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We have a full showcase of modern, in style jewelry in silver and gold. All refurbished to be like new! We also carry estate and vintage jewelry! Huge diamond bridal selection! Watches as well! The advantage of pre-owned is that you get a much larger style assortment; not to mention a much better price! 

We always have a good selection of Coins as well, Gold and Silver!

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Product Image Mens Watches

P35-383599-110kt ring Chocolate and Clear Diamonds 2.7g$199.95
P35-383575-210kt PENDANT 5g Square jude pendant$199.95
P35-383575-114kt NECKLACE 11.6g Solid rope chain, long yellow gold$579.95
P35-383538-1Citizen0520-s114268Citizen Quartz Black Chrronograph Great COnditoin Black chronograph good condition citizenno scratches$89.95
P35-383537-114kt RING 5g Mens gold band with row of small diamonds$299.95
P35-383404-1G ShockGAX-100Bwatch Black g-shock mens watch in good condition$54.95
P35-383288-114kt 5.6g Wedding Set, 50pt Rd Diamond$999.95
P35-383234-118kt WG RING 4.8g 1-70pt Pear Si2, E, GSI 11747700301 CERT$1349.95
P35-383050-1EARRINGS 2.8g Silver heart shape earrings with tiny diamond chips$14.95
P35-383026-110kt NECKLACE 13.9g Gold hollow cuban link necklace with diamond cuts$559.95
P35-382970-3Sterling harley necklace 20.5g Harley necklace in black case$49.95
P35-382901-1NixonTIME TELLERWatch Gold tone nixon watch the time teller$49.95
P35-382830-1Silver Round Set 5 OZ .999 John Deere Tractors in Frams$399.95
P35-382826-114kt BRACLET 9.2g Mariners link bracelet Diamond Cut Semi Hollow$459.95
P35-382748-114kt RING 2g Ladies small ring w/ oval black stone and chip dia$99.95
P35-382743-114kt RING 2.2g diamond cluster ring$249.95
P35-382699-2CitizenE111-5058481Citizen Eco Drive Silver black face w/ clear stones Cracks in glass corner$59.95
P35-382697-1NECKLACE 5.1g Silver necklace with infinity pendant with purple stones$34.95
P35-382684-114kt RING 5.4g Levian rose gold with illusion center stone not missing any diamonds all chips across the design$599.95
P35-382682-1Citizen71-259171-2591 Citizen Automatic Vingtage Gold plated. watch Citizen automatic gold watch with black face$69.95
P35-382656-414kt RING 1.7g White gold curvy band\$84.95
P35-382656-3Bulova4696R19 WRIST WATCH Silver/white link bulova watch, small, good condition$79.95
P35-382617-1silver chain 47.6g Short silver Cuban chain, tested, link$89.95
P35-382555-11996 Gold Eagle 25 1/2 OZ liberty gold coin$999.95
P35-382403-1NECKLACE 2g Levian necklace with pear shaped cz rose gold plated silver$29.95
P35-382395-1silver bracelet 17.1g Silver with heart links,leaf design on top$29.95
P35-382348-110kt NECKLACE 13.2g Gold mariner necklace$539.95
P35-382267-1PampGOLD BAR 1g pamp gold bar, 1g 999.9 fine gold c322052$74.95
P35-382125-110kt gold necklace w Butterfly Pendant Purple stone3.1g$139.95
P35-382120-4silver ring 1.3g Silver ring with Opal gem in center$11.95
P35-381857-1NECKLACE 21.2g Rosary necklace 10kt with hollow beads Diamond Cross$949.95
P35-381811-210kt NECKLACE 3g Necklace w/ loop pendant and small diamonds going all around$159.95
P35-381747-3RING 3.9g Sivler ring clsuter in sq shape$29.95
P35-381656-110kt Mens WG RING 4g Ring w/7 small diamonds$229.95
P35-381639-114kt RING 3.4g Gold ring with large red stone Heart in the center$169.95
P35-381638-1RING 3.2g Silver with oval red stone has some 10k$19.95
P35-381559-2SperryA126-14watch Sperry watch no scratches on the face good condition$19.95
P35-381530-110kt EARRINGS 7.4g Hoop gold earrings$299.95
P35-381369-2RING 3.8g Ring w/ Hashmarks design going all around$19.95
P35-381369-1SILVER ring` 7.9g Ring w/one large white stone in center and 3 small stones in each side$29.95
P35-381367-210kt RING 5.6g Ring tres oros leafs in center$229.95
P35-381367-114kt PENDANT 1.4g Small round st christopher pendant$69.95
P35-381358-110kt RING 2.9g Inside a black box ring w/Garnet and 2 lines of very small diamonds on each side of saphire stone$119.95
P35-380982-1FossilFS4901watch Silver fossil watch with red background$19.95
P35-380861-1RING 1.5g 10kt Ring with light blue oval stone smaller stones around$59.95
P35-380816-114kt WG RING 2.6g Ring has 4 15pt clear diamonds$299.95
P35-380794-114kt RING 3.5g Gold ring Claddah Irish Wedding Ring$174.95
P35-380717-2RING 10.6g Ring w/blue stone in middle line of 3 line center pendant$24.95
P35-380717-1RING 11.5g Large ribng w/snake and teeth$34.95
P35-380555-1RING 7.2g James Avery Mothers Love Heart Ring Sterling$69.95
P35-380554-1EARRINGS 0.7g 50 point diamond earrings on silver$249.95
P35-380416-110kt NECKLACE 3g Thin gold necklace with round pendant has cross and angel$119.95
P35-380408-110kt RING 1.8g Gold ring with green stone in center$74.95
P35-380342-1Movado84G21855wrist watch Silver w/ black face movado Museum$199.95
P35-380105-114kt NECKLACE 6.1g Rose gold levian swirly pendant with smoky quarts rhodelite$399.95
P35-380070-110kt RING 2g Ring w/blue teardrop stone and small white stones on one side$79.95
P35-380047-110kt RING 7.9g all wg ring w/6 purple sqare stones and one line o small diamonds on top and bottom$319.95
P35-379947-218kt NECKLACE 8.8g Rope necklace 750 nice rope solid$539.95
P35-379831-1Na HokuA9819Na Hoku Koa Wood Chrono Brown Dial Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch A9819 5040D$399.95
P35-379820-210kt White Gold Ring 1.7g Red stone white gold ring$69.95
P35-379529-501Vahan 3.1g Yellow Gold with Oval Saphire and Diamonds 3.1g$199.95
P35-379529-510kt 1.8g Green stones pear and two sideways mq$74.95
P35-379364-110kt Figgaro Neckalce Chain 8.1g$319.95
P35-379361-110kt BRACLET 7.8g Hollow bangel hinged$319.95
P35-379360-110kt Cross pendant 5.1g Two tone crusafix pendant$209.95
P35-379199-114kt NECKLACE 3.2g Figarro necklace$159.95
P35-379038-1NECKLACE 12.1g Silver figarro link necklace,$24.95
P35-378968-3CitizenB620-S096049Citizen Echo Drive Chrono, Black w Red accents stainless$89.95
P35-378923-2PENDANT 1.4g Cross silver pendant diamond chips in center$11.95
P35-378854-114kt RING 3.6g White gold wedding set with 40pt round diamond in the center and tiny diamonds on the side$599.95
P35-378751-114kt Bracelet 11.7g 11.7g multi colored stones bracelet$599.95
P35-378386-114k White Gold kt RING 4.4g Virgin mary white gold ring$229.95
P35-378251-2NECKLACE 15.2g Silver figaro necklace$29.95
P35-378235-114kt RING 1.3g Gold ring with ruby in center$99.95
P35-378234-110kt RING 1.4g White gold ring with small diamond clusters,$89.95
P35-378106-110kt NECKLACE 5g Thin 10k mex gold Cuban necklace$199.95
P35-377804-110kt RING 2g White gold ring with MQ 10pt diamond and small diamonds on side$299.95
P35-377519-2NECKLACE 3.9g Silver thin necklace, with heart pendant with ”mom” and purple butterfly$12.95
P35-377333-110kt RING 3.3g Ring w/3 small red marquise shaped stones in center and one small diamond on each end$139.95
P35-377299-114kt Wedding Ring 7.5g Whit gold 1-80pt round diamond w halo around it soldered set$1999.95
P35-377104-114kt WEDDING SET 4.2g White gold 1-25pt CERT sq gia 6147814948$599.95
P35-377028-2RING 3g Platinum ring, with Blue and diamonds stones$179.95
P35-376972-114kt BRACLET 27.9g Cuban link id braclet$1399.95
P35-376956-2RING 1g 14k ring 1.0g small dimaond$59.95
P35-376956-1Tiffany & COEARRINGS 1.9g Tiffany&co earrings, one is misisng a back$189.95
P35-376917-2NECKLACE 3.9g Silver necklace w/ blue butterfly$17.95
P35-376917-1Silver NECKLACE 10.1g Ladies necklace with big butterfly with black$19.95
P35-376822-114kt RING 10.7g Mens gold ring with three diamonds in center$639.95
P35-376751-114kt RING 5g heart .50 diamond smaller diamonds around the heart twisted bands bought here$1199.95
P35-376613-214kt NECKLACE 2.3g Thin box chain w green rectangle stone in cross pendant$119.95
P35-376340-114kt RING 12.3g White gold mens band with 35 pt diamond w hour glass laser cuts sideways nb4$819.95
P35-376241-5coins Misc ww2 nazi coins$79.95
P35-375454-1NixonTAKE CHARGE THE CORPORALwatch All mens silver and dark silve rim watch, minor scratches, works, has more scratches on back then front$69.95
P35-375159-110kt RING 2.9g White gold ring w/ pear shape gren stone$119.95
P35-375047-214kt RING 8.4g 2 tone Mens ring$419.95
P35-374920-214kt goldring 2.4g 7 MQ Diamonds gold ring with diamonds$249.95
P35-374812-114kt RING 5g Gold ring with saphire center stone$249.95
P35-374366-114kt RING 1.6g Love ring gold$79.95
P35-374334-110kt RING 1.5g White gold ring with blue stone and small diamonds$79.95
P35-373808-1NECKLACE 9.5g Silver cubin link necklace$29.95
P35-373631-114kt NECKLACE 15.1g Bezytine necklace white gold$759.95
P35-373452-1FestinaF16488Festina Chronograph Watch Stainless Good Conditoni Black Dial , festina watch. Works. Ok condition$99.95
P35-373215-114kt RING 4.9g 14k white gold ring with purple stone and diamonds 4.9$299.95
P35-373119-1RING 7.9g Owl silver ring geo shaped owl Signed w J Native Hopi$39.95
P35-372832-114kt NECKLACE 3.5g Gold journey necklace with set of 3 diamonds$449.95
P35-372459-1VictorinoxOFFICERS CLASSIC 241370Watch Victorinox swiss army officers classic automatic watch crystal has small knicks on edges, very scratched stainless steel works good$279.95
P35-372421-1NixonCANNONWRIST WATCH Stainless w black dial nixon ok conditio$39.95
P35-372272-110kt RING 1.2g White gold ring with 6 tiny diamonds$69.95
P35-371375-2RING 6.2g Silver men ring with diamond chips$39.95
P35-371117-110kt RING 4.1g Women’s ring w/square shaped clustered diamonds$339.95
P35-371005-110kt RING 1.6g Gold ring with 2 hearts with tiny diamonds$79.95
P35-370511-310kt RING 2.1g Ring w/5 yelowish marquise shape stones$89.95
P35-370428-110kt RING 1.6g Wg ring w/3-1point in diagnal setting, many times$89.95
P35-369852-2coin 1g 2013 dan carr indian head nickel centennial engraved$199.95
P35-369172-2RING 3.5g Square shaped in center w /9 greens stones insisde$11.95
P35-369130-1silver ring 3g Womens silver ringer with big center stone cz$12.95
P35-368408-314kt RING 3.3g Large oval cz w filagree$159.95
P35-367544-114kt RING 4.1g Women’s ring w,12 diamonds on side of blue stone in center$299.95
P35-366732-110kt RING 1.7g 10k band with red and DIAMONDS stones tested$74.95
P35-366099-1GOLD RING 2.4g 10kt gold ring with cluster in round shape diamonds$199.95
P35-366017-4SkagenSKT1103SMARTWATCH Skagen pt hybrid smart watch, black with gold rim and blue inside, some stains on band.$39.95
P35-365794-1RING 1.7g Silver bhg ring heart w/ clear stone$14.95
P35-365273-110kt gold ring 3.5g 10kt gold ring with diamond diagonally across$199.95
P35-365259-210kt RING 1.8g Bhg leaves smaller leaves yellow gold small stone$89.95
P35-365259-110kt GOLD RING 2.3g Bhg ring two leaves$94.95
P35-365100-214kt NECKLACE 1.9g Yellow gold rosary necklace, good condition$99.95
P35-364846-1NECKLACE 2.4g Silver necklace w/ diamond cross pendant, in small purple jewelry box$12.95
P35-364405-114kt RING 3.5g White gold ring with blue star saph stone in the center$189.95
P35-363910-114kt RING 4.7g White gold wedding ring 1-35pt diamond surounded by smaller diamonds, 14kt diamond$599.95
P35-362945-1watch Nixon men’s anthem reign supreme analog display silver chrome watch 43mm rare , good condition$89.95
P35-362661-110kt RING 3.1g Yellow gold ring with marquise purple center stone$139.95
P35-362240-114kt RING 3.1g Wg line of mq tanzanite, ring$169.95
P35-358410-1watch 30g Rose gold nixon watch, happy medium edition$39.95
P35-357233-114kt RING 5.2g 14kt 5.2g yellow gold ring thick stone Diamond Clusters Cigar band$299.95
P35-356301-1Cuff Bracelet 56.2g Sterling stamped dl DAWN LUCAS shadowbox native$299.95
P35-353302-210kt GOLD RING 2.2g Gold ruby cluster with small diamonds in center,$109.95
P35-329918-1Invicta4106watch Watch red and black bezel, decent condition, automatic$59.95
P35-326132-1watch Tissot 1853, TOUCH 2 black vinyl straps, in good condition, ttouch,$299.95
P35-322857-1Bulova96B7596b75watch Silver mens bulova watch, scratches on face$49.95
P35-319929-1 girard-perregaux gyromatic 39 jewels, runs, one complications$399.95
P35-292286-1Radomens watch Brown leather strap rado yellow watch$299.95
P35-279606-1Bulovawatch Stainless steel bulova$89.95
P35-275030-1GucciNO MAKEwatch Watch, w black leather straps, pretty old, gold face, little messed up$99.95
P35-274683-1BulovaSPACEVIEW M6 ACCUTRONWRIST WATCH Clear dial, accutron bulova spaceview, don’t know if it works, stretch band$399.95
P35-274277-1MidoPOWERWINDwatch Mido powerwind watch$199.95
P35-265489-1SeikoSEIKOMATICVintage Watch Seikomatic with stretch band, old works fine some moderate wear$199.95
P35-254989-1Hamiltonwatch Gold colored watch, older, Hamilton Electric Vintage$499.95
N35-3255601947 Mexico 50 Peso Centenario 37.5g Pure Gold$2799.95
N35-3253051960’s US Treasury Grease Bar 90% Silver 94.79 OZ$2199.95
N35-32499310kt YG Cluster Ring tons of Diamonds in ribbons 6.9$349.95
N35-32499210kt Cluster Ring Diamonds in Diamond Shape 3.4$199.95
N35-32499110kt Ring 3.1g MQ Red/Pink$124.95
N35-3249903.0g YG Ring Blue MQ stone 10kt$119.95
N35-32498810kt WG w Red Heart and CZ Baggs, 2.0$79.95
N35-3249875 Light Blue MQ in YG Ring 10Kt 2.4g$94.95
N35-32498610kt YG Ring Rows of Red Ruby stnoes3.9$159.95
N35-324985White Gold Ring 10kt Pink Stone w 6 small Diamonds, 2.7$139.95
N35-32498410kt YG Ring Light Purple MQ w 4 Diamonds inside cluster 3.7$169.95
N35-32498310kt YG Green Oval Sotne in Yellow Gold Ring 2.4$94.95
N35-324982Purple Heart Ring w Diamodn chips 10kt YG 3.0$119.95
N35-32498014KT YG Ring Row of 5 Blue stones 1.9$94.95
N35-32497910kt YG Ring Purple Teardrop 2.6$109.95
N35-324978Antique Crown Ring Ruby and Saphire like a cake 3.3 10kt$129.95
N35-32497710kt YG Ruby and Diamond with tons of BHG Leaves around it 4.6$189.95
N35-324976Small Blue MQ w Diamond Halo in YG 10kt 2.7$119.95
N35-32497510kt YG Ring Blue round stone 6 small diamonds, 2.6$109.95
N35-32497410kt YG Ring MQ Pink Sotne 2.7$109.95
N35-324973Blue Oval Ring 10kt YG 3.3g$134.95
N35-32497210kt Purple MQ w Triangles on Band 3.8$154.95
N35-324971Two Pearls w Leaves Yellow godl Romany 10kt Rng 3.8$149.95
N35-32497010kt Rose Gold w Purple top faceted SQ CZ on band 4.4$174.95
N35-32496910kt Ring Pink stone w BHG Leaves 3.1$124.95
N35-32496810kt Black MQ Ring w Chips 3.3$139.95
N35-32496610kt YG Ring Dark Red cluster 3.2$129.95
N35-32496510kt YG Pruple MQ 2.2$89.95
N35-32496410kt YG Purple oval w Chip diamodns 3.7$149.95
N35-32496310kt YG Giant MQ Purple 6.0$239.95
N35-32496210kt YG Triangle Peach Stone 4.8g$194.95
N35-32496110kt YG Blueish Cushion 4.0$159.95
N35-3249608kt Purple stone ring Yellow Gold 333 8 kt 1.9$64.95
N35-32495910kt Ring Bright Pink Round CZ 4.3g Chips on side,$179.95
N35-32495810kt YG MOM red stone small diamond 1.9g$79.95
N35-32495714k YG large CZ and CZ on Sides 5.5$274.95
N35-324956Antique 12k YG Crown Setting Red Stones on top brown star s on side, 4.1g$189.95
N35-324955Scrap Rings from JLS 14k 33.0$1199.95
N35-32495414Kt YG Tres oros Weave Plain Band 3.0$149.95
N35-32495214K YG Ring Light blue oval balaena setting 2.9g$144.95
N35-324951Orange Smooth oval green stones around it 14k YG 3.9$194.95
N35-32495014Kt YG Large Blue oval w Chips around it ring 5.5$274.95
N35-32494914kt YG Large Green Round stone 4.0$199.95
N35-32494814Kt Rose Gold Filagree w 5pt Diamond 2.3$139.95
N35-32494714Kt YG Ring Sunflowers w Brown Diamond Centers and Green outside of Leaves 6.2$399.95
N35-32494614Kt YG Large Blue Oval 5.6$279.95
N35-32494514k YG Ring 3 lines of Blue oval s6.3$314.95
N35-32494414Kt YG Ring Lines of Pink Blue white green stones 6.1$299.95
N35-32494314kt YG Ring SSSSS Design 4.2$209.95
N35-32494114K YG Oval Opal w Green and Small Diamonds on side 7.2$399.95
N35-32494014kt YG Giant Purple Stone 4.5$224.95
N35-32493914k GY Double Swirl w White Gold Center swirl 4.7$234.95
N35-32493814K YG Ring Blue Eternity w CZ around it 7.7$379.95
N35-32493714k YG Ring Pink oval w Pink Halo 3.7g$184.95
N35-32493614kt YG three rows of Red Stones 4.5$224.95
N35-32493514k YG Ring Oval Tanz in Dome Diamond Pave Setting 4.7$279.95
N35-324934val Blue Stone in Yellow Gold Solitaire 14k 3.2g$159.95
N35-324933YG Ring 10kt Two MQ Opals 3.2g$129.95
N35-32493210kt YG w Line of Green stones diamonds on sides of green 2.8$119.95
N35-32493110kt YG Cluster of small pink stones 4.5$179.95
N35-32492910Kt YG Ring Cluster of blue oval stones 2.6$109.95
N35-32492810kt White Gold w Two lines of Blue Diamonds 3.5$179.95
N35-32492710kt YG Pearl Ring w Wave Design holding pearl 4.6$184.95
N35-32492610K YG Ring Line of small red stoones 1.6$69.95
N35-32492510kt YG Line of Green stones 1.8$74.95
N35-32492410kt YG Ring Giant Orange Stone w Elephants on side 6.2$249.95
N35-324923Gold Ring 10kt Round Dark Purple/Blue Stone green halo 5.6$219.95
N35-32492210Kt Yellow orange oval stone large filagree 6.7$269.95
N35-32492110kt Ring Red Oval w Hammer set muti color adnond bubble shank 7.1$299.95
N35-324920YG 10Kt Ring Purple Green Stone raised up in hoop setting above ring 5.1$209.95
N35-32491910KT Yellow Gold Ring Large Green Triangle Diamonds around it 5.2g$239.95
N35-32491810kt Yellow Gold Ring W large Green stone and BHG Leaves 5.5$219.95
N35-32491718Kt Yellow Gold 22” Tube Can Links Very Nice 27.5g$1659.95
N35-324534Tiffany & OC Paloma Picasso Silver Loving Heart Necklace 1.8g$99.95
N35-324533Tiffany & CO Sz 5 Olive Leaf Ring Sterling1.7g$179.95
N35-324532Tiffany & Co 3.0g Sterling Peretti Full Love Heart Stud Earrings In box$179.95
N35-324531Tiffany Beaded Bracelet w Enamel Return Tag Heart in Box 5.5g$179.95
N35-324250Tiffany Paloma Picasso 18K Yellow Gold Loving Heart Necklace 2.8$359.95
N35-323896Yellow 14k Gold Cuban Chain Squared Links 18.1g Nice and long$929.95
N35-323895Mariner Braclet Hoge Wide27.7g Yellow Gold 14kt$1399.95
N35-323887BlaupunktSEATTLE660Seattle660 Double DIN CD DVD Bluetooth 6.2” Touchscreen$149.95
N35-32307110k White Gold Ring w Light Green Oval Stone 3.3g$134.95
N35-322467Silver Ring Chain ID Ring 1.8 Figgaro$9.95
N35-322466Silver Ring 4.1 cluster of lihgt purple stone s$12.95
N35-322465Silver Ring 4.5g Band w little red stone 4.5$9.95
N35-322464Silver Ring Small Blue lapis 2.3$9.95
N35-3224629.9 Silver Ring Wide band w light blue cz$17.95
N35-322459Silver Ring Heart CZ 2.6$11.95
N35-3224582.7 Silver Ring clear rock w brown and black inclusions 2.7$12.95
N35-3224522.5 Silver Ring purple squares in a row, 2.5$11.95
N35-322450Silver Ring 3.1g native brown and white$19.95
N35-3224498.6g Amber in wide cigar band 8.6$19.95
N35-322447Diamond Shaped w little chips 4.4$19.95
N35-322443Silver Ring 8.1 Flowers made of CZ$19.95
N35-3224406.4 Silver Ring 5 Oval Blue stones$12.95
N35-3224382.4 Silver Ring Hearts all the way around$9.95
N35-322436Silver Ring Purple Oval 5.3$12.95
N35-322432Silver Ring Plain band 4.1$17.95
N35-322429Silver Ring CZ eternity SQ MQ 2.6$12.95
N35-322425Silver Ring red enamel 3.9$11.95
N35-322422Silver Ring Pink SQ 4.7$15.95
N35-322421Silver Ring giant light yellow stone 13.1$19.95
N35-322418Silver Ring woven spinner ring 8.1$24.95
N35-322417Silver Ring CZ nice 2.6$15.95
N35-322414Silver Ring small nugget ring 2.8$10.95
N35-322413Silver Ring crossover band w CZ 2.1$11.95
N35-322410Silver Ring three dolphins 3.5$9.95
N35-322406-DNHSilver Ring Two X design rows w cz 3.1$11.95
N35-322403Silver Ring giant pink stone w roots holdign it 9.9$19.95
N35-322401Silver Ring Crazy wire wrap around band 10.3$15.95
N35-322400Silver Ring tons os mult colored cz 3.7$12.95
N35-322399Silver Ring light blue MQ 3.6$12.95
N35-322397Silver Ring blue oval 4.3$12.95
N35-322394Silver Ring MOP sq 5.6$12.95
N35-322391two dolphins Silver Ring 2.4$9.95
N35-322387Silver Ring mens eagle black enamel 6.2$24.95
N35-322385Silver Ring smooth red ruby 2.7$13.95
N35-322384Silver Ring blue bezel set cz 5.5$12.95
N35-322377Silver Ring giant round black stoen s 7.3$13.95
N35-322375Silver Ring purple oval 3.3$11.95
N35-322374Silver Ring shield w round hematite 6.1$24.95
N35-322370Silver Ring Giant Light pink oval 10.4$19.95
N35-322367Silver Ring blue ehart 1.9$9.95
N35-322366Silver Ring brown stone claddah 2.6$11.95
N35-322364Silver Ring rond CZ w MQ Cz sides, 3.6$13.95
N35-322360Silver Ring one cz two blue 3.4$10.95
N35-322357Silver Ring giant flower pedal w green center 12.2$21.95
N35-322356Silver Ring large light blue oval 7.3$14.95
N35-322355Silver Ring four inlaid MOP Brown sqaures 4.4$12.95
N35-322354Silver Ring large round CZ solitaire 5.0$12.95
N35-322352Silver Ring hexagon band 3.2$17.95
N35-322351Silver Ring small green turq 2.5$9.95
N35-322350Silver Ring long light purple stone 4.3$11.95
N35-322349Silver Ring MARIPOSAS 5.6$19.95
N35-322348Silver Ring Mens BHG Leaves and Eagle on Black stone 8.1$44.95
N35-322347Silver Ring dog paw w heart, how cute, 2.7$9.95
N35-322346Silver Ring CZ bowtie design 2.8$13.95
N35-322345Silver Ring giant CZ wire band 2.9$12.95
N35-322344Silver Ring pink MQ 3.4$13.95
N35-322342Silver Ring Cross part of ring 2.0$9.95
N35-322341Silver Ring MQ Hematite 7.2$14.95
N35-322340Silver Ring Sterling US Army 26.8$44.95
N35-322339Silver Ring giant wide spinner band 9.3$19.95
N35-322337Silver Ring Blue TQ like tear 3.4$10.95
N35-322336Silver Ring round CZ 3.2$11.95
N35-322334Silver Ring line of light blue stone s1.8$9.95
N35-322329Silver Ring Blue oval 6.0$15.95
N35-322328Silver Ring hatched band w SKULL! 8.3$29.95
N35-322327Silver Ring oval green turq 3.2$13.95
N35-322323Silver Ring A cat! 5.3$11.95
N35-322322Silver Ring iamonds sq illusion cut 2.6$29.95
N35-322321Silver Ring One small Gold Leaf 1.5$14.95
N35-322319Silver Ring wrap around nail 13.0$19.95
N35-322318Silver Ring modernist lapis oval 5.3$12.95
N35-322317Silver Ring black oval 2.2$9.95
N35-322316Silver Ring light blue oval cluster 2.8$12.95
N35-322312Silver Ring ellow oval 5.5$13.95
N35-322311Silver Ring Black Lines Triangel 3.0$19.95
N35-322310Silver Ring BHG Leaves 3.9$34.95
N35-322305Silver Ring light blue three tone ring sq 3.6$14.95
N35-322304Silver Ring lots of Different stones 5.7$13.95
N35-322303Silver Ring Triangle W Clear Red Stone 11.8$14.95
N35-322298Light Blue oval w Chips on side 1.5 10kt YG$69.95
N35-32229710kt YG Pearl in Heart 1.5$59.95
N35-322296Light Blue Heart 10kt YG 1.7$69.95
N35-32229510kt YG Light Blue heart w little dimaonds on side, 2.0$89.95
N35-322294Mens 10k YG Large Yellow Tigers Eye star sapphire 6.6$269.95
N35-32229310kt YG Ring Sq Purple held at ends, 2.7$109.95
N35-32229210kt Ring Opal MQ 1.8$74.95
N35-32229010kt YG Light blue oval w Small Diamond on side,$64.95
N35-32228910kt YG 3 Pink Hearts 1.6g$69.95
N35-32228810kt YG light Blue MQ stone 1.7$69.95
N35-322287lue Heart Stone w Chips on side Yellow Gold 10k 2.1$84.95
N35-3222863 Blue Emerald Cut sotnes 2.2g Yellow gold 10kt$89.95
N35-322285Gold Ring 10Kt, 3.1g Purple hearts 3.1$124.95
N35-3222833 Light Purple stones 14k YG small dimaonds on side, 2.2$119.95
N35-32228114k Whie Gold Small Red oval w tiny pink on sides, 2.0$99.95
N35-322279Red Garnet Flower Cluster 14k YG, 4.6g$229.95
N35-322278Small Green stone in Weave Flower Yellow Gold 14k 3.0$149.95
N35-32227714Kt YG Ring Large Oval Amethyst, 6.3g$299.95
N35-32227614Kt YG Ring w Pearl and CZ 2.1g$104.95
N35-32227514Kt Yellow Ring w White Swirls lots of Blue stones and Diamodn in center 3.6$179.95
N35-322057OmegaSPEEDMASTER PROFESSIONAL1970 Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch, 32,207,884 Cal 145.022, Stainless$4999.95
N35-321879Old Poured Bar GA Golden Analytical 10 OZ$399.95
N35-321878Vintage GA Golden Analytical Silver Poured Bar 10 Ounce$399.95
N35-321680Silver Ring oval solitaire cz 3.0$11.95
N35-321679Silver Ring mesh like soldi band 3.5$19.95
N35-321677Silver Ring three green tones at an agnle 5.1$12.95
N35-321675Silver Ring CZ Emerald eternity band 4.2$15.95
N35-321671Silver Ring tiara w cz 2.7$12.95
N35-321667Silver Ring modern ring one smll diamodn band 5.7$14.95
N35-321661Silver Ring plain ridged band 7.2$24.95
N35-321659Silver Ring native black oval 4.6$19.95
N35-321656Silver Ring CZ solitire eround 2.5$9.95
N35-321654Silver Ring blue smooth top stone Silver Ring 6.1$15.95
N35-321653Silver Ring green stone dome cable 9.4$19.95
N35-321651Silver Ring line of hearts and CZ 1.3$10.95
N35-321649Silver Ring wide dome w Cross 6.1$14.95
N35-321646Silver Ring Line of pink stones 2.0$11.95
N35-321645Silver Ring Oval CZ sides exposed 3.0$12.95
N35-321640Silver Ring Tribal Band 4.6$19.95
N35-321631Silver Ring Giant Cluster of Smokey Quartz 7.8$19.95
N35-321628Silver Ring mens plain band 7.0$24.95
N35-321624Silver Ring Four top faceted brownish stones 8.4$14.95
N35-321622Silver Necklace Frog w BHG Leaves 5.6$24.95
N35-321620Silver Necklace large Circle w little diamond 6.9g$13.95
N35-321618Silver Necklace purple and green butterfly danglers 4.1$15.95
N35-321617Silver Necklace med rope chain 10.6$19.95
N35-321616Silver Necklace Box link 7.8$14.95
N35-321614Silver Necklace Blue stone w Double halo 5.2$19.95
N35-321613Silver Necklace rope 6.1$9.95
N35-321612Silver Necklace Cross helt at each end 1.6$11.95
N35-321611Silver Necklace Large Cross w Round MOP Inlays 23.9$34.95
N35-321610Silver Necklace Bleu Clear Rectangle stone 14.2$24.95
N35-321609Silver Necklace paperclip links w Big Heart 24.6$34.95
N35-321608Silver Necklace Double Heart Silver Necklace 9.2$13.95
N35-321607Silver Necklace Cross w Lot of Green tones 6.0$19.95
N35-321606Silver Necklace Infinity Loops w Diamonds 3.8$34.95
N35-321605Silver Necklace A Fly? 6.7g$12.95
N35-321604Silver Necklace Filagree Cross w CZ Center 2.7$14.95
N35-321602Silver Necklace Small thin Cross 2.7$11.95
N35-321600Silver Necklace 7.5 g Harley Davidson w CZ all over one side$24.95
N35-3215996.2 Silver Necklace Plumeria Hawaii three flower 6.2$15.95
N35-321594Silver Necklace Dangley CZ says Love 3.0$11.95
N35-321593Silver Necklace hear w diamonds 7.0$24.95
N35-3215927.1 Silver Necklace Square tube w Round Flower cut out center$13.95
N35-321591Silver Necklace Inlay Native 12.3 Signed tube chain 12.3$39.95
N35-321590Silver Necklace key on long box chain 7.7$14.95
N35-321589Silver Necklace Double Heart 3.7g w CZs on bottom$14.95
N35-321587Silver Necklace 5.8 Chonkla sandle$13.95
N35-321577Silver Necklace freshwater pearls and silver 3.8$9.95
N35-321576Silver Necklace Hony Bee 5.9$12.95
N35-321575Silver Necklace 2 Purple stones in round pendant 8.6g$12.95
N35-32135310kt Yellow Gold Squared Bezyntine Neckalce 30” Semi Hollow Nice 23.1$919.95
N35-320777Silver Ring black MOP 7.2$13.95
N35-320773Silver Ring mens large band 5.8$24.95
N35-320769Silver Ring native w white sotne 7.2 signed pm$24.95
N35-320767Silver Ring plain band dotted edge 4.5$14.95
N35-320763Silver Ring mens triangular ring 10.8$29.95
N35-320758Silver Ring cz wrap around cross 1.8$9.95
N35-320165Silver Ring giant oval galss w pink in it 17.2$24.95
N35-320164Silver Ring pinkinsh Rock 11.1$14.95
N35-320161Silver Ring mens w lizard pic 11.6$34.95
N35-320148Silver Ring Trianglular MOP inlaid 10.4$17.95
N35-320135Silver Ring Two Red Triangles 2.9$12.95
N35-319853Silver Necklace shorter beaded 8.1$14.95
N35-319850Silver Necklace Thin Figgaro 7.2$15.95
N35-319846Silver Necklace long cuban bracelet 11.4$19.95
N35-319843Silver Necklace Rhodium plated figgaro heavy short 35.9$74.95
N35-319835Silver Necklace Rolo w Purple beads 29.5$49.95
N35-319829Silver Necklace Shorter Heavy Figaro 42.3$79.95
N35-319825Silver Necklace Heavy Silver Rope Necklace 51.8$99.95
N35-31978310K YG Ring 3 blue stones 2.3 sides tear shaped$94.95
N35-31978210K YG Ring Smooth Jade MQ w Leaves ver em 3.0$119.95
N35-31978110K YG Ring Red and Yellow SQ Stones3.8$149.95
N35-31978010K White Gold w Trapezoid shaped purple sone 4.3$174.95
N35-31977810K YG Ring Giant Purple oval in Rope setting 5.5$219.95
N35-31977710K YG Ring light blue SQ center trillion sides 3.0$119.95
N35-31977610K YG Ring Large Round Mystic Topaz 4.8$174.95
N35-31977510K YG Ring Blue Spahires in MQ Halo around Diam 4.0$159.95
N35-31977410K YG Ring Red stone in Flower pedals setting 1.7$69.95
N35-31977310K YG Ring Red Stone SQ 3.2$129.95
N35-31977210K YG Ring 3 light blue mq 2.3$89.95
N35-31977110K YG Ring Halo of Small Red Ruby around Diamon 3.6$149.95
N35-31977010K YG Ring Light Blue trillion 3.0$119.95
N35-31976910K YG Ring Line of Blue MQ Saphires 2.6$109.95
N35-31976810K YG Ring Oval Opal w CZ on sides 1.8$69.95
N35-31976610k White Godl 3 Small diamonds at angle wave nice 2.5$99.95
N35-31976510K YG Ring Baby Ring w BHG Leaves 1.4$54.95
N35-31976410K YG Ring Circle of Small Ruby around diamonds 3.5 halo like$149.95
N35-31976310K YG Ring Dark Blue Oval Sapphire 2.8$109.95
N35-31976210K YG Ring Light Blue MQ W Diamonds on side 3.8$149.95
N35-31976010K YG Ring 5 Oval Tanzanite 3.0$119.95
N35-31975910K YG Ring 5 Red MQ in a row 2.1$79.95
N35-31975810K YG Ring Red MQ Chips on side 2.0$79.95
N35-319439Silver Ring big square with balls surounding 9.9g$13.95
N35-319430Silver Ring tq sun shape 3.6g$19.95
N35-319422Silver Ring three flowers 5.7g$11.95
N35-319378Silver Ring three flowers 5.2g$11.95
N35-319365Silver Ring Mens Dragon Horn w Naked Woman, 20.4$44.95
N35-319363Silver Ring Mens Square Band, 11.9g$29.95
N35-318356Sterling Ring Blue Glass sq 6.3$12.95
N35-318354Sterling Ring elephant ring 2.9$9.95
N35-318348Sterling Ring Crown tiara Ring 1.7$12.95
N35-318336Sterling Ring Heart CZ Clear 1.8$11.95
N35-318318Sterling Ring Filagree Flower 2.7g$10.95
N35-318316Sterling Ring light pink smooth top 2.5$11.95
N35-318315Sterling Ring Big ol Nest of CZ’s 6.0$14.95
N35-318311Sterling Ring oval labradorite 4.2$12.95
N35-317477Silver Ring large blue SQ labradorite perhaps 12.7$19.95
N35-317476Silver Ring Three Smokey Quartz 6.5$12.95
N35-3174421 OZ AU .9999 Bar Rand Refinery RR741689$2199.95
N35-317386Silpada Stering Bulk Lot Resale, Wholesale, 61.0g$149.95
N35-317385Lot of 4 Didae Sterling Rings Resale, Wholesale 30.5g Israel$89.95
N35-317383Kameleon Ring Changeable w Snowman Bead, 10.6$24.95
N35-317375Sterling 19.4g Carolyn Pollack Relios Coral Enhancer Pendant Square$74.95
N35-317373Sterling & 14k Ring Ribbed Top 8.3$59.95
N35-317366Ivan Howard IH Turquoise/ Sterling Silver 9.5g Clip On Earrings$99.95
N35-317362Sterling 10.1g Adam Eve Ring Tree Apple Mexico band sterling$39.95
N35-317360SILPADA Divided Cuff Ring R3554 Sterling Sterling & Brass 7.9$49.95
N35-317358Sterling B Couture Hive Necklace 9.5g$39.95
N35-317355DX Designer #70 Large Mens Ring w Black Sq Stones 28.2g$59.95
N35-317353Sterling Pendnat Signed LTB Green TURQ, Native 10.2$49.95
N35-317351Sterling Metalsmiths Pink Inlay Triangular Ring 9.6g$29.95
N35-317348Designer Juelia Ring Geen Stone Owl Like New 7.6g$79.95
N35-317346Sterling Silver Malachite Bracelet and Necklace Set Monteros Mexico 202.0 Neckalce Not signed!$999.95
N35-317341CAROLYN POLLACK STERLING SILVER Ribbed Rolo 47.0$119.95
N35-317340SILPADA R3059 Sterling Silver CZ TIARA Ring 9.9g$69.95
N35-317339Silpada Sterling ”Brush Stroke” Brushed Finish Ring R1856 13.2g$59.95
N35-317333karen mcclintock Necklae Pinecones, etc. 87.8$149.95
N35-317332Tagliamonte Medusa Pin / Pendnat, 14k & 925 Sterling 25.5$349.95
N35-317329Large Cuff Bracelet Sterling Nepal PTC 84.2 Pink Quartz$199.95
N35-317328Native Cuff w 5 Turq, 72.9g GF01 MEX$199.95
N35-317322ANTON MICHELSEN Cuff Bracelet AM RCPLD Denmark Modernist 48.4g$199.95
N35-317321Hinged Mexico Clamper Bracelet Sterling Shrimp MS 940 62.8g$299.95
N35-317038Rand Refinery 1 OZ Gold Bar 999 Fine Gold$2199.95
N35-317037Rand Refinery 1 OZ Gold Bar 999$2199.95
N35-316026Tiffany & Co 18k Necklace 2.3g Paloma Picaso Loving Heart Necklace$399.95
N35-3153801 OZ Gold Bar Valcambi AB184473$2199.95
N35-3151121 OZ Credit Suisse Gold Bar 999.9 NO CC a118334$2299.95
N35-3151111 OZ Credit Suisse Gold Bar 999.9 NO CC a129554$2299.95
N35-3151101 OZ Credit Suisse Gold Bar 999.9 NO CC A129550$2299.95
N35-3151091 OZ Credit Suisse Gold Bar 999.9 NO CC 876243$2299.95
N35-314682Silver Ring Lilly flower ring 4.0$12.95
N35-314661Silver Ring large round pink stone 4.8$11.95
N35-314609Silver Ring Small w 3 inlaid lapis 4.1$10.95
N35-314096Sterling Ring Black and White stone eternity 2.3$11.95
N35-31398210K Gold Ring Row of 6 light blue MQ Stones 2.3$94.95
N35-31397810K Gold Ring oval Garnet in steup up dome 5.3$214.95
N35-31397610K Gold Ring Light Blue heart thin ring 1.2g$49.95
N35-312366Silver Ring Big White Dome Stone 7.6$19.95
N35-310434Thin 14k YG Ring w Two small diamonds 1.1$59.95
N35-310432Gold Ring Smaller Oval Opal w six small diamonds on sides1.5 14k$89.95
N35-310431Ring 14k YG Oval Opal w diamonds on side 5.3$269.95
N35-310427Vintage 14kt WG Blue star Sapphire w diamonds 3.7$189.95
N35-31042310kt YG Ring w Yellow/orange teardrop stone 1.9$89.95
N35-310420Gold Ring Lilly Flower w three diamonds in it 2.4$119.95
N35-31041610Kt YG Ring Two Pearls w leaf design 2.7$109.95
N35-310413Green MY in 10kt YG Ring 4.3$174.95
N35-310412Gold Ring 10kt Yellow square stones three stones yellow gold 1.9$79.95
N35-31041110kt YG Ring w Large SQ Blue stone diamonds on sides, 5.4$239.95
N35-30900914K White Gold w Gryish Black round stone and diamonds on side, 3.1$169.95
N35-30900714K Ring WG w Small Pink stone w YG around it 2.4$119.95
N35-309005Green Rectangle Stone w Diamonds on each end in 14K YG Ring 3.2$159.95
N35-308995YG 10kt Ring w Blue stone and Chips around it 2.2g$89.95
N35-308994YG Ring 10kt Orange Oval Stone w Small diamond on corner 2.7$109.95
N35-308988Yellow Gold 10kt Ring 4 Red stones two small diamond 2.1g$99.95
N35-3089859Kt (375) Cameo Ring in YG Ladies Face2.6g$99.95
N35-30885918kt Gucci Link Chain 18k Nice 27.9$1779.95
N35-307637SIGNED STERLING LOT Auction 466.3Grams Signe native Jewelry$799.95
N35-307628sterling gabriel co s103005 Blue Eye Ring 3.6$79.95
N35-307623Sterling Silver Demi Parure, Bracelet 13.6$49.95
N35-307614Sterling Bracelet Dual Spartan Head Unknon Make 47.5$299.95
N35-307598Ladies Native Watch Running Bear Sterlingw Black Stones$39.95
N35-307177Silver Ring holes punched out of it 8.4$12.95
N35-307103Silver Ring Mens Intricate Tiger 19.4$49.95
N35-306514Small ring light pink stone w blue side stones 2.5$119.95
N35-30651114k YG Ring w Pink oval sone 2.9$149.95
N35-30650714Kt White Gold w 3 Oval Purple stones and small diamonds 2.5$139.95
N35-30650110kt YG three Green Rectangles inlaid 1.7$69.95
N35-306025Silver Ring light green oval 5.7$13.95
N35-306018Silver Ring Large SQ Yellow Stone 8/.7$15.95
N35-306016Silver Ring Pink And Red Stone Zig Zag 20.6$29.95
N35-304933SunshineSunshine Jewelry Polishing Cloth 1pc$6.95
N35-302859EBAY AUCTION Antique Sterling Pressed Pin / Brooch War scene? 11.4$99.95
N35-30282925.8g H&V Thompson Navajo Herbert & Veronica Thompson Sterling Silver Cuff$99.95
N35-302502Wholesale NEW OLD STOCK SILVER 334.1Grams. Mixed lOT$299.95
N35-302096Silver Ring Chineese Dragon Mens 8.5$34.95
N35-301338Mens .800 Silver ID Bracelet JXC Vintage Nice 24.1$39.95
N35-300410Wholesale Silver Resale lot 545.1g$599.95
N35-300408Silver Wholesale Lot, Shine & Sell Exact Lot 538.3G$599.95
N35-29737210kt YG Ring Blue Sideways Stone w Diamodn Baggs on side, 3.0$134.95
N35-297364Blue Square Stone sideways w Baggests on side 3.0g$134.95
N35-29734014kt YG Ring w Yellw Stone and 4 small diamonds 67 samped inside, 4.6g$249.95
N35-297333Rose Gold Claddah Gren Stone 14k 2.3$114.95
N35-297332Ring, 3 pink MQ w diamonds on side ribbons, 2.8$159.95
N35-29733114k Garnet Flower Ring Yellow gold 3.8$189.95
N35-297328YG Ring w Tear Tourmaline? To Small diamonds on side 3.8g 14k$219.95
N35-295760BJC Samuel Benham Wheat Neckalce Citrene, 14k / 925, OLD STAMP 88.7$349.95
N35-294471Bulova96N100Ladies Bulova 96N100 White Dial Stainless, Great Condition Very Nice$89.95
N35-292460Omega Semaster Deville Gold Fill Leather Band engraved on back$499.95
N35-292145340.5Grams Wholesale Gold Palted Silver, like new.$499.95
N35-291417Bulova96B220Bulova 96B220 Blue Dial, Stainless Watch, Great Conditon Nice$119.95
N35-291266Sterling Ring Unconnected w Little diamond clusters at end 5.1$29.95
N35-291214Sterling Ring Mens Giant Tiger Head Very Intricate 18.8$44.95
N35-289338luxenter pendant 11.7g black stone neckalce$49.95
N35-28932420.4 SILPADA Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl Crystal Bead Necklace N1602$24.95
N35-289315HDIAVD Sterling Pendant w Diamond 8.7$99.95
N35-2892892.4g Vtg Blackinton Army Navy Medical Caduceus Anchor Sterling Silver Lapel PIN$14.95
N35-285583Silver Ring Giant Mens Feur De Li Cross w Serpens 25.5$44.95
N35-283112Mens Sterling Ring Skull with Spiked Head, 14.6$39.95
N35-27457610kt White Gold 3 Blue stones with Diamond Halow around them 3.3g$159.95
N35-27355761.9g Acleoni Necklace w Gemstones 30” Sterling, Aqua, Garnet, Amethyst, Citrine$139.95
N35-27355532.8g 9” Acleoni Bracelet Long Double Links Toggle$59.95
N35-27355248.5g Sterling Acleoni Necklace Mother of Pearl and Onyx 18”$119.95
N35-254154Silver Ring large milky stone 4.5g$11.95
N35-217016Sterling Money Clip with Knife in it, 33.5$49.95
B35-384823-514kt GOLD Mariner Anklet 2.4g Gold mariner$124.95
B35-384823-414kt gold Neckalce Tube Two Tone 3.0g 14k$149.95
B35-384789-4Bulova97F5597F55 Bulova watch, gold watch on leather band$59.95
B35-384789-3CitizenNVMEco Drive Citizen gold Tone watch, with diamond markers on dial$74.95
B35-384789-2CitizenH820Eco Drive H820 World Time Citizen Two Tone Blue Dial Citizen watch, gold and silver band, eco drive$174.95
B35-384789-1CitizenH500watch Citizen watch, gold and silver, in black box$89.95
B35-384764-1Franklin MintSHAKESPEARSilver Coins 38 shakespear Sterling 40.3g Each 45.6 OZ ASWfranklin mint silver coins gold plated 45.6 OZ$1099.95
B35-384744-114kt NECKLACE 20.6g Figaro chain, laser edging$1029.95
B35-384660-2CitizenA119-H08622WRIST WATCH Stainless ciziten watch w/ extra links black face$39.95
B35-384657-4Harry B Yazzie 78.5g Native cuff w watch and pink stones HBY$299.95
B35-384657-2Silver Bracelet 43.3g Purple Sugilite Signed WR$189.95
B35-384641-114kt NECKLACE 19.5g Yellow gold solid cuban necklace$999.95
B35-384536-2PampNVMNPAMP 1 Gram Platinum Bar in Plastic Case$42.95
B35-384536-1PampNVMNPAMP 1 Gram Platinum Bar in Plastic Case$42.95
B35-384491-1G ShockGA-110GBWRIST WATCH Black shinny g-shock good codnition$59.95
B35-384462-1Michael KorsMK-4338watch Stainless mk watch, white dial ladies$39.95
B35-384402-610kt RING 3.1g 10kt white gold with black stones$189.95
B35-384402-514kt RING 2.6g White gld ring with 3 Diam .10-2 and 1 -.12 diamond round$239.95
B35-384402-414kt RING Rose 2.3g Rg ring with pink square stone has small diamond chips$169.95
B35-384402-3RING 10k 2.9g White gold square blue stone w CZ HALO$119.95
B35-384402-210kt ring 3.2g Heart 3 diamond ring has smaller chips designs like leafy$189.95
B35-384291-1Tag HeuerCV2A11TAG HEUER Carrera Day-Date Silver Dial Men’s Watch Calibre 16 CV2A11$2299.95
B35-384243-2DanburyNVMNwatch Black and gold danbury mens watch in good condition$39.95
B35-384243-1Daniel SteigerDS 2010watch Black and gold daniel steiger mens watch in good condition in og box$49.95
B35-384239-1ring 4.4g Womans silver ring with big cz center of smaller czs on side$17.95
B35-384224-1RING 5g PLATINUM Ring w/blue saphire in center and small diamonds going around saphire$499.95
B35-384187-1Bulova96R55Bulova 96R55 Womens bulova watch$59.95
B35-384180-118kt RING 15.5g Gold mens ring with brown and white diamonds in center$2499.95
B35-384023-114kt EARRINGS 2g 14k gold earrings w/ purple heart stone$99.95
B35-383952-2NECKLACE 1.3g Silver thin necklace with flower pendant$11.95
B35-383952-1NECKLACE 1.4g Silver thin necklace with snake pendant$12.95
B35-383910-1TrollBeads Charm Bracelet Lot 72.8g 2 trollbeads silver braclets has extra charms$199.95
B35-383901-1CitizenJ165-S086892watch Black citizen watch has few scratches has extra links$89.95
B35-383844-110kt RING 1.2g Gold ring with red stone heart with small diamond chips on the side$69.95
B35-383826-3NECKLACE 14.4g Silver Tight Cuban necklace$34.95
B35-383813-5LonginesL5.158.0Longines Ladies Dulce Vita Stainless & Diamond WATCH$399.95
B35-383813-214kt NECKLACE 3.9g Gold encklace w/ pearl tahitian pendant$199.95
B35-383813-114kt RING 4.2g Gold ring w/ two pearls one black and one white$219.95
B35-383811-514kt NECKLACE 1.4g Gold necklace has square pendant with pink stone$79.95
B35-383811-4NECKLACE 5.6g Silver necklace has heart pendant with diamond chips$19.95
B35-383800-610kt RING 4.7g 10k gold ring w/large sq orange stone$229.95
B35-383800-514kt RING 2.6g 14k white gold ring w/green sq stone$139.95
B35-383800-414kt RING 2.1g 14k gold ring w/ 7 tiny diamonds V shape$139.95
B35-383800-310kt RING 1.9g 10k gold ring w/light blue stone$79.95
B35-383800-210kt RING 1.7g 10k white gold ring w/ 5pt diamond sq in halo$149.95
B35-383800-110kt RING 1.7g 10k white gold ring w/blue stones triangles$79.95
B35-383766-214kt RING 3.3g Gold ring with 2 green stones in the center and 10-10pt rounds on the side$399.95
B35-383766-114kt NECKLACE 3.4g Gold thin necklace with tree of life pendant$169.95
B35-383756-110kt RING 2.3g Gold ring with purple heart and two clear chips on the side$94.95
B35-383754-114kt GOLD RING 8.9g Mens gold wedding ring with 5 diamond stones$799.95
B35-383709-1AUCTION Authentic Pandora Bracelet w Pandora Charms 43.3$199.95
B35-383529-4Snoopy Watch Vintage 1968 dsnoopy watch swiss made$39.95
B35-383529-314kt RING 2.7g Red stone ring pear$139.95
B35-383524-3Bulova98P157Bulova 98P157 Blue Mother Of Pearl Dial Two Tone Bracelet Great Condition$69.95
B35-383457-114kt necklace and pendant 3.8g Thin tube link necklace with pear shaped pendant, pendant has diamond in center$399.95
B35-383421-1watch Gold colored watch w/many white stones on links going aroun$19.95
B35-383415-2BreitlingA17330Breitling Avenger Seawolf A17330 Yellow Dial, Stainless Bracelet w Box and Papers Just Serviced$3199.95
B35-383365-114kt EARRINGS 5.3g Larger hoop earrings$259.95
B35-383319-1RING 15.4g Tungsten ring$19.95
B35-383302-518kt NECKLACE 1g Thing white gold box link necklace$69.95
B35-383302-3RING 4.1g Silver ring w/3 rnd clear stones$12.95
B35-383302-210kt RING 2.4g Gold heart mystic topaz$99.95
B35-383227-2BRACLET 4.2g Return To LOVE Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Heart Tag Key$199.95
B35-383227-1NECKLACE 25.4g Figaro short sivler neckalce$39.95
B35-383133-114kt RING 6.1g White gold mens band 5 small round diamonds$399.95
B35-383075-1NECKLACE 27.9g silver rope necklace$59.95
B35-383072-114kt BRACLET 12.8g 14kt tennis bracelet 37- 3pt diamonds yellow gold nice conditoin$1399.95
B35-383025-138.2g Diamond Bracelet White gold 14k Aprox 6.5ct total weight tons of small stones,$4199.95
B35-382838-114kt WEDDING SET 5.5g Womens ring set w CERT$419.95
B35-382829-1InvictaSPEEDWAYInvicta professional Speedway Daytona look , blue dial like new in box$69.95
B35-382806-1Silver Ring 3.7g Two purple hearts in silver$12.95
B35-382723-2EBAY RING 13.2g Steel ring marines 1945 marines$59.95
B35-382706-2NECKLACE 19.1g Silver necklace Long Bezynthine$39.95
B35-382516-514kt NECKLACE 11.6g Rope necklace$579.95
B35-382516-414kt NECKLACE 14.9g Rope necklace 14.9g$749.95
B35-382369-1G-shock5476Mudmaster GG-1000 Twin Sensor G Shock WRIST WATCH Gshock green mud resistent$199.95
B35-382356-114kt RING 14.1g White gold w yellow gold lines and 7 15pt diamonds, 1.01 totacl ct mens ring$999.95
B35-382206-310kt Ring w Rainbow Stones and Diamonds on Side 6.0$259.95
B35-382070-210kt RING 3.7g Gold ring with blue stones & diam$159.95
B35-382024-110kt RING 3.2g Gold ring iwth clear round stone leaves on the sides$129.95
B35-382011-210kt bracelet 14.1g Gold figarro link bracelet$559.95
B35-381881-114kt RING 3.9g Gold ring Pealrs in a Pod$194.95
B35-381531-110kt RING 2g 10k gold ring with green stone in center surrounded by brown stones$89.95
B35-381208-114kt RING 3.5g Gold ring with blue stone and clear diaomonds around marq shaoe$199.95
B35-381186-414kt RING 4.1g Gold ring with pearl and diamonds$299.95
B35-381186-314kt RING 3g Gold ring with swirl pattern with diamonds$259.95
B35-381186-114kt RING 10.5g Gold ring with Trillion Alexanderinte and Diamonds$699.95
B35-381012-1Movado87.E3.817WRIST WATCH Womens gold plated movado watch$59.95
B35-380989-110kt RING 3.4g White gold ring w/ ilusion cute 4 sqr 3 point$239.95
B35-380806-1Invicta30091watch Invicta Sub Copy 30091 watch stainless band with black face good condition automatic$74.95
B35-380771-1RING 16.2g Black mens wedding band tungsten$19.95
B35-380654-114kt Earrigns 3.2g Solitaire earrings in large bezzel settings, 2 -60pt high quality stones$1599.95
B35-380631-2NECKLACE 30.3g Silver figgaro necklace$69.95
B35-380292-1SwatchIRONYSwatch Irony Chronograph All STAINLESS BLACK BEZEL watch w/black outline and silver face, scratched$74.95
B35-380034-2Invicta3034330343 Invicta Venom White and brown bulldog$249.95
B35-379830-1Bulovag893939watch Bulova in black leather band antique$99.95
B35-379450-2LonginesADMIRALVintage Stianless Longinges Admiral Watch Longines watch with black straps$359.95
B35-379416-60110kt YG Mariner Anklet 1.2g$59.95
B35-379034-214kt RING 2.1g Think band with cross and thorns on it$109.95
B35-378898-2L.T.Chee Native Cuff Watch 69.4g W watch on it, 6 turs signed by l.T.Chee$299.95
B35-378898-1Cuff braclet 20.2g Native style unsigned w green turq cracked$44.95
B35-378823-310kt RING 1.4g White gold ring, with cluster of small diamonds$139.95
B35-378823-214kt RING 1.6g Yellow gold ring, with 3 small chip diamonds$119.95
B35-378823-114kt RING 1.4g White gold ring with small chip diamonds in a row SHV$109.95
B35-378808-110kt RING 2.1g Rose gold band with small diamond in center$119.95
B35-378708-214kt RING 3.3g Yellow gold w small diamod and blue stones$199.95
B35-378691-1silver 100g 100 troy ounce silver bar, opm metals$3199.95
B35-378617-2RING 2.5g Silver james avery ”love u” ring$54.95
B35-378617-1RING 2.3g Silver james avery :”love u” ring$59.95
B35-378587-110kt RING 1.3g Gold ring with opal stone heart$54.95
B35-378515-110kt RING 2.2g Gold ring with green stones$89.95
B35-378413-210kt Neckalce & Pendant 7.0g Swirl pendant w 8 3pt diamonds and a stone rainbow$429.95
B35-378085-110kt RING 2.3g White gold ring w/ rnd diamond$219.95
B35-378084-1R.Chee Money clip 14.6g Native american style money clip torquoise emblem signed by r. Chee$59.95
B35-377843-3Silver RIng 27.1g Sandcast native w large turq unsigned$49.95
B35-377563-114kt RING 2.8g Blue square stone$139.95
B35-377017-1Neil LaneEARRINGS Neil lane pearl necklace and earring set inside a box$199.95
B35-376947-1Silver Coins PCGS Flag Series State Quarters 86 Total$22.95
B35-376811-314kt Wedding Ring 3g Oval diamond 1-20pt w double halo$499.95
B35-376811-214kt Wedding Ring 2.8g 1-50pt in bezel set halo white gold emma designer$899.95
B35-376707-124kt GOLD BAR 31.1g Rand refinery no case rr633994$2199.95
B35-376522-2Vintage Watch Black and gold vintage bulova self winding$79.95
B35-376522-1OmegaBUMPERStainless Omega Bumper Automatic Chroonometer Silver Dial$599.95
B35-376483-314kt Neckalce & Diamond Pendant 1-33pt 5.3g$579.95
B35-376482-614kt BRACLET 9g Gold bracelet Two Tone Can Links$459.95
B35-376482-214kt BRACLET 8.5g Cuban link bracelet$439.95
B35-376476-310kt RING 1.6g Gold ring with light blue stone in center diamond halo$89.95
B35-376429-1John Atencio 18kt WG 8.3g Mens wedding band sqr$749.95
B35-376408-1NixonNVMNnixon watch Gold nixon robot rock watch in good condition$59.95
B35-376332-3VersaceVERSUSwatch Versus versace white watch has gold lion on the face$39.95
B35-376019-118kt Rings 11.4g John atencio 18kt yellow gold w oval pink tourmaline and row of diamonds$999.95
B35-375701-114kt Wedding Set 8.3g Niel lane w 70pt si2 h gsl graded stone 010424 two pc double halo$2999.95
B35-375578-410kt RING 3g Black hills gold oval dome$119.95
B35-375577-314kt RING 5.3g Oval mystic topaz w cz$259.95
B35-375576-1Judith Ripka Ring 6.9g 6.9g w large cz judith ripka silver$74.95
B35-375215-614kt PENDANT 2.7g Virgin mary pendant with roses$134.95
B35-375215-514kt RING 3.2g Gold ring with 7 marquise stones red$159.95
B35-375215-310kt RING 2.9g Green stone ring$119.95
B35-374836-1NixonTHE MANUALWRIST WATCH All gold nixon the manual watch$29.95
B35-374666-1Tag HeuerWK-1110-1Tag Heuer Professional 200 Stainless with Black Dial Quartz WK1110-0$499.95
B35-374653-114kt RING 6.3g WG Ring 1-75pt Si2 E Bagguetts on side in wreatch like pattern Custom. Graded but Cant Read number on Girdle$2099.95
B35-374572-3Armani ExchangeAX1822WRIST WATCH Armani exchange, with brown band. Working$39.95
B35-374416-214kt Link Necklace 21.8g Rope braids and links$1049.95
B35-374251-5Star Knights Cross Sword Pendant Comes apart w Opal 925 USA SK 9g Silver cross pendant opal and white stones on front.$199.95
B35-374088-314kt WEDDING Ring 9.4g Womens white gold wedding set with 1-25pt and lots of smaller in sweep around$1299.95
B35-374080-214kt RING 3.9g Oval diamond 1-55pt in white gold with halo very nice$1299.95
B35-373870-118kt Neckalce w Diamond Pendant 1-25pt w Cert Card 3.7g White gold$399.95
B35-373848-114kt RING 2.9g White gold ring with 12 pt natural diamonds$229.95
B35-373557-114kt gold ring 2.3g Gold ring with red stones and diam 3 red mq stone$119.95
B35-372921-110kt RING 3.6g Large blue mq w chips on side yellow gold$149.95
B35-372900-110kt RING 1.4g White gold ring with red heart stone and 2 tiny diamonds$69.95
B35-372644-110kt RING 2.7g Light blue square stone,$109.95
B35-372635-214kt RING 5.8g Vera wang love Sz 5.5 Two Pc Semi H old 35pt$499.95
B35-372526-1Desert Rose Trading Sterling .925 5 Strand Red Coral Necklace – Jay king$99.95
B35-372488-110kt RING 1.4g Gold ring with diamond and red stones$69.95
B35-372314-610kt RING 1.7g Line of round red ruby s between each$69.95
B35-372314-410kt RING 1.6g Red oval ring diamond chps around it$69.95
B35-372312-510kt RING 3.6g Red oval stone ring$144.95
B35-372312-210kt RING 1.9g Red heart w chips round it$79.95
B35-372209-1Benrus700I SERIESBENRUS 3 STAR Self Winding 7035 Series Wrist Watch$89.95
B35-371947-218kt Wedding Ring 3.8g 1-50pt in 18k wg w halo nice$1299.95
B35-371506-210kt RING 1g Small double heart ring$44.95
B35-371271-114kt RING 1.3g Gold ring with diaming chips on sides of big middle clear stone$79.95
B35-371017-114kt Sz 6.75 Semi Mount 6.8g White gold niel lane wedding set Semi Mount$599.95
B35-370981-110kt RING 3.9g Gold ring with row of red stones$189.95
B35-370928-110kt GOLD RING 2.6g Womens gold ring with yellow stone$109.95
B35-370474-310kt RING 1.6g Ladies ring w/ rnd blue stone$64.95
B35-370125-114kt RING 4.4g Disney Enchanted ring w/ 85 rnd diamond in center w/ cluster diamonds on side flower style in centert$1999.95
B35-369990-4RING 4.9g Silver harley davidson band,$19.95
B35-369137-310kt RING 2.1g Ladies ring, with diamond, and bamboo style crossover yellow$119.95
B35-368817-2Nixonwatch Black nixon watch Take Charge The Corporal$69.95
B35-368732-318kt Gold nuggets 19.7g$1399.95
B35-368273-1FossilFs5350mens watch Dark brown strap, silver round and white inside. Working condition$24.95
B35-368239-2Vera Wang Semi Mount Size 5.5 Holds 50pt LOVE 4.6g$1099.95
B35-367983-114kt ring 1.4g Ring w/ 2 blue stones and 5 small diamonds$89.95
B35-367843-114kt RING 2.3g Gold ring with curve, has small diamonds in center two tone$159.95
B35-367629-3Tag HeuerWAY131LWAY131L Tag Heuer Ladies Watch Blue Mother of Pearl Dial w blue bezel$899.95
B35-367565-110kt RING 2.5g Ladies band w/ 6 1pt diamonds YG$129.95
B35-367202-110kt RING 3.2g Red stones in yellow gold4 diagonal lines$129.95
B35-366055-114kt RING 4.3g Wg neil lane 14k engagement ring 1/2carat pear shaped diamond and halo diamonds diamonds on the sides tested$1599.95
B35-365373-114kt RING 2g White gold ring, blue center diamond and two clear diamonds on sides$199.95
B35-365102-6cufflinks Wedgewood cufflinks vintage$11.95
B35-365102-1Sterling & Turq APACHITO Signed Watch Cuff Bracelet 127.3g Cuff wrist watch with tq sterling silver$399.95
B35-365101-2Seiko7t32-6b89WRIST WATCH Mens seiko with few scratches on glass working Sports 150 chronograph$69.95
B35-364065-1GshockG Shock Solar Black with blue rim good condition works 3 circles$79.95
B35-364036-102Lot of TEN Silver Franklin 1/2 dollars 90%$174.95
B35-363985-1Tudor74033Tudor by Rolex 74033 Prince Oysterdate Two-Tone Engraved Back: ”IBM FRED” ref. 74033 34mm$2099.95
B35-361886-214kt Semi Niel Lane 4.6g Size 5.5 Had a 60pt RD$599.95
B35-361311-318kt RING 10.2g Wg john atencio, 2 diamonds, mens, w channel cut out 10.2g$999.95
B35-361311-1750 18k 9.5g David yurman smokey quartz cable ring yellow gold 18k 9.5g$899.95
B35-359522-1RING 3.3g Ring, silver, clear stones, larger center w many accents$11.95
B35-359431-1NixonFLOAT ONNixon the Newton Float ON Orange WRIST WATCH Orange mens nixon watch orange face plain orange and black$49.95
B35-340816-1HamiltonHamilton Masterpiece Gold 14k Watch Running$399.95
B35-257916-4KelbertNVMNwatch Watch, w white fave and silver bezel, dsark green cloth band$69.95
B35-257916-3TimexNVMNwatch Watch, timez, silver plate w gold bezel and band$79.95
B35-257916-2LemeyNVMNwatch Watch w silver face, bezel and band$159.95
B35-257916-1CrotonNVSNwatch Vintage watch, wilver face w silver bezel and bands, black background behind numbners$99.95

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