equalizer$44.95
P35-373341-1Dbx166XLDbx 166XL music processor All black music processor, inisde a black w/silver outline box$99.95
P35-373309-1ARTPROJECT SERIESART PROJECT SERIES preamplifier Smaller wblack preamplifier usb dual pre wear and tear on all nfo on thae top$39.95
P35-373180-1Cry BabyGCB95Cry Baby GCB95 PEDAL Guitar pedal larger black with power cord also takes battery$99.95
P35-373037-1BreedloveDiscovery DreadBreedlove Discovery Dread GUITAR Brown acoustic guitar no scratches sitka spruce wood in great condition$329.95
P35-373021-1SQUIERBULLET1984-1987 SQUIER BULLET GUITAR Made in Japan Vintage Creme In black Case Excellent Condition HSS Bullet 1 MIJ$449.95
P35-373009-1CrownXLS1500Crown XLS1500 music amp All silver and grey music amp, tested turns on, has power cord,$329.95
P35-372940-1FenderSQUIERFender SQUIER electric guitar Pink with white face plate in good condition , fender squier mini in black carrying case$139.95
P35-372901-1Kali AudioLP-6Kali Audio LP-6 Studio Monitors Set of two kali audio lp-6 monitors, black great condition w cords$199.95
P35-372471-1Sundown AudioSD-28Sundown Audio SD-2 8” speakers 2×8” In black spray oainted box , 2 sundown audio sd-28$359.95
P35-372118-1BundyT300Bundy T300 TRUMPET Nb4, inside a black carrying case, has mouthpiece, kind of damaged$99.95
P35-371995-1Ibanezaeb10be-bk-14-02Ibanez aeb10be-bk-14-02 bass guitar Black acoustic black bass guitar w/ black strap$269.95
P35-371841-1Oscar SchmidtOG-2MOscar Schmidt OG-2M GUITAR Acoustic woodgrain color in black soft case$109.95
P35-371494-3ShureSM7BShure SM7B MICROPHONE Shure mic, has extra mic foam. Good condition$329.95
P35-371494-2FocusriteSCARLETT2I4Focusrite SCARLETT2I4 interface Red focusrite audio interface. Has red usb cord.$89.95
P35-371494-1CloudCL-1Cloud CL-1 mic activator Blue, cloud cloudlifter mic activator.$129.95
P35-371440-1DEANMAB3DEAN MAB3 GUITAR Black dean electric guitar, good condition, no other accessories,$499.95
P35-371392-4AdcSS-215 SOUND SHAPERAdc SS-215 SOUND SHAPER EQUALIZER sound shaper eq w powr$69.95
P35-371392-1BEHRINGERSX2442FX EURODESKBEHRINGER SX2442FX EURODESK MIXER 32 channel mixer w power cord behringer$239.95
P35-371366-1HarbingerL502Harbinger L502 MIXER Small mixer w/ original cord good condition$49.95
P35-371362-1EpiphonePR350Epiphone PR350 Acoustic Guitar In black hard case epiphone acoutsic by gibson$239.95
P35-371249-101Ernie Ball Musicians Tool Kit Like new in black case$19.95
P35-371249-1FenderTELECASTERFender TELECASTER GUITAR Mexican fender tobacco sunburst finish with painted pick guard in black hard case$629.95
P35-371192-1LagrimaNONELagrima NONE keyboard Smaller, has power cord works tested 128rythm$69.95
P35-371165-3LPE3ALP E3A snare cajon Red lp snare cajon, good condition,$84.95
P35-371165-1PioneerDDJ-200Pioneer DDJ-200 MIDI CONTROLLER Pioneer dj controller, good condition, has power cord,$99.95
P35-370974-1YamahaFG400Yamaha FG400 GUITAR Finish is Whitened, like water damage but sounds great Acoustic guitar in black Gig Bag$119.95
P35-370841-1EpiphoneDR-100 VSEpiphone DR-100 VS GUITAR Black and tan ombre epiphone guitar$149.95
P35-370530-1ArtleyNOGALES ARIZArtley NOGALES ARIZ, FLUTE Inside a light brown leather `$29.95
P35-370417-1EpiphoneHUMMINGBIRD/HSEpiphone HUMMINGBIRD/HS GUITAR Epiphone guitar, in og hard case. Hummingbird. Good condition$319.95
P35-370272-1YamahaF-310Yamaha F-310 GUITAR Yamaha accoustic guitar, has some dings. Ok condition$139.95
P35-370012-1VitoNVMNVito NVMN SAXOPHONE In black case, vito saxophone, rough condition, has mouth piece, no other accessories$79.95
P35-369723-1DigitechTSR-24Digitech TSR-24 effects processor Thin with knobs and buttons on the front looks like an amp, guitar effects processor in good condition turns on$139.95
P35-369617-2NemkoN382Nemko N382 audio interface Red focusrite interface w/cord$89.95
P35-369427-102Zildjian hi Hat Set 14” ZBT$59.95
P35-369427-101Zildjian ZBT 18” Crash Cymbal Nice$59.95
P35-369427-1LudwigACCENTLudwig ACCENT Drum Set Black Bass, floor tom two mounted toms and Snare with Hardware$189.95
P35-369199-1IbanezIJV50-NT 3U-07Ibanez IJV50-NT 3U-07 Project parts Guitar For Repair Acustic guitar Brown and tan,bought here, nb4,$49.95
P35-368650-1MarshallMG412A Marshall mg100dfx Guitar Amp headier with fx with pedal$249.95
P35-368604-4WashburnMAVERICK SERIESWashburn MAVERICK SERIES electric guitar Purple electric guitar in black soft case maverick series$174.95
P35-368526-1VOXAC10C1VOX AC10C1 guitar amp Tan vox limited edition guitar amp with jj tubes and cream back speakers, has power cord, tested, works$359.95
P35-368513-301Shure X2U Mic XLR to USB Adapter$64.95
P35-368405-1Peavey6505 PLUSPeavey 6505 PLUS GUITAR Peavey guitar amp 6505 plus with remote switch and cable$949.95
P35-368403-1MarshallMG15CFRMarshall MG15CFR amp Black guitar amp good condition$119.95
P35-368346-2Line 6SPIDER 2Line 6 SPIDER 2 guitar amp Line 6 spider 2 stereo 150 watt amp, has power cord, tested, works$239.95
P35-368145-1JBLSR4732A SR SERIES IIJBL SR4732A SR SERIES II Speakers Pair Jbl high end speakers set of two sr4732a sr series ii$1499.95
P35-368144-6FurmanPL-8Furman PL-8 Power Conditioner Black rackmount 8 channel furman power conditioner$69.95
P35-368144-5BbeMAX-X3Bbe MAX-X3 CROSSOVER Rackmount crossover max x3 bbe$109.95
P35-368144-2QscRMX5050Qsc RMX5050 Amplifier Qsc rmx 5050 w special power cord works good$1199.95
P35-368144-1QfxQF215PEAVEY QF215 EQUALIZER Qf215 2×15 band equalizer rack mount$149.95
P35-368036-1PresonusM7Presonus M7 MICROPHONE Dark grey and black microphone.$54.95
P35-367823-1LexiconLEXALPHAVLexicon LEXALPHAV recorder Llexicon music purple and silver multi channel recorder$39.95
P35-367809-1Bc RichEMGBc Rich ASM PRO Guitar, Electric in black Hard case bc rich purple electric guitar$699.95
P35-367538-1GibsonSGGibson SG GUITAR In og brown case, 1999 gibson sg standard 61 reissue sideways vibrola, the locking tuner upgraded, upgraded bridge great condition wood is mahogony stained hertiage cherry$1749.95
P35-367399-1EASTWOODNVMNEASTWOOD 1621 Warren Ellis Mdocello Vintage Crme UPGRADED TUNERS electric guitar Brown and tan wood.. Replaced tuners. Good condition, in brown carboard box. Gold buttion.$599.95
P35-367316-1WashburnPXL20EWHWashburn PXL20EWH PARALLAXE elctric guitar White Like new very Nice$559.95
P35-367262-1IbanezRG350MDXIbanez RG350mdx, ibanez electric guitar, rough condition, missing battery pack$279.95
P35-366978-1NuxMG-300Nux MG-300 guitar processor Black w/white knobs, w/power cord$99.95
P35-366954-2FenderMUSTANG GT40Fender MUSTANG GT40 amplifier Black guitar amp w/ pedal and cords$219.95
P35-366564-2PeaveyVALVE KING II-120USPeavey VALVE KING II-120US amplifier Black peavey tube amplifier good codnition w/ cord and 2 guitar cords$399.95
P35-366130-1Audio-technicaP48Audio-technica P48 MICROPHONE In og box audio-technica mic in good condition$69.95
P35-366095-1StratocasterBULLET SERIESSquier Strat Black fender guitar Black and white fender guitar$99.95
P35-365854-1PeaveyDYNA-BASSUSA Peavey DYNA-BASS Electric Bass Red in black case active and non active pickup switchable. 5 string peavey bass dyna-bass$449.95
P35-365633-1YamahaQY22Yamaha QY22 music sequencer Nb4 grey in decent condition musinc sequencer works fine$199.95
P35-365462-2JOYO BANTAMPMETEORJOYO BANTAMP METEOR AMPLIFIER Black and yellow, joyo amp, good condition, comes with all cords$119.95
P35-365109-1GOYAG215GOYA G215 GUITAR guitar nice condition in black music depot gig bag$149.95
P35-365080-1JBLJRX125JBL JRX125 Full Range Speaker Set Set of two jbl jrx125 black speakers$499.95
P35-365046-1KUSTOMQ412AKUSTOM Q412A SPEAKER Black with silver and white kustom speaker cab, no cords the wear and tear on the cab is very visible leather is peeling$149.95
P35-365045-1PeaveyNVMNPeavey NVMN SPEAKER Large black speaker cab no power cords silver strips down the side of the front serial number normal wear and tear not legible$149.95
P35-364918-3KorgGA-1Korg GA-1 TUNER Guitar/bass tuner$9.95
P35-364918-1SonyECM-MS908CSony ECM-MS908C MICROPHONE Sony mic good condition goldish tone$29.95
P35-364826-102Sabian B8 14” Thin Crash Cymbal$59.95
P35-364793-3TamaNONETama NONE STAND Snare stand silver only says japan no other visible markings$19.95
P35-364792-1Line 6HD750Line 6 HD750 amp Silver with black label has large handles in the front bass am 10 knobs no power cords 750 watts$449.95
P35-364623-5NoneNONENone NONE Monitor Set Set of two no make nomitors wedge ve on one$84.95
P35-364623-4QscRMX850Qsc RMX850 Amplifier Rack mont qsc amp rmx850$199.95
P35-364623-3Peavey115TLMPeavey 115TLM Peavey Monitor Single wedge monitor$89.95
P35-364623-2Peavey115TLMPeavey 115TLM Peavey Monitor Single peavery wedge monitor,$89.95
P35-364621-2PeaveyPV1200Peavey PV1200 Amplifier Rack mount amplifier peavey 1200$269.95
P35-364312-1FenderSHOWMASTER SSS STRAOCASTERFender SHOWMASTER SSS STRAOCASTER Electric Guitar In black semi hard case showmaster sss stratocaster maple quilted$849.95
P35-363853-2ROCKTEKDISTORTIONROCKTEK DISTORTION foot pedal guitar white Distortion$39.95
P35-363828-1UNIVOXLESPAUL REPLICAUNIVOX LES PAUL Lawsuit 70’s Japan Matsumoto GUITAR Electrci guitar Yellow OG Case$459.95
P35-363768-1AcousticG20Acoustic G20 Guitar Amp Acoustic brand w power cord silver and black g20$74.95
P35-363516-1CORT GUITARSNVMNCORT GUITARS NVMN GUITAR Wood grain guitar with pick guard flap$379.95
P35-363492-2RbiNVMNRbi NVMN chromaharp In black case chroaharp good condition$139.95
P35-363470-3TGTANARATG TANARA GUITAR Black guitar with white pick guard$89.95
P35-363470-2FenderSTRATFender STRAT guitar Black and crème guitar with missing back panel$199.95
P35-363353-4PeaveyPV215Peavey PV215 speaker pa Set of two tall black peavey speakers 700 watts each$469.95
P35-363353-3PeaveyPV118Peavey PV118 speaker sub Speaker subwoofer 400 watt$319.95
P35-363217-1Takamine & Co.F-340Takamine & Co. F-340 guitar Acoustic guitar in black hard case with kapo, made in japan.$479.95
P35-362873-1IbanezRG220BIbanez RG220B Electric guitar No case, greyish purple ibanez w floyd rose$249.95
P35-362830-1Jay TurserJT-50Jay Turser JT-50 Electric Guitar In soft gig bag, brownish sg, jay turser jt-50$249.95
P35-362816-1Martin And CoCUSTOM MMVMartin And Co CUSTOM MMV Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar Martin custom mmv from guitar center w couple dings and dents, in hard case great condition$1369.95
P35-362691-1NUMARKpt01 scratchNUMARK pt01 scratch TURN TABLE Turn table portable no cord battery poweredblak w/ anime sticker$109.95
P35-362527-1TascamCD-302Tascam CD-302 cd controller Cd controller, dual cd player, all black, left side has mount bracket, untested, ight work$49.95
P35-361885-1GretschG5420T RED SPARKLEGretsch G5420T Electromatic Hollowbody RED SPARKLE GUITAR In grey road runner hard case, LIKE NEW Limited Guitar Center edition Bigsby$739.95
P35-361739-304HHX X-Treme Crash SABIAN LIKE NEW$219.95
P35-361681-1Ibanez Sound GearAF75-TRS-12-05Ibanez Sound Gear AF75-TRS-12-05 GUITAR Black hard case, red ombre with black guitar, no damage nb4$359.95
P35-361464-1YamahaEG112CYamaha EG112C GUITAR E guitar no case , strat style white pick guard , black body , chipped on bottom$119.95
P35-361403-2MarshallMC412AMarshall MC412A speaker Cabinet, good condition$349.95
P35-361232-5FenderNVMNFender NVMN SPEAKER (P.A.) Tan speaker in og box with no accessories$29.95
P35-361232-4BbeWINDOWPANE SILICON FUZZBbe WINDOWPANE SILICON FUZZ guitar pedal Silver guitar pedal in og box, no accessories$74.95
P35-361232-3MarshallPEDL-00009Marshall PEDL-00009 guitar pedal Black guitar pedal with cord$24.95
P35-361232-1WingoJX-09Wingo JX-09 capo Woodgrain capo in og box$11.95
P35-361208-4Bbe362NRBbe 362NR digital noise reducer Sonic Maximizer, good condition,$69.95
P35-360903-3EliminatorELECTRO 4 PAKEliminator ELECTRO 4 PAK LIGHTS Nb4 4 lights$99.95
P35-360204-1Serato RaneSL2Serato Rane SL2 control interface Black, good condition$149.95
P35-359380-1IbanezSA260FMIbanez SA260FM ELEC GTR Lavender burst guitar TONE KNOB DOES NOT WORK Crack in back finish$279.95
P35-358934-1AudixADX-51Audix ADX-51 MICROPHONE Audix microphone adx-51 black$129.95
P35-357530-3UdhVOCOPROUdh VOCOPRO audio transmiter Black, good condition$29.95
P35-356546-1SennheiserEW100Sennheiser EW100 Wireless Mic Receiver / Transmiter Two SK100 transmitters, both working with one receiver with power cord, works$339.95
P35-356539-1JacksonDKAF7Jackson DKAF7 Electric guitar Jackson dinky arch top dkaf7 ms – gloss black 7-string multi-scale solidbody electric guitar w strap excelletn condition$419.95
P35-356345-4BackbusterNVMNBackbuster NVMN backbuster Backbuster guitar plug in package$7.95
P35-356144-1ShureSM61Shure SM61 MICROPHONE Mic, slver, w clear mesh cover, has some writing etched in$94.95
P35-354172-2YamahaNVMNYamaha NVMN snare drum stand Silver metal yamaha snare stand$29.95
P35-354172-1YamahaNVMNYamaha NVMN snare drum stands Silver yamaha snare drum stand$29.95
P35-347495-1NeewerNW-100Neewer NW-100 phantom power box Phantom power box, w power supply$14.95
P35-338073-1KeilwerthEX 90 SERIES IIKeilwerth EX 90 SERIES II SAXOPHONE Inside silver case keilwerth saxophone nb4 great condition$1799.95
P35-330535-3BiampEQ/270ABiamp EQ/270A EQUALIZER Biamp equalizer, tested works$39.95
N35-315640ZEBRAZYB32Magic Ball Light Zebra DJ Light ZYB32$24.95
N35-315104BarrazaBZBS101EBarraza Bajo Sexto w 4 Band EQ, BZBS101E$279.95
N35-315103SHUREC25JShure Mic XLR Cable 25′ Hi Flex C25J$22.95
N35-315102Fat BoyFB-ML2-50Fat Boy 50′ XLR Mic Cable Balanced CBI USA FB-ML2-50$26.95
N35-313999Fat BoyJ-B17Speed Capo Guitar Rolling Adjustable Capo J-B17$11.95
N35-313998GP PercussionGPDSROCKNGP Percussion Rocking Drumsticks Nylon Tip Oak GPDSROCKN$5.95
N35-313997GP PercussionGPDS5BGP Percussion Size 5B Drumstick GPDS5B Wood Tip$5.95
N35-313996GP PercussionGPDS7AGP Percussion Size 7A Wood Tip Drum Stick GPDS7A$5.95
N35-313993KONAG640Guitar Stand G640 Tubular Guitar Stand$15.95
N35-313990Fat BoyGBG41DFatboy G Series Dreadnought GigBag for Acoustics LARGE GBG41D$29.95
N35-313989ZEBRAMS11Zebra MS11 P.A. Speaker Stand Black Single Stand$39.95
N35-311635CHINAMale XLR to 1/4” Female Stereo$4.95
N35-311481VentionBACBH3.5mm to Double 1/4” Mono Stereo Y-Splitter Cable 6.5 Foot$14.95
N35-309223Fat BoyA021BK-S6 Pack Black Bridge Pegs / Pins Fat Boy$4.95
N35-309222Fat BoyA021IVY-S6 Pack IVORY Bridge Pegs / Pins Fat boy$4.95
N35-308484Main StreetMAAFMain Street MAAF American Flag Guitar Acoustic Spruce Top$139.95
N35-308483Main StreetMA3636” main Street Student Guitar Acoustic MA36$96.95
N35-308482Main StreetMA36Main Street 36” Student Acoustic Guitar MA36$96.95
N35-308480Main StreetMA241TSBMain Street Tobacco Sunburst 41” Acoustic Guitar ma241TSB$124.95
N35-308479Main StreetMA241TSBMain Street MA241TSB Tobacco Sunburst Guitar Acoustic 41”$124.95
N35-308478Main StreetMA241TRDMain Street Transparent Red Acoustic 41” Guitar MA241TRD$124.95
N35-308476Main StreetMAS38TRMain Street 38” Cutaway Acoustic Guitar MAS38TR RED$99.95
N35-308474Main StreetMAS38PKMain Street 38” Cutaway Acoustic Guitar MAS38PK PINK$99.95
N35-308472Main StreetMAS38BKMain Street 38” Cutaway Acoustic Guitar MAS38Bk BLACK$99.95
N35-308469KONAK41BLKona K41BL Blue 41” Guitar Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar$134.95
N35-308462ZildjianZ5BWZildjian Drum Sticks 5B Wood Tip Z5BW$11.95
N35-308461ZildjianZ7ANZildjian Drum Sticks 7A Nylon Tip Z7AN$11.95
N35-308460ZildjianZ2BWZildjian Drum Sticks Z2BW 2B Wood Tip$11.95
N35-308458Snark50CSNARK 50C Medium Guitar Pick Pack .50mm 12pc$4.95
N35-308457Snark70CSNARK 70C Medium Guitar Pick Pack .7MM 12pc$4.95
N35-308456Snark100CSNARK 100C Heavy 1.0MM Guitar Pick Pack 12pc$4.95
N35-305790Fort BryanRG**Fort Bryan Guitar Strap Various Colors Nylon$4.95
N35-305789SnarkST8Snark Supertight All Instrument Tuner Clip On ST8 Black$19.95
N35-305788KacesKXA3Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag Kaces KXA3 Padded Black$31.95
N35-305786CaschaHH2007Harmonica in Key of C – Cascha Blues Harp NEW$9.95
N35-305784ParachoLAREDOParacho Bajo Quinto LAREDO Solid Cedar Top, NEW$339.95
N35-304788CHINAMale Speakon to Female 1/4 Adapter Black and Blue$11.95
N35-304439DX-QuantumA9Quantum 3.5mm Splitter Jack$2.49
N35-304435GEMINIGCI-XGA2000Gemini 2000 Watt Rack Mount DJ Amplifier GCI-XGA2000$159.95
N35-304434ZildjianZP1418Zildjian Planet Z Launch 3 PRO Cymbal Pack 14-18 NEW$159.95
N35-302127Fat BoyFBT3NThumb Pics, Celluloid 3 Pack Fat Boy$5.95
N35-301770Main StreetAG41Main Street Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar AG41$89.95
N35-301769Main StreetAG41Main Street Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar AG41$89.95
N35-301251ERNIE BALL9220EB Finger Picks Pack of 3 Metal Finger Picks$4.95
N35-301250ERNIE BALL2838EB 2838 – 6 String Bass Strings Slinky$32.99
N35-301249ERNIE BALL2824EB 2824 – 5 String Super Slinky Bass Strings$24.95
N35-301248ERNIE BALL9187EB 9187 – Ernie Ball Pick Buddy, No Adhesive Pick Holder$7.95
N35-301247ERNIE BALL2623EB 2623 – 7 String Super Slinky Electric Guitar 9-52$8.99
N35-301246ERNIE BALL2621EB 2621 – 7 String Slinky Electric Guitar 10-56$8.99
N35-300819SILVERTONE600 AVSSilvertone 600AVS Orchestra Body Acoustic Guitar in Vintage Sunburst Solid Spruce Top$269.95
N35-300818SILVERTONE600 AVSSilvertone 600AVS Orchestra Body Acoustic Guitar in Vintage Sunburst Solid Spruce Top$269.95
N35-300813SILVERTONE716 NSilvertone 716 N Orchestra Model Solid Spruce Top Acoustic Guitar – Natural Gloss$259.95
N35-299965KONAK2LTSBKona LEFT HANDED Dreadnought Acoustic Thin Body Guitar K2LTSB$149.95
N35-299961Diamond HeadDU-133Diamond Head DU-133 Vintage Hawaii Sceene$39.95
N35-299960Diamond HeadDU-131Diamond Head Ukulele USA Flag DU 131$39.95
N35-299958SILVERTONE1303U2Silvertone Vintage Silverburst Electric Guitar 1303U2 SVB$299.95
N35-299938Main StreetMKB-61MKB-61- Main Street 61 Note Keyboard NEW$114.95
N35-299870NADYAXEHEADNady Systems AXEHEAD Headphone Guitar Amp$34.95
N35-298916KONAKUK100KUK100 Soprano Uke Kona Ukulele$39.95
N35-298915Trinity RiverRSN1ASTrinity River RSN1AS Mudslide Square Neck Resonator With Hard Shell Tolex Case$299.95
N35-298914Main StreetMAC39Classical 39” Guitar Nylon Strings, Main Street MAC39$84.95
N35-298253KONAK391L-HSBKona Left Handed 391 Honey Sunburst K391L-HSB NEW$99.95
N35-296650VitoosGuitar Headphone Amp, Vitoos, NEW, Rechargable$29.95
N35-296607CHINARCA Spliter Y Cable Female to Left Right Male$2.95
N35-296342Diamond HeadDU145DU145 Diamond Head Hot Rod Twilight Blue$44.95
N35-296341Diamond HeadDU149Diamond Head Hot Rod Cadillac Chrome Ukulele DU149$44.95
N35-296324GPGPDS7ANGP Drumstick Size 7A Nylon Tip GPDS7AN$5.95
N35-296323GPATB005Tamborine GP ATB005 Single Ring$11.95
N35-296322GPGPDS5BNGPDS5BN Oak GP Drumstick Size 5B Nylon Tip$5.95
N35-296318Fat BoyFBC-200Fat Boy Capo Various Colors FBC-200$9.95
N35-293576GEMINIGCI-XGA4000Gemini 4000 Watt Rack Mount Amplifier for Music, High Power IPP$219.95
N35-293561Fat BoyFBC-700BKFat Boy Capo FBC-700BK, Guitar Capo Black$9.95
N35-293040Pig HogPCH20SGRPig Hog Braided Guitar Cable Sea Foam Green 20′ Right Angle 1/4”$24.95
N35-292943ZEBRAX352-25Zebra Speakon Cable 25′ Speakon to Speakon$27.95
N35-292941Main StreetMKB-5415Main Street Keyboard 54 key MKB-5415$79.95
N35-292925SnarkSA2Snark 9 Volt Pedal Daisy Chain SA2 (Connects Pedals)$8.49
N35-291926Main StreetMAC39MAC39 Main Street 39” Classical Nylon String Guitar$84.95
N35-291920Silvertone Electric$0.0000
N35-291916SILVERTONE604MH-NS604MH-NS Silvertone Parlour Size All Mahogany Natural Satin Finish Acoustic$229.95
N35-291908Diamond HeadDU131Diamond Head Soprano Ukulele, Flag Top DU-131$39.95
N35-290434CHINARCA Female to RCA Female, Coupler$2.95
N35-290433CHINA3.5mm to 1/4” Stereo, Plastic or Gold Plate Adapter$2.95
N35-290432NONE3.5 COUPLER3.5mm Coupler. Plastic Female to Female 3.5mm$2.95
N35-290417DunlopDUN-428P.88Dunlop Pic Pack Med Hvy .88 12 Pack$4.95
N35-290415NONEMale XLR to Male 1/4” STEREO Adapter$4.95
N35-290202ARIA111-MTCSAria Vintage 100 Cherry Sunburst Acoustic NEW 111-MTSC Guitar$239.95
N35-290201ARIA111-MTTSARIA Vintage 100 Tobacco Sunburst Acoustic Guitar NEW 111-MTTS$239.95
N35-290088Fender0990515058Fender Original Series Guitar Cable 15ft Surf Green$27.95
N35-290087Fender0990520003Fender original Series Guitar Cable 18.6ft Coated Blue/Red$29.95
N35-290086Fender990542000Fender Musician Series Black Ear Plugs 22db 990542000$9.95
N35-290085NONE2340AAccordion Strap Leather, Universal Strap 2340A$34.95
N35-290083Pig HogPHGS-*Pig Hog Fat Foam Guitar Stand, Blue, Red, White, Green PHGS-$21.95
N35-290025PylePMHM2PYLE PMHM2 Headset Mic, Over Ear Hands Free Mic OMNI -Directional$19.95
N35-290024ZEBRAGW750Zebra Wireless Mic w Receiver Dynamic$29.9
N35-290023Nippin America MicrophoneDM18UDM18U Dynamic Microphone Kit w Cord Nippon / Zebra$19.95
N35-290020PylePDMIC78Pyle Dynamic Mic W Cord PDMIC78$19.95
N35-289846ChauvetINTIMSPOT110Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot 110 10W LED Moving-head Spot INTIMISPOT110$199.95
N35-289508GPGPDS2BNDrum Stick Oak 2B Nylon Tip GP$5.95
N35-289506KONAK391LLEFT HANDED K391L Natural Finish Acoustic Guitar$89.95
N35-289133NaCHINAUniversal Guitar Pedal Power Plug 9V Center Negative 300mA$9.95
N35-289114Fat BoyFBP12Fat Boy Assorted Pick Pack .46-.81MM 12 Pack$3.95
N35-289112ERNIE BALL4279EB Wonder Wipes 6 Multi Pack Guitar Care Pack 4279$2.99
N35-289111ERNIE BALL4222EB 4222 Guitar Polish With Cloth$6.99
N35-289110ERNIE BALL2326EB 2326 Ukulele Strings Concert/Soprano Nylon Ball end Uke Strings black$5.99
N35-289109ERNIE BALL9193Ernie Ball Picks -Heavy 1.0mm – Purple 12pk 9193$5.99
N35-289108ERNIE BALL9190Ernie Ball Pics -Medium .73MM- Orange 12pk 9190$4.95
N35-289107ERNIE BALL9181EB Picks- Light .48mm – Blue Everlast 12Pk 9181$4.95
N35-289106ERNIE BALL4119EB Pegwinder Assorted Colors Manual 4119$3.95
N35-283357DunlopDUN-428P1.0Dunlop Pic Pack Heavy 1.0 – 12 Pack$4.95
N35-283355DunlopDUN-428P.50Dunlop Pic Pack LIGHT .50 – 12 Pack$4.95
N35-283343KONAK391L-HSBKona K391L-HSB LEFT HANDED Acoustic 39” Honeyburst$99.95
N35-282554CHINANONEFemale RCA to 1/4” Male Adapter Gold Plated$2.95
N35-272194PylePCBL41Speakon Male to 1/4” Female Adapter$9.95
N35-266839Oscar SchmidtOC1OC1 Oscar Schmidt Classical Guitar 3/4 Size$89.95
N35-264126ZEBRAN122CLZebra Studio-Z 20 Foot Tweed Guitar Cable 1/4” N122CL$15.95
N35-256854DonnerPOWER SUPPLYDonner Guitar Effect Pedal 10 Way Power Supply For Guitar Effects Pedals 9V 12V 18V DC$49.95
N35-256075ERNIE BALL6058EB 25ft Braided Guitar Cable, Straight to Right-Angle, Tangle Resistant Assorted Colors – 6058,6060,6062,6063,6064,6068,6069,6070$32.95
N35-248956AquilaAQ-7UUkulele Strings Concert Uke Aquila AQ-7U$6.95
N35-248955AquilaAQ-4UUkulele Strings – Soprano Uke Set Aquila$6.95
N35-243526CHINA48VPhantom Power Supply 48V$19.95
N35-241097CHINANONEBanana Plug Ends for Speakers Set left and Right$1.49
N35-239604NO MAKEBDMA6Mic Holder Expandable Mic Clip$3.95
N35-239269KorgWDT-1Korg Wall Tuner with Send Unit, WDT-1 KORG$199.95
N35-238422ERNIE BALL2723EB 2723 Cobalt Super Slinky Electric Strings 2723$9.95
N35-238421ERNIE BALL2721EB 2721 Cobalt Regular Slinky Electric Strings 2721$9.95
N35-238420ERNIE BALL2720EB 2720 Cobalt Power Slinky Electric Strings 2720$9.95
N35-237706CHINA1/4” Female to 3.5mm Male Adapter Gold Plated Plastic Outer STEREO$2.95
N35-237705CHINAMetal 1/4” Female Coupler Metal$3.95
N35-237704CHINAMale XLR to Male 1/4” MONO$4.95
N35-237703CHINAFemale XLR to Female XLR Coupler / Adapter$4.95
N35-237702CHINAFemale XLR to 1/4” Male STEREO Adapter$4.95
N35-237701CHINA1/41/4” Male to Male Coupler$2.95
N35-234578Korg201509-AB1 201600-R00Right-On Strap Lock Guitar Strap Lock$5.99
N35-231459DEAN MARKLEYDM3010Acoustic Guitar Pickup Promag Plus Single Coil Dean Markley DM3010$44.95
N35-231112DEAN MARKLEY2304Banjo Strings 5 String Medium lite 10-24 Dean Markley 2304$4.5
N35-230305DEAN MARKLEYDM2402Dean Markley Mandolin Strings Phosphor Bronze Light DM2402$4.99
N35-230247Dean MarkleyDM2096Dean Sarkley Bajo Sexto Strings SX# 2096 Doce Cuerdas$16.99
N35-227304No Make202-##23” Acoustic Guitar, toy Guitar various Colors$19.95
N35-227303Fat BoyG101Fat Boy 10 ft Straight Guitar Cord$4.95
N35-226994ERNIE BALL2144EB 2144 Power Slinky Acoustic Phosphor Bronze$6.99
N35-226993ERNIE BALL2241EB 2241 RPS Hybrid Slinky 2241$5.99
N35-226992ERNIE BALL3125EB 3125 Coated Extra Slinky$11.99
N35-226991ERNIE BALL2051EB 2051 Earthwood 12 String Soft Silk & Steel 9-46$11.99
N35-217414ERNIE BALL2836EB 2836 Bass 5-String Slinky$24.99
N35-214721Quick TuneGP1Guitar Professor, Tuner Chord Finder Pitch Pipe$19.95
N35-210893ZEBRADM38Zebra Dynamic Microphone DM38$19.95
N35-206324GPGPDS5ADrum Sticks Oak Wood Tip Size 5A$5.95
N35-206323GPGPDS5ANDrum Sticks Nylon Tip Size 5A$5.95
N35-205839ERNIE BALL2548EB 2548 Coated Phosphor Bronze LIGHT$12.99
N35-205838ERNIE BALL2546EB 2546 Coated Phosphor Bronze Med Light$12.99
N35-205837ERNIE BALL2544EB 2544 Coated Phosphor Bronze MEDIUM$12.99
N35-205836ERNIE BALL3123EB 3123 Coated Super Slinky 3123$11.99
N35-205835ERNIE BALL3121EB 3121 Coated Slinky Regular$11.99
N35-205834ERNIE BALL2012EB 2012 Earthwood 12 String Medium$9.99
N35-205833ERNIE BALL2010EB 2010 Earthwound 12 String Light$9.99
N35-199913NO MAKEFemale XLR to 1/4” Female Adapter Stereo$4.95
N35-199911NO MAKEFemale 1/4” to Female 1/4” Adapter / Coupler PLASTIC$2.95
N35-199910NO MAKEMale XLR to Male XLR Adapter/Coupler$4.95
N35-199310NO MAKEMS5Mic Stand with Boom Mic Holder Tripod Base MS5$29.95
N35-199291Fat BoyFB-PATCH108Fat Boy 10” Guitar Patch Cable Pack$9.95
N35-197107ERNIE BALL2409EB 2409 Ernesto Pallo Nylon ball End Classical Guitar Strings 2409$7.99
N35-197106ERNIE BALL2403EB 2403 Nylon Ernesto Palla Nylon Clear and Silver Classical Guitar Strings 2403$6.99
N35-197104ERNIE BALL9226EB Pick Pack Glow in the Dark Heavy 9226$4.75
N35-197101ERNIE BALL4118EB Power Peg Winder 4118$19.95
N35-195995MirageMUS020Mirage Folding Music Stand w Case$9.95
N35-193735KONAK1TRDKona K1 Trans Red Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar$89.95
N35-192496CHINAMS2Mic Stand Singer Weighted Base$29.95
N35-192495DunlopDUN-5010SIDunlop Mic Stand Pic Holder$4.95
N35-192494Fat BoyFB-ML2-10CBI USA Ballanced XLR Cable 10 Foot$12.95
N35-185985ERNIE BALL2570EB 2570 Aluminum Bronze Extra Light Acoustic$8.99
N35-185984ERNIE BALL2568EB 2568 Aluminum Bronze Light Acoustic$8.99
N35-185983ERNIE BALL2566EB 2566 Aluminum Bronze Medium Light Acoustic$8.99
N35-185982ERNIE BALL2564EB 2564 Aluminum Bronze Medium Acoustic$8.99
N35-185981ERNIE BALL2923EB 2923 M-Steel Super Slinky Electric$12.99
N35-185980ERNIE BALL2922EB 2922 M-Steel Hybrid Steel Electric$12.99
N35-185979ERNIE BALL2921EB 2921 M-Steel Regular Slinky$12.99
N35-185978ERNIE BALL2920EB 2920 M-Steel Power Slinky Electric$12.99
N35-185977ERNIE BALL2915EB 2915 M-Steel Skinny top Heavy Bottom$12.99
N35-185976ERNIE BALL2148EB 2148 Acoustic Super Slinky$6.99
N35-185975ERNIE BALL2146EB 2146 Acoustic Regular Slinky$6.99
N35-174576ERNIE BALL40344035EB Guitar Strap Assorted Colors, 4034,4035-color assrt$4.95
N35-174575ERNIE BALL2006EB 2006 Acoustic Erthwd Extra Light, 2006$6.99
N35-174573ERNIE BALL2831EB Bass Power 2831$19.99
N35-173471Planet WavesPW-CP-07Planet Waves NS Capo lite PW-CP-07$12.95
N35-173469AliceA007AAlice Advanced Alloy Acoustic Capo A007A$11.95
N35-173468AliceA007D-AAlice Alloy Acoustic Guitar Capo, A007D-A$12.95
N35-156833ERNIE BALL7021 TABEB TAB Book, 7021$6.5
N35-156832ERNIE BALL7010EB Chords – Easy, 7010$8.95
N35-156831ERNIE BALL7002 PHASE TWOEB Play Guitar Phase TWO, 7002$8.95
N35-156830ERNIE BALL7001 PHASE ONEEB Play Guitar Phase ONE, 7001 Method$8.95
N35-156826ERNIE BALL2004EB Acoustic ERTHWD LIGHT, 2004$6.99
N35-156825ERNIE BALL2003EB 2003 Acoustic ERTHWD Med’m-Light, 2003$6.99
N35-156824ERNIE BALL2002EB 2002 Acoustic ERTHWD Med’m 2002$6.99
N35-156823ERNIE BALL2834EB Bass Super Slinky, 2834, 2834$19.99
N35-156822ERNIE BALL2832EB 2832 BASS Regular Slinky 2832$19.99
N35-156821ERNIE BALL2223EB 2223 Super Slinky, nickel, 2223$6.99
N35-156820ERNIE BALL2222EB 2222 Hybrid Slinky, Nickel$6.99
N35-156819ERNIE BALL2221EB 2221 Regular Slinky, Nickel, 2221$6.99
N35-152550Fat BoyA021BK-SSINGLE Acoustic Bridge pins/pegs, Black$1.95
N35-152549Fat BoyA021IVY-SSINGLE Acoustic Bridge Pegs/Pins Ivory$1.95
N35-150487Fat BoyFB-SC145050′ Speaker Cable Neutrik Fat boy$39.95
N35-141897Fat BoyFB-GA110Guitar Cable, 10ft 1/4” Fat boy$9.95
N35-141895Fat BoyCI39020Cloth 20ft Tweed Cable 1/4” Fatboy$17.95
N35-141893ERNIE BALL2225EB 2225 Extra Slinky 2225 Blue$6.99
N35-141890ERNIE BALL2220EB 2220 Nickel Power Slinky$6.99
N35-128128Fat BoyFB-CB2-Z716-1Fat boy pro Female 1/4 to male Banana$14.95
N35-111346NO MAKEMHL33 Pin Female XLR to 1/4” Male Adapter MONO$4.95
M20437112674D.M. BLUESTEEL BASS MED LT 2674$19.99
B35-375770-1SQUIERSA-100SQUIER SA-100 GUITAR Squier acoustic guitar, has small chips on peg holder, overall looks and sounds good$79.95
B35-375727-1NUMARKN382NUMARK N382 mixing board Numark m2 mixing board with power cord, tested.$79.95
B35-375604-1Oscar SchmidtOF2SM-AOscar Schmidt OF2SM-A GUITAR Wood grain guitar HIGH ACTION with dark brown$59.95
B35-375565-1Main SteetMAS38TRMain Steet MAS38TR GUITAR e, red/black accoustic guitar$59.95
B35-375559-2YamahaP-121BYamaha P-121B piano Yamaha keyboard piano, has power cord, has stand, tested, works and sounds good, no other accesories$399.95
B35-375510-1LudwigBLACK GALAXY 5X14 SNARELudwig BLACK GALAXY 5X14 SNARE SNARE Acrolite 5×14” aluminum snare black galaxy 1990s, black and white badge in black hard case, missing snares.$249.95
B35-375160-3NoneNVMNone NVM KEYBOARD STAND Keyboard stand$19.95
B35-375160-2WurlitzerWX30Vintage 1980’s Wurlitzer WX30 KEYBOARD Older, wurlitzer keyboard. Both speakers casings are cracked on each side, and last 4 keys on far right don’t work$44.95
B35-375054-2FenderBASSMAN 100Fender BASSMAN 100 BASS AMP Fender bass amp with power cord works tested$149.95
B35-375054-102Sheet Music Stand Silver$5.95
B35-375054-101Sheet Music Stand Black$5.95
B35-375053-5Tama DrumsHAZY 300Tama Drums HAZY 300 snare drum Silver snare drum gently used$49.95
B35-375053-3EnforcerNONEEnforcer NONE drum set Enforcer drum set no stands in ok conditon has a few scrapes but other wise ok includes bass pedal$159.95
B35-375053-2Greg BennettD-2Greg Bennett D-2 GUITAR Brown acoustic with broken strings wood is scraped up in mild condition$119.95
B35-374968-2BEHRINGERUT300BEHRINGER UT300 Guitar Pedal Brown ut300 ultra tremolo brown guitar pedal$24.95
B35-374968-1BEHRINGERUV300BEHRINGER UV300 Guitar pedal Green ultra vibrato uv300$24.95
B35-374846-1ShureMV7Shure MV7 MICROPHONE Microphone with usb cable cord, takes xlr cord and usb dual one in great condition$179.95
B35-374562-2MackieMIX12FXMackie MIX12FX MIXER Has power cord, dj mixer, ok condition, turns on$74.95
B35-374372-2FenderRUMBLE 40Fender RUMBLE 40 amplifyer Larger fender amp with power cord tested works great$174.95
B35-374372-1VOXVX50-BAVOX VX50-BA amplifyer Smaller top has red speaker good condition tested has power cord$199.95
B35-374278-1On StageQUIK SQUEEZEOn Stage QUIK SQUEEZE KEYBOARD STAND Black on stage quick squeeze stand$24.95
B35-374250-1GibsonSG3 1972Gibson SG3 1972 Electric Guitar In orig case, 1972 cherry sunburst gibson sgiii, sg3 good condition$2599.95
B35-374162-2NUMARKSERATONUMARK SERATO NV Turntable Numark serato turntable mixer, no cords, used own cords to test.$399.95
B35-374162-1NUMARKNS6NUMARK NS6 Turntables Numark mixing table with turntables, no cables, used own cords to test.$199.95
B35-374142-1Audio TechnicaAT2020Audio Technica AT2020 MICROPHONE Black with xlr cable has connection for the mic stand in good condition$49.95
B35-374069-1EpiphoneSPECIAL IIEpiphone SPECIAL II LE GUITAR Epiphone black electric guitar les paul in black case$159.95
B35-374012-3KorgKO-1Korg KO-1 Kaossilator Yellow rectangle synthesizer silver knobs works with bateries missing batteries$99.95
B35-373585-3GEMINICDJ-650GEMINI CDJ-650 media player Pair of two gemini media player tested works fine one power cord$349.95
B35-373585-2802802VLZ4802 802VLZ4 MIXER Black and white 8 channel mixer decent condition$129.95
B35-373585-1Nady AudioCX-22SWNady Audio CX-22SW subwoofer crossover Black 2 way subwoofer crossover corded in decent condition$69.95
B35-373398-1ROCKTRONVELOCITY VT60ROCKTRON VELOCITY VT60 Guitar Amp Tube / solid state combo, larger black rocktron great condition$199.95
B35-373080-3PAUL REED SMITHSE30PAUL REED SMITH SE30 tube amp Paul reed smith tube amp good condition tested works fine , in good condition$399.95
B35-373080-2EpiphoneSPECIALEpiphone SPECIAL GUITAR Dark brown wood epiphone special model in black carrying case in good condition$175.95
B35-372564-1Line 6SPIDER 5Line 6 SPIDER 5 amp Larger, cord included has stickers on the back says hinojosa with sharpie but he bought at pawn shop, 30 watts 1*12$139.95
B35-372464-2MaschineALESIS Q49Maschine ALESIS Q49 KEYBOARD Mini black and white powered by usb but no cord,$49.95
B35-372456-1DodECHO FX 96Dod ECHO FX 96 guitar pedal All purple and black, w/silver and black knobs, good condition,$89.95
B35-372438-1MackieCFX12Mackie CFX12 MIXER good condition all works mackie mixer , cfx12$279.95
B35-372358-1TakamineG SERIESTakamine G SERIES GUITAR Light brown accoustic/electric,$179.95
B35-372244-2AcoustasonicPR 423FENDER Acoustasonic 30 Missing Grill cover PR 423 guitar amp All black guitar amp, w/power cord$89.95
B35-372180-1BossGE-7Boss GE-7 EQUALIZER pedal Vintage Black and white boss eqaulizer in good condition$79.95
B35-372004-1DEANDEAN DIME RAZORBACK V GUITARDEAN DIME RAZORBACK V GUITAR GUITAR Dean dime razorback v guitaw razorblade$849.95
B35-371999-1Jacob StainerNVMJacob Stainer NVM VIOLIN In black case a copy of jacob stainer violin$99.95
B35-371489-1BreedloveWILD WOOD CONCERT SATIN WHISKEY BURSTBreedlove WILD WOOD CONCERT SATIN WHISKEY BURST GUITAR Acoustic breedlove mahogany wood organic collection$599.95
B35-371305-1GEMINIRS-310GEMINI RS-310 Speakers PA Set of 2 speakers, mounts on poles passive gemeini smaller 8” w tweeters$59.95
B35-370972-4NoneNVMNone NVM tambourines Two older tumbourines$19.95
B35-370972-3CrateKBA.10Crate KBA.10 amplifier Keyboard small black amplifier$74.95
B35-370972-2Concertmate670Concertmate 670 KEYBOARD Smaller with power cord all keys work in good condition$69.95
B35-370950-1IbanezTA35Ibanez TA35 amplifier Ibanzez amp, brown leather. Tested. Ok condition. Has 2 leads, and the power cord$159.95
B35-370857-1MarshallORI50HMarshall ORI50H guitar amplifier Like new , marshal origin 50watt guitar amp. Tested. Includes power cord.$619.95
B35-370302-4PresonusE3.5Presonus E3.5 studio monitor speakers Pair of presonus monitor speakers, good condition, in cardbooard box$74.95
B35-370302-2PresonusATOMPresonus ATOM MIDI CONTROLLER In og box, presonus atom pad controller, has cord, good condition,$99.95
B35-370201-1SILVERTONECA136183SILVERTONE CA136183 Acoustic Guitar No case missing one pin, needs new strings silvertone$129.95
B35-370121-1BundyNVMNBundy NVMN alto sax In black og carrying case bundy2 alto sax in good condition everything in tact$239.95
B35-370069-1Gemeinhardt2SPGemeinhardt 2SP flaute Silver plated flute in small black case$64.95
B35-369812-1PeaveyIMPULSE200Peavey IMPULSE200 Powered Speaker Single impulse 200p peavey w power cord works good purchased here$249.95
B35-369580-1Zildjian18″ CHINAZildjian 18” CHINA CYMBAL Zildjian zbt 18” china crash$74.95
B35-369353-101Keybaord stand heavy Duty stand for keyboard$44.95
B35-369353-1KorgDW-6000Korg DW-6000 Vintage Keyboard In hard case cxcellent condition$449.95
B35-369091-1EpiphonePR350RWEpiphone PR350RW GUITAR Brown acoustic ephiphone gibson in black hard case$199.95
B35-368814-2Native InstrumentsMASCHINE CONTROLLERNative Instruments MASCHINE CONTROLLER controller Black large sqare clear buttons in ok condition semi scratched cust says the accounts arent locked$89.95
B35-368671-2MeinlTBR06Meinl TBR06 tamborine In og white box like new condition tamborine drum head mini$24.95
B35-368321-1AlesisM-Q230Alesis M-Q230 EQUALIZER Alesis dual 1/3 equalizer Rack Mount$79.95
B35-368260-4Tough 1NVMNTough 1 NVMN horse blanket Black horse blanket,50” wet when we got it, good condition$59.95
B35-368147-1D’ADDARIOER STANDARDD’ADDARIO ER STANDARD E ring Pack Like new in package e ring pack for drums$7.95
B35-367526-1SQUIERTELESQUIER TELE GUITAR Squire tele dark brown with black has light brown neck good condition inside a grey case$319.95
B35-367251-1CrateCR-212 AMPCrate CR-212 AMP Guitar Amp Vintage crate with sweet wood line on front 2×12”$159.95
B35-367106-1RolandD-70Roland D-70 piano Black, good working condition$749.95
B35-366753-3AlesisMICROVERB4Alesis MICROVERB4 processor Cual channel black processor no cord$129.95
B35-366753-1SamsonSR55Samson SR55 transmitter system Transmitter system w/ power cord$49.95
B35-366552-3NADY201 VHFNADY 201 VHF receiver Guitar receiver black with accessories and power cords$24.95
B35-366457-2PeaveyTNT100Peavey TNT100 peavey amp Black and silver peavey corded amp works fine tested some wear speakers have some wiring but otherwise works fine$119.95
B35-366199-1BACHTROMBONEBACH TROMBONE TROMBONE In black hard case no mouthpiece few dents not too bad$119.95
B35-366187-1ProfessionalTR126Professional TR126 SPEAKER (P.A.) Large dj pair speakers wear and tear Set of two Great conditon play great$499.95
B35-366081-1NsiMC 7008Nsi MC 7008 lighting controller Lighing controller, dark grey, w black sliders and gold lines, little older but good condition, w power supply$39.95
B35-365977-3OakleyRADAR LOCKSOakley RADAR LOCKS SUN GLASSES White border w/blue lines and greenish orangish lens. Has 4 different lense replacements. Some damage. In case w/instructions$49.95
B35-365931-1M AudioAXIOM PRO 49M Audio AXIOM PRO 49 MIDI CONTROLLER Bigger in og box white midi controller tested turns on$199.95
B35-365742-2BEHRINGERTU100BEHRINGER TU100 Tuning pedal Grety behringer tuner pedal$19.95
B35-365635-1PhantomNVMNPhantom NVMN power supplier In og box phantom power 48v$19.95
B35-365326-2RogueSO-069-RM100A-SNRogue SO-069-RM100A-SN mandolin guitar Rogue mandolin guitar in good condition comes with carrying case$99.95
B35-365114-1YamahaF-315AYamaha F-315A GUITAR Yamaha guitar has damage all over sounds good still$99.95
B35-365092-1MeinlEARTH RHYTHMMeinl EARTH RHYTHM drum Black with brown african rope tuned djembe geo design torn on the leather black rope still has tags$99.95
B35-365055-1AlvarezRD8Alvarez RD8 acoustic guitar In black hard case, light brown finish with black pickguard, has drop damage on bottom, not too bad, one string popped,$199.95
B35-364814-1SigmaACOUSTIC AC30RSigma ACOUSTIC AC30R Acoustic Guitar Amp Vocal and guitar amp, brown, w green fabric$99.95
B35-364733-1ZildjianZBT RIDEZildjian ZBT RIDE CYMBAL Large zildjian zbt drum ride cymbal, used condition 20”$69.95
B35-363976-1Lp AspireNVMNLp Aspire NVMN conga drum Deep turqouise conga drums with stand$399.95
B35-363669-1PresonusSTUDIOLIVE 32.4.2AIPresonus STUDIOLIVE 32.4.2AI mixer Digital large mixer,32 channel, in hard case with power cord,$2599.95
B35-362688-1DEANAK48DEAN AK48 GUITAR Wood acoustic guitar, great condition$229.95
B35-362459-1KUSTOMKSC10KUSTOM KSC10 speaker monitor Kustom black speaker not powered$49.95
B35-362456-5Audio TechnicaAT2020 USBAudio Technica AT2020 USB Microphone In og box, at2020 usb, w case and cord good conditoin$79.95
B35-362433-4SQUIER (BY FENDER)SQUIRE MINISQUIER (BY FENDER) SQUIRE MINI GUITAR In road runner soft bag, pink squire mini, good condition tested works$149.95
B35-360888-1BEHRINGERFS114BEHRINGER FS114 PEDAL Behringer foot pedal for amps gold with black$29.95
B35-359876-1BEHRINGERBG412HBEHRINGER BG412H SPEAKER Behringer ultgrastack gutiar speaker bg412h$174.95
B35-359754-2SamsonSERVO 120Samson SERVO 120 pa amplifer Samson amp servo 120 stereo amp$149.95
B35-359589-6MarshallCHANNEL BLENDMarshall CHANNEL BLEND Marshall Pedal Black marhsal chanel and blend pedal good conditon$29.95
B35-359455-3MarshallNONEMarshall NONE Marshall Footswitch Vintag working three way marshall switch, chorus od and clean drive$29.95
B35-359273-2FenderFRONTMAN 212RFender FRONTMAN 212R Guitar Amp Fender 212 frontman 212r 2 12”$229.95
B35-359272-5MXRMICRO AMPMXR MICRO AMP Guitar Pedal Clean boost amp, white pedal, ok conditoin$59.95
B35-359272-3BossDD-2Boss DD-2 Guitar Pedal White digital delay dd-2$109.95
B35-358876-1MendiniMTB-LNMendini MTB-LN TROMBONE Excellent conditoin two small dents, w mouthpiece in black semi soft case w som eotheraccessories$219.95
B35-358728-3Peavey115 TIPeavey 115 TI Monitor Speaker Single Single montitor wedge, 15” works great$89.95
B35-356707-1KINGTEMPO 606KING TEMPO 606 TROMBONE In hard case, some rust, slightly bent$79.95
B35-355203-6BossFV-50Boss FV-50 guitar pedal Guitar pedal, black and light blue/green, volume pedal$44.95
B35-354700-2MBTK401LIGHT CONTROLLER MBT K401 light controller 4 channel a little rusty , tested 100v-120v$29.95
B35-354700-1MBTF416LIGHT CONTROLLER MBT F416 light controller panel 4 channel panel in fair conditon tested 110-120 v 15amp$29.95
B35-354030-1Allen&heathGL2400Allen&heath GL2400 MIXER 32 channel great condition works good grey analog mixer audio$899.95
B35-353961-11314” Blue Sparkle 1960’s Slingerland Tom no Badge$199.95
B35-344251-3CbNVMNCb NVMN SNARE Stainless steel cb snare, has mute pad on it, in soft black case, with its stand and drum sticks$99.95
B35-338898-1AcousticA20Acoustic A20 Amp Brown with good condition, all knobs,$139.95
B35-334204-1BossDB-60Boss DB-60 METRONOME Boss metronome dr. Beat, db-60, works well, great condition, battery powered$39.95
B35-327232-101snare stand$24.95
B35-324183-1RogersWMP 14 X 6.5 WOOD DYNASONICRogers WMP 14 X 6.5 WOOD DYNASONIC Snare Drum In black case white marine pearl dynasonic wmp 14 x 6.5 1960’s script badge wood$2799.95
756004267801DEAN MARKLEY2678D. M. 2678 LT 5-String Blue Steel Bass$26.99
737681004811GHSL6000GHS L6000 BASSICS$19.99
717669853372FENDER0730150-403FENDER 150L Electric Guitar Strings$4.99

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