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We have a full showcase of modern, in style jewelry in silver and gold. All refurbished to be like new! We also carry estate and vintage jewelry! Huge diamond bridal selection! Watches as well! The advantage of pre-owned is that you get a much larger style assortment; not to mention a much better price! 

We always have a good selection of Coins as well, Gold and Silver!

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P35-365829-1NECKLACE 40g Cuban link necklace for men$79.95
P35-365818-3NECKLACE 4.4g Silver w/ gold necklace heart pendnat blue stones clear stones$34.95
P35-365818-2RING 4.4g Silver ring w/ chip diamomds 3 stone at angle chips$21.95
P35-365818-1NECKLACE 3.9g Necklacew / heart pendant w/ chip diamond$29.95
P35-365815-414kt EARRINGS 2.5g White gold dangle pearl earrings$159.95
P35-365815-3RING 3.7g Silver ring w/ mrq shape stone clear$12.95
P35-365815-1RING 6.8g Ladies thick band w/ bhg$34.95
P35-365800-1RING 2.6g Band with clear stones all around$13.95
P35-365715-2bracelet 16.7g Silver figaro thick bracelet$29.95
P35-365694-110kt gold wedding set 5.1g gold wedding set with diamonds good condition$339.95
P35-365657-210kt EARRINGS 0.9g Stud earrings w/ rnd 50 pt diamond each$699.95
P35-365657-1Bulova98A25798A257 Bulova WRIST WATCH Silver watch w/ teal and black rim on face good condition$139.95
P35-365653-114kt EARRINGS 1.2g 20pt. Diamond earrings, whte gold 14k$399.95
P35-365643-1RING 2.1g Silver bhg ring heart shape leaves$24.95
P35-365594-114kt BRACLET 17.7g Nugget style braclet$899.95
P35-365583-3RING 11.5g Mens band tungsten carbide, plain matte, size 9,$14.95
P35-365583-2RING 11.5g Mens large ring w/ turqoise stone in center$39.95
P35-365583-1NECKLACE 5g Box link necklace w/cross pendant$14.95
P35-365558-3RING 2.4g Twisted silver band$9.95
P35-365558-2RING 1.8g Small thin band arrow sun flower$8.95
P35-365558-1RING 5g Heavy mens band$19.95
P35-365543-1RING 1.9g Silver ring w/ 4 clear stones$11.95
P35-365540-3RING 1.7g Silver bhg ring w/ 3 clear stone$24.95
P35-365538-110kt NECKLACE 2.2g Tres oros necklace$89.95
P35-365523-118kt RING 3.1g White gold ring w/ MQ 35ot diamond in center and small diamonds around outside$449.95
P35-365489-3SILVER BRACLET 27.2g Silver bracelet with amber rock in the center$54.95
P35-365486-110kt RING 2.1g Gold bow ring with baggets in the center and tiny diamond rounds$119.95
P35-365447-6fossil watch Rose gold with pink leather strap fossil watch good condition$29.95
P35-365447-5michael kors Rose gold with leather black strap mk watch$24.95
P35-365439-3Neckalce w Moving CZ Pear shaped w dangling cz round$13.95
P35-365333-1RING 7.2g Mens wedding band silver w/ SQ MOISSANITE And samller on sides.$39.95
P35-365320-3mens ring 12g TUNGSTEN mens band$19.95
P35-365320-2silver earing and necklace set 2.8g In black kay boxes silver earing and necklace set with diamond$39.95
P35-365320-110kt WEDDING SET 2.7g 10 kt gold ring with diamond$159.95
P35-365298-1SILVERRING 6.2g Large oval with cz stone smaler stones around it and nb4$19.95
P35-365283-1POCKET WATCH 71.6g Stainless pocket watch w/ eagle$4.95
P35-365182-1OmegaSEAMASTER 120 196.15011993 Omega Seamaster 120m 36mm Stainless w Blue Dial, Great Condition Quartz$999.95
P35-365158-410kt RING 9.2g Yellow gold rolex style 7-15pts large mens$899.95
P35-365158-110kt Championship Ring 39.7g Csu 1994-1995 back to back champion ring$1499.95
P35-365154-114kt Chain 25.1 Hollow Bezyntine Type Vintage Link 25.1g YG$1249.95
P35-365031-2RING 4g Silver ring w/ chip diamonds$29.95
P35-365031-114kt RING 4.3g Ladies wedding r ing w/ round 25pt diamond in cneter and two small chip diamonds$399.95
P35-364982-1silver chain 20g Silver rope chain$39.95
P35-364961-1RING 4.6g w bhg pear shape clear stone and BHG Leaves$29.95
P35-364860-2RING 1.6g .925 ring grape leaves on it$11.95
P35-364849-1RING 2.6g Silver ring with round cz in center and stone on each side$10.95
P35-364766-3Necklace w Tardrop CZ pendant 3.5 Silver teardrop pendant w/ cz stones$14.95
P35-364766-1RING 3.3g Silver ring w/ row of cz stones$12.95
P35-364760-110kt RING 1.5g Ring with three green stones$69.95
P35-364748-2CoachNVMNwatch In og black box watch is brown leather silver face like new condition$39.95
P35-364705-101Square 14k Pendant Two Tone VDG Pendnat 2.2g$109.95
P35-364625-114kt bracelet 3.8g White gold blank id bracelet, 14k$199.95
P35-364550-3RING 2.7g Green stone Solitaire$11.95
P35-364550-1RING 7.7g Aztec ringn Signed Mens Band w Pictos$24.95
P35-364545-1Belt buckles Native Style Orange Yellwo White with Nice Sotry Belt w Eagle, Etc$49.95
P35-364537-210kt RING 2.9g Yellow gold womens ring with wave diamond setting with small chip diamonds,$199.95
P35-364533-210Kt figaro Thin Neckalce 1.8g NECKLACE$74.95
P35-364533-1 1.5g Tres Oros Neckalce 10kt$59.95
P35-364520-1RING 17.2g Silver large skull ring, , heavy large ring$39.95
P35-364424-1BRACLET 98.9g Bracelet beads mens bracelet grains of rice heavy$199.95
P35-364406-2pendants Bob berg iron cross (sterling), w Bronco in center 25.8g$139.95
P35-364386-1RING 4.1g Silver ring w. Round large cz in center w/ chip clear stones$12.95
P35-364378-1CasioWS-2000HWRIST WATCH Black and orange casio step tracker$19.95
P35-364331-310kt RING 1.3g 10k gold ring w/ hearts and tiny diamond$64.95
P35-364331-210kt RING 2.6g White gold w/ blue stones ring small diam$109.95
P35-364318-2Danbury MintMULTIFUNCTIONwatch Danbury mint watch with black band white face$44.95
P35-364283-1RING 4.3g .925 ring with bhg leaves has bigger cz in the center tested$29.95
P35-364234-1Sz 11.5 Sterling 5g Men’s tiffany and co ring, 1837$229.95
P35-364136-2NECKLACE 2g Silver necklace w/ heart pendant w/ small diamonds stones$19.95
P35-364134-514kt RING 2.3g Gold ring w/ oval blue stone$119.95
P35-364134-410kt RING 2.2g Gold ring w/ mrq green emerald small diamond halo$99.95
P35-364134-1NECKLACE 4.7g Silver necklace w/ open heart pendant w diamonds jane seymore$69.95
P35-363964-310kt RING 2.4g Tanzanite in white gold w chips on side$119.95
P35-363964-210kt RING 2.8g Opal mq in yellow gold$119.95
P35-363964-110kt RING 1.7g 10kt white gold light blue heart$79.95
P35-363959-12.5g 14kt Neckalce w Tear shaped pendant with .25 diamond tested and checked on machine in drawer$279.95
P35-363774-114kt WEDDING SET 7.6g Ring, wedding set, soldered, illusion 4-10pt square, w channel set 5pt$799.95
P35-363753-2RING 3g Wedding ring round halo looking style with real diamonds$59.95
P35-363745-114kt NECKLACE 15.7g Rope gold necklace$799.95
P35-363678-110kt RING 4.7g White gold ring with diamond with band with double diamonds, fit into one another$399.95
P35-363570-2Silver & Gold Neckace 3.5g Two tone pendant w/ rnd diamonds Journey style$139.95
P35-363557-114kt bracelet 2.1g Thin yellow gold charm bracelet with heart and keys$109.95
P35-363436-110kt BRACLET 2.7g Gold Hollow rope braclet$119.95
P35-363402-3NECKLACE 20g Heart links One Gold Plateed$39.95
P35-363402-2NECKLACE 11.3g Figaro great condition$24.95
P35-363371-1NECKLACE 9.1g Rosary silver two tone Gold plated Sterling$29.95
P35-363200-114kt RING 5.1g Vera Wang Love Mens, 2 saphires on sides, 15pt round diamond$499.95
P35-363192-1NECKLACE 107g Figgaro silver heavy chain, mens$219.95
P35-362967-1RING 5.1g Engagement set, rose gold. .20 center band and ring halo style$799.95
P35-362966-1watch Gold nixon ”the cannon” watch no additional links in good condition$49.95
P35-362945-1watch Nixon men’s anthem reign supreme analog display silver chrome watch 43mm rare , good condition$89.95
P35-362915-1CasioGMA-S140WATCH Gshockblack, w pink arms, purple and pink lettering, white gshock lettering$79.95
P35-362883-310kt RING 1.2g Oval light amethyst stone$49.95
P35-362883-1RING 3.9g With two oival stones one amethyst one brownish$12.95
P35-362661-2RING 5.6g Silver ring with large cz stone$14.95
P35-362661-110kt RING 3.1g Yellow gold ring with marquise purple center stone$139.95
P35-362486-2RING 12.1g Silver/gold mens ring with large cz stone in center,Gold Trim around stone$59.95
P35-362469-114kt RING 6.3g Wedding ring yellow gold 1-35pt mq w baggs and roudns on side$859.95
P35-362434-42015 LAVA Maple 9999 Special Edition$89.95
P35-362240-114kt RING 3.1g Wg line of mq tanzanite, ring$169.95
P35-362187-12.7g Kokopelli Silverg Earrings$12.95
P35-362122-214kt RING 4.4g Ring, mens, has black oval stone that is diagonal,$219.95
P35-362122-110kt RING 3g Ring, gold, w blue oval, has small accents$129.95
P35-362060-1NECKLACE 16.4g Didae pearl neckalce likely silpada$29.95
P35-361855-1RING 7.2g 7.2 g silver mens ring eagle$34.95
P35-361609-1BulovaC460128698B267 Bulova precisionist watch with brown leather band and grey face$149.95
P35-361550-2RING14k wg 3g Pearl in center, good condition$149.95
P35-361537-1Joseph&abboudNVSNJOSEPH ABBOUDWRIST WATCH Black band blue face$69.95
P35-361128-210kt RING 3.9g 10k ruing with white stone tested has bhg leaves pretty$159.95
P35-361099-2NECKLACE 11.8g .925 necklace with pendant has a blue stone tested$14.95
P35-361051-3NECKLACE 3.5g Necklace with cross at angle$12.95
P35-361050-6RING 2.7g Silver ring with cross and jesus$10.95
P35-360930-114kt RING 4.7gLEVIAN Oval topaz, w/ rows of diamonds WG$479.95
P35-360819-1NECKLACE 4.1g Silver necklace, thin box chain, w has a pendant that resembles a treble cleff that has an extra bar in the middle that is 10k, has a 7 stone round cluster and channel set chips set in the silver$44.95
P35-360792-210kt RING 3.9g Dad ring with black stone and small diamonds$159.95
P35-360750-114kt ring 2.9g White gold ring with 5 in set diamonds$274.95
P35-360491-210kt RING 2.3g 10k with infinity and heart design tested$199.95
P35-360486-114kt RING 5g Ladies blue rnd stone yellow gold ring$269.95
P35-360421-1BRACLET 52.1g Mens heavy braclet silver w/ dragons edge$129.95
P35-360362-1TissotT014410ATissot Blue Dial T014410A PRC200 WRIST WATCH Blue dial tissot 1853 prc200 t014410 a$179.95
P35-359892-1watch Invicta siver watch with blue dial$29.95
P35-359858-114kt RING 10.6g Mens heavy thick white gold wedding band benchmark$529.95
P35-359734-1Movado84-G2-1855WRIST WATCH Black face movado$279.95
P35-359672-1MovadoBOLD Movado Bole Blue and Black with black leather band and blue face$179.95
P35-359623-1RING 2.9g Ring, silver wedding ring , w Sq Diamonds in Illusion Set$79.95
P35-359551-2Swarovkikeychain Keychain, in black original case, w tag, tear shaped, has mercedes emblem on one side and a cluster of black crystals on the other$74.95
P35-359545-114kt RING 7.8g White gold mens wedding heavy band$389.95
P35-359489-110kt EARRINGS 1.9g White gold 10k with .40pt diamond in each earring$879.95
P35-359361-114kt RING 1.2g Gold infinity ring with cz$59.95
P35-359359-114kt BRACLET 14.9g Tennis braclet chanel set princes 56 at 3 pts$1099.95
P35-359288-110kt RING 2.5g Oval light brown stone ring$119.95
P35-359065-1ElginNVMNElgin Pokcet Watch Missing Ring, Running, engraved Gold Fiilled$99.95
P35-358862-114kt RING 2.2g Ring with blue heart shaped stone ‘Dmall Diamond T&C$119.95
P35-358677-1OmegaSEAMASTER 1976 Omega Seamaster Automatic, w Aftermarket Leather Strap Runs Great$799.95
P35-358341-1CitizenJ016Ladies Rose Gold Citizien Eco Drive Black Dial WRIST WATCH Rse gold watch w/ black face and extra links$84.95
P35-358320-110kt Mens Ring 10.8g 7-15pts in yellow gold$1199.95
P35-358106-1Michael KorsMK-5672watch Michael kors watch has square face stainless band has some scratches on the band$69.95
P35-357898-114kt RING 13.3g Yellow gold shredded square setting, with two rows of diamonds, 12- 4pt stones, nb4$759.95
P35-357882-110kt RING 1.8g 10k gold ring with dark blue heart in middle CZ on sides$69.95
P35-357766-114kt RING 6.7g Ring, wg, 1-80pt square, w halo and accents,$1599.95
P35-357749-310kt NECKLACE 1.7g Necklace, thin figaro,$64.95
P35-357216-210kt RING 2.7g Ring, gold ring, w light blue oval stone$109.95
P35-356981-110kt RING 5.3g Gold mens gold with circle designs$189.95
P35-356301-1Cuff Bracelet 56.2g Sterling stamped dl DAWN LUCAS shadowbox native$299.95
P35-356020-114kt RING 3.5g White gold ring with red stone in the middle and 2 tiny diamonds on the side$169.95
P35-356019-114kt RING 2.8g White gold illusion with clear diamond amd black diamonds$219.95
P35-355955-210kt RING 1.7g Ladies ring w/ butterfly$69.95
P35-355955-110kt BRACLET 5.3g Tres oros bracelet w/ la virgen de gaudaluipe w CZ NON DIAMOND$219.95
P35-355237-6bolo tie Bolo tie, silver, Turq Signes LS$29.95
P35-354570-414kt RING 1.5g Smallr ing w. Hearts$69.95
P35-353976-119.1g Sterling Tiffany & Co Money Clip Authentic$79.95
P35-353785-210kt GOLD BAND 7.3g In box, gold band, plain band$299.95
P35-353785-114kt RING 6.3g Nb4, in box, white gold ring with 7 small diamonds in center, band has small chips$399.95
P35-353302-210kt GOLD RING 2.2g Gold ruby cluster with small diamonds in center,$109.95
P35-352994-1David Yurman 925 + 14Kt 40mm Cable Hoop Earrings, 14.9g Pair Large$549.95
P35-351779-3RING 3.5g 14k Gold ring with orange pearc hasepd stone CZs on sides$159.95
P35-351779-1RING 3.3g 14k tLadies gold ring with 10 purple and small diamonds$159.95
P35-351751-1silver ring 13.6g Silver ring with authentic vail golden bear$249.95
P35-351563-314kt RING 4.5g Ring, square garnet CZ in side$209.95
P35-351563-214kt RING 4.7g Ring, round garnet$219.95
P35-350859-314kt ring 3.6g Gold ring with oranges stones and clear stone$164.95
P35-350859-214kt RING 3.2g Gold ring with light green stones$149.95
P35-350859-114kt RING 4.4g Gold ring with purple and light pink stones and tiny diamond$199.95
P35-350424-114kt RING 4.3g 14kt white gold ring with red stones$199.95
P35-346300-218kt RING 3.6g Blue saphire mq w 4 diamodns on each side yellow gold$269.95
P35-346235-110kt RING 4.3g Pearl ring in yellow gold w 1-7pt diamond$169.95
P35-345615-114kt RING 3.8g White gold engagement ring, .45pt center marquise, 10 .05 stones on band setting$899.95
P35-345196-1Michael KorsMK8482WRIST WATCH Michael kors black mens watch good codnition works well$89.95
P35-345150-110kt RING 2.9g White gold ring w/ sqr pink stones$109.95
P35-343013-1BRACLET 180.8g AM Signed, w Beat and Tourquoise possibly Alfred Martinez?$599.95
P35-337803-510kt RING 3.5g Ring with a purple stone in the middle and diamonds on side$139.95
P35-331744-1Charm Bracelet 34.5g In og box, pandora charm bracelet 5 charms and two stoppers on authentic ale bracelet$99.95
P35-329918-1Invicta4106watch Watch red and black bezel, decent condition, automatic$59.95
P35-327731-110kt BRACLET 6.2g White gold craclet w/ pink heart stones$249.95
P35-326132-1watch Tissot 1853, TOUCH 2 black vinyl straps, in good condition, ttouch,$299.95
P35-322857-1Bulova96B7596b75watch Silver mens bulova watch, scratches on face$49.95
P35-319929-1 girard-perregaux gyromatic 39 jewels, runs, one complications$399.95
P35-292286-1Radomens watch Brown leather strap rado yellow watch$299.95
P35-279606-1Bulovawatch Stainless steel bulova$89.95
P35-275030-1GucciNO MAKEwatch Watch, w black leather straps, pretty old, gold face, little messed up$99.95
P35-274683-1BulovaSPACEVIEW M6 ACCUTRONWRIST WATCH Clear dial, accutron bulova spaceview, don’t know if it works, stretch band$399.95
P35-274277-1MidoPOWERWINDwatch Mido powerwind watch$199.95
P35-265489-1SeikoSEIKOMATICVintage Watch Seikomatic with stretch band, old works fine some moderate wear$199.95
P35-254989-1Hamiltonwatch Gold colored watch, older, Hamilton Electric Vintage$499.95
N35-305163Antique Mens Ring 3 Rose Cut Diamonds in Yellow Gold 14Kt 5.9$399.95
N35-305162Mens Heavy Cuban Link Bracelet Lobster Clasp19.0g Yelow Gold$779.95
N35-305161Cuban Link Mens Heavy Bracelet 10kt Yellow Gold 31.7g$1299.95
N35-30515842.0 Gram Yellow Gold Rope Necklace w Silver Thin Chain Twisted around it, 42.0 grams Nice 14kt YG$2119.95
N35-304933SunshineSunshine Jewelry Polishing Cloth 1pc$6.95
N35-304021Silver Necklace Short Round link 46.6$74.95
N35-304020Silver Figaro Bracelet Rhodium Plated 34.5$69.95
N35-304018Silver Mariner ID Bracelet Heavy 49.2$99.95
N35-304017Silver Necklace Nice Long Figaro Chain 53.7$109.95
N35-304015Silver Necklace Huge Cuban Link Rounded Top 268.5$499.95
N35-304011Silver Necklace Long Heavy Rope 56.9$119.95
N35-304010Silver Necklace long heavy Cuban diamond cut one side 105.8$229.95
N35-304008Silver Necklace Wheat Tube link 17.7$29.95
N35-304007Silver Necklace heavy Figaro Rhodium Plated 90.5$179.95
N35-304006Silver Necklace Very Heavy Cuban Rhodium Plated 115.2$229.95
N35-304003Silver Necklace super nice long heavy cuban tight 67.8$139.95
N35-304002Silver Bracelet Wild Holow links 7.8$17.95
N35-304001Silver Bracelet Hoop Links 13.7g$29.95
N35-304000Silver Bracelet w Cuban Links Heavy rhodium plated 32.6$59.95
N35-303997Silver Heavy Figaro Bracelet 36.3$74.95
N35-303996Silver Bracelet Heavy Thick Tight Cuban 39.5$79.95
N35-303995Silver Braclet Cool link mariner/figgaro w rounded lnks 20.5$39.95
N35-303994Silver Necklace large Figaro very heavy 63.2$124.95
N35-303993Silver Necklace Big heavy Figaro 58.7$119.95
N35-303992Silver Necklace Long Links Like only the long links of a figgaro 22.9$44.95
N35-303991Silver Bracelet, Some Gold plating on some links 21.2g$39.95
N35-303989Silver Necklace Thin Long Figaro 9.3$19.95
N35-303988Silver Necklace Cuban Tight Very nice 37.3$89.95
N35-303987Silver Cuban diamond cut one side bracelet 17.6$39.95
N35-303984Silver Necklace Huge mariner Heavy 72.5g$149.95
N35-303983Silver Bracelet Figgaro Large Rhodium plated 28.5$59.95
N35-30305514Kt YG Cuban Chain, Long Heavy diamond cut cuban 17.2g$899.95
N35-30305414K YG Chain Figgaro Medium Length Heavy 27.8$1399.95
N35-303052Hollow Dark Yellow 14kt Yellow Gold Bezynthine Chain 18.7$949.95
N35-302862Silpada Sterling Silver Cascading Three-Strand Necklace N1900 45.2$89.95
N35-302861sterling belle etoile earrings WHITE Enamel 13.6g$109.95
N35-302860sterling belle etoile earrings Blue Enamel 13.5g$109.95
N35-302859EBAY AUCTION Antique Sterling Pressed Pin / Brooch War scene? 11.4$99.95
N35-30285841.1 Danecraft Vintage Necklace Bracelet Earring SET$99.95
N35-302857Native Cuff Clover Halmark, Pink Stone oval in shield 12.9g$49.95
N35-302851 8.5g M.C.L. Matthew Campbell Laurenza Sterling Enamel Black Rhodium SZ 8$99.95
N35-30284913.6 Silpada R1902 925 Sterling Silver Pearl Stamped Coin Cha Cha Ring Size 7$74.95
N35-302848DIDAE 21.2 Opal Square link Bracelet Toggle Clasp 21.2$49.95
N35-302847Tiffany Prop airplane pendant / Charm 2.8grams$249.95
N35-30284610.3 Zoltan Popovits HU Ring Denmark Modernist 6.25 sz vintage$69.95
N35-302844Sterling Vahan Pencil Pendant 9.8g$34.95
N35-302843Dyadema Ring 925 9kt PT Spinner w CZ 13.1g$69.95
N35-302841Judith Ripka Double Box Neckalce w TWO pendants 35.3$274.95
N35-302838GA Signed 18k Yellow Gold & Sterling Silver Pearl 13.3 Bali$89.95
N35-3028363.3g Denmark Gilt Sterling Silver White Enamel Butterfly Pin Brooch Volmer Bahner VB$49.95
N35-302835KC INDO STERLING PENDANT Moontone 13.1$49.95
N35-30283438.0 Gold Plated Sterling BARRY KIESELSTEIN CORD BUCKLE$129.95
N35-302833tarborn Pendant Punk stone Nice large Sterlng 15.6$34.95
N35-302831Silpada Sterling Silver Toggle Heart Link Bracelet B0992 20.5$49.95
N35-30282925.8g H&V Thompson Navajo Herbert & Veronica Thompson Sterling Silver Cuff$99.95
N35-302828Vintage NAVAJO TAHE Heavy Sterling Silver Coil Cuff Bracelet 44.9g$139.95
N35-30282736.4 Sterling Hinged Clamper Bracelet Margot de Taxco Design FERN SPORE$119.95
N35-302826Alvin Thompson Kokopelli Belt Buckle sterling navajo 68.5 AT$249.95
N35-302730Silver Ring opaque clear milky stone w cz on side of band 2.1$11.95
N35-302728Silver Ring Sq CZ w blue sides and more clear on side 4.9$13.95
N35-302717Silver Ring Diamond W Twist and Baggs on Side 3.3$24.95
N35-3025463.9g 14k Opal and Blue stone ring alternating$199.95
N35-302544OmegaSEAMASTER1962 Omega Seamaster 14k 11.1g Back, Automatic 550 Movement Engraved in Back NYLIC on Dial$1199.95
N35-302502Wholesale NEW OLD STOCK SILVER 334.1Grams. Mixed lOT$299.95
N35-302096Silver Ring Chineese Dragon Mens 8.5$34.95
N35-302078Silver Ring large Blue stone nice design 7.9$19.95
N35-302074Silver Ring CZ w Halo 2.5$12.95
N35-302066Silver Ring Smooth Black oval stone 4.0$12.95
N35-302058Silver Ring Dainty Double Flower Ring 1.9$9.95
N35-302046Silver Ring line of CZ 3.1$11.95
N35-302044Silver Ring infinity Ring 3.8$15.95
N35-301894CitizenBU2070-55ECitizen Corso Stainless Watch w Date Dials, Black Dial w Rose Accents, Very nice$139.95
N35-301793James Avery Sterling Charm Sea Turtle 1.3$59.95
N35-301790James Avery Sterling Charm Heart Open 0.9g$34.95
N35-301789James Avery Sterling Charm Butterfly Flowers 2.5$94.95
N35-301778James Avery Sterling Charm Nutcracker 3.5g$59.95
N35-301775James Avery Sterling Charm Bracelet 6.9g$69.95
N35-301774James AveryJames Avery 14k YG Longhorn Pendant Texas Longhorn 1.7$249.95
N35-301631Sterling Ring Round CZ w Stones set all around band 2.5$14.95
N35-301630Sterling Ring 3.5g Large CZ w Squares on side, 3.5$15.95
N35-301628Sterling Ring Round CZ 2.4$14.95
N35-301625Sterling Ring Large Round CZ 3.8$15.95
N35-301624Sterling Ring Round CZ 2.2 Bezel set held on side,$14.95
N35-301621Sterling Ring SET w Tiny stones CZ in band 5.1$22.95
N35-301615Sterling Ring 2.3g bezel set cz 2.3$14.95
N35-301611Sterling Ring round CZ rectangle Sides, 2.6$14.95
N35-301609Sterling Ring CZ w Halo 3.0$14.95
N35-301602CZ w Clover Halo 2.4$14.95
N35-301601Sterling Ring suare w Halo 3.9$14.95
N35-301600Sterling Ring Large Oval shaped CZ Huge 7.9$19.95
N35-301599Sterling Ring Wedding Set w CZ 5.4$22.95
N35-301597Sterling Ring emerald CZ SET 5.8$22.95
N35-301591Sterling Ring round CZ smaller channel on sides, 3.0$14.95
N35-301587Sterling Ring Round CZ Wedding SET 3.9$22.95
N35-301585Sterling Ring Large Round CZ 3.5$15.95
N35-301583Sterling Ring Simple CZ 2.0$13.95
N35-301582Sterling Ring CZ w Clover Halo 2.3$14.95
N35-301578Sterling Ring CZ w Baggs on Side CZ 3.9$15.95
N35-301577Sterling Ring Eternity w CZ all around 1.8$14.95
N35-301576Sterling Ring round CZ w lines on side, 2.8$14.95
N35-301575Sterling Ring simple round CZ 2.5$14.95
N35-301574Sterling Ring Three ROUnd CZ 2.1$13.95
N35-301571Sterling Ring Round CZ w V shaped sides, 3.3$14.95
N35-301568Sterling Ring Bezel set round CZ 2.1$14.95
N35-301566Sterling Ring Round CZ V shaped sides 3.4$14.95
N35-301559Sterling Ring CZ Round w lines on sie, 2.4$14.95
N35-301558Sterling Ring Giant Oval CZ 3.7$15.95
N35-301556Sterling Ring CZ Round hands holding one sides, halo 1.9$14.95
N35-301371GBD-800Casio G Shock Green Watch Like New GBD-800$59.95
N35-301357Silver Necklace Heavy Tube Snake Chain 53.2$99.95
N35-301347Super Heavy Teardrop Style Chain 168.3$339.95
N35-301342Silver Necklace Nice long Cuban 16.4$39.95
N35-301340Mens Silver Bracelet Bezyntine 13.9$24.95
N35-301338Mens .800 Silver ID Bracelet JXC Vintage Nice 24.1$39.95
N35-301331Silver Necklace Large Heavy Mens Box Link Chain 65.3$129.95
N35-301330Silver Mens ID Bracelet Figgaro heacy 47$89.95
N35-30125614k YG CJI Andrea Candela Ring, Pink Sapphires and Diamonds on Dome w Rope Nice 10.5g$679.95
N35-30125514k YG Rope Neckalce 18.9g Solid Long$949.95
N35-301169Silver Necklace Huge Heavy Figgaro Chain Mens 135.8$319.95
N35-301167Silver Necklace MMA Rope Knot Links, 71.5$119.95
N35-301090Silver Ring round CZ 3.5$12.95
N35-301088Silver Ring round CZ w rope seting 6.4$11.95
N35-301080Silver Ring 4 green stones mq shape 3.5$11.95
N35-301067Silver Ring Three stone CZ ring 3.7$12.95
N35-301054Silver Ring mens ring chineese dragon 21.4$39.95
N35-300662Mens Ring 14-5pt Diamonds in Nugget Setting 14k YG 10.3g$759.95
N35-300659Figgaro Bracelet Mens Yellow Gold 14k 23.9gramsKremmentz Brand$1199.95
N35-300657US ARMY RETIRED w 8 -3pt DiamondsYG MAL USA Size 10 18.8g$1299.95
N35-300656Mens Ring w Large Round Black Stone Nugget style 12.0 Heavy Mens Yellow gold$619.95
N35-300655Mens 14k White Gold w YG Ropes, and Native Style Pictos on it. Mens 11.8 Signed P 94 inside$599.95
N35-300650Mens 14k YG Braclet Jubilee w Single Black Dash on Each Plate 36.8g$1869.95
N35-300649Mens Heavy Jubilee Bracelet 14k YG w Black Lines on Plates, 34.1g HEAVY!$1739.95
N35-300648Mens Ring 1-40pt Diamond w Many Diamonds brnching out on sides, 8.9g$899.95
N35-300647Mens YG 14K Nugget Ring 1-50pt Round Diamond, Heavy 10.0g$1499.95
N35-300410Wholesale Silver Resale lot 545.1g$599.95
N35-300408Silver Wholesale Lot, Shine & Sell Exact Lot 538.3G$599.95
N35-300030Sterling Wedding Set Pear CZ 4.3$22.95
N35-300022Sterling Wedding Set CZ w pink halo swirl 4.5$24.95
N35-300021Sterling Wedding Set Pear CZ w Halo 5.1$23.95
N35-300019Sterling Wedding Set CZ w Rope around it 4.0$21.95
N35-300016Sterling Wedding Set Tall CZ w pink Halo 4.7,$26.95
N35-300010Stering Wedding Set clear SQ CZ w darker halo 3.0$22.95
N35-300002Stering Wedding Set CZ halo w Two Tone setting 4.8g$24.95
N35-300001Stering Wedding Set SQ CZ w pink Halo 4.1$24.95
N35-299996Stering Wedding Set Round CZ w halo offset 4.5$22.95
N35-299991Stering Wedding Set Pink line on sides, Clear CZ center 3.9$23.95
N35-299971Stering Wedding Set Round CZ w Small in band 4.7$19.95
N35-299909Silver Necklace medium Rope 9.8$19.95
N35-299903Silver Necklace Tube / Snake Link 58.0$109.95
N35-299898Silver Necklace Rolo Neckalce12.0$24.95
N35-299295Silver Ring Mens Rope Spinner 7.3$29.95
N35-299293Silver Ring Plain Engravealbe Signet like bean 5.7$11.95
N35-299289Silver Ring Square CZ 4.5$12.95
N35-299256Silver Ring Thin Line of Small CZ 1.4$10.95
N35-299244Silver Ring Large Top Faceted CZ 4.7$12.95
N35-299243Silver Ring 5 Light Bloue opaque ovals 4.5$12.95
N35-299240Silver Ring Squarish pearl on top 5.7$11.95
N35-299226Silver Ring Mens Snakes in a Flur De Li, 23.4$44.95
N35-298775Bulova96P172Bulova Ladies Watch Black Mother of Pearl Dial, Very Nice, Like new 96p172$79.95
N35-298773Seiko4T57-00D8Seiko 4T57-00C0 Chornograph, Black Dial w Leather Strap$129.95
N35-298709Bulova97B136Bulova 97B136 Watch Leather Band, Chrono Black dial Very Nice$139.95
N35-29834110k YG Twist Ring w Two Diamonds and 3 Emeralds in twist 2.8$149.95
N35-29834010kt YG Ladies Three5pt stones on Sideays Peak, 2.2$149.95
N35-298339Mens Yellwo Gold Wedding Bnad w 5 Diamonds at angle, Thin Gold 2.8$129.95
N35-298338Wide Band Custom Made 14k Yellow Gold 1-15pt 1-10pt ladies 7.5g$449.95
N35-298336Mens Yellow Gold 10K Ring w 5 Small Diamonds set in it, 4.5$189.95
N35-29833210KT WG Ring w Red Stone small ring 1.7g$69.95
N35-29833010Kt YG w Round Orange Stone Twist Stting 1.7$69.95
N35-29832910kt YG Cluster of Baggets in Ribbon Dome design 7.2$399.95
N35-298195Sterling Silver pearl Neckalce 12.3g 5 pearls$24.95
N35-298164Sterling Silver Square and Round CZ in Line 18.7$34.95
N35-298163Sterling Silver Braclet Blue stones 13.8$24.95
N35-298160Sterling Silver Neckalce, Elaborate MQ Link Neckalce w CZ on it, 16.1$29.95
N35-298159Sterling Silver Hinged Heart and Diamond Braceleet 9.4$29.95
N35-298135Sterling Silver Bracelet w Multi Colroed stones, S between each, 16.9$29.95
N35-298123Sterling Silver 3 CZ Bracelet w Silver drop balls like drips 21.0g$39.95
N35-298022Seiko4T57-00ADSeiko Mens Watch Chrono, Stainless Black Dial in og box w extra Links$129.95
N35-297571Mens Heavy ID Bracelet, Hidden Clasp, 80.9$159.95
N35-297569uper Heavy Mens ID Bracelet 67.4g$119.95
N35-29739710kt YG Ring Green Sqare w 6 Diamonds 1.8$99.95
N35-29739610kt YG Ring Purple Heart w Chips on top and bottom 1.7$74.95
N35-29739410kt YG Ring 4 small pink round cluster and two diamonds 2.1$89.95
N35-29739110kt YG Ring Purple MQ w inlaid purple sides and some chips 2.4$109.95
N35-29738410kt YG Ring Purple heart stone w diamonds 2.5$109.95
N35-29738310kt YG Ring Red Rectangle diamodns on side, 2.2$99.95
N35-29738010kt YG Ring Black Hills Gold Company 4 Leaves 5.8$229.95
N35-29737410kt YG Ring giant Blue square stone 4.8$189.95
N35-297373hite Gold Ring Purple Stone ad CZ on sides, 10kt 1.6$64.95
N35-29737210kt YG Ring Blue Sideways Stone w Diamodn Baggs on side, 3.0$134.95
N35-29737110kt YG Ring lue MQ w Wire over it and one leaf, 1.8$74.95
N35-29736710kt YG Ring BHG Leaves and a Tall Round blue stone 4.4$174.95
N35-297364Blue Square Stone sideways w Baggests on side 3.0g$134.95
N35-29736310kt YG Ring Red MQ small w Small dimaonds on sides, 2.1$89.95
N35-29736110kt YG Ring Oval Red Ruby w Chips around it 1.6$69.95
N35-29736010kt YG Ring Small Pik Heart w Chip in side ribbon 1.4$54.95
N35-29735710kt YG Ring 3 Oval Blue stones w 4 1pts on the sides, 3.4$139.95
N35-29735414K WG Ring w Blueish Pearl 4.2$209.95
N35-29735310kt YG Ring Blue Yeart stone 1.9$74.95
N35-297351Pink Heart 10kt YG Ring and CZ on side, 1.8$69.95
N35-29734810kt YG Ring small green emeragld oval and a couple small diamonds, 2.6$119.95
N35-29734510kt White Gold Ring w Small Blue heart and little CZ’s 1.6$64.95
N35-29734114k YG Ring w 2 Green Emeralds and One-10pt Diamond 2.2g$149.95
N35-29734014kt YG Ring w Yellw Stone and 4 small diamonds 67 samped inside, 4.6g$249.95
N35-297339Cluster of Small Green stones 14k YG Ring 3.6g$179.95
N35-297336WG Ring small Tanzanite MQ w little diamonds 14k WG 2.0g$99.95
N35-297334 Blue Oval Set sideways 10k YG 3.0$119.95
N35-297333Rose Gold Claddah Gren Stone 14k 2.3$114.95
N35-297332Ring, 3 pink MQ w diamonds on side ribbons, 2.8$159.95
N35-29733114k Garnet Flower Ring Yellow gold 3.8$189.95
N35-297328YG Ring w Tear Tourmaline? To Small diamonds on side 3.8g 14k$219.95
N35-297327WG Ring, Pink Teardrop w 6 diamonds to sides, Nice 3.2g$149.95
N35-297325White Gold Chain,14k Figgaro Mens Long Heavy 23.1g$1159.95
N35-296835Small WG Ring 10kt w Hearts and Small Diamonds 1.6g$79.95
N35-2968341.6g 10kt Yellow gold w Heart Red and CZ stones in heart 1.6g$64.95
N35-296833Mens Gold Ring 10.7g w 13 5pt Diamonds 10kt$599.95
N35-29681214k YG Ladies Long Neckalce Hops then long bars 2.7g$134.95
N35-295931Sterling Bracelet Super Heavy Mens Chain lings Hidden Clasp 115.2$194.95
N35-295780James Avery Engravable Ring Blank 5.0grams$59.95
N35-295777sterling nicole miller Neckalce High Heels 9.7$59.95
N35-295776LevianNecklace Chocolate Quartz Sterling 925 4.3$39.95
N35-295773Brdr.Bj Brodrene Bjerring Denmark Sterling Vintage Enamel Leaf Pin 10.4$49.95
N35-295765ELLE Silver Ring w Hematite, Sotne set inside, 8.9$29.95
N35-295764Sterling KAR Ring Red stone mens, intricate w Copper as well 10.7g$39.95
N35-295760BJC Samuel Benham Wheat Neckalce Citrene, 14k / 925, OLD STAMP 88.7$349.95
N35-295759Nakai Sterling Ring w large pink oval stone 7.3g$49.95
N35-295757Sterling & 14k Gold Ring S Skeets 5.2g$59.95
N35-295747Sterling Ring Native Teme Ring Triangle Spirals, 3.7$19.95
N35-295746Modital Bijoux Italy 925 Sterling Earrings, Brown and Black Enamel Vintage 22.4$49.95
N35-295743Harry Jake Sterling Ring Turq and Coral Native 9.9g$99.95
N35-295647Sterling Ring Heart CZ 2.6$11.95
N35-295499Sterling Ring Spinner Happines is Yours Forever 6.3$11.95
N35-295452Sterling Ring 4.7g White na Black Diamonds on top$19.95
N35-294812Bulova98P157Ladies 98P157 Bulova Blue Dial Two Tone Watch, Like New$89.95
N35-294520Bulova96B149Mens Bulova 96B149 Black Dial Like New Very Nice conditoin Dress Watch$84.95
N35-294471Bulova96N100Ladies Bulova 96N100 White Dial Stainless, Great Condition Very Nice$89.95
N35-293714Bent Knudsen BENT K DENMARK STERLING Bracelt Bangle 38.9grams$219.95
N35-292460Omega Semaster Deville Gold Fill Leather Band engraved on back$499.95
N35-29244914K Gold Lot From MMI 134.0Grams$5999.95
N35-292149Native Sterling SIGNED LOT 236.9g SIGNED STERLING$559.95
N35-292148Native Sterling SIGNED LOT. 203.0 All signed$499.95
N35-292147Native Style Sterling Wholesale Lot UNSIGNED 348.5g$649.95
N35-292146Sterling Big Bead Lot. 242.2 Grams Large Beads and Sterling.$179.95
N35-292145340.5Grams Wholesale Gold Palted Silver, like new.$499.95
N35-291417Bulova96B220Bulova 96B220 Blue Dial, Stainless Watch, Great Conditon Nice$119.95
N35-291266Sterling Ring Unconnected w Little diamond clusters at end 5.1$29.95
N35-291261Sterling Ring 9 small round emeralds on board ,3.5$11.95
N35-291235Sterling Ring White Pearl w Halo 5.5$14.95
N35-291231Sterling Ring four round CZ at slight angles, 4.1$11.95
N35-291216Sterling Ring Mens Panther Head angry ring intricate 15.0$39.95
N35-291214Sterling Ring Mens Giant Tiger Head Very Intricate 18.8$44.95
N35-290323D S Signed Cuff, w Round Turq, 16.9$89.95
N35-290167Army Sweetheart pednatn, Red Stone 10kt 7.7g Balfour$339.95
N35-289906ISU Cyclones 1997 Championship Ring Red Stone 10Kt 25.9g Cooper$949.95
N35-2899051994 SDIC Cougars UGA Championship Westbrook Train 10Kt 37.5g 10kt$1299.95
N35-289338luxenter pendant 11.7g black stone neckalce$49.95
N35-28933210.2g Silpada Sterling Silver Bracelet B0822 Binaro Bar Hinge Link$44.95
N35-289331Sterling Keyring Dog Tag European GM 20.1$29.95
N35-2893304.4g Stelring Gold Mike Smith Ring 4.4g$49.95
N35-28932420.4 SILPADA Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl Crystal Bead Necklace N1602$24.95
N35-28931826.5g Squid Bracelet, AWESOME!! Handmade$79.95
N35-289315HDIAVD Sterling Pendant w Diamond 8.7$99.95
N35-289309FOLLI FOLLIE Knot Mesh Neckalce 25.5g$69.95
N35-2893083.9g Pearch Sterling Earrings, .3.9$19.95
N35-289307Vtg 6.4g Crest Craft US Army Sweetheart Gold plated Silver$39.95
N35-289303Ring Sterling Faceted Lapis Signed 9.7$19.95
N35-2892892.4g Vtg Blackinton Army Navy Medical Caduceus Anchor Sterling Silver Lapel PIN$14.95
N35-289277John Hardy 32.4 Classic Necklace Pusher Clasp Sterling Wheat Bali$299.95
N35-286151Sterling Ring Lage CZ Elle 7.2$19.95
N35-286137Sterling ESTY Grossman for BINKS Wire Cuff Bracelet 45.7g$249.95
N35-286135Michael Hill Sterling Cuff 10kt Infinity Heart w Diamonds 31.4g$129.95
N35-285617Silver Ring skeletons Wrasteling around 11.1$39.95
N35-285607Silver Ring Cluster of Skulls 10.9$34.95
N35-285583Silver Ring Giant Mens Feur De Li Cross w Serpens 25.5$44.95
N35-285557Silver Ring Mens Sugar Skull Ring Large 16.7$39.95
N35-28438314K WG Ring w Purple stone and Small Diamond Very Nice 5.5g$299.95
N35-284265Silver Bracelet Lots of Small round green stne 35.1$49.95
N35-284253Silver Necklace Double Circle of Diamonds w Haning diamonds 7.0$29.95
N35-284248Silver Necklace Peals and Braided Neckalce 12.0$17.95
N35-283134Mens Sterling Ring intricate Sugar skull 18.9$34.95
N35-283129Mens Sterling Ring Two Skulls, laughing, 13.9$34.95
N35-283125Mens Sterling Ring Cobra Ring, 12.7$29.95
N35-283112Mens Sterling Ring Skull with Spiked Head, 14.6$39.95
N35-28179010kt YG Ring Blue MQ Saphire and Diamonds up and down the sides, 2.3g$139.95
N35-28178910kt YG Ring green oval w Green sides in Band 2.5$89.95
N35-28178810kt YG Ring Large light blue sq w Tri sides, 2.8$99.95
N35-28178510kt YG Ring Green oval w small diamond 1.9$69.95
N35-28178410kt YG Ring large purple oval and small diamonds on side, 4.3$159.95
N35-28178210kt YG Ring Double Pearl Ring 2.3$94.95
N35-28178010kt YG Ring pearl w Small diamond and some leaves 3.8$139.95
N35-28177510kt YG Ring Green Peridot and Diamond ring 2.4g$109.95
N35-28166914KT YG Ring purple oval w one diamond 2.36$104.95
N35-28166114KT Whtie Gold w 3 Pink Sotnes, Small clusters of diamodns between each 2.7$139.95
N35-28165514KT WG Ring 3 Square Pinkish Red stones 5.5$249.95
N35-28165414KT White Gold Two Trillion Green sotnes with 3 Diamonds in between Heavy 6.8g$349.95
N35-28164610kt YG Ring Small w Lue stone and two sdiamonds 1.6$64.95
N35-28163910kt WG Tanzanite and Two Small 8pt diamonds on the side, 3.0$149.95
N35-28163210kt WG Ring B lue stone and two 5pt SQ Diamonds Nice 3.2$139.95
N35-281631ight Blue 10kt White Gold Stone is top faceted w Small diamodns on sid 2.0g$79.95
N35-28163010Kt YG oval Tanz Ring w 6 small diamonds 2.1g$84.95
N35-28162510Kt YG dSmall round pink Star Saph, 2.0$69.95
N35-28162110Kt YG Hearts with Blue stones in each one 2.7$99.95
N35-28161810Kt YG 5 lines of Saphjires in rows, 4.5$159.95
N35-28161310Kt YG Ring Purple stone small diamodns on side, 1.6g$59.95
N35-280465Silver Ring CZ w Step sides w czs in steps 2.5$11.95
N35-280462Silver Ring purple teardrop stoen 2.0$10.95
N35-280345Silver Ring large purple oval 7.5g$12.95
N35-27811426.5g BGE Footprints Heart Necklace Bradford$79.95
N35-278102DWECK Diamonds, Sterling Neckalce, Wood Heart w Diamond, 13.1g Gold plated Stephen Dweck$299.95
N35-278100Peter Lam, 18kt and Sterling w Diamond Necklace 13.0g$499.95
N35-27460614kt Large Triangle Citrene, Row of Diamonds and 2 Garnets on side, heavy yellow gold 5.5$299.95
N35-27460110kt Yellow Purple Tear w 3 small diamonds, 2.6g$109.95
N35-27459514kt Yellow Green SQ w 6 small diamonds on side$189.95
N35-27458514k Yellow Row of Blue MQ set at angle, Green rows on both sides, nice 5.1$229.95
N35-27458110kt Tanzanite Cluster w two small diamonds 3.1$119.95
N35-27457610kt White Gold 3 Blue stones with Diamond Halow around them 3.3g$159.95
N35-27456210kt Ring Yellow w 10 Triangle Tanzanites, 2.6$89.95
N35-27455610k YG Ring, Purple/Pink Triangle w Flower of Triangles around it 4.4g$159.95
N35-27355862.5g Acleoni Super Long Necklace 30”$129.95
N35-27355761.9g Acleoni Necklace w Gemstones 30” Sterling, Aqua, Garnet, Amethyst, Citrine$139.95
N35-27355532.8g 9” Acleoni Bracelet Long Double Links Toggle$59.95
N35-27355426.2g Double Link Acleoni Bracelet 8” Adjustable Toggle$49.95
N35-27355315.9g Acleoni Single Link Bracelet Sterling 8” Toggle$31.95
N35-27355248.5g Sterling Acleoni Necklace Mother of Pearl and Onyx 18”$119.95
N35-272515Silver Ring pink diagonal lines inlay 5.8$9.95
N35-272355Silver Ring small Bezel set RD CZ, 2.3$9.95
N35-269723MCD Ring Spade Biker? 17.3g$49.95
N35-269714sterling Folli follie necklace Clovers 20.6$74.95
N35-267544Silver Ring basketweave dome, 5.7$9.95
N35-254154Silver Ring large milky stone 4.5g$11.95
N35-247175Silver Pendant pink inlaid flowers 7.7$14.95
N35-234930Silver Ring inlaid MOP s’s, 4.1$9.95
N35-217016Sterling Money Clip with Knife in it, 33.5$49.95
N35-217015Sterling Money Clip with Knife in it, 33.5$49.95
B35-366879-310kt gold rings 2.1gB lak Hills Gold Gold ring with some details on the top$89.95
B35-366826-1Necklace w Cross 9.2g James avery rose bud cross necklace and chain$119.95
B35-366811-2RING 2.4g .925 wedding ring big round clear stone in the center tested$17.95
B35-366811-110kt RING 2g 10k ring with 2 leaves one rose gold one yellow gold tested$79.95
B35-366735-118kt gold chain . 15.2g Great Condition Fa.Ca.Doro Curb Chian$999.95
B35-366633-614kt NECKLACE 13.5g Pearl and gold necklace$39.95
B35-366615-101Sterling Bracelet W Blue stones oval light blue stones 23.8$44.95
B35-366615-1silver 128.3g Vintage Native Beaded Graduated Necklace Sterling 128.3$219.95
B35-366554-1PCGS PR69DCAM 1987-WGold Coin Constitution 1987 PR69 Deep Cameo PCGS 72563200$619.95
B35-366488-114kt PIN 7.9g Ballerina pin w/ pink face$499.95
B35-366482-114kt RING 5.6g Wedding set, white gold soldred w 1-20pt mq and lines of rounds on band$439.95
B35-366465-1Bulova98C121WRIST WATCH Bulova black band with blue dials, water resistant,$89.95
B35-366437-2Silver Ring 3.2g Silver ring w 5 bhg leaves on it gold leaves$29.95
B35-366410-110kt RING 4.5g Mens band with 5 diamonds diagonal on the ring$229.95
B35-366345-114kt Tennis bracelet 14.5g 42 3pt diamonds yellow gold nice conditoin$1399.95
B35-366284-210kt RING 1.5g Ring w/ hearts and small diamonds on part of heart$89.95
B35-366283-1RING 3g Silver with cluster clear stones$14.95
B35-366240-114kt RING 4.5g 1-48pt diamond gsi 0287900416 princess f, 1 w CERT in white gold crosover setting$949.95
B35-366088-210kt RING 5.3g Ladies ring w/ 30 pt mrq diamond w/ 3 rows of 3 diamond 5 pt each each$699.95
B35-366088-110kt RING 3.5g Lsdies white gold ring w/ 50 pt mrq diamond w/ 10 rnd 5 pt$999.95
B35-366055-310kt RING 1.4g 10k white gold band with diamonds in a row$149.95
B35-366055-214kt RING 2.3g 14k ring with blue saphires and small diamonds$119.95
B35-366055-114kt RING 4.3g Wg neil lane 14k engagement ring 1/2carat pear shaped diamond and halo diamonds diamonds on the sides tested$1599.95
B35-366022-2RING 4.5g .925 ring with clear stones nice condition tested$15.95
B35-366022-1RING 9.1g Black stainless steel ring with 3 .3 diamonds tested$29.95
B35-365977-5RING 2.2g Silver ring w/white stone in middle ntive$12.95
B35-365925-414kt EARRINGS Set of solitaire earings in white gold 35pts each$739.95
B35-365925-314kt Solitaire Ring 1.7g 1-35pt marquise in yellow gold$379.95
B35-365925-214kt RING 1.5g Heart solitaire .38ct heart stoen$379.95
B35-365925-114kt RING 2.6g 3 stone ring white gold 1-20pt 2-7pts white gold$369.95
B35-365899-114kt RING 7.4g Ladies wedding ring w/ 3 mrq stones 1 50 pt two 20 pt w/ 19 rnd chip diamonds$1299.95
B35-365857-2RING 3g Ladies silver ring w/ halo style clear stones$14.95
B35-365834-214kt RING 4.1g Marquise solitaire 1-75pt clean mq$1499.95
B35-365834-110kt RING 3.1g 3 stone ring 1-25pt white gold 10kt$599.95
B35-365724-310kt gold ring 2.3g Gold ring with blue stiones and two small diamond$109.95
B35-365724-214ktMens gold ring 8.6g Gold ring with black stone and diamond in good condtion$459.95
B35-365712-2TissotMT3708Watch White dial plastic strap metal case white dial mathey tissot$29.95
B35-365712-1TsovetSMT-FW44Watch Black tsovet smt-fw44 3fl-30149 great condition$199.95
B35-365637-4RING 3.1g Silver ring w/ 3 sqr clear stones$12.95
B35-365568-114kt NECKLACE4.3g Figaro thin$219.95
B35-365446-114kt RING 5.6g 14k white gold engagement ring with sautered wedding band with illusion 4 diamonds in the center .15 and .3 around the halo very nice$879.95
B35-365426-114kt RING 2.9g Ring, 1-50pt square, dark blue on sides$899.95
B35-365373-114kt RING 2g White gold ring, blue center diamond and two clear diamonds on sides$199.95
B35-365348-3guess watch Copper with stones and pink wristband guess watch in good condition$29.95
B35-365235-3PIN 5.5g Sterling pin, Bear w leaf attached, kristi davis 1988$49.95
B35-365224-214kt gold ring 1.5g 14 kt gold Claddah ring with diamond$99.95
B35-365183-2NECKLACE 4.1g Silver ewith heart pink stoned pendant$15.95
B35-365102-6cufflinks Wedgewood cufflinks vintage$11.95
B35-365102-4Rapport POCKET WATCH From anne frank home pocket watch$99.95
B35-365102-1Sterling & Turq APACHITO Signed Watch Cuff Bracelet 127.3g Cuff wrist watch with tq sterling silver$399.95
B35-365101-5bollo tie 1921 morgan dollar bollo tie$59.95
B35-365101-2Seiko7t32-6b89WRIST WATCH Mens seiko with few scratches on glass working Sports 150 chronograph$69.95
B35-365059-1chain 87.4g Silver cuban link chain$199.95
B35-365020-110kt GOLD BAND 4g 10 kt gold band$159.95
B35-365002-120Lof ot Ten Frankling Halfs 90%$159.95
B35-365002-119Lof ot Ten Frankling Halfs 90%$159.95
B35-365002-118Lof ot Ten Frankling Halfs 90%$159.95
B35-365002-117Lof ot Ten Frankling Halfs 90%$159.95
B35-365002-116Lof ot Ten Frankling Halfs 90%$159.95
B35-365002-115Lof ot Ten Frankling Halfs 90%$159.95
B35-365002-114Lof ot Ten Frankling Halfs 90%$159.95
B35-365002-113Lof ot Ten Frankling Halfs 90%$159.95
B35-365002-112Lof ot Ten Frankling Halfs 90%$159.95
B35-365002-111Lof ot Ten Frankling Halfs 90%$159.95
B35-365002-110Lof ot Ten Frankling Halfs 90%$159.95
B35-365002-109Lof ot Ten Frankling Halfs 90%$159.95
B35-365002-108Lof ot Ten Frankling Halfs 90%$159.95
B35-365002-107Lof ot Ten Frankling Halfs 90%$159.95
B35-365002-106Lof ot Ten Frankling Halfs 90%$159.95
B35-365002-105Lof ot Ten Frankling Halfs 90%$159.95
B35-365002-104Lof ot Ten Frankling Halfs 90%$159.95
B35-365002-103Lof ot Ten Frankling Halfs 90%$159.95
B35-365002-102Lof ot Ten Frankling Halfs 90%$159.95
B35-365002-101Lof ot Ten Frankling Halfs 90%$159.95
B35-365002-1Lof ot Ten Frankling Halfs 90%$159.95
B35-364973-514kt RING 9.1g Mens blue star saphire w a couple small diamonds$549.95
B35-364973-414kt RING 6.5g Mens ring like a rolex 50pt diamond$939.95
B35-364973-214kt RING 12.1g Mens nugget ring w 2-25pts, nice condition$999.95
B35-364750-119Lot of Ten Franklin Halfs, 90% Silver$149.95
B35-364750-118Lot of Ten Franklin Halfs, 90% Silver$149.95
B35-364750-117Lot of Ten Franklin Halfs, 90% Silver$149.95
B35-364750-116Lot of Ten Franklin Halfs, 90% Silver$149.95
B35-364750-114Lot of Ten Franklin Halfs, 90% Silver$149.95
B35-364750-113Lot of Ten Franklin Halfs, 90% Silver$149.95
B35-364750-112Lot of Ten Franklin Halfs, 90% Silver$149.95
B35-364750-111Lot of Ten Franklin Halfs, 90% Silver$149.95
B35-364750-110Lot of Ten Franklin Halfs, 90% Silver$149.95
B35-364750-109Lot of Ten Franklin Halfs, 90% Silver$149.95
B35-364750-108Lot of Ten Franklin Halfs, 90% Silver$149.95
B35-364750-107Lot of Ten Franklin Halfs, 90% Silver$149.95
B35-364750-106Lot of Ten Franklin Halfs, 90% Silver$149.95
B35-364750-105Lot of Ten Franklin Halfs, 90% Silver$149.95
B35-364750-104Lot of Ten Franklin Halfs, 90% Silver$149.95
B35-364750-103Lot of Ten Franklin Halfs, 90% Silver$149.95
B35-364750-102Lot of Ten Franklin Halfs, 90% Silver$149.95
B35-364750-101Lot of Ten Franklin Halfs, 90% Silver$149.95
B35-364750-1Lot of Ten Franklin Halfs, 90% Silver$149.95
B35-364542-114kt ID Bracelet 18.8g Blank cuban link id bracelet Blank$949.95
B35-364477-110Lot of 10 Franklin Halfs 90% Silver$139.95
B35-364477-109Lot of 10 Franklin Halfs 90% Silver$139.95
B35-364477-108Lot of 10 Franklin Halfs 90% Silver$139.95
B35-364477-107Lot of 10 Franklin Halfs 90% Silver$139.95
B35-364477-106Lot of 10 Franklin Halfs 90% Silver$139.95
B35-364477-104Lot of 10 Franklin Halfs 90% Silver$139.95
B35-364477-103Lot of 10 Franklin Halfs 90% Silver$139.95
B35-364477-102Lot of 10 Franklin Halfs 90% Silver$139.95
B35-364477-101Lot of 10 Franklin Halfs 90% Silver$139.95
B35-364477-1silver coins Lot of 10 Franklin Halfs 90% Silver$139.95
B35-364327-1chain 65.5g Silver rope chain, long, , made in italy$129.95
B35-364118-108Silver Coins Lot of 25 franklin 1/2 dollars coins$299.95
B35-364118-107Silver Coins Lot of 25 franklin 1/2 dollars coins$299.95
B35-364118-106Silver Coins Lot of 25 franklin 1/2 dollars coins$299.95
B35-364118-104Silver Coins Lot of 25 franklin 1/2 dollars coins$299.95
B35-364118-103Silver Coins Lot of 25 franklin 1/2 dollars coins$299.95
B35-364118-102Silver Coins Lot of 25 franklin 1/2 dollars coins$299.95
B35-364065-1GshockG Shock Solar Black with blue rim good condition works 3 circles$79.95
B35-364044-1Jose Hess14kt NECKLACE 12.1g Jose hess necklace wave swirls w wmall diamond 111528$899.95
B35-364036-115Lot of TEN Silver Franklin 1/2 dollars 90%$174.95
B35-364036-114Lot of TEN Silver Franklin 1/2 dollars 90%$174.95
B35-364036-113Lot of TEN Silver Franklin 1/2 dollars 90%$174.95
B35-364036-112Lot of TEN Silver Franklin 1/2 dollars 90%$174.95
B35-364036-111Lot of TEN Silver Franklin 1/2 dollars 90%$174.95
B35-364036-110Lot of TEN Silver Franklin 1/2 dollars 90%$174.95
B35-364036-109Lot of TEN Silver Franklin 1/2 dollars 90%$174.95
B35-364036-108Lot of TEN Silver Franklin 1/2 dollars 90%$174.95
B35-364036-107Lot of TEN Silver Franklin 1/2 dollars 90%$174.95
B35-364036-106Lot of TEN Silver Franklin 1/2 dollars 90%$174.95
B35-364036-105Lot of TEN Silver Franklin 1/2 dollars 90%$174.95
B35-364036-104Lot of TEN Silver Franklin 1/2 dollars 90%$174.95
B35-364036-103Lot of TEN Silver Franklin 1/2 dollars 90%$174.95
B35-364036-102Lot of TEN Silver Franklin 1/2 dollars 90%$174.95
B35-364036-101Lot of TEN Silver Franklin 1/2 dollars 90%$174.95
B35-364036-1Lot of TEN Silver Franklin 1/2 dollars 90%$174.95
B35-364030-210kt RING 1.8g Gold ring with light yellow stone$74.95
B35-364030-114kt EARRINGS 3.5g 14k gold hoop earrings with flowers$179.95
B35-363994-3TissotSEASTAR WOMENSwatch Ladies tissot watch with stretch bracelet, seastar with blue face$99.95
B35-363994-1SILVER NECKLACE 5.2g Silver necklace and pendant with locket type pendant,$19.95
B35-363985-1Tudor74033Tudor by Rolex 74033 Prince Oysterdate Two-Tone Engraved Back: ”IBM FRED” ref. 74033 34mm$2099.95
B35-363984-210kt RING 2.7g Gold ring with red stones and diamonds$109.95
B35-363949-114kt RING 3g Ring, wg, 2-25pt square, 1-50pt square,$899.95
B35-363835-114kt RING 4.2g Gold ring with 1-35pt diamond in the center , 2-10pt on the side, 6-2pt a long the side$899.95
B35-363825-114kt RING 7.5g White gold oval .50 pt with yellow gold, two band sodered$1699.95
B35-363775-1RING 2.8g Silver ring with lg cz in the center$12.95
B35-363671-114kt RING 3.8g Gold ring w/ 6 rows of diamonds$279.95
B35-363587-110kt NECKLACE 2g 10k tested necklace with roiund pend with diamnd chips tested$89.95
B35-363381-1Loose Diamond 50pt GSI 10635902001$799.95
B35-363360-410kt RING 1.6g Gold ring w. Mrq red stone$69.95
B35-363284-314kt RING 3.1g White gold ring with purple and green stones$159.95
B35-363284-214kt RING 1.9g Small yellow gold with green stone flower setting diamond in center 10pt$149.95
B35-363250-2SILVER RING 4.5g 3 larger stones as main settin smaller stones to the side of it$14.95
B35-363239-2ring 2.5g Silver ring with green stone$11.95
B35-363033-114kt Mikimoto Pearl Ring 4.3g 4 pearls no box mikimoto$349.95
B35-363014-4SILVER NECKLACE 2.3g Silver necklace, very thin, w round multi colored stone$14.95
B35-362885-114kt RING 5.5g 14k ring with .35pt center diamond$649.95
B35-362736-214kt RING 2.4g 1-35pt halo white gold ring ncie ring smaller$699.95
B35-362736-168kt Ever us Ring 6.8g White gold ever us ring 2-40pts 1.5tcw estimated$1599.95
B35-362627-214kt RING 4.2g Antique w 1-50pt mq single cuts on side, sodlered set$899.95
B35-362627-114kt RING 3.9g Large sq purple stonein yellow gold$199.95
B35-362571-114kt RING 7.7g Wedding set, 1-35pt round, w two accents, one on each side, and many on the bands, band has 4-5t rounds and many accents on band$829.95
B35-362384-114kt RING 4.4g Ladies ring w/ rnd 25 pt in center 12 rnd chip dia and 4 sqr 1 pt$349.95
B35-362371-1Breda5020CwATCH Mens black leather black dial simple breda watch great condition$49.95
B35-362328-214kt RING 5.3g Mens wedding ring 5 1pts$279.95
B35-361886-214kt RING 4.6g 1-60pt rd in niel lane rose and white gold ring w halo$1699.95
B35-361728-110kt RING 5.9g White gold mens ring with 14 diamond in setting,$279.95
B35-361713-1TissotSEASTAR T120417AMens Watch In og black and red box, black dial like new chornograph tissot seastar t120417a$399.95
B35-361634-114kt RING 4.5g Gold ring with green stone in the center$229.95
B35-361534-214kt PENDANT 5.5g Cross pedant$279.95
B35-361431-114kt RING 4.2g Ring, wg, 1-50pt square, 2-25pt squares, one on each side$899.95
B35-361311-318kt RING 10.2g Wg john atencio, 2 diamonds, mens, w channel cut out 10.2g$999.95
B35-361311-1750 18k 9.5g David yurman smokey quartz cable ring yellow gold 18k 9.5g$899.95
B35-361234-214kt bracelet 3.2g Bracelet with tres oros stones and heart pendant,$159.95
B35-361203-110kt RING 1.4g Gold ring with blue stone$69.95
B35-361098-110kt BRACLET 5.6g Kids small bangle braclet w/ flower on oit$224.95
B35-361057-3Seiko7S26-3160Seiko 5 Automatic, Stainelss watch with stainless band black face has deep srcatch on cover$109.95
B35-360975-110kt RING 2.4g Ring with 4, 5pt diamonds$199.95
B35-360841-5Seiko8F33-0029Seiko Perpetual Calander Two Tone Wrist Watch Nice WRIST WATCH Mens two tone watch seiko$49.95
B35-360767-11.51 Light Fancy Yellow Diamond GIA Square$5999.95
B35-360361-114kt WEDDING SET 6.6g 3 stoe ring w band in a v shape, 1-35pt and 2-20pts$899.95
B35-360224-214kt RING 6.3g Yellow gold and diamonds, baggests in middle rounds on side$599.95
B35-360146-2silver coin 1892 -o barber half dollar$799.95
B35-360103-314kt PENDANT 1.1g Lady of guadalupe oval$54.95
B35-360101-114kt RING 6.7g Wedding Set 1-40pt MQ w Rounds on Side Unsoldered$799.95
B35-359759-318kt RING 3.7g 18k ring with red ruby and tiny diamond chips around in halo type tested$349.95
B35-359759-214kt RING 3.8g 14k ring with 3 .5pt diamonds 4 blue saphires$299.95
B35-359759-114kt RING 4.8g 14k ring with 4 .7pt diamonds and 5 blue saphires$379.95
B35-359661-2NixonTHE CANNONWRIST WATCH Gold color watch with black face good used condition$49.95
B35-359522-1RING 3.3g Ring, silver, clear stones, larger center w many accents$11.95
B35-359431-1NixonFLOAT ONNixon the Newton Float ON Orange WRIST WATCH Orange mens nixon watch orange face plain orange and black$49.95
B35-358824-2OmegaELECTRONIC1972 Omega F300 Diver chronometer 198.029 Stainless Cal 1260 electronic watch, black dial.$1199.95
B35-358367-114kt RING 2.4g Purple stone in the middle, very pretty, two diamonds set on sides$149.95
B35-358298-114kt NECKLACE 2.2g White gold necklace with small heart shape pendant with red stone$119.95
B35-358050-114kt Wedding Ring 4.4g Wg 3 stone ring 1-60pt and 2-20pts, great condition$899.95
B35-357931-514kt GOLD RING 5g Gld ring with aqua stone$259.95
B35-357905-114kt RING 3.9g Wedding ring wg, .95ctw 1-35pt emerald and 2 15pt emeralds and sq on sides, 3 stone ring very pretty$899.95
B35-357782-3Sottomarino ItaliaSM-70008CSottomarion Ceramic Watch Ladies, Great Condition$89.95
B35-357321-114kt Levian Ring 3.9g Levian w 90pt diamond, in white gold halo setting$1999.95
B35-357161-114kt RING 3.7g Levian w/ chocolate and white diamonds w/ raspberry color stone in center$539.95
B35-356432-210kt RING 1.4g Red sqare w little diamonds on each side$59.95
B35-356275-210kt RING 3.3g Ring, purple stone rectangular, w purple stones and small accents on side$139.95
B35-356200-114kt RING 2.4g Gold ring with pearl in the center and 8 diamond chips$119.95
B35-355630-310kt RING 3.2g Pink stone wg ring square pink stones$129.95
B35-355475-3Native Concho LO Signed bracelet 14.1g Sterling$79.95
B35-355073-310kt PENDANT 2.6g Neckalce w Ribbon Pendant w Diamonds 3pt on one side rose gold$179.95
B35-354352-1Cuff Links Gold fill revolver cuff links, mop handles, likely swank$19.95
B35-353141-1Tag HeuerCAT2011CAT2011 Tag heuer, Chronogrpah White Dial Link, No Box Very Good conditoin$999.95
B35-351085-2RING 1.6g Silver ring with love on it cz heart$9.95
B35-350777-1NECKLACE 3.3g Silve necklace has 3 hearts and diamonds$44.95
B35-346713-214kt RING 3g Gold ring with red stone and diamond$149.95
B35-346113-3NECKLACE 61.4g Signed Native american silver necklace with silver pendant geen stone in pendant good condition$249.95
B35-346076-110kt RING 4g Ring, w white stone and black and whie accents$159.95
B35-344899-214kt RING 1.6g Ring, w light blue oval and small diamodn on side$74.95
B35-343716-114kt RING 3.1g Gold ring with 2 pink stones and 2 diamonds on the side$169.95
B35-342370-110kt RING 3.6g 10k white gold, white pearl, tiny diamonds on either side$189.95
B35-340816-1HamiltonHamilton Masterpiece Gold 14k Watch Running$399.95
B35-319113-1Bulova96T6196T61 Bulova Ladies Round Links lots of Bling$69.95
B35-257916-4KelbertNVMNwatch Watch, w white fave and silver bezel, dsark green cloth band$69.95
B35-257916-3TimexNVMNwatch Watch, timez, silver plate w gold bezel and band$79.95
B35-257916-2LemeyNVMNwatch Watch w silver face, bezel and band$159.95
B35-257916-1CrotonNVSNwatch Vintage watch, wilver face w silver bezel and bands, black background behind numbners$99.95

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