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We Carry All Instruments! Tons of Guitars! Mixers, Guitar Amps, Speakers, Power Amplifiers, Subwoofers, Guitar Heads & Cabinets, Powered Speakers, Cymbals, Drum Kits, Strings, Cables, Speaker Wire… We have all the accessories you need for Guitar; Acoustic and Electric. Even Banjo, Ukulele, Bajo Sexto / Quinto, Bass and Mandolin! Anything Music Related, we will have it!

Product Image Guitar Amplifier

P35-365854-1PeaveyDYNA-BASSUSA Peavey DYNA-BASS Electric Bass Red in black case active and non active pickup switchable. 5 string peavey bass dyna-bass$449.95
P35-365852-1CasioAP-45Casio AP-45 Digital piano No stand, dark wood casio ap-45 works good pluts in no musi stand, little black tape on one corner otherwise good condition$399.95
P35-365805-2DigitechRP90VDigitech RP90V PEDAL In og box guitar pedal with power cord$69.95
P35-365805-1KorgX5DKorg X5D KEYBOARD Black korg x5d music synthesizer, 64 key, w cord$399.95
P35-365799-1IbanezRG450DXWHIbanez RG450DXWH GUITAR White elctric ibanez rg series n regtangle black case$369.95
P35-365669-1IbanezGIOIbanez GIO GUITAR Electric guitar, gio ibanez, red and white covered in stickers$119.95
P35-365634-1IbanezK03063777Ibanez PF4JP-BK-14-03 ACOU GUITAR black acoustic guitar decent condition$139.95
P35-365633-1YamahaQY22Yamaha QY22 music sequencer Nb4 grey in decent condition musinc sequencer works fine$199.95
P35-365577-1SQUIER (BY FENDER)STAGEMASTERSQUIER (BY FENDER) STAGEMASTER GUITAR E guitar, no case, purple, lots of chips and wear, volume knob is bent but working, some crckling, h-h, w floyd rose, no tremelo bar, made in china$169.95
P35-365474-1GORILLAGG-80GORILLA GG-80 amp Guitar amp gorilla 117vac/60ghz$49.95
P35-365462-3JBL305PMK2JBL SINGLE Monitor 305PMK2 SPEAKER (P.A.) Black jbl speaker, with cords,good condition,$99.95
P35-365462-2JOYO BANTAMPMETEORJOYO BANTAMP METEOR AMPLIFIER Black and yellow, joyo amp, good condition, comes with all cords$119.95
P35-365462-1FORTINNVMNFORTIN Fortin Amplification Blade Boost SAW Guitar pedal FORTIN Black and red fortin amplificartion blade pedal, w/ black stars,$229.95
P35-365461-5KokkoDC90Kokko DC90 COMPRESSOR PEDAL Silver, black acc, compressor pedal, good condition$19.95
P35-365461-4CUVAVE9VDCCUVAVE True Bypass 9VDC FUZZ PEDAL Gold and black acc, fuzz pedal, descent condition,$19.95
P35-365461-3BossTU-3Boss TU-3 CHROMATIC PEDAL Black and white with organge lettering,$69.95
P35-365461-2Electro HarmonixNANO LOOPERElectro Harmonix NANO LOOPER NANO GUITAR PEDAL White with blue and black writing,good condition, decscent condition,$69.95
P35-365311-5WashburnLLAG1Washburn LLAG1 GUITAR In black carrying case little lyon guitar ok condition$39.95
P35-365311-2MarshallMT-1Marshall MT-1 guitar tuner In plastic bag silver marshall tuner with orange$9.95
P35-365311-1Ultimate Support13710 GS-100Ultimate Support 13710 GS-100 guitar stand Black with red details ultimate support guitar stand$19.95
P35-365310-1JBLJRX125JBL JRX125 SPEAKER Jbl jrx 125black set of 2 speakers tested$499.95
P35-365301-2Samson56698Samson 56698 MICROPHONE Nb4 in black og box samson mic with everything$19.95
P35-365080-2YamahaMG32/14FXYamaha MG32/14FX MIXER 32 channel analog mixer w blue yamaha$329.95
P35-365080-1JBLJRX125JBL JRX125 Full Range Speaker Set Set of two jbl jrx125 black speakers$499.95
P35-365046-1KUSTOMQ412AKUSTOM Q412A SPEAKER Black with silver and white kustom speaker cab, no cords the wear and tear on the cab is very visible leather is peeling$149.95
P35-365045-1PeaveyNVMNPeavey NVMN SPEAKER Large black speaker cab no power cords silver strips down the side of the front serial number normal wear and tear not legible$149.95
P35-365044-1MRSHALL AMPLIFICATIONSG100R CDMRSHALL AMPLIFICATIONS G100R CD amp Rectangle amp head with tan where the knobs are includes power cords says marshall in big white cursive letters in the front$239.95
P35-364974-1Cordoba15CMCordoba 15CM GUITAR Classical acoustin guitar brown with white trimming$79.95
P35-364918-4Radio Shack33-3002Radio Shack 33-3002 MICROPHONE Wired mic in black and red pentax bag used condition$9.95
P35-364918-3KorgGA-1Korg GA-1 TUNER Guitar/bass tuner$9.95
P35-364918-2DodFX54Dod FX54 guitar pedal Red guitar pedal missing back cover used condition$59.95
P35-364918-1SonyECM-MS908CSony ECM-MS908C MICROPHONE Sony mic good condition goldish tone$29.95
P35-364826-103Sabian B8 16” Thin Crash Cymabl$69.95
P35-364826-102Sabian B8 14” Thin Crash Cymbal$59.95
P35-364826-101Sabian Cymbal 13” Hi Hat Set Two PC Set$89.95
P35-364793-3TamaNONETama NONE STAND Snare stand silver only says japan no other visible markings$19.95
P35-364793-1MaestroMACINACHNEEDS WORK Maestro MACINACH GUITAR Acoustic brown wood seperating neck from base$59.95
P35-364792-1Line 6HD750Line 6 HD750 amp Silver with black label has large handles in the front bass am 10 knobs no power cords 750 watts$449.95
P35-364623-5NoneNONENone NONE Monitor Set Set of two no make nomitors wedge ve on one$84.95
P35-364623-4QscRMX850Qsc RMX850 Amplifier Rack mont qsc amp rmx850$199.95
P35-364623-3Peavey115TLMPeavey 115TLM Peavey Monitor Single wedge monitor$89.95
P35-364623-2Peavey115TLMPeavey 115TLM Peavey Monitor Single peavery wedge monitor,$89.95
P35-364623-1Dbx266XLDbx 266XL COMPRESSOR Rack mount dbx no power cord conpressor$79.95
P35-364621-2PeaveyPV1200Peavey PV1200 Amplifier Rack mount amplifier peavey 1200$269.95
P35-364621-1PeaveyPV 1200Peavey PV 1200 Amplifier Rack mount peavey pv1200 music amplifier$269.95
P35-364574-2FenderSQUIRE STRATFender SQUIRE STRAT GUITAR Fender squire, in black road runner carry bag, white and grey$174.95
P35-364574-1FenderMUSTANG 1Fender MUSTANG 1 amplifier Black corded fender amp, fender dsp mustang 1 (v.2)$139.95
P35-364507-1QscMX1500Qsc MX1500 amp Amp, black, rack-mount, black,$219.95
P35-364474-1YamahaDTXPLYamaha DTXPL drum set Electric silver with yamaha power source includes cords and power cord stands and all pads$399.95
P35-364312-1FenderSHOWMASTER SSS STRAOCASTERFender SHOWMASTER SSS STRAOCASTER Electric Guitar In black semi hard case showmaster sss stratocaster maple quilted$849.95
P35-363821-1MpDW 4000Mp DW 4000 PEDAL Drumset pedal double bass pedal pretty worn the chain is a little rusty$139.95
P35-363770-1EpiphoneFT-120Epiphone FT-120 Acoustic guitar In black case, vintage nordin lawsuite era epiphone good conditoin bissing saddle bone$199.95
P35-363768-1AcousticG20Acoustic G20 Guitar Amp Acoustic brand w power cord silver and black g20$74.95
P35-363766-1FenderRUMBLE PR497Fender RUMBLE PR497 BASS AMP Fender rubmle bass amp good conditon black$79.95
P35-363760-401Stompbox Guitar pedal Holder Black Stompox metal$9.95
P35-363760-4DunlopGCB-95Dunlop GCB-95 PEDAL Dunlop GCB-95 PEDAL Black cry baby pedal$49.95
P35-363542-1Main SteetMAS38TRMain Steet MAS38TR GUITAR Red acoustic main street guitar good condition, bought here$69.95
P35-363516-1CORT GUITARSNVMNCORT GUITARS NVMN GUITAR Wood grain guitar with pick guard flap$379.95
P35-363492-2RbiNVMNRbi NVMN chromaharp In black case chroaharp good condition$139.95
P35-363470-3TGTANARATG TANARA GUITAR Black guitar with white pick guard$89.95
P35-363470-2FenderSTRATFender STRAT guitar Black and crème guitar with missing back panel$199.95
P35-363353-4PeaveyPV215Peavey PV215 speaker pa Set of two tall black peavey speakers 700 watts each$469.95
P35-363353-3PeaveyPV118Peavey PV118 speaker sub Speaker subwoofer 400 watt$319.95
P35-363353-2PeavyPV118Peavy PV118 speakers sub Speaker subwoofer, short 400watts$319.95
P35-363353-1DodR-430Dod R-430 EQUALIZER Black equalizer with no accessoires$89.95
P35-363217-1Takamine & Co.F-340Takamine & Co. F-340 guitar Acoustic guitar in black hard case with kapo, made in japan.$479.95
P35-363176-1ANTARESAS-26SSCANTARES AS-26SSC GUITAR Grey electric guitar star design no case has some scuffs here and there$239.95
P35-362873-1IbanezRG220BIbanez RG220B Electric guitar No case, greyish purple ibanez w floyd rose$249.95
P35-362830-1Jay TurserJT-50Jay Turser JT-50 Electric Guitar In soft gig bag, brownish sg, jay turser jt-50$249.95
P35-362816-1Martin And CoCUSTOM MMVMartin And Co CUSTOM MMV Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar Martin custom mmv from guitar center w couple dings and dents, in hard case great condition$1369.95
P35-362691-1NUMARKpt01 scratchNUMARK pt01 scratch TURN TABLE Turn table portable no cord battery poweredblak w/ anime sticker$109.95
P35-362660-1VOXac15c1VOX ac15c1 amplifier Guitar tube amp black and brown diamond pattern 100w$529.95
P35-362527-1TascamCD-302Tascam CD-302 cd controller Cd controller, dual cd player, all black, left side has mount bracket, untested, ight work$49.95
P35-362188-1AkaiFIREAkai FIRE MIDI CONTROLLER Red with black grid, has cord, nb4 good condition,$99.95
P35-362028-1BEHRINGEREUROLIVE B212DBEHRINGER EUROLIVE B212D powered pa speaker Powered pa speaker, 12” 2 way, powered, tested, missing front badge$174.95
P35-361885-1GretschG5420T RED SPARKLEGretsch G5420T Electromatic Hollowbody RED SPARKLE GUITAR In grey road runner hard case, LIKE NEW Limited Guitar Center edition Bigsby$739.95
P35-361739-306Multi Rods Black SBL Multi Rods Drumsticks Model #ASBS-15$7.95
P35-361739-304HHX X-Treme Crash SABIAN LIKE NEW$219.95
P35-361681-1Ibanez Sound GearAF75-TRS-12-05Ibanez Sound Gear AF75-TRS-12-05 GUITAR Black hard case, red ombre with black guitar, no damage nb4$359.95
P35-361464-1YamahaEG112CYamaha EG112C GUITAR E guitar no case , strat style white pick guard , black body , chipped on bottom$119.95
P35-361409-1VOXVT20XVOX VT20X amplifier Black and gold guitar amplifier w/ cord$139.95
P35-361403-2MarshallMC412AMarshall MC412A speaker Cabinet, good condition$349.95
P35-361403-1MarshallJCM900Marshall JCM900 guitar amp Marshall JCM900 guitar amp Good Condition Made in England condition, w/ cords in plastic bag$999.95
P35-361232-5FenderNVMNFender NVMN SPEAKER (P.A.) Tan speaker in og box with no accessories$29.95
P35-361232-4BbeWINDOWPANE SILICON FUZZBbe WINDOWPANE SILICON FUZZ guitar pedal Silver guitar pedal in og box, no accessories$74.95
P35-361232-3MarshallPEDL-00009Marshall PEDL-00009 guitar pedal Black guitar pedal with cord$24.95
P35-361232-2Tubularmods16UTubularmods 16U JUICE BOX guitar pedal White and orange guitar pedal, no accessories$59.95
P35-361232-1WingoJX-09Wingo JX-09 capo Woodgrain capo in og box$11.95
P35-361208-4Bbe362NRBbe 362NR digital noise reducer Sonic Maximizer, good condition,$69.95
P35-361208-2NsiDDS 8800Nsi DDS 8800 digital dimming system, 8 channel, good condition$274.95
P35-360938-2VOXV845VOX V845 PEDAL Black vox guitar pedal, large size, nb4, no power supply$59.95
P35-360903-3EliminatorELECTRO 4 PAKEliminator ELECTRO 4 PAK LIGHTS Nb4 4 lights$99.95
P35-360903-2ChauvetVUE 6.1Chauvet VUE 6.1 LIGHTS Nb4 dance lights in og box$149.95
P35-360755-2BlueYETI BLACKOUTBlue YETI BLACKOUT MICROPHONE Black in og box like new never used yet$119.95
P35-360345-1BossDS-1Boss DS-1 guitar pedal In blak case black distortion pedal, sn torn up a bit, cant read great condition$49.95
P35-360204-3AkaiMPK25Akai MPK25 KEYBOARD Black, good condition$139.95
P35-360204-2Focusrite2I 2Focusrite 2I 2 audio interface Red and black, good condition, nb4$79.95
P35-360204-1Serato RaneSL2Serato Rane SL2 control interface Black, good condition$149.95
P35-359847-1SamsonGO MICSamson GO MIC MICROPHONE Small tiny microphone in black pouch$34.95
P35-359391-1JulianB25SJulian B25S GUITAR Vintage western japan lawsuit kurosawa$499.95
P35-358934-1AudixADX-51Audix ADX-51 MICROPHONE Audix microphone adx-51 black$129.95
P35-357530-3UdhVOCOPROUdh VOCOPRO audio transmiter Black, good condition$29.95
P35-357530-1SennheiserEW100Sennheiser EW100 reciever w 1 sk100 Transmiter Black, w/ power cord, two antena on the back$139.95
P35-357292-1Line 6FLEXTONEII HDLine 6 FLEXTONEII HD Guitar Amp head Black purchased here no power cord works good flextone ii hd$199.95
P35-356546-1SennheiserEW100Sennheiser EW100 Wireless Mic Receiver / Transmiter Two SK100 transmitters, both working with one receiver with power cord, works$339.95
P35-356539-1JacksonDKAF7Jackson DKAF7 Electric guitar Jackson dinky arch top dkaf7 ms – gloss black 7-string multi-scale solidbody electric guitar w strap excelletn condition$419.95
P35-356345-4BackbusterNVMNBackbuster NVMN backbuster Backbuster guitar plug in package$7.95
P35-356144-1ShureSM61Shure SM61 MICROPHONE Mic, slver, w clear mesh cover, has some writing etched in$94.95
P35-356134-2DeccaNVMNDecca (TiESCO) Vintage GUITAR Brown acoustic made in Japan$89.95
P35-355960-1BEHRINGERPPA2000BTBEHRINGER PPA2000BT SPEAKER (P.A.) Black behringer, europora ppa2000b$619.95
P35-355639-1HarmonyH160EHarmony H160E ACOU GUITAR In black hard case, acoustic guitar in good condition$119.95
P35-355599-1Rid Enour147Rid Enour 147 CLARINET In dark green hardcase, resin, very good condition,$89.95
P35-355500-1PioneerDDJ-400Pioneer DDJ-400 DJ controller Black pioneer dj controller, w/ power cord, good condition,$229.95
P35-354493-1BEHRINGERUB1622FX-PROBEHRINGER UB1622FX-PRO MIXER Silver small pa mixer, with power cord and other cords, a little dirty, works, 12 channel$179.95
P35-354492-2QfxUNKNOWNQfx SBX-1500SA subwoofer Black ps powered subwoofer, with led lights on front of sub, good condition, with power cord$229.95
P35-354492-1QfxUNKNOWNQfx SINGLE SBX-1500SA subwoofer Pa subwoofer, black on wheels, powered, has led lights on sub, good condition$229.95
P35-354490-1Seismic AudioSA-10MSeismic Audio SA-10M floor monitors Two floor monitors, non powered, black with grills intact, older$119.95
P35-354186-1VhtSPECIAL 6 ULTRAVht SPECIAL 6 ULTRA Tube Amp Head Black and white vht tube amp head, with power cord, good condition, tested,$329.95
P35-354172-2YamahaNVMNYamaha NVMN snare drum stand Silver metal yamaha snare stand$29.95
P35-354172-1YamahaNVMNYamaha NVMN snare drum stands Silver yamaha snare drum stand$29.95
P35-351350-1HarvestSC-202PPLHarvest SC-202PPL GUITAR Purple harvest guitar,$69.95
P35-348786-1AcousticB500HAcoustic B600H BASS AMP Black older style bass amp head. Tested. Normal wear/$169.95
P35-347623-1EpiphoneLES PAULEpiphone LES PAUL GUITAR 6 sting electric guitar black Tuners Upgraded$349.95
P35-347495-1NeewerNW-100Neewer NW-100 phantom power box Phantom power box, w power supply$14.95
P35-343340-1GretschELECTROMATICGretsch ELECTROMATIC GUITAR E guitar, silver and black, w white pickguard, china, has black strap$479.95
P35-330535-3BiampEQ/270ABiamp EQ/270A EQUALIZER Biamp equalizer, tested works$39.95
P35-314634-101EdisonED-8800kCD Turntable Mixer Edison Professional, One Pitch Knob broken off, otherwise good Two Piece Rackmount$69.95
N35-305790Fort BryanRG**Fort Bryan Guitar Strap Various Colors Nylon$4.95
N35-305789SnarkST8Snark Supertight All Instrument Tuner Clip On ST8 Black$19.95
N35-305788KacesKXA3Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag Kaces KXA3 Padded Black$31.95
N35-305787CaschaHH2036Cascha Premium Mahogany Concert Ukeulele Starter Pack HH2036$79.95
N35-305786CaschaHH2007Harmonica in Key of C – Cascha Blues Harp NEW$9.95
N35-305785ParachoHIDALGOParacho HIDALGO Bajo Sexto Thin Body Solid Top Cedar, NEW$339.95
N35-305784ParachoLAREDOParacho Bajo Quinto LAREDO Solid Cedar Top, NEW$339.95
N35-304788CHINAMale Speakon to Female 1/4 Adapter Black and Blue$11.95
N35-304441Fat BabyFBGB15Fat Boy Bass Amp Small Practice Amp for Bass Guitar FBGB15$59.95
N35-304439DX-QuantumA9Quantum 3.5mm Splitter Jack$2.49
N35-304435GEMINIGCI-XGA2000Gemini 2000 Watt Rack Mount DJ Amplifier GCI-XGA2000$159.95
N35-304434ZildjianZP1316Zildjian Planet Z Launch 3 Cymbal Pack NEW$119.95
N35-302132KONAK2SBKona K2SB Sunburst Guitar Thinbody acoustic$159.95
N35-302130KONAK1TRDKona K1TRD Transparent Red Acoustc Guitar$129.95
N35-302128KONAK1Kona K1 Dreadnought Acoustic Natural Finish Guitar$129.95
N35-302127Fat BoyFBT3NThumb Pics, Celluloid 3 Pack Fat Boy$5.95
N35-301853KONAKC1Kona KC1 Classical Spruce Top Guitar Natural$99.95
N35-301852KONAK101TRDKona K101TR Transparent Red Acoustic Guitar w EQ$129.95
N35-301772Main StreetMA241TRDMain Street 41” MA241TRD Dreadnought acoustic Transparent Red$99.95
N35-301771Main StreetMA241TRDMain Street 41” MA241TRD Dreadnought acoustic Transparent Red$99.95
N35-301770Main StreetAG41Main Street Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar AG41$89.95
N35-301769Main StreetAG41Main Street Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar AG41$89.95
N35-301768Main StreetAG41Main Street Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar AG41$89.95
N35-301767Main StreetAG41Main Street Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar AG41$89.95
N35-301766KONAK101Kona K101 Acoustic Guitar w EQ Natural Dreadnought Acoustic$129.95
N35-301765KONAK101Kona K101 Acoustic Guitar w EQ Natural Dreadnought Acoustic$129.95
N35-301764Main StreetMA36Main Street MA36 36” Student Acoustic Guitar nice$84.95
N35-301762Main StreetMA241Main Street MA241 Natural Acoustic Guitar Dreadnought$99.95
N35-301761Main StreetMA241Main Street MA241 Natural Acoustic Guitar Dreadnought$99.95
N35-301759Main StreetMAS241BKMAS241BK Main Street Dreadnought Acoustic Black Guitar Acoustic MAS241BK$99.95
N35-301758Main StreetMAS241CNMAS241CN Main Street Dreangought Cutaway Natural Acousticq$99.95
N35-301757Main StreetMAS241CNMAS241CN Main Street Dreangought Cutaway Natural Acoustic$99.95
N35-301755Main StreetMAC39Main Street 39” Nylon Classical Guitar MAC39$89.95
N35-301251ERNIE BALL9220EB Finger Picks Pack of 3 Metal Finger Picks$4.95
N35-301250ERNIE BALL2838EB 2838 – 6 String Bass Strings Slinky$29.99
N35-301249ERNIE BALL2824EB 2824 – 5 String Super Slinky Bass Strings$24.95
N35-301248ERNIE BALL9187EB 9187 – Ernie Ball Pick Buddy, No Adhesive Pick Holder$7.95
N35-301246ERNIE BALL2621EB 2621 – 7 String Slinky Electric Guitar 10-56$7.95
N35-300822SILVERTONESS15 CBLSS15 CBL Silvertone Revolver Double Cutaway Electric Guitar – Cobalt Blue$119.95
N35-300821SILVERTONESS15 CBLSS15 CBL Silvertone Revolver Double Cutaway Electric Guitar – Cobalt Blue$119.95
N35-300819SILVERTONE600 AVSSilvertone 600AVS Orchestra Body Acoustic Guitar in Vintage Sunburst Solid Spruce Top$269.95
N35-300818SILVERTONE600 AVSSilvertone 600AVS Orchestra Body Acoustic Guitar in Vintage Sunburst Solid Spruce Top$269.95
N35-300813SILVERTONE716 NSilvertone 716 N Orchestra Model Solid Spruce Top Acoustic Guitar – Natural Gloss$259.95
N35-300122YamahaCGS104AClassical Guuitar yamaha good Conditioin Wounds Great no Case$139.95
N35-299965KONAK2LTSBKona LEFT HANDED Dreadnought Acoustic Thin Body Guitar K2LTSB$149.95
N35-299964Diamond HeadDU107DU107 Blue Ukulele Diamodn Head Sporano w case$34.95
N35-299963Diamond HeadDU142Diamond Head Ukulele Hot rod Candy Apple Red DU142$39.95
N35-299962DIAMONDDU103DU103 Orange Diamond Head ukulele Soprano w Case$34.95
N35-299961Diamond HeadDU-133Diamond Head DU-133 Vintage Hawaii Sceene$39.95
N35-299960Diamond HeadDU-131Diamond Head Ukulele USA Flag DU 131$39.95
N35-299958SILVERTONE1303U2Silvertone Vintage Silverburst Electric Guitar 1303U2 SVB$299.95
N35-299957Diamond HeadDU142Diamond Head Soprano Ukulele DU142 Hot Rod Candy Apple Red$39.95
N35-299956Diamond HeadUD107Diamond Head Ukulele DU107 BLUE Soprano w Case$34.95
N35-299955KONAKUK100Kona Soprano Ukeulele, KUK100$39.95
N35-299953Diamond HeadDU109Diamond Head Ukulele White DU109$34.95
N35-299935AXE HeavenWN-302AXE Mini Trigger Replica, Willie Nelson WN-302$29.95
N35-299870NADYAXEHEADNady Systems AXEHEAD Headphone Guitar Amp$34.95
N35-298916KONAKUK100KUK100 Soprano Uke Kona Ukulele$39.95
N35-298915Trinity RiverRSN1ASTrinity River RSN1AS Mudslide Square Neck Resonator With Hard Shell Tolex Case$299.95
N35-298914Main StreetMAC39Classical 39” Guitar Nylon Strings, Main Street MAC39$84.95
N35-298253KONAK391L-HSBKona Left Handed 391 Honey Sunburst K391L-HSB NEW$99.95
N35-298252Main StreetMA241CNMain Street Acoustic MA241CN Catural Acoustic Guitar$99.95
N35-298250GPATB001Tamboring GP Peony Tambourine$11.95
N35-298025PylePDMICR42SLPyle Classic Retro Vintage-Style Dynamic Microphone – Silver PDMICR42SL$37.95
N35-296650VitoosGuitar Headphone Amp, Vitoos, NEW, Rechargable$29.95
N35-296607CHINARCA Spliter Y Cable Female to Left Right Male$2.95
N35-296344KONADGB2Kona Black Padded Guitar Case Wester / Concert Size$29.95
N35-296342Diamond HeadDU145DU145 Diamond Head Hot Rod Twilight Blue$44.95
N35-296341Diamond HeadDU149Diamond Head Hot Rod Cadillac Chrome Ukulele DU149$44.95
N35-296339Diamond HeadDU200PDiamond head ukulele Pinapple Soprano DU200P$49.95
N35-296323GPATB005Tamborine GP ATB005 Single Ring$11.95
N35-296318Fat BoyFBC-200Fat Boy Capo Various Colors FBC-200$9.95
N35-296316ZEBRAMB1616” Mirror Ball Disco Ball NEW$59.95
N35-296313KONAK391LKona LEFT HANDED K391L Acoustic 39” guitar NEW$104.95
N35-296311SILVERTONE604AVSSilvertone 604AVS Acoustic Solid Spruce Parlor Guitar$249.95
N35-295391Main StreetMAS38SBMain Street 38” Cutaway Acoustic Guitar MAS38SB SUNBURST$74.95
N35-294311KONAK1Kona K1 Natural Acoustic Guitar Dreadnought, NEW$129.95
N35-294306KONAK1GLKona K1GL Gloss Natural Cutaway Acoustic Guitar$129.95
N35-293571Diamond HeadDU108Diamond Head Soprano Ukulele Purple w Case DU108$34.95
N35-293570Diamond HeadDU105Diamond Head Uke Green Soprano w Case$34.95
N35-293561Fat BoyFBC-700BKFat Boy Capo FBC-700BK, Guitar Capo Black$9.95
N35-293558MirageAKS-7611Mirage keybaord Stand Folding X Frame$26.95
N35-293041Pig HogPCH20DBRPig Hog Braided Guitar Cable 20′ Daphne Blue Right Angle 1/4”$24.95
N35-293040Pig HogPCH20SGRPig Hog Braided Guitar Cable Sea Foam Green 20′ Right Angle 1/4”$24.95
N35-293036Darling DivasST950RLDarling Divas Guitar Raspberry Lipstick Electric Guitar ST950RL$109.95
N35-292943ZEBRAX352-25Zebra Speakon Cable 25′ Speakon to Speakon$26.95
N35-292941Main StreetMKB-5415Main Street Keyboard 54 key MKB-5415$79.95
N35-292936ChauvetTFXUVLEDChauvet Blacklight LED TFXUVLED$169.95
N35-292930KONAK2LTSBKona K2LTSB Left-Handed Acoustic Electric Dreadnought Cutaway Guitar in Tobacco Sunburst Finish$149.95
N35-292925SnarkSA2Snark 9 Volt Pedal Daisy Chain SA2 (Connects Pedals)$8.49
N35-291938AudiopipeATM810Tambourine Audiopipe ATM810$11.95
N35-291926Main StreetMAC39MAC39 Main Street 39” Classical Nylon String Guitar$84.95
N35-291920Silvertone Electric$0.0000
N35-291916SILVERTONE604MH-NS604MH-NS Silvertone Parlour Size All Mahogany Natural Satin Finish Acoustic$229.95
N35-291908Diamond HeadDU131Diamond Head Soprano Ukulele, Flag Top DU-131$39.95
N35-290434CHINARCA Female to RCA Female, Coupler$2.95
N35-290433CHINA3.5mm to 1/4” Stereo, Plastic or Gold Plate Adapter$2.95
N35-290432NONE3.5 COUPLER3.5mm Coupler. Plastic Female to Female 3.5mm$2.95
N35-290420Main StreetMAS241Main Street MA241 Dreadnought Guitar Acoustic Ntural$89.95
N35-290417DunlopDUN-428P.88Dunlop Pic Pack Med Hvy .88 12 Pack$4.95
N35-290415NONEMale XLR to Male 1/4” STEREO Adapter$4.95
N35-290202ARIA111-MTCSAria Vintage 100 Cherry Sunburst Acoustic NEW 111-MTSC Guitar$239.95
N35-290201ARIA111-MTTSARIA Vintage 100 Tobacco Sunburst Acoustic Guitar NEW 111-MTTS$239.95
N35-290088Fender0990515058Fender Original Series Guitar Cable 15ft Surf Green$27.95
N35-290087Fender0990520003Fender original Series Guitar Cable 18.6ft Coated Blue/Red$29.95
N35-290086Fender990542000Fender Musician Series Black Ear Plugs 22db 990542000$9.95
N35-290085NONE2340AAccordion Strap Leather, Universal Strap 2340A$34.95
N35-290083Pig HogPHGS-*Pig Hog Fat Foam Guitar Stand, Blue, Red, White, Green PHGS-$21.95
N35-290032PylePDWM96Pyle Wireless Mic System, Belt Pack Lavalier Lapel Mic$22.95
N35-290025PylePMHM2PYLE PMHM2 Headset Mic, Over Ear Hands Free Mic OMNI -Directional$19.95
N35-290023Nippin America MicrophoneDM18UDM18U Dynamic Microphone Kit w Cord Nippon / Zebra$19.95
N35-290020PylePDMIC78Pyle Dynamic Mic W Cord PDMIC78$19.95
N35-289846ChauvetINTIMSPOT110Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot 110 10W LED Moving-head Spot INTIMISPOT110$199.95
N35-289845ChauvetSCORPIONDUALChauvet Scorpion Dual Aerial Effect Dual Laser ScorpionDual$169.95
N35-289508GPGPDS2BNDrum Stick Oak 2B Nylon Tip GP$2.95
N35-289507SnarkSN5XSnark Clip-On Tuner Guitar, Bass, Violin SN5X$14.95
N35-289506KONAK391LLEFT HANDED K391L Natural Finish Acoustic Guitar$89.95
N35-289503KONAK41CBSKona Cherry Sunburst 41” Acoustic Guitar K41CSB$89.95
N35-289133NaCHINAUniversal Guitar Pedal Power Plug 9V Center Negative 300mA$9.95
N35-289114Fat BoyFBP12Fat Boy Assorted Pick Pack .46-.81MM 12 Pack$3.95
N35-289112ERNIE BALL4279EB Wonder Wipes 6 Multi Pack Guitar Care Pack 4279$2.99
N35-289111ERNIE BALL4222EB 4222 Guitar Polish With Cloth$6.99
N35-289110ERNIE BALL2326EB 2326 Ukulele Strings Concert/Soprano Nylon Ball end Uke Strings black$5.99
N35-289109ERNIE BALL9193Ernie Ball Picks -Heavy 1.0mm – Purple 12pk 9193$4.95
N35-289108ERNIE BALL9190Ernie Ball Pics -Medium .73MM- Orange 12pk 9190$4.95
N35-289106ERNIE BALL4119EB Pegwinder Assorted Colors Manual 4119$3.95
N35-283357DunlopDUN-428P1.0Dunlop Pic Pack Heavy 1.0 – 12 Pack$4.95
N35-283343KONAK391L-HSBKona K391L-HSB LEFT HANDED Acoustic 39” Honeyburst$99.95
N35-283339Diamond HeadDU100Diamond Head Ukulele Soprano Black w Case$34.95
N35-282554CHINANONEFemale RCA to 1/4” Male Adapter Gold Plated$2.95
N35-276030Diamond HeadDU118Diamond Head Soprano Ukulele Violet with case$34.95
N35-272194PylePCBL41Speakon Male to 1/4” Female Adapter$9.95
N35-266839Oscar SchmidtOC1OC1 Oscar Schmidt Classical Guitar 3/4 Size$89.95
N35-264150Diamond HeadDU104Diamond Head Soprano Ukulele Yellow With case$34.95
N35-264126ZEBRAN122CLZebra Studio-Z 20 Foot Tweed Guitar Cable 1/4” N122CL$15.95
N35-256854DonnerPOWER SUPPLYDonner Guitar Effect Pedal 10 Way Power Supply For Guitar Effects Pedals 9V 12V 18V DC$49.95
N35-256851DonnerDC-2Donner DC-2 Quick Change Guitar Trigger Capo for Electric/Acoustic Guitar$13.95
N35-256075ERNIE BALL6058EB 25ft Braided Guitar Cable, Straight to Right-Angle, Tangle Resistant Assorted Colors – 6058,6060,6062,6063,6064,6068,6069,6070$32.95
N35-248956AquilaAQ-7UUkulele Strings Concert Uke Aquila AQ-7U$6.95
N35-248955AquilaAQ-4UUkulele Strings – Soprano Uke Set Aquila$6.95
N35-243526CHINA48VPhantom Power Supply 48V$19.95
N35-241097CHINANONEBanana Plug Ends for Speakers Set left and Right$1.49
N35-239604NO MAKEBDMA6Mic Holder Expandable Mic Clip$3.95
N35-239269KorgWDT-1Korg Wall Tuner with Send Unit, WDT-1 KORG$199.95
N35-238422ERNIE BALL2723EB 2723 Cobalt Super Slinky Electric Strings 2723$9.95
N35-238421ERNIE BALL2721EB 2721 Cobalt Regular Slinky Electric Strings 2721$9.95
N35-238420ERNIE BALL2720EB 2720 Cobalt Power Slinky Electric Strings 2720$9.95
N35-237706CHINA1/4” Female to 3.5mm Male Adapter Gold Plated Plastic Outer STEREO$2.95
N35-237705CHINAMetal 1/4” Female Coupler Metal$3.95
N35-237704CHINAMale XLR to Male 1/4” MONO$4.95
N35-237703CHINAFemale XLR to Female XLR Coupler / Adapter$4.95
N35-237702CHINAFemale XLR to 1/4” Male STEREO Adapter$4.95
N35-237701CHINA1/41/4” Male to Male Coupler$2.95
N35-234578Korg201509-AB1 201600-R00Right-On Strap Lock Guitar Strap Lock$5.99
N35-231459DEAN MARKLEYDM3010Acoustic Guitar Pickup Promag Plus Single Coil Dean Markley DM3010$44.95
N35-231112DEAN MARKLEY2304Banjo Strings 5 String Medium lite 10-24 Dean Markley 2304$4.5
N35-230305DEAN MARKLEYDM2402Dean Markley Mandolin Strings Phosphor Bronze Light DM2402$4.99
N35-230247Dean MarkleyDM2096Dean Sarkley Bajo Sexto Strings SX# 2096 Doce Cuerdas$16.99
N35-230246Dean MarkleyDM2095Dean Markley Bajo Quinto Strings QN# 2095 Diaz Cuerdas$12.99
N35-227304No Make202-##23” Acoustic Guitar, toy Guitar various Colors$19.95
N35-227303Fat BoyG101Fat Boy 10 ft Straight Guitar Cord$4.95
N35-226994ERNIE BALL2144EB 2144 Power Slinky Acoustic Phosphor Bronze$5.99
N35-226993ERNIE BALL2241EB 2241 RPS Hybrid Slinky 2241$5.99
N35-226991ERNIE BALL2051EB 2051 Earthwood 12 String Soft Silk & Steel 9-46$11.99
N35-218242Diamond HeadDU103Diamond Head Ukulele, Soprano Orange$34.95
N35-214721Quick TuneGP1Guitar Professor, Tuner Chord Finder Pitch Pipe$19.95
N35-210893ZEBRADM38Zebra Dynamic Microphone DM38$19.95
N35-206324GPGPDS5ADrum Sticks Oak Wood Tip Size 5A$2.95
N35-206323GPGPDS5ANDrum Sticks Nylon Tip Size 5A$2.99
N35-205839ERNIE BALL2548EB 2548 Coated Phosphor Bronze LIGHT$12.99
N35-205838ERNIE BALL2546EB 2546 Coated Phosphor Bronze Med Light$12.99
N35-205837ERNIE BALL2544EB 2544 Coated Phosphor Bronze MEDIUM$12.99
N35-205836ERNIE BALL3123EB 3123 Coated Super Slinky 3123$11.99
N35-205835ERNIE BALL3121EB 3121 Coated Slinky Regular$11.99
N35-205834ERNIE BALL2012EB 2012 Earthwood 12 String Medium$9.99
N35-205833ERNIE BALL2010EB 2010 Earthwound 12 String Light$9.99
N35-199913NO MAKEFemale XLR to 1/4” Female Adapter Stereo$4.95
N35-199911NO MAKEFemale 1/4” to Female 1/4” Adapter / Coupler PLASTIC$2.95
N35-199910NO MAKEMale XLR to Male XLR Adapter/Coupler$4.95
N35-199310NO MAKEMS5Mic Stand with Boom Mic Holder Tripod Base MS5$29.95
N35-199306KONADGB2EKona Padded Gig Bag for Electric Guitar$29.95
N35-199291Fat BoyFB-PATCH108Fat Boy 10” Guitar Patch Cable Pack$9.95
N35-197107ERNIE BALL2409EB 2409 Ernesto Pallo Nylon ball End Classical Guitar Strings 2409$5.99
N35-197106ERNIE BALL2403EB 2403 Nylon Ernesto Palla Nylon Clear and Silver Classical Guitar Strings 2403$5.99
N35-197104ERNIE BALL9226EB Pick Pack Glow in the Dark Heavy 9226$4.75
N35-195995MirageMUS020Mirage Folding Music Stand w Case$9.95
N35-193735KONAK1TRDKona K1 Trans Red Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar$89.95
N35-192496CHINAMS2Mic Stand Singer Weighted Base$29.95
N35-192495DunlopDUN-5010SIDunlop Mic Stand Pic Holder$4.95
N35-192494Fat BoyFB-ML2-10CBI USA Ballanced XLR Cable 10 Foot$12.95
N35-185985ERNIE BALL2570EB 2570 Aluminum Bronze Extra Light Acoustic$8.99
N35-185984ERNIE BALL2568EB 2568 Aluminum Bronze Light Acoustic$8.99
N35-185983ERNIE BALL2566EB 2566 Aluminum Bronze Medium Light Acoustic$8.99
N35-185982ERNIE BALL2564EB 2564 Aluminum Bronze Medium Acoustic$8.99
N35-185981ERNIE BALL2923EB 2923 M-Steel Super Slinky Electric$12.99
N35-185980ERNIE BALL2922EB 2922 M-Steel Hybrid Steel Electric$12.99
N35-185979ERNIE BALL2921EB 2921 M-Steel Regular Slinky$12.99
N35-185978ERNIE BALL2920EB 2920 M-Steel Power Slinky Electric$12.99
N35-185977ERNIE BALL2915EB 2915 M-Steel Skinny top Heavy Bottom$12.99
N35-185976ERNIE BALL2148EB 2148 Acoustic Super Slinky$6.99
N35-185975ERNIE BALL2146EB 2146 Acoustic Regular Slinky$6.99
N35-174576ERNIE BALL40344035EB Guitar Strap Assorted Colors, 4034,4035-color assrt$4.95
N35-174575ERNIE BALL2006EB 2006 Acoustic Erthwd Extra Light, 2006$5.99
N35-174574ERNIE BALL2833EB Bass Hybrid 2833$19.99
N35-174573ERNIE BALL2831EB Bass Power 2831$19.99
N35-173471Planet WavesPW-CP-07Planet Waves NS Capo lite PW-CP-07$12.95
N35-173469AliceA007AAlice Advanced Alloy Acoustic Capo A007A$11.95
N35-173468AliceA007D-AAlice Alloy Acoustic Guitar Capo, A007D-A$12.95
N35-158314StagelineG640Guitar Stand, Tubular, StageLine$14.95
N35-156833ERNIE BALL7021 TABEB TAB Book, 7021$6.5
N35-156832ERNIE BALL7010EB Chords – Easy, 7010$8.95
N35-156831ERNIE BALL7002 PHASE TWOEB Play Guitar Phase TWO, 7002$8.95
N35-156830ERNIE BALL7001 PHASE ONEEB Play Guitar Phase ONE, 7001 Method$8.95
N35-156826ERNIE BALL2004EB Acoustic ERTHWD LIGHT, 2004$5.99
N35-156825ERNIE BALL2003EB 2003 Acoustic ERTHWD Med’m-Light, 2003$5.99
N35-156824ERNIE BALL2002EB 2002 Acoustic ERTHWD Med’m 2002$5.99
N35-156823ERNIE BALL2834EB Bass Super Slinky, 2834, 2834$19.99
N35-156821ERNIE BALL2223EB 2223 Super Slinky, nickel, 2223$5.99
N35-156820ERNIE BALL2222EB 2222 Hybrid Slinky, Nickel$5.99
N35-156819ERNIE BALL2221EB 2221 Regular Slinky, Nickel, 2221$5.99
N35-152550Fat BoyA021BK-SAcoustic Bridge pins/pegs, Black$3.95
N35-152549Fat BoyA021IVY-SAcoustic Bridge Pegs/Pins Ivory$3.95
N35-150491Fat BoyFB-XLR25BXLR Mic Cable, 25′ Fat boy ultimate$26.95
N35-150487Fat BoyFB-SC145050′ Speaker Cable Neutrik Fat boy$39.95
N35-141897Fat BoyFB-GA110Guitar Cable, 10ft 1/4” Fat boy$9.95
N35-141896Fat BoyFB-MH15Mic Cable XLR – 1/4” 15ft$16.95
N35-141895Fat BoyCI39020Cloth 20ft Tweed Cable 1/4” Fatboy$15.95
N35-141893ERNIE BALL2225EB 2225 Extra Slinky 2225 Blue$5.99
N35-141890ERNIE BALL2220EB 2220 Nickel Power Slinky$5.99
N35-128128Fat BoyFB-CB2-Z716-1Fat boy pro Female 1/4 to male Banana$14.95
N35-124977MirageFJ-1Fog Juice 1 Gallon Mirage FJ-1$19.95
N35-111346NO MAKEMHL33 Pin Female XLR to 1/4” Male Adapter MONO$4.95
M20437112674D.M. BLUESTEEL BASS MED LT 2674$19.99
B35-367020-1AlesisQUADRASYNTH PLUS PIANOAlesis QUADRASYNTH PLUS PIANO Synthesizer One key is cracked but works fine. All sem to work, no disc, black alesis$199.95
B35-366915-1FenderP52-SFender P52-S MICROPHONE Wired fender microphone w/ cord$14.95
B35-366896-1MarshallMG30CFXMarshall MG30CFX amplifier Marshall guitar amplifier$189.95
B35-366753-3AlesisMICROVERB4Alesis MICROVERB4 processor Cual channel black processor no cord$129.95
B35-366753-1SamsonSR55Samson SR55 transmitter system Transmitter system w/ power cord$49.95
B35-366667-2CrateGX-30MCrate GX-30M amp Black 10 inch crate gx-30m guitar amp, used condition$99.95
B35-366667-1PeavyBANDIT 112Peavy BANDIT 112 amp Black 12inch peaavy bandit 112 guitar amp, used condition,$119.95
B35-366664-6APPLAUSEAA13APPLAUSE AA13 GUITAR Tan and blackk back. Good condition$129.95
B35-366664-3Field ArmorSTRYKER SERIESField Armor STRYKER SERIES armor vest Black w/red motorcylce armor vest. Dirty but good condition$34.95
B35-366664-2FirstgearNVMNFirstgear NVMN pants Black men’s motorcycle pants. Good condition$24.95
B35-366599-2Presonus48VPresonus 48V audio box Nb4 white and black with blue usb cord , usb audio box$59.95
B35-366552-3NADY201 VHFNADY 201 VHF receiver Guitar receiver black with accessories and power cords$24.95
B35-366545-2Electro HarmonixHOTTUBES OVERTIMEElectro Harmonix HOTTUBES OVERTIME PEDAL Guitar in og box like new condition$59.95
B35-366517-1HohnerAS305Hohner AS305 hohner guitar Like new dark and light brown hohner guiter$159.95
B35-366457-2PeaveyTNT100Peavey TNT100 peavey amp Black and silver peavey corded amp works fine tested some wear speakers have some wiring but otherwise works fine$119.95
B35-366457-1YamahaPSR140Yamaha PSR140 yamaha keyboard Blue and grey corded yamaha keyboard , works fine teste$89.95
B35-366443-1FenderFRONTMAN 25RFender FRONTMAN 25R guitar amp Fender frontman 25r guitar amp, no power cord, tested, works, good condition$74.95
B35-366329-1YamahaMG32/14FXYamaha MG32/14FX MIXER Yamaha bigger mixer$299.95
B35-366314-1Conn16BAUCTION Conn 16B TRUMPET Vintage trumpet, prety rough condition w 7c mouthpiece$89.95
B35-366271-1SEBO FELIXFELIXAUCTIONI SEBO FELIX FELIX VACUUM Blue and white sebo felix vacuum, w accessories. Good working condition. Comes w/extra bags. Good condition$299.95
B35-366210-1BossBF-2Boss BF-2 guitar pedal Guitar pedal, purple and black, flanger, shows wear$69.95
B35-366199-1BACHTROMBONEBACH TROMBONE TROMBONE In black hard case no mouthpiece few dents not too bad$119.95
B35-366187-1ProfessionalTR126Professional TR126 SPEAKER (P.A.) Large dj pair speakers wear and tear Set of two Great conditon play great$499.95
B35-366177-1Radio Shack32-2039Radio Shack 32-2039 PA Amplifier Black pa amp 4 channel black rack mount good condision$69.95
B35-366081-1NsiMC 7008Nsi MC 7008 lighting controller Lighing controller, dark grey, w black sliders and gold lines, little older but good condition, w power supply$39.95
B35-365977-3OakleyRADAR LOCKSOakley RADAR LOCKS SUN GLASSES White border w/blue lines and greenish orangish lens. Has 4 different lense replacements. Some damage. In case w/instructions$49.95
B35-365931-1M AudioAXIOM PRO 49M Audio AXIOM PRO 49 MIDI CONTROLLER Bigger in og box white midi controller tested turns on$199.95
B35-365812-1CobraS500Cobra S500 cobra speaker Silver cobra speaker decent condition$9.95
B35-365742-2BEHRINGERTU100BEHRINGER TU100 Tuning pedal Grety behringer tuner pedal$19.95
B35-365742-1Line 6SPYDER IV 75Line 6 SPYDER IV 75 Amplifier Spider iv line 6 single speaker 75 watt good codition$199.95
B35-365635-1PhantomNVMNPhantom NVMN power supplier In og box phantom power 48v$19.95
B35-365590-1EpiphoneLES PAUL STANDARD PROEpiphone LES PAUL STANDARD PRO GUITAR Blue epiphone les paul guitar very nice condition no case tested works well$399.95
B35-365326-2RogueSO-069-RM100A-SNRogue SO-069-RM100A-SN mandolin guitar Rogue mandolin guitar in good condition comes with carrying case$99.95
B35-365114-1YamahaF-315AYamaha F-315A GUITAR Yamaha guitar has damage all over sounds good still$99.95
B35-365092-1MeinlEARTH RHYTHMMeinl EARTH RHYTHM drum Black with brown african rope tuned djembe geo design torn on the leather black rope still has tags$99.95
B35-365055-1AlvarezRD8Alvarez RD8 acoustic guitar In black hard case, light brown finish with black pickguard, has drop damage on bottom, not too bad, one string popped,$199.95
B35-364830-2Tc HeliconVOICELIVE PLAYTc Helicon VOICELIVE PLAY Effects Processor Voiceliveplay tc helicon, blue w power cord$199.95
B35-364830-1SILVERTONESSG-21/WRSILVERTONE SSG-21/WR Electric Guitar Red sg by samick silvertone, works good$139.95
B35-364828-1FenderKXRFender KXR amplifier Black keyboard amplifier good condition electric 360w$229.95
B35-364814-1SigmaACOUSTIC AC30RSigma ACOUSTIC AC30R Acoustic Guitar Amp Vocal and guitar amp, brown, w green fabric$99.95
B35-364733-1ZildjianZBT RIDEZildjian ZBT RIDE CYMBAL Large zildjian zbt drum ride cymbal, used condition 20”$69.95
B35-364097-1ZOOMH4N PROZOOM H4N PRO recorded Black and silver handheld 4 track recorder, good condition, battery operated$119.95
B35-364049-2PioneerSE-50Pioneer SE-50 Headphones Vintage pioneer se50 white headphone sin orig box$29.95
B35-364049-1PioneerSE-50Pioneer SE-50 Vintage headphones In original case pioneer white soft foam vintage se-50$29.95
B35-363976-1Lp AspireNVMNLp Aspire NVMN conga drum Deep turqouise conga drums with stand$399.95
B35-363863-1LudwigBLACK DIAMOND PEARLLudwig BLACK DIAMOND PEARL Floor Tom 16” keystone black diamond pearl no bottom rim 3 legs$379.95
B35-363700-1EpiphoneSG SPECIALEpiphone SG SPECIAL GUITAR Epiphone sg special red with brown neck inside a black soft case$179.95
B35-363669-1PresonusSTUDIOLIVE 32.4.2AIPresonus STUDIOLIVE 32.4.2AI mixer Digital large mixer,32 channel, in hard case with power cord,$2599.95
B35-363617-1AlesisMELODY61MK2Alesis MELODY61MK2 KEYBOARD Melody 61 w power cord and works great$89.95
B35-363413-3RadioDELICIARadio DELICIA HARMONICA Og red and yellow box, radio harmonica,wood and chrome harmonica,$9.95
B35-363328-1QscKW152BLKQsc KW152,BLK P.A speaker Two qsc kw series speakers w/ cords$1699.95
B35-362882-6JBLJRX118SPJBL JRX118SP Powered Subwoofer Black carpeted subwoofer 18” jbl nice$399.95
B35-362882-5Dbx215SDbx 215S EQUALIZER Rack mount ez w power cord like new$89.95
B35-362688-1DEANAK48DEAN AK48 GUITAR Wood acoustic guitar, great condition$229.95
B35-362548-1EpiphoneLES PAULEpiphone LES PAUL GUITAR Epiphone cherry burst guitar good condition inside a black hard case$349.95
B35-362459-1KUSTOMKSC10KUSTOM KSC10 speaker monitor Kustom black speaker not powered$49.95
B35-362456-5Audio TechnicaAT2020 USBAudio Technica AT2020 USB Microphone In og box, at2020 usb, w case and cord good conditoin$79.95
B35-362433-4SQUIER (BY FENDER)SQUIRE MINISQUIER (BY FENDER) SQUIRE MINI GUITAR In road runner soft bag, pink squire mini, good condition tested works$149.95
B35-362391-301Folding Guitar Stand Rock Stand$11.95
B35-361706-1Electro HarmonixCOCK FIGHT PLUSElectro Harmonix COCK FIGHT PLUS Wah Pedal In og box great conditoin cock fight plus$109.95
B35-361489-1AmpegPF500Ampeg PF500 AMP Bass amp, tested, good condition$309.95
B35-361085-1Harmony367.66009Harmony 367.66009 GUITAR Acoustic guitar older in white old hard case made by sears$89.95
B35-360888-1BEHRINGERFS114BEHRINGER FS114 PEDAL Behringer foot pedal for amps gold with black$29.95
B35-360524-1FenderSTRATOCASTER Fender Stratocaster MIM Blue Swirl, Special Edition, Made in Mexico$599.95
B35-360393-1RockvilleSBG1124Rockville SBG1124 pa speaker Pair of pa speakers black not aplified good condition$139.95
B35-359876-1BEHRINGERBG412HBEHRINGER BG412H SPEAKER Behringer ultgrastack gutiar speaker bg412h$174.95
B35-359754-2SamsonSERVO 120Samson SERVO 120 pa amplifer Samson amp servo 120 stereo amp$149.95
B35-359589-6MarshallCHANNEL BLENDMarshall CHANNEL BLEND Marshall Pedal Black marhsal chanel and blend pedal good conditon$29.95
B35-359589-5RogueWP-101Rogue WP-101 Wah Wah Pedal Rogue wp-101 no power cord takes battery$19.95
B35-359589-201Y amaha Small Volume Pedal$9.95
B35-359455-4FenderNONEFender NONE Footswitch Fender silver and black footswitch two channel$12.95
B35-359455-3MarshallNONEMarshall NONE Marshall Footswitch Vintag working three way marshall switch, chorus od and clean drive$29.95
B35-359273-4MarshallFOOT PEDALMarshall FOOT PEDAL Marshall Swith Pedal Marshall switch pedal$24.95
B35-359273-3PeaveyDELTABASSPeavey DELTABASS Bass Amp Head Bass head works good all black$199.95
B35-359273-2FenderFRONTMAN 212RFender FRONTMAN 212R Guitar Amp Fender 212 frontman 212r 2 12”$229.95
B35-359272-5MXRMICRO AMPMXR MICRO AMP Guitar Pedal Clean boost amp, white pedal, ok conditoin$59.95
B35-359272-3BossDD-2Boss DD-2 Guitar Pedal White digital delay dd-2$109.95
B35-359225-1REMOWORLD PERCUSSIONREMO WORLD PERCUSSION Djembe 16” Wold percussion by remo 16” remo 27” x 16” key-tuned earth tone finish djembe drum – dj001605$279.95
B35-358876-1MendiniMTB-LNMendini MTB-LN TROMBONE Excellent conditoin two small dents, w mouthpiece in black semi soft case w som eotheraccessories$219.95
B35-358728-3Peavey115 TIPeavey 115 TI Monitor Speaker Single Single montitor wedge, 15” works great$89.95
B35-358716-1BLUERIDGEBR-41 Blueridge Contemporary Series BR-41 ”Baby” Acoustic Guitar In Black Hard Case$439.95
B35-358386-2CrateC15Crate C15 amp Acoustic amp crate c15 green with black handle 15watts$89.95
B35-357441-1UltraKKS500BKUltra KKS500BK piano stand Black ultra keyboard stand in og box with plastic$29.95
B35-356707-1KINGTEMPO 606KING TEMPO 606 TROMBONE In hard case, some rust, slightly bent$79.95
B35-355973-1Peavey1210TSPeavey 1210TS Peavey Tower Speakers Set of two excellent condition peavey tower speakers, all speakers sound great$199.95
B35-355240-1RockvilleSBG1128Rockville SBG1128 subwoofer 600w black subwoofer not powered$69.95
B35-355203-6BossFV-50Boss FV-50 guitar pedal Guitar pedal, black and light blue/green, volume pedal$44.95
B35-354969-1FurmanGQ-15Furman GQ-15 EQUALIZER Smal 15amp equalizer 2 channels$69.95
B35-354700-2MBTK401LIGHT CONTROLLER MBT K401 light controller 4 channel a little rusty , tested 100v-120v$29.95
B35-354700-1MBTF416LIGHT CONTROLLER MBT F416 light controller panel 4 channel panel in fair conditon tested 110-120 v 15amp$29.95
B35-354560-1SQUIERP-BASSSQUIER P-BASS bass guitar White bass guitar p bass$249.95
B35-354030-1Allen&heathGL2400Allen&heath GL2400 MIXER 32 channel great condition works good grey analog mixer audio$899.95
B35-353961-11314” Blue Sparkle 1960’s Slingerland Tom no Badge$199.95
B35-353961-10516” Ludwig Keystone Blue Sparkle Floor Tom W legs 1960’s$499.95
B35-353961-10420” Avedis Cymbal Zildjian$179.95
B35-353961-102Zildjian Avedis 16” No logo Cymbal$129.95
B35-345436-1PeaveyDELTA BLUES 210BTPeavey DELTA BLUES 210BT AMPLIFIER Peavey delta blues tube amp large black amp with peddle on rollers$649.95
B35-344847-2Greasy MulletNVMNGreasy Mullet NVMN PEDAL Small black pedal with purple writing, good condition$79.95
B35-344251-3CbNVMNCb NVMN SNARE Stainless steel cb snare, has mute pad on it, in soft black case, with its stand and drum sticks$99.95
B35-338898-1AcousticA20Acoustic A20 Amp Brown with good condition, all knobs,$139.95
B35-338479-2Livewire75′Livewire 75′ Music Cable Snake 16 channel + 4 return, 75′$259.95
B35-334703-2SQUIERSQ12SQUIER SQ12 speaker Speaker black rectangular has some wear opn the sides$59.95
B35-334204-1BossDB-60Boss DB-60 METRONOME Boss metronome dr. Beat, db-60, works well, great condition, battery powered$39.95
B35-332418-3CordobaIBERIA GK STUDIOCordoba IBERIA GK STUDIO classical guitar In grey cordoba gig bag, nice classical guitar, cutout, acoustic/electric, good condition$439.95
B35-327232-101snare stand$24.95
B35-324183-1RogersWMP 14 X 6.5 WOOD DYNASONICRogers WMP 14 X 6.5 WOOD DYNASONIC Snare Drum In black case white marine pearl dynasonic wmp 14 x 6.5 1960’s script badge wood$2799.95
756004267801DEAN MARKLEY2678D. M. 2678 LT 5-String Blue Steel Bass$26.99
737681004811GHSL6000GHS L6000 BASSICS$19.99
717669853372FENDER0730150-403FENDER 150L Electric Guitar Strings$4.99
717669853334FENDER0730250-403FENDER 250L .009-.042 Electric Strings$4.99

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