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From small caliber to large, pistols and long guns – we have firearms.  Whether you’re looking for a.30-06 rifle, a 12 gauge shotgun, a .38 revolver, or anything in between, we probably have it.  We buy and sell guns of all kinds. We do FFL transfers and private party transfers as well!

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P35-377815-1CanikTP9DCanik TP9DA pist-semi Black 96mm in black case w/ mag$319.95
P35-377558-1Sig SauerP365 XLSig Sauer P365 XLRomeo Zero Optic pistol-semi In grey hard case, 9mm p365 with two mags$619.95
P35-377378-1STOEGERM3500STOEGER M3500 shotgun-semi Good condition, camo, no other accesories$599.95
P35-377356-1WinchesterM59Winchester M59 shotgun-semi Wood Stock 12gauge semi auto$439.95
P35-376998-1Sig SauerP226Sig Sauer P226 LEGION 357 SIG pistol Sig sauer p226 inside a hard black case, has 2 mag$1499.95
P35-376502-1SccyCPX-2Sccy CPX-2 Pistol – Semi White snake skin look one magazine semi sccy 9mm good condision$229.95
P35-376271-1RugerEC9SRuger EC9S handgun Torquouise with silver top black mag 9mm$269.95
P35-376153-1CanikTP9SFCanik TP9SF Pistol – Semi Tan in black case two mags like new one holster canik$369.95
P35-376042-1KEL TECKS7KEL TEC KS7 SHTGN-PUMP keltec ks7 12ga Great Condition Bulpup$459.95
P35-375345-1Marlin FirearmsGLENFIELD MOD.60Marlin Firearms GLENFIELD MOD.60 RIFLE-semi In brown case wooden rifle older few bumps and scrapes$159.95
P35-375248-1Rock Island ArmoryM1911-A1 MSRock Island Armory M1911-A1 MS pistol-semi 1911 rockisland two mags in black case$519.95
P35-375022-1FNHFNP-45FNH FNP-45 semi-pistol Black .45 one magazine$729.95
P35-374824-1HeritageROUGH RIDERHeritage ROUGH RIDER 2 Cylanders Revolver Heritage rough rider two cylanders finish coming off, screws kinda stripped one mag one 22$159.95
P35-374067-1Smith & WessonM&P9- M2.0Smith & Wesson M&P9- M2.0 handgun Smith and wesson m&p with holder and 2 clips in og box$419.95
P35-373330-1Smith & Wesson9CSmith & Wesson 9C semi-pistol Smith and wesson m&p with 3 mag, and a grip with blue case$399.95
P35-373062-1Glock43 9X19Glock 43 9X19 pistol Nb4 black pistol w Streamlight laser includes 3 mags, 3 holsters and 2 mag holsters, used condition, has a custom built like and glow in the dark beams.$569.95
P35-372785-1Smith & WessonM&P 9CSmith & Wesson M&P 9C handgun In blue og hard plastic case, black smith wesson m p 9c with 2 mags,$374.95
P35-372492-1TaurusG3Taurus G3 pistol In black buldog quickdraw holster black with silver taurus 9mm in good condition one magazine$289.95
P35-372129-1Smith & WessonSW9VESmith & Wesson SW9VE Pistol – Semi In tan case two mags and one mag holder$279.95
P35-372056-1RugerCREEDMOORRuger CREEDMOOR RIFLE-BOLT Black american ruger 6.5 creedmoor in originla box$479.95
P35-371372-1BerettaM9A3Beretta M9A3 Pistol In og box w amo style case like new 3 mags total,$939.95
P35-371353-1TaurusG2CTaurus G2C HNDGN-SEMI Taurus g2c Good condition$319.95
P35-370656-1Springfield ArmoryXDMELITESpringfield Armory XDMELITE pistol Springfield armory xdm elite semi auto pistol. Good condition. Includes 1 magazine$469.95
P35-370510-1TaurusPT111 G2 ATaurus PT111 G2 A semi-pistol Black taurus one mag 9mm$279.95
P35-370281-1RugerEC9SRuger EC9S HNDGN-SEMI Black ruger ec9s, in good condition. Includes 1 magazine$249.95
P35-370205-1TaurusG2CTaurus G2C handgun Taurus 9mm in black holster in good condition$319.95
P35-370143-1SAVAGEA22SAVAGE A22 Rifle-Semi With scope and synthetic stock, has been painted w black spraypaint$219.95
P35-369934-1TaurusSPECTRUM 380Taurus SPECTRUM 380 Pistol Semi auto one mag slim 380 taurus spectrum, good condition$249.95
P35-369372-1TaurusG3 9X19Taurus G3 9X19 taurus pistol With 2 magazines taurus 9mm pistol decent condition$319.95
P35-369161-1E3 ARMSOMEGA A-15E3 ARMS OMEGA A-15 .450 Bushmaster RIFLE-SEMI One mag (uses 5.56 mag)$749.95
P35-369037-1Glock22 GEN 5Glock 22 GEN 5 Pistol – Semi Black glock 22 gen 5 one magazine good conditoin$489.95
P35-367722-2HeritageROUGH RIDERHeritage ROUGH RIDER pistol In brown og box heritage manufacturing pistol .22$139.95
P35-367722-1TaurusG2CTaurus G2C pistol In og boc taurus pistol 9mm with 2 magazines$299.95
P35-367721-1GlockGLOCK17 GEN3Glock GLOCK17 GEN3 pistol In black carrying case glock$499.95
P35-367627-1Hi Point995Hi Point 995 hi point 9mm Black and olive green hi point model 995 with 2 magazines$299.95
P35-367604-1Smith & WessonM&P M2.0Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 semi-pistol Black 9mm pistol in plastic holster w/ tlr1-hl stream light w/ one mag$599.95
P35-367419-1Smith & WessonM&P 9Smith & Wesson M&P 9 SHIELD smith and wesson All black smith and wesson m&p 9 in good condition with one additional magazine$339.95
P35-366719-1RugerSECURITY-9Ruger SECURITY-9 pistol-semi black 9mlm 1 mag$319.95
P35-366680-1SpringfieldHELLCATSpringfield HELLCAT pistol-semi 9mm springfield in black case, has two mags,$499.95
P35-366446-1DickinsonXXPADickinson XXPA SHTGN-SEMI In black case, ”hybrid” shotgun, has 3 magazines, has arm strap, good condition$499.95
P35-366013-1TaurusG2CTaurus G2C pistol Pistol, compact, black, no case, w one magazine, has cable barrel lock w key, good condition, nb4$299.95
P35-365997-1Glock19 GEN 5Glock 19 GEN 5 semi-pistol Glock 19 gen 5 9×19 one mag$569.95
P35-365944-1Smith & WessonSD9 VESmith & Wesson SD9 VE pistol In black hard case black and alumin has new sering spring kit, new trigger, apex, trigger return spring, new stricker spring, no mag (lighter springs)$499.95
P35-365390-1Smith & WessonM&P 9 SHIELDSmith & Wesson M&P 9 SHIELD pistol-semi In ruger soft case, smith and wesson 9mm, one mag 7 round good condition$359.95
P35-365096-2RemingtonMODEL 700 Remington MODEL 700 ADL monte Carlo Stock 30-06 RIFLE-BOLT$719.95
P35-365096-1BrowningSAFARIBrowning BAR II SAFARI rifle-semi w Burris Scope 7mm MAG$1699.95
P35-364794-1HeritageROUGH RIDERHeritage ROUGH RIDER Revolver In orig brown box, one 22lr cyl, no other, good condtioin black w red wood handle$139.95
P35-364694-1SAVAGESAVAGE 320SAVAGE SAVAGE 320 savage shotgun Black savage 320 12 gauge shotgun$249.95
P35-364595-1American TacticalOMNI HYBRID MULTI CALAmerican Tactical OMNI HYBRID MULTI CAL pistol-semi black ar pistol w/ no mag, flip up sights, sig arm brace$629.95
P35-364478-2Rock Island ArmoryVR80Rock Island Armory VR80 shotgun Rta semi auto 2 mags$619.95
P35-364230-1Smith & WessonM&P9 SHEILDSmith & Wesson M&P9 SHEILD handgun matte black smith&wesson m&p9 sheild, one 8 round mag, 7 round mag$359.95
P35-364182-1TaurusG3CTaurus G3C pistol-semi Green and black pistol 9mm taurus g3c with one mag, no other accessories, good condition$299.95
P35-363899-1Rock Island Armory200Rock Island Armory 200 handgun In black hard case revolver black cleared great condition$269.95
P35-363524-1ColtMK IV SERIES 70 GOVERNMENTColt MK IV SERIES 70 GOVERNMENT pistol Pistol, w one magazine, stainless and black, nb4, has some wear and scratches$1099.95
P35-362813-2Smith & WessonM&P40Smith & Wesson M&P40 M2.0 semi-pistol Black smith & wesson m&p 40 , 1 M agazine , 5 differnet pistol grips , in black hard case ,$529.95
P35-359531-1Smith & WessonSD40VESmith & Wesson SD40VE Pistol – Sem w 2 magazines, stainless and poly$299.95
P35-359423-1Ruger10/22Ruger 10/22 rifle Ruger 10/22 rifle with wood finish has 1 mag good condition$359.95
P35-356794-1Smith & WessonM&P 9 SHIELDSmith & Wesson M&P 9 SHIELD handgun Handgun, black, w two magazine$439.95
P35-351585-1XLRELEMENT SAVAGE GEN 2XLR ELEMENT SAVAGE GEN 2 RIFLE-BOLT In green case 6mm br, savage axis guts in a xlr element chassis / receiver, gen 2 Chasis 6mm br, barrel is Mark Chanlynn, fluted 7:1 twist, one magazine$1799.95
P35-341798-1Springfield ArmoryXD-9Springfield Armory XD-9 pistol-auto Black w/ skull holster and one mag$459.95
P35-341591-1Erma-WerkeKGP 68A.9Erma-Werke KGP 68A.9 HNDGN Small handgun, one magazine. In og box. Brown handle.$499.95
P35-333250-1Century ArmsC308 SPORTERCentury Arms C308 SPORTER rifle Rifle, black, semi, no accessories, no case,$699.95
P35-320230-1TristarVIPERTristar VIPER shotgun-bolt Silver reciever, 12ga, with camo strap, good condition$329.95
N35-302003SAR USACM9SAR CM9 Gen 1 9mm Semi Auto Pistol NEW$379.95
N35-302002SAR USACM9SAR CM9 Gen 1 9mm Semi Auto Pistol$379.95
N35-301999SpringfieldXDS-9 MOD2Springfield XDS -9 Mod2 OSP 3.3 9mm w/ CT Red Dot$579.95
N35-301850RugerAMERICAN 9MMRuger American Pistol 9mm 4.2” Blk SS w Safety$519.95
N35-301849RugerAMERICAN 9MMRuger American Pistol 9mm 4.2” Blk SS w Safety$519.95
N35-301848RugerAMERICANRuger American Pistol 9mm 4.2” Blk SS w Safety$519.95
N35-301847GirsanMC28SAEAA GIRSAN MC28SA 9mm Semi Auto Pistol 4.25”$369.95
N35-301846GirsanMC28SAEAA GIRSAN MC28SA 9mm Semi Auto Pistol 4.25”$369.95
N35-301845GirsanMC28SAEAA GIRSAN MC28SA 9mm Semi Auto Pistol 4.25”$369.95
N35-301844GirsanMC28SAEAA GIRSAN MC28SA 9mm Semi Auto Pistol 4.25”$369.95
N35-301694GforceGF12ARG Force AR Shotgun GF12AR 12GA 20” Semi Auto Shotgun NEW$539.95
N35-301693GforceGF12ARG Force AR Shotgun GF12AR 12GA 20” Semi Auto Shotgun NEW$539.95
N35-301692RugerWRANGLERRuger Wrangler Revolver 22LR 4.62” Black 6Rd NEW$219.95
N35-301687TrailblazerLC2Trailblazer Life Card LC2 22 MAGNUM New Folding Pistol$369.95
N35-300426BERSATHUNDER 380Bersa Thunder 380ACP Semi Pistol Matte Lite NEW$379.95
N35-300425BERSATHUNDER 380Bersa Thunder 380ACP Semi Pistol Matte Lite NEW$379.95
N35-300424RugerSECURITY 9Ruger Security 9 Semi Auto Pistol – 9mm NEW$439.95
N35-300423RugerSECURITY 9Ruger Security 9 Semi-Auto Pistol NEW 9MM$439.95
N35-300316Smith & WessonSHIELD EZ 380Smith & Wesson M&P380 Shield EZ M2.0 .380ACP NEW SEMI PISTOL$419.95
N35-300196Smith & WessonM&P15-22 PISTOLS&W M&P 15-22 Pistol 22LR 7” Semi Auto AR Pistol$529.95
N35-299755SAR USASAR9SAR SAR9 9mm Semi Auto Pistol In case w Magazine. NEW$399.95
N35-299754SAR USASAR9SAR SAR9 9mm Semi Auto Pistol In case w Magazine. NEW$399.95
N35-299753SAR USASAR9SAR SAR9 9mm Semi Auto Pistol In case w Magazine. NEW$399.95
N35-299667TsaKRXTSA KRX Tactical 12GA 20” FDE Tan NEW$529.95
N35-299666Rock Island ArmoryVRPA40Rock Island Tactical Shotgun Magazine Fed 12GA VRPA40$389.95
N35-299665Rock Island ArmoryVRPA40Rock Island Armory Pump Tactical Shotgun VRPA40 12GA$389.95
N35-299662TsaCOMPACTTSA Compact 12Ga Shotgun Bullpup 20” NEW$699.95
N35-299661TsaCOMPACTTSA Compact 12GA Bullpup Shotgun 20” NEW$699.95
N35-299395Smith & WessonSHIELD 9 PLUSSmith & Wesson M&P9 Shield PLUS 9MM 3.1” TS NEW Compact Semi Auto$569.95
N35-299394Smith & WessonSHIELD 9 PLUSSmith & Wesson M&P9 Shield PLUS 9MM 3.1” TS NEW Compact Semi Auto$569.95
N35-299392Glock19 GEN 5Glock 19 GEN 5, 9mm 4.02 FS FSS 3 Mags NEW Semi- Auto$749.95
N35-299391Glock19 GEN 5Glock 19 GEN 5, 9mm 4.02 FS FSS 3 Mags NEW Semi- Auto$749.95
N35-299383SDS ImportsLYNX LH-12SDS LYNX LH-12 19” CYL Shotgun 12GAUGE NEW$559.95
N35-299381SDS ImportsLYNX LH-12SDS LYNX LH-12 12GA Hinged Top Left Charging AK Style Shotgun NEW$559.95
N35-299380SDS ImportsLYNX LH-12SDS LYNX LH-12 12GA Hinged Top Left Charging AK Style Shotgun NEW$559.95
N35-299101SAVAGE64FSavage 64 F .22LR 21” Semi-Auto Rifle 10rd Mag NEW$199.95
N35-299100SAVAGE64 FSavage 64 F .22LR 21” Semi-Auto Rifle 10rd Mag NEW$199.95
N35-299097JTSM12AKJTS M12AK 12Ga 18.7”, 2 Magazines NEW AK Shotgun$599.95
N35-298886Rock Island Armory1911-A1-FSRock Island Armory 9mm RIA 1911-A1-FS, GI Standard, NEW One 9Rd Magazine, w Case$529.95
N35-298584HatsanESCORT SLUGGERHatsan Escort Slugger 12GA 18” Oyno Black Syn Stock NEW$229.95
N35-298583RadikalNK1IFC Radikal NK1 Bullpup Shotgun 12Ga 24” 5Rd Mag & Sights NEW$659.95
N35-298582RadikalNK1IFC Radikal NK1 Bullpup Shotgun 12Ga 24” 5Rd Mag & Sights NEW$659.95
N35-298104Radical FirearmsNK1IFC Radical Bullpup NK1 Shotgun 12GA 24” 5 Rd Semi- Auto NEW$659.95
N35-297885HatsanESCORT SLUGGERHatsan Escort Slugger 12GA 18” Pump Black Syn NEW$229.95
N35-295724GforceGF2P1220GForce GFA GF2P 12ga 3″ Pump-Action Tactical Shotgun NEW GF2P1220$349.95
N35-295723GforceGF2P1220GForce GFA GF2P 12ga 3″ Pump-Action Tactical Shotgun NEW GF2P1220$349.95
N35-295722GforceGF2P1220GForce GFA GF2P 12ga 3″ Pump-Action Tactical Shotgun NEW GF2P1220$349.95
N35-295721GforceGFP31220Gforce GFP31220 GFP3 12GA 20” Pump Pic Rail HG NEW$319.95
N35-295720RadikalMKX3IFC Radikal MKX3 Tactical Shotgun 2-5rd Magazines, Chokes, 24” Semi Auto 12Gauge NEW$599.95
B35-378529-1KIMBERMICRO 9KIMBER MICRO 9 Pistol – Semi Stainless w dark wood grips two magazines and a holster in grey soft case micro nine$649.95
B35-377737-1Henry Repeating ArmsH015Y-243Henry Repeating Arms H015Y-243 -single Shot Youth wooden and black cal .243 22” barrel in excellent condition$339.95
B35-377569-2Glock45Glock 45 Pistol – Semi Never used glock 45 1 magazine in black hard case w holster and extra back straps$529.95
B35-377566-1Smith & WessonSD9 VESmith & Wesson SD9 VE handgun Smith and wesson 9mm sd9 in og box with two clips$299.95
B35-377511-2Smith & WessonSD9VESmith & Wesson SD9VE HNDGN-SEMI In black case, black and silver smith & wesson sd9 ve. Good condition. With 3 magazines.$299.95
B35-377119-1J.C. Higgins583.16J.C. Higgins 583.16 Shotgun – Bolt Older bolt action 12gauge jc higgins shotgun black and wood good condition high standard model 10$169.95
B35-375662-1CZP-10 FCZ P-10 F Pistol – Semi In black case cz p-10 f two magazines, three backstraps great condition$529.95
B35-375104-1DpmsA-15Dpms A-15 rifle-semi Ar-15 black panther rifle w/ mag$619.95
B35-374703-1SccyCPX-2Sccy CPX-2 Pistol – Semi Brown and black 2 magazines w extra base plates, good condition$299.95
B35-374702-4TaurusG2CTaurus G2C HNDGN-SEMI Taurus g2c pistol includes 2 magazines$299.95
B35-374702-3CHARLES DALY301-12GACHARLES DALY 301-12GA SHTGN-PUMP Black on black, pump shotgun.$219.95
B35-374583-1CarcanoNVMCarcano FNA-B RIFLE-BOLT Brown italian sporterized carcabo$399.95
B35-374298-1Glock26Glock 26 semi-pistol Black glock 26 gen 3 w/ 4 mags w/ one speed loader in black case$599.95
B35-373949-1RemingtonSPORTSMAN-58Remington SPORTSMAN-58 SHTGN-BOLT Remington sportsman-58, has animal engravings on sides. Ok condition.$529.95
B35-371534-1SccyCPX-2Sccy CPX-2 pistol-semi Brown and black 9mm in brown holster w/ 2 mags$299.95
B35-370736-3Smith & Wesson642-2Smith & Wesson 642-2 Pistol – Revolver Airweight in og box great condition$459.95
B35-369046-1RugerLCRRuger LCR revolver In og box, has black case, small, has a small rattle coming out$519.95
B35-367830-1CZP-10CZ P-10 hand gun In black plastic og case, 2 magz, army green w/black. 9×19, cleaning supplies, an extra back piece$479.95
B35-366055-4TaurusG3CTaurus G3C pistol Black with one mag pistol good used condition$329.95
B35-363989-1Smith & WessonSD9 VESmith & Wesson SD9 VE pistol Grey and black 9mm with two extra mags in og box$349.95
B35-363500-1Smith & WessonM&P 9 SHIELDSmith & Wesson M&P 9 SHIELD pistol Smith & Wesson M&P 9 SHIELD pistol Black smith and wesson 9mm with 4 mags$499.95
B35-363009-1GlockGLOCK 19Glock GLOCK 19 semi-pistol Glock 19 gen 3 black inside a black hard case , has 3 mags , 2 grips$619.95
B35-362344-1Aero Precision LLCM4E1Aero Precision LLC M4E1 Pistol – Semi Ar-15 pistol with flip up sights, aim sport scope, sight mark green light laser, no mags, pistol$1249.95
B35-361629-2Ruger10-22Ruger 10-22 RIFLE-semi Ruger 10/22 Stainless one Mag$399.95
B35-360379-2Smith & WessonM&P9 M2.0Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0 pisol-semi In carbon fiber holser, black smith and wesson m&p 9mm m2.0 with two mags good conditon, customized slide, ”we the people$599.95
B35-359324-2BrowningCITORIBrowning CITORI Shotgun O/U Japan 12 great condition$1329.95
B35-358375-1Sig SauerP320Sig Sauer P320 pistol Pistol, in black hard case, w two magazines, good condition$749.95

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